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who here enjoys a big lizard


File: 1699597642858-1.webm (519.26 KB, 736x540, crush.webm)


like in a fetishy way or..




Also the mech thread in anime is kinda about this too since that's where all our big kaiju discussion can be found.


New Godzilla kino dropping soon.



I hope it's good.


Looks cool, but I thought the plan was to make a direct sequel to shin goji.


Dang, reviews are saying it’s actually good


I just saw it. Some questionable politics aside, it’s actually really good. There’s a boat scene about 30 minutes in that’s legit kino


What issue did you have with the movies politics? I liked the anti 'you must die for your country' message.


Well that's just it. The ultimate message ("Dying for your country sucks, live for the people you care about") I think is a positive one and it's a credit to the movie, the problem is that I think the specific way it focuses on Japan's suffering from war kind of implicitly cedes ground to the nationalist victim narrative given how it sort of glosses over how certain characters in the movie were in all likelihood in the vicinity of certain fucked-up shit the imperial military did to other countries - and I get why, it's a two-hour movie with a lot of legwork to do re: setting up the characters and premise

It does a hell of a lot better than what you'd expect from a Japanese franchise movie on the topic of Japan's involvement in the war, but there's just certain blind spots that unfortunately come with the territory of being a mass-marketed movie that A. is primarily focused on the domestic side of the war and B. has to play to broad audience that isn't going to want to hear about the rape of nanking or comfort women.

Basically, I feel about its politics the way I feel about the politics of Oppenheimer - it's stuck doing a balancing act of recognizing the depravity of its countries' institutions, and still having to make people either complicit or in the vicinity of atrocities that country committed sympathetic


>>37936 (me)
All that aside, taken purely as spectacle, it's fucking killer. The boat chase was genuinely kino


Just saw it.
I liked the numerous call-backs to previous films including Dino-zilla


Anyone know where I can see Minus One in HD. I found some torrents but they were already dead.


Was the only film of the series I've even seen, but was great.
I just wished the foreshadowing was four times more subtle. The first hint was enough.


Which film are you talking about the first Godzilla, Minus One, Shin Godzilla?


It hasn't hit streaming or physical media yet, so you're probably not gonna get a good quality rip for a while.


Minus One


Godzilla minus Godzilla


what about atheistzilla? haha


File: 1708092568584.jpg (592.08 KB, 950x750, Jesus-zilla.jpg)


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