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Post all obscure and underground imageboards in this thread, the chan must be at least half-dead so no archived chans.
>inb4 'hurr durr don't put muh sekrit klub in the limelight'
The population here is low as it is, there's also a large overlap between this chan and others.
I'll start:Dreamch.net
There was this one I faintly remember and I think the theme was either dinosaurs or lizards…









File: 1608525490160.jpg (43.55 KB, 680x765, coffee wojak.jpg)

Was going to mention 99chan and 151chan but apparently they don't exist anymore. Always hurts when unique websites die.


>Nyymichan.fi (small, but alive)
>Loistolauta.org (dead, except when it isn't)
Both in Finnish, but are most often welcoming towards strangres.


99chan merged into 7chan. If you anyone uses Tor check out banana chan



File: 1608525490486.png (315.18 KB, 921x1037, anglo gang.png)





Lainchan has fresh posts multiple times a day. Anyway: sushigirl.us


Slow but decent board if you are a complete assburger and into serious dicussions. A couple regular posters seem to be gommies, however far-right bourgies are there as well. Politics topics are generally not very popular though thanks to regular toxic behaviour, raids and other shenanigans of butthurt /pol/ fags from Kohlchan.


Don't understand any German but I really like the look and feel of that board. Seems comfy.


EC has an english /int/, which is the most active board as well.




8kun.top is the new 8chan. If you were a BO just send a message and credentials to the owners and they can restore the board with old threads intact.

For the less than SFW boards of 8ch they moved to https://julay.world

I wish leftypol had done so, we could have recovered all our lost threads. or leftyb or leftyweebpol.




was /leftpol/ recovered? I want to see my old shitposts


File: 1608525562484.png (452.5 KB, 1264x1400, 8kun leftypol.png)

No, I don't think the BO bothered to asked.
Even if he asked, I don't think it would've been recovered.


> I don't think the BO bothered to asked.
*to ask


Seems this /fascist/ has a little intelligence in terms of rejecting communism. At least they're open about who they are.



That Dvach's been dead since 2009.


But I'm not sure if this is obscure enough.


Had no fucking idea this thread was a thing!
Piece of shit mods on /leftypol/ always just locking bumpthreads without so much as a word of guidance.

Here are two leftist imageboards from around the world:
>1st - a Japanese one:
>2nd - a Chinese one:


>I don't think it would've been recovered.
It could be but since /pol/ was forced to restart from scratch you may be right


The Chinese one is just a news imageboard. Most of the other board are lifestyle and hobby boards


What is the differences between all these places? What do the different ones mainly cater to?

leftypol modding should be more loose


>What is the differences between all these places?
Different communities, netcodes, history and specifics boards.


i am retard what is a netcode and why is it important? What do the different boards tend to have in terms of boards?


Christian image board.


That board is down at the moment and is reporting a 500 error.


literally the least popular imageboard I've ever seen


Anybody know what happened to arisuchan? All i get when i go there is "fuck it. RIP arisuchan


Does anyone know what the hell happened to Endchan (and what happened to the /kc/ board)



Thanks comrade


File: 1608525728724.jpg (1.75 MB, 1080x1350, apokalauta.jpg)

apokalauta.fi - aka Sukkero's cave
suomilauta.fi - pedos in denial

I don't think there's anything worthy in the domestic chan scene - alties from ylis dominate the discourse everywhere.

Wanna see strict moderation - https://wizchan.org/rules.html

They have been in that paranoid witch hunt mode after Hotwheels got pussy :D
(Reminds me of kind of how northpole.fi ate itself from inside out.)

Don't get me wrong - I'm all for moderation, but it's a delicate balance.


Meant .org - ugh what a brain fart.


how does this work? isn't neocities html/js/css only, with no server side scripting?


cross site scripting. All the fancy code comes from https://paleochan.herokuapp.com/



…That's interesting and cheap way of have multiple frontends under different hosts to your you service. Trick duly noted and saved.


File: 1608525730609.jpg (1.6 MB, 3504x2336, trolley.jpg)


is the 2nd oldest western chan by some account, in any case very early split from 4chan's emerging culture when it removed it's trains board.

It's topic is trains! End everyone's a namefag.


Don't know if it really is that obscure, but still active.



I don't think I want my board to be on 8ch again. I never even made any posts in it anyway.

Is there a comfier, more obscure chan that lets you make your own board?




More like 8kun.glow



Kelvin Chan


dead to me


9chan.tw is a new one that is currently active


420 is mostly hot couch guys in the process of becoming schizos (especially on the boards like /psy/)

the only good part are BWH (Bump When High) threads in /weed/ with really random shit, even for imageboard standards


and it's the most depraved shit i've ever seen.


I like to imagine alternative timeline where imageboards, kind of molded into decentralized, open source social networks as an alternative to the shitshow we have now.



Created because of the panic that Ron would be banning lolicon so the butthurt faggots created it. Still has a few decent boards, comparable to julay.world


>linking to paedo-bunker



good list
unfortunately samachan.org went down a couple weeks ago since the admin didn't want to keep it running anymore, ded after 5 years ripip. was a very nice site


2ch.hk still works but certain boards are hidden from non-russian users and all boards have a ban on non-russian posters. However if you use Tor and somehow make the last link server Russian it allows you to post and view in limited capacity.

As a side note, does anyone have some reliable instructions on how to choose where your Tor circuit leads? I wnat to reliably get Russian circuits without restarting the browser a dozen times.


A lot of samachan people moved to sushichan, even made a new otaku board for them.


ikr is pretty fun also /philosophy/ is ok and not degen


File: 1608525920381.jpg (270.71 KB, 2600x2009, 1588271176465.jpg)

A new chan (9chan.tw) popped up made by the Kiwifarms guy using a new interface. It is currently stable and has decent traffic despite some spam problems early on on other boards.




Hey listen ere buddy. I'll have you know 42Ochan is the board of refined gentlemen such as myself. You can't just go on the Internet and assume that we're all a bunch of steam brained crazies just because we say a few things you may not have even considered before. You just need to widen your perspectives, comrade.


this is so fucking reddit tier


File: 1608525987689-0.png (88.28 KB, 1500x793, anime belly.png)

File: 1608525987689-1.png (722.27 KB, 1024x1338, pregnant tomoko.png)

Quite specific a topic


looks really comfy, are they leftist friendly in general?


Kinda makes me want to make my own ib for my specific fetish.


Honestly what the fuck



Kek, when the /d/ BO gets so assblasted about Ron banning lolis (despite lolis being minimal content there anyway) that he kills his board to spite him.


Not a chan but it was made by an r/FULLCOMMUNISM dude trying to get them off reddit.



Holy shit I got both dubs and satan trips. Based shit.





Just a really comfy Ukrainian imageboard, their /int/ is pretty active


Something new, can anyone tell me if its Fed-bait?


/kind/ is looking to build its own "webring" like network of likeminded boards since the actually existing webring has been overrun by /pol/types. Why don't we join them? I think we would be a good fit.



Probably filled with Feds, can anyone confirm?




Are they actually looking to build one or was that just an offhand remark? I do think it would be cool to have an 'antifascist webring' though.


>no ableism
>before fascism and imperialism
shows you were their priorities lie
reddit MLs are just berniebro radlibs LARPing to annoy the republicans


pretty much all reddit leftist communities are radlibs LARPing at this point.


Damn, I guess weebs are still weebs.


File: 1608526137389.png (8.71 KB, 728x221, kind moe.png)


At least he was polite I guess


Just change your IP address and be more subtle I guess. though its probbly a waste of time.


It was a pretty shit thread to be honest. You should have posted something they cannot attack, like helping at food not bombs or some entry level shit like that.


Or maybe some story about how your union defended you from your abusive boss, shit like that.


What did you expect? Of course a board based around inane kind discussion is going to not want a thread about something as prone to argument as radical as marxism and /leftypol/.


julay.world is dead the remaineder has moved to https://alogs.theguntretort.com/


File: 1608526357872.png (57.92 KB, 270x344, 1595373531260.png)

Todya I'll remind them:
>Bunkerchan tried to make a bridge between here and mlpol
>They accepted and started to argue the people that went there
>everyone inmediatly went "wtf they are nazis" including the mods and pulled the plug and banned the single mlpol fag that was arguing in the leftypol side of the bridge (which was a leftypol user themselves during 8ch)

So daily reminder to not post your preffered chan here


File: 1608526358002.jpg (124.82 KB, 1000x563, alt-right cringe mlpol.jpg)



We just made an 'embassy' topic on mlpol, but it turned out they were even more autistic than /pol/ and the topic didn't achieve anything so it was abandoned shortly after.


Someone sauce me this image


It says it on top, leaflets, a socialist tiktok account that is also a youtube account. Its like well made agitprop, easily digestible


File: 1608526360957.png (199.92 KB, 492x341, 1592512119308.png)

There was a guy arguing in here and then he got permabanned and even the people in the embassy thread thought it was a retarded fucking move because he was being civil and knew what the fuck he was talking about

mlpol left them in and a shit ton of posters just flooded the thread (which 50% of that thread in mlpol was previous users complaining about the shit moderation in 8ch leftypol)


File: 1608526530476.jpg (74.41 KB, 640x479, hyllymbvyör.jpg)

Oh wow, found yet another one: https://rupattelu.us

Apparently they too used to be an 8chan board that also chose to stay in their own lifeboat chan after cloudflare kicked 8chan out.

It's a kiwifarms-originated project so what can you expect?


Every chan is fed bait by now


It's possible by specifying the country code of exit nodes in some config file, probably torrc.
Just do some web searching, it shouldn't take you more than a minute find.


if anyone is looking for a source of arguments or odd information Desuarchive is a good spot to visit

Conversations like the following, are good sources of practise arguments and debunks for debates.


now that spacechan.xyz is dead, does anyone know if the original posts in it were put anywhere else? or did it die with all of it? /wanker/ had some good fapbait


File: 1608526578498.gif (2.6 MB, 400x377, soyjack party.gif)

soyjak.party (site literally devoted to spamming soyjacks)


>>10535 (me)
clickable link (sorry):


Man, this is a blast from the past. I only recently bothered finding /leftypol/ because I settled for half chan. I remember the days of going to 7chan and 420chan as viable alternatives to 4chan.

Hell, Jewlion from 711chan was in my fucking highschool math class. It was absurd. Dude would be asleep for first period and I'd ask him why, he said he was up all night posting on a chan, pretending to be over 18 the whole time.

It all feels so fresh and underground. An inundated radical alteration and dissemination of information and catharsis. What a beautiful thing. Thank you for reminding me. Looking through some of these I've seen some boards I thought I'd like, but aren't what was expected. It seems like most boards about literature are even slower than regular /lit/ and the law board on 420 chan isn't actually other lawyers, its people just asking for legal advice. Interesting nonetheless and it's given me hope again of chasing down rabbit holes.

Thank you comrades.



I find 7chan in particular a soothing time capcule of about turn of 10s chan culture that doesn't really exist anywhere. Kind of that 22chan gives similar vibes though upon a quick glance, seems a lot of old fags have found there in a way or another.

I wonder what happened to 711chan.org . Until summer their entry page that said "slurpees still flowing, join irc, etc" was up. Then it said the site would be coming back and now the url redirects to actual 711. Such a shame. I always thought people posted 1st rate porn there.


Shameless plug for irc.7chan.org. We have lots of comfy activities here.



boards I like on 4chan that aren't corrupted by /pol/

/p/ - photography
/an/ - animals
/ck/ - cooking
/sci/ - science & math
/out/ - outdoors
/mu/ - music
/diy/ - do it yourself
/s/ - sexy beautiful women

8kun/julay/etc. boards I like
/sw/ - star wars
/strek/ - star trek
/milhis/ - military history


>not corrupted by pol
huh? their wiki is good but every single time i check it out it's full of race science shit and iq discussion


Really? I only see like 1 or 2 threads and outside of that there's no bullshit


/sci/ is absolutely ruined by /pol/ shit

/out/ has /pol/ shit

/mu/ isn't as corrupted by /pol/ as other boards but it's been ruined by normies

/lit/ is good if you just filter the /pol/ shit IMO


>/lit/ is good if you just filter the /pol/ shit IMO
I spend most of my time on /lit/, but ignoring the /pol/ bait gets harder by the day.


/g/ use to be a good board and i would have recommended it a year back including /jp/ but my fucking god it's like you can not get away from them. It's like >>10706 mentions, they slowly creep up on you and the mods do jack nothing at times.


A lot of Nazis


/ck/ has racebaiting threads but no /pol/ shit
/sci/ is race science/bell curve hub
/out/ may occasionally have a /pol/ sounding thread
8kuck and friends are unusable, any good board on 4chan is flooded with /pol/ shit on 8kun



420chan is decent, and they nuke nazis on site. The /b/ board is genuinely random shit. On the other hand, the userbase has become more insular over the years (they have a defensive thing to do with 4chan and some people go mental if you post a wojack or something) and it's basically almost become like one of those old BBD forums where the mods just make up rules as they go along and ban people for all sorts. Not surprisingly this had led to a reduction in users.


what's mlpol?


there's also a star trek board on 420chan https://boards.420chan.org/1701/


File: 1608526646976.jpg (124.82 KB, 1000x563, alt-right cringe mlpol.jpg)

/mlpol/ - My Little Pony Politically Incorrect - was a /pol/ board for bronies.


And on 8kun and julay, but they're fairly stale. Little that hasn't been said on our Star Trek thread comes up on there.


List of communist chans, where we should attract people to post here on bunkerchan. https://unitedchans.fandom.com/wiki/Communist_chans

Someone needs to work on the Bunkerchan page too.


List of hidden chans

I think 7clams is dead or at least the cccp board is gone.


Not sure what it says, but the IRC is still quite active.


Is still active

the mlp 10th anniversary just happened in fact

the sticky is still in the main board


the IRC? Standing for?


You seriously don't know what Internet Relay Chat is? It's an old-timey instant message protocol that's still used by a lot of chans and other tech communities.


I didn't realize it was THAT acronym


always has been


>*insert le funny spaceman meme*


File: 1608526681822.gif (1.3 MB, 296x160, robin the hood.gif)


what ever happened to neinchan? It was like a backup to 8pol and polk I used to like to see what pollacks were talking about but it's 403'd


what's the point of random chans? just boredom



>it's overrun by fascists
every time


u18chan.com for furries. Hilariously this is the only chan I am aware of that doesn't have a catalog function. It is a good source for free comics being posted off of paywalled sites.


>this is the only chan I am aware of that doesn't have a catalog function
420chan also does not have a catalog.


it’s been around since 2015, Shrekchan/Pigchan users took refuge there


might aswell use plebbit instead of /mu/
discord 2000's edition, zoomer


btw is /bant/ still good?


It's a /pol/ nesting ground, so no.


https://www.allchans.org/-imageboard list. suprised bunkerchan isnt listed.Also dreamchan isnt listed


https://www.allchans.org/ dont include imageboard in the link


>>12452 Wasted trips


the main boards I go to, fit and fa are not that bad when it comes to /pol/tards. There are always one or two threads that try and shoehorn right wing shit with the same couple of topics. Both will have shit like "is *insert right winger* /effay/ or /fit/?". /fa/ will always have a neofolk thread which is basically just for cosplaying as a nazi from 40's and /fit/ will often have a thread about the golden god, some homo swedish nazi.


Does anyone have the tor server link to 8kun.top? I lost it.


Kinda crazy how many different chans there are. Never understood why so many branch off.


>discord 2000's edition, zoomer
But insecure as hell, and some zoomers believe it is unbreakable.



Honestly don't know where to post this so apologies if it's shitting up the thread but….

have I changed, or has 4chan gotten unusably shitty in the last 2 years? I've been on there since 2010 and finally quit sometime earlier this year and I can't tell if it's because I just got bored or if I as a person just matured past wading through pages of /pol/ bait on various boards and juvenile shitflinging

it's like everyone there is so hostile and insecure now too, like it was always like that to some degree but most of the userbase now genuinely seems like dumb middle schoolers or emotionally stunted late teens


Being constantly trumpeted in the medias as The Official Place To Be A Nazi Or Pointless Asshole is going to attract a certain crowd. (Which was always there to an extent, but.)


It's back on the og script, but posting is completely broken. If it's ever repaired I hope it goes somewhere again.


I've also been there since 2010 but for me it has gotten unusably shitty 4 years ago, but yeah I would say it's a mix of boredom and becoming more mature, it's like an edgy entertainment you liked as a teenager but find now just stupid and annoying.
Now I mostly browse it for the porn and sometimes /vr/.


File: 1608526891434.png (206.31 KB, 555x631, 1600533856360.png)

>A lot of Nazis


File: 1608526892205.png (35.77 KB, 200x264, mu.png)


>/ck/ has no /pol/ shit
this is wrong. most of the threads are basically just ranting about any cooking personality that isn't rightwing adjacent. it's probably worse than other comparable boards because of the higher amount of boomers that will congregate there.


To be fair I haven't been on /ck/ in half a year, so I made the post based on my experiences there.


Fuck this board is the best I’ve Ever been to. Fuck bunkerchan, I’m out.


why did someone create this monstrosity


not a chan but Nationstates Regions tend to have fun chats.

currently joined https://www.nationstates.net/region=bunkers_and_icepicks and we're looking to get active m8s to join us.


Futallaby > Vichan


Are there any primarily erotic chans still around? I can only think of slutchan

I really really miss feetschan


any thoughts on lolcow.farm?


Glorified soap opera groupie club


not worth my time
I know there's bbw-chan and pregchan, but they're quite specific.


Oh, and a furry IB or two, won't be hard to find.


File: 1614914825365.jpg (329.54 KB, 1920x1080, Drake.jpg)

That's right I like my girls BBW, yeah
Type that wanna suck you dry and then eat some lunch with you, yeah


File: 1614915093809.png (261.18 KB, 988x1004, 1614796870214.png)

Desuchan, a chan with 10+ year old threads, was just raided by soyjak party and they removed 150 pages of threads.


Any lewd imageboards for women focused on males?

They had many threads for obsessively shitting on "bad art", mostly drawn by children or not-really-bad artists, but since their art displayed some typical "Tumblr" features the users wouldn't stop discussing every little detail for way too long. It was pretty lame and got tiring quickly. Last time I visited I also noticed that they use words like "troon" or "scrote" so that gave me crystal.cafe + Kiwifarms vibes. They seem "anti-SJW" but they're obviously massive libs.
I would recommend only if you're interested in one of the lolcows that are featured there.


File: 1614915241877.png (139.67 KB, 760x1024, the zoomer abomination.png)

Zoomers are so AIDS it's obnoxious


I mean that itself is only… 1? (/girltalk/ on 8kun) I think you'll have to compromise and hang around a bunch of men who don't like women…


I'm guessing they had backups, there's 32 pages on that board active right now.


Yeah, it looks like all of their old posts are back
Seems that I'll have to create my own then. How does one stop an imageboard from becoming reactionary?


Moderate like /leftypol/. Ban all reactionary retards, use moderation. 4chan used to ban reactionaries from boards that aren't /b/ or /pol, however that all changed after rapeape hijacked staff during the switch of adminship from moot to hiro in 2015.


We just discussed two of 'em


Are there chans with NEET boards?


I remember 8chan having a board for australians NEET.


There's a femporn general thread on 4chan /h/ and there's also /y/ if you're into that stuff.


It's been years since I last visited /y/, but I did not know about the /h/ general. Thank you, anon! Too bad that many of the posters are femcels and that it's fucking 4chan which doesn't allow more than 1 file per post, but both of those things are not hard to ignore.
It seems that there's also a gentle femdom general in the same board. I wondered where it had gone after they stopped on /d/.


File: 1615689519208.png (85.79 KB, 488x573, eris bunker.png)

I went to erischan and an anon made me this image.united_farm_workersUnited Farm Workers


I like their theme. Seems like a cozy place.


endchan.net/ausneets/ are legitimate
/britfeel/ is basically anglo NEET+/self improvement/ general
Keep politics restrained in a single thread, no exceptions. If you're making a female-themed IB, I'm guessing you'll have to deal with 'Hi, I'm MtF' and the subsequent debate sooner or later.


torchan, but it might still be down right now





my eyes


>7chan has been down for almost a week now


I hope their IRC is safe.


was the IRC still up?


Yup, we're still here idling with our comfy friends.


Would you happen to know why 7chan went down?


Apparently the host shut it down due to their loli board.


uboachan was the best, shame it's kept active by about 5-6 neets just talking to each other/seisatsu's discord


/u/ has some pretty bad femcels but it's a very positive board and the male posters on there are typically respectful. simply become gay


I've heard many good things about /u/ compared to what I saw on /y/. Maybe I'll try to visit sometime, thanks.



More of a messageboard than a chan but I really like the concept of this one. It's just small talking with short replies to each other that get deleted after 24h, really comfy although quite unpopulated


great that stuff like this still exists


Whats the most popular imageboard software nowadays?


I was permabanned from there for posting anime reaction pictures.




Every cunt uses vichan these days sadly.


Holy based.


File: 1617058101313.png (5.51 KB, 300x300, 1488857395000.png)


Someone posted this on another thread, it's a spanish speaking textboard/imageboard with a userbase that's an unholy amalgam of leftists, tech nerds and anime. From what I got from machine translating their FAQ it tries to stay away from 4chan culture.

It seems awfully obscure despite having been running since 2010.


Are there any interesting german chans?
except ernstchan


what's bananachananarchismAnarchism


>8kun.top is the new 8chan. If you were a BO just send a message and credentials to the owners and they can restore the board with old threads intact.
kek so much for thatanarchismAnarchism


Is 8chan.moe the new 8chan?


8chan is deadanarchismAnarchism


rest in piss


Thoughts about Lainchan? Seems OK to me.


The admin and jannies have a long history of being completely retarded.


I feel like it could has comfy potential, but a few /pol/fags and intentionally lax moderation let it fall just short of comfy-tier.
Check the bonus stuff like the zine and radio.
Read the rules and faq before posting. I wish they enforced them more though. One surprise was off-topic images like reaction images get deleted on the greek alphabet boards.
I think the mods are a 6.5/10 - responsive to reports and attempt to maintain quality outside of /hum/ and /r/. There is a history of mod-drama but I haven;t seen it since.
Political dartboard, someone kept starting gender critical threads and /pol/ bait at the start of the year but that seems to have settled. There are communists and vaccine-schizos and capitalists and fascists.
There are approximately two dedicated schizos and two rent-free anti-trannycommies at any one time, the other thirty user are fine.
Someone on soyjak.party keeps trying to organize raids on them like here but they're quickly deleted so you wont even notice, obvious hateboner.
An alternate site is wirechan but that's very slow.

Anything I misses?


Always had some of the better technology discussions, but the mods' autism over contentious threads has always been troublesome.


Just like this place then?


Arisuchan is a thousand times better.



File: 1618046011459.png (25.18 MB, 2880x2160, big tits.png)


File: 1619289326761.png (52.2 KB, 886x292, ClipboardImage.png)

Is there any decent place to talk about games left? 4chan is a shitshow and 8moe is full of idpol retards now.
Other chans are ok but so damn slow


prolikewoah is all right if you ignore the one or two turboautists that try to bait a shitty politics discussion in every thread. Or you could just post more here.



Fuck Seph, though.


What the fuck is this place


/dead/'s new home, apparently


It looks pretty dead.


What do we think of Tohnochan?


I'm surprised they still exist.


I visited it last time and found my post on /mai/ from 2015.


*last night


…I bond burgered your sister.


File: 1620625626825.png (4.39 MB, 2048x1536, ClipboardImage.png)

Do arabic imageboards even exist? There are in plenty of languages Chinese, Hindi, Spanish, Russian, etc but so far i have found none in Arabic despite being one of the most spoken languages

Anyone knows any?


There was Menachan back in 2016-2017, but some idiot kept spamming it with CP.

There's also /egy/ on 8kun/Endchan/Sportschan, but I don't think they're very active now.


File: 1622634824569.jpg (135.49 KB, 396x482, 1477308404556.jpg)

>tfw banned by cc for posting commmunist poster in wallpaper thread

kinda surprised since there's actually lefty women there


ban message and wallpaper or gtfo


File: 1622681442333.jpg (408.78 KB, 679x361, lenin-1920.jpg)

You will not tell me where to go

But the interesting part is that the cowards did not give a specific reason. To quote it was an "Unspecified" Reason

I've been posting for many months interacting with the users in non-hostile ways and just being chill but once I post the Hammer and Sickle out loud and proudly, I get perma'd

In the appeal sections I asked them simply on how I can defend myself of a false crime when I do not know the charges themselves. I didn't break any rules so the centrioids mods did not reply back with anything and instead denied my "appeal" like the feeble, non-confrontational liberals they are

If my IP resets, I will go there again and start posting with tiny hammer and sickles and slowly post a gigantic one.


Yeah, unfortunately they're a tiny minority in a centrist site.
Don't they have a "no politics" rule?
>If my IP resets, I will go there again and start posting with tiny hammer and sickles and slowly post a gigantic one.
Based>kinda surprised since there's actually lefty women there


whoops, fuck that up.
I think you get what I meant.


yeah but people were talking about race, trans issues

but i should have known according to the centrist ideals how things such as that are not considered as politics

i remember seeing a communist thread on /b/ that was posting memes and theory was locked up for no reason




its unusable without catalog i hate it


>i remember seeing a communist thread on /b/ that was posting memes and theory
Wow, really? I didn't know their lefty userbase was that big, I thought they had to hide. Obviously the mods are centrist libs with little tolerance for anything overtly political. Do they do the same to right-wing posts?



yes and there was a girl simping for stalin where i posted asking for haircut and it seems that thread has been deleted

might have been banned for posting there too


Simping for the real Stalin or the photoshopped picture?


File: 1622699114841.jpg (31.29 KB, 498x529, 1517116260349.jpg)

Ok, nevermind, it's an old-ass thread that obviously got locked because the discussion between leftists and rightoids was getting heated.
>If you make more than the $30,000 a year you're almost in the top 1% of the world in income. I'm in the top 0.1% of the world. Why should you or I support communism if it means that you're gonna take away my comfy life and force me into a plebian one?
The commies in the thread should've gone full classicide at that point. Or at least replied with something like "what about the 99.9%?"
They lacked theory throughout the whole thread, so they lacked arguments. I bet at least some of them have already joined us, though.
And lol @ the dumb idiot who's supposedly in their 30s. "There was no romance in the Soviet Union"? lmao.
Here's some funny pics I liked from that thread.


File: 1622699167524-0.png (550.2 KB, 780x1015, 1606758317461.png)

File: 1622699167524-1.jpg (168.45 KB, 720x720, 1606760709259.jpg)

dunno why the other images didn't post


BOTH lmfao
there's also the covid thread and other threads hidden where i can see a socialist posting

take back property frog


Shit, now I'm finding myself posting there unironically. No politics though. Could this be the place to make the board I've always wanted but in thread form? >>14475


Yes yes slowly but surely leftypol hobby will take over cc muahahhaaha


No, no, anon, I'm only there as a legitimate member! But probably not for much.
I just witnessed a book reading thread being immediately locked after a mention of Fanged Noumena and philosophy.
I also checked their other boards and they ban a lot of stuff, not as fun as I thought.


does lainchan have an overboard? I wonder how many pph they have and if we could influence them.


It's /mega/. The site is run by fascists so don't get your hopes up.


yeah very grumpy place
not going there anymore too

i think my IP is static


File: 1622754112199.png (410.51 KB, 494x795, 1572788741340.png)

Ooo, my thread is still active! I think this thread will go as the biggest mark I leave on the universe


kys, influencefags are always sloppy, blatant and provoke negative reaction. Shilling is shilling. Just don't be afraid to be yourself in relevant threads and call out rightoids shitting up threads.
There's a few socialists there, its not 'run by fascists' AFAIK, but there is at least one confirmed fascist mod.


I rather meant if the board slow enough we could simply take it over by posting.


File: 1622763374856.png (245.59 KB, 466x409, Alunya2.png)

its a good thread tbh


people like talking about obscure boards that are not 4chan or reddit


File: 1622791301107.gif (1.74 MB, 480x240, gif.gif)

You will leave an even bigger mark in the universe


File: 1622810305486.jpg (5.47 KB, 250x238, 1507264848837.jpg)

I dunno man, I kinda like being a deadbeat


File: 1622810546402.gif (1.4 MB, 220x382, 1572901153118.gif)



If you like technology, why not? They're a bit more quiet than here but similar tier.


Not only that, but the boards I wanted to use are slow as fuck. The thread I saw being shut down was relatively fast, but of course they had to kill it cuz muh politics.


File: 1622818050724.jpg (29.66 KB, 575x552, 1573489462221.jpg)

taking a shower during the summer is one of the little joys left in my life


File: 1622895457892.gif (1.53 MB, 376x522, 1607401614943.gif)

it's moonson and that always makes me pumped up to play football

me but with showers in rain



>site could not be loaded
the CIA does not want 711chan to come back


What's the chan for otter discussion?




insane how that guy has such a request and you have an answer to it

also crazy that both of you got dubs


>but some idiot kept spamming it with CP
That happens with every board


>That happens with every imageboard

hang the pedo capitalists





is it not?



File: 1624219839862.jpg (11.16 KB, 318x159, download (35).jpg)

stfu cap-pedo


File: 1624221505172.jpg (183.82 KB, 620x418, 1621966817383.jpg)

>you need to run a special JS script to post on Kohlchan through Tor that logs all your session


File: 1624243356462.png (55.03 KB, 425x160, (A).png)

lainchan gets a lot of shit from an anon or two here, but they're alright.


Lainchan's userbase used to be full of anarchists but then Kalyx purged the anarchism threads and it hasn't been the same since.


There seems to be a few hanging out at /lit/, although I can't say how active they are.


Anyone notice on some of the major alt chans their /pol section is like explicitly neet-soc? Even worse there's like no /lefty presence. Should we be concerned? Cause it seems like that's cause for concern.


I personally don't think that a lack of leftists on imageboards is a cause for concern. They're a tiny portion of internet users and also imageboards hardly represent the real world accurately.


/lit/ was really wacky last week. 8+ /trad/ threads at a given time.


i got unbanned on 4chan and probably on crystal cafe because my IP changed



never posting on any of those trash websites again
leftypol is my home now


File: 1624756231723.png (86.94 KB, 480x360, ClipboardImage.png)

>banned from CC and there's a 75% chance it's for being a moid
>wants to post here
Oh no.


i don't understand


>never posting on any of those trash websites again
I don't think I can get addicted to posting on 4chan ever again. There's a couple of slow generals that I check every once in a while, but that's it. If it weren't for that, I would get myself banned on purpose.
I got banned from CC recently for soyjacking a schizo who randomly accused another poster of being a "transhumanist" for literally no reason. Or at least that's my guess, because they never tell you why they've banned you, but I'm glad I can't post there anymore. Unfortunately all the posts I made with that IP were deleted, including a couple of effortposts that had been useful to others. But I archived those threads beforehand.
Now I'm in the process of curbing my leftypol addiction as well.

They might've just been curious and learned about it on this site, like I did.
It was fine at first because I sticked to the /media/ board, but it was so slow that I went on the other boards out of curiosity, and quickly began to hate it. I lasted less than a month there.


curb addiction as in stop posting here forever or just bring it down to a more healthy amount like visiting for a couple of minutes everyday


never understimate the power of otters


Any of two, really. It depends.


mashallah may he break free


What happened to 420chan it seems to be down since atleast 2 days


File: 1625071258851.png (1.64 MB, 400x225, sakurako_slump.png)

> post on a small comfy chan for some time, pretty nice
> a wild /pol/yp suddenly appears and single-handedly ruins it


File: 1625090329179-0.png (9.2 KB, 279x116, ClipboardImage.png)

File: 1625090329179-1.png (26.5 KB, 470x321, ClipboardImage.png)

there's (one?) who drops by every few months just to post bait.

imageboard unrelated, but schizos can be the same


File: 1626605862333.png (114.84 KB, 400x225, ClipboardImage.png)

I… I thought w*ifu*st.pr* was for 2D waifus…


how is that shit not shut down already?
guess its a pretty nice honeypot


And you let them comrade?

Completely kill them by ignoring them and organize your community to not reply to /pol/ posters

what is it about? CP?
I once got led to a porn imageboard and it fucking had a jailbait thread
Freaked out and can't remember if I carried on reporting that site to the feds
Bullshit ass forms. I was also worried if that was incriminating. Is it?


There was a /waifu/ board in old 8chan which had 3d girls for some reason, i guess that where they moved to.


File: 1626631794583-0.png (26.4 KB, 763x316, ohno.png)

File: 1626631794583-1.png (23.53 KB, 529x67, n.png)

>what is it about? CP?
from the looks of it, yes since the threads i found was filled with her in a bikini


I'm just sick of these echo chamber lurkers posting something idiotic and then calling you the thread derailer for correcting them.


File: 1626632266716.jpg (97.53 KB, 696x744, 1626325877381.jpg)

>In 6 months this thread will be a year old
Where does time fucking go


Nah, Seph was great.


File: 1626636842361.png (19.83 KB, 678x112, ClipboardImage.png)

Even less


>Seph was great.
he bitch poop


Yeah, it has pretty young girls in it, some looked like they were in their early teens, and the thumbnails I saw were pretty suggestive.

I was reading about different imageboard software and examples, and one of them was that site. I'd never heard about it before, the name sounded like it was for actual waifuists like those in Tohnochan's /mai/, so I checked it lmao. I only saw the home page, shat bricks and got the fuck out of there. Then I tried to find some info on it online. I'm also worried about myself being fucked over by having done that.




I was always a fan of how https://g.chounyuu.com/ looked


File: 1626701382295.png (32.52 KB, 315x162, wh.png)

>I was always a fan of how https://g.chounyuu.com/ looked
>Pictures on Chounyuu need to have giant breasts.
what the fuck is this shit


File: 1626701727891-0.png (51.43 KB, 1178x260, rule.png)

File: 1626701727891-1.png (21.32 KB, 1198x131, pedo.png)

>no loli rule
>has loli thread away


>what the fuck is this shit
"Chounyuu" translates to "super breasts"—it's a fetish chan. They have boards for "SuperFuta" and "HyperPreg" if you're into those sorts of things too. But like I said, the chan layout itself is unique.


RIP Bienvenido a Internet


is it permanently dead?


what was that?


It's not the first time it's down, it's going to come back, right…?


Spanish leftist textboard/imageboard.


Nah, I think BaI goes down every few months.




wtf happened?


BaI is back.


Thank G-d. It'd suck to see such an old place go.


Sigchan has been down for like a week what the hell


What was Sigchan about?


An offshot of /pol/'s self-improvement general to discuss fitness, health, good life habits and stuff like that
Naturally it's filled to the brim with polyps but I like their scope and they are of the positive fitbro kind that can give good advice


8kun/fur/ needs a Board Owner so if anyone is interested and willing to moderate, please apply. 8kun.top/fur/catalog.html is the URL. The lack of users means that bunkerchan could probably take that board over.
On that topic someone created /redland/ as a new /leftypol/ on that chan, and it needs some support.


>using a Boomer's Qanon honeypot
Jesus Christ anon, I'm so embarrassed for you.


>muh boomer
Do you people have nothing but buzzwords?
Get with the times, QAnon posting died since Biden was inaugurated.
Unless you're posting deliberately on their /pol/2.0 board, not really given how many small boards there are.


>Get with the times
You first, Jim Watkins is an utterly untrustworthy fed collaborator.


>Jim Watkins is an utterly untrustworthy fed collaborator
Like any site owner to own a site? Tor, any VPN service, Moot, Hiro Moot, etc. all have or will collaborate with the Feds if they are required to by law, including the owners of this site or risk Federal investigation and criminal charges. Unless they're given a subpoena or ordered by court or something, there is little point for them to actively report anyone who isn't posting crap like terrorist manifestos or some shit.


go back to twitter

It was a honeypot since 2015 and it was still used


>Like any site owner to own a site?
Watkins is the only one who willingly got on a plane and traveled halfway across the world to grovel in front of US Congress.


>the wise man bowed and said etc.
Comparing actual con men (Watkins, Hiroyuki) to your average imageboard admin (moot, hotwheels, etc.) is so fucking dishonest, lol.

>It was a honeypot since 2015 and it was still used
Well this goes to show how retarded people are around here.


>Get with the times, QAnon posting died since Biden was inaugurated.
[citation needed]

These are the stats from yesterday.
Top 25 boards - 8342
/qresearch/ + /midnightriders/ + /qrb/ - 7712 (more than twice leftypol.org)
/pnd/ - 117
/vichan/ - 244
The other 20 combined - 269


File: 1627260243307.jpg (41.54 KB, 600x421, moot abandons 4chan.jpg)

>willingly got on a plane and traveled halfway across the world to grovel in front of US Congress
Because he was facing serious criminal charges for El Paso and New Zealand and risked not only losing 8chan but also being sent to prison. Don't be disingenuous about what he did and didn't do I was there in the last days of 8ch and beginning of 8kun and saw how shit went down.
>implying hotwheels and moot are good
Pic related - moot jumped ship the moment he could, he did no better than Watkins and Hotwheels too.

Not that anon but
>how retarded people are around here
Unless you exclusively posted on Bunkerchan this entire time since 2015, you're not in any position to talk shit m8. ALL chans track information, it's how they can make sure a person is banned for example. If someone posted an equivalent of El Paso on this site the mods would have to have the infromation required to allow the feds to track that person or risk criminal charges themselves, users are anonymous to one another, but the site owner knows our IPs and could doxx any of us if he wanted to, don't pretend otherwise.

It's an observable fact - after Biden as elected despite contradictory claims of a Trump victory and other such nonsense people lost faith in these QAnon posters and actual unironic belief in it is quite low.
>/pnd/ & /qresearch/
1) Those numbers are very low compared to what we had back in January
2) The topics of discussion rarely actually involve Qanon themselves, a lot of discussion back in March was calling them out as a fake who got the board's hopes up. Just bare numbers mean little when the content is nil.
>other 20
Yes, that's my point, /fur/ is abandoned for the most part, there is no BO or Mods, and people post sparcely, anyone willing could take over. Since most furry chan boards are right-wing, it would be useful to have such a niche board under leftypol's control. Moreover /redland/ is basically leftypol and is also a good outpost for leftypol.org to spread it's messages and information as a counter-balance.


Is there an imageboard dedicated exclusively to simping? I feel guilty about doing so in /b/.


are you arguing for the sake of arguing or what

there's no reason for anybody to continue using 8kun or "rescue" people still using it when everyone has migrated over to more relevant clones like alogs.theguntretort.com, 8chan.moe, 9chan.tw, endchan.org, etc.


literally all of those are no less fed bait than 8kun, kek

>arguing for the sake of arguing

Try following the conversation


>Well this goes to show how retarded people are around here.

but if it was a honeypot back then, then does mean it same site as before. there no differents but a q ad once and while if you don't have adblock


>literally all of those are no less fed bait than 8kun, kek


It's basically the same as 8chan in terms of surveillance, but since /pol/ is officially banned it means that there is a lot less focus by feds, especially since the site is a lot slower.
And yeah adblock is a good solution, and Q content is confined to the related boards and not others.


the only things you've really said are "lol you think this website glows???" and letting jim watkins' entire history with the u.s. department of defense slide.

never said they were good websites, just used them as examples. reddit-like websites where users run their own boards are a cancer and only contribute to the existing problem of online homogeneity.


>moot jumped ship the moment he could
…And this is supposedly on the same level as, again, being literally con men and massive dataminers (this includes Hiroyuki, guy's slimy as fuck)? Imageboard brain rot strikes again.
Hotwheels can't be compared either because the guy was gullible as fuck and got scammed by, again again, a literal fucking conman who's into shady businesses and came to his senses way too late.


>ALL chans track information
lol, comparing basic logging that literally all websites do (IP address whenever you load a page) to businessmen datamining you and then selling that data, either processed or not.
I know I shouldn't expect intellectual honesty on imageboards but still.


there exists "slutchan" but it's half-dead


>letting jim watkins' entire history with the u.s. department of defense
Noooo I'm pointing out that his behavior was caused by him being brought under criminal scrutiny 2 years ago, prior to that 8ch had everything under the sun short of cheese pizza (and even then it would get posted). We knew since 2015 that the CIA and Feds lurked on 8kun, just as they do on 4chan and 8chan.moe and all the other sites, the only differences is that 4chan openly reports to the feds on a regular basis without cause
>reddit-like websites where users run their own boards
Not really an rgument against 8kun specifically tho
>this is supposedly on the same level
He did it because he wanted to escape responsibility towards the Feds, he did no different to Hotwheels and Jim, except he abandoned 4chan to the Feds to save his own ass, and did. Hiro-moot basically lets the Feds openly data-mine as well, without any criminal threat needed.
>the guy was gullible as fuck
I don't buy that story
>businessmen datamining you
They don't, 8ch, 8kun and other sties don't need to datamine you, the browsers used do so.
>selling that data
So basically like every single forum on the planet?
>intellectual honesty
Fuck off



something ive noticed in my long ass time on imageboards is that posts who nitpick and quote every single of another post are always made by intellectually dishonest dumbfucks, like the guy above. its a funny phenomenon


>every single forum sells your data (???) except for 8ch (???????)
let me guess, youre also a gamergater


I just browsed Alog for the first time since… forever. It lost its charm ever since 8chan went down in 2019 and all it is is threads related to inter-imageboard fighting. I know I'm expecting way to much out of fucking /cow/, but I miss laughing at the Null threads they had.


Every time you see it, my friend.


You sure seem butthurt over an event that ended 6 years ago.


annnnnd spot on lol


Standards sure have decreased in the internet trolling business.tankieTankie


So how many comrade chans are there? Besides leftypol there's these

Honorary mentions:
Also bunkerchan's server is still up for some reason:

Tell me if I'm missing anyone


rectum ravaged


Why have I not known about these other sites earlier?


based gamergater


That just gore yaoi porn in the clown board and underage anime porn, most of the site just looks like a regular old chan


>every single forum sells your data (???) except for 8ch
I didn't say that or even imply it so I don't know what crack you're smoking
>Muh gamergate
I don't play video games and barely know or care about "gamergate" and couldn't care less, project harder fag.


You're retarded and can't even type out your own thoughts then.

>8ch, 8kun and other sties don't need to datamine you

>>selling that data

>So basically like every single forum on the planet?



>8ch, 8kun and other sties don't need to datamine you
they don't too int the same way, leftypol doesn't need too.


>can't even type out your own thoughts
I typed out my thoughts just fine, you have either dyslexia or shitty reading comprehension.
thanks for proving my point.


>https://dismantle.capital/ is made by the same people who host the servers for tf2c


TF2chan? The same place that managed OFFchan?


File: 1628096867496.jpg (102.18 KB, 1280x720, maxresdefault (1).jpg)


It's nice to see every imageboard I use in this thread.

It amuses me when I, the fascist moderator mentioned, read posts such as these. It amuses me when I see others think I do much else rather than enforce the rules I helped write; so many people expect others to always abuse any power nowadays, as opposed to following principle. It's sad, I think we can agree. It amuses me when reports come in for racism, homosexuality, and many other things no rules mention, because they think us biased.

I'm not so bad; I merely believe most people can't handle controlling their destinies; weak people should submit to strong people, and I don't see it unreasonable many would willingly. It would be best for men to serve omnipotent gods, but there simply don't seem to be any to tell us what to do. Here are some Lainchan staff websites; guess which one is mine:

Use the hidden service.


What about it amuses you? Are you saying you wouldn't let us gain influence? It doesn't sound like it.

If the strongest man was a communist would you submit to him?


Shame on you for shutting down the Stallman/FSF thread in /tech/, you coward.


Reading those posts about influence are like reading a child think aloud. I'll write no more about it.

If the strongest man were a communist, I wouldn't necessarily have a choice but to submit to him. So long as the strongest man yearned to preserve what I value, I'd have little reason not to; in my democracy, however, my rulers seek to replace my kind with those more easily controlled, by immigration and miscegenation. I loathe democracy at the scale of millions. Even the strongest have reason to protect the weak over which they rule, and yet I live in a democracy with weak, scornful rulers.

That's not my board.


File: 1628124326125.jpg (121.84 KB, 1000x670, kleroterion.jpg)

You appear to be suffering from strong misinformation on what democracy even is and then drawing conclusions based on its caricature. Cleanse your mind of Jeffersonian propaganda and read Aristotle.


I wrote of particular qualities of one society, but the feelings are general. Everyone believing something doesn't make it true; everyone voting for the same conclusion doesn't make it right or good.


If everyone believes you're a bitch, Ithink that makes you a bitch


As a socialist mod of other imageboards, this.
Most people don't moderate to enforce their politics, and any decent admin would kick them if they did before the site dies. We're volunteers. I chose to moderate boards because I was sick of seeing literal bot spam. Politics don't enter my moderation.

If the lain mods were powertripping politikfags, they would have left all the "da joos" posts up in the communism threads or deleted the anarchist zines threads.

>guess which one is mine

I won't because I think I remember from an old post you made, that's cheating. Thanks for the list. Also tell yer damn dev/s to pull our commits! But only the good ones, none of the bloat!

>That's not my board.
Don't tell me it's /hum/ or /r/. That would suck.


File: 1628126355415.jpg (152.57 KB, 1019x768, dogfucker.jpg)


add /poverty/ in 5ch (jap board)


>weak people should submit to strong people
>Here are some Lainchan staff websites; guess which one is mineL
I remember you; you sound like lisp—kalyx used to poke fun at you for always saying 'superfluous'. http://verisimilitudes.net/ is clearly yours.
>It would be best for men to serve omnipotent gods, but there simply don't seem to be any to tell us what to do.
You never knew how bad you were, and didn't care to understand why. You're not fooling anyone here with your 'modest' beliefs. I'm surprised you haven't run off to some Peter Thiel backed venture at this point; it'd suit you more.


If lisp isn't still on the mod team then my second guess would be kashire. I don't have any distinct memories of him, but he never struck me as someone who shared the 'beliefs' expressed in >>18783 and >>18790


(Although I could be wrong)


That's not a good way to run a society.

The guess was wrong; I don't use Github; this poster was right: >>18833

I understand my political opinions may be silly, idealistic, incompatible, or unrealistic. Since my political opinions don't matter, lacking political power, I needn't refine them like I refine my thoughts on computing, language, and other more interesting topics. My vocabulary has grown since then, but there's naught wrong with the word "superfluous".

>You never knew how bad you were, and didn't care to understand why.

Use the present tense, since I still don't.

>You're not fooling anyone here with your 'modest' beliefs.

I don't know what passes for a modest belief here.

>I'm surprised you haven't run off to some Peter Thiel backed venture at this point; it'd suit you more.

I loathe startups and whatnot. I loathe money in general, since it allows men to gain without work; people have mocked the idea of a society abandoning money only to create "labour tokens", but those aren't money. What I know I hate is growing up in a society that seeks to drag the exceptional down to the average, rather than support them, and my beliefs stem from this basic thought; the smart shouldn't be commanded by the stupid; the strong shouldn't be commanded by the crippled; we can envision exceptions, sure, but exceptions should never be the rule.

I suppose I shouldn't continue to derail this thread; I'd be delighted for thoughts on my work, but this isn't the thread for it, so oh well.


>I understand my political opinions may be silly, idealistic, incompatible, or unrealistic.
You're certainly idealist. Acting flippant in the face of what you advocate for (in addition to lacking consideration of what that may entail at its most essential) has always been my biggest gripe about you. You don't see a need to refine your political opinions because (I suspect) you already benefit from them, albeit not to the extent you want. In practice, you're just a STEMlord with social darwinist inclinations; like a nerdy LessWrong user from a decade ago, or put more simply: a child trying to pass themselves off as an adult. What semblance of ideological coherence you have is actually quite compatible and realistic, just not with notions of 'democracy'—even trite ones such as yours. Anyone with half a brain can tell your 'post-political' pretensions indicate that you're the type of person who'd welcome fascism with open arms—not necessarily in the 'ethnonationalist' sense, but rather in a much more 'technocratic' one. Think of a 'friendly' or 'polite' kind of fascism; something corporatist, hence my Peter Thiel comment. He's a silicon valley venture capitalist who loathes startup culture; is deeply conservative, but has an eye for industrial policy. Anyway, I'll take a look at your work; I'd be interested in hearing your thoughts on marxist criticisms of the free software movement (Gavin Mueller, Johan Söderberg, etc) but perhaps in another thread. Also, since you recently read "Brave New World", I suggest reading Yevgeny Zamyatin's "We" too; it's much better imo.


>money in general, since it allows men to gain without work… What I know I hate is growing up in a society that seeks to drag the exceptional down to the average
literally communism


Do not go to 420chan for a while
Some weird attack has probably happened and every page you click on auto redirects to google searches about CP and similar shit, you don't want that on a possible history


holy shit

that's a fucked up way that a site has control to do that to your pc
does ublock origin even not stop the redirection?


with Kuroba-dev everything seems to work normal


>Site goes from Bunkerchan.xyz to Bunkerchan.net to leftypol.org to leftychan.net
Can we stop this shit please?


Not an issue to me, onion is still the same. 8))


what's the best imagedump chan?

i need wallpaper and reaction images and i would've gon to 420 chan but i heard it's got some hack going on



Was it fixed now?


File: 1628871667527.png (65.32 KB, 995x428, ClipboardImage.png)

Is Proleshpere dead or just undergoing maintenance?




File: 1629025677839-0.gif (742.61 KB, 251x256, 1517024912819.gif)

File: 1629025677839-1.jpg (87.84 KB, 686x1053, 1599432367670.jpg)

Go to different chans and steal their pics from their random board or random pics thread



Honestly, Bunkerchan becoming a textboard would be a 200 autism score move, but they'd need to fix their HTTPS certs first if they're serious about anything.


.onion link?


wait, this isn't bunkerchan? that explains why it's so nice


It is Bunkerchan
The server remained up, the domain was just redirected to leftypol.org so it was only accessible through TOR and direct IP
but recently someone (not dollars) bought a new domain and pointed it at the Bunkerchan server


File: 1629942294167.jpg (115.31 KB, 800x604, 1587983184230.jpg)

I'm banned from CC even though I've never posted there from my home computer lmao.
I was trying to write an effortpost about how 4chan evolved to become the shitshow that it is today in response to https://crystal.cafe/feels/res/64116.html
I was probably autobanned because I've used >tfw no gf, GamerGate and tits or GTFO to illustrate my point about how 4chan became insufferable around the mid-2010s, and that it went from soft misogyny with romantic characteristics – most >tfw posters were longing for genuine relationships I believe – to unhinged hate and bitterness fueled by MAGA drones and bots in a few years. It's either that or I'm range banned.

The moral of the story is twofold:
- Don't talk too much when you are trying to do entryism or infiltrate a group. I've lurked for a couple of months and used the lingo correctly but it didn't work because I wrote paragraphs of personal musings.
- Wordfilters are better than autobans: the former is funny because it humiliates the clueless posters and force them to either comply to the board culture or get banned, the latter just frustrates anons from the get go and now I want to find a way to drunkenly post dumb shit like "it's okay to be traumatized, girls are cute when they cry :)" in revenge.

Anyway, it's probably for the best, I spend way too much time on social media and posting on a TERFchan is the last thing I need. Anonettes tend to write more elaborate, thoughtful and comfy posts than moids, this is why I wanted to post there in the first place, but they are also terribly resentful just like their male counterparts.


You're a dumbass, but it's a shame your effortpost went to waste.


i wonder how much of exclusive niche boards like CC are just made of anons like >>19247


>You're a dumbass
>it's a shame your effortpost went to waste.
It wasn't that illuminating really, but it had the potential to spark some interesting replies, that's why I'm disappointed.
What do you mean by "anons like (me)"? I didn't even want to LARP, I wanted to have the opinion of this niche community that is used to write more interesting posts than the usual boring one-liners you find on most imageboards.


File: 1629944321319.jpg (43.53 KB, 680x765, 1608525490160.jpg)

>most >tfw posters were longing for genuine relationships




Idk, you just came off as kind of a coomer asshole to me, but that's it, don't think too much about it.
Anyway, I don't think it's enough to change devices, so maybe you posted something ban-worthy from your phone using the same IP as your computer. What I really hate is that they won't even tell you what post they banned you for.
I would've liked to see your post make a few of those people think about the facts regarding 4chan and the internet.


File: 1629946922943.png (50.25 KB, 1010x390, 4chan-ccpost.png)

>Anyway, I don't think it's enough to change devices, so maybe you posted something ban-worthy from your phone using the same IP as your computer.
I did something even dumber that that: I used a whole bunch of different IPs to try to post the same shit that got me autobanned while doing very little changes in the content of the post in between.
>What I really hate is that they won't even tell you what post they banned you for.
Yeah, that's what is really frustrating about it: you don't know why you have been banned and for how long – presumably forever.
The funny thing is that CC posters sometimes complain about having been banned from lolcow.farm in the same way.
>I would've liked to see your post make a few of those people think about the facts regarding 4chan and the internet.
It's alright, somebody posted basically what I had in mind but better than I could express it (pic related). I was mentioning some other shit about /mu/ and moot/hiroyuki and my post ended with:
>I think altchans are the future of imageboards and I wouldn't be surprised if 4chan disappears in the next five years
which is epic but I don't care because I think some anons reading pic related will eventually come to the same conclusion.


>What do you mean by "anons like (me)"?
someone who is ”trying to do entryism or infiltrate a group”


File: 1629953984137.png (193.1 KB, 474x270, ClipboardImage.png)

>>You're a dumbass
Your whole wall of text sounds like this.
Don't be that person.


Wow, that's flattering. That post is mine.

But I'm only telling you this now because I've been banned.
What the fuck?? I made a lot of long posts today. What fucking retard reported me and why? I wonder if they thought I was you due to the similar ideas in that post.


Update, it seems that I was in fact banned, I still can't post, so it wasn't a mistake. But they kept all my posts, probably because I actually contributed to a lot of threads and from my post history it's obvious I'm not a man. So maybe that one broke the no politics rule? I don't know what I did wrong. How are you supposed to know what not to do next time in cases like these were it's not obvious what you did and all your posts are still there? Oh, who cares.


File: 1629989925025-0.mp4 (14.08 MB, 1280x720, 2wq5jd.mp4)

File: 1629989925025-1.png (11.34 KB, 1247x105, njgw9632uld61.png)

>>19254 (.png)
>blaming gamergate booggieman
>want to go on CC


>>blaming GamerGate
After it happened there was an obvious and undeniable change on imageboards and the internet in general. 4chan changed too. It was obviously not the only factor but the difference before and after that particular event is clear.
>>want to go on CC
Yes, so what? 80% of the posters there, especially on /b/, are insufferable trash who aren't much better than 4choids, and that's why leftypol is my main IB. But I can still relax around the 20% who aren't screeching about men and transgenders in every post, and instead just want to talk about video games, anime or music in the comfy /media/ board which is practically the only thing I've used the site for. I don't even visit often, I just did yesterday, after months of avoiding it, because anon linked to it and felt like visiting /media/ again and check on the threads I had posted in before. I do plan on making my own imageboard one day so that I can use something that isn't lolcow.farm or CC, but for now the less shit option is the latter.


>undeniable change on imageboards
yes because a decent amount of oldfags had enough of the mods with a gg ban for /v/ and left to 8chan. And that was it, more newfag came from sites like reddit and a popularity gained with the fappening.
It wasn't just gg did it, it just another split where the oldfags left and newfags came that changed the community

>Yes, so what

>insufferable trash who aren't much better than 4choids
How you don't used shitty sites crap /fem/ or 4reddit.
Use an archive to browser megas in 4reddit, if you have to.

>that isn't lolcow.farm

>using lolcow.farm
>possibly active in /cow/


>the no politics rule
the fuck? this site sounds like a psyop


>>does lainchan have an overboard? I wonder how many pph they have and if we could influence them.
>It's /mega/. The site is run by fascists so don't get your hopes up.
For anyone reading, this isn't hyperbole either. Any given thread on lainchan that's even slightly related to politics or current events is guaranteed to check off a whole lot of Umberto Eco's 14 points, if not all of them.


>>>using lolcow.farm
>>possibly active in /cow/
How the fuck did you reach this conclusion? Get better reading comprehension



like its intentionally set up to create femcels


>better reading comprehension
You're the one who said it and mention site site
get better thing


Yeah I get what you mean. It wouldn't surprise me if it was actually a psyop, but if it isn't, then creating TERF femcels still definitely one of its goals.
The "no politics" rule usually exists to prevent political shit-flinging and keep a site comfy. But in this case, it obviously serves to prevent people from criticising the admin's ideology and create a TERF/idpol echo chamber. Quite hypocritical of them.


File: 1631864183683.jpg (245.82 KB, 1000x711, Peta-Asia-Tenggara.jpg)

anyone knows malay/indo speaking boards out there? endchan's fsc is pretty garbage in the last few months and it's alternatives that i know is dead.

here's a list that know:

there's also https://boards.fscchan.nl/ and http://indochan.org/ but these are no longer exists


bunkerchan.red is basically a self-updating mirror of leftypol.org (but not chan(dot)net)


Not exactly.
It basically points to the same server. The only thing that changes is the name of the domain, in your navigation bar.
bunkerchan.red IS leftypol.org


[spam redacted], which the mods here are quite zealous in censoring into oblivion for some reason and refuse to talk about it in meta.

Most of the boards there seem pretty dead except for the pro-wrestling one.

The Star Trek board is pretty against "nuTrek" (the newer series and movies) and the complaints they have against the new setting include ostensibly communist ones like the Federation straying from Roddenberry's vision of a money-less society.


it's censored because they're almost dead, sell out to google (seriously check the primary results for leftypol on Google and on Yandex or DuckDuckGo) and their members come here to spam and derail (recently one guy spammed "siberia" shitposts on every board at a rate of 20 an hour.
Mods don't talk about it, because there isn't anything to discuss that isn't going to derail and be bad faith.


Go back faggot
We know it's you


>Jon Watkins resigned from 8kun
>Ron codemonkey resigned too
>8kun is abandoned
Anyone got the capital to buy it up? leftypol owning 8kun would be hilarious.


There is a scene in the first season of TOS where the bartender haggles with an alien pet seller. Aurora gets one for less moneys because she's pretty.
Roddenberry is a hack


>1 scene
also take this to the Star Trek thread


Ill have you know I made the star trek thread


Sure, and I made the Star Wars thread and posted like 1/2 the effort posts in the Trek thread ranging from the Catian question to the debate on the Prime Directive.





create your own board!


File: 1634769369596.png (6.75 KB, 631x501, SnP NV.png)


https://ochochan.ga/leftypol/ The first leftypol embassy has been made, get to it lads.


File: 1634780018023.png (74.46 KB, 1337x719, ClipboardImage.png)

Where the fuck is /leftypol/?


It's hidden because there are no posts so it's an empty board by technicality.


That's weird, there are 4 posts right now. I made 2 in the last hour.


Huh, that is odd I posted there too


Easy method of finding pdfs per board of this site
https://www.google.com/search?q=site%3Aleftypol.org%2Fhobby+pdf replace hobby using any of the board names


Fuck off with your redditchan's clones.



come visit sometime, chinlets have been trying to invade for years and they could use some pushback


plus4 and other alt.board anon, iktf. Must be hell for an /int/ board.


Not sure if anyone remembers this obscure piece of history. Back in 2017-2018 there was a Google Doc created to document imageboards, textboards, boorus, etc. unfortunately the owner took it down. Does anyone here perhaps have an archived version?


Search for the original URL on imageboard archivers, I remember it getting posted along with a pastebin backup.





ylilauta gets a lot of laughs out of me, but at the same time it can get annoying too


This apparently came back from 2008


File: 1639762603863.png (4.35 KB, 500x183, anime.png)

Come funpost


another user-created imageboard website


Do you anons know of any /comfy/ (image)board anywhere?







There's /late/ & /comfy/ in 'the webring' (anon.cafe and late.city IIRC). Hopefully anon.cafe/comfy/ didn't get over-run by rightoids.


Good stuff, anons. Thanks.



/comfy/ is still comfy, they survived /fascist/ even.


Every altchan from what I can tell is dead. Everything is either trying to be a copy of /pol/ or a copy of redditchan running Lynx or JSchan. It's sad to say, but 4chan has a monopoly on the imageboard market. At least a few sites are alright, but It just isn't the same.


On the topic of reddit, it's going public in terms of investors so it i likely that they'll be pulling a Tumblr and killing off the enormous amount of lood content




The thot refugee caravans march on.


The extremist bots need to stop.
How long has crystal cafe been around and popular?

I miss 2009 when 4chan was still king and things seemed funnier.


tldr on wizchan, are they politically neutral neets, or lib/right leaning?


why would you use futallaby? even they state on their page that you should use wakaba instead


Dammit, porn was the only thing Reddit was actually uniquely good for.


reddit is full of camgirls and trucker porn. tumblr had good porn because it came from passion


>I miss 2009 when 4chan was still king and things seemed funnier.
Yeah everyone does.
The thing I miss the most from then is just that the Internet was genuinely weird in a way that wasn't annoying. I miss coming across unique people with bizarre stories, or fascinating pieces of media, or baffling fetishes, or just people who seemed to try to make genuinely original and left-field posts. It still happens sometimes but it's way too rare.
And everything gets banalized these days. Everything needs to have a million ten-hour video essays about it. People can't come across something interesting without trying to reduce it to the same old themes of discourse and then turning it into a meme, ie reducing and repeating it until it's not interesting anymore. That's boring too.
Ahhh I don't know man. Every time I come back here or to the fringes of Twitter I know I'm just trying to chase that teenage high. But I also think my life is worse off for not being able to have that kind of experience anymore. And then I come to a thread like this and rant about it
That's all I want out of a new imageboard, a breath of fresh air.


Ah don't get me wrong, Reddit produces basically nothing. But it's good as an aggregator, because most niches you can think of probably have a subreddit and those posts stay up forever instead of getting purged by time. Tumblr's search system was shit and couldn't compete.
Of course if you follow individual artists it's different, but then there's nothing Tumblr really did that was much better than Twitter.


and there's next to no gay stuff on thepiratebay and searching for gay brings up a bnch of "shemale" shit…ummm hello if there's huge breasts it's not gay



Does Wizardchan actually have anyone over the age of 30? I just assumed it was like 4chan where nobody is actually over the age of 18.

The only Wizardchan users I know was Hotwheels when he was owner at 19 and this one anonymous jackass who I definitely know was not over 30.


No, because they become wizards (commit suicide) once they turn 30.


>if its not getting posts every hour, it's dead
disconnect your dopamine buzzer


Even old php forums in the 2000s were more active than altchans today. Face it.




nah, they're kind of right
if an imageboard is either dead or slow, then it's pretty much gone to dust. that's just how it works
4chan was lucky enough to have an influx of people from other big english-language online communities throughout the 2000s like somethingawful and livejournal and others. it pretty much acted as a nexus for all of these different places. then it got blown up in the mainstream media as a kind of edgy counterculture to web 2.0. it continues to be pretty much a linchpin of online culture even if it's stagnated a lot
8chan similarly capitalized on 4chan's crackdown on gamergate, before most people eventually got tired of the culture war and drama schtick and most of the active userbase moved onto twitter and reddit to spread their filth
you really do need a niche (and a big, dedicated one) to make it in this game


it's the nature of the format
traffic itself is supremacy


The biggest blackpill is that it doesn't matter how many features an imageboard gets if there's no users. You can keep adding new shit and chances are new users aren't going to come anyway.


im not talking about features, just posting itself


Even that doesn't really guarantee anything. The only example I can think of that "worked" is Hispachan because the faggot admin spammed and bought ads for his shithole fucking everywhere and it happened exactly what everyone expected - it got filled with normalfag retards.


and 4chan is full of /pol/ tourists now


So where does /leftypol/ fall in with all of this?


leftypol grew out of both 8chan and 4chan, a bunch of the older userbase is on twitter now, while idk where the current userbase is like. maybe a bunch of passive aggressive /pol/ tourists, hangers-on from the 8chan days, and a trickle of newcomers from 4chan and twitter and reddit


File: 1644171697927.png (314.28 KB, 500x382, forever.png)

I'm part of the old crowd that still hasn't left because I hate the botnet more and I'm the kind of person that is still stuck in the past.
Maybe I should give up and go back to twitter one of these days (I left that platform a decade ago)…


this place is still better than twitter, or even 4chan


At least on twitter you can find your own niche of like-minded people. Personally I'm getting tired of the constant fucktardery on this place so I might just do like everyone else who got tired of dealing with imbeciles and leave for a different format. Or stick to smaller text/imageboards.

>or even 4chan

Even? 4chan is the absolute bottom of the barrel for cool, funny and/or interesting content days.


there's no niches on twitter anymore, trust me
everything is the same political shit or consumer trash nowadays
corporatization has blended everything together


I can say from experience that since the bunkerchan days leftypol has had some thread with good enough SEO for extremely niche leftist topics. I was searching for info on Lysenko and a thread on bunkerchan came up somewhere near the bottom of the first page of results. This might be the most organic type of user inflow.


>good enough SEO
I hate you and your ghoulish types.


I'm not some ycombinator funded enterpreneur. I just used the term to describe how far below the ads a website is in most searches. I guess leftypol isn't really "optimized", but that's not the point. Leftypol being shown when searching for obscure leftist topics simultaneously brings some amount of new people and acts as a filter. I have no idea how many people found leftypol because of this, but I find this prospect preferable to broad social media exposure and the closest to "organic" growth.


Searching mor "mautists" generally leads me back here lol


The best would be mouth to mouth OUTSIDE the spheres of social media and imageboards.


>The best would be mouth to mouth
I agree.


File: 1645308648778.jpg (76.91 KB, 640x532, american front women.jpg)

crystal cafe is pretty clearly only for (petty) bourgeois white cishet women that just want to pop out babies
even a cursory scroll through their rules and faqs and board catalogs will give you that vibe strongly, let alone actually lurking threads
also of course if you ever bother to make a post, you will find out about their extremely heavy-handed moderation stemming from their chauvinistic in-group mindset


This hurt to read, Anon.
I just want to go back, even if only for a minute.
Experience again what it was like. Everyone equally naive; about the world, each other. Just trying to amuse one another.
Reading archives makes the pain so much worse.



File: 1646640666810.jpg (8.4 KB, 320x318, 1642649989579.jpg)

>that wheeze laugh


People said the same about tumblr, lol.


File: 1647816274324.png (185.87 KB, 691x658, FOAOG3hVsAA7m3E.png)

Using the Avery Morrow personal textboard Wikipedia screenshot in aesthetics posts is terrorism against my culture. May you suckle the burning fruit of Zaqum for all eternity.


nothing says "imageboarder" like posting on textboards
i hate normalfags so much its unreal


>Laura Palmer theme



File: 1648583820238.jpg (45.07 KB, 486x750, burg.jpg)

Anybody post there? Looks pretty comfy, like what would happen if Lainchan and GETchan met each other. On the other hand, its news/politics board is pretty Reddit-pilled with nothing but pro-Ukranian stories.


I take it you've never played VA-11 HALL-A.


I made a board for discussing internet culture, because I've found that there are no others around that are active.
This board is for discussion of old and new trends in internet culture, interesting websites that have 404'd, and other things that have been eaten by time.



if you were going to remake /soc/ you shouldve made it a textboard :[


more like a /soc/-like "remake" for current year internet/image board culture (post-2015 internet, not pre-2011). remember, /soc/ died like 8 years ago. most if not all textboards are dead, so an image board seems fitting to new users (I seriously doubt oldfags still use the internet, their like 40~ now).
Anyways, besides all that I never made this as a /soc/ remake, the name was just a last second decision based on the last "relevant" discussion forum for internet/image board culture.


at least make it look non generic, css is easy


holy shit that was fast.
>at least make it look non generic
well, it's 4chan circa 2009, I think it's fitting for what it is.


cyberpunk telnet bbs'es (address and port)
bbs.bottomlessabyss.net 2023
agency.bbs.nz 23
bbs.castlerockbbs.com 23
bbs.erb.pw 23


That website has literally 3 threads.


did you not read the first words of his post stating he just created the board?


It's otterchat.net now.


File: 1652597914537.png (194.13 KB, 360x360, manos1.png)

I googled the name to see if its free and turn's out it was not.

>What is NULLCHAN? · A combination of 4chan and fbi.gov · Everyone can start their own thread, but they can also message anyone privately


Looking for chan spaces that have more then barely a dozen users, something on par with the amount of users 4chan has


Why? You have ADHD?


What topics you want? General purpose ones are likely to be shit or too dead.
There are dedicated comfy ones, tech ones, etc. I won't list my favorites because statistically speaking you'll probably make them worse :^)
There's some good post-8ch ones that popped up and some pre-2012 boards still kicking.


just general purpose man, I don't care if their shit or not


>with the amount of users 4chan has
Do you even know how many users that would be?
These are some of the faster alternative chans.


of those three imageboards you posted only 420chan is chill


>white cishet women that just want to pop out babies
How do i meet one damn


lolcow literally tried to raid this website like a week or so ago
it's also how i found out they existed, and i generally keep up with imageboards



literally search "communist anime" is on the first page of results


ew not worth it


why even ask the question then? wouldn't you love the suburbs?


I remember there being a wallpaper thread in either enchan or zerochan, but looking at them i found nothing. I also remember the CSS being dark blue or something.
Does anybody know what i'm referring to and where to find it?


File: 1661984509382.jpg (59.02 KB, 474x720, thumbs up thumbnail.jpg)


What happened that the quality went south so bad?



What a tiny list.


look at all of these 8chan splinters


I'm looking at them boss


File: 1662079793444.jpg (41.28 KB, 473x360, no.jpg)

Shut the fuck up you insufferable newfag. Not only did you put no effort into this useless list, but you're proud of it.
You even missed most of the obvious ones and those already mentioned. I would post examples, but that would encourage you to shit them up like you're doing on lainchan already.


>Posts a list. Misled, tags it as complete, though it is fairly comprehensive.
Only redditors allocate this much energy toward aimless negativity. Hopefully you'll grow tired of this soon.


he explicitly said what you need to work on, i wouldnt call that "aimless negativity"


File: 1662083827349.mp4 (166.72 KB, 720x576, pipedown.mp4)

>fairly comprehensive
Not even 5%.
It's like someone entering a thread about reasons to support socialism, with 100 reasons already posted, and claims to have a 'complete list' which is just "they stopped adolf hitler and aoc is sexy", and you telling people to say nice things and be purely constructive. When someone arrogantly uses a word like 'complete', this offensive negativity is not aimless. It's letting them know that they're not merely incorrect, they're antagonistic and they should either learn what they're doing wrong (good ending!) or just leave.


>>28418 [appendix]
If you want to see what a comprehensive list might look like, here's a partial list with over 400 entries.


File: 1662134937385.png (81.23 KB, 1875x261, Why IBs are dead.png)

Would you agree with picrel's analysis of 4chan'sbut more importantly, imageboard's decline?


File: 1662137619071.png (75.13 KB, 255x206, r11.png)

Every altchan I didn't list is no longer works. I also added many that weren't mentioned ITT such as fatoldmen.com, 3chan and mlpol.
Also, that guy wasn't me, he was just someone who knows where you came from and where you belong.


youre a redditor projecting


Nah I don't think this really gets at anything.
>with the amount of options in the online space few people really have a reason to come here anymore
The fact that there's options doesn't automatically mean that people don't want to come anymore, if anything 4chan being the most active site of its kind will always be a strong differential. Of course it will also drive some people away, but that can't account for its decline or it would have started much longer ago.
>collective consciousness has shifted towards a more entertaining lens rather than a discussion vantage point
I totally get the argument that anonymous imageboards have a unique niche when it comes to discussion, but let's not lie to ourselves. 4chan is popular because of its reputation as a chaotic shithole. That's what draws most people in. Even as someone who's had good discussions there, it was the entertainment and "danger" factor that got me to check it out to begin with.
>no longer in its "wild west" state where people are willing to explore
This should benefit a site like 4chan which was, IIRC, one of the 300 most popular websites in the world not too long ago, if not ranked even higher. Also, this contradicts the idea that 4chan is unpopular because people have more options.

Whole post kinda reads like it's constantly trying to dodge the probable main issue, which is something people here have pointed out multiple times before: when a site known mostly for its sense of freedom and transgression suddenly takes a hard turn into puritanism (the "alt-right" as some reaction against obnoxious social policing lasted for a few months at most before they decided to just become the censors themselves), a lot of people are going to slowly realize they're no longer having any fun.


>Every altchan I didn't list is no longer works.
Then how am I making posts on them and getting replies, you arrogant retard.
If you were off by maybe 10 then that would be ok, but calling a list containing 18 out of over 400 'complete' and then telling anyone to go to reddit is beyond reasoning. You are not here in good faith. Fuck off back to /siberia/ before the mods ban you for rule 11.


Are /i/ boards still a thing other than l*ftychan or 94chan?


I used to lurk Wizchan (post-hotwheels) a few years ago because I found it such an interesting chan. I'd say the general userbase is a mix of posters that are apolitical, /pol/lyps, and left leaning with a hard anti-wageslavery and antinatalism bent across the board. It has a degree of /pol/ brain rot (some idiots saying the reason the average worker gets treated like shit is because of 'duh blacks' or 'duh jooz') but it's nowhere near as bad as 4chan and other chans have it, surprisingly enough. But I'm not sure how it is nowadays.


Also it was misogynist as fuck, but that should be obvious.


Wizardchan is the most miserable place imaginable.


Hmm, I remember there used to be a list on partyvan but I haven't checked it in almost 10 years. has stuff like 711ch and 76ch which I doubt still exist.
soyparty have a //raid/ board but it's laughably incompetent and now basically dead/personal-army, to call it an /i/ would be insulting.

Why would you want one? I'm sure in this modern era it would just be /pol/shits.

I've managed to find a few IBs that aren't free of brainrot, but where it's not unchallenged and where actual dumb shit like /pol/ derailing gets deleted reliably.


I just want trolling/lulz, but the idea of it being a /pol/ cesspit is a genuine problem. It's disappointing if we'll never see a true return of it.

>711ch and 76ch

76chan is sportschan.org now, and doesn't have an /i/
The 711chan people tries to revive it back in 2020, but 7-Eleven snagged the domain and everything fell apart from there.

It's fucking disappointing, man.


imageboards suck and are full of wanna-be schoolbullies and general losers
no amount of deploying vichan on cheap european VPSes will change that


>all imageboards have shit cultures
Strange assertion, my experience contradicts it.


The problem is imageboards are a market, much like everything else is under capitalism. However, imageboards are quite a saturated market due to how easy it is to set one up, coupled with the fact that 4chan has a monopoly on them that makes it harder tl beat. As a result, every imageboard shapes itself to be a mirror of 4chan's /pol/ content in order to maintain a decent userbase.


So why are you still here, loser?


I've been going to 4chan since before mooxico.
This post is bizarre to me. Do you think 4chan is slow now? We used to have (glorious) ( Thread marked for deletion: old ) forced-saging to force thread pass through.
And to top it off: imageboards, like any social group really, tend to do better when the base is mall.
There is a lot of blabla by comelatelies about nostalgia, but I dare you to compare the Ruby Quest threads to /v/ threads circa late 2011 (specifically picking these, because the contrast is sharp and unmistakable). Hell, for the last 6 years or so I've been quietly waiting for the whole thing to collapse, so I can be there for the rebuilding phase.


Oh and declaring imageboards, or 4chan at least, dead is a staple of the website. Has been happening since at least 2006, iirc. Definitely flared up during and after the cancer year of 2007.


because it's open to post
i'm not pretending like making any more is gonna do anything though


File: 1662465798260.png (41.87 KB, 785x454, masterchan bug.png)

There was a conversation about masterchan (yes, ew, I know) on /siberia/ last week and I found the screenshot I was looking for.


posting from the future to say that Lainchan has gone incredibly downhill and is barely usable to me anymore. it used to be pretty decent before all the /g/tards showed up – also the lisp thread barely gets any activity anymore. really a shame because back in the day it used to be one of the best alternative chans, but applememe has slowly killed it


The only subreddit I use is r/ballbusting



As if the term "chan" wasn't stupid enough someone had to come up with "altchan".



From /dead/ with love.


>/r/ - random
so close yet so far


So anyone know what happened to 9chan.tw? It just 404s when I go there


They shut down on September 14th.

>We don't feel we have enough moderation resources to stay on top of all the things we need to. So please archive what you want and let your communities know where to find you next.



File: 1664543338821.jpg (72.75 KB, 1080x937, 1664287021262.jpg)

-chan -chan -chan -chan -chan -chan -chan -chan -chan -chan -chan -chan -chan -chan -chan -chan -chan -chan -chan -chan -chan -chan -chan -chan -chan -chan -chan -chan -chan -chan -chan -chan -chan -chan -chan -chan -chan -chan -chan -chan -chan -chan -chan -chan -chan -chan -chan -chan -chan -chan -chan -chan -chan -chan -chan -chan -chan -chan -chan -chan


420chan seems down for good.


at least it's a fluorescent sign telling anyone that's not a fucking idiot to avoid it like the plague


D: say it ain't so


why is all the cool sites dead


Corporate control of the internet is strangling marginal websites.


when is gelbooru coming out of beta lads


Commercial capital, specifically advertising. About a year ago it was revealed that Google's AdX Exchange conducts more daily transactions than the NYSE and NASDAQ combined, for example.


/kind/ just came back from the dead and some /pol/luter is already spamming "globohomo" in every thread, I can't take it anymore.


sorry anon but we don't live in an innocent world. the only way to be kind is systemic social change.


I just want an imageboard where I can talk about my hobbies without the constant hostility and politics.


I hate this stupid fucking post-2016 term.


Why can't you just use the hobby board here? Tho I admit people can be a bit salty sometimes.


lmao this is so some tumblr-ass looking shit, i dont think they even know what a textboard is beyond that lame wiki article

""""chan""""" wasnt bad enough we had to make it even worse

>without the constant hostility
i like how if you make an imageboard that tries to steer clear of retarded "chan culture" you will still get faggots acting like assholes 24/7 just to spite you when they have literally hundreds of shitty vichan clones where they can do just that

>and politics



Because I get attacked by people like >>31545 for not wanting to read countless posts about the dialectical materialist interpretation of Pokémon.


yeah ok I guess I see your point

don't blame the MLs too much, they do not know what they do


What's the consensus on https://wirechan.org/ ? Cool or shithole?


It's fucking back.
10/10. Got where the hood at pumping at full volume.


what happened to 420chan? D:


File: 1672074224948.jpg (9.04 KB, 480x360, justin.jpg)

I think I only went there 10 years ago to recruit a personal army on a few /i/ boards. It was against tumblr and it made it onto ED


No clue, Kirt gave up on it and Twitter drama too?

Was this in 2014 during the Independence Day raids against Tumblr?


Nah, was a Christmas gift.


>No clue, Kirt gave up on it and Twitter drama too?
; m;


tf is the nigs board


Kirtaner's account was restored a while back.


/poverty/ is actually called kencho or "hatred for money making" which is a hilarious name lmao, tried visiting the site and the user base is actually self professing as liberals but it just means everyone opposed to the LDP so the communists call themselves that too, there are actual liberals there though, a lot of them actually.


lmao he turned into those libs masquerading as anarchists who hate russians as much as nazis hate jews


i want a list of left leaning imageboards


*to clarify they don't have to be communist, or political, they just need to have a left leaning culture or further left


I just want a chan where I can experience /co/ /fur/ /trash/ goodness without all the right wing shit.

Oh well, maybe I just need to go direct to the source regardless.


Finding a bunch of right-wingers on /trash/ is never not funny.



TBH I've never been there properly, I just assumed it sucked because 4chan but I see all the fun OC that comes from there. Plus the 4chan captcha system is AIDS and makes me feel like a boomer being farmed for clicks.


Dismantle.capital is dead, they've been apparently working on it since like 2021.

Also why did they remove the posts /leftypol/ made on there just to leave a bunch of spam up?


They're traditional forums but there's hexbear and the rhizzone too.


Can we get an updated version of that list?


all don't load for me or are dead.



>first thing on the overboard is CP links



It's lower traffic than leftypol.org so they are a bit slower with deleting spam but it is gone now.



Pinche chan todo culero


File: 1685853160617.png (50.29 KB, 321x343, ClipboardImage.png)

I'm surprised that there are any decent takes coming out of encyclopedia dramatica since 2014, but shit, we found some.


File: 1685853194944.png (212.49 KB, 328x881, ClipboardImage.png)

>>34434 [didn't attach]


"Good" news : 420chan will be back, but in 2025.

>"Fredrick Brennan bought 420chan.org on April, 20, 2023, from Kirtaner for the sum of US$4,200."

>"Under new management, Kirtaner will remain the admin of 420chan, with Brennan as owner. The goal is for the site to be owned by a non-profit organization, with Fredrick Brennan as Chairman of the Board, by 2025. There are plans to rebuild the site from scratch."
>"Additionally, a legal challenge will be brought to recover the servers that were seized by law enforcement in 2022."

From /dead/ with love.


File: 1693536162334.png (975.65 KB, 720x1560, ClipboardImage.png)

I figured out where africans post about politics and why they're almost never active on any western imageboard


It's cumbersome, but the slowness of the sites means it's not unusable entirely

Also a recent revival attempt of 8ch after 8kun.top and 8chan.moe went ded. https://infiniteboards.top/b/res/59.html



and now it is 3 years old :o


Unique IPs: 100

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