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How based was this show? And, do you have faith that the reboot will do any justice to the previous seasons?




It was garbage. I used to follow the comic religiously, but when McGruder got that television show it's like he completely lost all semblance of subtle comic timing and it became an exercise in stating the obvious. Also the animation is the laziest I've ever seen in a modern cartoon, as bad as Hanna-Barbara shit in the '70s and '80s.


It's good for crude ghetto humor and occasional based satire or parodies. After a while though it got tiresome, like most over-stretched series.


>it became an exercise in stating the obvious.
Sometimes the obvious is what needs to be stated.

I agree that it felt like it went for too long. Apparently Aaron ran out of steam on a personal level and that's part of why season 4 sucked. The comic always had the benefit of riffing on current events. Even with as big a topic as racism and black culture there's only so much (network approved) material to make TV episodes out of.


>How based was this show?
It's very based. I have trouble thinking of a time where it had a bad take, although obviously the radical leanings had to be toned way down.
>And, do you have faith that the reboot will do any justice to the previous seasons?
On the one hand I think the show mostly ran its course. On the other I think that times having changed somewhat on the topic of race may have opened up what the network will allow them to do.


Uncle Ruckus was based.


>how based was this show
the most based show on tv ever
- anti capitalist
- anti american
- anti liberal
- drops the word "nigger" 40 times an episode
- anti white
- directed by a black man

all your instincts tell you that this show would never be allowed to air, and yet it somehow beat the odds.


Only complaint I've heard about the show was the lack of women, but there's a reason for that.


Was based, ran its course, and if they reboot it now it will most likely stink. That's because it was a product of its time, a critique of the false normalcy of the Bush-Obama years. After Trump, like as not they will up the preachy-ness and tone down the crude humor, robbing the show of its authenticity.


is it leftist or just anti-capitalist


I think it's just anti-capitalist.
It's supper missanthropic,
I think to be a leftist you have to be a little optimistic that a better world is possible.
The main character is supposed to be a revolutionary but it's just athletic, I was hoping that they would develop this but they never did.

Iv not read the comics, maby there more optimistic.


Wasn't Uncle Ruckus a black-hating black? /pol/ seems to love him.




he is what /pol/ calls "one of the good ones"


boondocks and aqua teen hunger force as reboot and this decade is saved


Problem is they'd never make the reboot any good… even if they did manage to get liberals to ignore the politically incorrect lingo


This guy makes good videos relating to the Boondocks.


Half the Tubesteak promos were based.

>Apparently Aaron ran out of steam on a personal level and that's part of why season 4 sucked
Pretty sure he wasn't even involved in Season 4


Tbh I think it is leftist, it’s just that the current generation of leftists probably can’t comprehend the world of the post-Soviet collapse
Remember, Cockshott himself writes that around the 90s most leftists had given in and accepted the supremacy of liberalism and the Market. I think Boondocks is representative of that first generation having grown up when neoliberalism came to power and defeated the worldwide socialist movement.


He wasn’t, Season 3 was his last season and the producers themselves wrote 4 because they didn’t want it to end, a lot of fans think the sole quality episode in that season was written by McGruger himself, he just didn’t reveal it.


File: 1608526897786.jpg (88.7 KB, 1200x675, smug kamala.jpg)

>Harris ran a "forceful" campaign, assisted by former mayor Willie Brown, Senator Dianne Feinstein, writer and cartoonist Aaron McGruder, and comedians Eddie Griffin and Chris Rock.
>writer and cartoonist [b]Aaron McGruder[/b]


Eh, it was obvious he was a radlib, I never read into him as more than that TBH, based thoughts or not.

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