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A thread for the Hiking, Hillwalking, Mountaineering, Camping, Randonneuring and other comfy /out/door pursuits involving time in the wilderness

>Ask questions

>Get Answers
>Ask for advice on getting started
>Do trip reports
>Bitch about your poor navigational abilities
>Post Non-Identifying photos (i.e. Don't post your face you idiot)

I've been doing a fair bit of mountaineering the past few weeks and I'm really getting back into the swing of things, might join a club again soon


We don't have hight mountains here and they just closed the borders…


Well you don't need mountains or even lots of green space to get /OUT/, you can do plenty in more rolling countryside or if you don't have access to that you could give distance cycling a go


I live on the doorstep of a national park. How do I get /OUT/ and take advantage of this?


First thing to do is get a basic set of kit together, this will vary depending on your area but the foundations are generally

>Backpack (30-40l is the general size for daypacks)

>Water Bottles
>A packed lunch
>Fire Making equipment (Just get a lot of lighters and secret them in various places on your person/in your bag)
>A raincoat, and waterproof trousers if you're somewhere where it rains heavily
>A warm hat and gloves
>Outdoors trousers/Combat trousers
>Good baselayer for the upper body (running tshirt is cheap and fine)
>Sunscreen, small medical items (painkillers, plasters etc.)
>Some warm kit for upper body
>Good footwear and good socks
>Some means of acquiring more water if necessary, such as purification tablets or if you have cookware with you you can boil water to make it potable
&ltLast two are extremely important

You probably have most of this stuff lying around already in one shape or form, you don't need good stuff starting out, you can use what you have lying around for the most part (with the cavaet that you really, really do need good walking boots/ shoes)

&ltGood doesn't mean expensive, the boots in my pic in the OP are secondhand military issue boots with new insoles put into them for a quarter of the cost of the equivalent new items and they're absolutely fine, even on 20+ mile hikes in the mountains with a heavy bag
&ltSocks should be High wool content

Once you have basic kit assembled, assess your fitness level and be honest with yourself about it, then start looking for simple trails appropriate to your physical ability in the park and go do them, preferably with other people for more fun and safety but its perfectly fine on your own so long as you're careful and don't push your limits

The really important things to keep in mind when starting out are
>Don't push yourself too hard and always err on the side of caution
>Keep your phone charged and bring it with you, in a waterproof bag
>Tell someone where you are going before heading off and make sure they know what to do and the appropriate service to call if you don't come back, easiest way to do this is to simply send it in a text message with a pic of the route you're doing on your map or a pic of the trailhead map
>Don't try and do trails or routes navigation other than following trail signs or walking along an obvious track off the bat, map reading is a skill that takes a while to really get and getting lost in the wilderness and breaking your leg is a good way to die
&ltMost parks and wild spaces have well marked beginner trails that are easy to follow to facilitate this and they're still very fun
>Budget your time to make sure you're back in with plenty of light left so you have some extra hours of sunlight to work with if you find yourself going slower than you thought you would
>Water proof everything, get big ziplock bags and use them to waterproof the contents of your bag, they're very cheap, they also help compress down items to make them fit into your bag

>Take a LOT of water and make sure you are pissing clear before heading out, this is the single biggest mistake new people make, and its a very serious one, how much water is enough depends on you, where you're going, and where you are, if in doubt ask experienced locals for their reccomendations but use your own judgement and again, err on the side of caution

A lot of the above sounds a bit scarey but it really isn't that hard a pursuit to get into, basic equipment is cheap and available everywhere, more intermediate stuff can be found for little money secondhand online (my bag is like £200 new but I got it off ebay for £50, previously I'd been using a cheap £30 basic bag without a problem) and you can pick up the skills and kit needed to do more demanding trips as you go at your own pace, beginner trails are usually packed in spring/summer and busy enough still in Autumn that there's very little real risk or danger unless you are a massive, massive idiot or too fat to survive outside of the ocean

A great way of starting is joining a local hillwalking club, there'll be plenty of experienced people in it that can help you get started and get into the swing of things safely


File: 1608526491739.jpg (411.09 KB, 1391x1720, Emma Gatewood.jpg)

A pioneer hiker, Emma Gatewood, was the first woman to walk the Appalachian Trail solo in one season. At the age of 67, after raising 11 children, Gatewood started hiking, inspired by an article in National Geographic, and set her mind to tackle the 2,168-mile trail. She completed the hike three times, the last at age 75, making her the first person to do so. She also walked 2,000 miles of the Oregon Trail, averaging 22 miles a day. In total she walked alone through 14 states.

The impetus behind her marathon hikes is rooted in her experience as a survivor of domestic violence. The last straw was an incident when her husband Percy beat her so badly he broke her teeth, jaw and cracked her ribs, nearly killing her. A sheriff’s deputy arrived at the house, and arrested Emma, not Percy. She spent a night in jail until the mayor of the small West Virginia town where they lived intervened when he saw her blackened eyes and bloodied face. He granted Emma a divorce — unheard of in those days — and she raised her last three children alone.

Her youngest daughter Lucy who witnessed the brutal violence showed her mom the National Geographic article and urged her mom to set out on an adventure. Hiking for Emma, was an act of self-care, healing, resistance, independence and a way to regain her inner and outer strength and find her way back to herself. When asked why she hiked, she said simply “Because I wanted to.”


File: 1608526493586.gif (613 KB, 200x150, stalin clapping.gif)

That's amazing thanks for sharing this anon.
Extremely helpful thanks for the effort post


You're welcome for the story of Emma Gatewood. Amazing woman really.


File: 1608526538671.jpg (200.76 KB, 500x375, nightout.jpg)

Anyone else /NIGHTOUT/ here?


I used to like rolling out from my tarp and wandering around under the night sky without my lamp on but its too dangerous to do regularly, the chances of tripping and hitting your head on broken terrain or getting turned around and freezing are too high when on your own


Does anybody here /nightout/ for astronomy? I've been having >tfw no telescope
Feels for the past week or two.


ahh true but it does feel nice just to have a carefree wander under a quiet summer night sky.

Also how do I know if I broke my arm? lol


Anyone remember Rick Steves' Europe and Globe Trekker? I remember when it started back when cable was almost non-existent and there was nothing to watch. It was wierd seeing adults going on and on about hikes and wine and cheese


If the bone isn't jutting out, then the way to tell if you have a broken arm is if the pain is really high, the area where your damaged (the break) will swell up and won't go down. Essentially the same symptoms as a really nasty bump except it doesn't go away. It's more obvious if your arm is bent or the bone is poking out, but that's a really bad (and obvious) case.


I inherited a 125mm mak-cas with a go-to mount recently, but all of the eyepieces are under 20mm. Thinking about changing it to take 2" eyepieces so I can get those 20x views


>It was wierd seeing adults going on and on about hikes and wine and cheese
What else is worth living for but hiking and wine and cheese?


Holy shit god yes.
This year has been shit and I've been working too much overtime.
Next year will hopefully be better and I'm moving which will 1. Be closer to parks (get away from suburban explosions and closer to nature? win-win) 2. Planning vacations assuming I don't get symptomatically cozy with covy, not my kind of snuggle with a struggle

At the very least I will be camping out in the mountains for a week, hopefully with some materials to identify unique mountain flora. Mountain wildlife are on track for the greatest loss in biodiversity as a consequence of climate change, as well as the momentum of past human activities.
Enjoy your health while it lasts, guys.


While we're at it anyone got tips on picking up girls in the woods?


unless you're gigachad lumberjack with your own cabin made of logs you personally hewed then you don't


Don't buy into snowshoe shills. Cross country skiing is the option if actually going anywhere.




about time someone made this.
question: why the hell is this hobby so white


try binoculars if you just want good views. the fujinon 7x50 fmtr-sx are a reference standard


t. nonwhite


>Hi, I'm Sarah - this is Mark! So nice to meet you!
>repeat for 6 hours
just fucking kill me


File: 1608526889335.jpg (73.51 KB, 1250x517, 09e.jpg)


Because black communities in the USA aren't into it culturally and because poor people in general are not given many avenues to indulge in such activities outside of school.


Its a rural hobby that requires you to either live on the edge of wilderness or have the means and time to travel to wilderness to engage in it

These economic/locational factors and cultural stigma mean that minority populations are under-represented in it

I've never actually met a hill walker or mountaineer that has give off rascist vibes though (but then I've met few non white mountaineers so I've not had much opportunity to see how others interacted with them, plenty of people that are rascist aren't blatantly so around others of their preffered type) , so if you're interested I'd most definitely recommend joining a club and getting started, only way to change the hobby in the direction you want is to engage in it


File: 1608526922820.jpg (119.19 KB, 1183x887, unnamed6.jpg)

This guy tried to rape Gianna during thr middle of a hike but she simply laughed at his microdick and his ugly face and then escaped.


Hey guys.
I live in Spain, and I have been thinking about doing the Santiago's pilgrimage (not because I'm religious, just want to do some tourism and do some exercise).
What do you think about it?


Go for it. Sounds like a good experience.


I know this is a dead thread, but I'm doing a 21 mile loop in the Dolly Sods in WV this weekend with my gf. It's not too intense, but it's the longest backpacking outing I will have done so far. Wish me luck!


File: 1626625505771-0.jpg (1.72 MB, 3264x2448, IMG_0009.jpg)

File: 1626625505771-1.jpg (1.49 MB, 3264x2448, IMG_0010.jpg)

File: 1626625505771-2.jpg (1.64 MB, 3264x2448, IMG_0011.jpg)

Lake Louise, Alberta. I really ought to get an actual camera though


very pretty


Is there any good software for planning hikes? Only the route. Bonus if it's for the desktop.


nice pics


I'm also interested


File: 1630064305215.jpg (283 KB, 1080x1080, poncsósátor.jpg)

I made a matrix room for /OUT/ stuff in case anyone is interested:




File: 1630362941427.png (114.38 KB, 361x856, ClipboardImage.png)

I can add this to the leftypol Space on Matrix if you'd like.


Yes please. Thank you : )


File: 1631128047634.png (76.89 KB, 1365x259, ClipboardImage.png)

A trip report from /leftypol/.


File: 1631131266090.png (1.71 MB, 1681x756, ClipboardImage.png)

Last night I was watching this Japanese guy climb Mt. Fuji to visit a Buddhist temple (from what I understood)
Extremely comfy


File: 1638749355390.jpg (172.31 KB, 1500x1500, bp.jpg)

If I'm going to get a backpack should I get a waterproof one, a water resistant one or just get something decent plus a rain cover? Let's assume I'm going to spend a few hours under a storm at worst.


If you're just hoping to keep gear dry through rain, a regular pack with a rain cover will be fine. Many outdoor backpacks come with a water-resistant coating anyway, which is fine for a light drizzle. Alternatively, you could just say fuck it and use drum liners to keep everything on the inside dry. Also consider a poncho that can be thrown over the pack while you wear it if you don't want to carry separate rain gear (jacket and pants). If you're going to be around water a lot with the pack (e.g., canoeing, fly fishing) a waterproof pack might be worth it. Your options for packs are going to be more limited though.


Any tips for hiking in winter? The sun goes down so early.


File: 1640687394189.jpg (10.86 KB, 300x289, lavvu.jpg)

>Also consider a poncho that can be thrown over the pack while you wear it
Get a fucking lavvu


File: 1640687565622.jpg (217.66 KB, 1280x720, lavvu.jpg)

Get a fucking lavvu


File: 1640773523595.jpg (86.06 KB, 1280x720, not lavvu.jpg)

>wahhhh my flesh is melting into ash and I'm ensconced in ouchy flames because in my ANGLO haplessness I did not smell my lavvu and realize that communist Polish army chads preserve their equipment in diesel not organic soymik DD':
Wash it out at home and dump on our neighbors turnip garden or take it to an industrial washer. Yes it probably has a pinch of lead in it.


UK bros, is he right? Do national parks in the UK look like the surface of the moon?


Ok two years later but fuck it. I am from Spain and I've done the last 190 km of the French Way. You can get a certificate if you do at last 100km. They confirm it in a place near the cathedral where they look into a passport you can have. In each shelter they stamp it. I recommend saying you are doing it because of religion beacuse the design for that is better than the tourist one.

Cause of this 100km minimum, 99% percent of tourists start in a town called Sarria, and from there until Santiago it's crowded. If you want some calmness you should start a little bit back.

I did it with my family and it took 2 weeks because we only walked 20km each day in the morning and then we rested. It is really not that difficult. We did it with our backpacks (there are services that transport your things to the next destination, this is popular with rich tourists). And if someone does it do not fall into the fear of paying for private hostels because the public shelters are full. They aren't. If you arrive before noon, you will have no problem in the cheaper public shelters.

So yeah, I recommend it.


How do I stop being scared of hiking alone? There's not even any dangerous wildlife in this barren country, the biggest danger are off-leash dogs.


Plan properly with emergency communication and something to defend yourself with e.g. pepper spray or a big knife. As well as stuff you need in case you get sranded or break your leg or whatever without cell coverage or an emergency beacon. Then you know you are totally safe logically speaking.
Ok you did that. Now go for a few overnight hikes alone somwhere remote to gain more confidence from experience.


I should ask have you hiked alone before? Is it hiking itself or just camping you are afraid of?


Im gonna try cross country skiing this year


Went bike camping the other day in Cascadia.
I fucking forgot my tent poles though lol. Had to sleep under the stars and luckily it did not rain, also got no bug bites somehow.


Trash bag inside pack.
Water resistant pack is good if you live somewhere high and dry, where it isn't going to rain continuously for more than a hour. But trash bag inside pack is lighter and works in all climates. You can also use a poncho and cover it that way. Many long distance hikers in the United States use a backpacking specific umbrella.


Spring is here comrades. What /out/ plans do y'all have this year?


Barefoot hiking in Oregon


got addicted to watching Rick Steves last year, he's such a joy
any recommendations for food to pack when /out/? especially since I live in a hot climate


These look like how atmospheric black metal sounds.


Dried fruit, trail mix, burritos
not peanut butter that shit will melt


File: 1687899043653-0.jpg (1021.29 KB, 3024x4032, PXL_20230624_181220354.jpg)

hiked table rock mountain in south carolina. my legs are killing me


Looks sick anon. How much elevation?


File: 1691095637011.jpeg (22.02 KB, 474x266, 451254587.jpeg)

If we are in the same country, why not? I would unironically be interested in a reading and a discussion around a campfire. It's probably the closest we'll ever get to reading again.


Mods, you have just invisibilized my thread. You did invisibly fix a link in one of my posts tho, so we're even. There are free campgrounds with facilities, in the center of busy villages, close to the water and hiking and on public transport routes in my country. Is a /leftypol/ camping trip viable?


I highly doubt that leftypol wishes to meet up IRL


If there are people in the same region of the same country, why not? opsec reasons or something?


I've met with several leftypol people IRL.


To be precise, I've met 4 other leftypolers IRL. I think that's pretty numerous. They were all normal and cool people.


based entirely normal behavior. Lets open exploratory talks about the possibility of preliminary negotiations on the subject of a camping trip anons. I don't talk like this IRL


Why not going to a bar of something first? Seems like a big commitment to go camping.


come on anon. Something like two hours travel to a serviced campsite for a night or two is barely camping, it's nowhere near commitment. There are bars near every campsite here.


Thread inspired me and now I'm about to pick up a used canoe off kijiji. Jealous of the folks with mountains itt but at least we have lakes.


Lakes are cool too, enjoy the fishing.


File: 1691285570593.jpg (8.99 MB, 6000x4000, IMG_1216.JPG)

hoe lee fuk do I ever regret not taking this guy up on his offer to deliver. Took me two hours to carry it the 4km to my place but we made it
Main plan with this is to go camping in places only accessible by boat but ya its about time I learned how to fish as well


Lol you just carried a canoe 2 miles? Like on your head?


Hmm. Well I'm usually very busy. Between work and social events it is very hard for me to find time to camp… I can make time for an evening to go to a bar easily. I imagine I'm not the only one.


File: 1691448269838.png (391.83 KB, 800x1233, ClipboardImage.png)

3.4 km to be exact and ya its called portaging. It's not as hard as it sounds but im out of shape so it pretty much destroyed me lol


Well at least you'll be a bit more trained for next time.


Packing my stuff and getting on a bus to a campsite 2.5 hours west of the Kapitol, anons. When it's too hot, too cold or too wet we're just gonna stop hiking and barbequeing and go to the bar. It's a complicated plan, and untested, but it might work.


What country? two hours west of the capital sounds like Algonquin Park which is great spot


It was vacation country. There was a fast flowing river, a windy foamy lake, places to hike and swim safely, bars, places to get food, bike rental. It's such a cheap way to get out of your daily life for a couple of days. I brought food and there was a spot to camp for free so the only cost for me was a bus ticket and bar drinks. Everything got wet, it was great.


File: 1691965088375.png (1.15 MB, 1179x475, ClipboardImage.png)

Sounds fun! How much gear do you bring for a weekend outing like that? Im stuck daytripping for now since I only have a sleeping bag and some tools
speaking of gear, found a cool site https://lighterpack.com/


>How much gear do you bring for a weekend outing like that?
A large rucksack on the back and a slightly smaller one worn on the front has been great for me for carrying heavy loads short distances. All the stuff is cheap and heavy - 2 person tent, vinyl inflatable airbed, an actual pillow, sleeping bag and liner, a lot of socks and all kinds of shorts and thermals and light layers, boots + shoes + flip flops. Some of the other campers had some really interesting stuff, like a handmade extremely sharp tiny axe with a handmade leather belt holster.


IRL camping trip this weekend.
No electronic devices allowed, full face and gait obfuscation at all times required.
Voice modulation optional.
Register interest here and we will contact via the second protocol.


Any tips on pacing? I'm going on a multi-day hike and I am afraid I will overdo myself on the first day and that will make the rest of the days torturous.


Post fitness levels and hiking conditioning levels.
How many loaded miles per week are you currently hiking?
>t. someone fit who cycled a few minutes a day, jumped into a 7 day cycle tour, and had a bad time.


File: 1693140169853.jpg (46.3 KB, 800x450, painpekocover.jpg)



Go camping anons
>Find a campsite a few hours away where people camp
>bring your cheap heavy gear there on a bus
>enjoy a little hiking, swimming and other larpy shit
>enjoy sitting around a campfire in the evening
>enjoy the bar
It costs almost nothing and It will reset and re-enerigize you, anons


Went backpacking around Mt Hood, OR.
Highly recommend it anons.


beautiful shots




Looks steep and slippery as hell. Did you see any bears?


No bears. The only really technical/loose parts were scrambling down to stream beds to cross. This is probably the most popular backpacking route in Oregon and there have not been many reports of bears, so I slept with my food. I think the black bears prefer somewhat lower lands more since there is more to eat and more trees.


I live right next to there, don’t know why I’ve never gone.


Olympic national park, hurricane ridge. An easier hike (~900 elevation gain, ~4 hours casual pace, dirt trail) but nonetheless beautiful and very fun.


very nice.


Can I go there instead of going to the office for work?


File: 1695076219772-0.jpeg (4.06 MB, 4032x3024, IMG_6826.jpeg)

File: 1695076219772-1.jpeg (2.2 MB, 4032x3024, IMG_6822.jpeg)

File: 1695076219772-2.jpeg (2.13 MB, 4032x3024, IMG_6817.jpeg)

File: 1695076219772-3.jpeg (1.82 MB, 4032x3024, IMG_6824.jpeg)

File: 1695076219772-4.jpeg (2.65 MB, 4032x3024, IMG_6827.jpeg)

Angels rest, Oregon, 1500ft elevation gain, ~4 hours including sizable rest at peak. Trail was mostly loose rocks, but it was manageable. Really good hike, especially for the fact that you start from the literal base of the mountain, and end at the highest peak.


File: 1695168820751.mp4 (1.7 MB, 480x360, 807232639.mp4)

more gorgeous pics. What camera do you use? I got a one recently, havent messed around with it much but I get the impression I need a bigger lens to get landscape shots. current lens is 18-55mm


Fuck I really need to take that trip to Canada I was planning, you're making me jealous of all


Thanks, and it’s just an iPhone, nothing special. I’m sure I could get much better shots with a dedicated camera, but I prefer hiking without anything bulky.


File: 1695296307664-0.jpg (4.15 MB, 4080x3072, asf9032a.jpg)

File: 1695296307664-1.jpg (4.35 MB, 4080x3072, asp9fgia93.jpg)

File: 1695296307664-2.jpg (6.31 MB, 4080x3072, w34p9afsf3.jpg)

File: 1695296307664-3.jpg (4.22 MB, 4080x3072, a0aqzsd03.jpg)

Tolmie Peak, WA

Very enchanted-fairy-esque.


Very cool, especially the mist. I think it’s still too hot where I’m at for misty trails sadly.


Just went to a Texas state park, of course the leaves were down on most of the trees but it was still beautiful. I wish this state weren't so giant, some of the most fantastical looking of the state parks are so far away…

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