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File: 1712076582759.jpg (45.62 KB, 1024x683, Tkacik-Boeing 032824.jpg)


this is a story about how Boeing killing a whistleblower was part of a larger project of Boeing systematically ostracizing & purging itself of employees who possessed too much "knowledge"

<What Boeing did to all the guys who remember how to build a plane



>gun in his hand
Everyone knows if you blow your brains out the spasms cause the gun to drop. It's disgusting how blatant this is, and that nothing will happen.


MBA guys are wild.
They will take over a company that does things that are really precise and high stakes and just start dismantling all safeguards. It becomes a race against the clock before they chew through all of the safety protocols that have been accumulated over the years and disasters start happening. Then they bail out in their golden parachutes before moving on to the next company to cannibalize. And the stockholders are complicit in this, because they stand to benefit in the short term from the corner cutting. They're all jut vampires destroying anything productive.


They're kind of the opposite of Dengists, if you will


This is a problem that is exacerbated in the US because stock buyback is legal and corporate tax is low which incentivize the capitalists in rewarding their shareholders and themselves rather than spending on research and development, quality control and so on. The problem becomes very apparent for Boeing because they can keep doing it since they are vital to the burger defense interests, they are in a global duopoly, and they did a regulatory capture in the US. And because making commercial airliners is so hard, even with planes loosing parts in air or falling out of the sky Boeing is stated to continue operating basically as is until the 2030s where maybe Comac could come up with some efficient aircraft design that can rival the next generation of planes Airbus and Boeing have in the drawer.

And to illustrate how Boeing sucks I think it's particularly hilarious to see the blunders they went trough in the aerospace industry that SpaceX completely disrupted: at some point Dragon and Starliner where in a race to the ISS, one has been launching astronauts over there for five years on a regular basis and the other still didn't do a manned test flight because of hardware issues. And as months pass it is becoming more and more possible that Starship will undercut SLS that is also partly a Boeing venture.


A good question to ask non-political folks: Why is it that managers can change between companies that are completely unrelated in what they are doing; what is it that these people bring to the table?


File: 1712094210548.png (582.07 KB, 617x896, ClipboardImage.png)

To the people you'd ask this question, the answer is simply "business acumen." In their minds, business is its own thing separate from production. Indeed, in the liberal mindset "business" is a prerequisite to production rather than the other way around. Capitalists are "job creators" who conjure prosperity through their investment.


This even an issue at non-profits. The problem is there is not much a ceo can improve metrics in a short time besides cutting costs.

Also they get rid of as much in house staff so the contractors will be responsible for abusing and underplaying their employees. They also typically get kickbacks from the companies they contract to.


File: 1712118778681.jpg (108.8 KB, 1170x918, GIudGk6XsAAY3eT.jpg)


>what is it that these people bring to the table?
they co-ordinate things, handle the nitty-gritty
they're also enforcers of business policy in general


they are also educated in stuff like Taylorism


Yep, anybody who saw a an hero video knows that the pistol, rifle or shotgun always travels out of the hands. It's already a very akward stance if you're aiming at yourself, and after your nervous centre is pulverized your whole body starts spazzing out.


Yes strictly speaking it is its own skill. Managers manage, coordinate.
And I say that as someone who has had a boss who was not educated in the same field or "line of work" as the people under them and that was a shitshow. They had too many degrees (more than one, basically a generalist, not a specialist, I don't even know what they were at uni for) and a load of other "qualifications". The behavior of that fella was also quite clownish.


You might call them a specialist in failure actually.


I did actually read books about the Toyota way and Fred Taylor's tiny book (there was also another Fred Taylor who was a socialist economist and I read that guy too for good measure) and it's super simple stuff. The language is almost retarded. You gotta measure the time it takes to do steps. You do them yourself if you can so you don't get trolled by the workers. You need fit workers. You can't realistically expect people to work at high intensity long time, you have to distinguish between a sprint and a marathon. So you don't actually set the speed according to the best short-term performance. That's Taylor. (Taylor gets caricatured as killing workers with piece wages. That's bullshit.)

We keep Taylor in mind. You also gotta watch out for the bottlenecks. Hogging resources is costly and if everybody hogs resources, you get shortages even when technically speaking enough is there. Piling up resources is costly and moreover it actually makes it less transparent where the bottlenecks are. Minimize set-up time to quickly react to demand shifts. Now we throw in some Japanese terms for making it appear deeper than it is. That's lean production AKA just in time AKA the Toyota way.

I could teach all of that to an average tween in less than a week.


You could teach them that in theory but they probably could not apply it. If they were manager (or project manager even, let's say a small team) I would like to see their workplace after a week.


Boeing accidents
Boeing safety whistleblower suicided
They're too big to fail. They cannot be allowed to fail. They moved the engines forward on the MAX, unbalanced the plane, and remedied it with a software patch that overrode pilot input.
Why the fuck do other countries go along with this?
What happens when you apply this international institutional acquiescence to other fields, like vaccines?
Pharma whistleblowers apply here please, you need not have any fears for your safety.


Gun in hand? Where does it say that


>Why the fuck do other countries go along with this?
Some of the scrutiny (the investigative doc where he was interviewed) on this came from Qatar, not to take away from your point. That just shows how extreme it got


after reading a lot about planes and flying, Boeing became the main reason why I refuse to travel by plane at any point


Off topic a bit but I kinda hate this style of journalism that has to make every story like this a personal story, they love caricaturing the central personalities - "Swampy", Louisiana accent, I honestly don't give a fuck just tell me the facts without this annoying fluff. Makes it really hard to read.


You should, it's a limited hangout and that's padding to make it feel congenial


Some of the posts ITT are oddly worded and difficult to understand.


I'm autistic


>>1814228 (me)
Nvm I didn't make any of the autistic comments here we're good


File: 1712630860477.jpg (69.57 KB, 1200x628, GKqdcceasAAK6za.jpg)


<excludes injuries
<excludes Class A accidents

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