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"The anons of the past have only shitposted on the Internet about the world, in various ways. The point, however, is to change it."
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File: 1717711004639.jpg (108 KB, 963x682, 1558619221788.jpg)


Guns are fun and necessary for the revolution.

Why not have a gun?
Reactionaries are armed to the teeth, why should leftist remain unarmed? Better to have a gun and not need it, than to need it and not have it. If you have kids at home keep the bullets locked up (or even at another address) and the gun unloaded.

At least buy a pellet gun and learn to shoot straight, handle the gun so familiarity can wash away the liberal anti-gun propaganda.

The more left leaning people with guns who learn couple things or two about guns the better. Objective fact!


File: 1717711223113.jpeg (461.08 KB, 917x714, IMG_0844.jpeg)

Shoot a revisionist with a gun


fucking americans


Wish I had access to guns, not everyone here is a burger.


>You wouldn't download a gun


i find guns boring


>Why not have a gun?
I don't want one. I'd rather die than shoot someone so there is no situation I would need one.


File: 1717717097731.jpg (99.54 KB, 1280x544, zardoz.jpg)

I have five guns already. looking into getting myself a semi-automatic .308 of some kind


I would absolutely download a gun


How many do you own?
buy a beginner gun, see if you like it

if guns are hard to get, try black powder arms, more fun too. bit not too useful

well how do you feel about practicing the art of target shooting with an air gun? it can be very calming


They're illegal to buy, I don't have (nor want) the connections to purchase one illegally, and I don't have an appropriate place to construct one. I could get a sporting license but that's just time and money.

I'd rather just acquire potassium nitrate.


look into its spicier cousin, ammonium nitrate


>Why not have a gun?
Unless you're planning on establishing the armed wing of whatever your communist party is, you're more likely to end up causing trouble for yourself.


Yea, this.
LARP shot that will only seriously endanger people around you who are actually doing the work.




>TFW you live so paycheck to paycheck you can't even afford a shitty $200 pistol


lol, touch guns


>LARP shot
We call those "blanks"


tell me, what do you think about lefties smoking/snorting/ingesting federally, and depending on their state, state banned substances.

Is that not way worse than legally owning a gun. Especially in light of the police state. How many leftist have a criminal record or a straight up substance abuse problem due to violating drug laws.

If we could get less leftists on drugs and more on guns, things would get based.

Guns are good. Drugs are bad


The problem with guns are the people who own them.
Studies show that even well trained officers have a low accuracy rate.
Alot of crimes often onvoove blunt objects.
And alot of gun violence is often from mishandling.


>LARP shot that will only seriously endanger people around you who are actually doing the work.
>"the work"…phonebanking for the democrats


Shoot them.


File: 1717793940068.jpg (82.71 KB, 630x473, 0x473.jpg)

Where I live there is a lot of public land, once a while I drive out into the desert and plink away at steel all day. Maybe it isn’t for everyone but I think it is peaceful in some way, or cleansing maybe.


Chaddam Basedsien?


The only reasons I can imagine for gun ownership are for self defence and hunting purposes, because that’s the most important things to cover for many. OP, Militias require way more training, resources, and organization to get anything done. Don’t post stuff like this.


I am not saying form militias.

I am saying touch guns, own guns.

That is it. I am trying to shatter the liberal delusion some leftist have.

the problem with gun ownership in those studies you haven't posted is similar to the Bertrand Russell quote "
One of the painful things about our time is that those who feel certainty are stupid, and those with any imagination and understanding are filled with doubt and indecision."
the most reactionary uninformed elements of society go and get and handle guns without any worries.

>trained officers

lol have you seen the police? Just because they have a badge doesn't make them an expert, lots of domestic violence, substance abuse, abuse of power, veterans trained for war- not policing.

You sound like a total liberal- "studies say" "the police are well selected"

Go out, touch grass + guns.


Having an armed party wing is illegal in most shitholes. You're going to cause trouble regardless.


Well, I'm not trying to blow up a McDonalds office.


File: 1717805111028-1.png (369.03 KB, 1200x800, 1468954800320.png)


>fucking americans


We have r/liberalism for pacifist reformer faggots.


File: 1717805685342.png (979.62 KB, 1200x628, ClipboardImage.png)


I do in fact, "touch guns" since I was in fact, a police officer. And by police I do mean "police" not the thugs that masquerade as police in Uncle Sam's land.
>I am saying touch guns, own guns.
Oh so you are in fact, telling people to get guns for personal enjoyment and not for the purpose of revolution a la that "under no pretext" quote that the nutters always trot out to justify their security blanket collection.
Shoot yourself and save the world the trouble.


File: 1717812842535.png (583.01 KB, 790x414, 6125151241242141.png)

3D Printer Ghost Gun Baby.


If you wanna get around needing a license or being on a list, black powder is an option. In a lot of polities they aren't even considered firearms.


Blackpowder is by the definition a FIRE ARM. Just because its not classified as "muh assault/pistol/modern small arms/light weapons guns sort of sense" doesn't mean its not a firearm.

Its easier to get a legitimate license for a hunting rifle.


In the USA, black powder guns do not fall under the NFA National Firearms Act.

Check your local state laws. In some states you can order them online with no background check.

My point is for leftists to familiarize themselves with guns. Muzzleloaders obviously have very limited conflict utility, as do pellet rifles.

At the very least get a pellet rifle, but only if you have some place to shoot.

LMAO at the cop telling leftists to not get guns.
>b-but those cops are bad cops, unlike the expert cops like me.

Get guns, I wish I could take you all shooting to demystify and de-fetishize guns. It is a good idea to buy hearing protection, guns are loud. At the very very least read the gun laws, and start saving up for a gun. A gun is a real good, something that can still work 50 years from now.


>left leaning
into the trash it goes


Go shooting? Aren't bullets like a fuckin dollar each? Who can afford that?


Thanks Obama


>you need to "hone your skills" (basically get a hobby that OP likes) for da revolushun
lol ok


guns are the fundamental substance of political power
-Mao Zedong


>for the revolution
Considering the revolution is 500 to 2,000 years away, whatever guns you get now will probably be pretty obsolete by the time it rolls around.


I overdosed on amphetamines one time and was let out of the hospital with a bipolar diagnosis. Can I still get a gun? How do I do this in a liberal state in the USA?


With the right attitude many things are possible


Your gun rights are automatically restored within a certain number of years at least in California. Also it sounds like you were misdiagnosed because if your episode was linked to drug use it doesn't count for bipolar.

>After a first 5150 hold, the person held is not permitted to purchase, own or receive a firearm for five years

You can also get a hearing to get them restored early but you'll probably need to pay for a lawyer.


File: 1718064295607.jpg (132.93 KB, 723x960, enver_hoxha_118.jpg)

was he the most pro-gun socialist?


And if you gain residency in a state that doesn't have reciprocity for taking gun rights for psychiatric holds from your state you'd be able to buy a gun in that state as long as you are a legal resident and have ID from that state. There is no federal law that bans you from owning a firearm.


I confess I'm still to find a solid source on the whole guns thing in commie Albania.


seemingly so pro-gun it was to socialisms deficit, i think he was too obsessed with possibly being invaded by yugoslavia/cia and so focused on building bunkers and giving everyone tons of guns so they could to ppw if ever invaded, but when an actual almost civil war happened in 97, the salvation committees (pseudo-socialist hold-over after the fall of communism) failed to gain power and bill clinton destroyed any possibility of communism returning to albania. simply having a lot of gun is never enough.


>its another thread where retards strawman calls for simple gun ownership into acting like some prepper with multiple weapon types, tons of different ammos and some manned heavy weapons on platforms



Still fairly based though.


It's the socialist way


File: 1718101699400.jpg (255.01 KB, 1152x938, retvrn.jpg)

glorious 中国 is setting the example for Americomrades


based and FUGA pilled


For USians


Check this daily. Place bids on things that catch your eye. Go for new or gently used. Look for things that nor.ally sell above $400. You will get high grade firearms for under $300 (estimate about $100 shipping)
I've gotten a $600 semi-auto shotgun for $200 this way.


File: 1718119522806.png (400.24 KB, 1309x871, ClipboardImage.png)

Don't skimp on the thing that you're betting your life on. You can easily spend $100 at one day at the range. Assuming you're going to be practicing you're going to spend more on the rounds than the gun itself even if you go for a slightly higher end one.

But good idea for looking for deals. A tip for USians in red states is do a person to person sale and you leave no paper trail legally.

I don't know about other states but in TX:

It's like craigslist for guns.


Remember not to give 9 year olds a full auto Uzi


You can get good quality guns at low prices through auctions like this. Its a matter of being regular in checking, making lots of attempts, and hoping to just get lucky once. But there is no cost to trying and lots of opportunities to try so there is no downside for making daily moonshots.


just a reminder, the taliban won


>Go shooting? Aren't bullets like a fuckin dollar each? Who can afford that?
Depends on the bullet. Average 9mm bullet is around 25 cents. If you buy in bulk the average cost per round goes down. It's a pretty expensive hobby though.

>Considering the revolution is 500 to 2,000 years away, whatever guns you get now will probably be pretty obsolete by the time it rolls around.
It looks like warfare is turning into a battle of flying death robots.

>Maybe it isn’t for everyone but I think it is peaceful in some way, or cleansing maybe.
For me I find shooting to be a kind of meditative experience. It's a combination of focus and relaxation.


Persuade me not to sell my gun (CZ PO-1 9mm).

I bought it mostly because of threads like this, that leftists should know how to handle guns to be prepared for the insurrection that is definitely on the near horizon. Well I have it, I have learned how to shoot it, but going to the range has never really appealed to me thanks to the crazy cost of the ammo and the reactionary clientele there.

A few years later I got chronic tinnitus after an ear injury and it's been absolutely awful. The injury wasn't gun related but I am deathly afraid now to shoot any gun even with hearing protection, since even a little bit of further damage might make the tinnitus worse (I have a perfect audiogram). I handed over the gun to a friend right after tinnitus onset because I was starting to feel suicidal; I feel better now but I'm strongly considering just selling the gun anyway because I don't think I'll ever use it again outside of very hypothetical political violence in the future.


A pistol isn't gonna be that much good in warfare anyway, I guess you can sell it if you want.


sell it to a reliable comrade for one dollar/yuan/peso/book/handshake/bushel of corn


File: 1718696488714.webm (527.8 KB, 320x180, stealthsoldier.webm)

learn to wield a crossbow and become a stealth soldier


For warfare you would do more with a drone and homemade explosives than an assault rifle.


> I don't have (nor want) the connections to purchase one illegally
shitty leftist


they revoked my license for it


Is that the Mojave?


this is the future

even children are less scared and better trained than the antifun/antigun crybabies here


>At least buy a pellet gun and learn to shoot straight
What's the best pellet gun for learning to shoot straight?


what did you do?


Guns are like samurai swords in the Edo period, wherein in actual combat, spears were more effective, not to say the least of firearms.

They're a romantic cultural fantasy of masculinity when drones / mortars are far better weapons for revolt and insurrection.


>romantic cultural fantasy of masculinity when drones / mortars are far better weapons for revolt and insurrection.

lol you feds+libs have no arguments, comrades can use guns to get drones and mortars and even more appropriate equipment

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