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Thread for news and discussions of the Democratic People's Republic of Korea, its material conditions, the status and health of its socialist tradition, disproving common myths about it, etc.&
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Un A officially responds to the deletion of her Youtube channel "Echo of Truth"
(this is the real channel btw, the one which reuploaded all the videos is an unofficial duplicate)


>If the virus does not ease, North Korea’s self-imposed lockdown will be extended, which could destabilise food and exchange markets and trigger public panic

>In January, North Korea was forced to seal off its international borders, including one with China – its biggest trading partner and aid benefactor – after Covid-19 emerged there.

>As a result of the border closure, North Korea’s trade volume with China in the first 10 months of this year fell by 75 per cent. That led to a shortage of raw materials that plunged the North’s factory operation rate to its lowest level since Kim took power in late 2011, and a fourfold price increase of imported foods like sugar and seasonings, South Korea’s spy agency told lawmakers recently.

>As long as the pandemic continues, the North will have to settle for modest economic goals while focusing on its antivirus efforts, the Seoul-based Institute for Far Eastern Studies said in a report.

>North Korea has steadfastly claimed to be coronavirus-free, though it said it has intensified what it called “maximum” anti-epidemic steps. Outside experts are highly sceptical of the North’s zero-virus case claim but agree the country has not experienced a widespread outbreak.

>“Why did they raise their anti-epidemic steps if they really haven’t had any patients? It doesn’t make any sense,” said Kim Sin-gon, a professor at Korea University College of Medicine in Seoul. “But they’ve imposed a higher level of antivirus steps than any other country, so it’s likely that there aren’t many patients there.”


Take the article with a grain of salt, it almost exclusively uses South Korean sources.


Western and ROK analysts have been predicting the imminent collapse of the DPRK for 30 years but it never seems to happen


True, but they did in fact cut off trade due to covid, so the situation is definitely different this time.


This and they were hit by a seemingly never ending barrage of cyclones this year too, its been hard on them.


2021 New Year Celebrations in Pyongyang


It seems Youtube also removed that channel



w/ English subtitles


The performance.


The best kpop



Apparently Kim has stated that the last 5 years have “been the worst for Korea”. https://aje.io/zpq4u


The DPRK has some of the prettiest public spaces.


>Apparently Kim has stated that the last 5 years have “been the worst for Korea”
Worse than in the nineties, when they lost trade with the USSR ?


The plan was to develop ties with China, now the frontier is sealed. It's expected to hurt the economy.
We will see what the party plenary decides.



there's no party. the global bourgeoisie is in control of the country. or also you could be a total ass and believe the covid shit


>the global bourgeoisie is in control of the country
can we start just banning people posting such moronic statements


Moranbong Band goes hard


Dprk should liberalize their economy. protectionism is for fags and they need capitalism for 100 or so years to develop productive forces


Here is the full speech:
>In this period the unprecedented, worst-ever trials put great obstacles on the road of advance of our revolution, but our Party achieved great successes through tenacious and accurate practical activities aimed at implementing its fighting programmes.
>During the period under review our internal force further expanded and strengthened, and the external prestige of the country was raised remarkably. This is a clear signal that a period of a new upsurge, a period of gigantic transformation, has arrived for socialist construction.


can we start just banning people posting such moronic statements like covid is real?


<S.Korea indicts N.Korean who wants to return on charges of breaking security law

Also best Korea's Congress is in session at the moment hammering out a 5 year plan I think




File: 1610379085832.jpg (192.12 KB, 2340x1080, IMG_20210111_162827.jpg)


They have all sorts of estimates which make no sense


Why do people support north Korea red monarchy is not cool


You aren't cool.


File: 1610429235945-0.jpg (140.92 KB, 904x850, choson5.jpg)

File: 1610429235945-1.jpg (168.36 KB, 901x850, choson6.jpg)

File: 1610429235945-2.jpg (141.86 KB, 904x850, choson7.jpg)

File: 1610429235945-3.jpg (117.59 KB, 904x850, choson8.jpg)

Chosonminhang (Air Koyro) Timetable from 1990.
Might be of historical interest.


File: 1610429260525-0.jpg (134.38 KB, 897x850, choson9.jpg)

File: 1610429260525-1.jpg (114.83 KB, 897x850, choso10.jpg)

File: 1610429260525-2.jpg (158.38 KB, 900x850, choso11.jpg)

File: 1610429260525-3.jpg (145.18 KB, 903x850, choso12.jpg)


>people freakout that the DPRK is a monarchy
>it isn't
>all the normies love Canada even though it's literally a monarchy
>no one gives a shit


>UK literally have "lords" as a parlimentary chamber
>they have a fucking queen owning tons of lands and some political power
>the center of their capital is a semi independantly ruled kingdom of rich fucks
>muh dprk monarchy without a single fact to back it up
fuck off


File: 1610476065751.png (570.63 KB, 929x659, dprk socdem.png)

The Queen doesn't even live in the country. Canada is basically a fictional monarchy.


>without a single fact to back it up
it is an implausible coincidence that all 3 of their rulers have been from the kim family.
"hereditary dictatorship" is far closer to "monarchy" than current physical distancing rules allow for.

But then, the DPRK is far worse than a feudal monarchy - by Allah, it is…


File: 1610476823333.jpg (637.81 KB, 850x1164, caligula.jpg)

People defending Korea as "democratic" is like Romans claiming the republic was still intact during the time of Caligula. Well no, actually it's worse, because Rome never had any pretenses about being a naked oligarchy, unlike propaganda around modern "democratic republics" making the claim that there's anything democratic about elections.


File: 1610477334313.jpg (181.78 KB, 1058x2015, hph98vbnlua61.jpg)



What is this?


Read the archives



I think you mean Augustus.
I think what anon wants to say is that clearly DPRK isn't a kingdom. It is a modern-day government.
>that there's anything democratic about elections.
Having leadership doesn't cancel out democracy, imo.


Throughout Augustus's rule he may every pretense possible to assure the traditional Republican institutions still carried weight, he was merely the "first" among peers in various offices which he always was re-elected to. The assassination of Caligula was an opportunity to restore Republican power but the conspirators fucked up by failing to kill his uncle Claudius.


>Having leadership doesn't cancel out democracy, imo.
Elections are oligarchy.


File: 1610526493151.jpg (31.68 KB, 359x398, grace book.jpg)

Speak for yourself.
>Elections are oligarchy.
It's so fun watching DPRK general go back and forth about monarchy like it's a bad thing.


DPRK Holds 8th Congress: What is different about the new five-year plan?


30 minute special from Chinese CGTN.



Thoughts on this video about Pyongyang city planning?


There is some libshit in here but — in my humble opinion — this video exemplifies the beauty and efficiency of socialist-style city planning.


Thinking that whoever runs the leftypol youtube should make a reply debunking the historical revisionism.
I remember that this is something Unroo used to make, but i have not watched his videos in years, so no idea if he would be up to it nowadays.



Is it true Kim Jong Un became General Secretary of the WPK? It's not a good look, he's been getting more and more centralised political power every year, the General Secretary was supposed to have been abolished when Kim Jong Il died.


It seems as if renaming the party leader position has become a tradition at every WPK party congress. But this time it is different because Kim Jong Il was supposed to be the "Eternal General Secretary".




File: 1610936114406-0.jpeg (212.53 KB, 2017x2048, Er-MDZ8XUAM4jcQ.jpeg)

<I drew Choe Son Hui, a strong woman that I admire.
<She‘s the First Vice Minister of Foreign Affairs of DPR Korea and a seasoned diplomat who makes a strong stance and speaks powerfully





This should be added to the Subsequent archives:


What are the living standards in North Korea like? Apparently its citizens are paid about 22 times less than South Koreans are. Also, any good resources on real South Korean standards of living (in contrast to bourgeois statistics about high GDP per capita)?


It depends on where in the country you live.

Pyongyang's living conditions are on par with most 1st world major cities, despite western CIA propaganda and media saying the good conditions there are "staged" and all the citizens are just acting like everything is great. However, there are parts of the country that are relatively impoverished, such as the people living in the mountains in the northwest corner of the country.

South Korea, on the other hand, appears to do well in terms of GDP and economic growth, but the standard work week is at least 56 hours, it has the largest suicide rate by far of any developed country, and the entire country's economy depends on 6-8 conglomerates. It it doing better economically than North Korea though, hence why most defectors who flee to the South are people who are tricked by South Korean brokers to going to the South temporarily for better wages, then are stuck in the South since anyone who attemps to defect to the North gets shot on site.

Also, you can't really measure North Korea by GDP standards, since DPRK provides far more to their citizens than any other country. (Free housing, free utilities, free health care, etc…)


#archive of several thousand karaoke videos from people's korea:


<Old Obama hands on Korea policy could pose new problems for peace

Antony Blinken and Avril Haines (Biden's Secretary of State and Director of National Intelligence) look like they want to push to a way more hostile stance against North Korea compared to Trump's administration (plus let's not forget Biden comparing Kim to Hitler during the presidential debates). Do you think anything major will happen regarding the DPRK during Biden's administration?


That's awesome. If only I knew Korean.


mostly depends on how much of a faggot is SK president


North Korea’s acting ambassador to Kuwait defects to the South
>His defection, which was first reported by South Korea’s Maeil Business Newspaper, has raised fresh questions about the loyalty of North Korea’s privileged elite, especially those who have exposure to the outside world.
>“I decided to defect in order to let my children have a better future,” Ryu was quoted as saying in the report Monday.

Is it really that bad in North Korea? Or are these officials being bribed into defecting?


These higher level defectors like Thae Yong Ho have lucrative careers in spreading anti-DPRK propaganda funded by NIS and NED. They are opportunists who realize that they can get rich by switching sides.



The vast majority of "defectors" are really economic migrants who flee south in search of better wages. Many of them later regret the decision and are unable to return since crossing into North Korea from the South is illegal and potentially deadly.


Any resources on this?


Workers' Party of Korea set forth 5-Year Plan for Housing Construction
Housing Construction to Be Conducted Extensively
The Eighth Congress of the Workers' Party of Korea set forth the five-year strategy for national economic development between 2021 and 2025.
During the period, housing construction will be conducted extensively to provide the people with a more civilized life.
It is a popular policy of our Party and state to build houses at the state expense.
In the 2010s, a lot of houses were built amid the concern of the respected Supreme Leader Kim Jong Un, General Secretary of the WPK.
Changjon Street was inaugurated in Juche 101(2012), Unha Scientists Street in Juche 102(2013), Wisong Scientists Residential District in Juche 103(2014), Mirae Scientists Street in Juche 104(2015) and Ryomyong Street in Juche 106(2017). After all, one street was built almost every year.
And new houses were built in different parts of the country including the farm city in the Jangchon area of Pyongyang City, Samjiyon City, a modern mountain city, in Ryanggang Province, the village at the Jungphyong Vegetable Greenhouse Farm in North Hamgyong Province, the rural village in the area of the Yangdok Hot Spring Resort in South Phyongan Province and the Tanphung fishing village on the shore of the East Sea of Korea.
Last year when everything was difficult, all people turned out as one to the struggle for recovery from natural disasters and built new houses for over 20,000 families in different parts of the country.
In the period of the five-year strategy for national economic development between 2021 and 2025, efforts will be concentrated on the construction of 50,000 houses in Pyongyang City, 10,000 houses every year, starting from this year.
In the Komdok area of South Hamgyong Province 25,000 houses will be built during five years. Five years later, the Komdok area will be changed into the world's only mining town and the gorge town unprecedented in history.


Like Yuri Bezmenov?


>the world's only mining town and the gorge town unprecedented in history.
Weird translation, anyone got a better nuanced one?


>Last year when everything was difficult, all people turned out as one to the struggle for recovery from natural disasters and built new houses for over 20,000 families in different parts of the country. tankieTankie




Beautiful version.lenin_capLenin Cap



File: 1612537496013.jpg (77.36 KB, 1024x768, IMG_20210101_011042.jpg)


>North Korea is the country with the worst possible human rights situation in the world, source: Human Rights Watch

>Soviet architecture is BLEAK and DEPRESSING
>Soviet Union OCCUPIED the northern half but Koreans wanted FREEDOM
>monuments are creepy and designed to indoctrinate you! Unlike us Americans who carved the faces of our leaders into a mountain
>a city gets livelier and more colorful because of muh small businesses ddrDDR


>>North Korea is the country with the worst possible human rights situation in the world, source: Human Rights Watch
>Soviet architecture is BLEAK and DEPRESSING
>Soviet Union OCCUPIED the northern half but Koreans wanted FREEDOM
but that's correct


Define freedom


That the USSR occupied Korea is false. When the Red Army arrived, they didn't lay a finger on the people's committees that have organically formed. The People's Republic of Korea was founded:
It was the US that occupied the southern half, because there were communists in the provisional government. They then appointed Syngman Rhee as the president of "South Korea" which de facto caused the division of Korea. The founding of the Democratic People's Republic of Korea in the north was a reaction to that. The video makes it look like the 38 parallel fell from the sky, and then baselessly claims that the USSR occupied the North while the Koreans wanted them out. This has no basis in reality and I'm not surprised that Americans seem to learn a propagandistic version of Korea conflict in school.
>North Korea is the country with the worst possible human rights situation in the world
It's beyond me how one could claim that when countries like Saudi-Arabia exist where women only recently were allowed to drive or Israel that creates apartheid structures while occupying millions of people and bombing hospitals.ddrDDR


What about the labor camps where 3 generations of people are sent for one person's crimes?


The idea that "generational punishment" exists in the DPRK is an unsubstantiated myth.
"Songbun" refers to a speech Kim il-Sung gave in the 50s about how they need to keep an eye on families who supported the Japanese and the Americans. That's all. Then some think tanks cooked this up as some sort of generational punishment systems, but I don't know if the average North Korean even knows the term.ddrDDR


stop spouting retarded propaganda moron


Debunk it instead of getting pissy.


Prove it first.


Here's some neat footage of Pyongyang at night. Lots of lights everywhere. Checkmate, CIA.



the clearly turned on the lights for that one particular night so they could film that video


Then why do you ignore this post >>81ddrDDR


Kim is getting pissed at government officials for not being ambitious of innovative enough. I love how all this negative shit is being reported by the DPRK itself and yet westerners still believe their entire population is brainwashed. https://www.reuters.com/article/us-northkorea-politics-idUSKBN2AB2SV


Why does leftypol attract such retards?


The burden of proof is on you, you know that?


I think poltards finally found out about this place there have been some b8 threads


mcdonalds and trump tower soon


>still repeating the speculations of a retarded southern official who thinks "economic development" is the same thing as "mcdonalds and trump tower"




"The love shown by Kim II Sung all his life
Kim Jong Il showed it to the youth."
"We cannot forget his love even in dream"
"We are the youth following the sun"
"The youth know nobody but Marshal Kim Jong Un"
"As a flower cushion of filial duty
"As a golden cushion of best wishes
"We will hold him in high esteem forever"




"Our father is Marshal Kim Jong Un, Our Home is the Party's embrace"
"With the Respected Marshal who loves people most and regards his trouble for the people as his joy as our father in the harmonious great family we are assisting each other in the warm cherished house, our socialist homeland"


"He is the teacher giving out wisdom."


File: 1613111948742-0.jpg (252.99 KB, 1354x712, classroom.jpg)

File: 1613111948742-1.jpg (105.61 KB, 797x435, Teacher.jpg)

File: 1613111948742-2.jpg (179.42 KB, 640x1136, Enthroned Ramses II.jpg)

"He is the teacher giving out wisdom."
These congress sessions and party meetings remind me of a classroom. The Leader takes position like a teacher with his assistants before a classroom–the Leader is regarded as a source of wisdom.
A monarch might sit enthroned in a court room, and be attended by courtiers and regarded with majesty, in no way different than how a teacher is presented before a classroom: the monarch sits enthroned to be revered as a source of wisdom–in religion, particularly Christianity, it is the same with Jesus being a teacher. In royal monarchy, the monarch sits enthroned for the same basis as a teacher.
Men are eager to obey a man they believe has wisdom, like Cyropedia regards with men obeying a doctor who has medicine for their wounds.


File: 1613114900489-1.jpg (35.65 KB, 451x365, Kim 01.jpg)

File: 1613114900489-2.jpg (64.45 KB, 697x378, kim 02.jpg)

File: 1613114900489-3.jpg (72.91 KB, 559x370, Kim 03.jpg)

"When the government is personal, the ruler is a king."
And this is why people might be defensive about the term "Cult of Personality", because that term is hinting towards Monarchy.
A monarch is a personal ruler, like a shepherd is a personal ruler. A shepherd has his whole flock of sheep follow his person. A people want a person to embody the whole body-politic.
Man's image is made in God's image, and a monarch resembles the best craft of divinity as made by the best artist–the personified leader has an interpersonal relationship with the People, maybe in a Leviathan-like sense, or with gods as deities are personified themselves (the especial relationship being deities and kings are personal rulers in the same way).
The phrase "Khuum for every body" in the Egyptian loyalist text appeals to this emotional bond towards a leader–Khuum is an Egyptian god of the Nile river. It is akin to the word "Lord" as described in Etymology as "Bread-giver". Lord coming from Loaf–the ancient understanding and term was "Lord of all Goods"–all property and public wealth, all sources and goods, flow back to the Leader as the ultimate provider.
Why provider? A shepherd must feed his flock, no doubt, and a father must provide for his children–there has to be a relationship of people who depend on their father/shepherd, and the person in return becomes their Lord.

From the personal image in monarchy is divinity and the foundation of monarchical government. It isn't about any crowns or royal regalia, but the person in question (not the crown).


any state where an individual leader is idealised is in some way despotic IMO


File: 1613116663701-0.jpg (251.18 KB, 1536x1167, 9Hkvt8Rx.jpg large.jpg)

My larper monarchist interpretation of DPRK videos.


post monarchist theory


File: 1613124123949-0.png (2.31 MB, 2800x2914, grace no bg.png)

File: 1613124123949-1.jpg (225.02 KB, 1536x1022, Qu1KdDzZ.jpg large.jpg)

Isn't this already good enough?





Ri Sol Ju is still MIA for 12 months and didn't attend the new lunar year celebration with Kim recently.

Also Kim is cracking down on illicit private markets in the DPRK and demoting government officials left and right over missed dead lines and shortcomings with planning.


Here's the DPRK Lunar New Year's Day Concert.



File: 1613471295499.jpeg (383.54 KB, 1400x786, un a.jpeg)

Here is a MEGA folder with the videos from the deleted "Echo of Truth" Youtube channel:


Thanks, Comrade!


That's strange, my tab keeps crashing whenever it reaches 100%. Does my browser or government know that I'm trying to download something I shouldn't be?


That problem sometimes occurs on that site when you try to download more than a few GB at once because it can't be properly decrypted (unless you are using their offical desktop/mobile program). Try downloading like 10 videos at a time and see if it works.


I wonder if these monarchistic tendencies are vestigial remnants of the pre-industrial society korea was before it's revolution. It might just be the sharpest hairpin turn from agricultural feudalism into industrialized socialism, in tandem with massively enforced isolation by the capitalist countries. The acceleration to socialism was so intense it wouldn't surprise me if some cultural aspects didn't manage to get shed.


Is Grace poster trying to claim the DPRK is a monarchy again? This is some major cope dude.


The purging of DPRK platforms off social media is so ridiculous to me. What is the government thinking, that those are seditious works? They don't even promote revolution, they just want to have friendly relations with other countries and show some cultural hot spots on Pyongyang. The fact that you are not even allowed to watch that should be a huge red flag in terms of credibility of what we are being told is the reality in North Korea.


anti NK propaganda is so ridiculously off the chart they cant allow anything to leave the country and get popular on social media or people might realise they're actually offering a viable model and are being unjustly sanctioned (and that "sanctions" are inhumans measure taken by US imperialists)


Whatever one might think of Juche characteristics communism the released photos of Supreme Leader the have weird charm. https://getchan.net/test/res/105.html


File: 1613585371319.png (458.77 KB, 1022x814, Alunya x Grace kiss hand.png)

>Is Grace poster trying to claim the DPRK is a monarchy again? This is some major cope dude.
I think DPRK is kinda sus.
Like Aristotle says, "For the association of a father with his sons bears the form of monarchy, since the father cares for his children… it is the ideal of monarchy to be paternal rule."
And this kind of rhetoric is said to be weak in the West–if it is true that Confucianism w/ its emphasis on filial piety is like the fatherly rhetoric on steroids.
The power of life and death is a chief absolutist focus, and the ultimate mark of sovereignty. "Potestatem vita & necis" (power of life and death). This was ascribed to fathers under the Twelve Tables. It is the monarchist mentality to take that principle and apply it to someone as the public father of the whole people.
I'm not cherrypicking these examples & videos. These are videos from DPRK itself. They also seem to have adopted this view of the Leader as a public father.
Does DPRK endow the Leader with all the marks of sovereignty an absolutist would ascribe to sovereign monarchy? I suppose not–since the laws & decision-making are invested in the parliament and cabinet. However, seeing as how the body of people who make up those institutions are members of the WPK, and Kim Jong Un is the Leader of the WPK–I wouldn't discount Kim Jong Un from this equation.
There's that quote ascribed to Mao, that political power grows out the barrel of a gun–that is akin to the absolutist conviction on the power of life and death. If Kim Jong Un is also in charge of the military, that could also be the case for that mark of sovereignty–the power of life and death.
Much older is that view than the Twelve Tables–it was also a theme for Osiris who presides as judge in the weighing of the heart ceremony.


I don't view monarchist tendencies as remnants of feudalism / pre-industrial society. I might agree with the latter half, that it is in tandem with massively enforced isolation & hardship that leadership behind one person is necessary. It is the same mentality that in militarized states. Monarchy is attractive because authority of command is endangered when it is divided–best to have one commander… Lastly, if DPRK is in love w/ the popular image of Kim II Sung as the Great Founder & preserve that image through Kim Jong Un, then I doubt that could easily be shed off.
There are benefits in having a monarchist approach–if you want single-minded unity & the whole people to walk as one man with one mind, you should have one person leading them. A multitude of people cannot be of one mind–they could unanimously react, but they should have someone to guide them.





>Ri Sol Ju MIA for over a year
>journos finally start raising the matter of her absence, speculating that she got executed
>she reappears one day later


Anyone know any good books/pdfs to learn about the KPA during the Korean War? I can only find info about China's PVA but nothing about the KPA




File: 1613837402835.pdf (2.05 MB, 203x300, The Korean War.pdf)

nah man they cloned her or something
Pdf related might be good for you. Never gave it a good read but some other anon swore by it a while ago.



>Kim Jong Un and Ri Sol Ju Enjoys Performance for Day of Shining Star


What's the material explanation for the cult of personality and worship of dead presidents in the DPRK?


File: 1614000051388.jpg (35.83 KB, 720x699, kim-dvd.jpg)

I think its because they're heroes of the revolution that kicked the japanese imperialists out and freed Korea.

They're like Che, Fidel or Chavez; but I think that juche puts some emphasis on the leader as the figure that moves the nation forward, hence the stronger CoP


1)Korean culture
although kim il sung notoriusly overstated his millitary achievments and erased the ones of others



Just calling out his name, makes waves of joy,
Rise up inside our chests
Because of this uniquely great man who guides us through our lives
The whole people is overwhelmed with pride
Inside his bosom of affection and determination, we all stand united
The power of our unity is infinite
The bright shining light of the Sun leads us into our future


That is the literal most cringe thing I ever read, anon.


ur cringe gay homo


Compare it to the Egyptian loyalist text.
"Just calling out his name, makes waves of joy, rise up inside our chests"
^Reminds me of the phrase "Khuum for every body" (not to be confused with coom) in this.
Being Lord, aka bread-giver, and provider for the whole people is very substantial… it isn't only that they seek goods, but also bodily health, from the sovereign of the body-politic.
Keep in mind, that Kings would heal their subjects who were infected with the royal touch. And that being Lord, also calls for a long life. "Long live the King".



File: 1614094196333.png (401.82 KB, 1578x1204, tug of war.png)


File: 1614106111334-1.jpg (49.03 KB, 405x470, 0202020202.jpg)

This might be a gotcha moment.
What better expression of popular sovereignty could be said other than the People are God?
All that is left is to say, "I am the People!" I'd like to think





File: 1614116776716.mp4 (20.23 MB, 1280x706, 7i32OKbAZJLVC-e0.mp4)


Anyone read Wilfred Burchett's This Monstrous War? Enjoying it so far. Maybe it's just residual brain poison, but the Americans and their Southern puppets seem just cartoonishly inept, evil, and petty, while the Northern and Chinese troops are superheroic to a similar degree. My brain keeps telling me that there must be at least some exaggeration - things like civilians spontaneously switching to handsome white trad outfits the moment the Japanese get owned, maybe.



>Researchers conducted interviews with 50 North Korean defectors, all but one of whom said they had been subjected to conditions that met the international legal definition of “forced labor,” according to the index.
I like how they don't disclose what concrete questions they asked and what they answered. They give a definition of slavery where they say that it's slavery when the state makes you work. So it's likely that they asked them "do you work for the government" "did you have civil duties" or whatever and since all that exists including a general conscription where the army is used to help with the harvest and construct buildings, they subsumed this "under slavery".


It's not forced labor when the workers are under duress and have no choice but to work for large corporations that don't pay them livable wages in order to eat… right?


Does anyone have any recommendations for unbiased reading on the DPRK?
I'll be sure to check this out


File: 1614223438240.pdf (2.3 MB, 194x300, KoreanWar.pdf)

Here's a PDF copy


Found this article that seems to corroborate a lot of what I've read from Burchett. Not sure what sort of angle the author and the Journal of Conflict Studies is slanted towards, though. Lots more sources to dig into.


Thanks a whole lot!


File: 1614507864276.png (73.38 KB, 1019x398, dprk.png)


Is Ismail's take on the DPRK any way accurate?



This almost seems like the opening song for some anime.
Was this officially posted by the DPRK media?

Actually, is there animation that's produced by the DPRK? Probably long time ago there was something of that sort posted to the thread.


That's not Ismail's take, it is what a guy he interviewed said.
And yes, the DPRK does accept support from where ever they can because of the current geopolitical situation. Sometimes this also includes reactionaries who fall for liberal horseshoe theory nonsense and think it is a good thing.



Yep, /co/ have discussed >>158 a bit and there is a significant amount of porn of Lt. Vixen.


What a pretty city


File: 1614540045166.jpeg (9.11 KB, 225x225, download (2).jpeg)

What's the purpose of this party? What do they actually do?


To make it look like they have a socdem party? What else would they do? It's just propaganda.







These guys kill me


How can people truly believe that everything showing people in the DPRK living normal lives is scripted or fake somehow?


Anti-communist ideology is a hell of a drug




I first thought this was some kind of New Age health freak talking about a Walmart



simple bro, the ones in the video were just state sponsored femboys.
Now apparently a refugee has "disappeared"


I thought it was going to be about texan supermarkets. When shit goes down, the shelves empty and the shelves are left with inedible shit lol.zapatistaZapatista


“I thought they have supermarkets with nothing inside”


File: 1615022148453-0.png (225.57 KB, 1000x480, echo of truth 1.png)

File: 1615022148453-1.png (441.98 KB, 1080x1080, echo of truth 2.png)



File: 1615173425638.png (44.21 KB, 320x1187, jvp insurrection.png)

Why was China on the same side as the Soviets in this conflict while DPRK was the only state backer of JVP? Wasn't the JVP pro-China at the time?


jvp were guaranteed to lose, china didn't want to upset british commonwealth, that was the year they were already making preparations to meet with nixon and others later, etc.
in the korean civil war the british commonwealth (uk, aus, nz, canada, india) sent troops under the bcfk to fight north koreans, kim il sung wasn't going to forgive that, and they took their juche (self-reliance) seriously even if it meant cutting off potential trade relations


What are concrete examples of South Korea being an imperialist country, preferably something else besides military action/aid?


> preferably something else besides military action/aid?



DPRK sports?
DPRK sports.

Kim Jin-a, gold medalist judoka.


Might be the wrong place to ask but does anyone know where I can find a rip of Pulgasari (1985)?


The DPRK doesn't really consider South Korea an imperialist country, they call them imperialist stooges of the US, but not really an imperialist power on their own. I'd tend to agree with that, sure you can find South Korean corporations exploiting rare earths in Africa but that's about the extent of it.



Damn, that kid can roll






that's not a rip dum dum


I know I was just linking it for those who maybe wanted a little more information
Oh thanks; when I last checked 1337x there wasn't a rip. Looks like it was uploaded two weeks ago though sothat's really convenient


Let's talk about this document, the supposed proof that the DPRK really is democratic and has fair elections: https://web.archive.org/web/20131016023953/http://www.asgp.info/Resources/Data/Documents/CJOZSZTEPVVOCWJVUPPZVWPAPUOFGF.pdf

A very large portion of this is a North Korean government official giving a speech, followed by a Q&A with him. Did I miss something, or is there really a lack of independent investigation here? That, on top of the fact that the document kind of looks in bad condition, on top of being no longer available and having to be accessed through the Wayback Machine, I think indicates that this isn't that good of evidence to support the claim that DPRK elections are that legit. Are there any other sources that demonstrate that the country is a democracy or is it really not?


File: 1615976852598.jpg (251.63 KB, 721x484, EV5w0VHU8AAQv6s.jpg)



File: 1615988433243.jpg (119.77 KB, 756x756, 016731.jpg)

North Korea blasts K-pop industry as 'slave-like exploitation' amid crackdown on foreign media


K-pop is one of South Korea's most popular cultural exports with a growing reach around the world – but it seems that not everyone is fan.

Over the weekend, an article published by a North Korean propaganda website accused K-pop record labels of engaging in "slave-like exploitation" of hugely successful bands like BTS and Blackpink.

The piece on North Korea's Arirang Meari site claimed K-pop artists were "bound to unbelievably unfair contracts from an early age, detained at their training and treated as slaves after being robbed of their body, mind and soul by the heads of vicious and corrupt art-related conglomerates."

After years of poor economic performance, North Korean leader Kim Jong Un appears to be doubling down on central planning as a way to spur growth, which he outlined as his top long-term priority for the regime at an important political meeting earlier this year. Some experts believe the renewed emphasis on government control extends to propaganda efforts and consumption of foreign content.

Though Kim's regime has long cracked down on people watching or reading foreign material, North Korea's rubber-stamp legislature passed a new law in December requiring citizens and organizations to prevent the "spread of the anti-socialist ideology" – in practice, that usually means any content that has not been approved by government censors. Kim in February also suggested that greater controls on societal content could be coming. He called for a more "intensified struggle against the anti-socialist and non-socialist practices than ever before."




paging based department


File: 1615996857508.jpg (257.93 KB, 1548x1024, 923847598276.jpg)

based, i wish cnn would link the original article though


File: 1616079761007.png (731.63 KB, 650x650, 9mmvmakv4d451.png)


>After years of poor economic performance, North Korean leader Kim Jong Un appears to be doubling down on central planning as a way to spur growth
What do you guys think? Is it even feasible at this point?


>After years of poor economic performance
totally unsubstantiated propaganda, they have absolutely no idea whats going on in there.
also, central planning is prolly the most effective when you're under such heavy sanctions.
I trust they will eventually build cybercommunism. Hope they read cockshott.


you sound like a fucking retard desperately trying to discard a legit source for bs reasons
>is there really a lack of independent investigation here
thats literally tons of countries with conflicting interests sending delegate from their parliaments to go talk to the parliament in NK. How the fuck can you be more independent than that ? do you really think they just listened to a speech and went back to the airport ?
>the document kind of looks in bad condition
wtf how is that even an argument ? (and it does not even look especially bad, lot of old docs looks like that)
>on top of being no longer available and having to be accessed through the Wayback Machine
literally the whole point of the wayback machine, I fail to see how this disqualify the source
>this isn't that good of evidence to support the claim that DPRK elections are that legit
you have made literally 0 convincing argument to refute the source, kys faggot


>years of poor economic performance
They fell short of some targets in 2020 but overall their economy has grown in the last few years despite the massive sanctions.



Based North Korea


Says the country that can't feed its own people despite the elites (especially Kim Fatty the Third) stuffing themselves with luxury food daily.porkyPorky


File: 1616265925861.png (112.61 KB, 950x159, ClipboardImage.png)



Big lol here, I knew you commies can't do any better than throwing whataboutisms. Classic. A homeless person in America has it way better, has way more security than a North Korean citizen. In America, nobody starves, not even people in jobless poverty. North Korea on the other hand had millions starve not even that long ago…porkyPorky


What about deez nutz


> homeless person in America has it way better, has way more security than a North Korean citizen.
In NK the cit still has a home.
>In America, nobody starves, not even people in jobless poverty.
I live in europe and people starve despite a social welfare net, so i doubt this.
I am embarassed that I have to defend NK…anarchismAnarchism


Got em! It's over for porkycels


Bumping this because you commies have a short attention span. Are you seriously going to defend a nation _this_ laughable?porkyPorky


They feed the people far better than most third world capitalist states despite being sanctioned by the entire world and despite being a cold and mountainous country which is not suited for agriculture.
>A homeless person in America
Meanwhile there are no homeless in DPRK, even defectors admit this.


Based on this WHO data from 2018, France has a similar malnutrition death rate to the DPRK.



>in Pyongyang
And yet you are saying "in DPRK" as a whole, quite disingenuous.



File: 1616340444466.png (647.2 KB, 681x989, yakub20.png)

you will never be akampucheaKampuchea


That sucks, but at least I don't live in North Korea, where they have little kids starving outdoors and the government doesn't even admit this problem.porkyPorky


>He believes it


>shit that happened in the 90s


Not only are there still child beggars but there are more elderly ones too now. North Korea has hardly recovered from the famine it had a quarter of a century ago and there are widespread cases of things like tuberculosis because of this. North Korea doesn't have the infrastructure or institutions to develop food security.



By the way
>Kim said she had never seen homelessness in Pyongyang, because if someone is lost they are taken to their home by a helpful stranger
Lmao what? If someone is homeless then a stranger just takes them… to their house? What a crock of shit, she sounds like she's just parroting lines from the government. Wouldn't be surprising if it turns out she really was a spy.porkyPorky


>US organization with US Congressmen in Board of Directors
Sounds like you're the one parroting the government lines


Lmao I hope this is real.


No, but the actual translation is still great


File: 1616373995265.png (93.75 KB, 1280x720, ClipboardImage.png)



File: 1616441300588.jpg (410.14 KB, 3500x2440, img.jpg)

Racial Discrimination Acts of the West Should Be Rooted Out


The privileged class of the West becomes ever more frenzied in spreading white supremacy while asserting that all social instabilities are attributable to other races. This is aimed at easing the wrath of the people caused by daily widening gaps between the rich and the poor and absence of social rights and diverting an arrow of complaints against them.

In the Western society, the imprisonment and unemployment rates of other races are nearly six times and more than two times higher than those of the white respectively and even in school grounds where true morals of the humankind should be taught, more than 90% of the students of other races are subject to all kinds of insult, contempt and physical violence.

What is more serious is the fact that the West is not only shielding but also acquiescing in and manipulating the brutal racism against humanity legally and institutionally, posing itself as the guard of “freedom” under the cloak of “human rights protection”.

A certain country of the West has adopted it as a law to drive out other races from the residential area of the white and enforced its implementation. This clearly proves a revival of the past racial segregation system and a violation of “International Convention on the Suppression and the Punishment of the Crime of Apartheid”.

Now in Western countries, the policemen responsible for ensuring public security, are denounced as criminals notorious for committing racial discrimination acts. This fact itself is an example representative of how rigorously the racism has been institutionalized. It has become a usual practice that other races should put up with serious humiliation of being forced body-check upon arrest and inspection by the police and that many are killed by traffic accidents while running away to escape. Even if a riot police beat a black man to death, he is judged not guilty. This shows that the breeding place of racial discrimination is none other than the West.


File: 1616442764327.jpg (412.6 KB, 1486x934, img.jpg)

Most Extreme Case of Hypocrisy


Misanthropy is rife, hatred towards each other is widespread, and the number of homeless beggars has doubled, crowding the streets, while the privileged strata, who live off the blood of the people, and their mouthpiece are making a great publicity about the West, calling it as “paradise of freedom” and “beacon of democracy.”

When we take only a few Western countries for example, nearly 60 percent of working women are subjected to sexual harassment in their workplaces, and a great number of women, girls and female immigrants are victimized by all forms of violence such as trafficking in persons, sexual exploitation and forced labor.

Not being content with having transformed their own countries into the human rights wilderness, the Western countries are now openly setting up “exhibition halls of human rights violations” in other countries of the world, taking advantage of military aggression and overseas dispatch, all of which are perpetrated under the pretext of “protection of human rights”, “counter-terrorism” etc. Having corralled into such “halls” where misanthropy and chauvinism are rampant, the West is forcing other nations into tremendous disgraces and miseries, to include slaughter of the civilians, torture of the captured, maltreatment and sexual violence.

Also, the Western countries, which stirred up a hornet’s nest in every corner of the world by agitating for “freedom” and “democracy”, are driving the refugees – who are knocking at their doors after having escaped from the turbulences caused by the West – into the immoral and inhumane gate into the forced displacement and detention at the concentration camp.

No matter how a handful of forces view the human rights situation of our country, and no matter what reckless remarks they make, we will build with high pride the socialist paradise where all people live a happy life to be envied by the world.


Damn I love Modern Talking so much so this is just perfect for me


Did the DPRK experience a counterrevolutionary movement like all other socialist countries did between 1989-1991? I believe I've never heard or read anything about such ocurrence if it did happen, if any of you have any info on this I'd really appreciate it.


Do you have a single reliable on-the-ground source that the DPRK isn't feeding its people


There were some Maotists that got purged I think


Yeah I know about that but that was more of an inner party conflict between different factions. I'm referring more to shit like what we saw happen in the Eastern Bloc in 1989 and the Tiananmen Square protests that same year.


They literally have photographs for you of beggars on the streets. American sources may be biased but you can't handwave away the evidence they bring just because it upsets you. Just look up "North Korean beggar" and you'll see tons of modern results.porkyPorky


Did that and it’s just people on Seoul lol




>inb4 muh censorship!!


also Hong Kong


I don't think beggars exist, maybe when the ussr fell
They are people who sell stuff on the streets


File: 1616533509420.jpeg (102.95 KB, 1000x685, img.jpeg)

LOL you can literally see the grains on that image because it's so old. Here's a non-cherry-picked selection.



>source on the ground
Okay: https://www.nytimes.com/2017/12/17/opinion/weapons-north-korea-hunger.html
"As these stories show — and as I have seen during my 16 visits to North Korea in the past decade — hunger remains a way of life there. Forty-one percent of North Koreans, about 10.5 million people, are undernourished, and 28 percent of children under 5 years old have stunted growth. When my 4-year-old daughter visited Pyongyang in 2013, she, all of three feet, towered over children twice her age."
Granted part of this is due to sanctions, it still disproves the point that North Koreans aren't hungry.porkyPorky


According to recent Un visitors the main issue is foreign medicine due to sanctions not food


lol you moved the goalposts to talk about famines when we were discussing homelessness.
In the 90s (when your picture was taken, it says so in the article) North Korea suffered greatly after the fall of the Eastern bloc, a series of droughts and international sanctions and they still haven’t fully recovered yet, no one denies this. Yet they still have greater standards of living than most capitalist 3rs world countries, simple as.


Also the caption of the picture in the article says that it is of north Koreans in China


>North Korea fires missile into Sea of Japan in SECOND launch this week - reports


Tinder in 2015: "Talk to our many users in China and North Korea who find a way to meet people on Tinder even though Facebook is banned."
what did they mean by this?dprkDPRK


Damn, I got the exact same monitor


File: 1617191114692.jpg (189.92 KB, 900x598, L9ZMZBH.jpg)

Holy fuck I found this interview from Quartz with a literal capitalist who worked in North Korea and he BTFO'd some myths about the country.

I did take exception to him trying to force the concept of advertising into North Korean life but I suppose that's only his class interest speaking.

A few choice quotes:
"“Of course they had to make reports to the authorities and security officials when they got home,” Abt tells me, “but they also showed their photos with friends and family. People communicate a lot; you read all these horrible stories and think the people are all afraid to talk to each other because somebody’s always watching, but I did not have this impression, really. Of course they are cautious, but not overly so.”"

"For this reason, Abt takes exception to reports claiming that the North Korean regime will collapse once information begins “trickling in.”
“If that were true, the system should have collapsed a long time ago,” Abt says. “People know quite well what is going on. From the South Korean soap operas they watch at home to foreign books they read at the university, there is always some information. It’s not a hermetically-sealed country, and it never has been.”"dprkDPRK


>North Korean regime will collapse once information begins “trickling in.”
Pretty sure the people in charge don't believe in this kinda shit themselves, or else they lift the embargoes and let the market "do its thing".
But of course they know it doesn't work like the ideology teaches you it's supposed to.


Holy shit this is cringe, especially that thing with the adverts


File: 1617193473613.png (241.46 KB, 732x633, 1572735754745.png)


>In fact, for a long time, visitors from China noted they could access sites like Gmail, Facebook, and Twitter with more ease in Pyongyang than they can in Beijing.


but they don't bring any evidence, none of those photos are from nk


>move goalpost
>his "reliable" source is a NYT american
>from 4 years ago
>no source on any of the numbers
and noone claimed they didnt have serious food issues for a while, but afaik its mostly under control, problem is food diversity now


File: 1617201936346.jpg (124.41 KB, 1024x576, EddBqZlUwAIC_PY.jpg)

I found two galleries of photos from North Korea.



The second one seems to be state-affiliated and more to do with Pyongyang. The first one has some more remote stuff, like I found a photo from a remote fishing village.dprkDPRK


These are really great, thanks anon.


No problem anon, I'm rummaging through a bunch of information about North Korea right now so I may post even more. About the Flickr gallery, there's some South Korea content mixed in (the uploader does that too) but the search query should filter most of it out.dprkDPRK



"Data from Trend Micro’s Smart Protection Network (SPN) shows that spam campaigns originating from the North Korean IP range are part of unsolicited email campaigns sent by larger spam botnets. This shows that computers connected to the internet in North Korea are susceptible to malware and botnet infections, just like in any other country. There are computers in the country that communicate with Command and Control (C&C) servers of actors that most likely operate from overseas. This also means that massive port scans or hack attempts originating from North Korean IP space could be the work of actors located elsewhere."dprkDPRK


"…A number of public reports used the appearance of a North Korean IP address in a log file as one of the key factors that links certain operations to North Korean hackers. We have demonstrated with a number of findings that this may not always be sufficient evidence as the North Korean network does have compromised machines just like any other network connected to the internet. The North Korean internet is not as strictly controlled as many assume it to be and some internet traffic coming out of North Korea is, in fact, caused by botmasters overseas."dprkDPRK


where is echo of truth also dprk is not socialist cry about it


Post manages to be creepy and cringe at the same time


I actually know someone irl who knows her


have them tell her to come back i miss her youtube


Her original channel was banned or some shit? Searching on youtube this is the only one I found https://www.youtube.com/channel/UC3Xpq7e8BU748RtD30GF-LA/videos


yeah but that one's clearly fake


Has anyone seen this? The first 11 minutes are old stuff and the whole video is certainly biased. But then this documentary is about the Korean Friendship Association and apperently a US spy made it in there: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1J1zAnA2Wds


File: 1617330270677.png (143.65 KB, 512x512, maoist wojak.png)


Am I misunderstanding this news article, or are there Internet chat rooms in North Korea that are used to share Kpop music??dprkDPRK


All her videos are available here:


At least they finally made a report that wasn't completely made up of bullshit and actually seemed to have gotten a scooped and successfully fucked with the DPRK. I think one of the main takeaways is that the KFA and Alejandro Cao de Benós isn't just a grifter that embellishes his importance - several people have claimed that he is not really taken seriously by the DPRK, Jason Unruhe has said that in the past. Turns up the guy can literally get you a meeting with a North Korean state industry manager to secure weapons deals, so he's actually forreal.

I mean, about selling and wanting to attract investment with weapons and pharmaceutical products, what can they do? They obviously have weapons production as one of their main priorities and they're being hit with the most cruel sanctions imaginable, it's not like they prefer to make "shady" deals, it's just that there is no other way. There is one thing about the report where I think they are lying, I'm sceptical about the whole "dodgy secret deal in the basement in the outskirts of Pyongyang" thing. First off, this doesn't look like a basement but more like a restaurant or something. Secondly, there are women who take photos with their smartphone of the entire group, even an "official" photo with a handshake was made. Have you ever been to a super secret meeting where the female interns take photos with their own smartphones? Me neither. The DPRK accepts all kinds of delegations, because they can't be choosers. If you check Rodong Simun, there are always a bunch of more whacky delegations coming to the country being received. So my suspicion is that this was more of a presentation they gave to a KFA-sponsored foreign delegation under the pretense of "there is a businessman interested i North Korea", instead of a meeting in a basement where an actual arms trade is sealed.

Another thing, with so many media outlets, institutions, intelligence services, etc. trying to fuck with them like this, isn't the restrictions and the hesitancy to embrace everyone as a friend completely justified? I don't know about y'all but I would go fucking nuts knowing that everyone I meet potentially tries to fuck with me in the worst possible way and only wants to harm me in a manipulative way. Cuba is much more open than the DPRK because the only real hostile power to them is the US, but they can accept for example foreign exchange students and all that from Europe without having to expect ratfuckery.


Does anyone know how to get this film? https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/The_Mole:_Undercover_in_North_Korea
I tried several torrents and they are all broken. From all websites I tried, they have the filename "movie_75095_1080p_MPEG2.torrent" but the downloaded files are corrupt. It is possible to watch the whole film on BBC iplayer, but only for the UK. Has anyone an idea?


Use a British proxy, that may work.porkyPorky


What is a good (and easy) proxy service?


A good VPN provider like Mullvad or Cryptostorm is only a couple dollars per month, and they're pretty fast. That's what you should ideally use, but otherwise you can just look up a list of free proxies.porkyPorky


Fuck this is complicated. Now I know, how people in China feel…


File: 1617423558838.jpg (94.94 KB, 1024x1024, .jpg)

>ywn be a north korean spy


File: 1617423814632.jpg (324.45 KB, 1280x720, maxresdefault.jpg)


File: 1617427150571.jpg (10.97 KB, 480x360, hqdefault.jpg)




if you dont do anything sensitive, just use a free proxy with a browser extension (like foxyproxy or smth), theres tons and its ez af




If you want to discuss the new Dprk economic reforms (NEP-tier? you decide) check out this thread.



File: 1617484031588.jpeg (34.03 KB, 400x400, Jitw2rOe_400x400.jpeg)

OK, I 've just watched the film on BBC iplayer using Windscribe. Off course, the film is portraying the DPRK in a bad light, but it is still a great documentation. It is also a great opportunity to see Alejandro in natura. At some point I have the feeling he is a bit racist, when he compared "negros" with animals and that brits like dirt :D


This TikTok posts content from in the DPRK. I suspect they're related to a diplomat or something.dprkDPRK


most likely a chinese. they're known for having extremely bad taste in music


Are Chinese citizens allowed in the DPRK freely like that?
Well, I believe their smartphone model is a North Korean brand.
This one: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=VglqBRQ0SCA

Which is why I suspect they are North KoreandprkDPRK


Definitely not a north Korean citizen, the account uses “북한.” A north Korean would call their country “조선”


Reminder for mods to edit OP to include archive of the Bunkerchan /dprk/ thread under "subsequent archives"



ok, done


File: 1617521892082.png (81.95 KB, 579x592, hiroyuki northkorea.png)



Yeah, Chinese people travel freely to the DPRK. They are the biggest source of tourism there.


The big problem is written right in the document. Most sources still come from defector testimonies and it’s from a neoliberal thinktank.viet_congViet Cong


Need an instant increase in blood pressure? Go no further:


"And this is the reason why Hellenic states were originally governed by kings; …the kingly form of government prevailed because they were of the same blood [and suckled 'with the same milk']" -Aristotle, Politics



Why do North Koreans refer to their country as Joseon dynasty? That makes no sense to me.


Probably because the state that came after it only existed for about 13 years before being annexed by Japan.


Also “대조선국” means Joseon Dynasty. “조선” just means Joseon.


File: 1617891901438.png (8.57 KB, 589x375, EuTiGUpXAAAzxkj.png)

So what do we know about North Korean concentration camps? Isn't this the perfect example of North Korea's evil?


Everything, without exaggeration, you've heard from these camps is Western propaganda. They're likely just like all other camps that have been used by socialist countries to reeducate and rehabilitate criminals.


Even anti-DPRK propaganda books like "Escape from Camp 14" admit that the tales about the prisons/gulag in DPRK obtained from defectors are unverifiable and massively exaggerated.
In an amazing coincidence the defector who is the subject of that book later admitted to lying about his story.


The DPRK has prisons like every other country. "Camps" is journalist codeword for prison in somewhere bad.


They played the Internationale again at a more recent Party conference


I thought I had this book but I can't find it on my shelf. I must have read it from the school library years ago. I don't remember a lot from it except there was some story about a chamber where they would burn the prisoners with fire or some shit, and I believe the defector was claiming that he was born in the camp after the authorities paired his parents together to have a kidanarchismAnarchism


literal propaganda


So North Korea is going to have more trouble developing food security soon?porkyPorky


File: 1618496567212.png (1016.25 KB, 933x548, file.png)

DPRK removing military rank symbols, flags, and imagery of Kim Jong Un and replacing them with WPK symbols.



Anything deeper to this or is it just obsessing over minor details?


Analysts are saying Kim wants to present an image of collective leadership of the WPK to the people.
The change also converges and confirms the erosion of Songun military policy and focus on economical development as KJU announced in the 7th WPK central committee meeting held last year.

Since KJU has been repeatedly making conceding admissions of failure the past year, and has been laying off a lot more officials in civil ministries, and is currently warning of a food crisis, it seems to signal he wants to present an image of a spread, collective leadership of the WPK (as it really is) instead of only the chairman of SAC's leadership that could be fallible and lead to a reduction of material conditions.


I just discovered this book on the Korean War. Seems interesting, don't know if it was already posted.


Based Game Informer?


Day of the Sun


So this food crisis is more then UN memes? I'm sure UN/NGOs… Would exaggerate but there is something real to it? Haven't they done a lot to become self-sufficient? I guess the sanctions really are putting in the work.


DPRK became largely sufficient in terms of agricultural output after the arduous march, but there was a strong flood last year and KJU is now warning of the possibility of a new arduous march.


As explained by Aristotle in Politics
Further, the state is by nature clearly prior to the family and to the individual since the whole is of necessity prior to the part… The proof that the state is a creation of nature and prior to the individual is that the individual, when isolated, is not self-sufficing; and therefore he is like a part in relation to the Whole. But He who is unable to live in society, or who has no need because He is sufficient for himself, must either be a Beast or a God! A social instinct is implanted in all men by nature.
& yet he who first FOUNDED the state was the GREATEST of benefactors!

But when a whole family or some individual, happens to be so pre-eminent in virtue as to surpass all others, then it is just that they should the royal family and supreme over all, or that this one citizen should be king of the whole nation. For, as I said before, to give them authority is not only agreeable to that ground of right which the FOUNDER of all states… are accustomed to put forward … but accords with the principle already laid down. For surely it would not be right to kill, or ostracize, or exile such a person, or… require that he should take his turn in being governed. The Whole is naturally superior to the part, and he who has this pre-eminence is in the relation of the Whole to a part. But if so, the only alternative is that he should have the supreme power, and that mankind should obey him, not in turn, but always!


Reasking this


What are your thoughts about this documentary: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=inebLA3HqPo

Some major claims:
>Most North Koreans live in slums that are just beyond the clean new buildings visible to visitors on trains
>Most people don't have access to plumbing and swim in/use contaminated rivers
>Musical performances to visitors are faked; they actually come out of American-made speakers
>North Koreans are taught stuff like the leaders are able to predict the weather


Let me guess.
They also claim that every man is mandated to cut his hair just like the glorious fuhrer leader.


>Most North Koreans live in slums
Interesting how there are so many satellite pictures of "North Korean prisons" but no satellite pictures of alleged "North Korean slums".
Even when you do an image search for "North Korea slum", all the results are from Seoul.
>Most people use contaminated rivers
Statistics from WHO and UNICEF show otherwise, and even the fucking CIA admits that the vast majority have access to improved water sources.
>musical performances actually come out of speakers
Does this guy understand how microphones work?
>North Koreans are taught stuff like the leaders are able to predict the weather
More propaganda about propaganda, like the story about them "believing that Kim invented the hamburger", or "believing that Kim scored a perfect hole in one game of golf on his first try".

This sort of bullshit is why they don't trust most tourists.
Chinese tourists make much better documentaries.


Non-"Westerners" in general make much better documentaries on these types of places.

You won't know WTF is going on here without knowing Spanish, but the guy somewhat clowns on Cuba in this video but it isn't in a reactionary way, if that makes sense


The comments on this one are straight up anticommunism, but honestly this vid makes Cuba look really nice and comfy. Certainly much nicer than what my relatives back in Mexico experience.


>every week a guy downloads all of the new shit on the internet on a terabyte drive and pass it around
Lmao that's cool, I hope they got some anime on there.


Yep, the sneakernet. I've heard its everything except porn and politics.
Started as a gaming LAN that kept expanding until it became a national network.
It's pretty cool.


It's not a guy, IIRC he says in the video that it's a state sponsored service because they're the only ones with internet

you have to pay extra for it though but it's super cheap


The time format, on this board, should use the Juche year scheme.



Juche calendar is mostly a ceremonial thing. They mostly use Gregorian calendar for practical purposes and whenever the Juche year is stated it is always followed with the Gregorian year in brackets.
But yes, the date format on this board should be YYYY-MM-DD


Gonna call bullshit on the 3rd and 4th, probable-bullshit on the 2nd and half-bullshit on the 1st. Per >>251 there are some slum-like places especially in the countryside (particularly fishing villages and in mountain valleys) which are rather poor places. I don't know the proportion, but a lot of people do live in cities which are generall better-off.anarcho-communismAnarcho-Communism


File: 1618682349009.jpg (226.96 KB, 1280x817, origin.jpg)

In particular about the 3rd claim (the 4th is just typical nonsense we've come to expect from Western press à la "stupid North Koreans believe in unicorns" and thus hardly worth addressing in-depth)
>Musical performances to visitors are faked
Something we know about the USSR was that they highly valued cultural works, I wish I had something on hand to link about it but this value may have transferred to the DPRK as well. Basically a lot of emphasis on theatre, for example… plays, poetry, performance… etc.


Am I the only one that thinks that the DPRK's economy is way larger than is stated like theres no fucking way a country this relatively developed has a lesser gdp than fucking Afghanistan.


the development is concentrated into citiesanarcho-communismAnarcho-Communism


It's probably a mix of statistics made up by the West and what >>325 says. I'm sure they're probably not that low on the scale however the DPRK is extremely centralist, if you've seen the pictures of some of the more undeveloped rural zones they're Africa tier when compared to Pyongyang. It's like two different countries.


The fact that it's a mostly socialist economy probably has something to do with this. They're not trying to maximize the amount of money they have like capitalists countries do, but rather human needs.


I have heard that the DPRK's rural regions heavily lag behind their urban regions but from what i've seen they seem to be becoming more and more modernized and up to speed with the urban regions


yeah thats definitely true but it makes no sense why that would somehow make the DPRK look less economically developed than Afghanistan


imo the DPRK's economy is most likely underestimated by these statistics by a factor of 10


they're currently going through quite some economic troubles and it may be even worse outside pyongyang where a russian diplomat could see shortages of foreign goods:

kim jong-un also compared this to the arduous march which made me worry there was a bigass famine or some shit going on unironically, but this diplomat figures notanarcho-communismAnarcho-Communism


also the tl;dr on what's causing N.K. some troubles right now:
- COVID-19 lockdown (not much trade happening at the borders because they're quite paranoid about it entering the country. see >>179534 , they have no cases )
- international sanctions of course
- apparently some weather problems, there is some bigass floods that happened apparently for example (was one cause of the arduous march too)anarcho-communismAnarcho-Communism





File: 1619168985394.jpg (109.84 KB, 675x465, MM00282598.jpg)

On a related note their news outlets have recently started referring to Kim Jong Un as the "Respected Comrade" instead of "Supreme Leader"


File: 1619169925447.png (1.07 MB, 975x652, ClipboardImage.png)

>China is set to resume cargo train service with North Korea, people familiar with the matter said, following a 15-month border closure due to COVID-19
>The bridge linking the city of Dandong with Sinuiju, across the Yalu River in North Korea, will partially reopen to allow cargo train service "sometime before or after May 1"
>North Korea closed its border in January 2020, soon after the virus broke out in the central Chinese city of Wuhan.
>It relies on China for oil, fertiliser and mechanical parts to stay afloat amid U.N. sanctions over its nuclear and missile programmes. China accounts for over 90% of its trade.
>Earlier this month, leader Kim Jong Un called on North Koreans to prepare for another "arduous march", referring to the devastating 1990s famine, underlying the severity of the economic crisis.
>"Kim's speech … indicates how precarious its economy is now. Coupled with the fact that it needs fertiliser for the spring ploughing, it's no surprise that North Korea would agree to reopen its borders now," said Zhao Tong, a North Korea expert at the Carnegie-Tsinghua Center in Beijing.
>China's March exports to North Korea rose to a six-month high of $13 million, nearly 400 times combined January-February shipments, according to Chinese data.


yeah noticed that too


How does it still rely on China for oil? Doesn't North Korea have that coal liquefication program? Can't they use nuclear energy also?


DPRK relies mostly on hydro and coal for electricity, the oil is for various civilian and industrial needs, most notably it's ballistic and nuclear weapons program. They have some oil reserves but haven't been able to exploit them yet because of sanctions. Developing coal liquefaction and the chemical industry in general, in order to reduce their reliance on oil imports has been a big priority since 2016, not only for petrochemicals but fertilizer as well, but this probably isn't far enough along to offset imports yet.


File: 1619207546277-0.jpg (105.21 KB, 828x1285, EzqqDtcVkAMxWQz.jpg)

File: 1619207546277-1.jpg (79.11 KB, 828x1214, EzqqC80VIAYOoX9.jpg)


Nice song here. The DPRK appears to be launching a "Stakhanovite" campaign, pushing ideological incentives to work harder, which I imagine is due to the sanctions and economic contraction created by the decline in cross-border trade with China. The Chollima Movement was a post-war movement in the 50s and 60s.

Hopefully with trade picking back up again, the economy will be able to rebound.


The People, the Masters of Chollima

>The bronze statues of President Kim Il Sung and Chairman Kim Jong Il, who smile a sunny smile as if to wish our country eternal prosperity, stand on the Mansu Hill. It also has the statue of Chollima (the legendary winged horse of Korea) at the edge of the hill close by the bronze statues. It is a significant monument of the Korean people which symbolizes and glorifies a brilliant era of Korean history or the era of Chollima for all ages and adds to the pride of our great country.

>Chollima seems to dynamically soar high into the sky through clouds carrying on its back a male worker with the red letter of the Central Committee of the Workers’ Party of Korea high in his hand and a female farmer with a sheaf of rice in her hand. They remind us that Kim Il Sung said that this was the era of the people and gave instructions to portray them and clearly show that the builders of this city, the masters of Chollima, were not individual heroes and heroines but the people.
>Our people were very good in those days. They lived in half-underground houses and ate boiled corn with soybean paste as a side dish, but dedicated all their energy, wisdom and ardor to the country for the bright future of socialism and communism. They broke the rated capacity of their machines and produced more steel for the country to meet its needs. They made tractors and motortrucks without designs for themselves when the country needed them.
>Today, too, the Korean people advance in the spirit of Chollima the way their predecessors did. They perform shining miracles in their work at their factories and cooperative farms in out-of-the-way mountain villages, in the sea and in all other parts of the country overcoming all manner of difficulties. It was nobody but Kim Il Sung who brought them up to be the dependable masters of Chollima with all devotion as always.
>Indeed, the people became the new masters of the country and the honorable creators of the times under the care of Kim Il Sung. They will, no doubt, achieve the new victories of the revolution under the leadership of Comrade Kim Jong Un who creditably carries forward the cause of Kim Il Sung and Kim Jong Il.
>Looking up to the statue of Chollima all the people confirm their confidence and determination to live just like their predecessors who trusted and followed Kim Il Sung alone and marched forward toward victory and glory in the era of Chollima and loyally go along the road of the revolution all their lives under the leadership of the C.C., WPK.



File: 1619451317496.png (50.8 KB, 678x525, 27b.png)

Alright, lads, I've become an ML over these last 2 years. However, on the issue of the DPRK, I've only read unreliable western liberal sources. Redpill me on North Korea, pls. Pdfs, videos, and images welcome on the history and current situation of the DPRK.


https://leftypedia.org/wiki/North Korea
Leftypedia is good in general.


This video should be mandatory viewing for any communists and non-communists looking to get info on the DPRK, it's one of the most complete looks on how the citizens themselves view the country and government. It's almost 40 minutes long so if you can't watch it rn do leave some free time eventually to watch the whole thing, it's one of the most eye opening videos on the topic, even the normies in the comment section recognized this.


Throw this at anyone who still says "they removed the word communism from the constitution" or still posts northkoreantourguide.webm


Is there any coercion in DPRK elections? There are a lot of sources (such as https://1radio.co.uk/what-its-like-to-vote-in-north-korea/) that say voting is just putting a ballot, with one name on it written beforehand, and the result is always unanimous.


Someone more informed in this topic could probably give you a better answer but from what I understand the whole process is just ceremonial, it doesn't work like liberal elections, so in that sense it's "coercive".


yikes that voice


Yeah i've never actually heard him speak before, lol


What's "yikes" about it? He has a very deep voice. In Western caricatures and parodies they always portray him with a high-pitched voice.


Same here, he sounds older than he looks.


It's a hard job.


he's a chain smoker you numbnuts


how can anyone defend this lol

no the DPRK isnt uniquely bad or anything and regardless of anything none of it justifies imperialism but come the fuck on with the cults of personality


There are 687 "electoral zones", and each one of them elects one single congressperson.

After this first election, all of the elected people are summoned to assembly. They now discuss problems and elect each other to some positions. Some positions are not voted for, but actually selected by the presidium of the Supreme Popular Assembly (president and so on).

According to leninist tradition, elected candidates often don't leave their jobs, as the pay for a full-time politician is not higher than that of a teacher, for example

Kim Jong-Un also has to take part in this process. So when we read 'Kim elected with 100% of votes', it is only in a single electoral zone (far more likely to happen, since he is very popular anyways). Afterwards, he gets selected to be president by the presidium.

Info comes from here: https://cepsongunbr.com/2019/03/09/entenda-como-funcionam-as-eleicoes-na-coreia-do-norte/
Some brazilians that translate documents and write about the DPRK. The government even invited them for a tour, so they have the 'DPRK approval seal'


That's really interesting. Was this just from the other day? I've noticed in some videos coming out regularly now that the language of socialism is being emphasized a lot.


I think it's probably pretty similar to the Soviet Union under Stalin.


Look up Bruce Cumings' history of the Korean War and his work. This article about him is kind of hilarious because of how much seethe there is:

>Cumings believes that North Korea is a misunderstood land. Its leaders are not dangerous megalomaniacs. Rather, DPRK leaders have always been pragmatic and nationalistic. During the Cold War, they avoided dependence on the Soviet Union, created a productive economy, and improved living standards. The society they created is impressive. North Korea's streets are clean, its people humble, and crime is almost non-existent. Kim Il Sung, the father of North Korean communism, was "a classic Robin Hood figure" who cared deeply for his people. North Korea's current leader, Kim Jong Il, is "not the playboy, womanizer, drunk, and mentally deranged fanatic ‘Dr. Evil' of our press." Instead he is a "homebody who doesn't socialize much, doesn't drink much, and works at home in his pajamas." The Dear Leader also loves to tinker with music boxes, watch James Bond movies, and play Super Mario video games. The cover of Cumings's book neatly summarizes his views. On it is a photograph of a group of uniformed women performing some type of dramatic production for North Korean soldiers. With smoke in the background, one woman stands tall and points a gun to the horizon. Coming out of the gun is a red flag. Everyone looks on in awe. The image implies that under communism, North Korea's future - though not without struggle - is bright.



Oh meant to post this as an example of the renewed socialist music. This channel is regularly sharing the new ideological songs and videos that are being made in the DPRK now so it's a good follow, and they've improved the forces of production as they relate to music video design


>I think it's probably pretty similar to the Soviet Union under Stalin.

Maybe, but I'm also critical of the Stalin administration, and the cult of personality in DPRK seems far worse. Im not saying this as a liberal shill who believes all the slander, but it seems like almost every piece of media or culture that comes out of the DPRK is praising the current Kim or includes some detail praising him if its just a generally patriotic song.

I get that being besieged creates weird necessities as far as ideological unity but at the very least they could have none familial secession. imagine if Stalin made his son the General Secretary and then his grandson next, it would be fucking absurd, he didnt have the ability to make that happen if he wanted to, which says a lot about the USSRs political culture compared to the DPRK.


>Was this just from the other day?
It is from a meeting earlier this month


You guys realize that he is only saying these nice things about "wanting communism" to dupe Western leftists into liking them, while being actual billionaires themselves, right?


File: 1619603007059.jpg (232.67 KB, 1600x1061, smug.jpg)

Yes, because trying to make western leftists like them by saying things in a speech barely any of them will watch or read makes an actual difference for their situation. Thank you for this revelation, anon. At last I truly see.
This isn't China.


>dupe Western leftists into liking them
What for lol
Do western leftists send them aid or something?


Western leftists make up like 95% of their tourism. Vice went there like 3 times already.


Wrong. Chinese tourists are the majority.


China is to the West of North Korea and they are also leftists. By definition Western Leftists.


It wouldn't be a very effective way of getting most Western leftists to like him, as they think Stalin killed a gorillion pupperinos and Mao was a heckin shitlord. I think it's more like how Americans have a tradition of bleating endlessly about liberty and economic freedom despite their country having neither. For the Chinese that analogous rhetorical political tradition is Marxism/Socialism.


most western leftists aren't for gommunism, and footage like this isn't broadcasted to a foreign audience. The DPRK's propaganda to the outside world does the opposite of what you think, it tries to tone down the communist/authoritarian overtones that get sticked on them and emphasize socialism and normalcy instead. The Echo of Truth YT channel is a good example of how the DPRK's PR evolved.


>Vice went there like 3 times already
And they lambasted them each time for being an evil commie dictatorship lol. You're retarded.


tfw Australia and New Zealand were the real far eastern countries the whole time


I find it hilarious how every lib latch onto this, did you ever notice how cultish our "democracies" can be for our historical figures and recently deceased presidents ? are the koreans the ones who sculpted their founding fathers face into giant rocks ?
not mentioning its also partly a cultural heritage.
It also objectively serves a purpose into inspiring the people and replacing shitty spooks.


>During the Cold War, they avoided dependence on the Soviet Union
And yet the Arduous March was still largely the result of Soviet dependence?


File: 1619617756354.png (2.58 MB, 2048x1365, 09-09.png)

>ywn bathe in the celestial waters of this lake and feel the heavenly essence of Hwanung




File: 1619618843051-0.jpg (3.85 MB, 7645x4329, grace patriarcha.jpg)

File: 1619618843051-1.jpg (491.91 KB, 2048x1694, 8RECxdeb.jpg large.jpg)

File: 1619618843051-3.mp4 (2.98 MB, 720x404, tsarist march.mp4.mp4)

>how can anyone defend this lol
I mean, I would defend it.
North Korea's political father doctrine is eerily similar to certain royalist views, like Robert Filmer's Patriarcha that solely defined kings as fathers of their people, partially inspired by King James I's political views. All this together with the WPK like a household under one head, except it's the Party under the leadership under Kim Jong Un.
It is no wonder why I feel sympathic to North Korea.


>but at the very least they could have none familial secession. imagine if Stalin made his son the General Secretary and then his grandson next, it would be fucking absurd
Who exactly do you trust?
It makes sense to me.

French Royal Dynasties:
House of Capet: Over 300 years.
House of Valois: 261 years
House of Bourbon: 203 years
The French royalty could boast over 800 years also… French kings received the name Louis from Clovis, & they called Louis XVI "Louis Capet" because the House of Capet was so influential.

House of Romanov: 300 years
House of Romanov (since Tsar Paul I primogeniture): 121 years
Eighteenth Dynasty of Egypt: 258 years

It has a track record.


I don't understand the entire hang-up people have with a socialist monarchy.

Even if a big leader lives in a huge palace if the base/superstructure are socialist and everybody else functionally lives in a socialist system with no exploitation with worker's democracy and common ownership of production, then what is the issue?

Succession has historically been a huge issue for socialist states and typically ended in disaster. We know that socialist parliamentarians is a fuck, and anarchist solutions are unworkable. Just declare the party chairman People's King, dissolve parliament &amp; have policy all policy decided by popular referendum, replace most party functions with grassroots mass movements, enact universal conscription with mandatory militia/reserve membership for under 55's & universal armament then have a referendum every 10 years to determine the popularity of the monarch. If he dips below a certain %, he/she and his/her children are publicly executed and a new monarch is voted in.

DPRK is like 80% of the way there, they are just stuck in a weird hybrid system holdover from the cold war. It's already the case that you have to be of the "Peaktusan bloodline" to become supreme leader, why not just officialize it. Most DPR Koreans would welcome it and it'd probably win huge support from nationalists and leftists in the south (who already are pro-North).

Going into climate change salvage punk 4.5 Celsius temp increase hell world, Bolshevik-Monarchism is the way of the future.jucheJuche


File: 1619621394157-0.jpg (618.46 KB, 1536x1615, UTSWWVsR.jpg large.jpg)

File: 1619621394157-1.mp4 (7.89 MB, 720x480, Mao Song.mp4)

>Just declare the party chairman People's King, dissolve parliament & have policy all policy decided by popular referendum, replace most party functions with grassroots mass movements, enact universal conscription with mandatory militia/reserve membership for under 55's & universal armament then have a referendum every 10 years to determine the popularity of the monarch.
IDK about this royalist socialism autism.
Isn't being called Leader good enough?
DPRK is closer to how I idealize it than most royalists… (and that's on the royalists part, not DPRK's part), so stepping down to being a legitimate royalist state would be a downgrade to me. It doesn't matter whether anyone is called a king. The word "king" is simply an English word after all. There are many different names throughout the world.

>If he dips below a certain %, he/she and his/her children are publicly executed and a new monarch is voted in.

I would rather have a People's Republic than tolerate that in Royal Monarchy.


How can juche spread if it doesn’t want to spread?


I think what you mean is Korean Juche, since the idea itself can be applied anywhere (well, obviously where the right conditions allow it). And technically the DPRK still seeks reunification with the South, though that can't really be considered expansion imo.


Vice and DPRK definitely have a contract going on between them. Kim Jong Un thinks that even bad advertisement is good advertisement. And let's be frank here, after those 3 Vice reports Western Leftist tourism soared by at least 30%.

Oh, and one more thing: the Vice guy definitely pretended to have fun there with the locals a few times, which is quite impossible under totalitarianism, unless they were given money (or threatened) to do so.

You lefties would never face the truth because you wishfully think fully.


The vast majority of western visitors to the DPRK are not leftists (and neither is VICE, unless you're a burger who thinks liberals are leftist). They just want to see a country which is widely considered mysterious, isolated, and strange.
>having fun is impossible in the totalitarian north korea
What an absurd claim. Let me guess, you also think Pyongyang is made of cardboard frames and that every citizen is actually an actor?


I can't even tell if this post is serious.
The mix of reddit spacing, lib "totalitarianism" buzzword, a statement as retarded as "the Vice guy definitely pretended to have fun there with the locals", and the inony of the last sentence should indicate its sarcasm shitposting.
But then again, some burger are definitely that retarded


Interesting video from US media in the DPRK in 1985, very cool to see them before the famine, very muscular and nice rounded faces. Seemed more with the times than they do now. https://www.reddit.com/r/northkorea/comments/mwf2vk/us_news_on_north_korea_in_1985/?utm_source=share&utm_medium=ios_app&utm_name=iossmf


a redditor posted a link to a maoist critique of juche where they basically call them revisionist


Ironically it was Vice videos painting the DPRK as the most evil country in the entire world and claiming the entire city of Pyongyang is a simulation to impress westerners that made me curious about the country before i ever read about communism. Going back and watching some of those videos now, it's so clear how disgusting these propagandists really are.


This is a big gonzaloite cope reading juche in the most mechanical and uncharitable way possible.In reality juche and the era of the cultural revolution in China that MLM's love so much are actually quite similar ideologically, though admittedly not in practice.


"Wherefore we conclude the majesty of a prince to be in nothing altered or diminished by the calling together or presence of the states: but to the contrary his majesty thereby to be much the greater, and the more honorable, seeing all his people to acknowledge him for their sovereign." -Jean Bodin, The Six Books of a Commonwealth

"Our Party remains powerful and unflinching not because there exist its General Secretary or the Political Bureau and Secretariat of its Central Committee, but because there are its cells, combat units, in direct charge of carrying out its lines and policies and grass-roots organizations, and its cell secretaries who have assumed responsibility for it."

"Just as mothers always concern themselves with the life and growth of their children and guide them along the right path, Party cell secretaries should patiently educate lead Party members with warm affection and devotion."

"By doing so, they can train them into fighters boundlessly faithful to the Party and the revolution and into genuine revolutionary comrades-in-arms who share the same idea and feelings."

"Only then can they turn Party cells under their charge into collectives closely knitted in bonds of human feelings and into vanguard organizations which share sweets and bitters and creditably carry out their revolutionary tasks, overcoming obstacles."

"So, always feeling grateful to them, I have decided that I would request them, the hardcore of hardcore of our Party, to make greater efforts and struggle harder one more for our revolution and our Party."

"This is a valuable title bestowed only on the Workers' Party of Korea in the world and the greatest honour and glory that can neither be bought for billions of tons of gold be bartered for anything."

"Our people are invariably following our Party calling it a motherly party in times of both happiness and difficulty."

"When the hundreds of thousands of cell secretaries and officials across the Party unite its members firmly under the leadership of the Party Central Committee and give full play to their loyalty, patriotism and creative wisdom, our revolution will always emerge victorious in high spirits and the ideal of communism will surely come."

After speech announcement:
[The participants were full of high enthusiasm to definitely turn Party cells into ranks of vanguard fighters in devotedly implementing the Party's policies and thus make contribution to steadily enhancing the unity and fighting efficiency of the entire Party true to the revolutionary idea and leadership of the respected Comrade General Secretary]

[The conference guided by the respected Comrade Kim Jong Un, General Secretary of the Workers' Party of Korea, marked a significant occasion in further reinforcing the foundations of the Party, consolidating the revolutionary ranks into invincible ones thus modeling the whole Party and society on Kimilsungism-Kimjongilism and in making an epochal advance in carrying out the decisions of Party congress and the socialist construction]



File: 1619796542234-0.mp4 (47.09 MB, 640x360, KJU calls PART 2.mp4)

File: 1619796542234-1.jpg (141.73 KB, 849x479, WPK Loyalism.jpg)

File: 1619796542234-2.png (75.47 KB, 813x398, DPRK pinned.png)






Kimilsungist-Kimjongilist Youth League renamed as Socialist Patriotic Youth League


Kim Jong Un saw to it that the youth league is renamed the Socialist Patriotic Youth League (SPYL), deeply considerate of the fresh requirements of the Korean revolution and development of the youth movement, and the unanimous will and desire of the youth league officials and the youths, it noted.

It said that the name SPYL clearly reflects the essence and patriotic nature of the youth league, and means that it is the reserve force for the socialist construction.


Biden administration sets new North Korea policy of ‘practical’ diplomacy
President Joe Biden has settled on a new approach to pressuring North Korea to give up nuclear weapons and ballistic missiles that will explore diplomacy but not seek a grand bargain with North Korean leader Kim Jong Un, the White House said on Friday.
White House spokeswoman Jen Psaki told reporters on Air Force One that U.S. officials had completed a months-long review of North Korean policy.
The United States had consulted with South Korea throughout the policy review process and Washington had informed Seoul of its conclusions in advance, the South Korean foreign ministry said.

N. Korea says Biden policy shows hostile U.S. intent, vows response
North Korea lashed out at the United States and its allies in South Korea on Sunday in a series of statements saying recent comments from Washington are proof of a hostile policy that requires a corresponding response from Pyongyang.
In one statement, a Foreign Ministry spokesman accused Washington of insulting the dignity of the country's supreme leadership by criticizing North Korea's human rights situation.
Kwon Jong Gun, director general of the Department of U.S. Affairs of the Foreign Ministry, cited Biden's first policy speech to Congress on Wednesday, where the new president said nuclear programs in North Korea and Iran posed threats that would be addressed through "diplomacy and stern deterrence."
Kwon said it is illogical and an encroachment upon North Korea's right to self-defence for the United States to call its defensive deterrence a threat.
"His statement clearly reflects his intent to keep enforcing the hostile policy toward the DPRK as it had been done by the U.S. for over half a century," he saidtranshumanismTranshumanism


Is there a reason most people here say DPRK instead of North Korea?
t. cluelesstankieTankie


it's the name of their government, we're not talking about geography
also a good way to spot people who dont know what they talk about, a bit like you can spot unread reddit libs when they say CCP instead of CPC


There's so much seething about this rn online lol


The recent news about the DPRK and the reactions from people on social media is crazy. They think North Korea should be wiped off the map but at the same time think North Korea having nukes is proof of their "hostility" towards the US


Liberals are psychotic as usual.


It's shorter, but I flip between the two. I don't think it's a big dealtranshumanismTranshumanism


How many more years until the US gives up on the denuclearization of the Korean peninsula? How long did it take for them to grudgingly accept China and Russia's nuclear weapons? If you look up "denuclearization" today, almost every result is about Korea.


I guess because North Korea's arsenal is still pretty small they still think they have a chance to make them denuclearize


>How many more years until the US gives up on the denuclearization of the Korean peninsula?
They'll never stop, because the Korean peninsula is too strategically and economically important.




>why are all the replies broken here
Due to an accidental mass deletion during the raids, a couple of old generals were removed and had to be restored from the archive. I believe this is why the post numbers are broken.


File: 1620099488490.mp4 (33.62 MB, 854x478, day_of_the_sun_dance.mp4)

It's really interesting that they're emphasizing the language of socialism and communism again. Wasn't it "military first" for years? Maybe they might feel more secure now with the nuclear deterrent.

Here's a fun video. I was watching some recent clips from DPRK and there was this remarkable dance during celebrations of Kim Il Sung's birthday.


Mods add to OP pls I just archived for the first timetranshumanismTranshumanism


Thanks for that. Let me know if there's any mistakes.


Why are there so many glowie takes here recently.


DPRK Foreign Ministry responds to Biden's hostile speech at Congress.


Why does the anti "tankie" left seem to have such a specific hateboner for the DPRK over all the other socialist states? You don't see them whining about the Cuban government having people from the same family or about low living standards in Laos.


Bunkerchan unfortunately got featured in the news and it redirects here nowalbaniaAlbania


Checked and it's because they're apolitical shitlibs with no original thoughts of their own LARPing as leftists, and the western media criticizes the DPRK the most, so they hate them the most. They also probably couldn't even locat Laos on a map lol.


You would have this kind of hateboner if half of Cuba or Laos were occupied by US client state full of bourgies thinking they own the other half and desperate to bite into it asap.


Most of that "anti-tankie" pathology seems to have switched over to China, DPRK hate was particular popular in 2017/2018 where Trump met with Kim.

People say defending the DPRK is bad optics, I actually disagree. Defending the DPRK is super easy because those psychotic sanctions and the amount of bullying they receive is so astronomical that you don't even need to talk about their political system. What they're doing to this small country is so psychopathic that it will just let the mask drop of anybody who tries to defend those sanctions.


this is a fantastic change. if they slowly dissolve the cults of personality while maintaining the strong anti-imperialist patriotism theyll be in a much more sustainable position imo. and Kim and his people need to find someone outside of the family to replace him when he croaks from chainsmoking


>internationale is now played at the end of party conferences
>title change from "Supreme Leader" to "Respected Comrade", new emphasis on the party rather than the leader
>"communism" is directly referred to in speeches and official media again
>Youth League renamed after its role rather than the leaders name
What is coming next?


BASED North Korea


Stakhanovite movement in full swing in the DPRK

Rodong Sinmun Calls for Working like Heroes in 1950s
Pyongyang, May 5 (KCNA) – Rodong Sinmun on Wednesday in an editorial says that it is the appeal of the Party and call of the times to live and struggle like the heroes of the post-war rehabilitation period and the Chollima age in the 1950s.

Youth Shock Brigades in Coal Industry Fulfill Economic Plans for Year or First Half of Year
Pyongyang, May 4 (KCNA) – Dozens of youth shock brigades in the coal industry have completed their yearly or first half of the year national economic plans ahead of schedule.

Railway Transport Sector Over-fulfills Monthly Plan
Pyongyang, May 3 (KCNA) – The working class in the field of railway transport stimulates the economic construction through increased transport.

The Ministry of Railways carried out its April freight transport plan 105 percent.

Workers of the Pyongyang Railway Bureau carried out the freight transport plan 106 percent.

Working Class in Coal Industry Over-fulfills Monthly Plan
Pyongyang, May 3 (KCNA) – Working class in the coal industry over-fulfilled their monthly production plan in April, too.

Officials and coal miners of the Pukchang Area Youth Coal Mining Complex have made achievements in coal production from the first year for implementing the new five-year plan.

The complex organized a high-speed tunneling competition and made a substantial summing-up, thus raising the drilling result 1.2 times higher than before.




File: 1620319305892.png (601.5 KB, 534x1195, Northkorea.png)

Is north Korea becoming based once more bros?


They’ve always been based, anon.


How on earth do you prove to a lib that Kim isn't a dictator?



Show them the infographic of the roles of the political system in the USA and the roles in the political system of the DPRK. It shows that even according to Bourgeoise standards, the DPRK is more democratic than the USA as most of the powers are decentralized. I cant find the infographic right now but an anon here can find it and share it


I mean Kim il sung is still a dictator no amount of US atrocities will change that and as much as I would like to believe north Korea is a communist Wakanda it really isn't and in the end it doesn't matter because I thought we critically supported countries like north kores


File: 1620320175061.jpg (232.22 KB, 1125x1127, 1538046075562.jpg)


The USA isn't really a democratic we all know this shit even most libs on some level know it isn't but that doesn't make north Korea magically a democracy


UHHHH what?


All it has to be is more democratic than the USA


Sorry, you started with "Kim Il Sung" (he's been dead for decades now) and I just kind of tripped over the rest of the post.


File: 1620320434156.jpg (14.08 KB, 500x332, Kim-Jong-Un-Sad.jpg)

Ah shit I mixed the Kims up but isn't Kim Il Sung still technically leader of north Korea?


He's still got some ceremonial title, yeah.


Then why do you care whether the DPRK is truly 'democratic' or not when they're not even focused on trying to make the US more democratic? The only reason why people have an opinion of the DPRK is because most people are told to have one. No one goes around asking if Laos is truly a workers paradise because nobody has been told to have an opinion on it (yet, give it a few years time when everyone suddenly becomes 'Laos Experts' when a crisis happens there like in Venezuela).
Just accept that you do not know anything about the DPRK and that everything you've been told is a lie. If you research the documents from the DPRK, you can make your own conclusions that what they are doing is not any different from what China does and they're only in this position out of force, they're investment laws are literally the same in China yet no one wants to invest in them.


DPRK is a dictatorship of the proletariat this is like day one stuff guys…


>they're investment laws are literally the same in China yet no one wants to invest in them.
Hypothetically speaking what would happen to me if I did, given those sanctions and the rageboner washington has over best Korea existing


If burger, prison. If non-burger, your company gets blocked from trading with the US.


You could, its just that companies have no interest to invest because of the sanctions. If you're a big company and decide to invest anyway, Washington will likely call you into a hearing and basically bully you into you refund the investment or face prison.
The best way to support North Korea is to buy their cryptocurrency since thats the only way they can get funding in a big way. You can also trick your libertarian/cryptocurrency friends into funding the DPRK for even more comedic effect


Guys KJU totally just shot a conductor 90 times


I don't get it. It's just so BRAZEN, and everyone just instantly takes it as gospel.
Anybody got info on this chick?


>One of the most prominent defectors is Yeon-mi Park. She has, for example, asserted that when she was growing up in North Korea (she was born in 1993), there were no art galleries or natural history museums,[69] which is blatantly false. She makes other such lies about the DPRK in exchange for lucrative payments, with the irony being that the ultimate goal of these false stories is the attempted justification of sanctions which will hurt the very people she says need help. There are times when her narratives are exposed, either by referencing the information to the stories of other defectors or to other existing information, to which she will resort to saying that her English isn't very good (which given her demonstrated ability, isn't very believable), or that she has a poor memory. However, the "poor memory" argument also points to her account being unreliable, if it is assumed to be true. On other occasions, Park has claimed that there is only one television channel in North Korea and that she has seen someone get executed for watching a western film, though North Korea is known to broadcast dubbed western films on national TV. In a 2018 interview, she also gives the impression that she was never taught about the existence of things like Africa or Australia,[70] despite the DPRK having no reason to hide the existence of those continents, and it does in fact have world maps and geography textbooks in school.[71]


>Most of that "anti-tankie" pathology seems to have switched over to China
Strangely true.
Why did it take the glowies so long to realize China was a bigger countrytranshumanismTranshumanism


The DPRK literally has sold its armanents to nations in Africa, haven't they, so how do they not know what the continent is?
Even their official news agency has run notices about correspondence to the leadership from outside nations.
Is imperial DPRK coverage just politically correct orientalism?


>>title change from "Supreme Leader" to "Respected Comrade"
wait really? loltranshumanismTranshumanism


File: 1620366797379.png (476.18 KB, 997x636, 1.png)

i vomited a little


HE CANT KEEP GETTING AWAY WITH THIStranshumanismTranshumanism


>The North Korean government does not teach its people that Kim Jong-il or any other leaders never defecate or urinate.
this is the actual fucking state of the Western simulacrum, mind you


Has western media say anything about how Biden defecates?


> In a 2018 interview, she also gives the impression that she was never taught about the existence of things like Africa or Australia,[70] despite the DPRK having no reason to hide the existence of those continents, and it does in fact have world maps and geography textbooks in school.
are occidentals retarded enough to believe this truly



At this point, I believe they're just fucking with us.


In March their official media stopped calling Kim Jong Un the "Supreme Leader" and started calling him "Respected Comrade"


File: 1620376977734.png (545.69 KB, 1080x607, poisonous mushroom.png)

I'm not 100 % sure on this but I've heard pic related is her mother.
Yeon-mi Park's claim about keeping the existence of Australia a secret is my fav.


>pic related is her mother
No, that is a reporter for Uriminzokkiri. Her mother is a defector like her.


File: 1620385785701.png (308.35 KB, 1550x1020, defector simp.png)


File: 1620385883521.png (848.45 KB, 640x1084, park yeon mi family.png)

This is her uncle and her cousin


She's damn good at this whole "capitalism" thing.


Thanks for the correction. I just couldn't resist posting a picture from NK TV with Australia in the background and didn't think of checking before making the claim.


this roastie's story is so inconsistent the details change everytime she gets interviewed.


she hit the wall running bros


File: 1620452763880.mp4 (2.12 MB, 640x360, DPRK_based.mp4)


How revisionist DPRK is from MLM standpoint?
I mean, based on translated texts, Juche allows national capitalists to coexist with the vanguard party. They employ "united front" instead of DotP, allow joint-cooperatives where national capitalists can freely participate and their profit depends on amount of capital they've brought.
How it is anons? I tried to base my info only on official DPRK writings on the topic, not agitprop from US.


>They employ "united front"
This is what Maoist China always did, by having the CPC as a dominant party in a united coalition of parties.


Also which translated text is your source regarding the presence of national bourgeoisie in the DPRK?


>A Democratic People’s Republic … must be built by forming a democratic united front … which embraces … even the national capitalists
Kim Il Sung: ‘On the Building of New Korea and the National United"
>The entrepreneurs and traders of our country are fellow- travellers… not only in carrying out the democratic revolution but also in socialist construction
Kim Il Sung: ‘On the Immediate Tasks of the People’s Power in Socialist Construction’
>From the beginning our policy in regard to the national bourgeoisie was not only to carry out the anti-imperialist, anti-feudal democratic revolution together with them, but also to take them along with us to a socialist, communist society
Kim Il Sung: ‘Let Us further Strengthen the Socialist System of Our Country’
And also entire Socialist Transformation of Private Trade and Industry in Korea, published in 1997


Only in national-democratic revolution stage. They transitioned to DotP starting with socialist revolution.


What are the dates of these quotes? 40s and 50s when they were carrying out anti-imperialist, anti-feudal democratic revolution?
The United Front party coalition of China and its constituent parties continued to exist after the national democratic stage and even to this day.


Can you imagine being this person? Like, your country is basically strangled by brutal sanctions for existing and you do not only betray it, but become a celebrity pet for imperialists by making up ridiculous lies about your own country daily.

It's so disgusting, I couldn't sleep at night if I was her. Like, even if you this ruthless, at some point you must have a realization that what you do is deeply fucked up?


It's all about the money and social status, they don't give a shit about anything else as long as they can extract profit or some form of advantage. They're completely soulless zombies who only exists to be another pawn of capital.


Is it possible for foreigners to attend Kim Il Sung University?



Based. I’m not too interested in learning Korean but I’m sure that it would be an interesting experience to attend classes there.


I'd say it highly depends on the country you are from, if you are from China, Vietnam, Pakistan, etc. it shouldn't be a problem. But they are probably very careful with Westerners, the last Westerner that I know of who studied there was some Italian dude, I am not aware of any Western studying there ever since.

Actually, just googled it, there is some Australian guy:


But read the story, he was already in the country before on multiple trips, so they could be sure that they could trust him.

And if you are American, forget it.


One hell of a thing to put on your resume.


It's actually pretty cool, if you are not living in America or some uber-cucked country, I assume most human resources managers would even give you props for that if they don't have a massive stick up their ass.


File: 1620489750781.png (2.05 MB, 1699x926, Ryomyong_Street.png)

Also, the stuff you can experience is pretty amazing.


>They can also entertain themselves on Masikryong Ski resort, Munsu water park, Rungra People's Pleasure Park, Rungra Dolphinarium, Kaeson youth park, Mirim horse-riding club, Songdowon beach resort.

>"Our dormitory is located in the newly-built Ryomyong Street. The staff at the dormitory all looks after us just like their sons and daughters. The food is really nice too. I feel just like at home here. The facilities are state-of-the-art and fairly convenient. We are living happily with all conditions provided."

You will live in pic-related.


They were published in '70-'90 period. Also, DPRK firmly rejects DotP as unsuitable for Korea


Those statements are talking in the context of the 40s and 50s period. That is not how the economy functioned after the 60s, as detailed in this work.

>DPRK firmly rejects DotP as unsuitable for Korea

<Our people’s government is an organ of the dictatorship of the proletariat representing and defending the interests of the workers, peasants, soldiers and working intellectuals. Strengthening the people’s government means further sharpening the weapons of class struggle and, even more, enhancing the functions of the dictatorship of the proletariat…
>If we are to build a communist society we must continue the class struggle and strengthen the dictatorship of the proletariat.

<Our Party strengthened the people’s government and continued to improve its function and role in accordance with the requirements of the developing revolution. Thus, the people’s government which emerged as a people’s democratic dictatorship carried out the anti-imperialist, anti-feudal democratic revolution, and was strengthened and developed into a proletarian dictatorship in the period of transition to socialism.



Thank you, although I still have my doubts because
First one most likely refers only to pre-socialist revolution era. But second?
>The democracy we aspire to is fundamentally different from that of Western capitalist countries, nor is it a slavish copy of that in a socialist country … Ours is a new type of democracy most suited to the reality of Korea.
Kim Il Sung: “On Progressive Democracy’

>The establishment of the power of the proletarian dictatorship by force was followed as a last resort in some countries,… In the northern half (of Korea — Ed.)… this was not necessary.

Baik Bong: ‘Kim Il Sung: Biography’

But back to that "union with capitalist thing". I am misunderstanding article 37 of their 1992 constitution or something?
>The State shall encourage institutions, enterprises and organisations in our country to joint ventures and cooperation of enterprise with foreign corporations and individuals
Did they change that?

Also, I've been reading more on juche idea, why according to Kim Jong Il the man is above biology
>Unlike biological beings, man is the master and transformer of, master of the world. He shapes his destiny on his own by transforming the objective world to meet his needs
Kim Jong Il: ‘Socialism is a Science’
>Unlike all other living matter, which is subordinate to the objective world, man dominates and transforms the world in accordance with his will and desire
Kim Jong Il: ‘On Some Questions in Understanding the Juche Philosophy'

Isnt it like hard turn into idealism, even Engels said that idealists believe that spirit of a man us superior (and is able to shape) nature in his work about Feurerbach. Not to mention they reject class based outlook after socialist revolution. (Something MLMs notoriously criticise ZSRR for)
>The basic criterion for deciding whether one is a member of the masses of the people or not is not one’s social and class origin, but one’s ideas. Anyone who loves the country, the people and the nation is qualified to be a member of the masses of the people
Kim Jong Il: ‘Socialism is a Science'


Do you have more information on their crypto? Does it work like buying bonds or something? Do you have to go to a particular exchange and do it in secret, avoiding reporting it in taxes?




Juche is just a based chad more nationalist version of Tito's Yugoslavia and I salute them for it/ Godspeed you magnificent slit eyed bastards. Also apparently they discovered oil near Pyongyang. Also could someone care to elaborate what Kim Jong Un was reffering to when citing a mistake in the running of the state recently, since it apparently is neither food nor covid related? Coudl it do with unemployment since like 200k koreas work across the border in China, plus all the industries that used to export to China?jucheJuche


Why do you compare it to Yugoslavia in particular?



The economic system and the new agricultural reforms are starting to look more like Tito's Yugoslavia. And the standard of life in general just remind me of Yugoslavia during the 80s. The economy is structured like the Yugoslav ones - with large soviet-style Zavodi, middle tier or less important director managed SOE's, and some limited private enterprise, especially in agriculture as I said. The impact of Yugoslavia on economic thought in the socialist world is sadly often underestimated.jucheJuche


Thanks for the info, I had assumed their economy was far more centralized than that, do you have any pdfs or anything to read more about this? Anything related to the history of their economy but preferably on their current economic policies.


N. Korea showcases sons of U.S. defector in video


>Kim Il Sung: “On Progressive Democracy’
Again from 1945 and he is referring to the institution of new democracy which comes before the socialist stage. Mao said similar things in relation to China. Please list the date when you are posting these quotes.
>article 37 of 1992 constitution
That is referring to limited cooperation and joint ventures with foreign capitalists (also involving a few limited SEZs) which is a concession they made for survival after the fall of the Eastern bloc.

But yes, a turn toward idealism is one of the main criticisms of Juche from other strands of ML and they do officially consider the class struggle within the territory they control to have ended ever since the 1972 constitution.

This pdf has a rather basic explanation they made of their current economy
And the pdf in >>12872 has a more detailed explanation of the development of their economy up to the 1970s


Thank you, do you have any materials criticising the idealist aspect of Juche?


File: 1620685547685.webm (351.95 KB, 576x1024, Kim Joker Un.webm)



Critique started out strong then fell flat on its face when talking about HK one country two systems and peaceful reunification

Decent effort B-stalinStalin


I couldnt find anything on if they had their own version of Crypto but they do have a keen interest and perhaps they will likely release one in the future since they hold a lot of cryptocurrency conferences
North Korea mines and hacks a lot of crytocurrencies from other banks so technically if the value of crypto's goes up, then thats more money for the DPRK.


Oh and don't give Cryptos to NGO that say that they will go to "North Korean Citizens". They're trying to get a color revolution in the DPRK and they see cryptos as a way to accomplish it


File: 1620844744957-0.jpg (58.09 KB, 532x723, kvsm876rhly61.jpg)

File: 1620844744957-1.pdf (249.61 KB, 67x118, ON THE JUCHE IDEA.pdf)



File: 1620989891399.png (73.66 KB, 540x239, 123456.png)

This was the 123456 get


File: 1621100555385.jpg (221.41 KB, 721x484, EV51sZ8VAAEVVAa.jpg)

The move away from using the "Supreme Leader" title has now also taken effect on the Pyongyang Times website.
Previously they had a section for "Supreme Leader's Activities"
Now it is renamed to "WPK General Secretary Kim Jong Un’s Revolutionary Activities"


Daily reminder the DPRK is a successful example of full decolonizationdprkDPRK


Mandatory documentary for anyone interested in the DPRK and the way they regard westoids, just ignore the garbage source, couldn't find a better one



That was actually made by some people from New Zealand and is a remake of the Soviet documentary "The Target is Your Brain"


Is y000to00bz still censoring Echo of Truth?


They delete pro NK channels as a matter of course. I subscribed to one that posted music from the country and they nuked the channel.transhumanismTranshumanism


File: 1621297272793.jpg (86.34 KB, 1280x720, maxresdefault (10).jpg)

Anyone have that song about North Korean snipers during the Korean War? The youtube video of it had a torch in the top left of the video like pic related


Daily reminder the DPRK is an example of a decolonized nationdprkDPRK


Was it 저격수의 노래?


Yes. See >>12505
For a MEGA folder with their videos


Yes. Thanks


Looks like we have some newfags who don't know how to general → >>263898


Sometimes it's worth creating a separate thread on a topic if it will bring in enough posts. Otherwise you have a lot of people discussing a particular subject in a general and it would crowd out any other subject.


Anyone else here feel that overall, the DPRK is the most ideal form of society on earth today? Not that it couldn't be better, but that everywhere else is worse for one reason or another.

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