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File: 1633328978658.jpeg (169.67 KB, 828x1223, FA09kmQWUAEgVn1.jpeg)

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What do these people that desire land back think that will look like in the USA and what will happen?

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>if you buy land but don’t give it to a tribe you’re a modern colonizer
so you are just defending bourg land owners. i hope the 5 dollars deposited into your account was worth it


He's saying that the guy on instagram is saying that. Read more carefully.


nvm im stupid


File: 1633531200505.jpeg (15.43 KB, 738x415, images (37).jpeg)


Real question: How would you react if you had a daughter and she came home with a white boy one day?

File: 1625320915687.jpg (91.61 KB, 517x397, commoposter.jpg)

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Thread dedicated to the discussion of Australian politics and events.

Come one come all to watch this island off the coast of Asia slowly slide into a workers paradise or a live-action version of Mad Max.

Previous thread: >>>/leftypol_archive/19690
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Being the victim of an abuse of reserve powers of the GG seem like an advantage if anything.

The Australian people consistently voted for the liberals for nearly 25 years prior to Whitlam and that economy was tanking (thought this was not all of his fault) with inflation tripling while unemployment rose.


One can hope, I mean it does represent one of the youngest demographics


That's not represented in their senior leadership, it just makes it easier for them to take advantage of young workers.


The Belarusians voted for Lukashenko decisively. Does that mean you are saying we should support Lukashenko also?


>not supporting based potato stalin

File: 1628445678747.png (16.21 MB, 3955x2633, ClipboardImage.png)

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Reports are coming in from Labour list and momentum that there are preparations for a showdown at the 2021 labour conference. With Labour branches putting forward a motion to re-instate Jeremy Corbyn and transferring the ability of removal of MP's to labour members. This is the biggest internal matter Kieth Starmer has faced yet, loosing this vote at confrence threatens to majorly undermine his leadership and demostrate a left majority against his leadership within the party.

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Starmer literally reminds me a leftypol mod


File: 1631611003930.png (365.33 KB, 1581x1369, ClipboardImage.png)

The shadow strike is working.



Succ dems gonna succ

Also Bastanis always had this weird predilection to trying to force like this “the left is cool and hot and young” meme. But his uk examples of this are like ash sarkar and Owen Jones. So this is part of that

But in conclusion she does look good in that dress, even if I hate the message/imaging/aoc


File: 1631619094981.jpg (106.79 KB, 851x1135, FB_IMG_1631608870217.jpg)

>why's he simping
they're all just extremely out of touch. I saw agent jones calling her "iconic" on twitter this morning as well
found picrel in the mark fisher facebook group, creepily accurate assessment

File: 1631487535793.png (398.26 KB, 754x502, ClipboardImage.png)

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Fascistas anti-fascistas edition

Jair se arrependeu? Será que Ciro e PCdoB aprenderam alguma coisa?
Tantas perguntas, todas respondidas com não.

Last fio: https://leftypol.org/leftypol/res/480080.html#490672
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Is that a pic for ants?



marofa centenária

larica ancestral

brisa velha

seda envelhecida

dichavador vintage

filtro relíquia

bagana mumificada


Falou maconha já sei que é bot.





File: 1630964850647.png (1.27 MB, 845x900, ClipboardImage.png)

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Independence day is coup day edition

Last one got full

So the bolsonaristas are promising huge rally's in support of the regime, tomorrow, independesse day holiday, Bono wants to use it against the courts and the state governors
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Roberto Jefferson foi condenado a pagar 300 mil (!) em indenização por homofobia contra Eduardo Leite.



Essa foto de São Paulo não é da feira na frente do masp que rola todo domingo?

>“Não teve tanta gente, mas teve qualidade de público”
Gente, é exatamente esse o tipo de discurso que meu colega cirista usa pra defender parlamentarismo.
Nunca falha.

>PCdoB e Ciro sendo criticados por, entre todos os seres humanos possíveis, fucking Moura



Moved to >>>/leftypol_archive/478898.

File: 1629091939657-0.jpg (47.33 KB, 720x489, 1629089037628.jpg)

File: 1629091939657-1.jpg (205.44 KB, 1280x1066, Jeb!.jpg)

File: 1629091939657-2.png (728.25 KB, 816x545, 1629075420787.png)

File: 1629091939657-3.jpg (100.67 KB, 476x634, 1629077127026.jpg)

File: 1629091939657-4.jpg (54.94 KB, 810x810, 1629066794622.jpg)

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Imagine being a democrat ITT lol


You belong in the same mass grave, btw.


We need to bring all the transhumanists of afghanistan to america.


>how do you know
Hearing and seeing hardly any of them speak about how women were treated when America was there versus now, retard.


Moved to >>>/leftypol_archive/24134.

File: 1629037614606.jpg (55.28 KB, 1088x726, kaigon.JPG)

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Fall of Kabul-edition
Last thread was full.

Current situation:
- Taliban has entered Kabul officially, from all sides, meeting little or no resistance
- President and senior government and military leaders have fled the country
- Americans and their lackeys are held up at the Kabul airport in the process of evacuation
- “It’s over” say U.S. officials
- Don’t worry, Afghanistan’s only McDonalds (also at the airport) is still operating so get your last McDouble before it’s too late
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File: 1629089301614.png (280.13 KB, 1530x740, deng puppet.png)

Dengoids own the taliban…


New thread pls, doesn't bump anymore


>dengists will defend this using mental gymnastics as always


Mujahedeen and Taliban are two different groups, dumbass.


new thread

File: 1628602999984.png (980.1 KB, 1242x686, ClipboardImage.png)

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Tanks in Brasilia edition

Last one got full

Bolsonaro calls a review of troops to intimidate congress in the day of the printed ballots amendments is to be voted
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Teria um link?


New thread


File: 1630970378916.png (67.12 KB, 584x432, leo gleser.png)

Eis o que achei sobre este senhor:
Ele é presidente e fundador da ISDS, uma empresa de segurança internacional que tem, dentre tantos clientes, Petrobrás e Santander. A empresa fez segurança dos jogos olimpicos e do pan americano no Rio. E a foto de cara é dele, e o que me estranha é que não é uma foto que achei dele no google (tem o linkedin da empresa e não tenho conta lá, talvez foi de lá que pegaram)
Eis uns links pra quem quiser saber mais dele:

Não achei nada sobre ele estar no Brasil ou não, e eis o trajeto das nóticias que vejo aqui:
-Hoje, 6:12 da manhã: a conta do twitter @ChefFmcosta posta este print que o anão mandou.
-Hoje, 12:29: @emirsader posta exatamente a mesma foto.
-16:20: correio do Brasil cita o fato por alto no final de uma matéria, sem colocar fontes.
Post too long. Click here to view the full text.


Is Lula our guy or some social democrat neoliberal?


socdom liberal

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Some changes in website management are happening. As the people who use the website, you've got a right to know. If you've been active on the IRC server you know what this is about.

Essentially for the better part of the year the mod team has been stuck in a series of personal and site management conflicts. The way our "modocracy" works incentivizes as much consent as possible but also has no leader with the final say on things. This tends to create conflicts with a mod team whose members frequently take unilateral action with the idea that after they take it they can get majority approval for it. The current problem is largely due to such unilateral action made by a member of the mod team and the resulting resurfacing of personal and site management differences.

For now the site admin and I have settled on a way to fix this mess through giving me basically the final word on everything. There's not going to be different mods starting votes to expel other mods anymore because I'm the only one who can expel anyone now. There's not going to be incessant arguing over things that are basically irrelevant t most of you and mods leaving (and consequently lowering site quality due to reduced moderation) because I get to just end discussions if they're going nowhere.

The odd mix of democratic centralism and a sort of anarchist council that we had going is going to come back in the future, maybe in an altered form, but for now the watermelon military junta is in charge. Expect to see not too many changes from the normal other than maybe a more strict implementation of the rules and more bans relating to liberal intersectionality garbage because that's what I think the mod team should be focusing on rather than personal nonsense.tankieTankie
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>this is basically the one instance in which you can be totally sure what you are getting
Yeah, no trust and i don't want him anywhere near here. not no guessing


File: 1628531274367.png (229.99 KB, 340x340, 1627878924281.png)

>I would remove anyone's face pic if they asked me to.

Exactly you retard. That is the problem.


No you.


new thread for new autismtankieTankie


>>22257 is >>434283

File: 1626288545422.png (18.56 KB, 572x171, ClipboardImage.png)

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Tv Senado 24h Pay-per-view edition

Last one got full

Melhor compilação dos atos circenses do executivo federal: https://medoedelirioembrasilia.wordpress.com/
Não inclui eventos nos picadeiros legislativo e executivo que não envolvem o executivo.

Narração em tempo real da CPI: https://twitter.com/camarotedacpi/
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File: 1628795439766.jpg (162.41 KB, 1754x1140, 137.jpg)

<a onclick="highlightReply('440358', event);" href="/leftypol/res/377675.html#440358">&gt;&gt;440358</a><br/>Inveja da capacidade dos movimentos comunistas de mudar por completo a cultura e governo do país, de fazer um movimento de massas com massas reais, do poder bélico e econômico da União Soviética e China, que os países comunistas tiveram governos autocráticos mil vezes mais eficientes que liberais/fascistas, dentre outras mil coisas.<br/> Fale com um reaça sobre o sistema de vigilância da China, e veja seus olhos brilharem.<br/><br/><a onclick="highlightReply('440648', event);" href="/leftypol/res/377675.html#440648">&gt;&gt;440648</a><br/>Lol, por aí. Nietszche fala muito sobre o sangue puro e aristocrático dele, então fica bem claro que ele estava muito menos interessado em uma moralidade onde quem conquista o poder o tem, mas uma moralidade onde esse poder é distribuido sem questionamento aos descendentes de quem realmente fez alguma coisa.<br/>O cara é versão polonesa do ítalo-brasileiro.<br/><br/>P.S.: quanto aos ítalos-brasileiros: minha prima tá dizendo que é. Literalmente ninguém na *famiglia* falou sobre descendência italiana em qualquer momento e todos nossos sobrenomes são portugueses ou Silva, ninguém sabe de onde ela tirou isso; e sim, ela é bozominion.



File: 1628803824203.jpg (157.54 KB, 647x900, E5uxs4aXsAkMyP5.jpg)

<a onclick="highlightReply('441988', event);" href="/leftypol/res/377675.html#441988">&gt;&gt;441988</a><br/>Mais uma pra queimar


Só pra lembrar que o circo ainda está fazendo as exatas mesmas coisas que fazia em relação à pandemia antes da CPI ser instaurada. Continuam falando que vacina não funciona, continuam sabotando a distribuição, continuam promovendo envenenamento precoce. De forma menos freqüente e mais dissimulada, mas continuam. O que eu comentei em <a onclick="highlightReply('425017', event);" href="/leftypol/res/377675.html#425017">&gt;&gt;425017</a> parece estar correto, a CPI está só debatendo o sexo dos anjos. A triste verdade é que só o Humberto Costa e <em>talvez</em> o Randolfe querem o impeachment, e todos querem usar esse palco. Estender a comissão eternamente permite que Bolsonaro continue no poder e que os parlamentares ganham popularidade.


o que voces acham do pcb?

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