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Why did the Soviet Union annex Moldova but not Romania, eventually at least? Might as well have gone all out and annexed all Romanian-speaking lands.


>Combination of agriculture with manufacturing industries; gradual abolition of all the distinction between town and country by a more equable distribution of the populace over the country.

Can anyone explain this quote? Why is the abolition of cities needed for communism?


Are the elite against the family?


Does anyone have that "hypercapitalism" or super capitalism or whatever it was meme? The one that basically calls communism "super capitalism" as a joke


Do you know any reading specifically about the bourgeois and their identity?


How can labor vouchers account for socially necessary labor time?


Measure the average time required to produce a commodity.


Yes, but since the average time changes every time an commodity is made, isn‘t it too difficult to measure?


Why would the average change every time the commodity is made? That calculation would come from thousands of samples and data points to pull from, it's not your individual average.


Because “average” implies that all factors are taken into account, so the “average time” changes every time a commodity is produced. Otherwise, how do you make sure that people are accurately compensated?


Neet's basically the unemployed.


I swear to god. Why is it every time when someone argues against LTV are retards with stupid as fuck responses?
Seriously, if you search LTV threads, about all of the OP are dumbshit.


Anyone has some critical approach to Mao's On Contradiction? I've been studying it lately, but want to expand my knowledge by reading a critique of it.



Nope, the CIA was flooding the states with drugs, why would the USSR try to also do it?


What is meant by "commodification of social relations"? What would be an example of this?
In a book I am reading is the following paragraph:
>Perry Anderson attributes the political and cultural vitality of much of the third world in the 20th century to a relatively late commodification of social relations
and I feel like I don't really grasp what this process entails.


Consuming pop music which is a commodity vs singing your songs for example


What is the Marxist explanation for why some degrees are so useless in getting employment?


In general? Because degrees aren't supposed to get you employment.


You could get an entry level job in many fields if you had a degree in the 1950s or 60s. That's not the case now, or at least trending towards not being the case. Many people have noticed this


Before where you'd, say, ask a neighbor to help you fix your car, now you take it to a shop. A worker doesn't have time to teach himself plumbing, or doesn't own property and so doesn't do it himself anyway, so he has to pay a plumber. When someone needs their kids watched, they don't leave them with a neighbor or relative, but with a daycare or babysitting service they have to pay for.

Basically exactly what it sounds like, that social relations have been reduced to transactions in place of human relationships.

Again, the purpose of getting a degree even then wasn't to find employment. It started to turn into that around that time with all the GIs returning home and using the GI Bill to go to college and university, but outside of really specialized fields you didn't need a degree, hell, you didn't even need a high school diploma, to get a job. That's why they were called entry level positions, because they were intended (in theory) for you to enter there and work your way up. Getting a degree wasn't job training, it was to show that you were educated and had a versatile background of information and experience. The expectation was that you would be trained to do the job your employer wanted you to do.

And even now, getting a job isn't the point of getting a degree, but to put you into debt. A degree is a slave collar showing that you're a) obedient and b) loaded with debt, two things that are highly valuable to employers because you're less likely to fuck around if you're staring down the barrel of $100,000 in student loans.

You can see this in the sort of ads companies put out for entry level workers. They want you to have a degree, but in what it doesn't matter as long as its a bachelors, ie, is sufficiently expensive. If you want to teach English in Japan or China, you can as long as you have a bachelors degree. It doesn't have to be in Japanese, or Chinese, or English, or Teaching, or anything relevant to teaching a language in a foreign country. It just has to be a bachelors degree, because it's not the degree that's important, but the leverage you come packaged with that gives your employer a reasonable assumption that you'll take what crumbs you're offered because you need the fucking money.

Degrees were never about getting employment. The sort of people that got degrees before WW2 were well to do enough not to have to worry about that shit. They aren't even about that now. There are more kids now with degrees than ever before, and it isn't doing them very much good at all, but then it was never intended to.


I'm politically confused. I kinda lean right(so i've been told) I just support freedom as long as you don't harm another person. I support gays because i'm into that stuff but i don't like people grooming kids. I'm on the fence on abortion because I think that is a life but i lean towards it's ultimately the woman's choice to do what ever she want's.

I have the communist manifesto and mein kampf and i don't think i like either. is there any baby step leftist literature you could recommend?

Please help me


I would recommend something by Chomsky, don't know which work exactly though. Manufacturing Consent maybe cause it's short.




File: 1610216768887.png (50.81 KB, 1567x475, leftypol 101.png)



interesting thank you all


I'm reading society of the spectacle. Why does debord number all of his paragraphs? is that of some kind of esoteric importance or is it just a weird 60s thing?


Every single paragraph is a thesis. Martin Luther did the same 400 years earlier so not a 1960s thing.


>We are revolutionary leftists, but we only ever larp or at most riot and not do anything that will ever pose a real threat to those in power. Those who suggest we do otherwise are glowfaggots.
Cue the "glow harder faggot" comments.


Got any ideas?


Industrialization came to the United States first. The United states then used its massive industrial prowess to dominate other countries via the Monroe Doctrine.


You actually think Race and Class are hand in hand? Prove it, stupid class reductionists.


How does this board feel about zizek? While I find his anti capitalist philosophy interesting, it’s just philosophy, nothing material. His role in the downfall of Yugoslavia (however minor) is also a blemish on his record.


It's mixed. I like a lot of his work, even if I disagree with some. I've learned a lot through him.


>but but voting bad! both sides are bad! elections bad!
So Biden's plan to increase minimum wage and provide universal healthcare is not "caring" about the poor and not embraced by the Democratic party?


Before Mao, China had spent the previous 110 years in a protracted state of decay and internecine warfare as it was subjugated into a quazi-colonial possession of the European powers. If you think the famine was bad, just take a look at stuff like the Taiping Rebellion, the Warlord Period, or just what Japan did to China. Mao and the CCP ended what basically amounts to more than a century of governmental mismanagement and oppression, civil war, peasant exploitation, colonial exploitation, and drug addiction.


>What would be /leftypol/'s refutation on how right-wingers interpret the Tragedy of the Commons?

That the originator of the "theory" just made it up, first of all.


Second, we have real world examples, documentary evidence of what happens when people have some sort of common means of subsistence, and that's to come up with rules to try and maintain it and care for it. The only time we see the sort of hyper exploitation-unto-destruction that the "Tragedy of the Commons" imagines is when common resources are made private.

The commons functioned well for literally thousands of years, and only disappeared because they were legislated out of existence and the excess people either a) exterminated, b) imprisoned/executed, c) forced into cities when industrialization began to hit, or d) deported them to the colonies if possible, or otherwise "encouraged" to leave.


File: 1610939410998.png (680.8 KB, 725x960, Kx7GUXg7.png)

Thoughts on this?


No, not anymore than feudal peasants as a whole can be right-wing. Even if some of them suffer false consciousness and defend their local lord/czar, their position in society means they have nowhere to go but forwards.


I can't bring myself to care much about it. It's just typical vote fraud under a liberal democracy, what else is there to say? Although I do think it's pretty cool that they counted all the fake votes and made this chart.


>I have no idea what roll he played in the down fall of Yugoslavia, though.
me neither, and would like to know. So I'm asking this question now.

We'll see how that goes then.


He generally organized against Yugoslavia because he saw them as restricting his freedom of speech.


Section 230 protects ISPs and websites from civil liability for the stuff that's posted on them, or for removing illegal content. That is to say, Comcast can't be sued for libel or whatever because you wrote that George Bush is a serial cocksucker on your personal blog and someone accessed it over their network, because they aren't the publisher of that information, they just own the infrastructure it is transferred over.

This also prevents ISPs and websites from having to censor or approve all content that is uploaded on or through them. Without this protection, ISPs and websites are liable for everything they host and distribute. It's why moot didn't go to jail because some faggots made terrorist threads on 4chan.

Related to the effort to remove section 230 is a bill called SISEA.

The purpose of this bill is supposedly to put a stop to sexual exploitation via "revenge porn" or coerced porn or whatever. It also essentially seeks to install a new regime of intensified internet moderation and censorship. While the text of the bill seems to be oriented towards pornographic sites, in effect it would require the screening of all visual content uploaded to a website to check if it's a) pornographic and b) no one in it is on their "does not consent" list. It also imposes fines for websites that receive complaints that they're hosting porn against the wishes of the person in that image or whatever if they don't take it down within 2 hours of the complaint being received.

The purpose of both of these is to monitor what is being posted on the internet, by whom, when, and where.

As to why:

The internet has been absolutely integral in disrupting American imperialism over the past 20 years. It was an indispensable tool during the Arab Spring and other protests as a means of coordination and spreading information. It was essential in revealing the US's wrongdoing abroad, as well as the huge disparities in living standards between the US and parts of the EU. It played a major part in the meteoric rise of Bernie Sanders, and among people under 40 is the primary method of both communication and information sharing. It also allows for simultaneous, global communication for virtually nothing. Without the internet and these protections, the revelations brought by Edward Snowden and Wikileaks would not have been possible. The internet disrupted the old corporate domination of mass media and helped to democratize everything from journalism to science to politics. It also threatens the massive media empires in other ways, like facilitating piracy, or providing alternatives to corporate published media.

For these and other reasons, the internet as we have known it all our lives is a massive thorn in the side of the bourgeoisie. They don't like that their secrets keep getting posted on it. They don't like that their property is being shared over it FOR FREE. They don't like that it gives people alternatives to their propaganda. They don't like that the disruptive effect the internet can have on the business scene. From the point of view of the bourgeoisie, there is nothing about the internet that is good for them as things stand now.

It's no real secret that the US is angling to try and get its increasingly restive population under control, as well as start a war with Russia, Iran, and/or China in as near a future as possible. Depending on the metrics you look at, China has already eclipsed the US in several respects and has reached parity in several others. Since WW2, the US has relied on its overwhelming technological superiority and industrial capacity to fight its dominance as its ultima ratio. The linchpin in this since even before WW2 has been its massive fleet. It relies on its aircraft carriers to project its power around the world. It relies on its nuclear submarines to hold the nuclear dagger to the world's throat.

Now, not only is China reaching parity with the US technologically (and arguably surpassing them industrially), both it and Russia have developed a counter to the US's carriers in the form of hypersonic cruise missiles, to which the US currently has no countermeasure. The US fleet is expensive and aging and their recent moves at updating and replacing them have produced mixed results at best. It takes years and billions of dollars to build a new ACC, while cruise missiles can be mass produced relatively cheaply, and all it takes is one in the right spot to send that expensive ship to the bottom. In short, the window through which the US can be reasonably assured of victory (according to its calculations) is closing faster with every passing day.

While they might seem as unrelated as possible, the US's drive to war and these moves at censoring the internet are directly related. They've spent years building the infrastructure and invested many billions of dollars in monitoring the internet and trying to shape or influence discussion on it. The US doesn't want their citizens to be able to educate themselves with alternate news/propaganda sources, much less Russian, Chinese, or Iranian sources. It also doesn't want them to access information like Hillary Clinton's emails or the Snowden Files. It especially wants to put a stop to websites like /leftypol/ and chapo, or at the very least keep them under the strictest surveillance, especially after last summer's protests/riots.

If I had to guess, that would probably be what freaked the bourgeoisie out the most: seeing the poors out in the street fighting the police and setting up their own autonomous zones. The bourgeoisie want to nip that right in the fucking bud, and either frustrate any further activity or strictly monitor everyone involved in it.

tl;dr: to control the proletariat and facilitate their drive towards war to maintain their hegemony and the supremacy of the bourgeoisie



A bunch of numbers with zero sources on them. Republicans made a blatant attempt to steal Michigan by the way, Biden just won in such a blowout that the fraud committed in Trump's favor didn't matter.


And Wisconsin*. Wisconsin is the really outrageous one.


What's the deal with Trotskyists? I get that they allied with reactionaries in the past, but I still don't understand why they are almost so universally reviled.


A distinction should be made, there are trotskyists in the western sense as in communist parties that uphold Trotsky as a important theorist for some reason. Those range from being full on glowies and schizos to just believing wrong things about history.
Then there's what official USSR historiography calls trotskyists, which are just people who organized around their goal of taking down Stalin, with no unified ideology (there were both rightists and ultralefts) not all of them bet on Trotsky but it's a shorthand.


Ah that makes sense


You mean like Russia Today or Telesur?


a bit too restrictive, lumpen proles are "unproductive adult in working condition" : so neets, homeless, unlucky guy out of a job, police, most criminals, (not dealers, but thugs, pimps, burglars, grifters, thiefs, etc)
they usually have no direct interest in communist actions/revolutions as they're not workers able to strike and benefit from it, and big fish in the mafia are usually well integrated with porkie (and were often used as tools against organizing worker for various anti communist interests).

for abortion, great philosophical argument that doesnt deny right to live to the foetus

he has interesting analysis, and have great meme potential, isn't a complete retard or a liberal. But he is definitely a philosopher first, many will very often disagree on his pop culture and political analysis, and he suck at geopolitics (as do most). still interesting


just remember that space and dollars are faggot and our vanguard of jannies led us here for the better.


>Scranton Joe?


Trump repealed the part of the ACA which mandated people to get healthcare. I heard from some people that this was bad, because this makes insurance more expensive, but from others that it was good because the repeal freed up money from people for whom insurance was not worth it – and the numbers say that 8 million people quit getting insurance after the repeal. So, what's the correct position on this?


How do I deal with the statement that "US intervention is good" because of human rights violations, like the alleged ones in Syria from an anti-war standpoint? I assumed I would be prepared for this argument and yet have nothing on mind.


You can just tell people about the crimes committed by the United States in Iraq like dumping white phosphorus on civilian population and ask them if that makes up for a country being destabilized. It's hard to argue that Assad is a good leader objectively but I guarantee a stable country is much safer than one that is an active warzone. Especially one that isn't just confined to government vs rebels but instead is the site of an international proxy war in which many different countries from around the world fund paramilitary groups that represent their interests, and you can guarantee that these nations are ready to get their hands dirty in the name of profit and security. Plus, it's not like Iraq is any better off now than they were under Saddam. In many ways, the current regime is just as bad if not worse.


Guy was straight up arguing that Assad and Russia were committing genocide and I didn't have the resources to argue against him, but in general that's a good answer.


Clearly that guy can't tell the difference between a war and a genocide. But you should also ask him why the Christians ethnic minorities of Syria all back Assad. There are reports that the Free Syrian Army and YPG engage in ethnic cleansing of Assyrians.


Does anybody have a PDF/EPUB of Anti-California by Kenneth Lamott?


>The BBC isn't overt state propaganda


If it is ok to punch fascists; Given that Biden is a fascist and people who vote for fascists are fascists is it ok to punch Biden voters?


Anyone noticed an uptick in just flat out reactionary/neo-nazi posting in other chan boards outside of /pol/ and /v/? /tg/ is getting unusable with constant threads about "returning to tradition" or some shit.


File: 1611374609294.png (284.99 KB, 680x465, ClipboardImage.png)

What is the meaning behind this meme?


Leftists should be more willing to explain things because otherwise it opens people to propaganda from the right.


it depicts how “leftists” on Twitter reply to anyone that disagrees with them vs /pol/ups on 4chan


Making fun of radlib types that think they shouldn't have to explain leftist ideology to normies because it's "emotional labor" and that you're bigoted if you don't take what they say at face value. Rightoids don't do anything like this as far as I know


think it's kind of ironic in showing how despite looking worse, rightoids are eager to tell others about their beliefs while libs are all about muh feefees


All lives matter is an absolute insult to the USano because it implies that the people overseas they kills lives matter

The people who thought up using the phrase to make the USano liberal condemn it accidently stumbled on a pot of gold at the end of the rainbow with that onetankieTankie


To contrast "It's ok to be white" another common sense phrase that sort thought up to provoke an overreaction and repression and therefore drive people right never got quite the same tractiontankieTankie


>>14200 (me)
>>14201 (me)
Think about it English is an international lingua franca
Why should we pander to provincial USano concerns and brain worms in our use of it?tankieTankie


Who defines what "socialism" is? Some right-wingers claim that Nazism is socialism too but just not Marxist. There are a lot of definitions and Nazism can fit some of them, like this one from Merriam-Webster:
>any of various economic and political theories advocating collective or governmental ownership and administration of the means of production and distribution of goods


Marx and Engels


Where do you all buy physical books from?

I'd like to read theory, but I'll go insane if I have to read more words off a digital screen.


I've found plenty of books at my local used book stores.

Alternatively, ask your local library to purchase specific texts. Generally speaking, libraries have funds available for purchasing books that usually don't get used up because, well, people generally don't know that, or use their local library.

Literally everyone wins from you doing this. Your library gets its budget justified by local engagement, other people have potential access to revolutionary material, and you get to read whatever you want F O R F R E E. Even if you absolutely have to have your own copy, you should still request shit through your local library, because then you get to check out alternate translations and so forth on their dime and not yours.


"USano" is a combination of "US" as in United States, and "gusano", as in the bourgie fucks that fled Cuba when Castro freed their slaves, and now support attacks against Cuba and other socialist nations.


It makes people mad because it takes the whole Black Lives Matter thing and says "ignore that".
I think you're letting ideology color your judgements, here.


It actually Esperanto for American
Most people being offended didn't care when Fergasson protesters were being assassinated under the Obama years and won't care in the slightest about black lives mattering under Biden

It's not about black lives, never was. Iraqi lives matter, Yemeni lives matter, Somali lives matter
Ethiopian lives matter since that's probably who the USanos will be killing next

Stop letting Amerikkka colonise your mindstankieTankie


Right, but that's not what they're thinking when they complain about "all lives matter". That's what the truth is, but that's not what's going through their heads.


File: 1611838035295-0.png (8.99 KB, 1024x512, ClipboardImage.png)

File: 1611838035295-1.png (361.68 KB, 800x939, ClipboardImage.png)

File: 1611838035296-2.png (251.18 KB, 1024x650, ClipboardImage.png)

Why did they kill it?


Hey guys, I remember reading some shit about fbi using progressive stacks and funding stupid woke shit during occupy wall street, but can't find it. Any comrade to link me up ?

Also, there is no article on leftypedia about OWS, so if you're knowledgable on the subject go for it.
(and the leftypol article doesnt mention the second split)


Is tv.leftypol.org/ just for streaming? Or can videos be uploaded there for people to view later on?


Videos can be uploaded from youtube and a few other sources.


I was thinking more of the kind of 'educational' videos that might become useful to people in the future.


does anybody have that silly greentext about a post revolution post socialism future

where anon is in a museum or something and the spirit of marx visits him

i know it's cringy but i kinda liked it and want to read it again because it was very uplifiting


1. Because it oppresses people outside of the imperial core
2. Because the exploitation it creates opens up news markets for capital which lets capitalism sustain itself (since there is new stuff to invest in).


bump for interest



Nice thanks : )


yee thanks


Is there a defined ideology that explicitly aims to eliminate all of humanity, and indeed, all sapient life as a whole?
Are there people who adhere to this ideology? Does it have a name?
Is such a thing real, or is it purely relegated to hackey fiction plots?


Voluntary human extinctionists/anti-natalists


I don't mean like "oh we should just not reproduce anymore", I mean "wipe them all out".


Then no not really other than say cults like Aum Shinrikyu. Obviously anyone who tried to enact such an ideology would be exterminated by the rest of mankind.


What would Marx have said if you asked him to justify communism/a proletarian uprising? Would he simply have said "historical necessity", or something along the lines of "it's in the proles' material interest"?


File: 1612864364913-0.jpg (62.51 KB, 750x1000, 1612523156348.jpg)

File: 1612864364913-1.jpg (26.58 KB, 600x399, 1609474439662.jpg)

File: 1612864364913-2.jpg (30.18 KB, 720x397, 1608912051300.jpg)

How the fuck did I wind up involved in this nonsense? My entire family is parroting Cato Institute and New Cold War crap and somehow I cooked my brain A LOOOONG time ago and went from being somewhat of a nascent radlib as a kid to a radlib as a teen to dumb fencesitting /pol/ reactionary to reading Wage Labor and Capital on my lunch break

what the fuck man like how does this even happen to someone in Burgerstan I want to be like the other normies


Be thankful you didn't end up like those normies anon


It's just the way things are things are getting bad and unless capitalism is ended this will never end


Was Ayn Rand really just a psy op from the USSR to disseminate the harmful and hyper-individualistic philosophy of objectivism to weaken the U.S. in the long term?


What is concrete labour and abstract labour?


File: 1612938130237.jpg (864.64 KB, 2015x2656, me.jpg)

Is there a word for multiple libraries of different formats and mediums? Not just books.
t. A literal armchairleft_communismLeft Communism


A collectionstalinStalin



We don't have the capacity to craft such high functioning, high IQ retardation. She's a product of the US in many ways.
concrete labor is the actual labor that is done to make things. eg. the activities involved with making shoes or chairs.
abstract labor is just "labor" in the abstract. you can't equate concrete labor of making chairs with the concrete labor of making shoes. They are entirely different. In the realm of abstract labor, they are the same "quality", ie. "labor in the abstract".
Thus making this equation intelligible in a market:
2 chairs = 1 shoe
It's a library that contains different media.


Médiathèque in French, Mediateca in Spanish, Mediathek in German.


Why did the US pull its troops out of Iraq between 2011 and 2014? Isn't it interested in "forever wars"?


> Isn't it interested in "forever wars"?
Yes. the former does not discount the latter her.anarcho-nihilismAnarcho-Nihilism


utopians like thomas more did had some influence on some socialist utopians but scientific socialists didn't care much about the man himself or his books


Books sales from Mein Kamph, wealthy capitalists like Henry Ford and Ruhr steel barons as well as good old fashioned tax evasion


Communism is based on Jacobinism, the English Enlightenment and German Idealism. saying anything else is a stretch.
>Who financed Nazi Germany?
the country or the party? the formers was funded by rapid imperialist expansion and appeasement.


Why would they withdraw the military for any period of time then?


Probably because of the insurgency


>are we retarded
Hermano, en vez de darte una paja diciendo estupideces de pol que tal si estudias un poco la historia material del continente. Lugares como ese son extremadamente comunes en lationamerica, tu pais no es el unico.
Y por si te da algo tras leer esto, los EEUU tienen arrabales asi de mierda y de forma extremadamente comun, lo unico es que nunca los vez. Ahora mismito estan creciendo de forma exponencial.


wealthy jews


Do countries like North Korea or Cuba use computerized planning? If not, why?


So in other words, the right wing understands dialectics?


>why is Mexico like this
chicanos will never be mexicans


prolly not because you need a lot of technology for that as in several supercomputers all running comunismplanning.exe


even if i move to mexico and dont come back ?democrapDemocrap


Not so. Cockshott demonstrated that modern computing power is so advanced that a small economy can be planned even with a laptop.


File: 1613191261538.jpeg (615.68 KB, 1500x1000, Yalta-large.jpeg)

>Libs will always side with the fascists against the communists!!!!
Who invented this meme?


The entire history of the Cold War is full of fascist-liberal alliances against the communists.


Iirc it was the express wish of many powerful members of the liberal powers in the lead up to WWII that Hitler would be useful tools in destroying socialism and the USSR. The problem was that Hitler had ambitions beyond their aims, as he threatened their empire (i.e. it got out of hand and became a short term "greater threat" than the USSR).
Of course, this analysis is overstated. There were elements in the FDR administration for instance that actively sought cooperation between the USSR and USA, to a certain extent. A sort of one world two systems kind of approach – managerial keynsianism and state socialism working together for world stability. These people were always pretty marginal though.


The entirety of modern history


>>78700 Chairman Gonzalez admitted and took responsibility for the massacre of Lucanamera in which women, children and civilians were all massacred.

"In the face of reactionary military actions… we responded with a devastating action: Lucanamarca. Neither they nor we have forgotten it, to be sure, because they got an answer that they didn’t imagine possible. More than 80 were annihilated, that is the truth. And we say openly that there were excesses, as was analyzed in 1983. But everything in life has two aspects. Our task was to deal a devastating blow in order to put them in check, to make them understand that it was not going to be so easy. On some occasions, like that one, it was the Central Leadership itself that planned the action and gave instructions. That’s how it was. In that case, the principal thing is that we dealt them a devastating blow, and we checked them and they understood that they were dealing with a different kind of people’s fighters, that we weren’t the same as those they had fought before. This is what they understood. The excesses are the negative aspect… If we were to give the masses a lot of restrictions, requirements and prohibitions, it would mean that deep down we didn’t want the waters to overflow. And what we needed was for the waters to overflow, to let the flood rage, because we know that when a river floods its banks it causes devastation, but then it returns to its riverbed…. [T]he main point was to make them understand that we were a hard nut to crack, and that we were ready for anything, anything."


Last year this guy I was talking to said that Fidel made Cuba into some sort of Sugar colony for the Soviet Union. Is this bullshit or not?



>According to Ambassador Thomas Pickering, Yeltsin sent Foreign Minister Andrei Kozyrev to notify four key Western ambassadors about his intention to dissolve the Parliament and call for new elections (Document 4). In Clinton’s first phone call to Yeltsin immediately after the latter issued Decree 1400, dissolving Parliament and setting a date for early elections and a constitutional referendum, the U.S. president expressed his full support and accepted Yeltsin’s assurances that there would be no bloodshed and the reform would move faster now that there would be no obstacles. U.S. support for Yeltsin remained unwavering all through the confrontation and after the Russian President issued the order to storm the parliament (after initial violence on the part of the opposition).

>On the morning of October 4, Muscovites awakened to the awful sight of the burning Parliament building—the White House they had defended against the putsch in August 1991, where Yeltsin had stood on a tank and led the democratic forces. On October 5, the day after the bloodshed, Clinton called Yeltsin and congratulated him for his handling of the situation; he did not ask about the loss of life. Even stronger support was expressed by Secretary of State Warren Christopher, while visiting in mid-October, who practically lauded Yeltsin for his actions during the crisis. Documents show that the Clinton administration saw no alternatives to Yeltsin and was prepared to support him no matter what.

Found with
This search

Can you specify what sort of thing you're looking for and I might be able to find ittankieTankie


Why are some currencies "safe" and considered to be "reserve currencies"? North Korea for example operates some restaurants in southeast Asia in order to get dollars, but what's the difference between getting the same amount in one currency or another? 900 North Korean Won makes 1 dollar, so what's the difference between getting 900 NK Won versus 1 US dollar? Is it just because of inflation?


Did the Nazis actually ban interest rates in the German economy when they took power? I've heard Neo-Nazis make this claim tons of times but I can't find any info about it online


A while ago I looked through Wages of Destruction and a few other books (iirc), none of which spoke much about bank policy let alone said that the Nazis banned usury.
Someone on the Axishistory forum asked this same question and the evidence provided by the users, such as interest rates, indicates that they didn't:
As one of the users said:
>Several points of the 25 point programs were conveniently forgotten once Hitler seized power
This is, therefore, not remotely surprising given that, for example, people such as the Rockefellers helped to facilitate international trade during the war, and that the Nazi leadership reprivatized its banks.


Thank you for the answer. Also,
>Pilots were given instructions not to hit factories in Germany that were owned by U.S. firms.
That's fucking crazy


Wondering about Afghanistan with last year's negotiations with the Taliban and the question of whether Biden will actually follow through with said promises.

Since the Taliban has been strengthening its numbers recently, if NATO and co. were to pull out do they have the power to take the entire country afterwards. If so, is Taliban rule a risk worth taking or should there be some for of support to the Kabul government.

It seems if the US continues to stay they strengthen opposition whilst, paradoxically, are also preventing a further escalation of the conflict.

What is leftypol's thoughts on the Afghan situation?thinkThink


Not him: I would be skeptical of that claim as phrased. WW2 Aerial bombing was still at the level where only something like 20% of bombs landed within 1000ft of their target and it wasn't unheard of to bomb the wrong city entirely
(Not saying it it's entirely untrue, as there was similar fuckery at the start of WW2 - at one point during the early phases of the war the British rejected bombing German factories on the grounds that they were private property - but it seems more likely that US factories were never specifically targeted, since pilots would have had difficulty specifically avoiding them.)


a 20 year war so that arms factories could make a few bux? skkkrt

Theyre gonna keep doing drone strikes at the behest of the hapless liberal government in Kabul, the Taliban has reat control


Any scientific journals, researchers, and/or papers in academia that analyze the material conditions of the working class? If not, what variables studied in sociology best reveal the material conditions of the working class? Also, scientific papers that discusses the current definition of a working class person?


Are the TKK based?




Who is Navalny?


Do you mean the PKK


Anyone have good resources on extractive colonialism in the late 19th/early 20th century? I was doing a little reading about the Guggenheims - official accounts will off-handedly refer to them having made their fortune "in mining" before sucking them off for their philanthropy. Digging a little deeper, it turns out a lot of their mines were in Latin America and Africa, including a copper mine in Chile that Allende nationalised lol


One of the leaders of the pro western liberals in Russia


File: 1613629247201.png (233.18 KB, 966x966, derchuden.png)

Some Ethno-Nationalist scumbag that NATO countries are shilling to destabalize Russia. those fucking yankees with one hand complain about the far-right in there own country whilst in the other support them in Russia… It really is anxiety inducing.


I see, so that's why he seemed to have popped up out of nowhere.


What prevents energy companies from jacking the price of utilities up? It takes a ton of investment to get into the sector and they have virtually no competition; so why not charge high prices?


Why eugenics in a non racist way is bad?



That's related to class, in a way of hating the poor. Frankly, after giving some thought about it, yeah it would be counterproductive in the reputation of any government employ full eugenics (ableism if you ask me). What could be done is a more subtle approach, like offering social bonuses for vasectomies or simply supporting more the right to abortion and the importance of avoiding babies with clear mental deficiencies.
I say this because last month I went to some orphanage for mentally disabled boys and it was tragic (mamaged by the catholic church, hopefully they are not molested) and well the pain of seeing the human condition as that endured.


Should communists adopt a two party system similar to the current dictatorship of Capital to alleviate the “scariness” of the one-party “ dictatorship of the proletariat”?


Communists should adopt actual democracy, fuck elections and fuck parties.


How long does it take to be a communist? Reading and catching up with news is fun but it’s taking a long time lol


5 years, like everything else.


What would happen if America pulled its troops from the rest of the world and cut defense spending, reinvesting the money elsewhere? Would it be just the military sector being hurt or would this cause huge economic trouble?


The military would not even feel it outside of the Pentagon. It's the war profiteering contractors who would eat the loss, and they all have congressmen in the bag. Beyond that, not ensuring an uninterrupted and cheap supply of resources continues to flow out of the resource extraction nodes that the U.S. military keeps in line to the industrial centers around the world would have the effect of driving the value of commodities through the roof globally. The result of that would be that the value of the means of subsistence would explode, thus prompting countries to rapidly print money to ensure that there is enough currency in the system. It would be an economic death spiral until some other bourgeois states start sending their militaries to resource extraction nodes to force them back into compliance.


It depends on how it happens. If it shocks the system it could cause economic trouble. If it's done as a gradual reduction of global military spending, it would be positive for the economy.
It's not as simple as the military keeps resources cheap. The switch away from imperial domination would change technical development and change the demand for resources as well.


Why does American media always try to so hard to push the narrative of 'the clean Wehrmacht', just putting all crimes on SS? it is so tired and easily debunked yet they still do..


A few hand-picked pictures aren't sufficient to judge anything tbh. Considering how most of the stuff you posted was searched for. Anyhow it's a very well known in the left that lifestylism isn't revolutionary. The critique of mainstream culture has been a constant point made by leftists of all sects. Adorno's works are a good beginner guide for that.ak-47AK-47


Why are americans so autistic about children seeing naked bodies or being naked themselves? They always sperg out about these issues.


The first two being excellent examples of how effective capitalism is with incorporating progressive aesthetics. Libs love their symbols after all.

The latter two being the opposite side of right wing reactionary ideology. Kind of interesting the ridiculousness of it.


>If so, is Taliban rule a risk worth taking or should there be some support to the Kabul government
Do you mean what side should leftypol support? They are both not good at all, on one side you have extreme right wing theocrats that originated from an anti-communist movement, and on the other side you have the US empire and it's local puppet government. While they are both shit, I think the Taliban winning would be the best scenario since the Taliban would not become a powerful imperialist state like the US and the US would become weakened from losing Afghanistan since they would lose geopolitical influence (because Afghanistan borders China and Iran and is also very close to Russia). Unfortunately it doesn't seem like there is a left wing alternative in Afghanistan that could challenge the Taliban or the US


Why the fuck did/do people like Reagan so much? I haven't looked into him that much, but I get the general impression that he is the one that is why parts of the US look like Africa but with wYpip0


Cuz the 70's were terrible for the U.S.A. and Jimmy Carter was a total faliure. Reagan (and Thatcher before) played on the simple strings of liberty and all that anglo crap. The state is responsible for things being shitty, so we must take responsibilities away from the state and give them back into your own hands, you shape your life, not some guvvment stooges.yugoslaviaYugoslavia


It's very similar to why people who benefited a lot from Obama care and similar policies voted overwhelmingly for Trump, who campaigned on getting rid of said policies.yugoslaviaYugoslavia


And basically the demoshits really had one solid president ever - FDR.yugoslaviaYugoslavia


File: 1614133846461.jpg (64.94 KB, 640x427, M1jCBmJl.jpg)

Why is it that automatio/machines aren't also capable of producing more value than they are worth in the same way that human labour is?


>Is politics ultimately a zero-sum game?


This is a trans inclusionary radical misogynist board


Imagine being triggered by Anita Sarkesian in 2021.


It's even more cringe having a union retweet her tbh


Radlib newfags from Reddit.


"politics" is not zero sum. Society is synergistic.
hahaha wtf


It's on par with the IWW catering to furries. Still, I prefer that kind of cringe to anti-feminist edgelords that are still fighting a culture war from 2014.


Retweeting Anita Sarkeesian is fighting a culture war from 2014 lol
Not the poster that posted the screenshot who probably responded to himself complaining about muh redditors to import his stupidpol reddit culture war


Why 5 years specifically when making plans? Why not an entire decade? I was thinking about "chaining" two 5 year plans together in a single decade and then at the end of the decade finish everything up and then start the cycle all over again in the new decade? Or would that be too complicated?


Long enough to plan it out, short enough to adjust focus for the long term.


>why would the USSR try to also do it?
Its an old proven method to undermine enemy nations as was proven in the opium trade of China.


Anita always struck me as a bourgeois feminist


>why is this better for the capitalist than employing several workers for the same "hourly" wage
Because every additional employee adds considerable cost for the business and not every occupation is scalable, especially not occupations that require highly specialized knowledge. Every time you hire someone new, you have to pay the FICA payroll tax, and both state and federal unemployment taxes. You have to provide insurance, you need to provide liability coverage. You might offer 401ks to new employees. After a certain employee threshold, you have to provide unpaid medical and family leave for each employee. You have to train the employee. You have to provide equipment to the employee, like a uniform or PPE. I might be missing some costs here, but you get the idea.


What the hell do you mean "you have to provide". Everything u listed is provided by the workers with their labour.


Just how oppressive were socialist states like the USSR? I get conflicting reports from people even on /leftypol/
Also, if "authoritarianism," for lack of a better word, is necessary to defend the revolution, why do socialist states not feign liberty and openness while secretly working to repress dissent, as Western states do? They seem to be needlessly shooting themselves in the foot


The capitalist has to pay the payroll taxes and provide all these employee benefits according to law. The money to do this comes from valorization of capital, but that is irrelevant to the point. The point, imbecile, is that it costs more money for a capitalist to hire 2 workers part-time than 1 worker full-time for a particular job. This is a Q&A thread, read the fucking questions before posting.


File: 1614585900949.png (34.07 KB, 1149x104, ClipboardImage.png)

Why do we live in such a dystopic shithole of a society?
How do i make it stop?anarcho-nihilismAnarcho-Nihilism


Do people actually believe that the DPRK is the workers' paradise it claims to be, or is it just critical support against US imperialism?


None of these "costs" the capitalist anything as the "money" to pay all these "costs" will come from the fact that the worker will work to earn said money which then the capitalist will give for things he has to according to the law.

>The point, imbecile, is that it costs more money for a capitalist to hire 2 workers part-time than 1 worker full-time for a particular job

Wrong again. It depends on the situation it is not always true.
I also read the answrs and when they misleading I must call them out.yugoslaviaYugoslavia


File: 1614627618739.jpg (31.54 KB, 640x405, fox mcloud news.jpg)

>The point, imbecile, is that it costs more money for a capitalist to hire 2 workers part-time than 1 worker full-time for a particular job.

Yet everywhere in retail we see the former not the latter. Part time employees: don't need their healthcare paid for (in the US and similar countries), and they are flexible. In normal circumstances, part timers can be squeezed and forced into working whenever is convenient for the business, if things are especially busy you can put both part timers on practically a full time schedule, yet if things are slow you can cut their hours down to a minimum in a way you can't do with a fulltime salaried employee. Obviously the ultimate form of contract (for the bourg) is the zero-hours one or even better, the 'gig economy', where you don't have to give anyone any work when they're not needed, and in the latter case, they have to pay all their own costs too.


File: 1614740347189.jpg (38.53 KB, 480x360, PaulZSimmons-RIP.jpg)

Why do radicals online all have Patreon nowadays? It is so pathetic, I cannot get my head around it anons….
Back in my day if you needed money you would go out and take it, you would not beg off of absolute strangers to be able to live, When did these kids become so soft and pathetic? it really is sad.


by radicals you mean e girls on twitter who have their pronouns in their bio?


What's the name of that soviet body building group?




thanks mate


>Back in my day if you needed money you would go out and take it

WTF do you mean by that, or by 'back in your day'. People should go rob stores and get arrested or something?


Smh back in my day all security could be dealt with with a sock on your head but now these damn spoiled kids are all "muh cellphones, muh CCTV, muh police GPS"


File: 1614817552979.png (126.92 KB, 512x425, ClipboardImage.png)

Why are acting unions like SAG-AFTRA and performance/filmaking unions in general so strong? Why haven't they been smashed like most other burger unions and why do they continue to be so resilient? Is it just that the industry they're in is itself so nonessential to the violence of the stately machinery that their destruction's not been imperative?


I was hoping to get an answer from an anarchist, I am not very familiar with anarchist theory and I am currently engaging with an "anarchist".
Do you guys believe that idpol takes away from class issues?
Do you guys believe that voting for Biden was better than Trump?
I know these seem like stereotypes, please forgive my ignorance.brocialismBrocialism


File: 1614982837237.jpg (16.02 KB, 300x300, Vigo.JPG.jpg)

Does anyone have the post that discussed how neoliberals are soulless elites only hungry for power with the example of some Russian / Ukrainian liberal woman with a Twitter background comparing themselves to Vigo the Carpathian?


Cause actors have funs and yoy cant just send the pinkertons against them


It's unclear how involved the CIA is with drugs right now. So my answer is "unclear". They do use drug networks to do shady shit, so in some countries, it would cut that line of influence.


oh my bad, I was informed that anarcho communists/syndicalists actually all did have a common framework. How mutual aid works, why skipping the transitionary period is necessary, how to do revolutionary praxis etcbrocialismBrocialism


Nevermind I found it >>102715


Why did the USSR commit genocide against the Ingrian Finns, who beforehand were numbering around 150,000 and afterwards were only 19,000?


they are the state's propagandists at this point


Was Machiavelli (past 1512) a NEET?


I'm reading The German Ideology, and Marx frequently brings up population growth as an important material conditions. Usually on leftypol when people talk about material conditions they're talking about the efficiency and quantity of productive forces, which are almost always increasing, but population growth is dramatically slowing down in advanced capitalist countries. What effect will this have? Feudalism, according to Marx, was caused largely by the decline of urban areas as well as the decrease in population. We're not seeing a decline in urban areas but we are seeing a decrease in population. What will this mean for the conditions of the future? What effects will this have?


oh, same anon here. Another question about the German Ideology. Why does Marx call Stirner "Sancho"? I get he calls him a saint because he sees the holy everywhere, but where does Sancho come from? What does it mean?


a reference to Sancho Panza from Don Quixote perhaps?
Though, considering Marx hated Stirner, I don't why that would be?
I'm not that well acquainted with the book since I only half-understood it in Burger Spanish class, but Stirner being Sancho seems like it would be more positive than negative.
Unless there's some other cultural reference to another Sancho that I just don't understand at all either there.


he became a playwright after the medici won iirc


Was that shitpost from bunkerchan comparing Rev. Catalonia and USSR death tolls archived? If so, have a link?


File: 1615462381998.png (588.61 KB, 412x612, ClipboardImage.png)

Hey, looking for any book about life and culture under polish communists, just what everyday life was like back then for the regular person. Can anyone recomend such a book?
Polish or English are both fine, does not need to be digital versions but a bonus if is.


sancho pansa from don Quixote

no, material conditions are the real existing circumstances in which the world and its people are - it's from the mode of production to living conditions to climate etc.

aging first started in Japan and you can see where the rest of the "global west" is heading; but before anything like this goes full way the climate catastrophe will force billions from the global "south" to flee and it will be like a mass migration (similar to what europe witnessed fomr 4th to 9th century, but on a global scale)yugoslaviaYugoslavia


Are equal wages a bad idea? It would discourage people from taking on tough but necessary jobs, wouldn't it? Should there be, therefore, some wage differentials between professions?


socialist countries had wage differentials, hierarchies, bosses/managers, etc. north korea for example likes to boast in their domestic news how they reward scientists, especially nuclear, more than other professions and give them fancier residences in pyongyang's "scientist street" https://www.youngpioneertours.com/mirae-future-scientist-street/


Is it true that Russian nationalism was taboo in the USSR until Operation Barbarossa when the Soviet government used it to rally the population?


Piggybacking on this question: Was Stalin a Russian chauvinist in his last years?


did stalin have sex with a 13 year old?


There's no evidence to even suggest that afaik.


why does Belarus have such a low poverty percentage compared to it's relatively low GDP per capita?


except for offspring


she was 14


Can someone explain to me the Venezuela situation in a nutshell, and why the right uses it as 'proof' that socialism doesn't work. Also a link to a more in depth answer would be much appreciated.


Set fire to your local McDonald's or Burger King. But not Popeye's they make good food.


Venezuela is embargoed, so can't participate in international trade. Since Venezuela isn't 100 % self sustaining, they still need imports for stuff they don't make, but since the embargo makes this impossible, they lack these things.
Their state companies are also sanctioned and unable to do business so there is a connection with the private sector which is too alive, but completely killing it would only worsen the situation.yugoslaviaYugoslavia


Because state run capitalism provides for citizens.yugoslaviaYugoslavia


How did a clown like Trotsky manage to create and lead the red army? What were his secrets and methodology?


File: 1615842886404.png (4.66 MB, 2800x1864, gerantocracy.png)

are there any decent books that tackle the issue of gerantocracy? I don't mean "tackle" in the sense of shitting on old people in general


What's some good theory I can read on the formation of the bureaucratic layer in the soviet union, the how and why it formed, its consequences and how to avoid it in the future?


Was reading this journal. Not completely finished but it goes through a somewhat material history of rotoscoping and abstracts some ideology from it. To find some meaning of things such as commodity fetishism I had to go through some other journals and opinion pieces and pining that the child is capable of making the same decisions as people and that the fetishization of commodities is drilled into children by the simple fact that there is no way of communicating the labor and other things done to fully produce the toy itself. The isolation of labor yadda yadda. I’ll read Capital in its entirety soon

But it just got me thinking of the uncanny valley effect. It’s interesting to think the reason why people really are uncomfortable with CGI that “display” the uncanny valley effect is that it rips them from the “ideology” of commodity fetishism itself. It makes them aware that human labor was put into making the thing with the uncanny valley effect. Of course their view of the labor is usually negative, but it’s an interesting way of “scaring” people into “class consciousness”, as when uncanny valley is discussed, it’s seems the people immediately demean and ridicule the effort put into it.

But I’m a theorylet who’s still learning. I could be saying pure bullshit. Especially with my casual switching of is and oughts. But I digress.

Are there any other topics that usually lead to discussion of the labor production of a commodity that (You) notice or observe?

Here is the journal in question, although you need a specific school address to access it for free: https://journals.sagepub.com/doi/full/10.1177/1746847718799416


Just finished reading the journal, and their conclusion from uncanny was the same as mine. Funny.

But even more importantly, Linklater’s rotoscoping draws attention to its own production:

[The rotoscope] brings a heightened illusion of realism to an animated scene, but it simultaneously also makes the viewer even more aware that the scene is animated by drawing attention to the ability of the animated image (and rotoscoped animation in particular) to draw out and accentuate some of the fissures and contradictions of material reality. (Fore, 2007: 122)

leading to a challenge to the ideology of the viewer:

[The rotosope’s] defiant move not only forces the viewer to question her understanding of the ‘real’ space of the studio, but also revise her understanding of the physics and phenomenology of the animated body. (Klein, 2000: 51)


How can I find leftist organization to join or organize myself? Is there any guide?


I've heard recently but cannot confirm yet that this is a very good read related to it:


Well he was not a clown he was the most capable man of his time and even Lenin reckognized this and welcomed him back in the Bolshevik party, even though Trotsky was generally an unlikable asshole as a person.yugoslaviaYugoslavia


Are you like handicaped or somethig? What guide? Just look around your area what exists and then nationally. If there is no local org. of a national org in your area, contact the HQ and suggest they create one.yugoslaviaYugoslavia


There's some information here: https://leftypedia.org/wiki/Organizing


How much would history change and the aftermath look like of the Soviet-Afghan war if USSR had won?


who the fuck is zizek and why do i keep running into his books
i know that he's the sniff man but what else


He got well known for examining ideology via Lacanian/Marxist lenses and provided a critique of Althusser "Ideological State Apparatuses". Besides that he did few very good films, sniffed a lot, wrote few more books.
But I believe his legacy is "sublime object of ideology"


MLs: Is there a need for a centralized vanguard in a country where a majority of the working class is at least somewhat educated? Why or why not?


can i get the calculation debate pdf?


he likes eating out garbage cansanarchismAnarchism


That Deng thread has me wondering: With the plan to build communism by 2050, how long would it actually build towards communism


Anyone heard of these guys? Opinions? Music seems alright, just wondering if they're Nazbol or somesuch thing


I mean you could declare yourself a communist and it's as easy as that, really. But familiarizing yourself with the foundational works of Marxist theory shouldn't take too long. Although reading stuff that applies that theory to real-world situations is also recommended. Either way it's pretty hard to turn into a lib or reactionary if
you understand the world in Marxist terms
most of the myths in the West surrounding the Germans in WW2 come from the generals we rehabilitated in order to build the West German state, many of whom were hardly less innocent than their SS counterparts.
the way I see it most of these "radicals" are no different than the lifestylists, hippies, punks, etc that just wanted to rebel against a vaguely defined "system". even if they put a hammer and sickle in their bio I guarantee you most have no idea what they are talking about.


Any good resources on the relationship between the Catholic Church and Nazi germany? Particularly in the lead up to 1933


Well a look at the contemporary global "north" should be enough to see that yes, it is badly needed.


My stereotype for American uninons is that they have weird fremason names


God and the Fascists: The Vatican Alliance with Mussolini, Franco, Hitler, and Pavelic


Some of them were occultists (especially Himmler) while others were not.


ok I'm willing to use my stimmy now.
I'm not going to invest much. I'd rather just practice with $100. My goal is to make $115.
How do I begin?


Read up on technical analysis and make good stop loss levels just in case.brocialismBrocialism


Chagnon's ethnography on the Yanomami people of Brazil and Venezuela mentions there being liberal fears that the Yanomami would revolt and create a communist state. Does anyone have further information on this?


Why did the Soviet Union start importing food in 1963?


What are your guys thoughts on this book.


We've discussed it before. The general feeling I got was that it had problematic shit, but it wasn't entirely bad. The intent is good, seeing as nobody else on the left is really writing about it.


Failure of the virgin lands campaign and drought in 1963, which also caused livestock numbers to drop drastically, nearly halved. Soviet policy of ramping up attacks on private plots in 1958 encouraging them to sell livestock to collective farms also lowered yield.


Why would selling livestock to collective farms lower yields? Are collective farms less efficient or something?


How would Marx in his prime react to + what would his opinion be on like a 20'th century Anti-Rationalist like Evola or Spengler or Francis parker yockey or something?
Could he beat them in a debate? Or would they probably just do what their ideological children do and scream and yell at each other?eurekaEureka


Can someone fill me in the hyperborea/trollwaffen stuff?


does anyone still have the "defend the catgirls" webm? I've lost it and I can't seem to find it on youtube anymore


found it, it was in my old catgirl folder



Why was the soviet union so shit at mass producing consumer goods? I was watching this 50-something ukranian on youtube retelling how back in the 80's he had to wait for months to buy an SLR camera and this wasn't an isolated case.


oddly they ended up being even worse at producing consumer goods after they switched to capitalism but had better heavy industries


Could any state today reasonably benefit from building a cybersyn/cockshott economic planning network?


I have no idea, I guess the country would have to be big enough to be largely self-sufficient, having enough domestic production to survive embargo and encirclement.

China could absolutely start incorporating computerized planning and make a transition. But will they ever? I am doubtful.


Also, if R&S or another actually revolutionary, non-electoral, non-shithead ML party ended up destroying the US in 50 years and building Socialism there, that would be a great place to do economic planning (although not sure how that would work alongside decolonization) and the anti-communist boomer retirees would see good manufacturing jobs come back.

kindof funny to imagine anti-communist people's reactions when the jobs that got offshored because of capitalism came back under lower stage communism


>China could absolutely start incorporating computerized planning and make a transition. But will they ever? I am doubtful.
They have the computing muscle to do it on the technical side of things, but their economy isn't in crisis, it's chugging along nicely. The opportunity for change exists where systems begin to crumble. They are not willing to make it fail on purpose to manufacture an ideological realignment. When their system gets worse they will relaunch experimentation, and it's very likely that socialistic computerized planning comes out of that.


What should be done with the people detained in Guantanamo Bay? Obviously the place itself (the jail) needs to be closed and the entire territory returned to Cuba but what about the people? I would assume try to deradicalize those who still identify with jihadist wahhabism, maybe convince them with islamic socialism but what if they choose not to? Execute them?


File: 1617500342127.jpeg (99.65 KB, 960x1120, EyDYeJ-WEAIK5YI.jpeg)

What does "socialism" even mean to americans?


>If they have a dominant communist party or any leftwing party they're socialist
>But also if they're just countries opposed to the US
>But also nordic and western european liberal democracies
Am*ricans will never change will they?


File: 1617500614129.png (513.81 KB, 888x593, 1468269528130.png)

something among those lines


Low security, ethical prisons without any forms of torture where they can go to school and have a decent paying job etc. i guess.


In a potential scenario of "from the river to the sea" for Palestine, what would be the best outcome for the country? To remain its own sovereign state or for Palestine and Jordan to unify?


Where can I find accurate statistical information on state-owned enterprises per country? Like the percentages of state property and private property, people here often use the percentages of how many people are employed in the public sector of a country from Wikipedia but it isn't really that accurate, since on many cases countries with a big public sectory can still have more of its workforce employed in the private sector and viceversa.


You guys know how /pol/ has an archive of Hitler speeches and the German army's marches and battles; do you guys have one for Stalin and the Soviet Army?


For Palestine to annex Jordan and guillotine the Hashemites


china imprisioning muslims is true or cia propaganda?


Cia propaganda



File: 1617886420513-0.jpg (143.37 KB, 750x831, 20210408_074420.jpg)

Why was Marx such a lib?


Is there a comedically long list or wiki article about U.S. lies?


There's a lot of information on Leftypedia, for example this page: https://leftypedia.org/wiki/List_of_atrocities_committed_by_the_United_States
For specific lies about particular subjects just go to the page on it.


Any nice works on MLM that aren't written in the annoying larpy way in which MLMs tend to write? (The Revolutionary Application Of Enlightening Revolutionary Practice To The Strong Foundations Of The Scientific Material Analysis Of The Proletarian Struggle type shit). Just a dry ol' boring theory book?


Marx died before the infamous backstabbing of Rosa, so he could believe Socdems were legits.


Why did the Soviets end up 22 billion dollars in debt by its collapse to the Paris group?


Anybody have any sources on the majority of people in Vietnam wanting to vote in Uncle Ho?


is it safe to discuss how to materially benefit the working class? what are strategies right now in these current conditions?


That's classic maoist wording, but see if this helps


How does the LTV explain YouTubers that make a living out of ad revenue?


They are creating a service people want to consume. They are using tools to create videos and tools (the platform itself) to post the videos.

Ytube is like any other type of media that makes money by selling add space.


Why do some "leftists" fetishize organized crime when they have a history of being mobilized as a attack dogs by bourgeoise government to destroy communist organizing?


Can I get a quick rundown of Juche and what exactly it is, as well as how it differs from normal ML ideology?



Could have to do with the ocassional hostility these groups have against the state apparatus (such as killing cops) but ofc it doesn't justify supporting them, for the reason you say and also because organized crime works in the same way as any other bourgeois entity works, except the violence is much more explicity, direct, and less subtle.

This is why shoving hobos, pimp-owned prostitutes, etc, with mafia bosses into one big social class as "lumpen" is very misleading, since they all have different material interests. This is why I believe the term lumpenbourgeoisie works well for organized crime.


What is the truth behind the holodomor? I remember watching video and shit in class, describing it as a result of Stalin’s personal hate of the Ukrainians, with the NKVD killing people who would pick spare bits of brain from farmed grain. Why did the Soviet Union export so much grain from Ukraine when Ukraine clearly needed if?


didn't happen but it should have
serious answer kulaks burning fields and killing livestock


>Why did the Soviet Union export so much grain from Ukraine when Ukraine clearly needed if?
Soviet grain exports went down 60% the year of the famine.


But I really don’t think that explains 7 million or so people dying, surely they had many farms that kept on going, not only in Ukraine but in the rest of the USSR?


There was a crop disease also and add people leaving the farms for cities since the country was industrializing. All of this together and the kulak sabotage you have a famine.


That number isn't even right. Also the famine affected all the grain producing areas of the USSR.


If too many people were leaving for the cities why didn't the state just close off those jobs, if the balance is unright?


this is more of an observation that doesn't deserve it's own thread
Cuba has the 103rd lowest GDP per capita, but the 70th highest human development index (HDI) and the 46th highest life expectancy


Cheers mate. Will report back soon


any articles or studies on the increasing financialization of Capital? Read this old article and would like to read more



Is the consensus of the historic community that the Holodomor wasn't a engineered genocide? Proofs? I need to throw a book at someone.


File: 1618631572371.jpg (44.38 KB, 687x500, 4hu7z6.jpg)

What's some good stuff to read on Pol Pot and the Khmer Rouge? Most stuff on them seems to be by bourgeois historians and calls them "orthodox ML". Were they a nationalist deviation of ML that went full nationalist, a reactionary peasant's movement that was closer to anarchism, were they never socialist at all and simply nationalist opportunists that adopted a superficial ML line for international support? All I have right now is this: https://msuweb.montclair.edu/~furrg/pol/khmerrouge.html




File: 1618633317710-0.png (27.6 KB, 123x244, 07.png)

File: 1618633317710-1.png (38.7 KB, 164x238, 23.png)

File: 1618633317710-2.png (26.78 KB, 133x216, 31.png)

File: 1618633317710-3.png (34.67 KB, 128x245, 32.png)

File: 1618633317710-4.png (33.9 KB, 152x273, 40.png)

can a political ideology catgirl expert tell me who these five are


Fourth is Makhno


Big thank you, anon.


because the state waas too slow to react


The truth behind holodomor is that the government decided to push collectivization of farming which stirred up rebellion among parts of the peasant population. There were violent uprisings and also in protest to the collectivization peasants slaughtered millions of heads of cattle. At the same time bad weather+crop disease stepped in and things went to shit.


What's the deal with Belarus?


Where can I find accurate statistical information on state-owned enterprises per country? Like the sizes in percentages of the public and private sectors, people here often use the percentages of how many people are employed in the public sector of a country from Wikipedia but it isn't really that accurate, since on many cases countries with a big public sectory can still have more of its workforce employed in the private sector and viceversa.


Guys, does marxism-leninism require a termless leader until he dies? I agree with everything in marxism-leninism or leninism, the only problem I have is that they have historically always been dictatorships. Like, Lenin did try out democracy didn't he?


Here's a cursed hypothetical, what's the darker timeline, our timeline where the USSR collapsed, or an alternate timeline where the coup fails but Gorbachev remains in power of a USSR that successfully joins NATO and does Perestroika and Glastnost throughout the 90s?


ML states were never actual dictatorships, the political structure is a lot more democratic than western "democracies" for instance, even if bureaucrats become entrenched in the higher levels of the party. AFAIK Cuba does a particularly good job of dealing with this problem. I'm not the best person here to explain though


>what's worse, collapse of the USSR or UR as a neoliberal nato puppet
That should be easy haha


So marxism-leninism doesn't require a dictatorship like the Stalin one? Like I agree with everything, even a 1 party system but I still would want elections between party members where the people vote and term limits (I would actually go even farther with this and allow other communist parties run after the country is established and can defend itself). Is that still marxism-leninism? Or is that just leninism?


I like history and considering pursuing a career innit
But I also don't want to be one of those people who have degree that's useless or have skill in a sector that's not really needed

Mostly importantly because,
I'm poor and live in a developing country, so I have to be smart with my education choices.

So tell me people who have been in the real world, Are there any kind of history jobs in any kind of demand or stable? Are they automatable?

I'm not super smart also, so I'd not be so brilliant to get job offers from prestigious history job places.


Why didn't the Soviet Union do everything they could, to bring him to work for them? Imagine a world where he was fully utilized instead of being a pawn for the JP. Morgan's of the world.


He also thought women were going to take over the world, but was ambivalent to whether or not this was good. Truly an incel in more ways than one, the most based incel of all times (Paul Erdos was volcel so doesn't count).


Idk it's in his wikipedia iirc lol.


Tesla was alive during the soviet union?


Peru I suppose.


To 1943 don't quote me just of my head from what I saw yesterday so he'd be the old him but still tesla


Was Hoxha an ethnonationalist?


No. Why'd you think that


I've read some shit about what he thought on Albanian identity and it sounds like ethnonationalism.


Did Lenin and Engels not use negative dialectics and instead use positivism and empiricism as proclaimed in this article? Kind of rocking my worldview right now: https://libcom.org/library/contra-state-and-revolution


I think i'm a sociopath what do i do /leftypol/ i want to be normal


Do actual sociopaths care about being normal? You're probably fine.


Based on my knowledge this is correct. Even if it isnt, then entire first part about reification of a state should already rock your world. It rocked mine.


My (now ex-)friends called out my behaviour and called me sociopathic, so I looked up the symptoms and it does explain a lot to me. I'm only just now looking into it but I can't find any books on how to treat or cope with it. I don't know. I'm lost


Why specifically was khrushchev a revisionist?


I don’t understand the terminology or the implications of that so I’m trying to re-read State and Revolution and a bunch of other things for better context


Why does China have so many fucking cars? They’re objectively terrible. Why can’t the government do more to restrict the sale of cars, especially to the boug who may own more than one? Also, why don’t they do more to push electric cars? I think only 5% of cars on the road there are electric.



Thoughts on this? Initially I was one of those pro-demand gang, but this changes my perspective radically


Explain Land to me.
Not whether you think personally whether he s right or not.
What is the basic theorum or formula he lays out to explain accelerationism in his book(s)?eurekaEureka


How many people has the British empire killed? Google says it was only 29 mil and even says that "The British didn't make a habit of slaughtering people" even though they invaded and colonized large continents like North America and Africa. Why do people lean so fucking hard on the "muh gorrilians" shit when the Brits and other Empires have obviously done way worse for much longer? It feels like whenever someone brings up Communism everything else in the world is automatically rendered irrelevant and only Communism alone can do bad things.


The story goes like this: Earth is captured by a technocapital singularity as renaissance rationalitization and oceanic navigation lock into commoditization take-off. Logistically accelerating techno-economic interactivity crumbles social order in auto-sophisticating machine runaway. As markets learn to manufacture intelligence, politics modernizes, upgrades paranoia, and tries to get a grip. The body count climbs through a series of globewars. Emergent Planetary Commercium trashes the Holy Roman Empire, the Napoleonic Continental System, the Second and Third Reich, and the Soviet International, cranking-up world disorder through compressing phases. Deregulation and the state arms-race each other into cyberspace. By the time soft-engineering slithers out of its box into yours, human security is lurching into crisis. Cloning, lateral genodata transfer, transversal replication, and cyberotics, flood in amongst a relapse onto bacterial sex. Neo-China arrives from the future. Hypersynthetic drugs click into digital voodoo. Retro-disease. Nanospasm.


You should write a history book, from the perspective of the subject people, with accurate slaughter counts of capitalist empires. The history books that are written from the perspective of the rulers make communism look terrible because it affected the rulers in a negative and permanent way. The Soviet Union euthanized colonialism and that changed the world irreversibly. Muh gorillions is the sound it makes when the rulers complain about that. The slaughter in the name of expansion for capitalist empires is downplayed because present day rulers envy their predecessors who could invade and occupy countries without breaking the bank, who could just massacre people they couldn't dominate. They hate all the restrains and complications they have to endure and they resent that if they go back to their old ways it will stir up another socialist superpower that will end the game for good.


Pseudo socialist populist stops his country from being cucked by neoliberalism and shock therapy, EU and NATO mad so they tried to do a colour revolution that failed miserably, recently they even tried to assassinate the motherfucker and that failed miserably as well. The whole Belarus shit show is a bit more interesting than the usual colour revolution since just like in the cuckrainian maidan Poland is involved, they're trying to take over western Belarus and Cuckraine like they did in the 1920s and revive their colonial project, this time through more subtle means.nazbolNazbol


What was the first liberal country? The US? France?


File: 1619812387208.png (3.63 MB, 1292x6036, 1619807170162.png)

Thoughts on this series of posts? I don't believe in it because whoever owns it right now (the vatican prolly) hasn't allowed any studies recently, also I just don't believe Jesus came back from the dead and glowed so hard he imprinted his very image onto the shroud. The problem is when /x/ posters bring this up they just keep repeating the fact that all tests samples dating to the middle ages were from repaired parts of the shroud, and just bring up mystical characteristics of it, I'm going to assume the only reason this continues to be pretty much the only supposedly supernatural object that some religious people still believe in is because the vatican pretty much teased it for a few years and then refused to allow any further experiments, they probably enjoy the profits of letting the myth live on.


France, I believe


The tests claiming the shroud dates back to (on average, of course) 33 BC were done in Italy in 2013.

Then I guess a forensic scientist tried to replicate the bloodstain himself, and concluded it was impossible in 2018.

Right now, it's regarded as an icon, not a relic.
You can see it in Turin, not the Vatican.

All signs point to bs. Perhaps you should remind them of the other Carney tricks the Catholic church plays on it's own congregation



How so? France had its revolution in 1789, whereas America became independent earlier, with its liberal (?) constitution established just a few months before the French revolution.


I have some questions about revolution. A revolution only works once, or you wait maybe 50 years and try again, reform works always and can be tried again and again how much one wants to. If reform fails then why do social democratic countries exist? How have these socdem reforms not been resetted? Also lets take austria for example, what if it has a revolution, what stops the USA to drone strike the shit out of it and neighbouring countries to invade it and install a fascist, taking as justification the violence of the revolution? A revolution seems impossible nowadays and if it happens like historically it always ends up with millions of unnecessary deaths which wouldn't happen with reform. Please answer these and tell me why revolution is superior.




Please someone answer.


Bump again


>reform always works

>If reform fails then why do social democratic countries exist?

Point to them.

>How have these socdem reforms not been resetted?

More likely than not, they already have. The US is a primary example of virtually every reform won in the early 20th century being clawed back. IMF and World Bank loans have clauses for repealing socialistic reforms baked right in. The UK government has been trying to kill their national healthcare system for decades.

>Also lets take austria for example, what if it has a revolution, what stops the USA to drone strike the shit out of it and neighbouring countries to invade it and install a fascist, taking as justification the violence of the revolution?

A better example is any given country in South America that voted for a left of center president only to get couped. Guatemala, Chile, Brasil, they all went the "reform" route and got military dictatorships, ethnic cleansing, and unrestrained violence for their trouble.


> A revolution seems impossible nowadays

Because you're ignorant.

>always ends up with millions of unnecessary deaths which wouldn't happen with reform.

Lol as opposed to the millions of unnecessary deaths that will happen while we wait for your piddling "reforms?" People have been fighting for reforms in the us for decades now and it's gotten them nowhere. If they pass a reform at the local level, it's superceded at the state level. If they pass reform at the state level, it's superceded at the federal level. Reformers that are lucky enough to somehow make it to the federal level end up marginalized and co opted or intimidated and humiliated by the other branches of the bourgeois political system.

Revolution is the only answer because reforms don't work. As long as the bourgeoisie exist they'll make minor reforms as necessary and then claw them back over time. The entire system that allows them to exist has to be replaced.


Chill out retard.


>millions of uneccesary deaths
who are the ones being killed? proles? are slaves that rebel against their owners dying for no reason too? youre retarded


Well, the military and drones will kill off the proles, thats what I mean


>Point to them.
Nordic countries? Germany?

>More likely than not, they already have. The US is a primary example of virtually every reform won in the early 20th century being clawed back. IMF and World Bank loans have clauses for repealing socialistic reforms baked right in. The UK government has been trying to kill their national healthcare system for decades.

Not everyone lives in the US and UK man. In Germany there have been reforms since weimar times and they've not been resetted.

Reform has a much higher chance in working than a bloody revolution

>A better example is any given country in South America that voted for a left of center president only to get couped. Guatemala, Chile, Brasil, they all went the "reform" route and got military dictatorships, ethnic cleansing, and unrestrained violence for their trouble.

Reformed governments are far less likely to be invaded due to them doing it democratically and slowly taxing away the rich and promoting worker owned businesses.

When was the last revolution since the fall of the USSR? They just don't have the backing they used to have.

What stops the USA from literally drone striking and bombing the country to death? The UN, China?

Btw I am not a reformist, those are just reformist arguments I wanted to have answers for.


>Nordic countries? Germany?
lol at the nords and lol at germany, as if Germany hasn't been succumbing to neoliberalism since reunification.

>Not everyone lives in the US and UK man.

It doesn't matter which part you live in happens to be called, you live under capitalism.

>Reform has a much higher chance in working than a bloody revolution

"Working" at what exactly? Germans and Nords aren't any closer to escaping the endless misery of wage slavery, and the price of those "reforms" is the destruction of Libya, Syria, Iraq, Afghanistan, etc, etc. Your beloved dem soc utopia is built on the corpses of workers in more heavily exploited countries.

>Reformed governments are far less likely to be invaded due to them doing it democratically and slowly taxing away the rich and promoting worker owned businesses.

Meanwhile, in reality, it doesn't fucking matter if changes come from peaceful reform governments or turbulent revolutions, because you'll get fucked with either way. Jair Bolsenaro was installed after the us helped fabricate charges against the previous leftist president. The same thing happened in Honduras, courtesy of Obama's state department. Evo Morales was forced to flee his country sure to another coup attempt by the Trump administration that was also trying to install a neoliberal puppet in Venezuela.

>When was the last revolution since the fall of the USSR?

Venezuela? The Arab Spring?

>What stops the USA from literally drone striking and bombing the country to death?

Virtually nothing except a strong, well armed nation state. The past thirty years are a litany of illegal US adventurism that has killed millions. Their bases in Syria are totally illegal, and no one is stopping them. Now they seem to be trying to sidestep the whole messy issue of illegally invading and occupying other countries by outsourcing it to private interests.


Was it real communism?antifaAntifa


By reform I wasn't meaning a socdem country but ok


>If reform fails then why do social democratic countries exist?


Read a critique of Marx and mainly Engels saying that the dialectical logic itself was Idealist. That Hegel’s concept of ‘real’ was about logic and not existence. Frustratingly this seemingly extremely important critique was never mentioned or backed up again in the book. It is assumed this dialectic is a capitalist bourgeois ideology itself. Arguably the most important claim in the book is unaddressed. Not even examples of the capitalists engaging in a dialectic thinking, non-materialist or materialist is given.

I find this very intriguing. I remember hearing that Michael Hudson said that something in an interview that many people on Wall Street were Marxists. To be honest, i don’t have a strong reading of Marx, but I made the association that Marxist are at the very least dialectical thinkers. I’m gonna start reading Hegel’s Zeitgeist.

But my question. Which works of Hegel should I read to understand dialectics and the ‘real’? Can this claim of the real being the logic itself and not the “existence” be substantiated? Are there any works or studies about bourgeois ideology being dialectical?


the book is Reading Capital Politically by Harry Cleaver.

Honestly, the frustrating part is not that I have to read Hegel. The frustrating part seems to be the author’s insistence to cite and give evidence of Marx and Engel’s logic. They seem to be well read. However, this most critical claim is astonishingly barren with references. I’m assuming the author expects us to have a background of Hegel, but the contrast between providing context and examples from Marx and Engels and the critical claim to reject dialectics is stark. So stark that even generally un-critical me had alarm bells going off. It brought intense doubt to the claim especially because it was empty. I’m not finished with the book, but I’ll keep reading. Just generally want a quick answer to the Hegel’s real being “existence” or “logic”.


Well Hoxha spent a good deal criticizing the USSR and China for "abandoning" proletarian internationalism, he also fought nationalists from Albania during WWII. I doubt he happened to be an ethnonationalist all along.
>about what he thought on Albanian identity and it sounds like ethnonationalism.
Can you source me on this?


Why is "though" a bad word, and why should I give a fuck?


File: 1619969709183.png (91.48 KB, 740x724, though.png)



It's not. The memery about "though" is probably some goonshit and the thought behind it is this: It looks bad to have nothing to say in response to an opponent's argument. It looks so bad that even a canned meme response to some detail of what the opponent said is preferable. It follows that you should build up an arsenal of weak meme shit responses as a fallback strategy. Building up a huge arsenal of weak meme shit responses is tedious, so let's search for a few that you can often bring up in many situations. "Though" is a fairly common word. At the moment, doing the meme just looks retarded. But doing it more will lead to acceptance, at least in the places where it gets spammed, and then it will work. A similar fallback (and one that already works) is "rent free".

If you try anything like that in real life or a video conference remember to smirk like a cocaine-crazy yuppie sex pest time traveler from the 80s.


Could dialectical materialism


Could dialectical materialism be considered a epistemology or a metaphysics?


do we not like NATO / UN because of specific actions / what they've done, or is there something inherently bad about treaties / diplomatic circles for nations of the world?




I understand the problems with the "spectacle of debate" but what's the alternative exactly?


Are there/has there been efforts at re-translating key leftist texts originating from their original language to whatever language you speak? Occasionally, I see recurring debates about Aufheben and it sparked a question if these texts were "properly" translated as interpretation sometimes seems shaky.


File: 1620111570635.jpg (210.2 KB, 1160x773, static.politico.com.jpg)

Why did this guy even go after China in the first place? And what is the point of continuing the Cold War with China?


What is the ML anti-revisionist take on unions? Do they advocate joinging the big ones and influencing it with the Parties line? Or do they create entirely new unions from the start? Also is the goal a general strike?


Does anybody have anything on gun related death rates in the USSR?


If no one is able to answer this on the board then all I can take from that is the conclusion that nobody on this site actually reads and are all just aesthetic meme MLs, not dissimilar to any Facebook meme group.


The line is you join your fucking union son
although that's complicated by a lot of unions banning communist party membership and I cbf going into the weeds on that hence the lack of responsestalinStalin


Who came up with the term socialism first? Was it the communists or socdems


Piggybacking off this question: who defines what socialism is? Some say it's the abolition of commodity production, some say it's worker ownership of the MoP, some say it has to be both.


File: 1620306143327.jpg (740.31 KB, 1213x750, 1619884212679.jpg)

Trump was a representation of the frustration felt by the middle class petty bourgeois retards who are increasingly falling into the ranks of the working class and view china as the cause of their issues and a threat rather than the reality of the situation that Massive corporations (who trump ultimately still represented) are the reason why their businesses are falling apart because capitalism cannot sustain the Golden era experienced by them in their child hood. So, they blame china and trump was appealing to this current.posadasPosadas


File: 1620310698472.mp4 (5.38 MB, 720x764, msse4Dj12hq8zqw-.mp4)



Popular 4chin hacker group known as anonymous




File: 1620312229530.jpg (1.14 MB, 1000x1200, 1620059376188.jpg)

This is black hammer. Other than being fascists they are also massive retards. The espouse communist rhetoric and cloak their reactionary politics underneath it. They very much are the anti-whyte types like the Black Isrealities with out religious aesthetics. They're massive retards and deserve to have their faces beat in.posadasPosadas


Socialists were the social reformers attempting to deal with changes brought by changes in political economy before Marxy Marx and the International Bunch came along. Marx and Engels assumed the term Communists to distinguish their political program. Generally socialism is taken as the transitional stage or stages between full capitalism (now) and full communism (the future when all previously existing conditions become impossible).

Realistically speaking, what constitutes socialism is going to depend on the material circumstances of the place and people you're talking about as different social and economic requirements, industrial capability, technology, and so forth are going to be different, but there needs to be the abolition of private productive property, communal ownership of necessary resources, and the elimination of bourgeois property forms and relations. How these are achieved, to what extent, and what is necessary, depends on who you ask. There are many different theories on how this will look like and be implemented, council communism, soviets, labor unions, free associations, etc, etc, some which are more theoretical than others, and some which have achieved various levels of real world experience. The only thing we know for sure is that market socialists are wrong.


black pisshammer


The fuck, I never realised Gazi was a flaming fruity queen. I guess that explains why he's so deperate for attention.




Real life Afro-Nazbol Gang


Oh. Thanks for the information anon.


Socialism was coined by the utopians many years before either of those existed. The words socialist/socialism first appeared in the 1820s and 1830s in Owenite and Saint-Simonian publications.


What would Lenin have to say about the Spanish civil war? Would the francoist coup have legitimized the Republic as a worker's revolution despite it being an electoral victory?


Did he just get finished watching Paris is burning?eurekaEureka


and the fact you can't have a pause (or even a slowdown) in that growth without the system having a crisis


I remember seeing an image in the really old days of leftypol, back when we were in 8chan, back before even the split with leftpol. It was a tankie image of a russian knight and a chinese warrior standing against a hydra with every head being an imperialist power. It was probably a digital painting.

Does anyone have that?


Why does the crisis of overproduction happen? Can't capitalists just scale back production, since the crisis that would otherwise happen afterwards would be worse?


Because the entire ethos of capitalism is infinite and ever happening growth.


Were communists in any way involved during the Bosnian War?


How the fuck do I download marxists.org literature as pdf on my computer



I heard Feurbach was a major influence on Marx’s materialism. Should I read him?


How is indigenous land rights not blood and soil type idealism? I've heard self-described radical leftists again and again use pretty much identarian talking points about "returning the land back to its rightful owners," am I crazy for finding fault with this? Surely decolonial efforts can be achieved without this


>Should I read Feuerbach?


File: 1620662359353.jpg (84.28 KB, 680x513, USSRLeagueOfNations.jpg)

Is there some sort of compilation of Soviet/bolshevik/communist claims on numbers of repressed/killed/etc pre-1953? It's the hardest data to find, ffs, it's always relatively modern historians' data like Krivosheev's, but never the stuff people like Krivosheev seem to be bent on proving being wrong.

Say, Winter War - http://heninen.net/sopimus/molotov1940.htm

Molotov says finns mobilized 600k troops, 60k dead, 250k injured (who knows how many dead from injuries). Soviet side lost 49k dead, 159k wounded. This is pre-1953 data, alright. Also, mentions that Allies and Germany and Sweden sent Finland 350 planes, 1500 artillery, 6000 machineguns, 100k rifles, 650k grenades and so on. Britain was ready to send 100k large expeditionary army to Finland (during the war with Germany, no less), and France had it's own expedition ready at 26 February already. So, by Molotov's words, the Winter War was a total success, USSR managed to blitzkrieg Finland so fast that foreign powers couldn't respond in time. Say, look at this shit https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1Uk5bY22RSE as a reference for troop movements and ignore stuff like "slaughtering Soviets in huge numbers" and compare that to Molotov's assessment of the war. It makes a lot of sense, isn't it?

So, is there a compilation like that? Any articles, any historians, anything at all? Speeches by Molotov, Stalin etc get immediately branded as "propaganda trying to hide losses" by retards who think that people like Stalin were ordinary bourgeois politicians trying to save face for the next election.


>How is indigenous land rights not blood and soil type idealism
Generally speaking it is.
>am I crazy for finding fault with this?
No, it's pure reactionary libshit. It's one thing to kick someone out of a place they're currently inhabiting, but the Earth is the common property of everyone. Saying that "natives" have more rights to a place (especially based on their ancestors maybe having lived there x years ago) than "settlers" is deeply reactionary.


Your supposed to have an indigenous vanguard as part of a national liberation struggle, so you are 'giving the land' to socialists. Obviously keeping private property is a lib co-opt of the concept.


>Your supposed to have an indigenous vanguard as part of a national liberation struggle
Can you elaborate on this point


>How is indigenous land rights not blood and soil type idealism?
It is. The reason why progressives don't recoil from slogans of that sort is that nobody takes it seriously. It's purely performance. Some meeting of progressives starts with some formulaic claim how you all live on stolen land and then… nothing happens. The topic is changed, there is not even an attempt at some rhetorical bridge to whatever the next topic is and nobody gives a shit.


Is reading Boris Souvarine's book on Stalin supposedly the first ever biography on him worth reading?

Or is it too biased?


So, what's the deal with Marx having different definitions of terms to normalfag economist graduates?
Is there a way to deal with this without having debates about how fucking stupid and easy to disprove Marx is until someone points out that's not what 'value' or 'labor' means there so camgirl bath water doesn't disprove LTV?
Should Marx continue to be used as a bedrock?
I haven't read das capital yet


Ok so this is borderline just fucking around, but is racism even real? I say this as Burger minority, but in the last few years I've been thinking that basing political progress around things that can't be quantified like "racism" or "national spirit" or the aspects of "blood and soil"

Like, from my perspective I can't even really tell when someone is potentially being racist if they're not outright yelling slurs at me, so I find somewhat ridiculous that something so vaguely and ill defined (outside of economic realities like redlining or literal apartheid) can be used as a barometer

honestly I'm just thinking a loud now but goddamn liberal "progressivism" is honestly kind of insane the more I think about it, it's almost like an inverted version of white supremacy


the fact that mainstream economists literally changed the definitions of words over the last century specifically in response to marxism has something to do with it, i suspect


Give me a quick rundown on the Molotov-Ribbentrop Pact and the secret clause.


There's a whole thread on this >>190249


thank you


It's a 1994 (ish) article made by Russian researchers and an American professor


Victims of the Soviet Penal System in the Pre-War Years: A First Approach on the Basis of Archival Evidence
J. Arch Getty, Gábor T. Rittersporn and Viktor N. Zemskov


copy paste into text editing program

save as .PDF


Just read Left commnism: an infantile disease. Communists should of course join unions and be active in unions and they should identify the best cadres and get them to join the party.



why do you not hate uyghurs


>mainstream historian paid by Russian Academy of Sciences, who got into the Sacred Archives and took out of their The True Data.

It's the same shit as Krivosheev. Read a couple of interviews, it's literally the same shit - "how can you not trust the archives?!" Come on now, I am asking about stuff like this http://heninen.net/sopimus/molotov1940.htm with Soviet losses (or gains) officially stated in publications made pre-1953


Haha, Zermskov attributed Katyn to Soviets. Yep, that's a big fat lier


But it was done by the Soviets. What's the big deal with owning it?


The article I linked is literally the debunk of everything Conquest and other tards were peddling for decades. Muh millions debunked in that article.


Fuck off, retard. You can googlle all the proofs yourself - from Katyn's poles being in military uniforms with money in their pockets (as opposed to gulag taking away all personal belongings and putting them into abox), and polish being shot with german bullets and german guns, to post-soviet documents being fake, and a lot of polish intellectuals supposedly shot there were alive and well in after-war Poland (fakers just written in random names in documents).

Now, scram

<Put forward a biggest lie possible, get an outrage
>retreat a little and offer a lie somewhat smaller, get people start quoting you to counter the biggest lie
Psyop not even once


Oh, and while I am at it: 700k shot in 1937-38 is a completely fake number. Have you ever wondered why is that death sentences outweight gulag sentences so heavily? Because fakers don't have to proof that people shot existed! Gulags had data on prisoners there, and thus lies could be checked quite easily, but people shot? Lol'd, they just cease to exist! They evaporate! 1000 people shot per day for 2 years straight by NKVD, just think about it.

This is the same way how they fake WW2 Soviet losses, by the way - they cram all the losses into reinforcements, as in, Soviet divisions had insane turnover of people. You can't track it in any way, shape or form, you only have the average army size at various points in time. This way you can produce any amount of Soviet losses you need even if division size doesn't change throughout the year! Amazing.


It's fucking silly how far propaganda goes.So, I was playing Grisby's War in the East not a long time ago. Cranked difficulty down, playing as the Soviet Side, ok, don't do anything. Germans don't attack because they can't do anything, they don't do anything, and I still get 50k losses per turn (week or two? Don't remember already). Like, come on now. Why? Just flat 50k losses per week, every week, when there's no fighting happening, for no reason at all. Why do you even need to impose on Soviet side a 50k loss for statistics that don't matter in the game in any way, shape or form. Just…. why?


schizo hours

groverr furr forgot to take hiz medz


>not believing obvious fakes is schizo because of muh historical science integrity


>1000 people shot per day for 2 years straight by NKVD, just think about it.
It's reasonable to have that many people executed at such a pace, though? What's wrong with this rate?


did they really? could you post some example


First, 1000/24/60 == ~0.7 sentences served per minute, if you shoot all day long without pause.

Yeah, dude, first troikas spend 2 minutes on every person on a list for entire day long, then NKVD shoots a person every 2 minutes! Then Memorial foundation then tries to find corpses and never finds them, never did they find any people shooting ranges or any corpses. 700k dead - and none found anywhere!

And explanations of this shit is one funnier than other. Lubyanka having special sluisse to dump blood and gore into the river at night - how's that? Or using motorboats to turn corpses into fine dust? You know that mass graves attract animals, right? That animals will eat corpses and spread diseases all over the place, and for example nazis were using stuff to disinfect and to scare away animals poured onto mass graves? How do you maintain this rate of executions and keep it secret from the population? (Someone has to have that research of the impact of great purge on population saved, can't find it)

This whole stupidity hinges upon historians' authority, they prop up this nonsense with their names and degrees. Take it away, and noone will believe this shit.


That's less than us cops kill per year.


It's real, but not as some special spooky force or inherent quality that liberals usually treat it as.


>The topic is changed, there is not even an attempt at some rhetorical bridge to whatever the next topic is and nobody gives a shit.
Usually they make noises about "landback" without actually detailing what that's supposed to mean.


Alright my understanding is that Marx said every mode of production (while it exists) has the seed, the mechanisms of the new mode embedded within. I fail to see where you could pinpoint a socialist sector in the advanced capitalist economies emerging and growing. There's the proletariat and their institutions but those have largely been destroyed and their bargaining power crushed. Public utilities (if they count) are being rapidly privatized. If capitalism came from the cities and the markets within feudal kingsoms where does socialism come from?


In bigger and bigger monopolies. You just take over these giant firms and socialize them. Shit is getting very concentrated (like 90 % of media being concentrated in 6 firms or microprocessors being made by 2 firms)


Read Lenin's imperialism and then Hudson's superimperialism.


One example is the internet and programs like Napster, BitTorrent, etc. Now all media that can be digitized is virtually infinitely replicable and instantly distributable at practically no cost or effort.


Is it ok to be a Marxist but also an antisemite?


No, anti-Semitism is bourgeois nonsense.


Continuing my ranting.

Khruschev's 1956 speech https://digitalarchive.wilsoncenter.org/document/115995.pdf?v=3c22b71b65bcbbe9fdfadead9419c995 at page ~6 Khruschev talks about "active defence".

Stalin's 1946 speech https://digitalarchive.wilsoncenter.org/document/116179.pdf?v=a831b5c6a9ff133d9da25b37c013d691 at page ~8 Stalin talks about "active defence"

Any sources on what that doctrine actually entailed? Obviously, it's a strategy similar to what russians did to Napoleon with his numerical superiority.


Race hatred is dumb nonsense and sectarian. When Marx said workers of the world unite, he meant it.


What will socially and culturally change with marxism?


(excluding it being culturally progressive)


*What would socially and culturally change with socialism? (This fucking kuroba app doesn't let me remove)


Is marx always such a pedantic bitch?

i'm reading a critique of the gotha programme at page 8 and he's just being so petty and nittypick with this german socdem's manifesto or whatever


So about that fetishization of commodity thing
Nowadays all those bourgeois high end products that come up with a whole biography of the product you bought are good or bad then?

Like for e.g you buy an special grown apple, and there'll be a pamphlet telling you about who grew it, where and how

Did they commodify fetishizing the commodity? LOL


Yes. He would be a terrible political leader (if he somehow found himself in a Lenin role or something)


Didn't Lenin also make a lot of snappy remarks in his writing?


he did.
that's why he was that isolated in the RSDWP.


Yes, but he was still able to gather masses of people without sperging out too much (end of war, all power to the soviets,)


Lenin's way of talking in russian sounds great, and snappy remarks actually burn. Marx in english or russian is meh


>he was that isolated in the RSDWP.


I might be crazy for asking, but what is the point of /leftypol/? To be clear I don't think /leftypol/ provides absolutely nothing, but I question the benefit it has to left-wing politics.
Does /leftypol/ exist for discussing left-wing theory? I see a few examples of this, but the vast majority of posts have little to do with theory. One might point to /edu/, but it's a very slow board and is rarely if ever referenced by posters on /leftypol/.
Does /leftypol/ exist for analyzing current events? There's lots of talking about current events, but I rarely see any insights on an event given here that a reasonable person can't arrive at on their own. Even when an effortpost is made, discussion is often sparse and terse.
Does /leftypol/ allow leftists to organize? Obviously this isn't happening. Maybe there's some potential here if something spontaneous like Occupy 2.0 occurs, but the fact that discussion isn't private - let alone encrypted - makes such reasoning dubious.
Does /leftypol/ exist to connect leftists? Being a primarily anonymous image board, and one where even the slightest psuedonymity can be discouraged, this is not the case. I've never observed two or more posters connect beyond the site itself and the matrix chatroom.


Its /pol/ but for leftists. Don't overthink it.


>noooo you can't debunk revisionists down to the last detail!!
t. lassalle


then what is the point of /pol/?


File: 1621041328900.png (4.04 KB, 288x91, ExEx5SiXEAI9Z5j.png)

Funnily enough, in his earlier works such as The Poverty of Philosophy, he's often accused of making unfair generalizations and sweeping statements. Considering how much of a nuisance Proudhonism became to the European Left, he probably wasn't harsh enough.


Its an anonymous image board. Its for trying out new theories and arguing for them bullheadedly until you are proven wrong then changing your mind and starting a new thread without having to admit it. Second its for shitposting and sharing jokes while commiserating with likeminded people about the state of the world, something that is increasingly challenging to find in real life.


the point of politically incorrect and being anon is so you can say the dumbest shit and not have it attached to you forever. you can't learn you are wrong if you soften your phrasing or don't say what you really mean to protect your reputation, even if its just a username or avatar. arguing while shooting from the hip in your own words is peak dialectics.


You're universalizing your own view of a piece of software. Unless you can point out where in /leftypol/'s FAQ, guide, whatever this is stated, you're wrong.


Yeah that sounds right to me

I can point it out in the boards history. Thats how its always functioned. Never any of those things >>14586 listed


>board's history
Nice spook. Anonymous posts aren't evidence of some "inherent" trait of imageboards.


I mean 4chan started as a place to talk about liking japanese cartoons without being ridiculed for it.


Does 'the point' of the site have to be the official stated purpose, or how it is used? Those are two different questions with different answers.
For the first, read the sticky. The FAQ page will be launched within the week but for now that information is still in our manifesto.
>>163675 attachment 1


File: 1621044565445-0.png (151.24 KB, 932x491, NBuUP.png)

This, but it goes both ways. People can't dismiss your opinion for being a women or other minority if you don't tell them. Its a real marketplace of ideas.


Based spook poster


>anti-Semitism is bourgeois
Can you prove that?


Imageboards have the disadvantage of it being trivially easy to astroturf though.


>Its a real marketplace of ideas.
lol retards still pushing this trash Shii said decades ago about anonymity when it's been proven wrong time and time again.


File: 1621146748320.png (4.09 KB, 275x183, Dont get any ideas.png)

Whilst right now most nations are equipped to deal with forms of conventional terrorism, I have had some looming thoughts in my head that entire nations might be fucked if a group of really dedicated geniuses manage to cook up a superweapon in a basement or hell, even a small group of insurgents manage to, lets say steal a nuclear bomb.

About 5 years ago a small handful of south African thieves managed to sneak into a nuclear plant containing the remnants of the Apartheid nuclear program. Nothing of value was stolen but the site contained enough material to construct about 6 moderately sized nuclear bombs. The thieves were never caught. Imagine if they managed to get away with something, imagine the panic and later, the horror.

Nuclear terrorism is something that keeps me up at night, and its not even the only scenario like this. A single skilled hackerbro could shut off an entire cities electrical grid for a few hours, a few more dedicated people could destroy a few transformers and shut a whole city off for weeks. Imagine some bio terrorists get their hands on the last remaining vials of smallpox, or hell manage to cook up some new virus conventionally or with new technology that may come soon. I am personally shocked nothing like this has happened before, the US and the Soviets have managed to lose several nuclear warheads and like mentioned previously the last vials of smallpox. Most of this has never been found. What are the implications of this and what are other feasible ways to create/steak a superweapon? Fun fact, America usually transports its nuclear missiles in unescorted semi truck containers.


Oh my fucking god I wasnt paying attention and didnt realize I was replying to a thread. Please ignore this.


>communism doesn't result in utopia
Ok and?
>How do we deal with non-communists
Depends. Maybe we'll provide classes for some and maybe a bullet for others.eurekaEureka


Why didn't the feudal lords become the bourgeoisie? If anything they were in a position to develop the means of production and not be usurped by the urban bourgeoisie.


I would like to give a posthumous apology to Mr.Coral Marks

After reading up on wikipedia apparently the dude marx was sassing around was the infamous "jewish uyghur lasslee" who is a nationalist and monarchist

I take back what I said. Marx was based to shit on him


I saw what you did. Everybody saw it. We will not ignore it. I will screencap your post and remember it forever.

Do better.


Because they were conditioned to be lazy parasites. They had privileges, they were expecting to get a cushy job whenever, they owned land and collected taxes from anyone living, moving in or leaving, and so on and so forth. One hell of a cozy existance.


>Why didn't the feudal lords become the bourgeoisie
In some cases they did, but generally speaking feudal landlords are limited in the sort of property they can own or income they can derive from it.

In England we do see a bourgeois-ification of the landlords as they enclose the commons (the land outside of their property used by the peasants) over the period from the 14th to 19th century. During that time also you also have conflicts like The Barons War on the continent where lower-level nobility fought with upper-level nobility, in part because the higher nobility needed their land for increased profits and they no longer needed a personal army etc.


and yet he is right, and he is more of anon than you will ever be with such attitude. now stfu and lurk moar newfag


big monopolies, automation & cybernetics


Does anyone have a list of AES countries? I want to keep a list.


In which of marx's works does he talk about "petty boug being a volatile class" or something like that

I remember quoting that from the introduction of the critique of the gotha programme but i can't find it there anymore


If it weren't for theory autists gathering on /leftypol/ I'd probably still be a rightoid


Could someone please give me a good article that highlights the success of Cuba's healthcare system, and why it is revered?
Want to send it to a liberal, so preferably not an article that praises Stalin for some reason.



There's a lot of stuff here: https://leftypedia.org/wiki/Cuba
If anything you can send over the individuals sources contained within this.


Did something similar to operation paperclip happened to soviet scientists after '91? Would not be surprised if certain flowing agencies encouraged them with big salaries to emigrate to the US.


*glowing agencies


Does anybody have a source on that quote where Marx (or possibly Engels, I forget) acknowledges the existence of revolutionary excesses in reference to the Paris Commune? Iirc it’s something along the lines of it being ridiculous to say that the Commune burned the exact necessary number of buildings, killed the exact necessary number of people and no more, etc.sabo-tabbySabo-Tabby


if the US south had the quality of life of any random banana republic before the new deal why is that the part where most people are economically libetarian today?


Do you really need marx or engels to say that maybe trying to burn the notre dame was going a bit to far?


What's the difference between syndicalism and leninism? Given that Lenin's revolutionary goal was "all power to the soviets", wouldn't organization along the lines of council's/syndicates/soviets/unions ultimately result in a soviet-like system?


>capital cannot be revolutionary
>you can't just opt out of capitalism, socialism must come from within capitalism
These two statements seem contradictory but I see them a lot. What's the deal?


Is a fortune cookie a tangible spook you can actually physically hold in your hands?


Leftists say Katyn was a justified operation against Polish counterrevolutionaries, others say that it was a murder of Polish intelligentsia to prevent Poles from having leadership figures of their own and such. What's the truth here?


Nazis did it. "Smoking gun" documents from the russian side are fake


Didn't those documents come from the Soviet archives when the USSR was falling apart? Who says they are fake?


Those documents - and many others - are fakes. Every since Khruschev they were dropping fakes into the archives. Like, come on, they were writing memoirs for the soviet generals and mashals! Timoshenko had no memoirs, Voroshilov's memoirs were edited so hard there was no 30-50s in them, Stalin's full works were basically removed from all libraries, Budyonnyi similarly had everything he participated in past Civil War stripped away.

Everyone with a half a brain says that. "Secret Documents" is a running joke in Russia. Problem is, people joking aren't smart enough to expand on the concept. Come the fuck on - why WOULDN'T anticommunists put fakes into the archives? Rightoids are willing to go to great lengths to invent falsehoods to smear communists (and jews) with, and Black Book of Communism is one big lie - so, why WOULDN'T post-communist anti-communist Russia (and khruschevite USSR) do the same? Half of present day russian politicians were nationalists at one point, and Putin himself praises Solzhenitsyn, fuck, Solzhenitsyn is in russian schools alongside Dostoevsky and Chekhov.


Oh, and if this line of thinking doesn't persuade you, Katyn was totally done by nazis. All the evidence on site points to nazis doing it. Eventually "historians" were forced to admit that polish officers weren't shot by NKVD - so they actually procured documents about prisoner transfers, about how poles were moved around the USSR when the war broke out. Obviously, to shoot them later!


Mods, tweet this screenshot with a link to the foreign policy article

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