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File: 1608527599172.png (584.85 KB, 640x613, acornsphere.png)

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spooky how? Do you now believe they're doing the plot to utopia?


It’s just all too perfect


File: 1608527603657.gif (1.29 MB, 247x247, spherestarmer.gif)

If the sphere demanded tribute from you to delay his ending of your miserable life (and so the beginning of an eternity of horrors too vast for any human tongue to express), which tribute would you offer forth?

note that should you offer something you cannot deliver, the sphere would be most displeased and this would likely have a negative effect on your afterlife.


Stop being cryptic


>it's May 1st 2025
>Switch channel to BBC
>The Sphere
>Is Here


File: 1608527608212.png (67.5 KB, 393x395, le SR face.png)

I'm gonna save the Socdem's time by saying this:
Join a left-SR and praise the sun!


the final showdown: le sr face vs sphere starmer


Why not asking what it wants in the first place?


>18th June 2024
>Priti Patel expected to win a thumping majority after promising to show her tits on TV if she wins
>hordes of thirsty men of all political persuasions vote enthusiastically
>polling stations across the country are soiled as many men can't hold in their excitement
>it's nearing midnight and the exit polls are expected, men with throbbing cocks in their hands anticipating the big show
>Huw Edwards about to announce the exit polls
>and the winner is… what's going on? What's that noise?
>screaming and the crushing of concrete and shattering glass can be heard in the BBC studio
>ladies and gentlemen, some kind of giant expanding object appears to be destroying BBC studios… wait a minute… it can't be… starmer?
>the signal cuts out, then we see a flashing image of Huw edwards and his political pundit guests dead, mutilated beyond recognition and slumped over the desk. The BBC studio backdrop is littered with corpses. The signal cuts out again
>huw edwards and toby young are now staring directly into the camera and start whispering something.
>fear. the. sphere.
>they keep chanting this over and over, becoming louder each time until they are screaming at the top of their lungs.
>go to look outside the window
>it's pic related


What does /leftybritpol/ think of Paul Cockshott?
I see his work posted on the site all the time outside of this general.
Everytime I read something by him it starts off well but it ends up going in a bizarre reactionary direction on social issues.
Is there anyone who analyses British politics/economics that you'd recommend reading who doesn't come off as a decrepit bigot at a moments notice?


He is extremely based. Your condemnation of him for disagreeing on social issues is embarrassing. Please grow up


So it appears that the Northumbrian nationalists have triggered someone so much they made a (rather subtle) parody of the movement.


I don't really rate him. He has some extremely revisionist takes such as that the USSR was doomed because they didn't have good enough computers. At the end of the day, the actual economic planning side of things has never been so much of a logistical problem as a social one.


I shall give my blessings to the Cumbrian Comrades, even if I disagree with the view of trans rights.


If he were a too little too late policy by the government to try and top a mutant strain of coronavirus, he'd be Tier 4 Starmer.


How to spot a zoomer


He’s based and you are a lib


There's nothing left wing about hating the LGBT+ community sweaty



cytube for tonight guys?

give suggestions


GF boomer boogy mum it’s guilt tripping us into coming for Christmas and getting a megabus on Christmas Day… cos apparently it’s rude if don’t go annnnnd… she doesn’t want to drive us cos she wants to have a drink.

Literally all boomers should be fucking detained. I’m sick o how fucking entitled they all are. Won’t even be fun either she sucks the fun out of everything in order to present a show home image. Dear god.


&ltAcorn ML
Here to pay my respect


if he was based he wouldn't feel it necessary to shoehorn in social issues.


Give any proof


his proposed tax on the childless remains one of the dumbest policies ever committed to paper.

>b-but the USSR and Romania did it. Based Romania even banned abortion!

Romania's plan was ill thought out and stopped working when women discovered coathangers, the USSR was facing demographic crisis after WW2 while staring down a war with the USA. Neither of these scenarios are used to justify cockgun's suggestion, which is put forward as a permanent peacetime policy. on moral and resource allocation grounds that selectively pick out parts of a cycle and then frame it in the way that maximises resentment. (literally the only reason to have a specific childless tax rather than child benefit from a common tax pool is to make clear you are penalizing the childless for being childless.)


Not actually come across that one before, does sound pretty dumb


But not sure why that is proof of him hating lgbt people?


He literally views them as a drain on society because they don't have enough children.


Is that really it though? I’ve only read TANS and a few other bits mind, but his language tends to be very dispassionate. It’s a cold analysis. He would probably not see them as a “drain” but it is a fact that they don’t have children and children are necessary for the reproduction of society, that is unpaid labour that many if not most women do for everybody else at some point on their lives. A tax on the childless would also I imagine not be based on your sexuality, a straight childless person would also be subject to such a tax if they were childless. I agree it sounds like a dumb tax but I can’t really see it as homophobic. Although coming from the unpaid female labour angle, why shouldn’t women who do have children not be compensated for this labour? Do we have to tax the childless for that I’m not sure


(Another way this is weird is- a lot of women can’t have children and it is a source of great pain for them, would they then be taxed?) sounds like Cockshotts typical sperg nature. Like a very ruthless materialist analysis but emotionally bereft




File: 1608527762184.jpg (9.21 KB, 400x359, spherical.jpg)


surely we can get some palantir/eye of Sauron Sphere edits?


Today is Brexit d-day, if no deal is reached today then the european parliament will refuse to approve it before the cut-off on the 1st.


>Is that really it though?
Even if it's not "hating" the LGBT+ community, it is still not a good stance to take.
And why would anyone get behind an analyst who only sees people as cogs in a machine? Unless you expect everyone to be completely emotionless, writing as if people have one and only purpose is useless. It cannot apply to our world.


Swear this was last week


swear its been every week for the past 4 years
I mean to a certain extent people are just cogs. Nothing wrong with being a cog. A cog is honest work. A cog helps the whole machine to run smoothly. If we remove sexuality from it, do you agree women should be compensated for raising children?


File: 1608527789570.jpg (18 KB, 625x390, kdidaebi84409jp3.jpg)

>Board finally cementing itself and getting really good again
>Gets deleted next week






Theres like two pinned mod threads. They are both massively long and boring. Some shit about the mods not liking the board owner


Why do these manchildren think we care about their drama? Just have a site that works and stay away as much as possible


I swear down if Leftybripol dies/////


I'm a Communist, but I hate other leftists. I've never met another leftist I like. All of them are dogmatic, lifestylists and stupid on top of it.


I think all mothers should receieve the help they need.
Don't know about compensation though. Do we even need many a lot of new children? Our population is so vast already, so should having children even be incentivised?
If having children is incentivised, what would stop many women from choosing to raise kids instead of working in other areas? Pregnancy and childcare is not easy, in fact it's dangerous, yet it seems some women are happy to have as many children as they can - even when under capitalism childcare can greatly set back your career.
I was in Wigan for work recently and the size of families was shocking, quite a few patients had 7 children. If that's what people are like under the current circumstances, imagine what they'd be like under corcumstances where they are greatly incentivised to have them.

Again, women should be fully supported in their health, and care of children.

Do you think women should only be given the compensation for raising children? Or will men who decide to take on that responsibility instead also be compensated?

Tbh without explicut rules for how the hypothetical society functions, speculating is very limited. How much is the compensation? Is it the same as a wage earned through other work? Are all jobs paid the same? Etc.

Sexuality being removed takes the point away from the initial discussion. I was reading an article by Cockshott where he decribed how 3 of Corbyn's actions are a step away from socialism. He comes across as a straight up TERF (going out of his way to misgender the people he acknowledges are trans in that same paragraph).
I'm not one to get hung up on identity politics, but Cockshott seems to take pride in being reactionary on these issues every chance he gets.
Identity politics may not be the path to socialism, but there is nothing inherently anti-left wing about them on their own.


I like pussy


I feel like the name "Kier Starmer" should be the name of a pan-Celtic ML or Maoist terrorist leader instead of a blairite


Population is declining in the West to point that it will pose a real problem soon. A society where a majority of people aren't able to work due to being too old to work, is not going to function in the long run.


No industrialized nation, capitalist or DOTP has provided any real solutions to the problem of aging populations, even the "deindustrialization" of the neoliberal era has really seen birthrates gone up. Either we learn to live with degrowth and age or return to monkey, neither of which look very realistic.


Lads we aren’t allowed a discor.d but we could go in cytube and post one there, so we have our own leftybrit bunker like


Could also use riot, (element) but just in case shit goes wrong so we all have a home


We probably can't stop the aging population problem completely, but making society into a place where it's easier to raise children is at least going to slow down the issue. The main point that I'm trying to get across is that children is an asset to society and not a burden.


If shit goes wrong we should just use cytube for now as refuge and also make a riot just incase to migrate there for a bit while leftypol regathers.

In fact tonight why dont we all get on cytube and talk about what going on n shit and watch some vids aye?

let's hope all is well.



If shit goes wrong I'll miss u all leftybritpol mates.

T. gentrification anon

(Space is having a meeting around 10pm tonight aswell so we'll find out what's happening soon)


We need to make a bunker before 10


8ish or 9ish we will be getting on cytube and talking and watching shit, also we need a riot/element made for then so we can bunkerdown incase shit goes schizo.





File: 1608527901551.jpg (64.56 KB, 1280x720, maxresdefault.jpg)


I usually tune in


cope antinatalist, we're banning abortion


what are the jannies even whining about exactly besides "space is a big meanie"




They want to make it like /GET/ where the board is nothing but discussing trans shit


File: 1608527919918.jpg (132.81 KB, 2048x1152, 1580341341284.jpg)

>megastrain in London


Inb4 every woman who has a miscarriage ends up in jail


They gon ruin the board, say what you want about space_ but he held back the most retarded impulses of the board. I will miss this thread and all the boys. :(


Can't you fellas just use your cy.tube as a new gathering spot? Seems like you wouldn't that much effected by board death as the rest of us.


If I wanted a messageroom Id get a messageroom. I want an imageboard. Thinking we can just colonise some dead board though.


i was busy making a giant thatcher sandcastle and then pissing it down, someone give me a quick rundown on whatever is happening with the board.

ideally with links.


Basically, Mods are mad that space_ won't let then change moderation rules (Alowing idpol etc). So they made up the excuse that they want to add more features/headers (Pointless bs) but space_ isn't online enough to let them do it. Now they are threatening to set up on leftpol.org and space is threatening to delete the site.


Won't we just move there then?
I didn't even realise leftypol was it's own thing on this site


okay so this is crucial to which side i pick:
will leftypol.org only be /leftypol/ (and /b/, /hobby/, /edu/, /games/, /gulag/ and /anime/ if it must) or will it also include /GET/ and basically be just as confused in its MO as bunkerchan?


space_ is not threatening to delete the site. Calm down.


Can someone give me a quick rundown on this place?


Britpol is staying on bunketrchan. No moving to .org


freaks who regard themselves as being a different board/site/tradition to /leftypol/ but contain a good chunk of the people who ruined /leftytrash/

i am not fully acquainted with the situation but there are some stupid internal politics of it that i know enough to know are stupid.


>The GET Threads were a long lasting serial thread on Ponychan's
Stopped reading at this


Could we get /brit/ set-up as a thing here??


take over britfa.gs


We should negotiate staying on one site or the other by asking for a /brit/


tbh this is a bad idea
/brit/ would be much slower than /leftybritpol/ since new people won't see it in the catalog whizzing along at mach 5


I see things are going well in bongland





Look as long as I can buy Heineken at the cornershop and post on Bunkerchan is happy, If either of those fail on me its over.


File: 1608527952903.webm (2.41 MB, 1280x720, nofuture.webm)



bunkerchan is in the balance, we need something more solid than cytube


getting arrogant about my own capacity to run an imageboard again
(don't worry lads i'm not going to start a split. my view of imageboard organisation says that to do so would be incredibly stupid. harmful to the common good and unlikely to benefit myself, leaving me the king of a freak-child mortally wounded at its birth by my own hands.)



That makes no sense, his threat is to help them create a new site by removing what would be the only alternative?


Anyone free now?


File: 1608527966292.jpg (9.04 KB, 191x255, 1427050955194.jpg)

the pandemic will never fucking end because people are too fucking stupid to not contain themselves. Britain is a fuck. I am infection man. 9999999999 dead anglos.



im around



People are on, rn its 23:05, so were active as of now.

come join



What's going on lads? Is /leftypol/ about to implode?


something about a merger, something about mods rebelling something about ERMAGERD ITS DE END. it really isn't clear, and will likely blow over in a few days.


It's more like a "Death of Stalin" situation. A minor panic over who will succeed the board, but in like a week there will be a new leader and Space_ will reconcile with the Jannies.


File: 1608527991786.jpg (513.23 KB, 2048x1536, EQV-PH3XUAA5R7n.jpg)

I hope youse arent gonna shut the board now, are ya?


everyone get in the cytube and from there add yourself into the riot room


The cytube for the record.


I cant get in any damn riot room



join and we can talk about what going on and sort out a riot chat and stuff


I fucked it up make another I can’t be at keyboard right now


the split occureth


Lenin Hat says no retreat or surrender.


we need to organize some kinda riot server or refuge lads, someone do something for tommorow.


I can’t do it right now but this needs to happen NOW


should I make it public or no?


Yeh but just put in cytube




Please tell us non-bongs where you are going so we can lurk at least.


.org must be made to explain why it took a golden opportunity to ditch /GET/ and then kept it anyway
that's like staging a coup just to start a virgin junta rather than a chad ML Derg


File: 1608528075059.png (88.8 KB, 717x723, newsite.png)

New site link in case anyone doesn't know yet.
Tbh this whole situation reminds me of the /leftypol/-/leftpol/ split. Hopefully the whole community migrates


The whole community won't migrate and this will probably kill off Leftypol for good.


Damn that sucks, this whole situation has been dumb


Nothing will impede posting on /leftypol/ on bunkerchan - moderation will continue as usual


No one’s migrating. New mods will be found, this won’t be a repeat of when 8chan was kill.






as in click the link in the cytube chat


>He has some extremely revisionist takes such as that the USSR was doomed because they didn't have good enough computers

Holy strawman


Other Internet comments on the pandemic are depressing as fuck, it’s just a bunch of troglodytes circlejerking about conspiracy theories. Just fucking end me, this island is too fucking retarded to survive.


>Man uses maths and computer science to create means to escape capitalism
>But do you really just wanna be a number in a machine, bro?
A lot of libbery going on here.

Wtf are you talking about lads, is bunker kill?


>Didn't read the whole thread
Merry Christmas to you all if we never speak again


I can only hope that enough boomers die to slow down the death rate


Voot BoJo!


bumping so we know we got it


what are your thoughts on the current board situation brits?


Seems like the vast majority stayed on Bunker Sage.


I'm currently posting on both, interested to where it goes, could go either way at this point, ideally the current mods see some sense and we develop some institutions of poster influence and this board becomes a truly ascended place


Yeah its not great, this board seems a lot less active, but the moderation on Bunker has definitly gotten way worse since the mods left. Also I dislike how this board works, much more ugly and less usable than Bunker. Idealy Id like to have these mods return to bunker


I hadn't logged on to Bunkerchan for the majority of the UK's covid 'season' but from December 2019 to December 2020 there has been a massive degeneration in the quality of posting and a lot more pointless trolling, plenty of bait-taking too. OC is very rare and the board has descended to one line posts of flame and bile whilst obvious trolls get the most entertained threads.
The shit-flinging partisanship had so obviously become the new teen-talking point, being very tried and dull a topic without anything other than greentexting soyjaks etc.
I had started browsing /edu/ more than /leftypol/ itself by the time I returned a few weeks ago.


File: 1608997821047.png (64.18 KB, 400x400, dhingings.png)

Hello, I'm a non Brit and I don't get this fear the sphere meme, can someone please explain it to me and no bully pls. :)


Well, me and the missus just had a wee cry at The Iron Giant. Truly incredible movie. The villain is a CIA and everything. 28 year old me appreciates it even more than 8 year old me did.


Other non-bong here.
All I know is that the sphere is meant to be Keir Starmer, current leader of the Labour Party after Corbyn was purged from his own party.


Tbh ever since ditching Sky and TV in general I've barely watched any movies, mostly just been watching youtube videos and anime.
Sage you got any recommendation for Christmas films to watch or just your favourite films in general.

On an unrelated note you're in a tenants union right? Could you give me a quick rundown on what goes on in a tenants union cause I was thinking of joining my local union after Covid gets sorted.


I watched avatar and the iron giant yesterday. Not christmas films but feel good family films that also fill you with rage at US empire. Shrek is also pretty based. Watch 1/2 the other day. Been on the childrens film kick to feel cosy and comfy over the holidays. Also its very soothing on the mind compared to some edgelord film i'd usually watch in the vane of fighclub etc.

In terms of tenants unions, are you talking about Acorn? Or are you a non bong? There is a whole lot I could say, it is my favorite topic of conversation kek. It probably varies union to union, but mostly you are trying to build power and membership by winning victories for tenants. These can be either small individual things like repairs not getting done, resisting an eviction, trying to get a rent reduction- these will mostly be against private landlords, or they can be collective issues, collective issues are usally gonna be against a large corporate landlord or a social landlord i.e. the state of some private/public partnership of death. The small issues tend to be more common, but the collective ones are where you get the big wins. You can expect to research local housing law, do pickets and other protests, perhaps more creative. A lot of it is situation dependent.

If you ask me more specific questions I can give much better answrs


Thanks for the recommendations Sage, Shrek 1/2 are always a classic.

I'm in London ,I don't think Acorn organises here (tfw can't join Acorn-ML), so I'll join London Renters Union instead. Rearching housing laws and joining pickets seem pretty chill.

How much of your time does tenant organising take? Since currently I'm a student so I would have to balance my studies with organising. I assume it probably doesn't take that much of your time since most members would have 9-5 jobs


oh I also actually watched national lampoons christmas vacation. A dumb chevy chase slapstick film, but lighthearted, and at the end it turns out the climax of the film of the guy kidnapping his boss, so some leftist undertones.

Also, Acorn if I am not mistaken have finally decided to organise in London, I think they had their first meeting recently. It might be borough specific but worth checking out definitely. Other than that sure LRU could also do with more people and they are also affiliated to Living Rent (we have done joint campaigns etc)

In terms of time, it can take as little or as much as you want. I am quite involved, so it can take up anywhere from 10-20/30 hours in a week, depending on the week and whats going on. But you could be a useful member doing 4-8 hours ish a week. The key is to do the things you say will do. Being reliable to do one small task ever week or 2 is better than unreliably taking on a lot


>Acorn if I am not mistaken have finally decided to organise in London, I think they had their first meeting recently. It might be borough specific but worth checking out definitely. Other than that sure LRU could also do with more people and they are also affiliated to Living Rent (we have done joint campaigns etc)

Yeah checked out the Acorn website and they have a branch all the way in north london which is quite far from where I live, however their website did mention if there's no local branch they would help me set one up. Although I'm not sure it would be a good idea for a total beginner like me to set up a branch immediately, maybe after I've spent some time in LRU I could set up an Acorn branch. To be honest I'm quite surprised there aren't many London Acorn branches but I assume its because LRU sucks up a lot of potential members.

Glad to see that the time commitment is flexible, I'll probably start off with doing a few hours a week and build up from there, don't wanna do 30 hours immediately and burn myself out. Thanks for the information Sage, hopefully we get more posters talking in this thread and in .org in general


they might have several people who live in your area thinking the same thing, worth giving them a message just to see what the craic is. The reason they didn't start off in London was basically peoples war, I think they wanted to build up the model and resources before taking on the final boss.


You make a fair point about others in the area probably thinking the same since I checked out LRU's website and it seems like they don't have a branch in my borough either, so my borough seems to be virgin land for a tenants union branch to be established. I'll try and contact Acorn and see if they're interested in having someone help me found a branch


very based. Strongly encourage


Thanks for the encouragement Sage, if you see a new acorn branch pop up in London you'll know why
NOTE TO GCHQ AGENT READING THIS: Newly founded Acorn London branches have no relation with /leftypol/ posters


sphere bot is probably logging all this right now


File: 1609111686732.png (13.82 KB, 1920x960, UKflag2021.png)

Is Scotland going to break free soon?



>St. Pirans cross merged with bong flag


File: 1609174354411.png (28.12 KB, 213x255, soy38.png)


>Not removing the saltire
Westminster shill


Anyone based in NI posting here. We allowed in UK edition, even if anti-uk?


You should have your own glorious Emerald thread. But we should also discuss how to destroy the UK here and you should definitely be a part of that.


File: 1609336346698.png (597.72 KB, 633x672, 1.png)

New Michael Roberts article.
>The UK is a country of bankers, lawyers, accountants and media people, rather than engineers, builders and manufacturers. The UK has a huge top-heavy banking sector, but a small manufacturing sector compared to other G7 economies.

>What about the impact on working people? On leaving the EU, what little British labour has gained from EU regulations will be in jeopardy within a country which is already the most deregulated in the OECD. The EU rules included a 48-hour week maximum (riddled with exemptions); health and safety regulations; regional and social subsidies; science funding; environmental checks; and of course, above all, free movement of labour. All that is going or being minimised.

>[…] Most sober estimates of the impact of leaving the EU suggest that the UK economy will grow more slowly in real terms than it would have done if it had remained a member. Mainstream economic institutes, including the Bank of England, reckon that there would be a cumulative loss in real GDP for the UK over the next ten to 15 years of between 4-10% of GDP from leaving the EU; or about 0.4% points off annual GDP growth. That’s a cumulative 3% of GDP loss per person, equivalent to about £1000 per person per year.

>[…] And then of course, the COVID pandemic has decimated business activity. In 2020., the UK will suffer the largest fall in GDP among major economies apart from Spain and recover more slowly than others in 2021.

>British capitalism was already slipping badly before the pandemic hit. Its trade deficit with the rest of the world had widened to around 6% of GDP; and real GDP growth had slid back from over 2% a year to below 1.5%, with industrial production crawling along at 1%. The UK economy already had weak investment and productivity growth compared with the 1990s and with other OECD countries.

>[…] But maybe the UK can confound these dismal forecasts, as the government claims, because UK industry and the City of London can now expand across the world ‘free from the shackles’ of EU regulation. And it is increasingly clear how it thinks it can do this – by turning Britain into a tax and regulation-free base for foreign multinationals. The government is planning ‘free ports’ or zones; areas with little to no tax in order to encourage economic activity. While located geographically within a country, they essentially exist outside its borders for tax purposes. Companies operating within free ports can benefit from deferring the payment of taxes until their products are moved elsewhere or can avoid them altogether if they bring in goods to store or manufacture on site before exporting them again.

>Unfortunately, for the government, studies show that free ports might simply defer the point when taxes are paid, as imports would still need to reach final customers across the country. And the incentives may also promote the relocation of activity that would have taken place anyway, from one part of the UK to another. Moreover, tax breaks could mean a loss of revenue for the Treasury. And free ports risk facilitating money laundering and tax evasion, as goods are usually not subject to checks that are standard elsewhere. A deregulated Britain will not restore economic growth, let alone good, well-paid jobs for an educated and skilled workforce. It will only boost the profits of multi-nationals, using cheap, unskilled labour.

>In sum, the Brexit deal is another obstacle to sustained economic growth for Britain. But the COVID pandemic slump and the underlying weakness of British capital are much more damaging to the UK’s economic future than Brexit. Brexit is just an extra burden for British capital to face; as it also will be for British households.


Looks custardy


When did this meme that labour party is antisemitic came from?


They threw tonnes of shit at the wall during the early Corbyn period, but what really stuck was the anti-Semitism stuff. It was easily applied from the media who repeated it over and over just parroting the board of deputies.

It's the same as the uigher shit in China. Mabye stuff is going down but it's the same sources with no evidence provided by anyone but Zenz/HRW/Epoch. Or the Iran nukes, Iraq wmds, Kuwait incubators, bay of Tonkin, russiagate etc etc. Just find a single source and repeat it and nauseum untill people believe it. Doesn't matter if it's true or not, the media is too complient to bother investigating or providing a competong narritiave.


My spelling is shite apologies.


File: 1609411192025.jpg (138.14 KB, 853x640, image-2.jpg)

Anyone here frozen? Belfast is fucking baltic.


File: 1609411437100-0.png (185.95 KB, 623x527, british union states.png)

File: 1609411437100-1.png (907.5 KB, 1209x1719, new britain union.png)

File: 1609411437100-2.mp4 (7.82 MB, 1920x1080, green_unification.mp4)

Hey guys, my first post over this side, check out these maps inspired by Scottish independence that I made (1st) and my BF (2nd) and then a Green reunification superevent he made

He is more creatively talented than me as you can see


Woke id pol punching works better on libs than the ranting about communism, so the papers viciously smeared Corbyn as being the real racist antisemite, causing large chunks of voters to be demoralized or to use it to justify ulterior interest in prevention of PM Corbyn.albaniaAlbania


Those really cool anon!
How'd you make the maps? Is there a guide online on mapmaking because I wanna make maps too
Do your bf have a YouTube channel for thess?
Also why are the Greens Authoritarian Dems kek


Reminder that the yanks and the Scottish have made an ungodly alliance to try and frame the English as "colonizers" and the "bad guys". If Vaushite or Ashley Coffinites attack you, that is why. Fuck them, they're tryting to pin everything on us.


>English as "colonizers" and the "bad guys".
>implying that's not true


Where do you think the British ruling class got the idea of colonialism from? Because that's how they gained control of England in the first place. The first (and most complete, considering Anglo-Saxons no longer exist) victims of colonialism were the Anglo-Saxons.


>The first (and most complete, considering Anglo-Saxons no longer exist) victims of colonialism were the Anglo-Saxons.
Who do you think the English are LMAO? English and low land Scotts are Anglo-Saxons.
BTW the Angles and Saxons are from what is now Germany and Denmark, they were only in England because they invaded and genocided the Romanized Britons.


They didn't actually genocide them, genetic and archaeological evidence reveals there was no actual genocide of the Romano-Britons, the Anglo-Saxons simply became the ruling class over the celts. What most likely happened is the Romano-Britons invited the Anglo-Saxons as mercenaries to fight against the Picts, and then when they couldn't pay them the Anglo-Saxons took over.


We Brits are so based



Wtf why? How?



Fortnite in real life!



Wait, wrong article. This seems to happen a lot in that particular area.


>over a family feud


we're all in wheredemocratic_socialismDemocratic Socialism


>Why is my liberalism and revisionism bad?



based de lads


for the culture




Hubbadah hubbadah


based de lads


> (1) /leftypol/ - /britpol/ General
Oh, what is it now? SNP induced rage? Lenin hat autism? Creeping on the gyaldem?
>based de lads


File: 1610379144728.png (6.52 KB, 626x197, bc lp.png)

It must mean someone has posted something. I'll refresh:


based de ladsslavojSlavoj


File: 1610379405672.gif (670.4 KB, 600x300, based de lads.gif)



>Go to the other site, 0 posts an hour



based de ladsdemocratic_socialismDemocratic Socialism


Enlighten us what exactly a based de lads is


Are you implying that the English didn't colonize anyone at all?

pic related


i was saying "based" because someone made a thread after all the posts got nuked
"de lads" comes from seasidemark videos that get posted on /brit/ and you can basically read it as "lads"

having it appear literally every time someone makes a post is an act of shitposting genius that even i couldn't have come up with.democratic_socialismDemocratic Socialism


/brit/ on /pol/ whenever I went to look at it seemed like a deeply autistic place where everyone was basically an American retard, if that's the /brit/ you're talking about


nah /int/'s /brit/democratic_socialismDemocratic Socialism


File: 1610385168185-0.png (3.81 KB, 586x161, 500 error.png)

>this .gif annoyed bunkerchan so much they banned it from all boards


de lads where are you?democratic_socialismDemocratic Socialism


based de lads


File: 1610389543294.png (8.73 KB, 300x100, baseddebanner.png)

Made a banner just for the occasion


500 internal server error

holy baseddemocratic_socialismDemocratic Socialism


File: 1610390866854.png (3.92 KB, 300x100, 500banner.png)


Whoops thought I was in the banner thread kek


lyldemocratic_socialismDemocratic Socialism


if space was a Labour leader which Labour leader would he bedemocratic_socialismDemocratic Socialism


Miliband and Starmer


is he really tuffenuff to be Miliband?democratic_socialismDemocratic Socialism


the famously lax mods of .xyz have banned Sage
hopefully he'll come here rather than sulking in that Matrix chat


They banned the 500 .gifs for "spam" too. What a bunch of tyrants. It's not spam if a hastily written insult is attached to it.


He's pimpinig his fed-room again. Glad he got banned


Ban zoomers when?


tbf matrix can fuck off
fuck chatrooms, boards forever.democratic_socialismDemocratic Socialism


>Set up by Sage the most obvious Fed in the entire community




top lel
(tl;dr: leaked submission to the scottish govt inquiry detailing sturgeon lying to parliament and breaching the ministerial code, both of which are resigning issues.)




she lied to parliament about when she met salmond and why, and salmond's just submitted a statement confirming that and directly accusing her of misleading parliament under oath.


Who do you think will win the power struggle? Sounds like Sturgeon has been digging a deep hole.


Lost a lot of respect for Badmouse lately. He's basically become a petty bourg lib.


File: 1610486746917-1.png (168.06 KB, 435x445, keir.png)



based de ladsdemocratic_socialismDemocratic Socialism


Go on then tell us a story


I thought he deleted all his vids, and stopped uploading? What has he done?


He's just acting like a mopey petty-boug liberal. Saying shit like "uh, I want to move to Ireland or Germany because Englands too conservative". Yeah, because that's something communist do, move because the going gets tough.


Why should someone have to stay in England just to spoonfeed the English? It makes more sense to move somewhere you would have more luck.


Well he doesn't have to, he can go backpacking around Europe with his petty-boug friends while communist stay home putting in the hard work. The problem with Badmouse is he thinks he can do that *and* still wiegh in and say bullshit thins like "whites in the US have no revolutionary potential". What he really means is *he* has no revolutionary potential.


Oh so he basically became a doomer.

The thing is it's not like Ireland or Germany are even closer to becoming socialist. Ireland has been alternating between two conservative parties for like 80 years and Merkel, a conservative, has been in power since 2005. With the CDU seeming likely to win this year's election too. It would make more sense if he wanted to move to a country that has a Communist party (or Communist Party in name only depending on your opinion) already in power such as Cuba,Vietnam or China.


Has anyone actually joined Acorn?


>>3574 was me
Plenty of people on /leftybritpol/ are Acorn members. The Acorn-ML meme sorta started because a person joined and we memed the welcoming material


can't say. sturgeon's faction probably has an advantage with MSPs, but i don't know how the SNP leadership selection procedure works. with the membership it's worth noting that the non-sturgeon faction won the recent SNP internal elections, but as for who might replace her as party leader in the event that she resigns it's harder to say.
also, the chief executive of the party is still Sturgeon's husband, so if someone outside her faction wins he could probably do a bit of wrecking.


Britain has the most revolutionary potential of any nation in EuropebrocialismBrocialism


What makes you say Britain and not France?


Why not Greece?


>the burgers of Europe
>most revolutionary potential
what you smoking, and can I have some


That's unfair to burgers.


In western Europe say but that's not saying much.




File: 1610530426879.png (36.81 KB, 640x501, atlas_B1OSMoxkb.png)


>UK lower than Germany


>Revoultionary walesbrocialismBrocialism


what's the source? also if true the absolute state when 67% of people agree on rising up but don't


Young Europeans are ready to take to the streets to bring about change, according to a recent European Union-sponsored survey, titled “Generation What?”.

Around 580,000 respondents in 35 countries were asked the question: Would you actively participate in large-scale uprising against the generation in power if it happened in the next days or months? More than half of 18- to 34-year-olds said yes.


can you just save the picture and post it here? Facebook limits access and tracks people across other websites.


disregard this im drunk


Before lunch? Smh
At least have a sandwich first


>Facebook quiz



It's not a facebook quiz, you moron.




It says right there is was a facebook quiz?brocialismBrocialism


No, it doesn't.


That didn't even include most of europe and cuts out a large cunk of their populations?


>saying this while still having a motherfucking queen.


File: 1610555890167.png (1.7 MB, 3264x1955, 6d5np1k0ke731.png)

Actually yes the vestiges of the queen mean we have one of the most centralised power structures of any modern state. There is no senate (2nd house) there is no constitution, No independent agencies or courts. The vestiges of the old system allow for the easy implementation of a new state.brocialismBrocialism


Is this the new hang out for based de lads? I got a 500 ticket and have been roaming the wastelands of Rotherham


As we all know, there's never been a revolution in a monarchy.

Yes.democratic_socialismDemocratic Socialism


File: 1610566303810-0.jpg (240.15 KB, 748x862, sredactions.jpg)

File: 1610566303810-1.jpg (665.63 KB, 798x1064, committee6.jpg)

lel the Scottish Parliament has started redacting Salmond's submissions to the inquiry so that even the people on the panel, who're already sworn to secrecy on sensitive topics, etc. can't see what he's said, but then someone leaked it.


kek based leaker
Do you think anything is gonna happen because of this leaked submission?
>>3643 like even tho Sturgeon lied to parliament I doubt she's gonna resign since Johnson and Tories get away with much worst shit. But at least this submisison is gonna be neat for some future historian.


based de lads


lol Britain has zero revolutionary potential compared to France or Greece.


If France had a revolution it would just be Eurocommunisn v2.0.
At least our left-libs have dropped all pretence of communism.


This is actual unadulterated cope.


ideology idea: British Eurocommunism but still anti-EUdemocratic_socialismDemocratic Socialism


Ideology idea: Plague Accelerationism


So have things actually moved to this furfag shithole now, all because daddy sage got banned? Fucking pathetic


Tired of this meme.


File: 1610587949897.png (3.81 KB, 586x161, 500 error.png)

isn't your ideology already government policy

noooooooooo you can't just post on the website that actually functions and has a development roadmap beyond "give me money > ???", it's run by the moderation team who can take a joke but that includes someone who posts smug furry pictures once in a blue moon!! (which as you know, furry wolves will howl at.)democratic_socialismDemocratic Socialism


Yes I too am tired of living in the meme country
>isn't your ideology already government policy
Just goes to show its dialectical power


have we advanced the dialectic brother?democratic_socialismDemocratic Socialism


So you're admitting you're a furfag jannie? Explains your aggressively unfunny humour and annoying personality


The plague rises
Very funny post wish we had more banter experts like you here


always laugh when people accuse me of being a jannie as if i'd allow a single person on their entire internet service provider to use the website if that were the case.democratic_socialismDemocratic Socialism


File: 1610591799458.jpg (311.14 KB, 1920x1080, mpv-shot0004.jpg)

Why the change of heart?


don't you have a reddit to join where you can moan and bitch about problematic furries, lolis and catgirls, faggot?


Don't get trick by Parisians being based, there's a whole reactionary country to deal with


Where is the hat-man?


leftypol.org will become the cuck pit for anti-old janny types and I love it.


It's funny that this generic bunker retard thinks people moving here aligns with his autistic fixation with Sage and not because the constant grug posting of bunkerchan's dumbest and barely sentient users has made it a total waste of time.


no because bunkerchan barely functions and people actually reply to my bait on here.


Fucking nonce alert


Same reason that everyone else came, it's just so easy to bait you so you can't blame me for doing it


so are we all here now?


File: 1610634886636.jpg (5.16 KB, 284x177, sadasdasw.jpg)

Yeah BunkerTRASH doesn't even fucking work anymorebrocialismBrocialism


i'm still coping tbh I can't stand to see it die again, but as long as the brit thread is here there is still hope


jesus fuck

stop pretending that a fucking site and its shitposters are your family or friends


it is a vessel for propaganda


Only for us to share with one another


Richard Leonard quits as Scottish labour leader. I'm struggling to think of a more pathetic political leader


Scottish labour still exists???!??brocialismBrocialism


Does priti patel have nice feet?



no death, only movement now.

the contest to replace him is going to be remarkable, a clash of titans, a war of giants, two or more political big-guns firing broadsides at one another. i can't wait.democratic_socialismDemocratic Socialism


>Nicola Sturgeon's government has spent more than £50,000 "preparing" civil servants to give evidence about the Alex Salmond affair at hearings where they suffered "collective memory loss", it has emerged.
>Staff logs released in response to a Freedom of Information request also show that witnesses spent several hours preparing for sessions, only to then face criticism for “forgetting” crucial details, giving misleading evidence, or dodging questions.
>Despite the extensive and costly preparation, and appearing under oath, four of the six civil servants were forced to correct or clarify their evidence after their appearances.


ugh… what could have been…


Imagine…a world without burgers…


File: 1610661926835.jpg (915.94 KB, 2362x1329, merely pretending.jpg)

>Same reason that everyone else came, it's just so easy to bait you so you can't blame me for doing it


Stop, I can only coom so much!


File: 1610672132289.jpg (38.87 KB, 1000x400, satellite-laser.jpg)

what may yet be, brother.democratic_socialismDemocratic Socialism


If the plague continues to accelerate we'll enter a bright future with no middle class or boomers
God save the plague


File: 1610675302807.png (110.1 KB, 590x490, retardsani.png)


>kill all the boomers and everyone will just elect the right people :)
people like you should be barred from leftist activity until you grow up


Remember when the miner's strike happened and the "You get more conservative as you get older" crowd of yuppies voted Tories?
Why contain it?


>labour and conservative neck and neck
Yikes, what happened to le-based lefty scots?


they vote SNP or Green because Scottish Labour is the most incompetent (and from ~2011-2020 most right-wing) part of labour. there is a small but notable group of people who vote SNP despite opposing independence because they like their domestic policies.
Scottish Labour has been doing the sideshow bob bit of stepping on rakes over and over and over again since 1999, from the introduction of tuition fees only to pretend to abolish them (by charging them at the end of the course rather than while it was ongoing) to their decision to build their scottish parliamentary team out of overpromoted councillors, to their opposition to the full abolition of fees and of prescription charges, to backstabbing their own leader over a minor scandal because she was willing to fight an independence referendum in the 2007-2011 parliament and would've given the SNP the votes it needed to hold one, to Jackie Baillie decrying the SNP's "something for nothing" welfarism, to making Jackie Baillie leader at all…

the exact moment of their death can be timed to their decision to campaign alongside the Conservatives as part of Better Together. Scottish Labour linked hands with the Scottish Tories and dutifully fell to the same level of popular support.

[spoiler]I don't say this out of any particular affinity for the SNP, it's just that Scottish Labour is a cautionary tale in getting literally everything wrong. For all nationalists (and Jackie Baillie) mock it as being a branch office of UK Labour, it would be a hell of a lot better run if it was.[/spoiler]


Yeah I know Scottish Labour suck, I was just shocked at how large the conservative share is.


20% is pretty shit tbh, it's about what they get in Wales. It looks much larger than it really is because Scottish Labour is under-performing so badly.


The virus is the best thing that has happened to the UK since the Corbyn saga, the whole place should ideally be destroyed.
The UK has reached the end of the road, there is no purpose to keeping it around any longer, faggots like Leninhat want to preserve the country based on their own spooks, the UK is worth preserving because it's the UK, but realistically it's nothing but a vessel for the UK elite to dominate everyone from their pedo mansions.
Long live the plague.
There's nothing that gets these feral dogs more riled up than the thought of a boot covered in coronavirus, they love it. Give them what they want. Socialist intervention is denying the right to self determination of the British public, who want nothing more than a boot covered in plague. Any real Brit should be absolutely pleased that the coronavirus continues to rampage through the country, it being the manifestation of the will of the people. The scolds will admonish you for attempting to intervene on behalf of the C2DE "working class" landlords, but frankly there's nothing better than every single person in the warmongering bandit country becoming infected and keeling over tomorrow.




Sage was mr take covid seriously now you're calling it based when someone cheers on 100,000 people dying. Despicable


what is, having a laugh.. precious?


Once bunkerchan has the new site we should start doing leftybritpol there again. The mods here are shady fuckers who nuked the last site to get their way.


Listen the new mods are a pile of shit and all. We are fucked. Join the posters Matrix


Nah I like this sitebrocialismBrocialism


No more leftybritpol then. It's not big enough to split


I'm saying the bunkerchan mods are also shit. But really, to prepare for the future, and inevitbale dramas that will come, the posters should be in a place where the mods do not control, so their dramas do not destroy everything again


>splitting leftypol into discord servers instead of just using this fucking site


I literally started the "stop the split" thread, which many users supported and was then locked by mods. It is also a stated intention of the matrix room to heal the divide, by bringing together both lots of posters, and it has both lots of posters in it. I am doing more to stop the split than either set of mods. Regardless. I will end this conversation here, and if you want to continue it I suggest going to the relevant thread.


Im not splitting they perma-ed mebrocialismBrocialism


I have also posted here more in the last couple days cos I kept getting lengthy bans


File: 1610725880504-0.png (41.11 KB, 602x360, ni-tweet.png)

File: 1610725880504-1.png (330.43 KB, 758x747, ni-ft.png)

It'd be pretty funny if unionist incompetence and short sightedness over brexit is what leads to a united ireland, had the DUP supported May's brexit deal they wouldn't be in this situation right now lol



Too bad ireland is a hype neoliberal hell hole now. Still il be glad to see facist prots crybrocialismBrocialism


Kinda silly to call the jannies here shady since they've been moderating /leftypol/ since the days 8chan and have been mostly competent at it, especially when Watermelon and Zul were acting on their own. Anyways nuking Bunkerchan was based since it forced users to migrate here instead of having two slowly dying stagnate imageboards otherwise.
Yeah it's a shame about current Irish politics but I feel like NI leaving the UK would be the first domino in the collapse of the UK, I doubt Scotland would stay for much longer if one nation has already left. Also it would be funny to see how many colonies and dominions bother to change their flag to the updated union jack or if they decide to create whole new flags without the union jack.


Why are you lot here the cunts that deleted all of our threads mod this board.


>why are you here
>is here
go bitch in your bunker, fag


I'm here because I believe that the people working on this site are more competent than Space_ and d011ars.
These guys are here because they got banned >>3745 >>3746
And if I had to guess you're posting here because you take E-drama too serious.


Posts get recycled in a day, faggot. And if the community was going to migrate, that meant that eventually conversations were going to be cut short. Big iq takes like yours make me wonder what posts you lost. I refuse to believe you write anything of value.


why are you so infatuated with a site run by an idiot king who can't even fix the board himself and has to pay some randos to do it on his behalf, who inherited it from a mong who popped in about as often as the queen pops over to Montserrat and even then usually to fuck things up.
oh nooooo, one guy deleted some threads because he wanted to accelerate people leaving the hall of 500 server errors, clearly this mean he'll do it again here for no reason!!democratic_socialismDemocratic Socialism


Bunker perma banned me despite being one of the active users on the sitebrocialismBrocialism


Every communist party in Britain is shit.lenin_capLenin Cap


>Anyways nuking Bunkerchan was based since it forced users to migrate here instead of having two slowly dying stagnate imageboards otherwise.
If you need explaining to you why this is a retarded method then you are an imbecile


Implement a better strategy. I'll wait.


You know, communists really are bad at publicity and social skills. Of course fucking nuking another site people like using won't fucking make people want to come here.


>If you need explaining to you why this is a retarded method then you are an imbecile
still not an argument


^ Leftybritpol Matrix/Element Chat

^ Our streaming channel for the thread




t. idiot who thinks people make most of their decisions consciouslydemocratic_socialismDemocratic Socialism


>why don't you want to move to a board where the mods go around nuking shit and DDoSing because they're assmad with a now former siteowner
Fucking Jheeze socdemposter you fucking tell me. It's obviously a great sign when people who found a site use their powers to try and destroy and old one out of pettiness definitely doesn't bode badly for the future.


Don't care about het drama, I care that one of the cunt mods decided to fucking try and destroy bunkerchan for no reason except being a cunt. The fact this community, one i've been a part of since before the golden age of 2017 has decided to support people who an obvious destructive streak fucking baffles me.


I remember old BO, going around banning everyone because they liked Rojava, you think people that just straight-up decide to delete entire boards is going to not be a fucking shitshow in 6 months time???


What do you even mean by this?



People have been coming to bunkerchan boasting about it.


Good argument, how am I wrong tho? Please tell me how you think a mod team that gets pissy and deletes all the thread is actually going to be very good and stable. They're just gonna do the same here next time they get into a pissing match with eachother.


it has been explained a billion times already. If you're salty that your precious shitposts got lost because you were staying in scabchan, you have noone to blame but yourself.


Do you mean 500 server error?
Bruh, we're just making fun of it, we're not causing it.


As we all know, nobody ever tells lies on the internet.democratic_socialismDemocratic Socialism


CPB are running candidates this year in Scotland. On federalising platform. Kek. It like labour only without a voter base. All power to them but, I might vote SNP for the first time ever lmao probably a lot of people around the country doing the same.


This is why everyone should join the matrix room


They were a mod for bunkerchan for a year and never did anything like that.


So what you’re saying is even a good mod can go rogue. Probably why we need a bunker safe from mod drama then


"What if they delete everything for no good reason?" is a stupid argument in the face of the context for why they did it. It's like taking the guy who punched richard spencer in the face and asking "what if he goes on to punch your gran? he's a puncher"


sage is known to love the boot and always side with the most retarded takes
waste of time


Rona has finally gone too far my local greggs is closed.


It wasn’t some antifacist move though and again, very few posters agreed with it, whereas the left broadly agrees with punching Richard Spencer


Pretty funny how hard you guys are trying to cast yourselves as heroes though


>very few posters
again only counting yourself, you obnoxious narcissistic faggot?


pretty funny how you every time declare yourself the people, you retarded little shitfilled cunt


nobody cares about your blogposts


Greggs is a British institution you cretin. Don’t get salty over mod drama. What you gonna do delete all the posts?


Hahahaha you are straight up pretending you didn’t piss a load of people off with that move kekkeke the denial


>retarded stuttering for cope
only the right ones are pissed off, retarded faggots like you dumb cunt


>everyone is a mod
you're such a fucking schizo, take your meds you sad little crying bitch


>if you don’t agree with me by definition you are “the wrong sort”
Lmao keep it coming.
>am I out of touch
>no it’s the children who are wrong


Seeking consensus in circumstances such as these is always a good way to get merked by those who're more willing to take decisive action.
And it shouldn't be forgotten that the administration of this site has been much more consensual in its mode of operation than that of the rump .xyz. The decision to nuke the boards was one .xyz mod's own personal initiative, which was rewarded but not sanctioned in advance.
Very few posters agree with perpetuating the split, yet they've decided to do this on the whims of one admin who's very obviously had his feelings hurt by the other mods and who doesn't even personally have the capacity to run the site and has been reduced to e-begging for funds to outsource site development.

The people who're deeply pissed off are a rounding error compared to the people who just want to post and will gravitate to whichever site better achieves that goal.democratic_socialismDemocratic Socialism


(also let's not forget the grotesque farce of the recent site update threads, one of which was locked at like 58 posts and the current of which was locked immediately to prevent any discussion whatsoever. truly, a model of user consultation based consensus democracy.)democratic_socialismDemocratic Socialism


>lmao ahahaha hihihoho
take them


Yes they just wanted to post, so you guys deleted all their posts and attacked the board and now think that means the idea what’s popular?
>muh skitzo
No it’s just genuinely funny how autistic a view you take. In fact skitzos live in their own thought bubble just like you


And there should have been consensus building apparatus the entire time but it wasn’t allowed because “muh splitting” and “muh cliques” and “muh security” as if that last one wasn’t just a sorry excuse for excersisimg more control over the board.

And now look.. a clique.. split the board… and.. compromised its security by various means. The very accusers of before.

I tried being nice but still you people persist so here we are back to square one, again, because some of you are completely incapable of accepting you might be even slightly responsible for how things are. Mind not all of you, but some of you.


>so you guys deleted all their posts and attacked the board
I'd love to know by what logic you're assigning collective responsibility for the actions of a single person, performed entirely of their own initiative.
Let's take a lateral look at it: Deleting the posts is very obviously the proximate cause of space's departure. Even if the split were to end in d0llars caligulan empire winning out, that would still have made the deletion of the posts a victory for the community as a whole compared to an alternative where space stuck around.

Pray tell how you would've implemented consensus building apparatus in the face of Space's refusal to give admin access. Don't say an off-site Matrix, there is a notable segment of the userbase which will never use Discord for RMS. Something integrated with the board, that the actual anons who use it can contribute to rather than just those willing to join off-site cliques.

That a split initially occurred was a failure on all sides, that the split is perpetuated is very obviously the fault only of one individual: d0llars. You can sit on the sidelines discussing the apportionment of blame if you want to, I'm much more interested in how we end the split. In the face of d0llars rejection of any merger suggestions there are three options: .org wins, d0llars wins, or the split continues and we all lose.democratic_socialismDemocratic Socialism


It wasn't space which who stopped the use of discord and matrix outside of mod servers, that was all you guys. Now suddenly out of nowhere you are again against it.

> there is a notable segment of the userbase which will never use Discord for RMS

this was not the case before a long term smear campaign and you know it.

How about instead of these smears you mods had spelt out why it was important. But you didn't, wonder why that could be.

> Something integrated with the board,

mod speak for under your control

>that the actual anons who use it can contribute to rather than just those willing to join off-site cliques.

hahahaha but a mod chat isn't a clique somehow. Puh-lease.

>That a split initially occurred was a failure on all sides,


>that the split is perpetuated is very obviously the fault only of one individual: d0llars.

no, come on.

>I'm much more interested in how we end the split.

and yet, you are completely unwilling it seems to admit that maybe some neutral ground neither party controls is needed for this, despite already admitting there is blame on both sides.

To say there was originally fault on both sides and then after say, but after that, the perpetuation of the split was entirely the fault of one side, is just plain petulant. If the root is mouldy, the whole flower is tainted.

>org wins, d0llars wins, or the split continues and we all lose.

Do you see how maddening all this is. It can honestly be like talking to a brick wall.
>the split was caused by all sides
>but it is entirely the other sides fault that it continues
>but if the split continues we all lose
>unless of course you side entirely with us
Do any of you have any self awareness at all? Really?

this on top of
>hahahah BC doesn't work
yes after you wrecked it like jesus christ. Its like talking to actual children.


>that was all you guys
Mate I know I'm the most powerful poster in all incarnations of /leftypol/, but despite my best efforts off-site cliquery continues to exist. If I had my way there would be no matrix whatsoever, mods could communicate on-board like normal people. (If they really must have their private conversations, let them do so on a hidden board.)
>this was not the case before a long term smear campaign and you know it.
It absolutely was. It wasn't an off-site smear campaign that made me dislike chatrooms, that's a taste i've had long before /leftypol/ in any incarnation.
>you mods
see >>3699
[spoiler]except, of course, that I disapproved of your ban on bunkerchan, since my view is that your Matrix would simply be a waste of timme rather than something harmful.[/spoiler]
>mod speak for under your control
It's a shame you've posted so regularly, Sage, otherwise I could dignify this with the assumption that you were malicious rather than simply naive.
Any of the off-the-shelf off-site solutions are either trivial to manipulate (strawpolls) or wind up excluding the average imageboard user, who isn't going to join the discord, the subreddit, the matrix, the official IRC, the alt.communism.leftypol usenet group and the /leftypol/ neocities webring. You trade manipulation from admins for manipulation by an unrepresentative sample of the userbase, and one which is much more likely to see the imageboard as something secondary than as the lifeblood of the entire project.
>no, come on.
Go ahead and explain how someone other than d0llars (who now controls bunkerchan) ends the split, I'll wait.
>and yet, you are completely unwilling it seems to admit that maybe some neutral ground neither party controls is needed for this
No such thing is necessary, and further: No neutral ground among the userbase is of any use because the userbase do not control the websites, and it's the websites where the bulk of the users post. You could hypothetically transplant the entire userbase of all /leftypol/ incarnations to your Matrix and it would be useless in the face of one simple fact: d0llars controls the bunkerchan servers, if he doesn't want to merge then nobody can force him to.
>To say there was originally fault on both sides and then after say, but after that, the perpetuation of the split was entirely the fault of one side, is just plain petulant.
One side has undergone regime change, the other has not. The gulf between space and the former moderators was impossible to bridge after the split, with space out of the picture that should no longer be a factor - and yet it is.
>yes after you wrecked it like jesus christ.
I did no such thing, but I approve it wholeheartedly: For every one poster who is oh-so-upset about culpability, two will come here because it just works. If the administration of bunkerchan are so incompetent that they can't deal with one mod going rogue then there's no hope for them against anything else. One hard drive crash and Watermelon's actions will look as insignificant as a single 500 error.democratic_socialismDemocratic Socialism


This used to be the most banterous general ladsslavojSlavoj


>If I had my way there would be no matrix whatsoever, mods could communicate on-board like normal people.
but they don't. And while they don't, the posters should have their own.

>It absolutely was.

no it wasn't at all, the board 2015/16 had plenty chatrooms, this was its peak. Your taste doesn't effect that.

>Any of the off-the-shelf off-site solutions are either trivial to manipulate

much more difficult to manipulate than anon boards.

> or wind up excluding the average imageboard user, who isn't going to join the discord, the subreddit, the matrix, the official IRC,

if you don't want to vote that is okay. If it is made plain this is happening and you want to vote you can get involved.

> You trade manipulation from admins for manipulation by an unrepresentative sample of the userbase

yes which is much better, regardless of the fact I believe people should be informed of the voting process and actively encouraged to join it. Rather than the complete opposite which is what takes place now, smearing and blocking all attempts at some kind of board input.

>Go ahead and explain how someone other than d0llars (who now controls bunkerchan) ends the split, I'll wait.

mods from both boards and posters from both boards get in a matrix room and come to a solution.

Having talked to dollars, hes not some kind of monster has it would appear.

>d0llars controls the bunkerchan servers, if he doesn't want to merge then nobody can force him to.

except if we had the whole poster base we could take real material action.

>and yet it is.

why do you think this is? Because dollars is muh ebil boogeyman? Or perhaps… because… wounds were made on both sides and amends needs to be made? Maye possibly?

> For every one poster who is oh-so-upset about culpability, two will come here because it just works.

extremely short term thinking. For a socdem and all "ah, I see the completely unrepresentative body has done one thing kind of okay, therefore they will do this into the future, despite the fact their methods were extremely antithetical what they outwardly project as their image as poor battered mods who just want the best for the posters " Yes i am sure these people would never do anything to harm the posters…



I apologise, as i said yesterday, let us return to the relevant thread. i.e. the thread about the matrix room


>muh democratic matrix room will make dollars do as we please
Come on mate let it goslavojSlavoj


>Having talked to dollars, hes not some kind of monster has it would appear.
Tell me what a reasonable deal would be that isn't the complete capitulation of bunkerchan and a redirect to org?


i will talk about this in the relevant thread


>And while they don't, the posters should have their own.
It is grossly impractical to shepherd the userbase into a talking shop. It's all well and good talking about this in a neat theoretical sense, but you have no way to engineer the circumstances necessary to bring it about. If it was a matter of just asking people to come over then the split would already have been resolved in someone's favour.
>the board 2015/16 had plenty chatrooms
And they've died while the board endured, because the board is the heart of the board. (Who knew?)
>much more difficult to manipulate than anon boards.
lel. you've really never fucked with strawpolls?
>if you don't want to vote that is okay. If it is made plain this is happening and you want to vote you can get involved.
This is the imageboard version of voter ID laws. Who could possibly object to simply telling people that there's an election on, tell them how to vote, and then putting a slight barrier in their way? The practical result of the barrier is that plenty of people will not vote. Disenfranchisement without the messy implications of actually admitting that's what it is.
I will not join a chatroom sever to vote, even with a throwaway account. Plenty of others have the same behavior, and if you try to explain their reasons why it will invite the arrogant to say "Well if they're too lazy to make an account, they don't deserve a vote!" as though it's fine to misrepresent the userbase so long as it's only to exclude people born with bad traits.
>yes which is much better
Highly questionable. Admins at least have skin in the game in that if they fuck up and ignore the userbase, the userbase will fuck off and they'll be left king of fuck all. An unrepresentative sample of the userbase is much harder to reason with, and will continue to argue against the wishes of the userbase as a whole. Better to live under a tribune of the plebs than a pre-1832 parliament.
>mods from both boards and posters from both boards get in a matrix room and come to a solution.
If d0llars was willing to discuss a solution there would be a thread for that purpose on Bunkerchan right now. Instead, he locked the last one when it was less than 10% full and doesn't even allow discussion in the current variation.
I don't believe he's a monster, I believe he's an idiot.
>except if we had the whole poster base we could take real material action.
Do you really believe the entire userbase is going to follow the call to action of a chatroom most of them will promptly ignore? Especially when the practical options are basically limited to: move to one site, attack one site, stay in the chatroom, or start a third site.
>Because dollars is muh ebil boogeyman? Or perhaps… because… wounds were made on both sides and amends needs to be made? Maye possibly?
Perhaps he should get the fuck over himself, this community is more important than his hurt feelings and if he's not straining every sinew to bring it back together then I can only lament that his wounds aren't physical.
>For a socdem and all
dangerous and down right stupiddemocratic_socialismDemocratic Socialism


do you think ciao the mascot of italia '90 would approve of the state of this thread?democratic_socialismDemocratic Socialism


File: 1610801863950.jpg (17.72 KB, 380x418, George.jpg)

I said the N word , now Im gaybrocialismBrocialism


I have him on a keychain somewhere.


I still don't think it will happen for atleast a decade. It will take time for the Prot base to become amenable to formally leaving. And that's a period in which things can change


I mean demographically Northen Ireland is becoming more catholic, especially as prods are becoming irreligious. Heck there's a BBC article from 2018 saying that Northern Ireland will be majority catholic this year. I think Irish unification is coming sooner than most will suspect as demographics changes and the consequences of brexit pushes NI towards Ireland and away from the rest of the UK. Northern Ireland will probably be part of Ireland by the end of this decade and definitely will by 2040.



The end of the decade is what I was saying


Convinced that Josh Jackson smells his own farts


How anyone can big themselves up as a communist and yet shill for Labour is a mystery.lenin_capLenin Cap


that entire clique is basically a hotbox for smelling ones own farts. So much shit chat on facebook its unbelievable. Really, really unfucking believable.


It makes sense if you're an ML because Marxism-leninism is just supporting "third world" social democracy.


Nah he based


Who must go?


What happened?


File: 1610912607219.png (1.28 MB, 1992x1992, NASTYU.png)



File: 1610914495281.png (735.56 KB, 749x746, ClipboardImage.png)

>Rent strike has expanded to private halls
Calling this a poggers moment.


100% based


Only to those who vulgarise it.lenin_capLenin Cap




I know, but at this point, so many MLs do this it basically takes up everyone who is ML.


hey lads, how about a cytube stream sometimes this week, maybe watch and listen to some shit, we havent done that since the whole bunker debacle


We totally have, but we should do it more.


sounds good


only in your little head


Tbh I was worried about it getting turned into libshit or being broken or being taken over by some group: but it is too large to break now. It is very different from uni to uni but the movement in of itself is too powerful to stop. Even if half or more of the strikes on that list fail, there are strike committees across great britain going. This is going to have long term impacts we can't begin to imagine.



s e x p e s t


File: 1611001010638.jpg (113.89 KB, 1280x720, 20200425_blp502.jpg)

>shilling for sturgeondemocratic_socialismDemocratic Socialism



CYTUBE stream time…Watching Anti communist propaganda



We'll do this tommorow


File: 1611025999037-0.png (295.68 KB, 544x844, Screenshot-1052.png)

File: 1611025999037-1.png (373.45 KB, 771x740, Screenshot-1054.png)

noooooooooooo you can't just say nice things about alex salmond he's a bad man for being a nationalist not for the crimes he was found innocent of, but because he's a nationalist he's probably actually guilty of them and there could be no possible incentive for anyone to be out to get him, such as, say, views out of touch with the clintonite liberalism preferred by his successors.democratic_socialismDemocratic Socialism


He's a rapist and facist m8. What are you gonna pull up next Pat Buchanan against IraqbrocialismBrocialism


you really ought to read up on the trial
the person he was accused of raping wasn't even in the building at the time. increasingly, the evidence suggests that none of the women who made complaints against him wanted to go to trial* and that it only happened because the Scottish Government went over their heads to have Police Scotland press charges against him anyway.

*which of course doesn't make them liars - there are many legitimate reasons that they may not have wanted to do so even if he was guilty - but there are far fewer legitimate reasons for the Scottish Government to ignore their expressed wishes in the hopes of kneecapping the former first minister.democratic_socialismDemocratic Socialism


>everyone I don't like is a fAscist


File: 1611055901253.webm (3.86 MB, 640x360, yugo wave.webm)

>actually bombing ethnic cleansers is bad

wish i could turn back time
to the good old daysss


Sturgeon helped protect him anon.


we all helped protect him anon. blair was just the epitomisation of what was inside late 90s britain, he was in all of us



I hope this is a meme. Watch Parenti, read William Blum. Absolutely weak anti imperialism.


Literally the only things that come out of MLs mouths are the words "imperialism" and "the west".


>Today I will log onto leftpol.org to do rape apologia in order to defend a nationalist.brocialismBrocialism


How can someone make apologia for something that didn't happen?


Salmond is a confirmed rapist and sexual abuser, no ifs or butsbrocialismBrocialism


Wrong. End of. Simple as.


What do you guys think of Andy Burnham?


File: 1611074187836.jpg (155.51 KB, 786x576, 1574045015813.jpg)

The UK Labour Party has hired a former Israeli spy to help manage its social media, The Electronic Intifada can reveal.

Assaf Kaplan will work in the office of Labour leader Keir Starmer, a source with knowledge of the hire said.

Kaplan was in Israeli military intelligence for nearly five years, an officer in Unit 8200, its cyberwarfare branch.

Unit 8200 specializes in spying, hacking and encryption. It carries out blackmail, mass surveillance and systematic discrimination against Palestinians.


Voted for the Iraq war I believe
Wow labour can literally fuck off completely


How very apropos, they already know all about antisemitism-baiting though, do they really have anything left to learn?





The UK will introduce a new visa at the end of January that will give 5.4 million Hong Kong residents - a staggering 70% of the territory's population - the right to come and live in the UK, and eventually become citizens.

Epic fucking Hong Kong moment incoming, Redditors. We fucking did it /b/ros…… I'm crying atm.


File: 1611079988087.png (121.5 KB, 2048x2048, wholesome.png)


File: 1611080634193.jpeg (102.05 KB, 1080x1080, cd991c.jpeg)

Lads, how do I make my chicken tikka masala not taste like tomato juice?


What are you making it out of?


Can of chopped tomato, cream and water as a thinner. Shit ton of spices as well and onion.


Sounds like you need a touch of acid and salt


Keep shoving orange spices and chili in it until it complies


the comparative success of the humanitarian intervention in Kosovo lead directly to the overconfidence that destroyed Iraq.
(and also a lot of kids being burdened with the name Tonibler.)

If that was true then she wouldn't be purposefully obstructing the inquiry and he wouldn't be trying to bring forward evidence that further strengthens the case for her resignation to said inquiry.
Indeed, if Sturgeon had wanted to protect him it would likely never have gone to trial, given recent suggestions the women who made the accusations did not want to go to court.

>today I will log onto leftypol.org to accuse an innocent man of rape in order to help the supposedly nationalist Scottish Government cover up their attempt to entrap him.democratic_socialismDemocratic Socialism


anyone up for cytube right now?


Use ground almonds, not tinned tomatoes. If you want something made from cheap ingredients to eat cook rajma or dosai, not tikka masala.


You fags should start using our cytube instance instead.


Silence from Tommy Robinson
Were British. And that’s the way we like it.


if they all move to London and turn it into Hong Kong 2 then Boris Johnson might accidentally be the most based Prime Minister since records begandemocratic_socialismDemocratic Socialism


Honestly the biggest outcome will likely be that they move to areas with existing Chinatowns, start interesting with mainlanders, then beef them.


Let's hope the PLA shoots them if they try to leave.lenin_capLenin Cap


You can make your British room there too.


>tfw finished making the perfect chicken tikka but the fucking pot is impossible to clean afterwards


What did you do to it to make it taste good?


You got to use sugar to tone down the acidity. Simple as.


Sugar made it go from tasting like tomato juice to tikka masala?


That and cumin. And an extra chopped onion. And maybe a little more cream. Fuck if I remember the last time I made a shitty dish of tikka.


okay cumer


Lmao, the most retarded country.


That would only be based if London becoming Hong Kong 2 makes the rest of the UK communist


nah even if it just condemns london as we know it to the history books it will be based.democratic_socialismDemocratic Socialism


What the fuck? Is this some sort of attempt to import anti-communist sentiment?


tbh it's probably more like a desire to make up for lost EU immigration + knowledge wealthy HKers aren't going to pose as big a political problem as people of average income would + a feeling of having to do something about HK but not having many realistic options.

there's no need to import anti-communist sentiment when communist sentiment is as low as it presently is and communist organizing is perhaps the most dysfunctional it has ever been.democratic_socialismDemocratic Socialism


That makes a lot more sense.


Threadly reminder that any "marxist" who praises George Orwell is automatically untrustworthy. An anticommunist propagandist, a rat and a nonce. Fuck him


what've you got against rats
are you that orphan who was cucked out of a family by stuart littledemocratic_socialismDemocratic Socialism


Rats are unironically the best pets.


thinking again about that time all the Yugoslavs who collaborated with the Nazis marched north to meet with the Allies instead, but they ran into the British who put them on trains back to Titodemocratic_socialismDemocratic Socialism


File: 1611110737774.gif (287.32 KB, 498x476, post this rat.gif)

>>3883democratic_socialismDemocratic Socialism


File: 1611110831497.gif (287.32 KB, 498x476, post this rat.gif)


They also sent back Krasnov to the USSR. Can't think of anyone who deserved the noose more.lenin_capLenin Cap


File: 1611180313146.mp4 (570.54 KB, 270x480, fox laughs.mp4)

>At the end of the war, Krasnov and his men voluntarily surrendered to British forces in Austria. All of them were promised upon surrender by Major Davis that they, as White Russian emigres, would not be repatriated to the Soviets.
>On May 28, 1945, Pyotr Krasnov was handed over to the Soviets by the British authorities during Operation Keelhaul.
SCREAMINGdemocratic_socialismDemocratic Socialism


File: 1611180812693.gif (899.83 KB, 1078x625, Rat-Chad.gif)



File: 1611181504105.jpg (76.39 KB, 600x572, 6e421de39f1e8a76fc.jpg)

So I remember hearing that after brexit britain will replace trade and migration from eastern europe with latin america but I can't recall where did I read that or why such thing would even happen.


Never heard about this but it would be based. South America is the sexiest continent.


Is this the way to save brexit


I hate the middle class more than the capitalists. The victim complex, the crying about how big capitalists are evil even though they want to do the same thing, everything. They unironically deserve to be genocided, just throw them all in a camp with no COVID protections and give them COVID blankets.


Agreed tbh


File: 1611193367133.png (285.8 KB, 578x503, ClipboardImage.png)

F to a real one


>we are a pro-palestine organization
it's a fucking tenants union, why would it have foreign policy. the fuck are they gonna do, rent strike against Israel? good riddance.


Its a good thing when a proletarian organisation develops a foreign policy, its called "internationalism".


no, it's called LARPing. Internationalism requires actually doing something slightly more helpful than sticking in your twitter profile and undermining your organization's actual purpose because people hold the wrong views on matters they're powerless to influence.


If you call the stems of something LARPing and try and cut them down before they've even bloomed, then clearly you don't support those shoots. ACORN being anti-Isreal is an objectively good thing.


File: 1611196033390.jpeg (59.44 KB, 582x400, 0_4U6mKh3bU9AMZugZ.jpeg)


Acorn aren't slacktivist though. And virtually anyone can be called a slackivist, most Marxists such as Jason Unruhe and your good self are slacktivists.


the stems of literally fucking nothing. if every supposedly pro-palestine organization was as effective at undermining israeli occupation as the AWL is at palming off newspapers on people who don't really want them (not a high bar) israel would've been gone by 1976.

if you have no idea what the end result of the flora spouting shoots on your organization is, it's probably mould.


So what, do you think they should be anti-Palestine or centrists on the subject then?


acorn are activist when they're organizing tenants, where they can actually fuck up landlords
they're slacktivist when they're adopting foreign policy positions, where they're utterly powerless.

they should say nothing because they're a fucking tenants union, they unionize tenants. you don't ask the NHS if it has an opinion on the armenian genocide.


Why should they say nothing? I'm powerless, not organised or nothing, I say FUCK ISREAL. The NHS isn't a working class union, its a government organisation, so who gives a fuck about it.


because it's a pompous waste of time that creates excuses for splits and bad press while doing absolutely nothing to advance any practical aim.
you say fuck israel, and israel goes on existing. acorn says fuck israel, and israel goes on existing, and for as long as people think that the way forward is to get cardiff uni biology society to tweet #fuckisrael israel is going to go on existing.

a tenants union saying "fuck israel" is the working class version of pepsi saying black lives matter. the only major difference is that pepsi might get some return on their hollow verbiage.


Splits with who? People who support Israel? Yeah fuck them.


imagine wanting to increase the chance of rent strikes being defeated just because you don't agree on foreign policy issues that neither of you have any power whatsoever to influence.


File: 1611198077838.gif (1.29 MB, 247x247, keir sphere.gif)

Yeah OK. First day interning at the Labour Party?


i see you have no actual response.
pathetic confessional politics from an impotent nonce.


What response is there? There's two options, either they support Israel for clout, or the support Palestine. I'd pick Palestine in every situation, what, even leaving internationalism aside, do you seriously think Israelis are going to support housing efforts in the UK for the poor? They don't even support that in their own fucking country.


>There's two options
No there isn't. Saying nothing is an option. There is absolutely no meanginful point at which Israel comes up in the process of organizing tenants. The idea that it is essential to take a position is farcical. What's Acorn's position on Catalan independence? What's Acorn's position on The Disruption of 1843? What's Acorn's position on FCC 47 Part 22.925? Why should it take a viewpoint on Israel but stay silent on those issues, except that you happen to care passionately about that particular issue which is irrelevant to the primary purpose of the organization?


Why say nothing like a coward?


There's nothing brave about talking big on issues you have no influence over. You are not Saint Pancras, you will get no plaudits for loud declarations of faith alone.


>Great Britain was countering the freshly united Germany by supporting Serbia in the conflict while Germany was supporting Croatia. With foreign policy, overt humanitarian aid and covert military aid.
>One aspect of the Yugoslav war is that it was a proxy war between Germany and UK for "influence" over the EC and the future EU.
>Hurd’s image of Britain simply wishing for “quiet” to return to a region in which it had no particular strategic interests is, of course, only one part of the story. The larger and by far the more interesting part was Britain’s strong policy activism in pursuit of that “quiet” once real war came to Slovenia and – to a far greater extent – Croatia: Whitehall’s rejection of Slovenia’s and Croatia’s declarations of independence; its equivocation in condemning the Yugoslav National Army (JNA) use of force; its dogged opposition to any form of international military intervention – even in the most benign form of ceasefire monitors; its support for an arms embargo which cemented the vast military supremacy of Serbia and its allies for years to come; its determined efforts to halt the recognition of the Yugoslav republics; its refusal to establish diplomatic relations with Croatia for months after its recognition; and, last but not least, the neo-colonial abuse of historical imagery by a number of its diplomats and foreign policy makers who argued that the Yugoslav conflicts were steeped in the region’s “ancient hatreds”


>Baroness Thatcher criticized John Major because of his appeasement to Slobodan Milošević
>Baroness was awarded with Grand Order of King Dmitar Zvonimir in 1998 for her "exceptional contributions to the independence and integrity of the Republic of Croatia"
The Ustase I could tolerate (natch) but this is too much. Croatia, that was the last straw. Consider me critically opposed to you. I'm going to tell people that you are the ones who turned Delcatty into bread against her will!!!democratic_socialismDemocratic Socialism


Britain still bombed Yugoslavia along with NATOlenin_capLenin Cap


the point is less that Britain was good and more that such a power struggle on the European side is interesting. By the time of NATO intervention Britain had already plainly lost to Germany. (and the EU, having plainly failed to resolve the conflict without Amercan intervention, had given way to NATO.)


File: 1611216382752.jpg (49.81 KB, 460x190, nsresign-1.jpg)

holy based


Is that you Paul Emery?


Don't talk about lenin hat like that


There's a time for saying something an a time for saying nothing. Right now, you are doing what's called opportunism


How is it opportunism?


File: 1611226880337.png (36.38 KB, 586x237, ClipboardImage.png)

I am having a bit of a cringe, lads


YO BASED replace these trash romanian supermarkets and coffee shops with Mexican supermarkets and taco standsbrocialismBrocialism


Supporting Israel because you (wrongly) think it would be popular with the public is opportunism.


File: 1611230110956.jpg (68.12 KB, 363x361, markfisher.jpg)

>Internationalism is when your consumer advocacy union makes meaningless gestures brocialismBrocialism


File: 1611230397966.jpg (36.74 KB, 645x773, idk bout that one.jpg)

>consumer advocacy union


What else is a renters union but advocacy for consumers of housingbrocialismBrocialism


I refuse to be a member of a football team that has not explicitly denounced the "zionist entity" as an apartheid regime.


File: 1611231204138.jpg (16.56 KB, 259x194, dialetic.jpg)

My book club is yet to denounce IsrealbrocialismBrocialism


>psh, renters unions?
>My book club
The jokes about British MLs total ineffectiveness continue to write themselves.


Yeah, I agree to call anything that doesn't involve labour a union is ridicuolous. Renters union is an oxymoronbrocialismBrocialism


A class organisation. Tenants are a class, if you don't believe me, read some Marx (hint, the bits about the peasantry).



File: 1611231870867.jpg (5.6 KB, 168x300, Really.jpg)

>Tenants are a classbrocialismBrocialism


Yeah imagine all the landlords and bosses who also rent that will join. This totally ridiculous fringe case is the definitive case we should continue to throw time into unions that are totally regulated by the government.
I hope ACORN doesn't discriminate against landlords and bosses either, as that would not be representing ALL renters, and that's the way I deem they should operate and the basis on which I continue to attack them.
Join your local government sanctioned union today! It Represents Labour™ #JoinAUnion


Notice how all these things refer to farming land.

They are about peasants and their relationship to the means of production. Housing has no relation to the means of productionbrocialismBrocialism


Landowners are a class, as such those that must exist on said land must be a class.


Acorns is a consumer advocacy group not a union.

Unions refer to labourers organisation. If me and the lads start a petitions to reduce the price of pint at the local, have we now formed a revolutionary drinkers union?brocialismBrocialism


>Housing has no relation to the means of production
At a time when like 40% of the population is working from home, hard x to doubt on that one. Also how is someone that gets all of their income from rent not a member of the bourgeoisie, in the same way that they exact income through surplus value. The mechanisms are even the same: purchasing capital to invest and reap the reward: landlordism is just unproductive labour.


The only way to know what capitalists fear is to look at what pisses them off. CPGB-ML have been marching with Stalin banners through Brighton for 40 years and the ruling class have given a fuck. A few working class people organize to stop paying rent and they piss their pants. If something makes the capitalists piss their pants then I'm 100% in.


How is housing "consuming a product", did a blacksmith consume the product of the lord whose land he lived on? >>3938 You mention farming, but feudal dynamics also involved a lot of rural industry existing on land owned by aristocratic landlords. Are they "consumers" too??


Yes, if your housing is not related to your labour. Its is not part of the means of production. Its just another productbrocialismBrocialism


>Capatalists don't like when I shit my pants next to them on the train so this is revolutionary activity.

Not related to the means of production, don't care , not a unionbrocialismBrocialism


Okay, let's call it a consumer advocacy group for the purpose of this conversation.
Can you explain to me why we should take your support of unions seriously when there's a consumer advocacy group more radical than every union in the country? Is the butthurt behind this your reasoning for wanting them to be apolitical and to represent zionists, bosses and landlords? (absolute cuck position btw)


Its not radical if its not related to the means of production.brocialismBrocialism


Revolutions come down to material questions that you're either on one side or you're on the other. If working class people are radicalised over the housing question, you don't tell them they're wrong for some arcane reason, you tell them they're right and then expand on it.


>It is necessary that this appearance be abolished – that landed property, the root of private property, be dragged completely into the movement of private property and that it become a commodity; that the rule of the proprietor appear as the undisguised rule of private property, of capital, freed of all political tincture; that the relationship between proprietor and worker be reduced to the economic relationship of exploiter and exploited; that all […] personal relationship between the proprietor and his property cease, property becoming merely objective, material wealth; that the marriage of convenience should take the place of the marriage of honor with the land; and that the land should likewise sink to the status of a commercial value, like man. It is essential that that which is the root of landed property – filthy self-interest – make its appearance, too, in its cynical form. It is essential that the immovable monopoly turn into the mobile and restless monopoly, into competition; and that the idle enjoyment of the products of other people’s blood and sweat turn into a bustling commerce in the same commodity. Lastly, it is essential that in this competition landed property, in the form of capital, manifest its dominion over both the working class and the proprietors themselves who are either being ruined or raised by the laws governing the movement of capital.


Okay name a radical group in the UK


There isn't onebrocialismBrocialism


What about the Palestinian Solidarity Campaign.


What about your book club?


he was calling tenants' unions bookclubs


Is it related to the means of production?brocialismBrocialism


They should work on representing EVERYONE in the Levant and stop worrying about things they have no control over
t. leftypol pro


All of society is.


Funny thing is unlike most people in this thread, I am a dues-paying member of Acorn.brocialismBrocialism


Is your group threatening to mess with the means of production?brocialismBrocialism


is any?


If Isreal didn't exist, capitalism would be unaffected. So no, I don't carebrocialismBrocialism


>peasants are rebelling, burning down London
>a brave communist steps in front of them, looks down, lifts his head up and solemnly says "rioting over taxes isn't radical you fucking retards, taxes aren't related to the means of production"
>the peasants throw him onto the Savoy Palace bonfire as well


I mean I would of been right even if they did burn mebrocialismBrocialism


Same and also a part of the Uni Rent Strike.


The irony is that the taxes were related to the means of production: their taxes were agricultural goods, it was literally surplus value.


You use popular anger to say "yeah, you are being exploited and being made to pay unjust poll taxes, but here's the bigger picture", you don't tell them they're wrong, because they're not wrong to be angry about poll taxes or housing. John Ball radicalised the peasants by saying "yeah, taxes are shit, but further more, all this shit about the aristocracy being chosen by God is bollocks, we should have peasant communism", and the riot was transformed from just being about corrupt poll tax officers and about abolishing serfdom.


Not shooting yourself in the foot by going hard on zionism (something the average person doesn't know the definition of) is avoiding opportunism. Its fine for ACORN to have position on palestine but now isn't the time to press it


Kill yourself


Is this anarchism?


>not going hard on


When did they "go hard" on it? Does Acorn have a paramilitary in Palestine or something?


>Not shooting yourself in the foot by going hard on zionism (something the average person doesn't know the definition of) is avoiding opportunism.
Do Zionists know the definition of it?




Zionists are renters toobrocialismBrocialism


File: 1611240539311.jpg (30.94 KB, 480x480, ok nigga and.jpg)


They should be allowed in a renters advocacy group. It makes the group strongerbrocialismBrocialism


It very well could be a thing soon if I understand correctly, the details are a bit fuzzy for me though.

t. Canadian


They should let in cops too!!


Has there ever been a marxist police's union?brocialismBrocialism


It was a turn of phrase, and besides in contrast to the establishment parties and union's it pretty extreme.


Yes, policemen are labourersbrocialismBrocialism


During the 1946 strikes, there were pro-communist unions that joined them (The police had launched a strike during 1944 as they landed in Normandy to resist the Germans, so it makes sense that they'd wanna join their comrades from the last struggle).


I wonder if ACORN has a policy on this tbh, would make more than sense for a tenants' union to not cover police and/or Bailiffs.


By the way ACORN is NOT and advocacy group, it is a union, which is very different


Too be fair I doubt the police or soldiers would want to join it (well, not undercover anyway). Police look at any unions that aren't their's a part of the enemy. It would be a bit silly to be a police officer and get your head smashed in by one of your colleagues at a protest.


Burgerstani I presume
At least our local police union gets butthurt when they get kicked out of the umbrella org for being shits


Acorn is an advocacy group since they do not represent labourers. They are fighting for consumer rightsbrocialismBrocialism


I wouldn't allow Zionists in for the same reasons, they're psychotically committed to crushing any left wing resistance in the UK.


Soldiers would lamo there's loads of cases of landlords fucking over servicemen's wives because their husband is not there.


If they're joining a rent strike, that is evidently not true.


Lmao what, that is ridiculous. Most of the original zionists where communists. And many of Britians greatest communists have been zionists.brocialismBrocialism


Much like many of them joined Labour to get Labour elected? Oh wait, every single Zionist conspired to wreck, there wasn't a single one that didn't.
As we all know the world is a static object where nothing ever evolves at all.


You don’t consume housing just like you don’t consume a hammer. You use it.


And furthermore they specifically do not advocate. They use direct collective action, which is not advocacy.


Well sure, but you also use a piano. You couldn't have a piano buyers union.

Since renting a flat is not part of the means of production you cannot start a union around it.brocialismBrocialism


Renting is also specifically not buying


The direct collective action is just a form of advocacy.

PETA is not an animals unionbrocialismBrocialism


Peta is not made up of animals fighting for themselves. If it was it would be a union


If I rent a car and me and my m8s come together to try and get me a better deal on my car rental , that's not a union. Thats consumer advocacybrocialismBrocialism


Are Uber drivers allowed to be in a union?


Only if its around withholding labour.

If they come together to try and get better rent on their cars from a 3rd party, that is consumer advocacybrocialismBrocialism


Define a union


What about withholding rent, which under capitalism is always withholding of labour


Withholding rent is not witholding labourbrocialismBrocialism


An organisation of labourers threatening to collectively withhold labour in order to bargain for better conditions.brocialismBrocialism


Rent is made of labour anon


come on lads don't tell me none of you get this fine reference

what is Acorn's policy on the crimes committed by the Croats, who are - by allah - Thatcherites.democratic_socialismDemocratic Socialism


And from where did you get this definition?


No its not , by that logic all consumer advocacy groups are people threatening to withhold labourbrocialismBrocialism


File: 1611251474497.png (806.46 KB, 1024x719, BREAD.png)



File: 1611251495979.png (4.26 KB, 348x240, smile moji.png)




Fellas would it be too political for ACORN to not allow Ustase war criminals join?


CANZUK will never exist because there would be nobody left in Britain but a few prehistoric nonces in the City of London if we were allowed to emigrate freely.democratic_socialismDemocratic Socialism


Canadas a shithole m8brocialismBrocialism


Bosnia has more of a future ahead of it than Britain. This is a country that will always be haunted by the fact its best days lie behind it, the best we can hope for is that its eventual implosion is interesting - but most likely it'll just fall down one day without ceremony, like the last tree on Easter Island.democratic_socialismDemocratic Socialism


So nowhere then

Well, yes that’s called a boycott


Anon I can’t quite remember what theory of value do we as communists use again?


>Lots of prescription drugs
>Abundance of fake designer clothes
>Boring politics
>Knife crime
>Political groups with strong opinions on politics


I ask again: What's Acorn's position on The Disruption of 1843? What's Acorn's position on FCC 47 Part 22.925?


File: 1611251930214.jpg (89.66 KB, 1200x675, EWc11ZoXkAE1I-Q.jpg)

I know ;(brocialismBrocialism


I will be the Arkan of the Balkanising UK


File: 1611252300536.mp4 (4.64 MB, 480x720, 1608526226795.mp4)

okay but can you learn how to hold a cat properlydemocratic_socialismDemocratic Socialism


Joe Exotic Arkan
Freedom lovers wrongly imprisoned for crimes theydidn't commit who also like tigers.


I already know, maybe this is a sign.
Also no wonder everyone wanted to join Arkan's militia when he's bravely bringing disco-folk into the 90's.


File: 1611252797550.jpg (170.97 KB, 930x720, maxresdefault.jpg)

got kicked out of the Armija Republike Buckingham i Hertfordshire when they realized I was using the mario paint cat meow as the backing track for our propaganda films and now fascists from Cambridge and London are laughing at us :(democratic_socialismDemocratic Socialism


You know you're fucked when the APC PA is playing this


No answer then? You lose ACORN is certainly a union


do you know where you're going to find a tiger in this country
also what genre of music will you bring into the 2020s if elected our nominee for committing 24 crimes against humanity, grave breaches of the geneva conventions, and violations of the laws of war?democratic_socialismDemocratic Socialism


Let's go!!!


>do you know where you're going to find a tiger in this country
Where did Arkan get his? Did he steal it from a zoo or buy it?
>also what genre of music will you bring into the 2020s if elected our nominee for committing 24 crimes against humanity, grave breaches of the geneva conventions, and violations of the laws of war?
Well disco was already dated by the Yugoslav wars so I will continue the tradition. Maybe I will bring back jungle, or perhaps I will create youtube mashups of nu-metal and Death Grips. Dubstep was also popular a similar amount of time ago relative to disco and the Yugoslav wars. It's all on the table.


I feel like this is one accordion and VHS effect away from looking like an actual Yugo war video



I went to make dinner, still not a unionbrocialismBrocialism


lol always love how tory cucks carefully leave the usa out of the acronym in perhaps the feeblest attempt to look like they aren't just spreading their cheeks to get raped by the great satan and wall street vultures


File: 1611258081871.png (354.42 KB, 1092x1023, britain.png)

Honestly it would be kinda nice to be able to travel to America without visa shitbrocialismBrocialism


Oh right, so some other form of value is traded for rent by the worker than labour is it?


needs the shitty vhs filter + superimposed dominic grieve smiling in a waffen-ss handschar uniform



This applys to all forms of consumption.brocialismBrocialism


And so by your very own logic, any kind of consumption of labour value can be a site for union organisation. Based on the definition of a union you pulled entirely from your nether region anyways


No if you arn't threatening to remove your labour from the means of productions it isn't a unionbrocialismBrocialism


Literally says who. Also, you are. If I refuse to pay rent, that is refusing to give a portion of my labour value to my landlord


ITT landlords are actually cool guys, finance capital, also fine. Capitalism is literally just the wage system.

Epic might ask my landlord to increase my rent


Yeah that's pretty difficult to do these days with outsourcing.


sorry lad if Acorn doesn't share my opinion on the correct internal borders of Bosnia, Herzegovina, and Republika Srpska then they're just a bunch of Chetnik scabs.


>Capitalism is literally just the wage system.
Impossible, we've already established Uber drivers can have a union


File: 1611260552130.png (105.01 KB, 372x351, novara.png)

I say
Also if you arn't doing that then unions have no rev potentialbrocialismBrocialism


File: 1611260565883.jpg (113.57 KB, 760x932, corbyn.jpg)

This article is pretty revealing about the British ruling classes petty priorities. They're describing what is their literal apocalypse and "people will ride bikes more" is apparently important enough of a gripe that they have to fit it in there.


Finace capital gets its money from the means of production originally.

You can't unionise around not buying their shit, the labourers power is in withholding his labour from the means of production

Everything else is idealismbrocialismBrocialism


>You can't unionise around not buying their shit
The cotton workers in Lancashire literally organised a union boycott of buying Confederate cotten.


this entire argument is moronic anyway because it assumes a union is inherently a trade union, something that would make the "trade" in "trade union" redundant and also make every single credit union in the country breach the laws around false advertising.

(to say nothing of the International Telecommunication Union, Asia-Pacific Broadcasting Union, Arab States Broadcasting Union, African Union of Broadcasting, Commonwealth Press Union, European Broadcasting Union, and World Broadcasting Unions)democratic_socialismDemocratic Socialism


>Cotton workers
>Not cotton ConsoomersbrocialismBrocialism


This conversation is talking about trade unions not the idea of having a group of things together you fucking moronbrocialismBrocialism


nobody ever pretended Acorn was a trade union you fucking moron.
i hope you're a member of Cretins and Spastics local 5701.democratic_socialismDemocratic Socialism


Workers right now can't withdraw their labour from anything, that's why the unions are irrelevant.


Yeh and who the fuck u bro.. nobody is who

And why is there no revolutionary potential? Rentierism is one of the foundations of capitalism
>inb4 nu-uh it’s feudalism
Feudal and capital rent is extremely different

Rent gets it’s money from the means of production originally lmao dude. I work. My boss takes a chunk of the Value, then I give about half to my landlord. With the rest I pay bills and council tax. Then I eat. That’s all my labour value and refusing to give it to my landlord is removing my labour value.




Lol’d out loud





Fucking feel this bros. Literally can’t quit my job cos there are no other jobs at all and a huuuuuge reserve army of labour. That’s how we are all getting so fucked at my work. Staff cuts after staff cuts, doing the same job on half the hours. Fuck rona


No it’s a tenants union and it literally doesn’t do advocacy


1. You could eliminate rent and still have capitalism

2. You can't challenge the means of production by trying to not buy stuffbrocialismBrocialism


it's a tenants union, clue's in the name.democratic_socialismDemocratic Socialism


You literally can't have a consumers union

Its an oxymoronbrocialismBrocialism


by allah the only consumers i will advocate for is the flames which consumed london in September 1666 (peace be upon them)democratic_socialismDemocratic Socialism


File: 1611261349683.png (145.75 KB, 458x477, pink wojak.png)



Shut the fuck up you fuckin retard, you can name stuff whatever you wantbrocialismBrocialism


1) Give me any example from any time in history ever of capitalism that did not involve rentierism.
2) but you aren’t buying it, you are renting it, which is different


No you can’t. Words have meanings and stuff has tangible effect on society denoted by other fixed meanings you dirty pomo


1.There was no rent in the soviet union
2. Renting a product is no different to buying itbrocialismBrocialism


your position makes no logical sense.
taken to your words, the International Telecommunication Union calling itself a union is fine because it's just a group of Telecommunication providers, but Acorn calling itself a tenants union is unacceptable because its just a union of tenants and not the fucking GMB.democratic_socialismDemocratic Socialism


So Nazi germany was socalist then?
If we are just gonna accept whatever people name themselves. Fucking cretinbrocialismBrocialism


Based. But what about the rage that consumers me on witnessing a kefir with a shaven face eating a bacon butty?


>soviet """union"""
>didn't go on strike oncedemocratic_socialismDemocratic Socialism


No, they named themselves the wrong thing, in order to deliberately decieve the workers.

>you think Nazis would do that

>just lie to the German people


Jesus people in this thread like arguing about mundane things. Yes, renter strikes and abolishing rent are not going to end capitalism. However, housing is the issue workers are currently getting radicalised over. Revolutions don't always start because of the direct issue, the peasant's revolt started over taxes and ended as the demand to abolish serfdom, the English civil war started of about loans and ended in bourgeois dicatorship.


>No, they named themselves the wrong thing, in order to deliberately decieve the workers.

Yes just like acorn the renters """"""""""""""""Union"""""""""""""""""

Lieing to the psedu socialist milianial working classbrocialismBrocialism


>inb4 acorn are liars
>inb4 acorn a fascists


>"union of the crowns"
>didn't even try to organize kings to overthrow their boss, god. democratic_socialismDemocratic Socialism


Hahahahah called it


I mean they are a form of social fascist consumer advocacy groupbrocialismBrocialism


>the peasant's revolt started over taxes and ended as the demand to abolish serfdom, the English civil war started of about loans and ended in bourgeois dictatorship.

Neither of these abolish capitalism or even feudalismbrocialismBrocialism


>""Union"" of the Comoros
>""Union"" of India
The International Labour Organization will be hearing about this.democratic_socialismDemocratic Socialism



Click this link for an excellent example of consumer advocacy by Mao Zedong


>join acorn "the union"
>trading standards raids the building
>tells us to stop ignoring requests for help from employers and zionists or we'll be charged with discrimination
>tells us to stop overstepping our legal jurisdiction asking for more bus coverage
>tells me to go home until i have a problem with my landlord
>also we have to rename to acorn: the tenants advocacy group
Such is life in the UK


HAHAHAHAHA mate ask any British communist organisation what they think about this


Can I ask honestly do you know any leftists IRL?


Doesn't count , as I've already said

Peasants overthrowing landlords - socialist you are taking over your means of production

First world renters getting 10% off their inner city rent - not effecting the means of production , not socalismbrocialismBrocialism


I MUST CONSOOOOOOOOOMdemocratic_socialismDemocratic Socialism


Pretty much every British communist org is social facistbrocialismBrocialism


socialism is when you get very very very pedantic about a word with a definition as broad as the fucking Adriaticdemocratic_socialismDemocratic Socialism


>acorn is social fascism
>our trade unions are good tho


I've never claimed any trade unions exist in BritianbrocialismBrocialism


mate… https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Acts_of_Union_1707democratic_socialismDemocratic Socialism



Funnily enough im 90% sure I know you irlbrocialismBrocialism


File: 1611262239768.png (417.83 KB, 808x490, jesse.png)

>In 2013, Yang Liping, a notable Chinese dancer, claimed that she had seen cannibalism during the Cultural Revolution, although not necessarily in Guangxi. She stated that "I am pessimistic about humanity and pessimistic about humans. Because we have been through the Cultural Revolution, we have become very alert. I am very alert, alert like a peacock. Be careful, because humans are the most horrible animals, otherwise Michael Jackson wouldn't have died……I saw people eat people, and people hurt people, just like nowadays. Nowadays people can hurt you anytime, yet they don't even know why they hurt you."
<Be careful, because humans are the most horrible animals, otherwise Michael Jackson wouldn't have died


Sage just has to have a think about if he knows a retarded Phil Greaves and he's figured it out


>rugby """union"""democratic_socialismDemocratic Socialism




File: 1611263180574.png (26.24 KB, 687x502, strikes in the UK.png)

>trade "union"
>doesn't disrupt the means of production


So up until the point they actually did this, they were just doing consumer advocacy? All that planning, not revolutionary at all, but the act, that is socialism. Maaaate.

Lets reverse it, can you have proper socialism with landlords in it?

>everything is fascist if it doesn't agree with me

>trade unions aren't real
um.. anon

Pretty sure I know like 3 people I suspect of posting here and like 5 I suspect of once having posted here. 2 of those I'm not sure if they still do. Pretty sure like, one of my best pals posts here in fact, or at least, we were very good pals. Hes a very busy man now, sad times but hes doing good stuff. But I'm also not sure if I just make connections that aren't there.

Don't be a tease sugar give me some clues. Do you think we have been in actions together? Are you the guy that… posted that you were in one of the pictures when I posted a picture of Acorn and Living Rent?

i literally don't. Somebody is hiding their power level big time. I have a handful of suspects, I know some anarchists who would say some of these things. I know one potential maoist who memes very hard on FB and I suspect at the very least he knows about this place. Difficult to tell these days with the level of meme saturation


I’m an American, I heard about it on Caspian Report

Tho he said it isn’t likely because it’s retarded for everyone and would be a new EU and also would probably be completely at the mercy of the US

In other words it’s still ogre for Anglos


1. So up until the point they actually did this, they were just doing consumer advocacy? All that planning, not revolutionary at all, but the act, that is socialism. Maaaate.

The relationship to land if you are a peasent who uses his land as a means of production, versus a renter who uses it as a luxury to sleep.

2. No most communist in Britian are social facist, because they are social democratic, as in they focus on reforms in Britian that would continue imperialsm

3. Yeah there are no large scale trade unions in Britian that regularly challenge capital. Rail unions being a possible exception

4.No clues , ;)brocialismBrocialism


Only possible good future is to go cap in hand back to Europe in five years and hope they let us back


a lot of the problems of the left would be solved if it was socially acceptable to slap people across the face for talking shite.democratic_socialismDemocratic Socialism


The EU and NATO had no intention of "resolving" anything, they sowed Yugoslavia's destruction by encouraging Ustashe separatists and Jihadist headchoppers in Bosnia/Kosovo.lenin_capLenin Cap


The Bolsheviks should have focused more on strikes.


This. Another intentional result of the lockout.lenin_capLenin Cap


they could desire to Balkanize Yugoslavia without particularly enjoying the way it came about in practice. (and by having the EU compete with NATO to Balkanize it in ways that benefit Britain, Germany, or America the most.)


They really don't give a shit about anything as long as they get their way.


they don't have a single unified will is the point. they have a great deal of common interests, but differ on the details, and it's in the details of how their interests differ that the actually interesting story lies: America breaking countries is everyday news.


The people involved will be like "Oh no what a ghastly affair!" and rationalise to themselves how it's for the best and then continue to do it again.


Shut the fuck up Phil, wear your mask.


thinking about the grotesque spectacle of some trotskyist rag from 1994 with like 15 readers putting out calls for the various sides of the bosnian war to stop the atrocities and negotiate for peace based on the internationalist principles of their particular band of merry weirdos.democratic_socialismDemocratic Socialism


noncelenin_capLenin Cap


Schizo twat


Utterly despise wearing a mask at work. Horrible.lenin_capLenin Cap


confused the nation of Croatia with Croissants in a Facebook post and now I'm banned from Greggs and there's a gang of thugs from Zagreb marching around town burning down people's gardens and shouting my name. Might have to re-consider going for a pint tonight.democratic_socialismDemocratic Socialism



I'm sorry, while I highly disagree with you I shouldn't take out my unrelated bad mood on you by being a belligerent asshole


how to construct helicopter out of kitchen fan and De'Longhi ECI341.BK Distinta Manual espresso maker boxdemocratic_socialismDemocratic Socialism


how to say "wait i think you've got the wrong guy, there's another guy with the same name over in fairfield, are you sure it wasn't him" in croatiandemocratic_socialismDemocratic Socialism


It really isn’t that bad. Don’t be such a femboy


I’ll day with you later. Acquaintance person


union is when man who hammer metal talkbrocialismBrocialism


Femboys love wearing the masks though, they were wearing them before they were even mandated. Whenever I see Biden or someone wearing a mask I think "Femboy Biden".


Tell that to the unionsbrocialismBrocialism


What's everyone's favourite homestuck flash
for me it's [S] Rose: Enter


Based orthodox retardbrocialismBrocialism


Are you that american labour/trot?brocialismBrocialism


>be me
>doing some community protection for ACORN
>here comes the fuzz
>"Oi mate, you better have your union license"


ello mate do you have your permission slip for this protest?


File: 1611273716483.png (327.67 KB, 595x438, bitconnect.png)

>having a home to sleep in is a luxury
lads am i a tarquin for not being homeless?


Real proletarians live in a condemned building or a tent in the woods, post from McDonalds wifi, and shower at the gym, and when it comes down to it two of those are luxuries.
When you think about it even Jeff Bezos could be a tenant. He isn't because he can afford to buy any street he walks down. But he could be.


helpful advice: do not confuse the leftypol quick reply box for the google search boxdemocratic_socialismDemocratic Socialism


BIG fat titties


>In the postwar period after the Dayton agreement was signed, Ražnatović returned to his interests in sport and private business… he took over a second division soccer team, FK Obilić, which he soon turned into a top caliber club, even winning the 1997–98 Yugoslav league championship.

>Ražnatović threatened players on opposing teams if they scored against Obilić. This threat was underlined by the thousands of SDG veterans that filled his team's home field, chanting threats, and on occasion pointing pistols at opposing players during matches. One player told the British football magazine FourFourTwo that he was locked in a garage when his team played Obilić.


dog bless you milosevig your legasy is indagd :DDDDD


The International Criminal Tribunal for the former United Kingdom (ICTFUK) was a body of the Neo United Nations established to prosecute serious crimes committed during the British Wars, and to try their perpetrators. The tribunal was an ad hoc court located in Berwick-upon-Tweed, Scotland.

The Court was established by Resolution 1945 of the Neo United Nations Security Council, which was passed on 8 June 2033. It had jurisdiction over four clusters of crimes committed on the territory of the former United Kingdom since 2021: grave breaches of the Neo Neo-Geneva Conventions, violations of the laws or customs of war, genocide, and crimes against humanity. The maximum sentence it could impose was breaking on the hoverwheel. Various countries signed agreements with the UN to carry out custodial sentences.

A total of 1066 persons were indicted; the final indictments were issued in December 2040, the last of which were confirmed and unsealed in the spring of 2041. The final fugitive, Sir Keir Rodney Starmer KCB QC VC, was arrested on 20 July 2045 and charged with all of the above. The final judgment was issued on 4 April 2047 and the institution formally ceased to exist on 31 May 2047. The institution was formally re-activated by Resolution 2017 of the Neo United Nations Security Council in January of 2048 following a daring jailbreak by convicted war criminals Sir Keir Rodney "Man Eater" Starmer KCB QC VC, Alexander Boris "Shellfish" de Pfeffel Johnson, and Amir al-Mu'minin Ed Davey, among others. The trio remain at large and are widely believed to be taking part in the ongoing civil war in the Republic of Cymru (aka the Republic of West England, aka the Neo Caliphate of Pembrokeshire and the Valleys)democratic_socialismDemocratic Socialism


Yes, under capitalism rented accommodation is a luxury good.

You could always live in the forest, or alternatively move to a smaller flat, or share with more people.brocialismBrocialism


File: 1611305869049.png (463.82 KB, 789x563, burns speaks.png)

>You could always live in the forest, or alternatively move to a smaller flat, or share with more people.
democratic_socialismDemocratic Socialism


File: 1611308436450.jpg (29.24 KB, 1280x720, maxresdefault (11).jpg)

>You could always live in the forest
based protracted people's retard
>or alternatively move to a smaller flat
i've always wanted to live in a bin like oscar the grouch
>or share with more people.
<lmao how are you poor, just turn your home into a refugee camp, sorry i'm a socialist so i don't do consumer advocacy bullshit


or I could just die and not deal with any of that shit at all.


Can I just get my head around something.
You (rightly) criticise trade unions etc for being imperialist and first-worlder but also think that Zionism is leftist?


>4. We Want Decent Housing Fit For The Shelter Of Human Beings.
>We believe that if the White Landlords will not give decent housing to our Black community, then the housing and the land should be made into cooperatives so that our community, with government aid, can build and make decent housing for its people.

uhhhhh retard?????? housing isnt related to means of production???????


stupid panthers didn't even realise they were capitalists all along


No Zionism is not left wing. But if you are trying to form an effective union, you have to let people with views you disagree with into the union otherwise it weakens the union overall.brocialismBrocialism


None of this adresses that under capitalism housing opperates as a luxury goodbrocialismBrocialism


>you have to let people with views you disagree


fuck you guys "braking on the hoverwheel" is funny, i don't care what you say. the minute the british wars happen i'm telling the Yorkists you've got Lancastrians in your cupboard so your house gets destroyed.

he's normally stupid but in his case he's actually right. it's utterly moronic to undermine the unionization of tenants in a building because 5 of them think that israel is good, a meaningless opinion in the face of the lack of any practical action to support israel.democratic_socialismDemocratic Socialism




it is retarded because disagreements can lead to infighting which causes stagnation.


Nigga its meant to be a union. Not the place for ideological purity you nonse.brocialismBrocialism


I'm not talking about ideological purity, I'm talking about staying on task and not arguing over dumb shit no one cares about.


is everyone fighting over the fact they agree with one another againdemocratic_socialismDemocratic Socialism


>tl;dr (housing is a luxury btw)
Damn that's crazy
*deletes applications from zionists*


I do agree with that but you are also a flaming autist


It doesn't. Sure the property ladder exists but even the lowest paid agricultural labouring jobs provide housing (shitty caravans) when its needed for their work force.


>under capitalism housing operates as a luxury good
Yeah like when survivalists talk about the rule of 3s, 3 days without water, 3 weeks without food, 3 months without housing: the last one is so you feel ~comfy~


/leftybritpol/ - Bug Eating Serfs


They're horrible. You can't breathe properly in them and they make my mouth drylenin_capLenin Cap


Are there not masks with better air flow?


Try breathing through your nose instead.


>scotland is more left wing!!!
>they all voted remain
checkmate scotnathiests


>you can’t breathe properly in them
You’re one of those cunts coming into my work pretending to be asthmatic aren’t you. Listen, no mask= dirty slag, catching STIs, passing them on. No different with Rona. Although even worse because you leninhat have never let me put it in your bum. Don’t be a slag. Wear a mask.

They are LITERALLY more amenable to communism.

Left wing isn’t based on being pro brexit you absolute melt.

And acquaintance friend I’ve not forgotten about you I just cba writing a serious post about how retarded you are right now


also also
> be woman
> send voice message
Why b they do this?


Too be fair, Brexit was really a choice between which flavour of neo-liberalism and nationalism you want.


File: 1611338051871.jpg (80.87 KB, 419x480, tom_cruise_laughing.jpg)

w o m e n b e s h o p p i n g


So true




Anything Acorn is lobbying against is prices on a luxury good.brocialismBrocialism


Women are able to balance based and cringe in a way most men could never achievebrocialismBrocialism


Every great revolutionary is atleast on the spectrumbrocialismBrocialism


No a big chunk of their activism (that I've seen anyway) is about the conditions of rented apartments


File: 1611347640447.gif (3.02 MB, 480x338, hillary_clapping.gif)

>mfw when a poor family have to sleep in a homeless shelter because they couldn't afford a luxury good due to a lack of consumer advocacy


You're talking about it like Acorn was formed to protest lootboxes or games that are buggy at launch. They're protesting over probably one of the most important fucking things in a person's life necessary for their continued existance.


Rented acomadiotn under capataislsm operates as a luxury good.

You need food to live

If I form a broccoli buyers union, that ain't a unionbrocialismBrocialism


Define a luxury good


Rented accommodation is typically a luxury goodbrocialismBrocialism


Good not needed for imminent survivalbrocialismBrocialism


There is no such thing as a "luxury good". That's capitalist nonsense for neoliberals who think any poor people who spend money on some cookies or maybe a pint are wasteful greedy subhumans who need to tighten their belt while we have a monarch sat on a gold throne with a crown with 2000 diamonds in it.
Marx literally said that consumer products are equal in importance as life's necessities. Not to mention shelter is a necessity.


All necessities are made luxury goods under capitalism

READ MARXbrocialismBrocialism


I'm not talking about the technical economic term, I was talking about the phrase. In any case, what exactly is the difference between your rhetoric and the Tories? I often see Third Worldists saying shit like this, and sometimes they literally say the same shit and push the same ideas as neoliberals do.


List all goods needed for imminent survival


River water and ricebrocialismBrocialism


As a marxist, im talking about the techinacl economic termbrocialismBrocialism


Can you prove that?


Yes I can live off river water and rice easily. These are the building blocks of lifebrocialismBrocialism


If rice is required for survival how did Europe survive before it was brought here?


Rice is just a stand in. Could be wheat. Whatever the local carb is and river waterbrocialismBrocialism


What is considered a "luxury item" by capitalist court wizard economists isn't really important. Yes, obviously in capitalism they increase the price of necessities and push down the price of consumer goods, but that's irrelevant for this conversation.


You can't just eat wheat, retard


You can, pussy bitchbrocialismBrocialism


Wrong, like all your posts.


It opperates under capatilism as a luxury good, STOP YOUR 1ST WORLD COPE. Your renters advocacy group to get 50 quid off rent is not revoultiona\rybrocialismBrocialism


You litterally can live off wheat and water thobrocialismBrocialism


Why do you keep saying luxury good? We've already established only river water and rice aren't luxury goods. You should just say non-luxury good when referring to river water and rice.


It doesn't matter whether it operates under capitalism as a "luxury good" because capitalism is fundamentally irrational and not congruent with reality. Capitalists don't give a fuck whether something is necessary or not, they give a fuck about whether "number goes up."


Because if your """""""""""""""""""union""""""""""""""""""" is about not consuming a luxury good. IT AINT A FUCKIN UNIONbrocialismBrocialism


OK then, its not a union, its a tenant collective, happy now? Is that all you give a fuck about, the word?


I'm already a fees paying member. its a really effective tenants collecitvebrocialismBrocialism


New thread


tbf there are brands like supreme where you should have a finger cut off if you find them appealing rather than appalling.democratic_socialismDemocratic Socialism


No, do actually read anything you respond to?


You can't even eat just rice. Is this just really drawn out bait? Is this socdem flag?


"treated" not "made"


were all in here >>4199
>>4199democratic_socialismDemocratic Socialism


I do.lenin_capLenin Cap

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