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Post predictions and or forecasts for 2022 and beyond, so we can compare it to what actually happens later on! Here are some predictions for 2021 that I screenshotted, very interesting to look back on them now.




liberal schizos well cry about covid and everyone else will move on with their life


Massive international proletarian resistance against lockdowns and vaccine passports.
Potential socialist revolution in Turkey.
Move towards open fascism by the bourgeoisie.

By the end of 2022 I fully expect I may be in jail or dead.


Big ass earthquake somewhere


Variant epsilon coming soon
Intensification of proxy war in Ukraine
Collapse of Turkish offensive in Syria
Further decoupling of EU/US
Social movements in Europe by the end of the year


Nice thumbnails retard


More conservative proles will die because they think not getting vaccinated is somehow resisting big gunbmint.
Dems will strengthen power as a result. Dems will feel empowered to do what want to do instead of hedging their bets, will become even bigger corporate whores than before.


File: 1640995001576.png (99.84 KB, 671x716, fivey wins.png)

China will continue to rise but there will be more tension between capitalist growth and welfare for the people
America will stagnate, Republicans will sweep elections and Biden will be a lame duck for the next 2 years, DNC will blame progressives for their defeat instead of the fact they had no real political program
Europe will continue to trend rightwards, they will buy Russian gas and Ukraine will be further isolated and retreat into further reaction
Africa will continue to benefit from Chinese investments but it's questionable whether they are helping the people that much
Latin America will trend leftwards and will attempt to further deepen relations between pink tide countries into some kind of regional bloc
Russia will continue to sell oil and gas and maybe get a little more of Ukrainian territory - nobody will do anything
China and America will NOT have a big war, China will NOT invade Taiwan, there will not be any big wars or major habbenings, things will just continue to decline for the first world and rise for China and their allies.

COVID will not be eliminated despite a fourth booster being out, COVID jabs will become a yearly or twice-yearly thing like the flu shot, but vaccine mandates will weaken due to apathy and at least 25% of people in the West will remain not vaccinated. COVID will just become 'the new normal' and Western leaders will admit that there is no way to eradicate it, even though in Asia they successfully manage every major outbreak to stop it becoming endemic.

TLDR; Nothing much will happen of great importance, the current trends will just continue. Boring prediction maybe but accurate.


NO! vaccine mandates. masks are LEFTIST


Sorry lol, they are screenshots of screenshots
Like you said, boring but also seems pretty likely to actually happen, so I respect it!


>Sigma covid variant
>Something will go down in Syria (perhaps end of the war, considering the recent talks between Russia, Iran, and Turkey
>Queen elizabeth will die
>Mark Zuckerberg will be assasinated
>Biggest gains for worker movements in years will probably happen in a few Latin American countries
>Probably a false-flag will occur with China-Taiwan to justify aggression against China


They might be "leftist" but they're not communist, Marxist-Leninist, or Bolshevik.


File: 1640995624180.png (175.34 KB, 970x545, Dungeon-Master.png)

Ok, I rolled the dice checked and the oracle tables, here's what I got:
>Haz goes back to law school
>Agent Kochinski gets arrested for being a pedo
>Covid kills Biden
>China takes Taiwan
>Cuba persists, gusanos continue to be angry
>USA fractures and Shay establishes her worker's paradise


wsws disagrees


lenin hat goes full schizo — ancient proletarian aliens, psychic powers, crystals, gnostic astral bourgeoisie,



Cuba's blockade is lifted and dengs-out to become the pearl of the Caribbean which other Latin nations will be naturally drawn into
The northern coast of the island is militarized to stop illegal yankoids from crossing in boats to get healthcare and affordable shelter


The species finally dies of apathy


>Cuba's blockade is lifted and dengs-out to become the pearl of the Caribbean which other Latin nations will be naturally drawn into

I can actually see this one happening. Fucking nauseating.


cuban socialism with deng xiaoping characteristics


>Sorry lol, they are screenshots of screenshots
there is never a need to do that.


another round of massive civil wars in Africa similar to the one in the 90s-early 00s kicks off
EU (especially France and Germany) and Japan militarize
DPRK moves towards reunification
pink tide in latam with unprecedented mass support


File: 1640996607098.png (75.73 KB, 300x168, ClipboardImage.png)

here have a deng


My Official 2022 Predictions

I decided to post my official 2022 predictions based on a unbiased analysis of Domestic Politics, International Relations/Geopolitics, Economics, Sports prognostication, and Epidemology below. Please Enjoy!

American Politics:

1) The Biden administration fails to have any significant legislative victories due to stonewalling from Senators Manchin and Sinema, demoralizing the Democratic voter base and keeping Bidens Approval rating underwater.

2) The Democrats lose both Houses of Congress in the Midterm elections, with the Republicans gaining 30 seats in the House for a 243-192 House majority (their largest since 1928), and 3 seats in the Senate (GA, AZ, and NV) followed immediately by Joe Manchin switching parties for a 54-46 Senate majority. The generic ballot went 52-46 in favor of the Republicans, with Exit polls showing Whites going 62-37 Republican (70% of the Electorate), Blacks going 87-12 Democratic (12% of the Electorate), Hispanics going 61-36 Democratic (10% of the Electorate), Asians going 59-39 Democratic (4% of the Electorate), and others going 54-44 Democratic (4% of the Electorate), with the Democrats weak performance attributed to low turnout from their demoralized Base of Non-White and Young Voters, combined with high turnout from energized White ConservatIves.

3) Trump announces his 2024 Presidential campaign immediately after the Midterms and swiftly receives endorsements from every prominent Republican, with the first polls showing him tied with Biden, and slightly leading Harris, with a decisive Electoral College advantage (he’s leading in all the States he won in 2016 plus Nevada).

4) Biden doesn’t make up his mind if he will run for reelection, due to combined concerns that he is unsure that he wants to put himself and his family through another harsh presidential campaign against Trump, that Harris is unelectable due to the Sexism and Racism of the Swing State electorates, and that the rest of the Democratic bench is even weaker then her, thus leaving the Democrats in a state of limbo heading into the 2024 presidential election.

International Affairs/Geopolitics:

1) Despite numerous sabre-rattling from both sides, their is no Military conflict between Russia and Ukraine, with the current Russian buildup proving to be merely a snap training excercise that was hyped up by the International News media. This is largely due to the fact that Putin’s Russia is integrated into the Global Capitalist Economy and a Invasion of Ukraine would prevent Russia from exporting Oil/Gas to Europe, freeze the Western financial Assets of Russian Oligarchs (including Putin himself), and knock Russian Banks out of SWIFT, thus giving Significant impetus to avoid serious conflict.

2) Their is no Chinese Invasion of Taiwan, due to Chinas integration into the Global Capitalist Economy and role as a source of cheap labor for American Corporations.

3) The Korean Peninsula is extremely quiet.

4) The Indo-Pakistani and Indo-Chinese border disputes remain contained to low-level skirmishes and nothing more.

5) The Iranian Nuclear Deal falls apart, with massive sanctions reimposed on Iran, but despite initial fears, this doesn’t lead to War as Israel and the US both secretly know that Iran’s Nuclear Program is for purely civilian purposes, and that Iran is a paper tiger that poses absolutely no threat to either of them, making a War a complete waste of time compared to the easier strategy of just sanctioning Iran until the regime inevitably collapses.

6) The Syrian Civil War remains a De-facto frozen conflict.

7) The Yemeni Civil War remains a De-facto stalemate with the Houthis controlling the North and the Pro-Saudi forces controlling the South.

8) Despite the dire predictions of International News Media, Afghanistan has its most peaceful year since 1978, with remnants of the Northern Alliance and ISIS-K only mustering low-level insurgencies, due to the extremism of the latter limiting the pool of support, and the relatively Moderate Taliban government (by Islamist standards) hindering any support for the restoration of the old Pro-American regime.

9) The Ethiopian government successfully avoids Collapse by crushing both OLA and TPLF forces, with the Tigray region itself recaptured by the end of 2022,
resulting in large-scale genocide of ethnic Tigrayans that is largely ignored by the International News Media.

Global Economy:

1) The Dow Jones Industrial Average reaches 40,000 points by the end of 2022.

2) Most countries have above average GDP growth.

3) The Inflation fears prove to be largely unfounded, with Gas prices starting to significantly decline due to both increased production causing excess supply and falling demand caused by the rapid growth in Electric vehicles, thus cascading to most other goods as well. However, Republicans still blame Biden for a Imaginary “Hyperinflation” and “Stagflation” crisis with racist Dog whistles that this is being caused by giving stimulus checks to “those people”, that galvanizes White Conservative turnout for the Midterms.

4) The “Supply Chain Crisis” becomes a thing of the past with the exception of Fox News Fear mongering.

COVID-19 Pandemic:

1) The COVID-19 Pandemic is essentially over by the end of 2022, as a result of Herd Immunity being accomplished due to the combined effect of virtually the entire population being either Vaccinated and/or Infected, along with Natural Selection causing new strains of the Virus to become less deadly over time with COVID-19 never having been that dangerous to anyone who wasn’t Elderly and/or Immunocomprised, making the Virus essentially equivalent to the Common Cold for anyone with Vaccine or Natural Immunity,

2) Despite the Pandemic fizzling out, the Media continues fear mongering over new variants in order to increase ratings (Omnicron proves to be a classic example of this), and politicians on both sides of the Vaccine, Mask, and Lockdown debates use it as another Culture War issue to turn their voters out, with the 2022 US Midterms being a clear case of this. However, despite all of the hysteria on both sides, the average person grows increasingly numb to these issues and after the Midterms it quickly falls out of the public consciousness.


1) The defending Champion Tampa Bay Buccaneers repeat to win Super Bowl LVI, with their 44 year old Quaterback Tom Brady winning his eighth Super Bowl.

2) The Golden State Warriors win the NBA championship.

3) The MLB lockout lasts all year causing the 2022 season to be completely cancelled, with the World Series being canceled for the first time since 1994.

4) As an American I know practically nothing about Soccer/Association Football so I unfortunately can’t predict who will win the 2022 World Cup, LOL.


File: 1640997042777.png (86.03 KB, 200x360, ClipboardImage.png)


Great list


Sure hope so, let Cuba lead the way for Latin America.


>stock market and crypto bubbles burst
>US government has none of the financial tools available that it did in 2008, democrats push for corporate bailouts anyway
>republicans leverage popular anger over democrat corporate welfare (that they approved of anyway, but that's a secret) into sweeping 2022 election victories
>once in power they cut the government budget to the bone in what is neoliberal austerity passed off as "fiscal responsibility"
>world continues to move away from US dollar as instability worsens, companies move operations and headquarters overseas
>plummeting life expectancy and standard of living
>more saber rattling with china

maybe zemmour will win in france too, and who knows what'll happen in turkey


File: 1640998274203.png (556 KB, 835x624, 1639118535703.png)

>leftypol.org exists in a relatively stable state for the next 365+ days, no server takedown, mod coup or major userbase split

>500 PPH on /leftypol/ for multiple consecutive hours in November

>unarmed black man shot by USA police, no large-scale riots but nationwide dramashit court case that /pol/ and internet libs obsess about for a month.

>"Antifa member shoots ["innocent"] right-wing protester" in USA

>multiple South American nations flip to socdems/alleged-socdems

>two or more new /pol/face variants based on serial shooters.

>/ITG/ gain a new core obsession lolcow who is female

>Yeonmi Park gets very noticeable breast enlargement or botched facial surgery.

>/leftypol/ mentioned in a well-known online article again Why do you leftypol Carnymancers soi the Royal turnip?

Fuck it, reply with other people's predictions you want on bingo cards and I'll make some for the thread.


File: 1640998401095.jpg (237.59 KB, 784x481, Grenada-Invasion-1983.jpg)

The real question is where will the US spend its bloated military budget that keeps increasing despite recent troop withdrawals, care to open the bets on the next place they'll bring liberty and democracy?


Somewhere in Africa to counter growing Russian influence there.


mod team is purged of furry faggots


and what happens when they lose ?.



Same thing that happened after they lost in Afghanistan.


You have the autism score of a redditer


the US is not in a good stage to keep losing wars, the backlash would be enormous, principaly if it's against an african country.


Was going to say Japan/Philippines, but more likely Africa like >>492065 said.


>the backlash would be enormous
like the last… 3 times? more?


The current ruling party will lose the next election to the other party. That will be the extent of the backlash.


I think more people are against US imperialism now than were in 2000. Maybe if another 9/11 happened they could get away with it but not against a country that could fight back.


>Maybe if another 9/11 happened they could get away with it but not against a country that could fight back.
Like if Somali pirates crashed a boat into Times Square?

I have little awareness over the situation in Africa, but would China assist them if USA falseflag'd them as terrorists who need to be invaded for national security?


There will be some type of revolution attempt or just something alongside soviets (not just soviets as in worker's assemblys, but just citizen's assemblies, as it has happened in other "atempts" of mass protests be it, to put an example, occupy wall street) which will be answered by the greek goverment by releasing the military on them.
>No a western goverment would do that nooooo
I mean in the Netherlands they used live ammo against protesters so in a country which it's lower on the "goodness democratic spectrum (as in, the germanic EU, Germany, the nordic countries, the netherlands, Belgium…) wouldn't really be that out of the question for Greece to launch the military at the protestors.
There will be some real kino riot porn until the massacre comes in.
We also gotta remember that Greece approved as of recently (I mean, like 6 months ago, but whatever) a daily 10 hour work shift, so in the case of the massive economic fallout that is gonna happen because of getting passed Covid, the only way out, aside from more austerity (which Greece can't deliver, it only has the bones of a state, unless they privatize the police or some shit) so they will just start cutting into the worker's rights so Greek porkies (and german porkies) can have more money.
This might make it so there's some what of a red spring (which will not resemble soviets, mind you, but resemble what happened like at Occupy Wall Street) in the PIGS (Portugal, Italy, Greece and Spain) countries against EU Austerity, but there won't be a revolution out of it, just a mask off of the states.
These regions are probably the ones with the most potential revolutionary energy of the EU.


File: 1640999650995.png (757.76 KB, 768x694, ClipboardImage.png)

>On Friday, Mali’s transitional government has clarified that it is engaged with Russian military trainers even as French troops are drawing down. So, it is official that Russian security personnel are deployed to Mali.

>Mali, a landlocked country in the Sahel region in West Africa, is the latest theatre of the great contestation involving the big powers playing out in different forms following the launch of the United States’ containment strategies against China and Russia.

>France, the erstwhile colonial power that ruled Mali, and Germany, another colonial power with a violent history in Africa, have been supposedly fighting counterinsurgency in the Sahel region for the past several years.

>However, the people of Mali, with good reason, suspect that these European powers are not serious about fighting jihadist groups but are pursuing their neo-colonialist agenda.

>Reports have been appearing in the Russian media at least since 2019 that the Sahel countries had sounded out Moscow about the deployment of military advisers, following the model of other regions in Africa such as the Central African Republic.

>Sahel region running along the midriff of Africa sits atop some of the largest aquifers on the continent and is potentially one of the richest regions in the world. No doubt, it is a region of great strategic significance, a belt 1,000 km wide that spans the 5,400 km stretch from the Atlantic Ocean to the Red Sea.

>In retrospect, the Russian African Economic Forum held on 23-24 October 2019 in Sochi turned out to be an important geopolitical event where the Russian diplomats effectively used history to their advantage.

>Historically, Russia carries no colonial backlog in the African continent — unlike France, Britain, Italy, Germany, Portugal or Spain. Russia hasn’t any gory record of making military interventions in Africa — unlike the United States. It has a clean slate — like China.

>This history is found very appealing by African elites. Russia has no qualms about acknowledging that Mali government approached it for deputing private companies to boost security in the conflict-torn country.

>Earlier this month, Russian Foreign Ministry asserted that Moscow will continue to assist Mali in its fight against terrorism and will further help enhance its army’s combat effectiveness.

>The Foreign Ministry said, “Moscow strongly condemns the barbarous act committed by terrorist forces in friendly Mali… We support the Mali government’s intention to take all necessary measures to ensure security, detain and punish those responsible for the crimes.

>“Russia will continue to support collective efforts geared to combat terrorism in the Sahara-Sahel region, to offer practical assistance to the countries of this region, including Mali, in terms of enhancing combat effectiveness of their armed forces, training servicemen and law enforcers.”

>On its part, Mali too plays with an open hand. In his address to the UN General Assembly in September, Mali’s Prime Minister Choguel Kokalla Maiga accused France of abandoning his country with its “unilateral” decision to withdraw troops. The French President Macron’s predicament is that his five-nation war across Africa’s Sahel region is as unpopular in Mali as it is at home in France.

>Meanwhile, Malians have given a rapturous welcome to the Russian military advisors. France 24 reported that the tailors in Bamako, the capital and largest city of Mali, are doing roaring business making Russian flags to meet the local demand.

>France’s 10-year old war has devastated Mali and several other countries, but has failed to contain the threat from the Muslim rebel groups affiliated with al-Qaeda and Islamic State that incubated in next-door Libya following the NATO-directed regime change project to overthrow Muammar Gaddafi in 2011, which was, ironically enough, piloted by France only.

>Like with the US occupation of Afghanistan, suspicions have arisen that France has been playing a dubious game in Mali. In October, Prime Minister Choguel Kokalla Maïga told the Russian media that French forces have been secretly funnelling support to terrorist groups like the al-Qaeda-aligned Ansar el-Din front and had no intention of winning the war.

>In reality, Macron is only ordering a partial withdrawal of troops. Most of the 5,000 French troops deployed in Mali are merely shifting south, toward the tri-border area with Burkina Faso and Niger. France has no intentions of abandoning Sahel although its reputation is in the mud among the local people. Its neocolonial agenda is self-evident.

>Indeed, Mali holds rich deposits of gold, bauxite, manganese, iron ore, limestone, phosphates, uranium, etc. Gold dominates Mali’s mineral sector; Mali is 4th largest gold producer in Africa. Mali’s mineral resources remain relatively undeveloped; its territory remains largely unexplored and unmapped.

>The Europeans are seething with envy and fury that the Russians may establish themselves in Mali and replace them for good. Last Thursday, France and 15 NATO allies issued a joint statement denouncing the Mali government’s invitation to the Russian security personnel. Interestingly, the US issued a separate statement.

>The fact of the matter is that NATO has been planning to move into Sahel to provide a platform for the western powers to concentrate on their neo-colonial agenda to exploit the resources of that region. But the project is stalled since the gateway to Sahel is Libya where anarchical conditions prevail (and Russia has an established presence already.)

>If Russian were to spread wings in the Sahel region as well, the NATO might as well mothball its African dreams once and for all.

>As it is, the Western powers desperate about the inroads China is making in the African continent. China lists 39 African countries on the Belt and Road official website, ranging geographically from Tunisia to South Africa. China has lent African countries hundreds of billions of dollars as part of Belt and Road Initiative.

>The BRI is often critiqued by its detractors as so-called “debt trap diplomacy.” But BRI projects in Africa reveal a nuanced reality of how the initiative functions in the developing world, where infrastructure financing is desperately needed, and political externalities are of secondary concern to the receiving states.

>China’s courtship of African political and military leaders through visits from top Beijing leadership has been absolutely outstanding. Equally, it creates space for the African elites to negotiate with the erstwhile colonial powers in Europe.

>The noted American scholar Yun Sun, a director at the Stimson Center in Washington, said in a Congressional testimony on China’s presence and investment in Africa that “China’s strategic aspirations are causally related to its economic engagement in Africa and are mutually reinforcing each other.” That is a perceptive observation.

>It is in this context that the paranoia of the Western powers is to be understood — that Russia may be effectively complementing the Chinese challenge which is already formidable. Succinctly put, the West’s neo-colonialist agenda is being checkmated. The profound economic and strategic implications cannot be overstated.

>This is not to suggest that Russia and China are acting in concert in Mali, although it is conceivable that they could be coordinating and are, most certainly, on the same page. The stakes are high insofar as Mali sits on great untapped mineral wealth.

>Unlike China which sticks to business deals, Russia does not shy away from declaring its unflinching support for the struggle against all neo-colonial tendencies in Africa.


the us has few means and fewer reasons to pull off a military intervention in africa, something would need to change drastically in the next year to justify it


The US is already militarily intervening in Africa on a small scale and in multiple countries.


mostly with spooks, special forces, and drones, nothing on the scale of an invasion or occupation


True, but these small scale interventions can be the seed to a larger invasion. For example, they can easily let a few American personnel get killed in a false flag to justify invasion. Whether this happens depends on if there is a political need to do so, whether it is to look good at home or to contain Russia/China.


something something china offshoring manufacturing there
plus climate migrations will be massive in the area
that's what france is for


This is actually the most boring so it's the most reasonable lmao


What does "Pig" stand for?


Portugal Italy Greece


More of the current end of history, except maybe Yemeni people gaining some more ground against the Saudis.
Any other thing is wishful thinking and very unlikely to happen.


Agreeing on 90% of this.
About the Yemeni struggle: don't underestimate the gains made in 2021.
Even if they are not enough to end the war they've been pretty significant.
Also on Ethiopia something tells me that as paradoxical as it could sound the federal forces will have an easier time crushing TPLF than OLA.
Also a joint attack to end the Tigrayans with the help of Eritrea is possible.


Someone should make a bingo chart just in case


read the damn thread before you shitpost



Then I won't make you a bingo chart.


boo hoo


File: 1641009847905.jpg (28.22 KB, 367x487, OC.jpg)

>Kissinger finally dies and gets fawning eulogies from the bourgeois media
>Chomsky finally dies and gets suspiciously positive eulogies from the bourgeois media like Hobsbawm did
>Elizabeth Windsor finally dies and more total people watch her funeral in the US than in the UK
>Strike wave continues to build along with /r/antiwork style rhetoric
>Coordinated smear campaign against the movement is launched in the media (maybe they'll try antisemitism again?)
>Along with this, massive wave of internet censorship against the left - subreddit bans, Paypal bans, etc, same as they used against the right in the past two years
>Dems get shrek'd in the 2022 midterms
>This precipitates a massive political crisis in the DSA. Revolutionary chapters and groups are either purged or split off
>Ukraine crisis doesn't result in all-out war, but IRBM first strike nuclear missiles are stationed in Europe for the first time since the 80s


File: 1641009940391.jpg (67.5 KB, 783x767, 2018-03-25_20-53-29.jpg)

Gorbachev dies


Australia just goes to even more shit and basically is kill


>nato continues to dissolve
>USA and pretty much all of Europe continue to grow into bigger and bigger shitholes besides Germany for god knows what dumb fucking reasons
>Africans and asians continue industrializing
>none of the problems accumulated since 911 actually get fixed
>neither does covid
And that’s 2022


I am the same King Lear, I am Unvaccinated due to my Natural Immunity (I had all the symptoms of a mild Covid-19 infection when it first started in the U$ in March 2020, and haven’t had anything more then a sniffle since), and I do believe that the Pandemic is being used both to accelerate the 4th Industrial Revolution to replace the Proles and create a new Culture War issue to help Republicans win in 2022 and 2024 so they can eliminate the Safety net and expand the Police/surveillance state and Mass incarceration to crush the Proles eliminated by the 4th Industrial Revolution.

However, I have softened my stance a bit due to the combination of fear of being Permabanned, along with the fact that I am starting to feel that both sides of the Virus/Vaccine debate are being engineered for the same purpose of helping Republicans (remember that this crap all started under Trump, with Warp Speed being one of his biggest “achievements” and the vast majority of Republicans are Vaccinated despite the MSM narrative that they are not) in the 2022 and 2024 elections.


File: 1641011615272.gif (35.32 KB, 200x185, 1625135443594.gif)

>hey anon look, the hecking wholesome weird sex website, it hecking disagrees with you. Man, you must look like such a fool for going against what the weird sex website says.


weird sex with soyjak


yikes, inappropriate much? You're clearly not responsible enough for the role of mod and you should be removed from your position.


sir this is an 18+ board


god you're such a fucking colossal faggot there's a good chance this happens


nothing interesting


Thanks for the compliment!


Sorry for the screwed up post, I’m a little drunk, LOL.


Kill yourself, Fukuyamist
“End of history” is the most dogshit liberal cope imaginable, any liberal promoting it should be hanged
Go ahead and be a doomer, but don’t be fucking neoliberal excrement, capitalist realist motherfucker


high as i am m still going to try to, make a GOOD prediction for you all
>the "florona" which is a remix of Influenza and Covid will become the new and doom of the covid pandemic-western countries won't do anything and insist it's harmless, people will still panic if only less intense as before.

>joe biden will continue his austerity politics, but will push student back to jan. 2023


To be fair to my Revisionist frenemy, History tragically sorta did End 30 years ago, five days ago, LOL.


oh and Repbubs will sieze control like, 2-4 seats extra. i feel like America is really starting to set in it's insane division and partisanship, shit just does not change


Fuck off and die



I'm not saying history is over forever.
I'm saying that despite a few encouraging signals we are still living the "End of History" period.
There's a (small) chance this changes in the next few years, and a more significative one this will change in the next few decades, but as of now things stand like this.
Ignoring reality is the first step to political disaster.


> Biden dies
> Trump dies
> failed coup in Chile or Peru
> African Union


The fuck does “End of History” even mean, that America still has influence?
This is doomerism to the most retarded fucking degree, even your liberal fuckhead god realized how stupid and full of shit his prediction was
You wanna masturbate to doomerism then do it regarding climate change, not the bullshit ass stupid ass belief that “muh End of History, liberal dominance” still even exists or is eternal, fucking dumbass


Do you have fucking autism? Other poster isn't a Fukuyamist, he is saying that the situation is pretty stable in the now & likely near future for the ruling class despite Covid and other shit.


The "End of History" means that the socialist movement is still very weak around the world, to the point of being completely annihilated in what we define as the West and with scarce relevancy in vast areas of Africa and Asia (even if we can see some progress here and there and some small signs of hope).

Its also been 40+ years since the last revolution aimed at building a DotP (Nepal arguably turned out to be a liberal revolution even if headed by a Maoist party).


NTA but although I am for mask mandates I question the wisdom of vaccination mandates especially in countries that are denied access to the safer superior Chinese and Russian vaccines

Don't get me wrong on the balance of probabilities it's probably better to get the two doses of whichever 'Rona vaxes you have available but unlike mandates for smallpox and polio where the mandates were clearly justified we aren't there

Vaccine mandates are justified by an eradication policy; Do your local powers seem to be pursuing one?


In what way is it stable?
Because they aren’t literally being killed at the moment?
Yea because this is the decade when the communist movement returns in force, dummy
Don’t you realize you needed a literal unprecedented crisis to wake up the average brainwashed dumbass?


Morocco finally invades W*stern Sahara


Nope. The KPRF in Russia is and there are plenty of others I've seen online and IRL.
Even if I were the only one, would it matter?


>you're the only
not even gonna look at who you're replying to but don't flatter attention seekers


weird sex > your opinion


all american cities will look like this within the next 5 years


Why do people think Turkey, of all places, is apt for revolutuon in 2022?


dreaming because you're fucked up on fentanyl and wandering comatose in the street is the real american dream


Because of Erdogan’s stupid moustache


a collapsing economy and a string of military blunders


If I had to augur a few things I expect in 2022:

>Some Q-Anon crazy does something incredibly stupid, like bombing a hospital to stop the "devil's vaccine."

>This, along with overcrowded hospitals and America's naturally psychotic healthcare system pushes large swathes of doctor's over the edge.
<Already seeing shit like "They cut the wage of ER surgeons because we don't bring in as much money as COVID docs"
<Reports of Doctors being assaulted by Q-anon types because they use actual medicine and not whatever voodoo bullshit the Right is shilling.
>With the mass resignation of doctors and nurses America's public health crisis spirals even further out of control. Any kind of healthcare will probably become completely absent in MAGA country
>Some libs would try to respond by getting insurers to drop the unvaxxed or repealing the Reagan era regulation of requiring people to receive treatment even if they can't pay
>Republicans will sweep the midterms. The Left will be blamed, "Biden shouldn't have tried to be FDR!"
>More embarassing gaffes from the DNC's dementia caucus
<Bonus points if Biden is asked about student debt forgiveness and just responds with an angry, "No! Absolutely Not! Not on my watch!"
>State department tries to start a civil war in Venezuela or some other South American country.
>Desperate for a win, U.S. tries using drone warfare.
<However drones incinerating schoolyards full of children on America's backdoor becomes massively unpopular, expect interviews with Venezuelan or Nicaraguan expats in mags like Vice or Jacobin: "My daughter was murdered by Biden!"
>The seeds of the Dems downfall starts because of some unlikely split, probably in the DSA or something and in reaction to their constant electoral losses.


File: 1641071216991.png (653.43 KB, 767x632, 1637781740288.png)


I keep tabs on things like /r/QAnonCasualties and I honestly think they’re gonna be a major source of lone wolf terror attacks in the coming decade. They’re braying for blood and are only getting angrier and more desperate because they didn’t see the mass firing squads and executions televised that they wanted. Newer influencers, like the “Q Anon queen of Canada” are getting followings because she’s telling her followers she’s killing something like 10,000 pedophiles a day. With Trump pushing vaccines, I expect them to double down and do some horrifically evil stuff to get the bloodshed they crave; bombing hospitals, shooting up preschools (likely under the belief “they’re trafficking children there!”) and maybe even trying to kill a Democratic politician or two.

They’re fucking insane and it’s only going to get worse the further they move from reality.


File: 1641072989804.png (449.48 KB, 600x899, 2022.png)

>On the homefront
No further splits will appear and leftypol focuses on building more alliances with other leftist sites and boards. A proper webring is created with a fairly large userbase appearing that surfs between all of the affiliated sites and boards.
Leftypol grows slowly and reaches 500-600 IPs by the US midterms, before having an explosive period of growth which leaves it at ~1000 IPs by the end.
The moderation team will expand to contain just under 20 people and their composition will make the team less burger. Small sub-teams are created to handle /siberia/ and the other boards more specifically. Some of the existing mods will retire after their long period of tumultuous service.
The psuedo-/x/ board is created, as well as an international board, but no more boards will be made within the year.
Flagposting will make a large-scale return as faster PPH incentivizes quicker communication of your position on certain affairs.
China continues to advance its position in the world market through their investment in Africa paying off, with many emerging and powerful African nations pursuing more formal political relations with China
Cuba opens up some liberalizing reforms which lessen the US embargo on them, but CIA meddling in the following year results in the rescinding of the reforms and the return to a status-quo, Cuba having done major modernization in the time that they were un-embargoed.
The pink tide will continue to pick up momentum in South America with the US largely incapable of stopping it. By the end of the year however, there will be conflict in the movement between the social-democrats and more radical communist elements over how far they are pushing the movement and how fast.
Italy either gets perilously close to our outright leaves the EU, further weakening the European economic and political sphere. In response, the further centralization of the EU militaries into an imperialist force to make expeditions into 3rd world countries is taken, and the EU begins entering into conflict with the US and Russia in trying to broaden their sphere of influence.
India's Modi regime will falter as mounting proletarian pressure weakens the grip of the reactionary government, leaving a road open for moderate social-democrats to usurp them. However, even if this happens, tensions will not de-escalate with China.
The US experiences a weak economic recovery from the pandemic, with many jobs still not getting filled even with mass-unemployment persisting. Despite this, the duopoly of the parties maintains a hold, and Republicans make a killing out of the midterms. The dissatisfaction of the masses shall be channeled into Bernie Sanders again, but his wing of the Dems will be ratfucked out of power. Much of the power invested in Bernie is then devolved, however, to local seats, with independents and various socialists winning lower seats and beginning a war from the bottom-up against the established parties.


File: 1641073392660.jpg (168.24 KB, 900x1200, Double tap now.jpg)

I'm gonna go out on a whim and predict a genuine public lynching of a black person, old fashioned style with a rope and everything. Also a bioterrorist attack, probably involving anthrax. As you can see I'm quite optimistic


<The Italy part
In our political sphere there are literally 0 parties advocating for exiting the EU. It's simply not gonna happen


The west gives up on covid management and successfully commits eldercide
Anti-vaccinationism does not go away in the west and becomes an integral part of most right wing parties
"Wokeness" increasingly causes a cultural split between western Europe and the Anglosphere
More saber rattling over Taiwan and Ukraine, but no serious action
Pope Francis dies and his successor is far more conservative, leading to a schism over gay marriage
Kissinger dies, many ghoulish obituaries are published
The queen of England dies, nobody likes Charles
Macron is re-elected
Republicans win the midterms on the backs of newly converted Latinos and Asians
Some sort of major climate disaster happens and we begin to see right wing parties shift from climate denial to ecofascism
The USA moves to harshly regulate cryptocurrrency, many pink wojaks are posted
GPT4 releases and it becomes very hard to tell bots from real people


The burger left will continue to shrink or argue among itself into irrelevance as the young either drop out of society or become bitcoin/NFT/Tesla obsessed porky worshippers.


I highly doubt it, and it doesn't bode well for America. Even the most fanatical and motivated group of QAnon/wignats can't do shit even as they are convinced a coalition of pedo porkies and Beijing control the US government and oppress corporations. If you really believed that… wouldn't you have done something by now instead of screeching online?


side-tangent but I find it hilarious they insta-permaban you for advocating for/wishing death on people when they are discussing maybe the most idiotic herd of morons getting corralled into their own mass-death possible. I'd get banned from there, I can't help but laugh.


opinion mining thread. you all are goofy as hell.


this too is an opinion.



>2) Their is no Chinese Invasion of Taiwan,
Because the Chinese are playing the long game, and Taiwan's proximity to China creates enough economic pull to make integration the most likely outcome.
>due to Chinas integration into the Global Capitalist Economy and role as a source of cheap labor for American Corporations.
That's just know your place chauvinism, China is building out it's own high tech sector, they educate engineers at 4times the rate than the US, it's not going to remain a subordinate supply-chain component forever. I predict that the US will eventually come to terms that they will have to meet China at eye-level.

>Iran’s Nuclear Program is for purely civilian purposes

that part is true
>just sanctioning Iran until the regime inevitably collapses.
Iran will not collapse, they are adapting to the sanctions. This will make them more resilient, because it's having a effect like developmental protectionism.


Considering I have made accurate predictions for everything that has happened to my party 4 months ahead constantly, im feeling bold, so for this year:

>Russia and China wont engage in armed conflict outside their borders this year

>Biden will be unable to galvanize the US population, further slipping them into anti establishmentist
>Trumpism will lose even more steam
>The left will be unable to capitalize on this despite all of it, and we will see more surges of lolbertarianism and sporadic geographically isolated lefitst microparties, but nothing large scale
>Europe will slip further into right-populism and euroskeptism
>Europe will be unable to galvanize the population or countries into a cohesive block against russia, china or the usa
>Propaganda against china will continue and ramp up
>China will start pushing back with propaganda against the west effectively, or at least more effectively than now

And now for the wildcard wacky prediction:
>Biden will die or step down because of age related complications in September


>>unarmed black man shot by USA police, no large-scale riots but nationwide dramashit court case that /pol/ and internet libs obsess about for a month.
This is hardly a prediction and more of a constant fact


>Russia and China wont engage in armed conflict outside their borders this year
Taiwan is not outside of China's borders ;)


I include Chinese military activity in Taiwan as "outside its borders"
Sorry xi, deal with it, not playing your semantics game



>An actual raid on Area 51 to free the space bros
>The Space Comrades finally reveal themselves to humanity to bring forth Communism
>Uplifting Dolphins
>The US and the UK will continue to have logistic problems that will eventually tank their economies permanently.
>Neo-Posadism becomes the new mainstream ideology as more and more people take the Nuke pill.
>Texas Freezes over again and the power grid is taken out once more this time for good.
>Ted Cruz finally reveals that he is the Zodiac killer.
>Ted Cruz also gets incrassated in The Bahamas after fleeing from Frozen Texas.
>California becomes total Cyberpunk hell.
>Techbros commit suicide as their meme stocks in Tesla fall as Elon Musk goes Bankrupt and Tesla is sold off.


Genuinely is incredible how people think corona restrictions like vaccine passports are just going to vanish, or that they think that it isn't the most important issue.


go coof yourself to death elsewhere burgerstani


Just because you've made it your most important pet issue doesn't mean everyone else has to. Even with the amount of psyoping going on, the truth is that most people are both vaccinated and completely over caring about Covid. If the average online contrarians were actually in touch with the "masses", you would know this.


if people are sperging so hard about it while corona is in full swing, they are not gonna put up with it after corona is dealt with

honestly how do you even say stuff like that. it's like you're just blind to certain inconvenient parts of reality. "oh no we're so oppressed why isn't anybody talking about this????" meanwhile millions of retards like you are flipping shit and catching the coof for it.


Here's a few more predictions then, this time on corona.

>By the end of this year, not a single country will have returned to the pre-2020 conditions.

>Compulsory vaccination implemented in dozens of countries.

>Mandatory boosters, permanently.

>Vaccine passports extended to every bourgeois country.

>Usage of vaccine passports expanded to encompass almost every aspect of life.

>Hysterical Goebbelsian fascist propaganda against those who refuse to be vaccinated.

>Another entirely fabricated "wave" or "variant".

>Millions of proletarians thrown out of work.

>Widespread concentration camps for the non-vaccinated.

>Proletarians starved to death by capitalists for resisting.

>This board continues to shrug its shoulders.

And more more on other subjects.

>Energy and food prices keep soaring, hundreds of millions of people go cold and hungry.

>Open fascism implemented in many NATO countries.

>Shrill howls for depopulation intensify.

>Mass unrest across all of the world continues.

>White Terrorist threats against communism intensify.


>Some Q-Anon crazy does something incredibly stupid, like bombing a hospital to stop the "devil's vaccine."
>Reports of Doctors being assaulted by Q-anon types because they use actual medicine and not whatever voodoo bullshit the Right is shilling.
I'm suprised they didn't light up a hospital or a vaccination center yet. It's been pretty demoralizing for Qtards; GEOTUS came out as pro-vaccine, JFK Jr. hasn't appear in Dallas, Trump didn't get reinstated, Hillary isn't in prison. QAnon is running on fumes at this point. The world just doesn't belong to them anymore… Unfortunately, that's often the point where they grab their AR-15 and go out in a blaze of infamy. What worries me more is this common belief on Reddit that China and Russia are using the pandemic to destroy the U.S.
>Some libs would try to respond by getting insurers to drop the unvaxxed or repealing the Reagan era regulation of requiring people to receive treatment even if they can't pay
Its a matter of how long they're willing to eat millions of dollars in unpayable debt.
>Republicans will sweep the midterms. The Left will be blamed, "Biden shouldn't have tried to be FDR!"
I don't know. People were saying the Dems would sweer the 2018 Midterms but that "Blue wave" was a trickle. Also, most COVID deaths happen among unvaccinated people in red states and the GOP program just consists of screaming "Let's Go Brandon" over and over again. And that is assuming that Roe v Wade doesn't get repealed or the Qtards don't commit some mass shooting.
>Desperate for a win, U.S. tries using drone warfare.
Drone warfare only really works against countries with no functional air force, they don't have air-to-air capability. If a MQ-9 Reaper gets to say hello to the FAV's Su-30s, it'll be a zero score for the USAF. That is, assuming it doesn't get hacked and landed on an FAV base like the MQ-170 in Iran.
>However drones incinerating schoolyards full of children on America's backdoor becomes massively unpopular, expect interviews with Venezuelan or Nicaraguan expats in mags like Vice or Jacobin: "My daughter was murdered by Biden!"
VICE is effectively a mouthpiece of the Pentagon and State Department, you'll be reading articles from gusanos about how opposition to interventionism is White privilege. Either that or third-campism where Maduro is equated to Bolsonaro and Trump.
>The dissatisfaction of the masses shall be channeled into Bernie Sanders again, but his wing of the Dems will be ratfucked out of power.
The already happened back in 2020. Bernie is simply too old and most people were over him when he surrendered to the DNC without a fight.
>2) Their is no Chinese Invasion of Taiwan…
There's more things China can do against Taiwan besides invade it. If Taiwan declares independence, then as long as Taiwan doesn't fire on China first, the measures will primarily be economic and diplomatic.


>Reports of Doctors being assaulted by Q-anon types because they use actual medicine and not whatever voodoo bullshit the Right is shilling.
That actually almost happened to a EMT friend of mine, they chased after the ambulance in their car and harassed them as they carted the dying family member into the ER. Cause him to quit his job.


>I'm suprised they didn't light up a hospital or a vaccination center yet
Oh they have in the netherlands. But its Urk. Urkers have 40 autism score because of incest.


>The Metaverse meme will be forced through selling specialized hardware(like a Meta console bundled with an oculus) at a massive loss and still fail to take off past a tiny niche of managers, hipsters and education institutions which will be given it for free(but this time subsidized).

>Covid variants will sweep the world yearlong in a permanent flu season. Many big pharma remedies will be cobbled together from existing meds and sold as variant specific medication with incredibly dishonest, and likely illegal marketing

>Lots of side effects from the rona will get covered up, eventually side effect sufferers will be denounced as "welfare queens" for right wingers and "told you so"s for liberals(implying only antivaxxers got the long lasting damage). Later they'll be characterized as 5G/radio schizos but given a few nods here and there as a single issue group of voters that can be bribed with single issue healthcare concessions.
>Significant changes will be found to be made into industrial prepared foods to account for the effect of the permanent flu/cold season on people's sense of taste.

>The crypto market will become a crutch of US's politics circus

>>To launder bribes
>>As a wedge issue that can paint "traditional fiance" in a positive light. Rightoids siding with the self made based crypto investor and liberals reacting and whitewashing Wall Street as well as aiding the point below.
>>As an excuse to attack China & others (trade sanctions, mostly sable rattling) claiming crypto to be an attack vector for made up "Cyberwarfare" attacks

>The Tor project and the OSS/IBM/RedHat/GNOME glow scene will go mask off after the Trump campaign does some stunt and start demanding purges of every non-democrat/insufficiently woke FOSS person, while pushing open source as the "responsible adult's version of FOSS"

>Social media will get integrated more tightly with the DoD, as a result , a trickle of regulations, terms of use, codes of conduct and astroturfed efforts will implement incentives in the various platforms that will

>>Make political content a hassle to keep up unless associated with mainstream media, tightly following the mainstream narratives or belonging to or being associated with some sort of publisher/patron that vouches for the "integrity" of your content.
>>The remainders will flee to a variety of Substack/Youtube/Souncloud clones and left to feel safe in their definitely independent, non fed platforms.
>>"Fediverse" will take off momentarily and be swiftly relegated to turbonerds by a wave of scaremongering about the "misinformation wild west" and how it's full of scams and "foreign power" propaganda. Leading to ISP restrictions on most normie products about using or hosting these services.


Michael Roberts' forecast for the economy in 2022

>In conclusion, assuming no new disasters from the continuing COVID pandemic, the world economy will grow in 2022, but nowhere near as fast as in the ‘sugar-rush’ year of 2021. And by the end of this year, most major economies will have started to slip back towards the low growth, poor productivity trends of the Long Depression of 2010s, with prospects of even slower growth over the rest of the decade.


See it would seem like that, but Q has a death toll to it as well, though not one you see that often.
>First there was that Q-guy that killed a mob boss because he was a "CHILD SEX TRAFFICKING SATANIC COMMUNIST DEMONCRAT"
>Then there was a literal casualty not too far from where I live; learned about it through the Q-Anon Casualty subreddit, this woman killed her children and then herself during divorce because she thought her whole town was a pedophile colony.
>Then there's the Pizzagate dude who charged that pizza place with an AR.
>And wasn't there that one dude that tried taking the Hoover Dam hostage, too?
The point being there's already a death toll attached to Q, and I think the terrible thing is that we want to believe no one would commit terrorism for such an obviously stupid thing, but they have.
I think maybe the most unnerving thing about it is listening in from the perspective of people whose family have been taken in by this weird fucking cult. It's like having a parent get into Meth out of the blue and watching them deteriorate, it's why I browse /r/QAnonCasualties despite Q-Anon not having too much of an impact on me (I've got an uncle across the country who's adjacent to it). There's people on the subreddit who survived the Parkland Shooting, they were students who watched their classmates die, and their parents get into this Q-Anon thing and suddenly start screaming at their own kids that they're liars and scum of the earth and being paid off by the government.
Now I don't expect these people to actually be good at what they do, or a serious threat to the U.S., but the roots of batshit insane extremism are there. If someone takes the Q-Community by storm, a true believer, and tries to organize them, they could end up being akin to an American ISIS or Taliban, committing lone wolf terrorist attacks while under the auspices of a highly decentralized organization.


Do you know his prediction for 2021? His take seems reasonable considering that the growth slowed down alot in the 3rd quarter of 2021 but I'm curious if he got 2021 basically correct.


Last year's predictions are on his blog and he summarizes his 2021 predictions in new 2022 predictions post.


>“Real GDPs will grow, unemployment rates will start to decline and consumer spending will pick up.” With the rollout of vaccines, the “G7 economies should be recovering significantly by mid-year”. But I added that “this will be no V-shaped recovery, which means a return to previous levels of national output, employment and investment. By the end of 2021, most major economies (China excepted) will still have levels of output etc below that at the beginning of 2020.” These forecasts have been borne out.


Don't forget the guy that killed his two children because he thought that they were reptilians.


>everything bubble breaks spring/early summer
>Occurs as the election season heats up
>Rising working class militancy meets austerity measures Dems do after the bubble bursts
>Wildcat strikes and protest spread
>2020 style troubles return as severe as then is unknown
>Painted as antifa hoards (as opportunist and agent provocateurs sow chaos)
>In the resulting rise of unemployment and dispair crime explodes
>With crime and protest, proud boys and the like are flooded with dark money and supplies commit several massacres (that are 100% self defense wink wink)
>Red wave
>Safety net gone, police turbo militarized.
Proles lumpenized, petite bourgeois liquidated
>Prison population boom after the resurgence of tough on crime rhetoric and 3 strikes like nonsense is intensified!
>Essentially the war on crime meets the war on terror in 2022! as every shoplifter or basic criminal is equated with being a radical commie jihadist.


Oh shit, Chomsky is in the moderation team. Fascinating.


Latam goes mostly pink, nothing really changes (apart from maybe one or two coups attempts happening).


Damn, I did not know about these. I guess my fixation is more on the inability of Americans to sustain collective action for longer than a couple weeks. The much talked about Jan 6 riots lasted for less than a day, and from then on the right wing populists have been unable to organize much. Even the European and Australian contrarians/proto-fascists have done decent work in their anti-vaccine movements. But the heart of these theories is in America and its primary adherents cannot get themselves to get offline to do something IRL.

Even as a leftist, it's disappointing to see. What does it say about our culture and society that even these highly radicalized and brain poisoned people can only do lone wolf attacks or kill off their own family members? There isn't even any motivation for collective action? I dunno, it's sad man.



lots of places are doing bad economically and don't have socialist revolutions. There may be a revolution but not a socialist one. You need a strong left which turkey doesn't really have. The two largest parties are far right and center right. The communist party of turkey is small.



Most American cities already look like this but with fewer people around.


I forgot about the soying of the royal turnip lmao


<Why do you leftypol Carnymancers soi the Royal turnip?
leads us to:
>Leftypol gets a new unofficial slogan: Where carnymancers soi the Royal turnip.
>Those words will have meanings: carnymancers: leftists, soi: be loyal to, Royal turnip: the undying ideal of Socialism.



Socialism by 2049.


File: 1641123409898-0.jpg (245.8 KB, 1280x720, snapshot.jpg)

File: 1641123409898-1.png (460.73 KB, 480x720, ClipboardImage.png)

If the '10's were the 80's: Electric Boogaloo, I predict the '20's will be the 90's Part II. However, given the uptick in climate activism, maybe the culture will be more reminiscent of the 70's instead, like many other posters have mentioned.

> Hippie culture meets 90's slacker culture– realizing that shit's fucked and either protesting or doing nothing about it. Anger vs irony.

> A downturn in consumerism fueled by environmentalism.
> Continued resurgence of analog mediums as a reaction to oversaturation of digital counterparts.
> An aesthetic move away from perfection and synthetic textures and towards "natural" beauty, organic shapes/forms, etc.
> Resurgence of older genres in pop music e.g. classic rock, soul, funk, etc.
> A new social network rises.
> Socialism comes to America. Growing pains follow.
> Weed is legalized federally in the US.
> Thinness/lankiness is popularized again as a reaction to extreme curviness.


90's were like that because US hegemony peaked


A good old fashioned 9/11 style false flag attack.


Endcredit of 2022 will have a stinger for Communism 2
Heard it here first folks



Hippie culture was a literal FED psyop lmao, it will only be pushed again if there is a Marxist uptick and independent organisations pushing for change become popular, otherwise it won't come back.


Did you write this yourself?



Are you stupid? There are anti Semites and british style conservatives in that party
Could you explain to me what makes mandates bad besides the people not liking them? What's wrong with them?


"Liberal" will lose power as an insult leftists throw around at each other.


I wouldn't be so relaxed over the Rona. The disease has mutated extremely rapidly and has killed people that prepared themselves against it. The virus has also proven to be a challenge within the Healthcare systems worldwide and more importantly in America, this means that any other disease that may appear can and will likely destroy the world economy. Covid is still a problem specially with the world population aging and more people getting breathing complications due to pollution


In Brazil we have had vaccine passports for ages now. The only reason it's a problem in America is due to your Healthcare being absolute shit.


>Further decoupling of EU/US
The EU is more of a US vassal than ever. Even in the fucking Cold War some countries were more free from burger influence than right now. Sweden helped Vietnam, now is the NATO bitch crying for muh democracy against China and Russia. Also google Sigonella Incident.


If this Winter gets a cold streak the Germans will freeze again, and there is a good chance that they will reconsider antagonizing Russia on behalf of US energy politics.
Also 18 EU nations have joined the BRI, while that isn't really an act of defiance against US influence it does indicate a certain degree of autonomous policy making.


That is overly pessimistic, once more workers engage in class struggle, wreckers will loose ground.


Kinda crazy to me how aggressively ignorant leftists seem regarding disease pathology, it’s like, almost nobody here is capable of consciously recognizing the actual danger of a rapidly mutating virus that’s killed millions despite modern medical science, has already evolved vaccine resistance, that’s already fucked the world economy and is about to crash multiple healthcare systems with no survivors. It’s like people here can’t comprehend how fucked we’d get without any sort of medical system, and like you say, another virus can easily arise and fuck us all.
Consider that something as bad as COVID just managed to evolve naturally because of the social and environmental conditions of 2019, consider those conditions have only worsened, and consider that we still haven’t seen the first superbugs arise.


File: 1641144766182-0.png (125.5 KB, 4500x3000, age.png)

File: 1641144766182-1.jpg (29.4 KB, 450x441, ekins-photo2.jpg)

File: 1641144766182-2.jpg (14.95 KB, 360x360, guess I'll die.jpg)

Sorry gramps.


>the Germans will freeze again
That's why the US has just shipped gas to Europe.
>Also 18 EU nations have joined the BRI
Mostly are Eastern Europe which are not Imperial powers and Italy who just got the fucking ex-president of the ECB as prime minister to police the country on behalf of the lords above.
Joining the BRI does not mean much since it's mainly for trade which pretty much all the world does, anyway they will keep importing burger anti-China and anti-Russia propaganda to gain good boy points from them. Double-faced hypocrisy because porky wants to trade with China but on the same time giving a new enemy to distract the proles.

>once more workers engage in class struggle
Not going to happen in the Imperial core. Maybe in South America the pink wave will move the Overton window leftwards as a reaction from having a more violent history of US-backed coups and repressions.
In Europe I think there are mainly two scenarios for the next few years:
1) Corona becomes endemic with new variants, with measures and media-shilling increasing covid fatigue, anti-vax and anti-lockdowners gaining traction as people lose faith in the vax. These tendencies will be co-opted by the neoliberal far-right which will win a lot of elections (for sure Italy, Visegrad, maybe France) but still in the US sphere for a long time. Nobody is even thinking about EU exits after the MSM succeeded in shilling Brexit as a shitshow. Polls show that even the majority of Britons now would reverse it.
2) Corona loses power sooner, evolving in less and less dangerous variants until it disappears. anti-vaxers stop being relevant with the end of the pandemic. Everything mostly goes to normal. The darkest reaction keeps going on with far-rightoids and woke "left" getting back to the old tricks and probably getting the credit for the end of the pandemic, but the people will not buy it. All the resources given to healthcare during the pandemic will be withdrawn and most of Europe will probably continue being Americanized.
In both the scenarios we will see a crypto bubble exploding, raw materials and energy prices soaring and then collapsing with production. Maybe the Chinese housing market will collapse too. The economic distress will polarize society so much thet 2020 would be a joke in comparison. I hope some anti-establishment Mom and Pops leftists movement will spring up like OWS after the 2008 crisis mixed with Greta-environmentalism, but it's likely it will be co-opted again.
Anyway, we will witness interesting times.


>Finland President publicly declared his country could decide to join Nato at any moment they want

Will this change your predictions anons?


>That's why the US has just shipped gas to Europe.
There is nowhere near enough LNG capacity to substitute natural gas.

>hypocrisy because porky wants to trade with China but on the same time does propaganda

Sure as lib-service to US demands

>Not going to happen in the Imperial core.

It's pretty much gurantieed that class struggle will rise in the imperial core as well

>raw materials and energy prices soaring

i doubt that very much, pretty much everybody is predicting the opposite.

>Maybe the Chinese housing market will collapse too

Pseuds keep making collapse predictions for China, because they fail to account for the fact that in China the state is above the market. The only thing that can happen is that another real estate company like Evergrand gets chopped up by the state.

>it will be co-opted again.

there is a parallel between Neo-liberal co-optation and color revolution, and that has stopped working too.

I have yet to make a prediction, so here it goes: I think that the US dollar will fall in value because they are printing too much dollars to fund too much military. We have seen this happening in history multiple times and every time it depresses the value of the currency that is being used to fund military expansionism. If the military gets too much funding it will be able to out-bid the productive sector for resources, labor and brains. Which causes a negative feedback loop that eventually affects currency valuation.


What is the of the comic those panels are in?


>I decided to post my official 2022 predictions based on a unbiased analysis of Domestic Politics, International Relations/Geopolitics, Economics, Sports prognostication, and Epidemology below. Please Enjoy!


Part of the problem is how highly individuated American Culture is. It's been said before, and it's worth repeating, that part of what allows the Proletariat to become conscious and revolt against the Capitalist Class is the social organization of its labor, that is, the proletariat generally works together to accomplish large scale projects such as working on the factory line.
In America, most productive industries have been shipped overseas, and given the rapidly changing nature of the American Economy there's numerous roadblocks towards building Socialism. I'm a grocery clerk, for example, and rather than everyone getting paid the same wage and getting raises at the same time, we all get semi-annual reviews to determine if we're individually deserving of a raise. A lot of my coworkers are just working while going through college. Or they're working multiple jobs. But either way there's this constant movement that makes it hard to be "rooted" in the class struggle as it were. This also affects Leftist Organizations because everyone may see themselves individually first rather than part of an organized collective. The lolberts have a phrase that describes this well: "we've got an army of officers but no soldiers."

The million dollar question is how we organize under such conditions. And I personally think what we need to do is find the people who aren't "strivers", who don't have a future under the present system. Go to ghettos. Go to rural areas. And try our best to organize the people collectively there; don't be afraid to give and receive orders to and from your Comrades.



LSD was a result of scientists working in MKULTRA, they knew that it allowed people to "escape" their material reality, it was also clear that LSD destroyed their reading comprehension and learning abilities, thus making them less likely to study dense texts, studies, philosophy, science and political-economy like Marxism in their own free time. LSD was a tool to deradicalize communists
The CIA als did multiple attempts to spice drinks of radical student organisations, or attempted to push LSD on black panther members. they did everything they could to popularize LSD.

They pushed artists to push the drug and make it mainstream, like the beatles etc.

On the topic of hippies, most of the original hippies had familial ties with the upper capitalist class or military. The entire ideology of Hippie is not thinking about the future, don't engage in complex philosophical, political-economical or scientific analysis, just do drug, relax, have massive orgies while drugged and enter a new reality, become unconcerned by the material reality now.


lmao when i saw this thread i wondered if i'd saved my prediction, but there it is.
gotta hand it to myself, i imagined the least satisfying situation possible and i was bang on.


>There is nowhere near enough LNG capacity to substitute natural gas.
For now.
>It's pretty much gurantieed that class struggle will rise in the imperial core as well
I know, I was talking about the short term
>i doubt that very much, pretty much everybody is predicting the opposite.
Everybody who? Just look at the graphs. Also I did an internship at a machine tool company and all the factories cannot find raw materials and prices rise by the day. If they are going up they must go down sooner or later.
>because they fail to account for the fact that in China the state is above the market.
It doesn't mean that it cannot collapse. Also bail-out and nationalizations cost money and Evergrande is not the only one on the brink of bankruptcy.
>there is a parallel between Neo-liberal co-optation and color revolution, and that has stopped working too.
They did it with BLM just last year.
>I think that the US dollar will fall in value
That's an implication of what I said, soaring prices are fueled by inflation because as money lose value investors prefer to invest it. As soon production inevitably falls with prices reaching unsustainable levels, they will move money into safer options and a crisis will break up.

Touch grass.


They better forcefem you once you're put in the camps you twink fuck


*except if it's a dictatorship of the proletariat conducting an eradication campaign of a disease


>For now.
LNG has to be shipped in cryogenic tankers and it comes from fracking wells, that's not going to scale up much. It's take years to build these ships with their complex shipping terminals that have to freeze and unfreeze the gas. It's gas with too many expensive steps. The US has developed a nuclear reactor that goes into a ocean platform that can make hydrogen, that's way more plausible than the LNG story
>Just look at the graphs
kek i don't worship at the altar of fiction capital lines.
>It doesn't mean that it cannot collapse.
A market collapse happens when giant investors pull out, and in China that doesn't happen unless the Chinese government allows it, because the Chinese state has a habit of disappearing capitalists when they try to do stuff that destabilizes the country. That's what it means that the state is above the market.
>Also bail-out and nationalizations cost money and Evergrande is not the only one on the brink of bankruptcy.
Only the things that actually touch the real economy "cost money" at least for governments that seems to be the case. I think the CPC tries to play nice with the market, but only up to a point, stability is not up for debate.
>As soon production inevitably falls with prices reaching unsustainable levels, they will move money into safer options and a crisis will break up.
If fictional capital inflates the prices of resources, all it takes is one government that decides to print money to subsidize it's production, then every other government will have to follow suit to keep it's industry competitive and in the end fictional capital will just hold currency that states have printed. You can be a gold-bug if you're a small fish, but not if you're a big finance shark.


>The proletariat would recognize this is true because I said so.


>it will be like the 90's
and i thought i was out of touch


take your meds


File: 1641174560102.jpg (167.04 KB, 1094x1114, bingo.jpg)

Unfinished work. I don't want this to sound too blackpilled. Feel free to add shit or give me so predictions.


Riots in greece against EU austerity + riot police using live ammo.


Russian puppet state claims more Ukrainian territory


stock market crash


>Chinese Taiwan invasion
2027, mate. 2027.


>2022 Beijing cope-and-seethe-a-thon


Taiwan holds a referendum on whether they should join China. It passes.


something nice happens


File: 1641208593043.png (61.88 KB, 577x387, 1554920013217.png)



Huh weird to se my post getting saved. But another very probable prediction is that ASEAN will get broke down by either siding with China or the US. Flip floppers that wants to play both sides will get pressured and instabilities.
Another one is that Taiwan will probably cease to be in the next 5 years with either a reunification by mainland allied KMT or the US cutting their losses and double down on their presence in the Philippines to make it the next bastion against China. This is proven with the recent resolution by the PRC pressing on the Taiwan reunification as the next big goal for national rejuvenation. Plus Marcos Jr, the son of the pro American Filipino dictatorship leader, is making waves in the election with the backing of Duterte, the military and the US.
Full English text of the resolution for anyone caring to read it:


Finland joins NATO


A Marcos 2 presidency from the little I could grasp would be pretty unpopular though, and I could pretty much see the NDF and allied organizations gain ground under such a presidency (at the price of much blood of course).


File: 1641222561556.png (630.32 KB, 1280x720, png_20211231_004245_0000.png)

The 'left' will continue to be home for disgenic troons, the establIshment will continue to suffer from a collapse of credibility, more normal people will reject the fake and ghey opposition to 'muh capitalism' from lame Marxist academics and skinny fat yts, China and state socialism will become more influencial world wide, and right wing anti-capitalism will gain more steam.(USER WAS BANNED FOR PROBLEMATIC QUEER SECTARIANISM)


I never said that



>Finland President publicly declared his country could decide to join Nato at any moment they want

He didn't say that. Also there is no support for Nato here even despite the Ukraine situation. Support for Nato was like 26% few weeks ago in poll. What I think he meant when one reads between the lines was that Finland holds or wants to hold onto it's long standing strategic ambiguity regarding Nato. There is no Project or even serious public discussion here to joint to Nato, it's more like Finland is content of being in a position of "We are non-allied country, but you Russians better be nice because if you don't we might ask the Americans to move troops to your border". If Biden bends backwards to Putin and says that Nato will no longer expand eastward, we no longer have that. This is what the statement was about.


This cant happen since the main issue in greece currently is corona ,the only way some mass movement can happen is by
>The minister of education continues her plan to force police/cameras/toll gates/more private intrests in greek unis
>Leftist students protest
>Not wanting to cuck out like past year the goverment tries to break up the protests leading to viral videos of students being beat up/killed by pigs
>Anti mask/anti vaccine football ultras join the protests attacking/burning cops
>Pigs in civilian clothing put fire on some historic building to discredit the movement
>Most boomers including right wingers side with the youth cause they are tired from covid mishandling
>Mitsotakis forces health and education ministers to resign
>Shit goes back to normal but the right wing goverment postpones most neoliberal/unpopular policies


Yes but I'm not saying it's gonna happen tomorrow. I'm saying that after Corona there's gonna be a financial crisis because of the Corona fallout, and thus, news austerity measures are going to pass by.
It isn't that weird, and people in here are predicting that financially everything's going to crap so it's understandable that there will be austerity measures in all of the capitalist countries, including Greece, and they passed a law like 6 months making a 10 hour shift legal, so we can see that they're gonna, aside from make even more austerity measures, going to curtail worker's rights.


What do you think?


Breddy gud


File: 1641260470604.jpg (31.54 KB, 700x700, 1634872721452.jpg)

>every shoplifter or basic criminal is equated with being a radical commie jihadist.

Ah yes, the great Walmart Jihad of 2022


File: 1641261504764-1.png (68.52 KB, 530x330, for1.png)

File: 1641261504764-2.png (247.02 KB, 3761x2447, for2.png)

File: 1641261504764-3.jpg (26.51 KB, 602x457, for3.jpg)

File: 1641261504764-4.png (37.72 KB, 3761x1669, for5.png)

Forecast for 2022

<At the beginning of each year, I make an attempt to forecast what will happen in the world economy for the year ahead. The point of making any forecast at all is often ridiculed. After all, surely there are just too many factors to feed into any economic forecast to get even close to what eventually happens. Moreover, mainstream economic forecasts have been notable in their failure. In particular, they never forecast a slump in production and investment even a year ahead. In my view, that shows an ideological commitment to the promotion of the capitalist mode of production. Although, it is a confirmed feature of capitalism that there are regular and recurring slumps in production, investment and employment, these slumps are never forecast by the mainstream or official agencies until they have happened.

<That does not mean making a forecast is a waste of time, in my view. In scientific analysis, theory must have predictive power and that applies as well to economics if it is to be considered a science and not just an apology for capitalism. So if Marx’s theory of crises is to be validated, it must have some predictive power – namely that slumps in capitalist production will happen at regular recurring intervals, primarily due to changes in the rate of profit on capital and resulting movements in the mass of profits in a capitalist economy.

<But as I have argued in previous posts, predictions and forecasts are different. From their models, climate scientists predict a dangerous rise in global temperatures; and virologists have also been predicting an increase in deadly pathogens reaching humans in a series of pandemics. But forecasting when exactly these predictions become reality is much more difficult. On the other hand, climatologists are not yet able to forecast well what the weather in a country is likely to be over a whole year, but their models are now pretty accurate for the weather over the next three days. So forecasts for output, investment, prices and employment one year ahead are not so impossible.

<Anyway, let’s bite the bullet and make some forecasts for 2022. Last year’s forecast was relatively easy. It was clear that all the major economies were going to make a recovery from the slump of 2020. I wrote: “Real GDPs will grow, unemployment rates will start to decline and consumer spending will pick up.” With the rollout of vaccines, the “G7 economies should be recovering significantly by mid-year”. But I added that “this will be no V-shaped recovery, which means a return to previous levels of national output, employment and investment. By the end of 2021, most major economies (China excepted) will still have levels of output etc below that at the beginning of 2020.” These forecasts have been borne out.

<There were two main reasons why I expected the economic recovery would not restore global output to 2019 levels by the end of 2021. First, there had been a significant ‘scarring’ of the major economies from the COVID pandemic in jobs, investment and productivity of labour that can never be recovered. This was exhibited in a huge rise in debt, both public sector and private, that weighs down on the major economies like the permanent damage of ‘long COVID’ on millions of people.

<This ‘scarring’ was also exhibited in a fall in average profitability of capital in the major economies in 2020 to a new low, the revival of which in 2021 was not sufficient to restore profitability even to the level of 2019.

<Nevertheless, as expected, global real GDP growth in 2021 was probably around 5%, after falling an unprecedented 3.5% in the 2020 slump. According to the IMF, in the advanced capitalist economies, real GDP per person fell 4.9% in 2020 but rose 5.0% in 2021. That meant real GDP per person in these economies was still slightly below the level reached at end-2019. So two years of scarring.

<Most forecasts for this year, 2022, are more (or less) of the same as in 2021. The world economy is expected to grow around 3.5-4.0% in real terms – a significant slowing compared to 2021 (down 25% on the rate). Moreover, the advanced capitalist economies (ACE below) are forecast to grow at less than 4% in 2022 and at less than 2.5% in 2023.

Forecast for real GDP growth (%) by the Conference Board.
2020 2021 20222023
US -3.4 5.7 3.8 3.0
Europe-6.6 5.0 4.1 1.7
Japan-4.7 2.5 3.3 1.4
ACE -4.6 5.1 3.9 2.3
China2.2 5.0 3.3 3.2
India-7.1 7.5 8.5 4.3
LA -7.5 6.4 2.2 1.7
EME -2.1 5.2 4.0 3.2
World-3.3 5.1 3.9 2.8

<It’s a similar story for the so-called emerging economies (EME) of the ‘Global South’, including China and India. China was the only major economy that avoided a slump in the year of COVID, 2020. But growth of China’s output in 2021 was much weaker than after the end of the Great Recession in 2009. The Conference Board seriously underestimates China’s growth rates, but even so, in 2022 China’s real GDP is unlikely to rise much above 5%.

<What these forecasts suggest is that the ‘sugar-rush’ of pent-up consumer spending engendered by COVID cash subsidies from fiscal spending by governments and huge injections of credit money by central banks are waning and will do so further this year. Indeed, as we know, central banks are now planning to ‘taper off’ their credit creation and even raise policy interest rates on borrowing. The Bank of England has already started to hike its policy rate and the US Fed plans three hikes in the latter part of 2022.

<And all the forecasts for this year rely on the view that the new Omicron variant of COVID will prove to be short-lived and only mildly damaging to human health, thanks to vaccinations and new medical treatments. That may be optimistic and even if Omicron turns out not to disrupt economies this year, there is no certainty that another, more devastating variant may not emerge.

<Then, in my view, there is a third leg in the aftermath of COVID slump to come, probably in 2022. In my 2021 forecast, I raised the possibility that such was the size of corporate debt and the large number of so-called ‘zombie companies’ that were not even making enough profit to cover the servicing of their debts (despite very low interest rates), that a financial crash could ensue.

<And that is just the risk in the advanced capitalist economies. The so-called emerging economies are already in a dire state. According to the IMF, about half of Low Income Economies (LIEs) are now in danger of debt default. ‘Emerging market’ debt to GDP has increased from 40% to 60% in this crisis. And there is little room to boost government spending to alleviate the hit.

<The ‘developing’ countries are in a much weaker position compared with the global financial crisis of 2008-09. In 2007, 40 emerging market and middle-income countries had a combined central government fiscal surplus equal to 0.3 per cent of gross domestic product, according to the IMF. Last year, they posted a fiscal deficit of 4.9 per cent of GDP. The government deficit of ‘EMs’ in Asia went from 0.7 per cent of GDP in 2007 to 5.8 per cent in 2019; in Latin America, it rose from 1.2 per cent of GDP to 4.9 per cent; and European EMs went from a surplus of 1.9 per cent of GDP to a deficit of 1 per cent. The Conference Board is forecasting a fall in the real GDP growth rate for Latin America of two-thirds from 6.4% to 2.2% and then even lower in 2023. That’s a recipe for a serious debt and currency crisis in these countries in 2022 – already Argentina is heading for another default on its debt.

<Emerging economy governments are thus faced with either applying severe fiscal austerity that would prolong their stagnation; or devaluing their currencies to try and boost export growth. The Turkish government of Erdogan has opted for the policy of cutting not raising interest rates – in the policy style of Modern Monetary Theory. This has led to an outflow of capital and a 40% depreciation of the Turkish lira against major currencies. Inflation has rocketed. In 2022, the Turkish economy will dive and ‘stagflation’ will ensue.

<A financial and debt crisis did not happen in 2021. On the contrary, global stock and bond markets never had it so good. Central bank-financed credit flooded into financial assets like there was no tomorrow. The result has been a staggering rise in financial asset prices (stocks and bonds) and in real estate. Central banks have injected $32 trillion into financial markets since the start of the COVID-19 pandemic, lifting global stock market capitalisation by $60 trillion. And companies worldwide raised $12.1 trillion by selling stock and taking out loans as a result. The US stock market index rose 17% in 2021, repeating a similar rise in 2020. The S&P 500 index reached a record high. The Nikkei 225 Index delivered its highest annual gains since 1989.

<But as we go into 2022, the days of ‘easy money’ and cheap loans are coming to an end. The huge stock market boom of the last two years looks likely to peter out. Indeed, since April 2021, just five high-tech stocks—Apple, Microsoft, Nvidia, Tesla and the Google parent Alphabet—have accounted for more than half of the rise in US S&P index, while 210 stocks are 10% below their 52-week highs. And one-third of ‘leveraged loans’, a popular form of debt creation, in the US have a debt to earnings ratio exceeding six, a level regarded as dangerous to financial stability.

<So this year could be the one for a financial crash or at least a severe correction in stock market and bond prices, as interest rates rise, eventually driving a layer of zombie corporations into bankruptcy. This is what central banks fear. That is why most are being very cautious about ending the era of easy money. And yet they are being driven to do so because of the sharp rise in the inflation rates of prices of goods and services in many major economies.

<US consumer goods and services annual inflation rate (%)

<This inflation spike is mainly due to pent-up consumer demand as people run down savings built up during lockdowns coming up against supply ‘bottlenecks’. These bottlenecks are the result of the restrictions on the international transport of goods and components and continued restrictions on raw materials and components for production – it is part of the aftermath of the COVID slump of 2020 and because much of the world is still suffering from the pandemic.

<Mainstream economics is divided over whether this spike in inflation is ‘transitory’ and inflation rate will return to ‘normal’ levels or not. In my view, the current high inflation rates are likely to be ‘transitory’ because during 2022 growth in output, investment and productivity will probably start to drop back to ‘long depression’ rates. That will mean that inflation will also subside, although still be higher than pre-pandemic.

<There is a view that 2022 will actually be the start of new levels of GDP and productivity growth as experienced by the US in the ‘roaring twenties’ of the last century after the end of the Spanish flu epidemic. During the so-called roaring twenties, US real GDP rose 42% and by 2.7% a year per capita. But there seems to be no evidence to justify the claim by some mainstream optimists that the advanced capitalist world is about to experience a roaring 2020s. The big difference between the 1920s and the 2020s is that the 1920-21 slump in the US and Europe cleared out the ‘deadwood’ of inefficient and unprofitable companies so that the strong survivors could benefit from more market share. Profitability of capital rose sharply in most economies. Nothing like that is being forecast for 2022 or beyond, as the Conference Board forecasts (above) show, or for that matter, those of the IMF (below).

<Optimists for a new long boom in the 2020s to replace the long depression of the 2010s, like the Conference Board, base their argument on a revival of total factor productivity (TFP). This measure supposedly captures the role of efficiency and innovation in output growth. The CB reckons global TFP will rise by 0.4% on average annually this decade compared to zero over the past 20 years. That’s not much of an improvement when compared with the forecast slowing or even falling working-age employment and weak capital investment growth globally. Indeed, in Q3 2021, US productivity growth slumped on the quarter by the most in 60 years, while the year-on-year rate dropped 0.6%, the largest decline since 1993, as employment rose faster than output.

<A long boom would only be possible, according to Marx, if there is a significant destruction of capital values in a major slump. By cleansing the accumulation process of obsolete technology and failing and unprofitable capital, innovation from new firms could then prosper. That’s because such ‘creative destruction’ would deliver a higher rate of profitability. But there is no sign yet of any sharp recovery in the average profitability of capital. Probably there needs to be a sustained rise of about 30% in profitability to deliver a new long boom like the ‘roaring twenties’ or the post-war ‘golden age’ or even that modestly achieved in the neo-liberal period of the late 20th century.

<And don’t expect any further fiscal and monetary help from governments. Given the high level of public sector debt, pro-business governments everywhere are looking to reduce fiscal spending and budget deficits. Indeed, taxes are set to rise and government spending to be curtailed. According to the IMF, general government spending in 2022 will fall 8% as a share of GDP this year over last year. This fall is partly due to less spending on COVID support and a rise in GDP.

<But if we look at the US government spending and revenue projections, according to the Congressional Budget Office, federal government spending is set to decline by 7% on average up to 2026 compared with 2021 levels while tax revenues are expected to rise by 25%. The US federal budget deficit will be halved in 2022 and kept down for the following years. So no Keynesian-style fiscal stimulus is planned – on the contrary.

<US president Biden’s plans to expand fiscal spending have been stymied by Congress and anyway would have had only a small impact on economic activity. The EU’s recovery fund for the weaker Eurozone economies has not yet even started and again will be insufficient to sustain faster economic growth.

<In conclusion, assuming no new disasters from the continuing COVID pandemic, the world economy will grow in 2022, but nowhere near as fast as in the ‘sugar-rush’ year of 2021. And by the end of this year, most major economies will have started to slip back towards the low growth, poor productivity trends of the Long Depression of 2010s, with prospects of even slower growth over the rest of the decade.



Yeah at this rate the Marcos presidency with the backing of either or both powers would be a huge boon for the Maoists. Just like the last time it happened in Marcos Sr when the NPA was at its peak.
The biggest wrench in that plan is whether they’ll continue to split on the problem of allying with China or not.
If Taiwan ever to fall, the wave of porky refugees will probably overwhelm both SEA and Australia with assholes.


>By the end of 2022 I fully expect I may be in jail or dead
Here's hoping


Alright, I'll give my best guess:


>Midterms blow up in the dems face, they fail to pass any sort of real legislature before that point
>Trump emerges as the 2024 nominee for GOP
>More disasters caused by failing infrastructure


>US is incapable of stopping another pink tide
>Half pink tide leaders end up being just as corrupt and inneffective populists as post-Soviet Eastern Euro socdems
>Other half help their countries develop, but no one in the world gives a shit and they are forgotten about in the media


>EU develops colser ties with Russia
>Macron stays in power
>Eastern Euro remains in the same stagnant mess it was since the 08 crash
>Putin does fuck all appart from raising a stink every now end then that ends up as a nothingburger


>China grabs even more influance in the region
>Countries slowly begin developing up and becoming new "world workshops"

<Middle East

>Syria stays mostly peaceful
>Turkey continues to play its tiny geopolitics game in Libya, maybe tries some proxywars bullshit with Armenia and Azerbaijan
>Social tensions rise in Israel, but nothing happens
>Iran continues to very slowly liberalize


>China pressures Taiwan more and more
>Mohdi regime looses popular support
>Guerilla war in Burma


<Whether they'll continue to split on the problem of allying with China

Are you referring to Filipino Porkies or to the NPA? Its not very clear.


Zionist Occupied East Asia, or China as the cabal would like you to think of it, will continue to build the port in Haifa, and expand its economic and military alliances with Israel and Saudi Arabia, at the expense of the Palestinian and Yemeni people.

Dengoids will continue to goid.

I, sage, will continue to be correct in all aspects.


There is no way you are not a virgin


we are already in open skirmish


It makes you seethe even more doesn't it, you, a virgin and incorrect, me, having sex all the time, and correct.


>Thinness/lankiness is popularized again as a reaction to extreme curviness.
it better not


Out of the two shitty extremes that veer off from the perfect Platonic centre of helenic average body shapes, I will take the shitty thinfag side over the "thick" side. Partly because that is somewhat healthier, partly because every hyper-online pissfaggot who unironically uses the word "thicc" needs to be shot for crimes against humor.


And I think you are an Americanoid humunculous for whom the bitch-basic European Capitalist idea that both the government has an obligation to take care of its citizens, and that citizens have obligations to the state, is an ebul nanny state gommunism authoritarianism, despite it being the bare minimum for a functional society. Kindly go become another crime statistic, so we could all laugh at your neoliberal ass that thinks nothing bad will happen to it unless it was earned by your own failings.



>Partly because that is somewhat healthier, partly because every hyper-online pissfaggot who unironically uses the word "thicc" needs to be shot for crimes against humor.
true but i need my fat asses


I am self admitedly a very feminine man who is very proud of not being overwhelmed by the crass demands of flesh and instead focuses on intelectual things like the girls character or face, but even then… I have zero fucking clue what is attractive in that pic
>Shitty hairstyle
>Fake eyelashes
>Meatty ass cheeks
Like what, is the fat ass supposed to be arousing? Fucking how? Its not even like feet, where you could at least make an argument that they are a hidden and private part of the body that creates some degree of intimacy, but a fat ass that you can see from a mile? Why? Also its completely out of proportion, making it lowkie grotesque, just like how mega-boobs are grotesque.


it's called being a black man silly don't overthink it


>Dr. Oz becomes a US senator
>Media tries to tie Donald Trump to Epstein and fails because nobody trusts the media
>Israel attacks Palestine again and faces no consequences


??? Did you mean to post this somewhere else?
Go back to /pol/ and leave my thread now.

Btw, thanks for all the great responses, comrades!


Biden fixes the economy by March and propels the world into a new golden age


Listen, fat. We're gonna establish communism. No malarkey.


The 2010s were like the 1970s, the 2020s will be like the 1980s
>But muh 80s nostalgia
Doesn’t mean the 2010s were truly like the second 1980s


i fucking hate everything about the 80s


Putin gets purged by FSB or starts purging.


Big market crash


yes… hahaha… YES


I suspect there may be leaks of several governments because of the recent Java log vulnerability. Multiple governments use Amazon and Microsoft servers which was vulnerable. It just hasnt happened yet because if it was done it would take time for someone to look through them if they hacked them.


Based as fuck.
t. watched a big American bank scramble to patch. Any programmer knows how fucked everything is permanently.


File: 1641591153081.jpg (108 KB, 799x573, YPG.jpg)

Rojava doesn't die. People are not conquered. Humanity endures all and triumphs in the end.


File: 1641591502342.jpg (277.11 KB, 1138x1500, hang in there.jpg)

Pretty pictures, pretty words.


File: 1641592365383-0.jpg (237.32 KB, 712x500, 0614-1265132850.jpg)

File: 1641592365383-1.jpg (319.81 KB, 900x950, Fan of the Fett.jpg)

File: 1641592365383-3.jpg (181.98 KB, 1484x1157, Fett Sanders.jpg)


1. John Fetterman will mop the floor with Mehmet Barrack Hussain Osama Bin Laden Oz as the xenophobes cannot take the idea of being fooled/ruled by a 'radical sharia law worshiping Cathod Ray Tube teaching baby killing pedophile foreigner' or whatever you want to call the reactionary fear that defines their worldview even if he is a greedy little shit who will defraud people into their graves for money like any good conservative.

2. John Fetterman (pictured) will be drafted to run for president in 2024 as a compromise candidate alongside Stacy Abrams M1 Main Battletank to unite the left and 'media-acceptable ultra-conservative right wing' of the democratic party as Biden/Harris primary polls will hover at 3% plus or minus 5% margin of error.


sanders is often more photogenic than one expects


he has to win a primary I assume?


File: 1641654040425-0.png (444.26 KB, 1681x540, 1641652496086.png)

File: 1641654040425-1.png (44.28 KB, 1206x597, 1641652566326.png)

File: 1641654040425-2.png (1008.75 KB, 1722x843, 1641652716204.png)

Trans bubble burst 2025-2027.


Most countries will implement harder lockdowns as new variant comes than ever before.


File: 1641718177225.jpeg (394.13 KB, 1626x1080, rouge.jpeg)

The new generation of leftists'll be socially progressive but not very tolerant of bourgeois hedonism and bourgeois decadence; they'll be "Puritan" reformers in a way as a rejection of the libertine selfishness of the current form of capitalism.


God I wish, but normies and zoomers are quite hedonistic right now. Not gonna happen soon.

This plus compulsory vaccinations. Italy already introduced it for over 50yo people.


How exactly has the 'vegan bubble burst' when it has 10x more searches than it did 10 years ago (in Hungary of all places).


By 2050, every single current and past nation will be dead.
Left communism will be the dominant ideology.
Earth will be covered in wasteland.
The average leftypol user will have inevitably perished either due to their flawed and retarded ideologies or due to the chaotic fuckshit between now and 2050 (and beyond).
I will have inevitably become a alcoholic to deal with the constant pain of having to live on this shitty earth with you fuckers.

Infectious cancer will have become common by 2050.


>Infectious cancer will have become common by 2050.
unironically the least likely thing to happen on that wishlist of yours


-Geopolitical tensions between the US and China heat up as China finally realizes that it can't project force more than 100 miles outside of its own shores and attempts to rectify this by building bases on the west coast of Africa
-People get really into an internet meme that seems benign but quickly mutates into racism and classism
-There's another wave of BLM riots that die out within a week due to apathy
-Someone attempts to assassinate a politician and "miraculously" fails, measures are immediately put in place to restrict firearms ownership in either the politician's state or the state where the attempt took place
-Donald Trump formally announces that he will be running for President in 2024, capitalizes on Biden's increasingly obvious late-stage dementia
-2022 will be the last year for a long time where it will even get a little cold out during non-winter months as la niña comes to an end
-Kazakhstan erupts into full-blown civil war
-Lizzie finally kicks the bucket
-There's a big news story about how some wacky millennials are starting to get paid in cryptocurrency and nobody will see this as foreshadowing
-Literally nothing will happen with Taiwan except for more saber rattling
-California burns to the ground again
-General Dynamics wins the NGSW project, all of NATO collectively seethes as bullpups become the new meta
-The world population hits 8 billion, causing people in developed countries to bitch about how people in shithole countries keep having babies for some reason
-China's population growth slows to a crawl and the population actually begins falling within 4 years, ending the hopes of a Chinese century
-An openly white nationalist guy runs for Congress, and while he doesn't win he gets a worryingly high percentage of the vote
-Everyone collectively decides to get fat as the fat pride movement bursts forth from American to infect foreign shores

so shall it be written


>Kazakhstan protests get put down by military force and martial law is declared. Some concessions are given like raising wages, but the constitution is not changed and akims continue to get appointed. Fuel prices remain the same.

>Coronavirus will kill another 4-6 million by the end of this year.

>2022 results in a red wave in the US House and the Senate. Both become republican nominated.

>Trump announces hints at a bid in 2022 but doesn't formally announce it until 2023.

>Global economy will remain sluggish this year and unemployment increases again.

>A wildfire will burn the pacific northwest with an intensity never before seen. It will result in a state of emergency and many major cities in Oregon will be evacuated. California will also see record breaking wildfires.

>At least 2 major tornado outbreaks in the US will ravage the deep south and cause billions in damages.

>There will be hurricane that hits Florida and causes an evacuation of millions.

>Iran will see mass riots and protests this year in its major cities and will begin to show signs of collapse.

>Kingdom Tower's construction in Saudi Arabia will be shut down indefinitely due to the global recession

>Israel and Palestine experience a new skirmish that kill a couple thousand and result in more land being transferred to Israel

>Australia bans immigration in 2022 and nearly all tourism

>India's BJP fanatics will bomb an opposition political headquarters or a mosque and kill dozens.

>Bolsanaro will lose the presidency in 2022


>every hyper-online pissfaggot who unironically uses the word "thicc"
you think you're some kind of crusader against the "hyper-online" and yet you think calling someone thick is just an internet thing lmao


File: 1641926850756.gif (199.3 KB, 200x308, conquest of tiddies.gif)


just zombies


where are these screen caps from?


>Sending my post to the geberal so ti can be buried after one or two replies
Thanks I guess mods

Can we actually get rid of generals instead? They are nothing but circlejerking


imagine be upset about not get more replies


You literally didn't even give a source, some Project Veritas shite isn't worth anyone's attention


>Can we actually get rid of generals instead?
Ahem, they've been cancer since their very first inception on 4chan/v/.


I predict that this board will continue to be a shining example of what happens when you eat lead paint chips.
If this junk heap were a good leftist community, the feds would've already shut it down.


I will get a girlfriend.


I'll do you one better
I will get a wife and two kids


Dubs of truth


All of that is true except for infectious cancer
Cancer can’t be infectious by definition


i don't understand cancer


and pray tell what is a "good" leftist community?

planning where and when to bomb plants and kill leaders in minecraft


they started there?
do you know more history


Cancer is caused by a replication error in the DNA of your cells (specifically it is when one of your cells refuse to die, starts using up the bodies resources, and then begins breeding more cells of itself with the same fucked up mutations to kill you dead) it is not an infectious disease (which are caused by invading microorganisms)


Bit of an outdated view. These days we now that there are many infectious and viral diseases that can trigger cancer in many cases.


That's the first place I remember ever seeing them. 4chan even made an entire spinoff board, /vg/ - Video Game Generals, to get them off the main board because they were so fucking cancerous.


Lets keep this realistic.


thankfully, pents were not wasted


Labor conscription / civil conscription / slave labor

"Those on Centrelink could be forced back to work to address supply crisis
Temporary visa holders and older Australians could also be allowed to work
Range of industries disrupted by thousands of workers affected by Covid
Job vacancies also at record highs with employers struggle to get low-paid staff

The unemployed could be forced to stack supermarket shelves to help alleviate critical supply shortages as bosses struggle to recruit low-paid workers.

Acting Small Business Minister Anne Ruston held crisis talks with industry leaders on Tuesday night as thousands of workers self isolate with Covid, causing a shortage of consumer goods."


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