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why do so many on leftypol try to dicksuck /pol/ so hard. Most of the arbitrary contrarian takes, the stupidpol/tuckercel bullshit, here comes from people wanting to distance themselves from neoliberals/radlibs so bad that they actually end up becoming retarded in the process.

Stop trying to suck /pol/'s dick. I don't give a fuck what some 15 year old kid with a nasal voice in fbi.gov likes say muh uyghur nonstop anyway. /pol/ is made up of low autism score spergs and the fact you have to try and impress them is pathetic.

Way too much "haha i say uyghur too lul im not like those pink haired sjws! I'm edgy! don't you think i'm cool now? please approve senpai!" bullshit


>why do so many on leftypol try to dicksuck /pol/ so hard
I don't see many. Maybe it's just certain threads.
Probably habit, or the dregs rejected from other platforms finding home here.


uh… have you seen the name of this platform? its literally lefty-POL. The whole point is to be edgy and politically incorrect, but left wing.


uhh… have you read the faq or rules of this platform? the name is merely a legacy and in fact the aim is to read a book AND shitpost instead of be another /pol/.


Yeah spot on, but tbh this is a very niche community and if you want a sane communist community that doesn‘t consider not treading on vulnerable demographics „idpol“ or being a „radlib“ you will find plenty of communities, as they are in the majority.


Here's a perfect example of what OP means:


Yes, some people here seemingly see /pol/ as a place where anons can be recruited, or as a sort of older cousin it feels like trying to impress (?).

Whatever the mods intention may be, the name is nonetheless still counterintuitive, and invites people that would be otherwise comfortable at /pol/ feel welcome here.


OP is still a faggot since the post isn't incorrect.

>seemingly see /pol/ as a place where anons can be recruited
Because this entire community started as a breakoff from /pol/ and has converted /pol/aks to leftism many times.
LMAO nobody is trying to impress /pol/ - not being thin-skinned liberals isn't the same as "muh /pol/"
>the name is nonetheless still counterintuitive, and invites people that would be otherwise comfortable at /pol/ feel welcome here
If they're leftist then they are welcome here. If they aren't the "lefty" portion is immediately a trigger for them. Also see >>>/siberia/174112


>Because this entire community started as a breakoff from /pol/
But weren't most of the early posters /lit/ users rather than /pol/fags?


>weren't most of the early posters /lit/ users
At the time of breaking off, it'd ben the same thing, 4/lit/ and 8ch/lit/ had ben taken over by /pol/ long before 2015 and that's partly the reason /leftypol/ formed - to break off from the increasingly cancerous board that couldn't have leftist discussion that didn't get spammed to death by angry rightoid fags.


Having some intersection with /pol/ doesn't equal being /pol/, turn on your brain. /leftypol/ is called /leftypol/ exactly because regular /pol/ is retarded. People here try to distance themselves both from radlibs and /pol/tards, that's the thing. It's like comparing egoist anarchists to social Darwinists because both believe in the "might makes right" principle and look down on the masses. They come to different conclusions, with egoist anarchists understanding that the focus on hierarchy and "cleaning the gene pool" are just a new set of delusions which oppress the individual and can easily backfire while social Darwinists adopt a new kind of morality, an immorality, as the mirroring of the humanist morality. It's not just black and white, anon. If you're not still in a kindergarden you should know that already.

And yes, "pol" in "/leftypol/" stands for "politically incorrect." Because people here do not feel obligated to police themselves just to be accepted by the mainstream. By anyone really, /pol/ included.


pseud newfag take


You may say "pol" in "/leftypol/" is a legacy thing but I would still say that it reflects this site somewhat. Not in a way of posting "Mah j00s!" every 5 minutes but in a way of being more bold. Like, people here clearly can express pro-Russian sentiments here and be fine. You can even express pro-Ukrainian sentiments and be fine. You can call someone a retard and be fine. The only people who aren't safe are /pol/tards and radlibs.


And again, "pol" as in "politically incorrect," not the /pol/ board itself.


ok but why did you bump a 6 month old thread


Why not, LOL? The topic seems interesting at least.


The idea, idiot, is that we can and have converted many a polyp.

Being a stuck up, condescending student intellectual or straight up banning them, will not bring them on side.

> I don't give a fuck what some 15 year old kid with a nasal voice in fbi.gov likes say muh uyghur nonstop anyway. /pol/ is made up of low autism score spergs

so is here, the fact that you think you are any better is a sign purely of your own arrogance. The fact that you don't understand the above concept, proof that you are one of them.

Its about showing the different, ascended position, which is what we used to do, before redditoid libs showed such as yourself showed up and ruined everything

its like this

>da radlibs are le bad, because they are degenerate and destroying the west
>pol is bad because they straight and white and this oppresses me as a gay black
>radlibs and pol are both bad, because identity politics divorced from class politics obscures class politics, the domination of the owning class is what is both destroying western civilisation and oppressing gender, racial and sexual minorities

I think, we should allow both sorts, and gently guide them into the correct position. We can do this through doing what we do, if only spergs like you could just chill and read some words and reply to them.

>but muuuuuh they will never muh learn its all muh bad faith

its false, as many former converted who are now leftists who post on this site attest to.

On top of this, there are plenty of spergy, bad faith leftist posters who are equally destructive to the dialogue. Learn to deal with it.

In any IRL political context you ARE going to have to deal with people who don't agree with you, there is no way around that, so you better get learning if you actually want to change anything


>have converted many a polyp
yeah this is why we still get threads about how natural best, christianity good, masturbation sinful, porn evil, etc. etc.


So continue their education, or does it hurt you to read nasty words?


Leftoids are unreachable. Their entire identity is around cultural issues. They will read marx and twist it into their insane postures, AT BEST.
Their brains are entirely melted. No amount of "education" will help. Nothing short of therapy and reintegration will ever change their antisocial ways.

You're pretty anti-social and unreachable, coincidentally. No amount of arguments ever changes your opinion. Nothing short of therapy will ever make you tolerable.

It's a shame tripcode filters don't work out the overboard.


>everybody else is irredeemably obtuse, completely
>it is only me that has a chance of salvation
Gee sounds kinda.. idk like the basis of an anti social personality quirk you’ve got yourself there.

Don’t you find it funny I’m the one saying others have the propensity to be redeemable and you’re not, while you’re also telling me I am unchangable to a fault, presumably suggesting that you yourself are not, and are changeable.

The only one apparently.

Have you stopped consider you might be incorrect, hence why I have not changed to suit your position? That perhaps you don’t have it all down, which is why you yourself have room to improve, and therefore shouldn’t be the judge of who else does or does not, as an incomplete person with faults yourself?


>then some shit about tripcodes
An ad hominem to top it all off


I think it's like half a dozen people who are particularly online and continue to post on /pol/ in the present.


I've become jaded to an extent and also am a hair's distance of dropping /leftypol/ entirely but yes, it is indeed unbearable. It's the main reason I will never recommend this website to communists I interact with IRL (and it's no wonder the site barely has any reach at all amongst aforementioned demographic).




No argument then


>…it is indeed unbearable…
I guess you are rather sensitive then. This place is actually one of the more tolerable places on the Internet in My experience. It does not even come close to talking to /pol/tards from 4chan and 8chan. I do not sit on these imageboards but interacting with these gentlemen was enough of an experience for Me.


How about you raise that bar a couple notches.


if youre a friendless faggot who only ever interacts with "people" on imageboards or substanceless one-off interactions with randoms on social media then sure dude


No, I just do not consider users here to be that annoying. You assuming things about My life is a non-argument. Now I might reconsider people here not being annoying in regards to people who whine about /leftypol/ and then complain about Me not sharing their subjective opinion.


while half of leftypol might be decent the other half is insufferable faggots (at best) and its no wonder this place is so stagnant, and before you ask me i dont know how this should be fixed either


It feels like the poasting is slowly decreasing and only the retards remain.


This is the effect of mod policy


everyone has conflicting ideas about what we should do differently so oh well, what can we do


Agree. People like Sage should be banned and post quality would increase.


which mod policy, not doing anything at all?


People may have different opinions, but there are things which you do. Namely, being hyper uptight and deleting/ banning all manner of different things, relegating interesting threads to dead boards, with literally no justification, such as sending a thread about 9/11 to a board about the occult.

Or, having favoured fetishes which people are allowed to post on /b/ but others that are not allowed, even though it’s both just junk fetish material.

If you were capable of even the slightest self criticism it’s an easy fix but you’re not. Just see the place as somewhere for people to discuss things, not your little fiefdom where everyone has to toe your completely arbitrary political lines


Yes I am sure hyper compartmentalising everything is doing nothing


Also there is literally no way to judge opinions objectively because you astroturf the board and you won’t allow a none astrotrufed space for people to discuss it


If we didn't enforce some standards then the board would just become /pol/ or ULP, you do understand that right?


i've said a bunch of times, actual spam, YWNBAM threads, that sort of stuff, it can get gone.

Good faith threads that are entered into in a spirit of discussion should stay. Those are the most interesting threads in my opinion, people respectfully disagreeing


i dont even see posts that are clearly arguing in bad faith deleted, especially on the side boards where theyre more noticeable due to their slowness


Agreed. This will be inevitable.

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