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R: 501 / I: 50 (sticky)

Moderation thread

Come dispute bans, complain, and other such things related to /leftypol/ here.

R: 23 / I: 1
Legitimately is this board running out of new topics to make threads out of?
R: 137 / I: 35

Posting doesn't work for me

Or perhaps posting does, but I can't see the new posts.
R: 11 / I: 0
Can we please ban the weird sex website (WSWS)
They do nothing but spam themselves in /leftypol/
R: 10 / I: 1
Where do all these guys come from?
R: 65 / I: 12


/leftypol/ is a target of a PsyOp campaign
>/leftypol/ is a target of a PsyOp campaign

There seems to be an unusual number of capitalist apologists on this website as of late. Cheerleaders of capital are trying to convince anons of certain things (from what I've noticed):
>stocks are worthwhile and you should invest in the stock market
>crypto is good and you should buy crypto
>managers are the allies of labour (as opposed to being allies of owners/capital)
>cops are proles
Any more you've noticed?
R: 1 / I: 1
delete /itg/, /USApol/, crypto-idpol, /siberia/ and /anime/ and ban shitposters, greentexter schizos and pseud effurtpoosters on sight.
R: 6 / I: 3


Why does its existence cause so much anger among the staff?
R: 5 / I: 2

leftypol gone fascist

I do not know the history of Leftypol however it is clear that it is now a liberal fascist board that bans all Maoist posts and bans any post that isn't revisionist.
R: 5 / I: 1 (sage)
Nice banner, faggots
R: 2 / I: 0

Proposal Agenda 18/10/21 - 22/10/21

Hello everyone. This is the thread to make this week's proposals. Feel free to have your say whether user or mod. We have these proposals did not pass last week, but may be worthy of further discussion:

Proposal: Moderator votes remain the counted votes in admin decisions, but users should let vote using strawpolls (or perhaps polling systems built into the site?) per topic to display general user attitude to a proposal. If the majority User opinion directly opposes moderator majority vote then the proposals should be discussed and votes called on again after a break of 1-2 weeks to let people rethink positions on a topic.

Proposal: Make this the ‘official’ Leftypol channel >>>/leftypol/534666

Proposal: I think that we should also keep the current userbase engaged, making things like weekly game tournaments, actual organized debates, movie nights followed by discussion and so on. I've been thinking that a weekly leftypol podcast could be a good idea, just a couple of anons talking about what happened in the board and the world during the past week and inviting people to talk if they so desire, we could have debates there, and interviews and other things, and share it on spotify for others to see.

Once again, I must clarify that ONLY MODS CAN ACTUALLY VOTE ON PROPOSALS OR VOTES. Anons are free to have their say and offer suggestions and feedback to improve proposals/votes but these are only advisory and user votes are not counted for official decisionmaking. But who knows, a persuasive enough argument might sway the mod team to your cause?

Please reply to this post to post proposals for consideration next week. If a user proposal seems like a good idea, we may adopt it and make it official. Thanks everyone. Feel free to post your opinions but try not to spam or needlessly bicker back and forth in order to keep the thread clear and legible. Any off-topic posts may be removed without warning.
R: 23 / I: 3

Voting Agenda 27/09/21 - 01/10/21

These are the votes for this week. Please vote on the posts below, not this OP itself. Once again, please note that anons cannot actually vote, and their opinions are simply advisory. Thank you to all users and mods for their participation.

In addition, please keep this topic on-topic. All extraneous posts may be removed without warning. With that, here are this week's votes;
R: 38 / I: 4

Proposal Agenda 27/09/21 - 01/10/21

Hello everyone. This is the thread to make this week's proposals. We have these proposals which failed previously, that perhaps we should discuss again this week (I won't put these on the docket, unless someone actually brings them up with amendments so they might pass this time):

Proposal: Reorganization of modocracy to groups based on siloed focus (ex: tech/mods/outreach)

Proposal: Elect an executive. Instead of voting on every issue, simply elect an executive, either a single individual or small group (individual is better), who is recallable by vote. The executive makes all decisions except electing themselves and kicking or adding any member from/to the modocracy. This will free up the modocracy to get back to the core tasks of tech, modding, outreach/growth, and other activities associated with maintaining and growing leftypol.

Proposal: - same as above except by sortition.

Once again, I must clarify that ONLY MODS CAN ACTUALLY VOTE ON PROPOSALS OR VOTES. Anons are free to have their say and offer suggestions and feedback to improve proposals/votes but these are only advisory and user votes are not counted for official decisionmaking. But who knows, a persuasive enough argument might sway the mod team to your cause?

Please reply to this post to post proposals for consideration next week. If a user proposal seems like a good idea, we may adopt it and make it official. Thanks everyone. Feel free to post your opinions but try not to spam or needlessly bicker back and forth in order to keep the thread clear and legible. Any off-topic posts may be removed without warning.
R: 151 / I: 29

/roulette/ topic suggestions thread

Here we suggest themes for next month's /roulette/ board topic.
R: 26 / I: 3

site growing

is the site growing? we're at 385 IPs. OR is it just bots/etc.

are these actually newfags coming?
R: 29 / I: 6
Why? How long until we need a leftypol pass?
R: 7 / I: 2
What happened with 8chan /leftypol/? Do exist other left boards or only this site?
R: 5 / I: 0
So shilling the site on Reddit does work…
Now we have to keep shilling and bring Russian communists from VK.
R: 6 / I: 2

Thread Removal

Why was my thread about workers going on strike to protest mandates removed? This is a VERY important story about labor issues.
R: 39 / I: 57


There are some new banners at >>212019

Can you guys please add?
R: 1 / I: 0
Why is this allowed?
R: 8 / I: 0

Vote on roulette related topics

Hello, we forgot to properly schedule a vote on what to do with /roulette/ this month so I will make those votes here;

Vote: Create /lounge/ as a board now that its tenure as a /roulette/ has ended.
R: 2 / I: 0

Apparent text rules please

People should be capable to write what they want from the get go, keeping information on how to do it is counterproductive. Rules that make text bold italic or whatever should immediately be apparent to the writer
At the very least you could make a little expanding box that explains all this shit somewhere uo.
R: 32 / I: 10

Leftybooru Feedback Thread

This thread is for feedback, suggestions, complaints, questions etc. regarding leftybooru, the main image repository used by /leftypol/


Leftybooru FAQ and Rules:
R: 7 / I: 1 (sage)

There Need Only Be Two Main Boards

There is not enough traffic on any of the boards other than /leftypol/ and /siberia/ to justify their existence. /hobby/, /tech/, /edu/, /games/, /anime/, and /music/ should all become generals in /siberia/. If this was implemented, these topics would actually have decent activity and pph because of crossover from /siberia/ posters, and that board would increase in activity as well. I know that, for instance, I would regularly check out a music general, but I rarely go on /music/ because it's so slow.
R: 10 / I: 0 (sage)

This site and teenagers

Why is this board not open for teenagers (people aged 13-17), instead users must be 18 or up to use this site? Considering that most teenagers right now are tech-savvy and that teenagers are usually open to new information, especially ideologies?
If we keep doing this then:
- we will not have a good userbase,
- this won't be trendy,
- more and more teens subscribe themselves to lib ideas,
- a surplus of degenerate young people will (surely) be created, and
- revolution is rather hard to achieve due to the previous two reasons.
R: 600 / I: 116 (sage) (full)  


This is a general thread for discussion of the split, to stop other threads from getting shitted up.

Please keep it civil and contain all split/drama discourse to this thread and stop shitting up every other unrelated meta thread.
R: 21 / I: 3 (sage)

wtf what rules did I even break here?

This is getting ridiculous now. Some of the jannies need to stop being so trigger happy. This place is turning into reddit.
R: 31 / I: 5

Designing Transparency by Default

This is a long post, but it's important we do this properly in order to prevent the same bullshit happening again. All constructive feedback is helpful. Feedback from people who don't use Matrix or /meta/ often is especially useful.

It's clear the previous site was screwed up in many ways. While there are obvious surface issues such as moderation tensions, there were underlying design flaws in the moderation system that both compounded these issues and made the user experience worse than it should have been. Some results of this flawed system is how many policy changes were a surprise to most users despite being discussed for days or over week, even users who regularly visited the /meta/ board had no visibility over these discussions.

It is the view of the entire moderation team that this is unacceptable.

From what I know, the previous leftypol.org's (supposed) transparency effort was as follows:
>general moderation discussion takes place in the Matrix Congress chat
(in reality, it became normalized for many mods to default to the private Matrix Staff Room, even for non-sensitive matters)
>mod voting on changes takes place on a locked, unlisted, public board, /assembly/
(this is the same board that was made public and open by leftychan, previous weeks' votes were moved to the archive board every Monday. it was extremely badly advertised)
>votes would be declared in the /meta/ voting thread, along with their outcomes
(as evident, this almost never happened in practice, with no-one doing this after the first month except for a short-lived revival attempt by Discomrade)

While technically the design was public, none of it was easily noticable to most users and became effectively (by both design and then culture) private-by-default. When a crisis happens and priorites take over, all the extra tasks can easily get forgotten. That's why open-by-default is a design quality we should aim for in the new moderation framework. We should have to go out of our way to talk about site changes in private (for special cases concerning things like IP bans or server technical details, since it is inappropriate to show that sensitive information publicly).

Here are some possible solution we've proposed so far, please tell us what you like, what you don't like, what you would like, or any other suggestions you have.
>Announcing all site/policy decisions in the red Global Announcements section when discussion begins, with a link to a /meta/ thread for that issue.
>Announcing discussion of major changes to a board with a new sticky thread on that board.
>Renaming the staff room to make it clear it should be used for confidential matters.
>Removing shitposting and off-topic tangents from the Congress Matrix room that should be in the regular /leftypol/ Chat room, so it can appropriately be more easily used to openly discuss minor, temporary, time-critical site matters like potential deletions, sages, bans and appeals
R: 188 / I: 34

How to get more people into the site?

Reposting here because no one ever reads meta and because sage ruined the thread, sorry mods

I think that we can all agree that we need more people, more posters spanning from all the left positions, let's go past the "much PPH" meaningless debate, we barely have any effortposters now, much less drawfags and other kind of talented people, the split was a catastrophe in terms of users and we have not recovered yet.

A small imageboard may be good for very niche hobbies and things like that, but for leftism it's the absolute opposite,our ideology is supposed to appeal to the vast majority of people that composes the working class, we should strive to be an Imageboard for the masses, the more people the better (leftists ofc),we used to have a very large potential userbase on 8chan but that's gone.

I think we should start promoting the board, in youtube, discockrd, hell even on reddit Twitter and Facebook, there's literal thousands of people that are members of communist and socialist parties around the world, hundreds of unions and workers organizations etc, and their input could be very valuable, hell maybe we can get some Chinese people in here, or people from the Japanese communist party etc.

I think that everyone should do their part in your social circles and social media you frequent the most, casually mention leftypol if you have leftist friends, mention leftypol in breadtube videos, if you follow communist or socialist party accounts on twittee or Facebook invite them to come etc, if you speak more than one language the better, if you have the means to get in touch with people from China or Japan or you know someone who knows the language maybe we can try to get some people from those countries here, along with people from Arab countries, Africa etc, that would be awesome.

Leftypol should stop appealing to its own userbase and reach out for people, just like the bolsheviks went out to the factories to garner support for the revolution and just how the CCP talked with the peasants to fight against the nationalists, we should do the same.

We have a world to win!
R: 6 / I: 1

Caching is fucked

I have to force a refresh to get new posts to appear. In threads the last posts are often missing and only appear through the autoupdate but with board pages only the refresh helps.
R: 2 / I: 0
Is the catalog broken sitewide for anyone else? Threads refuse to update for some reason.
R: 43 / I: 1

Proposal Agenda 20/09/21 - 24/09/21

Hello everyone. This is the thread to make this week's proposals. There were no successful proposals last week, so there is no voting topic. We have these proposals which failed previously, that perhaps we should discuss again this week (I won't put these on the docket, unless someone actually brings them up with amendments so they might pass this time):

proposal: filter "socially conservative" to "actually reactionary" (this proposal has now not been accepted for 2 weeks and is STALE, it will be removed next week)

proposal: filter "socially conservative" to "socially inept" (this proposal has now not been accepted for 2 weeks and is STALE, it will be removed next week)

proposal: filter "stupid pol" to "stupid polyps" and "stupidpol" to "stupid polyps" (this proposal has now not been accepted for 2 weeks and is STALE, it will be removed next week)

Once again, I must clarify that ONLY MODS CAN ACTUALLY VOTE ON PROPOSALS OR VOTES. Anons are free to have their say and offer suggestions and feedback to improve proposals/votes but these are only advisory and user votes are not counted for official decisionmaking. But who knows, a persuasive enough argument might sway the mod team to your cause?

Please reply to this post to post proposals for consideration next week. If a user proposal seems like a good idea, we may adopt it and make it official. Thanks everyone. Feel free to post your opinions but try not to spam or needlessly bicker back and forth in order to keep the thread clear and legible. Any off-topic posts may be removed without warning.
R: 1 / I: 0

Cyclification of /nordpol/

Now that /nordpol/ on the main board is rather swiftly approaching 500 posts, can we make it cyclic please? Thänks!
R: 6 / I: 0

Unping the Reading General

Despite being the most crucial thread for a healthy leftist imageboard, being stuck besides modshit threads no one cares about makes it slide by unnoticed by most users especially ones who primarily browse the catalogue like me. This is one of the major issues that have contributed to the illiteracy problem that has plagued our board since time immemorial.

Unpin the reading general and make it a cyclical thread like /ITG/ and the others.
R: 22 / I: 12 (sage)


With respect to the will of the users of GETchan, I propose removing both links to /GET/ and /ref/ in the boardlist and the landing page, as well as severing most other remaining ties.
GETchan and leftypol have diverged significantly enough to have developed irreconcilable differences. But more importantly, neither site benefits from linking to one another. If anything, attempting to maintain a relationship with GETchan is ultimately a fruitless waste of time for the administrators of both sites. Furthermore, I do not expect any noticeable drop in board traffic or post quality by removing such links, and it goes without saying that if GETchan users want to use leftypol they probably know where to find us.
I understand the historical significance of GETchan to leftypol, and I'm not suggesting that we go full Orwell and memoryhole it. I'm only suggesting that we opt to remember and respect GETchan "from a distance" so to speak.
R: 74 / I: 4

Voting Agenda 13/09/21 - 17/09/21

These are the votes for this week. Please vote on the posts below, not this OP itself. Once again, please note that anons cannot actually vote, and their opinions are simply advisory. Thank you to all users and mods for their participation.

In addition, please keep this topic on-topic. All extraneous posts may be removed without warning. With that, here are this week's votes;
R: 4 / I: 4

/GEG/ - growth engineering general

Following up on >>>/leftypol/503609

leftypol.org needs a permanent team of staff growth hackers to full time think of ways to drive users to the site.

TLDR: A lot of the strategies in the book are more in line with for profit companies and don’t translate well to a anonymous not for profit imageboard, however, some ideas can be translated.

The takeaway:

- Recruit a specific team of non moderator staff to handle social media outreach, and growth strategies, i.e. their full time “job” is to think of ways to drive more users to the site and then do that with or without the users help. At a minimum the team should have a designated “growth lead”, plus any willing people with UX, UI, SEO, Marketing, and social media management experience you can find and who would be useful.

- Create a Growth room in matrix. Call it MAUism (monthly active users) or leftypol.org growth engineering or whatever. Invite all members of the tech team + the growth team + any other relevant parties.

- try different ideas.
R: 36 / I: 1

Proposal Agenda 13/09/20 - 17/09/20

Hello everyone. This is the thread to make this week's proposals. To see last week's successful proposals, please go to the voting topic for this week. We have these proposals which failed previously, that perhaps we should discuss again this week (I won't put these on the docket, unless someone actually brings them up with amendments so they might pass this time):

Proposal: Equip each board with a sticky detailing its purpose and rules. This should ideally include any and all of the various and more or less obscure bylaws, such as covid denialism being allowed in the covid-19 general but nowhere else. (this proposal has now not been accepted for 2 weeks and is STALE, it will be removed next week)

proposal: filter "socially conservative" to "actually reactionary"

proposal: filter "socially conservative" to "socially inept"

proposal: filter "stupid pol" to "stupid polyps" and "stupidpol" to "stupid polyps"

Once again, I must clarify that ONLY MODS CAN ACTUALLY VOTE ON PROPOSALS OR VOTES. Anons are free to have their say and offer suggestions and feedback to improve proposals/votes but these are only advisory and user votes are not counted for official decisionmaking. But who knows, a persuasive enough argument might sway the mod team to your cause?

Please reply to this post to post proposals for consideration next week. If a user proposal seems like a good idea, we may adopt it and make it official. Thanks everyone. Feel free to post your opinions but try not to spam or needlessly bicker back and forth in order to keep the thread clear and legible. Any off-topic posts may be removed without warning.
R: 26 / I: 6
what hthe fuck is this faggot ass larp introduction
this isnt some subreddit

stop taking yourselves so seriously, please

you're better off saying something like "They are… an interesting group of people - Senpai Wolff" or something like that
R: 4 / I: 0 (sage)

Make the Hungarian thread cyclic

Please make the /vörös/ thread cyclic again like it was back on Bunkerchan: >>>/leftypol/1
R: 23 / I: 9 (sage)
To the leftypol.org janny reading this: Not everyone here is some kind of .net loyalist, myself and several others are simply disgruntled with the ridiculous crackdowns the post-split group has indulged in, and were already annoyed at the direction you were taking the site in. Remember that it wasn't Evil Space vs The Amazing Jannies, but "I hate jannies, but I hate Space more" for many users.

Stop ghettoizing and deleting everything in /meta/, turning /siberia/ into /leftypol/ but without politics, hiding behind doxing laws that don't exist to protect your chatroom friends, whining about drama when your main board has become dominated by ecelebs, shilling how much you love yourselves as Anon and calling everyone that suggests you're shilling for janitors schizo. You engage with your users dishonestly because you suspect them all of being dishonest. A thief believes everyone steals. /b/ used to be a third of the site, now it regularly dies out. Bring back the spirit of /b/ and stop your fellow jannies treating /siberia/ as their personal fiefdom. Your attempts to rebrand /b/ (random) into /siberia/ (off-topic) to stifle discussion are apparent and not funny or smart, you are needlessly stifling the freedom of the site, often for personal reasons. You should not have allowed this situation created by personal interest to develop.

If you continue to roll back your "creative and flexible" approach to the rules then we will send our simple demands and desist when they are met. The issues we mention are practically the only demands and all we want is for you to assert the rights of the userbase to return to normal in /siberia/ and be able to openly air their grievances in /meta/, and for all mods talking about moderation to have to use their mod hash - there is no need to kneel or allow fascists and racists, what we are asking for is what we want. All you have to do is give the userbase their freedom back and no longer deceive them.
R: 1 / I: 0
Can we have a board specifically for just general threads?
General threads are cool and all, but i do like to be able to click into leftypol and see new threads than i did yesterday. I know i can use the catalog but like, i kinda like not having to slog through the generals.
R: 2 / I: 0
How difficult it would be to implement a real time IP counter? as it stands now the current IP counter is useless, there's no point in knowing that the thread has been visited x times during it's lifetime.
R: 22 / I: 3 (sage)
why did my /rekt/ thread get deleted?
No rules were broken…
R: 9 / I: 2 (sage)


/pol/ invokes images of fascists, neonazis and other losers so why do we share a similar name with them when we should be trying to keep as far of a distance from them as possible ?
R: 5 / I: 1 (sage)

Filter 'tulcel'

Could we filter the word 'tulcel'? It's exclusively used by [email protected] against anyone who criticizes imperialism and the democratic party.
R: 4 / I: 0
Is there an archive for this site like there is for other chans? Like 4plebs
R: 281 / I: 45  

white fragility

>site called "leftist politically incorrect"
>you can say uyghur, uyghur, jew, jewish nigger, kike, chink, autist, retard, transhumanist, faggot, and so on so forth and any combination thereof
>but you can't say CUMSKIN
so this is that white fragility I've heard so much about…
R: 35 / I: 2

Proposal Agenda 06/09/20 - 10/09/20

Hello everyone. This is the thread to make this week's proposals. To see last week's successful proposals, please go to the voting topic for this week. We have these proposals which failed previously, that perhaps we should discuss again this week (I won't put these on the docket, unless someone actually brings them up with amendments so they might pass this time):

Proposal: Equip each board with a sticky detailing its purpose and rules. This should ideally include any and all of the various and more or less obscure bylaws, such as covid denialism being allowed in the covid-19 general but nowhere else.
Proposal: Create actual policies on subjectively moderated topics (this proposal has now not been accepted for 2 weeks and is STALE, it will be removed next week)
Proposal: Standardize ban lengths for various rule violations (this proposal has now not been accepted for 2 weeks and is STALE, it will be removed next week)
Proposal: Harsher measures against both bait making and bait taking (this proposal has now not been accepted for 2 weeks and is STALE, it will be removed next week)
Proposal: Include a list of the word filters in the FAQ or rules page, just somewhere accessible so people know the current word filters in place (this proposal has now not been accepted for 2 weeks and is STALE, it will be removed next week)

Once again, I must clarify that ONLY MODS CAN ACTUALLY VOTE ON PROPOSALS OR VOTES. Anons are free to have their say and offer suggestions and feedback to improve proposals/votes but these are only advisory and user votes are not counted for official decisionmaking. But who knows, a persuasive enough argument might sway the mod team to your cause?

Please reply to this post to post proposals for consideration next week. If a user proposal seems like a good idea, we may adopt it and make it official. Thanks everyone. Feel free to post your opinions but try not to spam or needlessly bicker back and forth in order to keep the thread clear and legible. Any off-topic posts may be removed without warning.
R: 23 / I: 4

Voting Agenda 06/09/20 - 10/09/20

These are the votes for this week. Please vote on the posts below, not this OP itself. Once again, please not that anons cannot actually vote, and their opinions are simply advisory. Thank you to all users and mods for their participation.

In addition, please keep this topic on-topic. All extraneous posts may be removed without warning. With that, here are this week's votes;
R: 7 / I: 0
The fight over leftypol has become like the fight over Israel among Jews, Arabs, and Christians. To anyone watching, it looks like a bunch of retards fighting over a shithole, yet to those retards that shithole is really important and valuable for some long-forgotten and irrelevant reason.
R: 7 / I: 0 (sage)

How to get more people into the site?

I think that we can all agree that we need more people, more posters spanning from all the left positions, let's go past the "much PPH" meaningless debate, we barely have any effortposters now, much less drawfags and other kind of talented people, the split was a catastrophe in terms of users and we have not recovered yet.

A small imageboard may be good for very niche hobbies and things like that, but for leftism it's the absolute opposite,our ideology is supposed to appeal to the vast majority of people that composes the working class, we should strive to be an Imageboard for the masses, the more people the better (leftists ofc),we used to have a very large potential userbase on 8chan but that's gone.

I think we should start promoting the board, in youtube, discockrd, hell even on reddit Twitter and Facebook, there's literal thousands of people that are members of communist and socialist parties around the world, hundreds of unions and workers organizations etc, and their input could be very valuable, hell maybe we can get some Chinese people in here, or people from the Japanese communist party etc.

I think that everyone should do their part in your social circles and social media you frequent the most, casually mention leftypol if you have leftist friends, mention leftypol in breadtube videos, if you follow communist or socialist party accounts on twittee or Facebook invite them to come etc, if you speak more than one language the better, if you have the means to get in touch with people from China or Japan or you know someone who knows the language maybe we can try to get some people from those countries here, along with people from Arab countries, Africa etc, that would be awesome.

Leftypol should stop appealing to its own userbase and reach out for people, just like the bolsheviks went out to the factories to garner support for the revolution and just how the CCP talked with the peasants to fight against the nationalists, we should do the same.

We have a world to win!
R: 3 / I: 0 (sage)

Voting proposal: Ban Gore.

Yes, that's it. Ban Gore.
R: 7 / I: 0

Wordfilter of chud to f*****t

Please don't do this shit

1. Ch*d is perfectly fine and just cause radlibs use doesn't mean we should dump it, it's a word that clearly riles up poltards

2. if your reasoning is "radlibs use it so we shouldn't" then why the fuck would you filter it to a slur used by the right wing? FFS.

Oh btw I've been on chans for years (since Mitchel lost his ipod) and I've never felt the need to use that word to prove anything.
R: 24 / I: 3
Remember, it's only idpol when browns, blacks, lgbt and women start thinking they're people, it's only idpol when you barely mention decolonization. Advocating for a yt strasserist ethnostate is totally Marxism according to this shithole board
R: 15 / I: 0
>check the overboard
>the most recently bumped threads are already existing geopolitical general threads
Can't we have a separate board dedicated for this type of stuff, like a /vg/ for geopolitical events and happenings, and then /leftypol/ will be left for left wing discussion and shitposting
R: 2 / I: 0

NA Evenings / EU Late Nights / AU Mornings

I've been noticing that, whenever I come home from work and access /leftypol/, there's always a bunch of /pol/ schizos raiding the main board when it's evening in America, late night in Europe, and morning in Southeast Asia and Australia.

This isn't a big issue for me since I have other things to tend to, but I just wanted to raise awareness to this moderation time gap.
R: 17 / I: 0

Concerning the split

Hello all. First of all I am not here to shill the other domain. I mostly lurk these days in the /USpol/ and larger current events threads, but I've been around a little while and I remember infinitychan and leftpol. I gather that the current schism is between the 'modocracy' and the 'postertariat'. It feels like we are in a battle to prove one mode of community organization over another, and I think it's clear that the organized modocracy will be able to run a better site. I've followed the split and understand certain personalities and their conflicts precipitated the split, but now the new domain specifically is shilling a certain 'user power' ideology.

I have a couple concerns I'd like to discuss with people here. They're not so much immediate but they may prove durable. The first is that the new domain has quickly shut down its pretensions to an /assembly/ board (it seems assemblies and votes happen in the matrix chat off-site, great idea, retards! Now everyone has to migrate off-site to voot!) and instituted a public /i/ board, which makes me seriously question the intentions of the site. They are a website with something like 10 times fewer posters than here, and they actually want to raid this board and accuse the modocracy as glowies. Leave it to the postertariat anarkids (is Sage here or on the other site?) to give every niche interest a unique board and posture for meme warfare when they are so few in number. I bring this up because while I'm not worried about being raided by the other domain, I am worried about this site getting a bad reputation from their antics. If anyone wanted to counterraid them, they would get utterly destroyed, but I don't want to deal with any more of this /b/tard shit pretending we're in 2005. Something tells me that /leftypol/ has moved beyond that, and gone with the 'rent-free' modus operandi. Raiding other spaces makes some sense when they are utterly antagonistic to us, but lately I think there are few at least on clearnet so I feel like our priority should be liberals and soft-left spaces that are to be beaten by jokes and just getting the people there to lurk here.

My second concern is /pol/shit inasmuch as it still exists. Over the last year or two I've found bunkerchan to be very hard to navigate for decent discussion, with tons of disruptive posts and posters and still find it happening here (e.g. leftcom poster in the recent "why do you hate capitalism so much?" thread). This comes back to the split because I suspect that at least half of the people on the new domain are honest anons who want to grill and are misled, and that the split makes us vulnerable to more /pol/shit. Has there been more or less of it lately? And then finally, what is to be done about the other domain? I think glowies are hyping them up and incensing them against this place, basically keeping them on life support instead of the normal course of events where they burn themselves out and get bored of being a splinter. Finally thank you Krates for saving the site and all the people who are doing the irl work for it.
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Reply links on /siberia/ still point to /b/, for example: >>>/siberia/125588

I just clicked one and was wondering where the fuck did all the new posts go.
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Voting Agenda 30/08/21 - 03/09/21

These are the votes for this week. Please vote on the posts below, not this OP itself. Once again, please not that anons cannot actually vote, and their opinions are simply advisory. Thank you to all users and mods for their participation.

In addition, please keep this topic on-topic. All extraneous posts may be removed without warning. With that, here are this week's votes;

Vote: Filter National Socialist to Not Socialist
Filter National socialist to Not socialist
Filter national socialist to not socialist


Vote: Create an OC thread analog for /b/ where not strictly leftist shitposts and images can be kept


Vote: Ban incel threads (on all boards including /b/)


Vote: Enable all 'Image Hover' settings by default - except for 'Image hover on catalog'.

This feature may currently be found in the [Options] setting in the top right, then enabling the relevant checkboxes, then placing the mouse over an image. A page refresh may be necessary.

R: 30 / I: 3

Proposal Agenda 30/08/21 - 03/09/21

Hello everyone. Welcome back to the second week of the proposal system. To see last week's successful proposals, please go to the voting topic for this week. We have these proposals which failed previously, that perhaps we should discuss again this week (I won't put these on the docket, unless someone actually brings them up with amendments so they might pass this time):

Proposal: Create actual policies on subjectively moderated topics
Proposal: Standardize ban lengths for various rule violations
Proposal: Harsher measures against both bait making and bait taking
Proposal: Include a list of the word filters in the FAQ or rules page, just somewhere accessible so people know the current word filters in place

Once again, I must clarify that ONLY MODS CAN ACTUALLY VOTE ON PROPOSALS OR VOTES. Anons are free to have their say and offer suggestions and feedback to improve proposals/votes but these are only advisory and user votes are not counted for official decisionmaking. But who knows, a persuasive enough argument might sway the mod team to your cause?

Please reply to this post to post proposals for consideration next week. If a user proposal seems like a good idea, we may adopt it and make it official. Thanks everyone. Feel free to post your opinions but try not to spam or needlessly bicker back and forth in order to keep the thread clear and legible. Any off-topic posts may be removed without warning.
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The incel offensive on /b/

What is to be done about it?
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leftypol is unironically blackpilling me on communism. This place isn't even leftwing anymore.
Should I take this site seriously or not? Because how would communism work if it's adherents are incapable of running a fucking image board?
R: 3 / I: 2

Is ridiculizing your oponent, arguing in bad faith and transphobia not bannable offenses? Or is it just in the case of posters that you already profiled as bad?
R: 22 / I: 3 (sage)

What if Space and Currency were the real good ones all along

Once upon a time, the now four websites were united under the banner of the glorious Bunker, after the tribulations of the Year of Shooting Induced Permabans. The Bunkerchan, LeftypolOrg, GET, and LeftypolNet, although moderated by different factions of moderators, all had coexisted on one site under the superficially aloof and often absent dictator Space, presiding over the boards but not directly interfering in the everyday affairs of management and moderation. Thus, though the factions of moderators could squabble to no end, the personage of Space under which the regime on the Bunker existed could symbolize unity, stability, and continuity. However, the catastrophes began when Space, in a hotheaded moment of half warranted suspicion, elected to descend into the sphere of the politics of ordinary moderators, and blackened the legitimacy of the administration of the Bunker, so that the illusion of the benevolent but removed ruler became no more and factions of moderators initiated the war of all against all. After that, the history repeated, because the site administrators didn't conduct themselves in the ways of the benevolent coronate and perform the correct rites, instead meddling in the lowly affairs of state by managing the jannies' infighting. Hence the drama that has wracked not only this site recently but also of the past the GETLF incident triggered by the crisis of King's surprise reentrance and the even earlier infinityLeftypol BO spergout. In order to arrest the slide into lawless anarchy of Leftypol and avoid any potentially imminent future problems, there should be a suitable shitposter of noted lineage crowned potentate of the USSC, in whom the ultimate authority of site administration be vested, and by this action restore, to former glory, the great harmony of the state.
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/leftypol/ flags

ITT retrieve old and currently-missing /leftypol/ flags that would be good to add back.
I found the Technocrat and snibetti snab flags. I know the Anarcho-Transhumanism flag is missing and I want to find it and have it added back if possible (t. anarcho transhumanist anon). Pics related

P.S. the "Athiesm" flag is misspelled, it's spelled Atheism.
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Inability to make the reply box smaller

Just started having this issue today where I can't make the reply box more narrow. The top one works just fine but the popout one just gets wider when I try to condense it. Vid related
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The events.

TL;DR : The "modocracy" is restored, we have a new server, adults are back at the helm, we want to do our best to avoid drama in the future, we are tired of this shit and have better things to do both IRL and on /leftypol/ (like actually moderating), coupers and wreckers are no longer in the leftypol.org modteam. We are working in getting the cytube instance back up.

You'll find here the accounts of the events by the current members of the leftypol.org administration, the drama will be contained here as we are all tired of it and want to move on (while making the necessary changes for this not happen again).

To the /leftypol/ community,

You most likely don't know who I am as I have rarely posted with my moniker and modtag on the site, I never enjoyed the spotlights. I have been mod since Che (aka Old B.O.) stepped-down, admin in Bunkerchan and both admin and the domain owner (with regards to bourgeois law) of leftypol.org and presently on top of this the owner of the server hosting the leftypol.org domain and most importantly an user since 2015, having come to /leftypol/ from the "Marx Vs Stirner" threads in 4chan /lit/. If I am not mistaken I am the second oldest mod after our current sysadmin Antinous who has been in duty as mod for the past 5 years.

I want first to sincerely apologise to the whole community for this pathetic display of drama and immaturity synthesizing the worst of the terminally online left.
After all the event of the past years, especially since the infamous "Rojava" split, this community deserved a modicum of stability and it has been the opposite of

Prior to the events that occurred a few days ago, last april of this year, I had stepped-down from my position of admin, at that time because of the behaviour of people in the modteam back then, some of which being now among the coupers, that had made for me moderating impossible. This behaviour includes secretly plotting to purge mods they didn't like, creating completely false and unsubstantiated accusations, an endless thirst for internal drama and the prioritisation of thereof over basic janitorial duties and finally their recurring protection of the worst schizoposters, thread deraillers and spammers of the site and their opposition against any harsh measure taken against them under the sake of some idealistic and liberal conception of "freedom of speech" (probably inherited from m00t's 4chan with the success to which we have all been witness). I, thus, in that context preferred to step down rather than leverage my position as Admin to get the wreckers out, this lack of ruthlessness to preserve /leftypol/ might have been an monumental mistake but what is done is done.
Fast forward to 4 months later and one morning before going to work at 6am (local time) I discovered while browsing as a regular anon (being no longer in the administration nor being in contact with any of the mods since I resigned) that now the site was controlled by a junta of the very people because of which I had left, and the internal de facto abolished. I immediately checked the registrar account (which was still under my real name and real email) and changed the password, a last ditch effort to prevent the situation from descending into total chaos. I was therefore in exclusive control of the domain, once again. I, then contacted the people whom I fully trusted from the modteam, like antinous. They informed me of the abruptness and chaos of the whole situation and the complicity of the then sysadmin zer0-, who entrusted arbitrarily and unilaterally full power the worst wreckers. After a short exchange by email with zer0- after he asked me if I was in control of the domain (I will post my email response to him below) and seeing their lack of any goodwill to find any compromise, that every techie besides zer0- had left and the only mod left were mentally unstable, drama seeking, terminally online wreckers, we had decided me along the non-coupers mods (the actual majority of the modteam) to get a new server to which we would point the leftypol.org domain.

I, once again sincerely apologise for this pathetic drama and sad series of event and the great disruption caused to a community that helped me forge my political consciousness and made me discover many authors and perspectives. We, the old-guard of mods, bear responsibility, as the wreckers were all mods recruited relatively recently (none of them are were mods in the 8chan era) and brought in by us, we will have to change our recruiting and our vetting process to select against any immature, unstable, power seeking profile.

Finally, I am a card carrying member of my local Marxist-Leninist Party in which I’m fully invested and have new job prospects that will occupy most of my time, the last thing I want or need is more drama. We will work towards that as a priority along actually moderating this site that descended into a worrying and sorry state quality wise.
Hopefully, in the near future I will be able to entrust the domain and the server to people of trust within a structured, stable and democratic administration and go back being a regular anon. Until then I will fully assume the responsibility of owner of the domain and server (which are fully paid for, for the foreseeable future).



Combien de nos chairs se repaissent !
Mais si les corbeaux, les vautours,
Un de ces matins disparaissent,
Le soleil brillera toujours !
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The Just Republic: In defense of the modocracy

The Just Republic: In defense of the modocracy

TLDR: Plato’s republic is the ideal form of governance for an imageboard

>“For surely, Thrasymachus, it's injustice that produces factions, hatreds, and quarrels among themselves, and justice that produces unanimity and friendship. Isn't it so?… if it's the work of injustice, wherever it is, to implant hatred, then, when injustice comes into being, both among free men and slaves, will it not also cause them to hate one another and to form factions, and to be be unable to accomplish anything in common with one another?… Then does it come to light as possessing a power such that, wherever it comes into being, be it in a city, a clan, an army, or whatever else, it first of all makes that thing unable to accomplish anything together with itself due to faction and difference, and then it a makes that thing an enemy both to itself and to everything opposite and to the just? Isn't it so?… And then when it is in one man, I suppose it will do the same thing which it naturally accomplishes. First it will make him unable to act, because he is at faction and is not of one mind with himself, and, second, an enemy both to himself and to just men” - Plato, The Republic

As said previously in my note on recent events, the frequency of splits, the schizo-paranoia, it’s clear that there is something incredibly broken about how leftypol recruits staff and moderators, and this has almost lead to the death of leftypol several times. Many people here, including certain former moderators, have expressed the desire to have more “user input”, for user congresses. This is all utterly misguided. It’s fine to have a channel for user feedback, and to take suggestions, but the idea of LARPing a direct democracy, without accountability, in an anonymous or pseudo-anonymous medium just can’t work. The capitalist structure of ownership, of private property with regards to web domains and servers, really prevents this from being anything more than a democracy in name only. As we have seen, the only people with real power are those that control these resources, and everything else is really just play-acting. At worst, it just introduces an ability for loud retards to override the silent majority or right wing crossposters to manufacture consensus.

Instead of LARPing as an Athenian direct democracy, the moderators should model their form of governance after Athenian democracy’s greatest critic: Plato. If we must do a historical LARP, the form of governance that imageboards should take is that of a Platonic republic.

Plato’s “Republic”, often derided as a mere excuse for despotism, is really anything but. According to Plato, the object of governing is the well being of the governed in the same way that the object of medicine is the healing of the human body. The answer to the question of the definition of justice is answered indirectly, through the example of what a just society would be. A human being does not exist apart from a society. A just society is just a macro-version of a just man, and vice versa: a just man is a micro-version of a just society/state. There is a sort of social contract where people agree to act justly, in order to accomplish greater things than if they where constantly fighting, bickering, and trying to rip each other off.

Plato is often attacked for his advocacy of censorship. I suppose my answer to that is that the moderator IS a censor. That’s literally all they do. Every moderator, ever. It’s only a question of degree. The alternative is unlimited free speech, which no site, even 8chan itself, could sustain.

In Platos republic there are three groups: The artisans, or producers, the auxiliaries, a warrior/administrative class, and the guardians or governers who would rule society for it’s benefit.

>Until age 18, would-be guardians should be engaged in basic intellectual study and physical training, followed by two years of military training. However, a correction is then introduced where the study of gymnastics (martial arts) and warfare – 3 plus 2 years, respectively – are supplanted by philosophy for 5 years instead. Next, they receive ten years of mathematics until age 30, and then five years of dialectic(philosophy) training. Guardians then spend the next 15 years as leaders, trying to "lead people from the cave". Upon reaching 50, they are fully aware of the form of good, and totally mature and ready to lead.

Obviously, in this analogy, the guardians are the admins/mods/tech people, the auxiliaries are the lower ranked janitors, and the artisans are the anons.

>And they are always crowded around the shipowner himself, begging and doing every thing so that he'll turn the rudder over to them. And sometimes, if they fail at persuasion and other men succeed at it, they either kill the others or throw them out of the ship. Enchaining the noble shipowner with mandrake, drink, or something else, they rule the ship, using what's in it; and drinking and feasting, they sail as such men would be thought likely to sail. Besides this, they praise and call 'skilled sailor,' 'pilot,' and 'knower of the ship's business' the man who is clever at figuring out how they will get the rule, either by persuading or by forcing the shipowner, while the man who is not of this sort they blame as useless. - Plato, describing the coupists thousands of years in advance

Similar to the guardians of Platos republic, there needs to be a rigorous system for both vetting and training mods and technical staff.

Vetting: Mods need to build a mod application app. This would include a series of multiple choice questions designed to weed out candidates with BPD, narcissism, schizophrenia, and other harmful personality traits or psychological disorders. The second stage would include the candidate including some background info, such as a post they made for the janitors to check the post history, their ideology, general background, etc. If they pass these stages then they can start the training/probation period.

For technical janitors there is a final, optional to non technical jannies, stage. They must use a platform, perhaps like codeacademy/hackerrank/etc. To take and complete a number of basic courses on php, sql, database, javascript, html/css, cybersecurity etc. and screencap the completion pages, attach/upload the images or otherwise show them to the jannies, in order to ensure they have basic competency in these technologies. There are free and paid options for this but the free options are already adequate. The technical training can also be done concurrently with the janitorial probation period if needed.

Training: a long period of probation/apprenticeship (not 15 years, but more like 4-6 months) where the new candidate is not allowed to vote on matters but is appointed a janitor with minimal power of a certain board and rotated throughout the boards periodically, probably starting on /b/, and being moved around from board to board, until they finally have janitor power on /leftypol/. After this they will be approved or disapproved by the current mods, either a simple majority, supermajority, or unanimous consent.

Only then should the person be admitted to the mod team.
R: 20 / I: 11

Is it true that you are raiding 4chan and shilling proprietary garbage on /g/?
R: 30 / I: 2

Proposal Thread 23/08/21 - 27/08/21

Hello everyone. Welcome back to the second week of the proposal system. To see last week's successful proposals, please go to the voting topic for this week. We have these proposals which failed last week, that perhaps we should discuss again this week:

>>10296 Proposal: Create actual policies on subjectively moderated topics
>>10297 Proposal: Standardize ban lengths for various rule violations"

Once again, I must clarify that ONLY MODS CAN ACTUALLY VOTE ON PROPOSALS OR VOTES. Anons are free to have their say and offer suggestions and feedback to improve proposals/votes but these are only advisory and user votes are not counted for official decisionmaking. But who knows, a persuasive enough argument might sway the mod team to your cause?

Please reply to this post to post proposals for consideration next week. If a user proposal seems like a good idea, we may adopt it and make it official. Thanks everyone. Feel free to post your opinions but try not to spam or needlessly bicker back and forth in order to keep the thread clear and legible. Any off-topic posts may be removed without warning.
R: 31 / I: 8

Voting Agenda 23/08/21 - 27/08/21

These are the votes for this week. Please vote on the posts below, not this OP itself. Once again, please not that anons cannot actually vote, and their opinions are simply advisory. Thank you to all users and mods for their participation.

In addition, please keep this topic on-topic. All extraneous posts may be removed without warning. With that, here are this week's votes;

>>10088 Proposal: On the creation of /roulette/ - /lounge/.
>>10089 Proposal: Remove certain types of soyspam.
>>10094 Proposal: Rename /b/ to /siberia/ to remove the 'expectations' that it needs to be exactly like 4chan /b/ and to fit more consistently with the rest of the board names.
>>10104 Proposal: Bring back vaush -> agent kochinski wordfilter
R: 4 / I: 4
Why is this site suddenly insanely glitchy and broken since the split?
R: 7 / I: 3
Thanks mods for saving the board again
R: 3 / I: 0
What's up with all the DDoS fuckery going on? A lot of people can't access the site, why is this?
R: 1 / I: 0

fix css jannies

layout on posts with media is frequently fucked up. embeds are worse.
R: 9 / I: 0

Motion to install Shay as Moderator in Chief

This coup was supposed to have improved the state of affairs, but it might just have accelerated the decline of the website. The jannies on all sides seem to be quite disconnected from the masses which have composed the life essence of these boards. It is long past time, therefore, that a tribunal representing the popular thrust be established to directly parley with the cliques of moderators, because there are many problems which urgently require resolving and the petty factionalist struggles of the administration have caused those issues to be forgotten. And what better individual to be the Tribune of the Posters than Shay, who not only has been a fixture around here through the multiple tribulations of migration, retreat, and reconstruction of this place but also represents decently the unity of the ideals which /leftypol/ is supposed to uphold. Steeped in the culture of both effortposts and shitposts, she is rooted in the material reality of the average posters. Shay is proletarian in class background, someone opposed to imperialism and Angloid Boxism, and also one who is not so spooked about the usual progressive canards. The current crop of moderation, be they the junta, the soyjak avatarfag narcissist axis, or the furries, can argue in /meta/ to the end of time, but most of the resident anons dedicated to the improvement of /leftypol/ know a true government of action is of utmost importance at this moment of upheaval.

Make SHAY TAN the SUPREME LEADER of /leftypol/.

Overthrow moderators' bourgeois vestiges.
R: 7 / I: 0

why is there a leftypol and a leftychan now?

I missed out on the newest split. Can someone TL;DR me on what happened
R: 4 / I: 0

Replying does not work on onion

Posting new threads probably does not work either but I did not try.
R: 4 / I: 2

On the jewish nigger question

tl;dr: Why the fuck can I say here jewish nigger but not uyghurish?

Marx begins his letter with explaining how miserable his financial situation is due the civil war
>From the enclosed scrawls you will partly see how bothered I am. So far, the landlord has allowed himself to be placated; he has yet to receive £25. The piano chap, who is being paid in instalments for the piano, should already have had £6 at the end of June, and is a most ill-mannered brute. I have rate demands in the house amounting to £6. The wretched school fees — some £10 — I have fortunately been able to pay, for I do my utmost to spare the children direct humiliation. I have paid the butcher $6 on account (the sum total of my quarterly takings from the Presse!), but I’m again being dunned by that fellow, not to mention the baker, the teagrocer, the greengrocer, and such other sons of Belial as there may be.
<Aus den einliegenden Wischen siehst Du teilweise, wie ich bin bothered. Der landlord hat sich bisher beschwichtigen lassen, hat 25 £ zu bekommen. Der Klaviermann, der Ratenzahlungen für das Klavier bekommt, sollte schon am letzten Juni 6 £ erhalten, und ist ein sehr grober Lümmel. Steuerzettel für 6 £ liegen mir im Haus. Den Schuldreck von ungefähr 10 £ habe ich glücklicherweise bezahlt, da ich alles tue, um den Kindern direkte Demütigungen zu ersparen. Dem Metzger habe ich 6 £ abgezahlt (und dies war meine Gesamteinnahme eines Vierteljahrs von der „Presse"!), aber der Kerl tritt mich wieder, nicht zu sprechen von Bäcker, teagrocer, greengrocer und wie all das Teufelszeug heißt.

then he rants about Lassalle
>The Jewish nigger Lassalle who, I’m glad to say, is leaving at the end of this week, has happily lost another 5,000 talers in an ill-judged speculation. The chap would sooner throw money down the drain than lend it to a ‘friend’, even though his interest and capital were guaranteed. In this he bases himself on the view that he ought to live the life of a Jewish baron, or Jew created a baron (no doubt by the countess). Just imagine! This fellow, knowing about the American affair, etc., and hence about the state of crisis I’m in, had the insolence to ask me whether I would be willing to hand over one of my daughters to la Hatzfeldt as a ‘companion’, and whether he himself should secure Gerstenberg’s (!) patronage for me! The fellow has wasted my time and, what is more, the dolt opined that, since I was not engaged upon any ‘business’ just now, but merely upon a ‘theoretical work’, I might just as well kill time with him! In order to keep up certain dehors vis-à-vis the fellow, my wife had to put in pawn everything that wasn’t actually nailed or bolted down!
<Der jüdische uyghur Lassalle, der glücklicherweise Ende dieser Woche abreist, hat glücklich wieder 5000 Taler in einer falschen Spekulation verloren. Der Kerl würde eher das Geld in den Dreck werfen, als es einem „Freunde" pumpen, selbst wenn ihm Zinsen und Kapital garantiert würden. Dabei geht er von der Ansicht aus, daß er als jüdischer Baron oder baronisierter (wahrscheinlich durch die Gräfin) Jude leben muß. Denk dir, daß der Kerl, der die Geschichte mit Amerika usw. weiß, also die Krise kennt, in der ich mich befinde, die Frechheit hatte, mich zu fragen, ob ich eine meiner Töchter als „Gesellschafterin" der Hatzfeldt übergeben wolle und ob er mir selbst die Protektion Gerstenbergs (!) verschaffen solle! Der Kerl hat mir Zeit gekostet und, meinte das Vieh, da ich ja jetzt doch „kein Geschäft" habe, sondern nur eine „theoretische Arbeit" mache, könne ich ebensogut meine Zeit mit ihm totschlagen! Um gewisse dehors dem Burschen gegenüber aufrechtzuhalten, hatte meine Frau alles nicht Niet- und Nagelfeste ins Pfandhaus zu bringen!
this should already be known so far

but then he also states
>The fellow’s importunity is also uyghur-like.
<Die Zudringlichkeit des Burschen ist auch uyghurhaft
note how uyghurhaft is one word in German a more a more accurate translation than the MECW one woud be
but i can't say uyghurish on this fucking board see >>>/b/121333

fix this shit without n!ggerish the jewish nigger meme is incomplete

MECW41 388
MEW30 257
R: 101 / I: 22

State of the Site

is /leftypol/ growing? We seem to be averaging between 300 and 450 daily users most days
R: 7 / I: 1


stop using rangebans. You're banning tens of thousands of IP's just to get one guy. The sites software needs to disallow rangebans and only allow banning individual IPs. Rangeban should never have been invented/allowed on vichan and it should stop being used immediately.
R: 79 / I: 9  

Proposal Agenda 16/08/21 - 20/08/21

(updated: 2021-08-21 (Sat) )
Mod voting has closed for the week. You can still continue to use this thread for discussing these proposals and your support or concerns, and for justifying future proposals. There's a few interesting ideas coming from anons, good to see.

Proposals that received two votes and will be decided by a majority vote next week:
note that details of the first two will be clarified before voting due to anon concerns
< >>10088 Proposal: On the creation of /roulette/ - /lounge/.
< >>10089 Proposal: Remove certain types of soyspam.
< >>10094 Proposal: Rename /b/ to /siberia/ to remove the 'expectations' that it needs to be exactly like 4chan /b/ and to fit more consistently with the rest of the board names.
< >>10104 Proposal: Bring back vaush -> agent kochinski wordfilter
Proposals that did not pass:
note that both had main objections to either the timeframe or vagueness rather than the idea
> >>10296 Proposal: Create actual policies on subjectively moderated topics
> >>10297 Proposal: Standardize ban lengths for various rule violations

Hello everyone. We are trying something new, by moving proposals/votes off the mostly-private /assembly/ board (no longer exists), to /meta/ where they are easily seen by the community.

Firstly, I must clarify that ONLY MODS CAN ACTUALLY VOTE ON PROPOSALS OR VOTES. Anons are free to have their say and offer suggestions and feedback to improve proposals/votes but these are only advisory and user votes are not counted for official decisionmaking. But who knows, a persuasive enough argument might sway the mod team to your cause?

There are no votes this week as this is the first week of the new system. Please reply to this post to post proposals for consideration next week. Once again, only mods can make official proposals, but if a user proposal seems like a good idea, we may adopt it and make it official. Thanks everyone. Feel free to post your opinions but try not to spam or needlessly bicker back and forth in order to keep the thread clear and legible.
R: 33 / I: 2
I'll keep it as brief as possible.
Note: This is only ONE mod's idea. It does NOT represent any other mod's wishes except my own.

- Geo-political content and happening threads represent a large portion of threads on /leftypol/ (close to half?).
- Lesser known happenings, news, global south happening generals, but specifically non-geo-political leftist discussion topics, sink more quickly.
- First few pages are high value real estate.

- Split /leftypol/ board into two clusters.
- Cluster 1: geo-politics, history, happenings, news, country/region generals, etc.
- Cluster 2: Anything that isn't the above, viz. general leftist discussions, theory, etc.

- Run a two week experiment: a new board to hold Cluster 1 threads.
- See if we like it or not, and if it has a positive influence on the board (see: Intended goals)

Tentative names for Cluster 1 are
- /geo/
- /politics/
- /world/.
Cluster 2 would probably remain named /leftypol/.

Potential issues:
- People might not use the overboard/overboard catalog, and switching between boards might not fall into their usage style.
- People might use one board over the other, which might cause activity to fall in general.
- People might be strongly opposed to the experiment once it starts running.
- It might make each individual board slower.
- 2 weeks might be too little time for the effects to be noticeable and/or for people to acclimate to the change.

Intended goals:
- People will find more threads that interest them and post more actively on them.
- Theory threads will have a renaissance. inshallah
- Slower happening threads will have more activity, especially generals which are less active now (Hispa, Africa, MENA/ME, etc.).

Pictures show how the board catalogs would look if we did it right now. It's not a perfect sort, but I wanted to get the idea across.

Concluding thoughts
Please share your feedback and thoughts on this proposed experiment.
R: 13 / I: 1 (sage)
>meta in leftypol
>implying you wont ban me for posting it on meta
R: 6 / I: 1

Constant JQ posting now

Guys….what the actual fuck?
R: 9 / I: 2

Leftist Austim

This drama is a fucking embarassment. More strikingly, it's typical of leftist autism in general. Let this be a warning to you kids—IRL leftist organizations are as if not more autistic than this. Just a bunch of loser LARPers who will never achieve their spooked revolution.

Read Stirner and GTFO this site while you can.
R: 1 / I: 0

Bumplocked thread

Why is >>>/leftypol/448497 Bumplocked? Its a serious thread, yet their is a lot of shitposting threads on /leftypol/ that aren't touched by mods?
R: 36 / I: 0

suggestions for changes to combat undesirable developments

1. publicize the politics of the moderation team in its entirety
2. purge the rightists and recruit more mods among communists in their place
3. start curating content and make reactionary shitposting have actual consequences after its NOT SAGED but DELETED instead
4. start enforcing no idpol and no sectarianism rules with an iron fist
5. take an actually active role as moderators instead of being in effect nothing but the complaints department you have to in practice create a matrix account for because the report function is completely useless
6. fuck growth, fuck pph, fuck numbers since what chasing them has done is more harm than good for our community
7. bring the hammer down on /b/ by gassing the reactionaries and taking out their trash
8. bring the hammer down on the anti-/GET/ defamation which has zero evidence to back up the claim that it is a pedophile site or that it has pedophiles in its moderation, as the forced rumor goes
9. if soyjak.party does not behave or stop its raids, ban all soyjaks and delete the /soy/ general
10. go harder on OPs than regular posts, delete rulebreakers and sage non-rulebreaking bait or shitposts

just some ideas. feedback, criticism and adding to these is very much appreciated
R: 52 / I: 9
With all these sudden unexpected changes regarding the community, there is a lot of confusion going around. All these splits and offshoot websites can get confusing, this chart should help clear up all the misinformation.
R: 23 / I: 2
They had the last laugh after all.
R: 10 / I: 0

It is incredible that you autists have yet again managed to fuck shit up

The problem with the site is that the staff believe they are above the rules, and this is because the rules are up to personal interpretation. The staff believe they are a superior clique above the userbase, and that this site should be moderated according to their will. In order to stop another staff chimp out you need to engage in a different set of policies or else this shit will happen again every now and then.

1.- Purge them every four-six months. Under no circumstances should the staff stay in power for over four-six months. This just causes them to power trip eternally. Create a better set of rules and make the staff police the site according to those policies, not according to personal interpretation.

2. They should be held accountable by the userbase, every ban should display who gave the user a ban and people should be allowed to discuss bans. That way people will be able to notice if a staff member is power tripping and can demand action against this person.

3.- The reason for a ban shouldn't be up to personal interpretation, the staff member should point out which rule the poster broke and it should be displayed in the ban notice.

4.- Do away with shitposts. At this point in time it is well known that certain shitposts are common occurance, create a general for those topics in /b/ and any post about these topics should be deleted and the poster should be directed there, some examples of these cyclical generals could be:
- The police question
- The nation/ethnicity question
- The religious question
- The race/IQ question
- Anything related to sexuality and gender

The OP of these generals should have a document that states the position of the site on these topics, as well as positions that are bannable offenses. For example, arguing that a certain race has a lower IQ is reactionary and this a bannable offense, and this would be stated in the document.

The community can redact different set of rules and then the community can decide which of then are ought to be inplemented
R: 3 / I: 2
Where tf the copypasta thread
Not for serious shit but for jokes/memes plus effortposts
I lost my files of effortpost screenshots and need them back
R: 70 / I: 30


the postertariat has had enough of this! the janitourgeoisie infighting and couping each other, the site turning to absolute shit! we cant take it anymore and we will not take it anymore!

this thread will be one where the posters will initiate their demands directly to the current ruling junta and finally unionize to protect the place they know and love!

R: 2 / I: 0
>ban someone for "no"
>doesnt link banned post
>doesnt allow you to appeal ban because you're banned
lovely transparency you guys got going
R: 19 / I: 1

Crack down on vaccine disinformation, this is not a right wing site

Why is there lots of coronavirus disinfo in /leftypol/? And why aren't jannies so quick on preventing the spread of these kinds of falsehoods?
R: 30 / I: 2

On the Leftcom Mexican

Who have we encountered several moments ago? Someone with a left communist flag just appeared in the "Macron lost control of the state", sperging out anti-vaccine theories, claiming that it's too bourgeois. Is he a /pol/ poster? Is he a visitor, Or is he a /pol/ RECRUIT seeking approval from communists so that the far-left becomes far right with leftist characteristics?

Victims pls discuss here.

Pic: There are no bigger resolutions of the leftcom flag, I'll just use one that looks similar.
R: 15 / I: 1
Is it really just the same few retards who keep spamming their rightiod opinions in multiple posts to make it look like there are more of them than there actually is?
R: 11 / I: 2
It's yet another time when the /pol/yps raid again. It's always in spurts of activity too so I doubt it's native users
Where the fuck do these people come from?
R: 2 / I: 0

Speaking To Reactionaries With Reactionary Language

So, it looks like i'm somehow banned for calling an kurdish( or maybe greek /Pol/yp) ultranationalist "goat-fucker" but why?
Why can't we attack reactionaries with their own language? Fascism is not only a first-world thing, there is a amount of fascism at third-world. We attack white/burger fascists in a fascistic way, so why can't we attack others same way?
Like if a hindutvafag comes, can't we attack hım like "streetshitter" or "show bobs and vagena" ?
R: 16 / I: 2
You are failures of an administration team
You allow the same old liberal bait and copypasta to stay up time and time again until it gets 200+ replies
You allow unfettered /pol/ argumentum ad nauseum to run rampant on your website
You do not moderate your website beyond the bare minimum of removing spam
The pic related is you
You are weak and I hate you
R: 7 / I: 0


On a daily basis we get threads regarding this topic which devolve into endless autistic screeching, moralizing, thinly veiled or mask off reactionary judgements, essentialism, bastardization of materialism, conflation of gender and sex, liberal crybullying, woke scolding, false flagging, without the conversation ever moving anywhere and overall it's just very tiresome to deal with to the point that it would be necessary to do something about this before it completely undermines the already lack luster quality of the site.

If nothing is done, we might as well all just stop posting here and leave the Culture Warriors to do their thing until they cause yet another split.egoismEgoism
R: 3 / I: 1
Care to explain why you're hypermanaging this thread but not locking it? This isn't a flat question, it's a formal complaint that I want a reply from a moderator that wasn't involved in, regards to the constitution. It's apparently very important and I want to hear
A) The moderator from the thread's opinions
B) A second moderator who will observe the complaint's opinions
R: 6 / I: 1
Why the fuck was this thread erased?

Whose feelings did I hurt this time?
R: 2 / I: 0
How do we know that /leftypol/ is not a CIA honeypot? Remember that they tried to create a fake social media website for cubans to incte subversion against the revolutionary government.

Also if something "suspicious" (not necessarily illegal, just "sus" in CIA terms) happens the admin is supposed to give them the logs right? Since the servers are located in the US.

I'm not trying to bash this good website, I just want to know what others think about this.
R: 1 / I: 0

Tighten moderation standards.

This site is being flooded with low quality rightoid bait, then the mods ban any /pol/ack shitposts. The quality of this site has taken an alarming dive.
R: 1 / I: 0
No fun allowed mod abusing his power again
R: 12 / I: 2

What have we just saw recently?

Like seriously what happened several minutes ago? How can some people post gory images such as the one with the islamic terrorist tagline (where Samuel Paty's beheaded head can be seen). And also why is one post praising Kyle Rittenhouse? Like are those posts from /pol/ or is that a collection of /pol/ false flags disguised as antifa discussions?! Or is it just a spammer, posting useless things with a bot?

Are we attacked just now?
R: 1 / I: 1

rightoid crossposting

Ive noticed a huge amount of right wing crossposting uptick in the months since the bunkerchan merge. You have tons of conservatives and polyps posting unironically, esp. on /b/

Does anyone else notice this and what is anyone doing about this?
R: 39 / I: 3
Mods should help /edu/ more. Move any thread that can be moved there. Like straight up take that shit on /edu/
It"s the only way of making it relevant.
R: 76 / I: 13

we are literally not being represented

Our janitorial team is 60-80% "anglo" (Canadian, UK, USA, AUS, etc.), while our posters are like 60% non-anglo.

How come?

Makes me THUNK really hard.
R: 7 / I: 2

Jannitorial background vs. poster backgroung

Just a single question, comrades:
>What is the % of our moderation team in terms of nationality
<vs. poster (IP-based) nationality?

It strikes me (hard) that like 80% of our "vol" team is anglo, while our posteriat is like at the very least 50% NOT anglo.

Interesting, innit???????
R: 5 / I: 0
Are the mods going to do something about the unironic nazi spam or is this another shitty altchan to be abandoned immediately?
R: 4 / I: 0
Should we just start banning pol and ancaps on sight now?
R: 0 / I: 0
who the fuck keeps banning me for being a doomer
R: 5 / I: 0
The recent filtering of the word "chu.d" into "FAGGOT" is unnecessarily bigoted and racist towards Baltic and Finnic peoples.

Please take it back and thank you.
R: 2 / I: 0

Public API

Please create a public API so that people can write/use their own non browser clients for leftypol. thanks
R: 8 / I: 1
Clean up /anime/ please………….
R: 2 / I: 0


Please bring back vaush -> Agent Kochinski wordfilter
R: 10 / I: 1

6 six fucking threads by the same stormfag

Mods please do your job the guy that posted the china christian, nordic, african century, thai rape incident, and e thot threads are from the same fucking asshole. Fucking permaban that bitch
R: 2 / I: 0
Any plans to add image hash filters?
R: 1 / I: 0
>delete thread making fun of >>>/b/96443
>keep the original up
Jannies are retarded and probably have aspergers too lol
R: 2 / I: 0


Filter Breadtube to Fedtube and Vaush to Agent Kochinski again
R: 17 / I: 2
Make it real.
R: 9 / I: 2

Rightoid slide threads

I notice we've been having a bunch of rightoid slide/bait threads lately. To all the newfag rightoids, welcome. Now shut the fuck up. Don't start a thread with "debate me" and then act surprised when people lazily mock you, because we've debated every single topic on the sun with you already. All your ideas are wrong. All your objections have been answered a thousand fold. You are fucking pondscum who shouldn't be allowed to speak until you read some theory instead of making the most lazy baits possible with muh jews/muh capitalist GDP. In technology there is a saying "read the fucking manual" and the same applies to politics. Read the fucking theory >>285223 and then come back with some more intelligent baits. And if you can't do that then lurk instead of shitting up the catalog with your lazy ass basic bitch prageru/TPUSA sub midwit tier objections to socialism.

Thanks in advance for not being timewasters,

Rigger Dan (namefag who's still less of an asshole than you)
R: 13 / I: 2
Can you add an /int/ board?
I would love if /leftypol/ hosted an international board that wasn't infested with alt-right weirdos, one that really focused on fostering international cooperation and learning/sharing each others cultures.spurdoSpurdo
R: 5 / I: 0
>Overboard doesn't let me scroll endlessly anymore
R: 48 / I: 10

Thoughts and questions on the state of the Board.

Perhaps this belongs in /meta/, but I decided to post this on the main board since very few people even browse there and this concerns everyone.

I've been on /leftypol/ since 2017, and lately I've been feeling pretty depressed about the state of the board. Maybe I was looking at things through rose coloured glasses, but before the latest split I felt like we were just starting to recover from the 8chan days, and building a new chan identity and userbase. The board activity and notoriety grew steadily for the whole of 2020, and sustained itself for the most part even after the Burger election.

Sure, there were constant /pol/ raids and that weird attack by the Thai royalists, but that drama also bred interest. le /pol/face mem, or at least the iteration that triggered halfchan to conduct those giga raids, came from us. I remember talking to several newfags from leftist discords and subs that came to us in those days.

The board was also much, much faster. I still don't have a very clear idea of what caused the latest split, since I was away for few months, but I do know that board activity right now is back to the darkest early days of bunkerchan. And still there are people calling for bunkerfags banned from the site.

>but muh board quality

Picrel is a thread from late-era bunkerchan. While the board quality does suffer proportionally as newfags flood the site, we also get good new posters, and oldfags are encouraged to effortpost when there actually is an audience for quality posting. There are very few regular effortposters left, practically no quality shitposters (who are very important for the site, again picrel) and no threads where different quality posters coalesce to create long chains of effort posts I can enjoy while taking a shit at work.

>It's just a chan, get a life

I mostly do other things than lurk /leftypol/. I've got a job, a GF, real passions and budding interest in organizing. But /leftypol/ at it's best has been the absolute best leftist online forum, at times even news source. Everything else out there is pure shit. Even the so called "magazines" are shit. /leftypol/ has occupied an important space in the online Left IMO. I come across memes that originate here in far off and surprising places. This board has always been place that punches above its weight in terms of influence, and has been pretty close to being relevant as a place of young Leftist discource in it's own right. Thus I think the health and growth of the board are valid concerns. Which brings me to some questions I want to put both to the jannies, while I also invite the general userbase to weigh in.

Is there any plan on growing the board, ie. managing the board in such a way that invites growth in userbase and activity?

In the case the board does manage to grow and regain a larger userbase, are there any contingency plans to avoid further splitting? Or are we doomed forever to split over autistic reasons eacht time we stand at the cusp of relevancy?
R: 9 / I: 1

The split never ended, also my theory on Infrared drama

It seems like the original dollar's server for bunkerchan.net is still up. You can access it via this IP, if there's a new domain name then I can't find it.
Their board seems dead ever since the bunkerchan.net domain redirected to the leftypol.org server. Everyone who posted there didn't seem to care much about the split, they just kept posting there out of habit, and just needed a helping hand in order to migrate.
With that in mind, there were still some seething losers active there, who were foaming at the mouth at us winning the split and posting about how much they hate and despise leftypol.org. In the end they all seem to have moved to leftycel according to replies to any post which asks why the board is dead.
I'm honestly not surprised. Now, there are actual CP-apologia threads on that site from some anarchist incels. The thread has been up for months and their BO actively endorses it. This leads me to believe that it was one of them who posted CP to the Infrared subreddit and then began to false flag on leftypol.org as a form of infantile revenge. Thoughts?
R: 5 / I: 0
I dont want to connect to a fucking cl*arnet ponnyfag site just for chatting with my international comrades. Do they pay you jannies or something?

Also if you do adding a usermap like Kholchan has (approximate location of course) would be kino
R: 1 / I: 0

IP counts

Are we sure the IP counts on the front page are accurately counting the TOTAL number of unique IPs? It seems suspicious that 380~ ips would be only leftypol but double that for the whole site.
R: 11 / I: 3
So just to be clear, the jannies deleted a thread simply asking Marxists how they know they aren’t wrong and what would they do were they wrong solely because the denizens of leftypol genuinely can’t answer those questions? And the only person who can is Eugene because he’s at least thought to questions these things?

How disappointing
R: 3 / I: 1
So, we've managed to sustain over 3k for a week now.
Fuck, bros, nothing is in our way. Could the future really be ours? Could we see growth beyond 8ch levels now that nothing is stopping us? Is the future actually looking up for leftypol?
R: 4 / I: 0

New board idea.

Can we have a serious board? Maybe call it praxis or something. The focus would be only on serious strategies for advancing leftist/socialist/communist agenda. No shitposting. No insulting other posters. Just acting like adults and trying to be productive about this. Basically anti-imageboard "culture."
R: 2 / I: 1

A thank you to the mods

There was a lot of garbage posted recently. A lot of left and right idpol to be sure, but also a lot of needless sectarian bait, rambling nonsense and irrelevant opinion threads.

I feel like we have some trolls…

But anyhow thank you for locking and sageing the stuff. I hope the todo list is advancing.
R: 2 / I: 0

New thread proposal

Could we convert the /leftypol/ thread into a general news thread and put every other conversation into /b/?

There isn't anything characteristic that would separate /leftypol/ from /b/ other than levels of retardation imo.

picrel unrelated
R: 2 / I: 0

Where da profit at?

/biz/ board when?chinaChina
R: 0 / I: 0

Falseflagging /pol/ack

OP of this thread is constantly posting with a marx flag, but has always been rather supportive of reactionary talking points. Now he makes a thread about Mosley. This uygha needs to be banned
R: 7 / I: 1

a /USA/ board and possibly a /中国/ board?

The responses I received from a quick informal poll >>>/leftypol/335579 leads me to believe that a /USA/ board and possibly a /中国/ board would likely be high traffic enough to justify board creation may be productive endeavour

R: 1 / I: 0

Do you have to click on threads to report them?

I don't wanna click on some disgusting dog fucking thread. How the fuck do I report it without entering it?
R: 5 / I: 0

Operation Jupiter: Or why we should make a leftypol.com as a shield against raids

Remember our times at 8chan about 3 years ago?
Holy fuck it feels like yesterday bros
Well, on those days we had what was called 8ch.pl . Well, not really tbh, dunno who had that website. The thing is that, when you searched for /leftypol/ on google (as many /pol/tards would) they would end up in 8ch.pl/leftypol instead of 8ch.org/leftypol and thus, their raid would fall on a literal desert, instead of our board.
Thus, I shall propose to all of you Operation Jupiter, as a tradition of socialists, we name our operations with the name of planets, and this makes sense since Jupiter protects the earth from asteroids.
In the .com version of leftypol, we should still have some moderation so they don't post cp or some shit, and that's about it. Maybe mirror the threads made on actual leftypol but the posts made on the .com version aren't seen so they fall flat on their message and so on. Also, their threads would be put into the .com version, instead of into the .org version, of course.
Hell, make it obligatory for them to do a "user" to give us their email so it makes it even fucking funnier seeing them give their emails to us, making them sign some contract so they can't protest against us for giving us their email and possibly passwords cause they're jackasses. But this maybe is out of the focus of what Operation Jupiter really is about.
R: 0 / I: 0

Increased Bogdown Threads?

While the radlib idpol seems to have decreased of late, there seem to be an increased level of "rightoids are so dumb", "zomg rightoid beliefs" , etc. threads.

This is on top of the increase in them "Hi I'm a libetardian/poltard/etc.. please respond" threads.

I really think this is sucking up valuable time and energy that is better spent on almost anything else. Is there some way to put into force more strict containment threads?
R: 4 / I: 0

[code] tags

Can you add [code] tags markup?
Simply change/add: $config['markup_code'] = ("/\[code\](.*?)\[\/code\]/is");
to the config.
R: 5 / I: 1
Why are you deleting my thread about relocating homeless people, and banning me for "idpol". Is being homeless an identity now, or are you just using "idpol" as a generic ban message for anything that gets your panties in a twist janny? Write a reply if you have a problem with me instead of lashing out autistically.
R: 11 / I: 1

Filter "IQ" to "autism score"

we've been having way more threads about IQ lately than necessary
R: 3 / I: 0


Anyone else having slow load times for pages? I've been having them for the past few days
R: 44 / I: 8
>a picture of a namefag showing his butthole is a banner
This is a new low, even for youleft_communismLeft Communism
R: 14 / I: 3
you ever gonna ban avatarfags or are you scared of having your pph go down a bit?
R: 7 / I: 0

An idea to avoid spam and slide threads

New threads on /leftypol/ are posted on intervals of 45 minutes, after a posts get submitted it stays on a limbo before an admin gives it a green light.

If it gets a red light it is sent to /b/, unless it is an absolute dogshit of a post, then it is erasedleft_communismLeft Communism
R: 18 / I: 3
What is this American calendar bullshit? Use Year-Month-Day like god intended.
R: 22 / I: 3
*ruins your thread*
Seriously, when are the jannies going to ban this contrarian retard? He's currently derailed two threads by arguing (1) climate change isn't a real threat and (2) we should support American imperialism against Venezuela.tankieTankie
R: 3 / I: 0
disable secure tripcodes, tripcodes are meant to be disposable
R: 11 / I: 2

Idpol ban?

So, apparently I got banned, because I stated my opinion on the gender question. But why did I got banned, but not the person to whom I was responding >>314263 to? He started talking about Idpol and he started derailing the thread. Then why did I got banned? I didn't said that I hate trans people or what ever. I'm just not a fan of genderism. Is this really a reason to ban and to suffocate discussion?
R: 8 / I: 0


Holy shit just remove those sticky threads from /leftypol/. Who the fuck wants to frequent a board that greets you with RULES AND BUREAUCRACY, followed by THE CORRECT WAY TO SELF-INDOCTRINATE.

If someone violates the rules, you ban them and link them to the rules page.
If someone wants to seek knowledge about marxism, they'll make a thread, five people will answer with differing opinions and then derail the rest of the thread about how their opinion is the right one and everyone else is a retard. That's the FUN part and the whole point. Imageboards are supposed to be fun places for retards. Not some sunday assembly forums for lobotomized bureaucrats.

NEVER have a permanent sticky. Avoid sticky threads. If you really need to inform people about something, have your sticky for a day or a week and remove it. But in normal situations let the people decide what's on the front page.

Then again I bet you'll just ban me for not giving feedback the right way because I'm a normal human being and didn't bother to read any of those FIVE STICKY THREADS you have on /meta/. Jesus Christ they say left can't meme but you sad fucks can't even run an imageboard without turning it into an institution of no-fun-allowed.spurdoSpurdo
R: 3 / I: 1
Why are you cunts always on the feds side? You're a fucking joke. I can't imagine a bigger group of snitches and rats than the team you've assembled. Why are you all so keen to grass on everyone? I would rather die than be a snitching little fucker like you are.
Why are you guys so fixated on handing over information to the fucking government? Like I would just bury it, but you guys are properly insane, demented little cunts. Fuck you for selling out hundreds/thousands of communists, fuck you.
R: 1 / I: 0
Make it so that you see which post got you banned.
R: 7 / I: 0

/leftypol/ and imageboard function

Why is /leftypol/ so censored?

The entire purpose of the “imageboard” website format is to encourage a wide variety of ideas and information by using front-end anonymity and less moderation to spur people to post new ideas. The ability to remain anonymous (on the front end allows people to post different ideas and stops critics from browsing through one’s "post history”. The low-moderation encourages new ideas that would be “revolutionary” or “unsettling”.

This forum (/leftypol/) is heavily moderated which prevents free discussion of ideas. The reason why /pol/ is "avant garde” and “revolutionary” is because it doesn’t censor controversial ideas.

It seems to me that /leftypol/ merely adopts the “aesthetic” of an imageboard instead of its actual purpose.egoismEgoism
R: 4 / I: 1

I got banned, but the islamic fundamentalist is allowed to post?

Why did you ban me, while this obvious islamic fundamentalist >>304943 is still allowed to post?
R: 2 / I: 0
>What is compelling you to say this?
I already said, because Iskam is an invasive culture around the world.
>>296545 (You)
To recount what Pakistani femanon said as best I can:
Islamic raiders invaded in the middle of a war between Pakistani forces and used the opportunity to conquer and disseminate Islam. Anywhere else in the world this invader would be viewed as some kind of arch-enemy and enemy of the local people, but because of Islam this invader is considered a hero and statues are erected to him across Pakistan. Muslims invaded and displaced all of Pakistani local culture and replaced it with their Arab culture and Pakistani Muslims all worship Arabs now. She wanted to go back to Pakistani culture and repel the Muslim invasion/erasure of her culture.

And there were dumb white westernoids calling her a sellout back then too.

Lmao getting btfo was the final straw huh whiteoids?
R: 11 / I: 0

There's a lot of dead related topics

How about re adding dead back to the board ui?
R: 6 / I: 1

Counters were a mistake

PPH counters, ip counters, ip counters with in threads: These were and are still a mistake of modern imageboards.
The ability to know how many participants (other than being against the spirit of anonymity) turns posters into rabid skitzos about how fast the board is, or, how many people are visiting the board, or, how many eyes are on us, etc etc. It used to not be like this and, mind you, this is not a jab at leftypol. Modern Imageboard software is guilty of this over all, but, the issue is it incentivizes more "posting for the sake of posting" rather than for A: Posting quality and B: posting because you truly want to/have something to say even if it is just a shit post or a green text story.

It makes anons neurotic about the state of the website, which, in the long run, actually hurts more than it helps.

Counters were a mistake.
R: 1 / I: 0

Archived Threads from the Bunker

These are notable archived threads which were saved on the bunkerchan website itself complete with working files but were unfortunately not transferred over to leftypol.org by the mods.
Bunkerchan is now only available over TOR and will probably go down even from there within this year. Save any files and make any screencaps you need from these threads while you still can. Archive links are also provided in cases where they are available but these only saved the thumbnails.

All links collected from:
Originally bunkerchan.net/archives.js before the redirection

Id: leftypol/8537
Name: For New Anons and Lurkers: FAQ, rules, and reading list
Date: 08/05/2019
Link: http://3uruyn3iu4vqpbo2mx2s2qatourvgtzpadzlvdxo5trxe6zldp5tjcyd.onion/leftypol/res/8537.html
Archive: https://archive.fo/mlrGj

Id: leftypol/8622
Name: OC Thread 4.0
Date: 08/05/2019
Link: http://3uruyn3iu4vqpbo2mx2s2qatourvgtzpadzlvdxo5trxe6zldp5tjcyd.onion/leftypol/res/8622.html
Archive: https://archive.fo/GmRmj

Id: leftypol/19862
Name: /ita/ - Spaghetti Communism
Date: 08/09/2019
Link: http://3uruyn3iu4vqpbo2mx2s2qatourvgtzpadzlvdxo5trxe6zldp5tjcyd.onion/leftypol/res/19862.html
Archive: https://archive.fo/rkrTZ

Id: gulag/1928
Name: Official Thread For Discussion Of Moderator Votes
Date: 08/26/2019
Link: http://3uruyn3iu4vqpbo2mx2s2qatourvgtzpadzlvdxo5trxe6zldp5tjcyd.onion/gulag/res/1928.html

Id: gulag/2437
Name: Changes to the board and ideas moving forward;
Date: 10/29/2019
Link: http://3uruyn3iu4vqpbo2mx2s2qatourvgtzpadzlvdxo5trxe6zldp5tjcyd.onion/gulag/res/2437.html

Id: gulag/3941
Name: Roadmap
Date: 01/16/2020
Link: http://3uruyn3iu4vqpbo2mx2s2qatourvgtzpadzlvdxo5trxe6zldp5tjcyd.onion/gulag/res/3941.html

Id: leftypol/225088
Name: Russia in the 90's
Date: 01/22/2020
Link: http://3uruyn3iu4vqpbo2mx2s2qatourvgtzpadzlvdxo5trxe6zldp5tjcyd.onion/leftypol/res/225088.html
Archive: https://archive.fo/W01pn

Id: leftypol/290791
Name: /Nord/ - Nordic General
Date: 02/21/2020
Link: http://3uruyn3iu4vqpbo2mx2s2qatourvgtzpadzlvdxo5trxe6zldp5tjcyd.onion/leftypol/res/290791.html
Archive: https://archive.fo/ZKC23

Id: leftypol/326378
Name: Alunya and the Political Ideology Catgirls
Date: 03/05/2020
Link: http://3uruyn3iu4vqpbo2mx2s2qatourvgtzpadzlvdxo5trxe6zldp5tjcyd.onion/leftypol/res/326378.html
Archive: https://archive.fo/GJGGI

Id: leftypol/419177
Name: OC Thread 5.0
Date: 04/05/2020
Link: http://3uruyn3iu4vqpbo2mx2s2qatourvgtzpadzlvdxo5trxe6zldp5tjcyd.onion/leftypol/res/419177.html
Archive: https://archive.fo/vAxGi

Id: edu/400
Name: What is consciousness?
Date: 04/06/2020
Link: http://3uruyn3iu4vqpbo2mx2s2qatourvgtzpadzlvdxo5trxe6zldp5tjcyd.onion/edu/res/400.html

Id: leftypol/474510
Name: Starting a new /cybersocialism/ general since the old one is dead MANDATORY READING http://ricardo.ecn.wfu.edu/~cottrell/socialism_book/ For a complete reading list, see: https://web.archive.org/web/20190806121249/http://reality.gn.apc.org/Reading
Date: 04/30/2020
Link: http://3uruyn3iu4vqpbo2mx2s2qatourvgtzpadzlvdxo5trxe6zldp5tjcyd.onion/leftypol/res/474510.html
Archive: https://archive.fo/PnDAj

Id: leftypol/483387
Name: /Lat!/
Date: 05/04/2020
Link: http://3uruyn3iu4vqpbo2mx2s2qatourvgtzpadzlvdxo5trxe6zldp5tjcyd.onion/leftypol/res/483387.html
Archive: https://archive.fo/CGpDq

Id: leftypol/489257
Name: advice dealing with fashy /pol/yp website
Date: 05/07/2020
Link: http://3uruyn3iu4vqpbo2mx2s2qatourvgtzpadzlvdxo5trxe6zldp5tjcyd.onion/leftypol/res/489257.html

Id: leftypol/548092
Date: 05/30/2020
Link: http://3uruyn3iu4vqpbo2mx2s2qatourvgtzpadzlvdxo5trxe6zldp5tjcyd.onion/leftypol/res/548092.html
Archive: https://archive.fo/iL6M0

Id: leftypol/618486
Name: /webm/
Date: 06/17/2020
Link: http://3uruyn3iu4vqpbo2mx2s2qatourvgtzpadzlvdxo5trxe6zldp5tjcyd.onion/leftypol/res/618486.html
Archive: https://archive.fo/6EL3o

Id: leftypol/638070
Name: Let's talk about the Labor Theory of Value. Is the LTV still valid in today's modern society? If it's wrong, does Marxism fall apart? What are some leftist alternatives to the LTV?
Date: 06/24/2020
Link: http://3uruyn3iu4vqpbo2mx2s2qatourvgtzpadzlvdxo5trxe6zldp5tjcyd.onion/leftypol/res/638070.html
Archive: https://archive.fo/Jbueq

Id: leftypol/661184
Name: #BREAKING: Jeffrey Epstein confidante, British socialite and heiress Ghislaine Maxwell, has been arrested by the FBI https://www.nbcnewyork.com/news/local/crime-and-courts/ghislaine-maxwell-arrested-jeffrey-epstein-aide/2495762
Date: 07/02/2020
Link: http://3uruyn3iu4vqpbo2mx2s2qatourvgtzpadzlvdxo5trxe6zldp5tjcyd.onion/leftypol/res/661184.html
Archive: https://archive.fo/RpFal

Id: leftypol/668321
Date: 07/05/2020
Link: http://3uruyn3iu4vqpbo2mx2s2qatourvgtzpadzlvdxo5trxe6zldp5tjcyd.onion/leftypol/res/668321.html
Archive: https://archive.fo/9kH9u

Id: leftypol/684289
Name: Hinterlands : America's New Landscape on Class and Conflict
Date: 07/12/2020
Link: http://3uruyn3iu4vqpbo2mx2s2qatourvgtzpadzlvdxo5trxe6zldp5tjcyd.onion/leftypol/res/684289.html
Archive: https://archive.fo/qiFqV

Id: leftypol/702127
Name: Esoteric Hitlerism General: Satanic Nazis
Date: 07/19/2020
Link: http://3uruyn3iu4vqpbo2mx2s2qatourvgtzpadzlvdxo5trxe6zldp5tjcyd.onion/leftypol/res/702127.html
Archive: https://archive.fo/GAo1x

Id: leftypol/705255
Name: /SEA/ - Southeast Asia General
Date: 07/20/2020
Link: http://3uruyn3iu4vqpbo2mx2s2qatourvgtzpadzlvdxo5trxe6zldp5tjcyd.onion/leftypol/res/705255.html
Archive: https://archive.fo/HGkOx

Id: leftypol/719970
Date: 07/26/2020
Link: http://3uruyn3iu4vqpbo2mx2s2qatourvgtzpadzlvdxo5trxe6zldp5tjcyd.onion/leftypol/res/719970.html

Id: leftypol/765417
Name: /QTDDTOT/ - Questions that don't deserve their own thread
Date: 08/11/2020
Link: http://3uruyn3iu4vqpbo2mx2s2qatourvgtzpadzlvdxo5trxe6zldp5tjcyd.onion/leftypol/res/765417.html
Archive: https://archive.fo/6dcFr

Id: leftypol/829118
Name: /QTDDTOT/ - Questions that don't deserve their own thread
Date: 09/01/2020
Link: http://3uruyn3iu4vqpbo2mx2s2qatourvgtzpadzlvdxo5trxe6zldp5tjcyd.onion/leftypol/res/829118.html
Archive: https://archive.fo/fXIB9

Id: leftypol/898189
Name: News 9/24/20
Date: 09/24/2020
Link: http://3uruyn3iu4vqpbo2mx2s2qatourvgtzpadzlvdxo5trxe6zldp5tjcyd.onion/leftypol/res/898189.html
Archive: https://archive.fo/sGYDH

Id: leftypol/901042
Name: News 9/25/20
Date: 09/25/2020
Link: http://3uruyn3iu4vqpbo2mx2s2qatourvgtzpadzlvdxo5trxe6zldp5tjcyd.onion/leftypol/res/901042.html
Archive: https://archive.fo/jZRiV

Id: leftypol/906273
Name: /QTDDTOT/ - Questions that don't deserve their own thread
Date: 09/27/2020
Link: http://3uruyn3iu4vqpbo2mx2s2qatourvgtzpadzlvdxo5trxe6zldp5tjcyd.onion/leftypol/res/906273.html
Archive: https://archive.fo/6UzmR

Id: leftypol/914728
Name: Is /leftypol/ actually responsible for this image being spammed on 4chan the past few days?
Date: 09/29/2020
Link: http://3uruyn3iu4vqpbo2mx2s2qatourvgtzpadzlvdxo5trxe6zldp5tjcyd.onion/leftypol/res/914728.html
Archive: https://archive.fo/WAj2B

Id: leftypol/926197
Name: /LPFG/ - le /pol/ face general
Date: 10/01/2020
Link: http://3uruyn3iu4vqpbo2mx2s2qatourvgtzpadzlvdxo5trxe6zldp5tjcyd.onion/leftypol/res/926197.html
Archive: https://archive.fo/A9QAq

Id: leftypol/927976
Name: /LPFG/ - le /pol/ face general 2 ELECTRIC BOOGALO.
Date: 10/01/2020
Link: http://3uruyn3iu4vqpbo2mx2s2qatourvgtzpadzlvdxo5trxe6zldp5tjcyd.onion/leftypol/res/927976.html
Archive: https://archive.fo/z0pLy

Id: leftypol/930222
Name: /LPFG/ - le /pol/ face general 3 The /pol/jak gives and never stops giving.
Date: 10/02/2020
Link: http://3uruyn3iu4vqpbo2mx2s2qatourvgtzpadzlvdxo5trxe6zldp5tjcyd.onion/leftypol/res/930222.html
Archive: https://archive.fo/nq0aG

Id: leftypol/956315
Name: OC Thread 7.0
Date: 10/05/2020
Link: http://3uruyn3iu4vqpbo2mx2s2qatourvgtzpadzlvdxo5trxe6zldp5tjcyd.onion/leftypol/res/956315.html
Archive: https://archive.fo/XvhEz

Id: leftypol/983378
Name: /QTDDTOT/ – Questions That Don't Deserve Their Own Thread
Date: 10/11/2020
Link: http://3uruyn3iu4vqpbo2mx2s2qatourvgtzpadzlvdxo5trxe6zldp5tjcyd.onion/leftypol/res/983378.html
Archive: https://archive.fo/N2MBI

Id: leftypol/984007
Name: Need help optimising Twitter
Date: 10/11/2020
Link: http://3uruyn3iu4vqpbo2mx2s2qatourvgtzpadzlvdxo5trxe6zldp5tjcyd.onion/leftypol/res/984007.html

Id: leftypol/997358
Name: 🖥️/cybersoc/📊
Date: 10/14/2020
Link: http://3uruyn3iu4vqpbo2mx2s2qatourvgtzpadzlvdxo5trxe6zldp5tjcyd.onion/leftypol/res/997358.html
Archive: https://archive.fo/uNCEY

Id: leftypol/1013081
Name: Alunya appreciation thread, post your favourite Alunyas~
Date: 10/19/2020
Link: http://3uruyn3iu4vqpbo2mx2s2qatourvgtzpadzlvdxo5trxe6zldp5tjcyd.onion/leftypol/res/1013081.html
Archive: https://archive.fo/m8xY4

Id: leftypol/1041002
Name: /WEBM/
Date: 10/27/2020
Link: http://3uruyn3iu4vqpbo2mx2s2qatourvgtzpadzlvdxo5trxe6zldp5tjcyd.onion/leftypol/res/1041002.html

Id: b/5711
Name: Flags
Date: 10/29/2020
Link: http://3uruyn3iu4vqpbo2mx2s2qatourvgtzpadzlvdxo5trxe6zldp5tjcyd.onion/b/res/5711.html

Id: leftypol/1078536
Date: 11/04/2020
Link: http://3uruyn3iu4vqpbo2mx2s2qatourvgtzpadzlvdxo5trxe6zldp5tjcyd.onion/leftypol/res/1078536.html
Archive: https://archive.fo/SC7Nv

Id: leftypol/1089289
Name: Who wants to make penguin communism and become the founding fathers of Leftypoland/Bunkerchania?
Date: 11/05/2020
Link: http://3uruyn3iu4vqpbo2mx2s2qatourvgtzpadzlvdxo5trxe6zldp5tjcyd.onion/leftypol/res/1089289.html
Archive: https://archive.fo/5rvd6

Id: leftypol/1125287
Name: Rafiq
Date: 11/08/2020
Link: http://3uruyn3iu4vqpbo2mx2s2qatourvgtzpadzlvdxo5trxe6zldp5tjcyd.onion/leftypol/res/1125287.html
Archive: https://archive.fo/HqXWm

Id: leftypol/1118132
Name: Why has identity overtaken class in the West? No one views themselves as part of a Marxist class but everyone has their own "identity" which kind of acts like in a class, in that people associate with it and even organize around it.
Date: 11/10/2020
Link: http://3uruyn3iu4vqpbo2mx2s2qatourvgtzpadzlvdxo5trxe6zldp5tjcyd.onion/leftypol/res/1118132.html
Archive: https://archive.fo/Ioopg

Id: b/12358
Name: banner thread 2.0
Date: 11/17/2020
Link: http://3uruyn3iu4vqpbo2mx2s2qatourvgtzpadzlvdxo5trxe6zldp5tjcyd.onion/b/res/12358.html

Id: leftypol/1161493
Name: is it true that the major economic core of china is state-run and is not dependent on profit? if yes then does this make it 100% proof from the rate of profit hitting zero, or is this just a way to weather minor recessions and delay the inevitable collapse
Date: 11/23/2020
Link: http://3uruyn3iu4vqpbo2mx2s2qatourvgtzpadzlvdxo5trxe6zldp5tjcyd.onion/leftypol/res/1161493.html
Archive: https://archive.fo/9HSe5

Id: leftypol/1171034
Name: Accidentally elected leader of a 200+ org with no organising experience. What do?
Date: 11/26/2020
Link: http://3uruyn3iu4vqpbo2mx2s2qatourvgtzpadzlvdxo5trxe6zldp5tjcyd.onion/leftypol/res/1171034.html

Id: leftypol/1202251
Name: Anarchist Problem-Solving: Sewage Edition
Date: 12/06/2020
Link: http://3uruyn3iu4vqpbo2mx2s2qatourvgtzpadzlvdxo5trxe6zldp5tjcyd.onion/leftypol/res/1202251.html

Id: leftypol/1210943
Name: ZOAR: A hideously ugly CGI Alt-Right acid trip
Date: 12/10/2020
Link: http://3uruyn3iu4vqpbo2mx2s2qatourvgtzpadzlvdxo5trxe6zldp5tjcyd.onion/leftypol/res/1210943.html
Archive: https://archive.fo/dC5g0

Id: leftypol/1228540
Name: The western left is useless. Stop being useless, Deliver The Goods.
Date: 12/16/2020
Link: http://3uruyn3iu4vqpbo2mx2s2qatourvgtzpadzlvdxo5trxe6zldp5tjcyd.onion/leftypol/res/1228540.html
Archive: https://archive.fo/OItrm

Id: leftypol/1236158
Name: A message on ongoing events from the moderation team
Date: 12/19/2020
Link: http://3uruyn3iu4vqpbo2mx2s2qatourvgtzpadzlvdxo5trxe6zldp5tjcyd.onion/leftypol/res/1236158.html
Archive: https://archive.fo/ym0JN

Id: leftypol/1248304
Name: PSL and the problem of cultishness in the Burger revolutionary Left
Date: 12/23/2020
Link: http://3uruyn3iu4vqpbo2mx2s2qatourvgtzpadzlvdxo5trxe6zldp5tjcyd.onion/leftypol/res/1248304.html
Archive: https://archive.fo/25lTL

Id: leftypol/1300123
Name: i want to read a marxist critique on egoism but not 400 pages of marx dunking on stirner on the german ideology… give me a quick rundown
Date: 01/21/2021
Link: http://3uruyn3iu4vqpbo2mx2s2qatourvgtzpadzlvdxo5trxe6zldp5tjcyd.onion/leftypol/res/1300123.html
R: 2 / I: 1
>Be mods
>Second that bunkerchan goes down get world wide notoriety
>immediately clamp down on posting
>immediately clamp down on fun
>site is now declining

<Do nothing but be in denial

This is the collapse of the USSR for the internet, good job mods.
R: 2 / I: 0


Where can I access /leftypol/'s archive? there are some old threads I want to read
R: 3 / I: 0

Images and Destruction

I have two questions for the owners and devs of the site

1) Does people posting many images cost the website a lot of money? Like I post a lot of images and I worry that I'm ruining the HDD the site is operating on because of that?

2) When I use a picture on one thread and then use the same picture on another thread, Is it uploading and hosting the image twice? Or is your site smart enough that it uses the first to use as a host for the second file?

Thank you that is all, I have a very huge images folder and don't want to destroy the site that I like.
R: 20 / I: 5

Removal of /GET/ Link

Due to the massive amount of pedophilia coming from /GET/ and the backlash in si/b/eria. Along with the Haz drama already putting the board on thin ice. It seems appropriate to create a discussion deleting the /GET/ link.

R: 20 / I: 2

Non-English Language Bugs

The current imageboard software (tinyboard/vichan/lainchan/leftypol) seems to have all been made and maintained without ever thinking properly about non-English letters. Let's fix that.

Have you had any issues with non-English letters? Please report any issues with examples here to help us fix them.
(If the site won't let you post a word, try posting it in a picture or writing it on another website like privatebin/cryptpad/pastebin and linking)

We already know that some word-filters are incorrectly filtering words with non-English characters (which will be fixed soon) and some letters breaking the post function >>6927 but there may be more issues that we can fix at the same time.

Post any features that have language issues: reporting, search, filenames, whatever.
R: 11 / I: 0
Why was
> kontranshumanisti
filtered into "kontranshumanisti"?
R: 4 / I: 1
Thread creation limit should be on a per board basis. It's silly that I can't make a new thread on /games/ because /leftypol/ and /b/ are being too active.
R: 20 / I: 2

What is class based idpol?

Ok idpol is against the rules. I get it. This is a Marxist board, we are trying to raise class consciousness. So then what is "class based idpol?" How do we invoke class consciousness without being "class based idpol?"
R: 1 / I: 1
Someone makes a shitty thread on /b/ = most probably ironic, thus cool and good
Someone makes a shitty thread on /leftypol/ = unironically bad, thus deserves to get deleted instead of moved to /b/
Do you agree? Yes/Yes
R: 2 / I: 0

Tripcodes don't work on /leftypol/ ?

R: 4 / I: 0
hello, i've heard the complaints about the new flags being too big and ugly. The number one reason for this is likely that the way of creating them has remained the same even as the size has increased along with screen resolutions.

I've set about trying to come up with some new design standards for flags. These are slightly smaller and use a different method than the old /int/ style flags. Perhaps this is too big of a change to be wanted. Give feedback.

Here are some I have done so far, trying not to do them all at once only to find out people hate them.
R: 95 / I: 9

/leftypol/ Questionnaire Survey Census-Building Extravaganza

This thread will only be on /leftypol/ for 72 hours before being moved to /meta/, so answer at first convenience.
Greetings users, we at the mod team are trying to understand user browsing habits. We're hoping to understand who the userbase is and how our actions are affecting them, so we're conducting this questionnaire.
Answer as you please, just include a greentext arrow and the number of the question you are responding to.

Survey Start
1. How do you feel about the general post quality on the board? Have you noticed a shift in quality since the redirect or any other recent events? Does it need increasing, and if so how should it be done?

2. Recently /leftypol/ implemented a rule requiring OPs to have at minimum 150 characters in order for them to post the OP. Do you believe this has affected new OPs since then positively or negatively?

3. Are there any posting trends or other forms of content in /leftypol/ that you have noticed that you feel is outside of the expected level of discussion in /leftypol/, and if so what is it and why do you feel it falls short?

4. How often do you tend to post? Do you have a regular schedule of when you come on to post or do you come on more at random?

5. Have you found yourself posting more or less often than usual? Is it because of something to the board or irl stuff or something else?

6. Do you often use the report feature? If so, what is the reason why you usually report posts?

7. Why do you browse /leftypol/? This is an open-ended question, answer as you like.

8. Any comments for the mod team that is not related to any of the above questions?
R: 4 / I: 2
What the fuck did you just fucking say about me, you little bitch? I'll have you know I graduated top of my class in the Imageboard Janitors, I've been involved in numerous raids on rival chans, and I have over 300 confirmed bans. I am trained in moderation techniques and I'm the top rangebanner in the entire moderation team. You are nothing to me but just another alt IP. I will wipe you the fuck out with precision the likes of which has never been seen before on Leftypol, mark my fucking words. You think you can get away with saying that shit to me over the Internet? Think again, fucker. As we speak I am contacting my secret network of Jannitors across the CIA and your IP is being traced right now so you better prepare for the glow, faggot. The storm that wipes out the pathetic little thing you call your IP address. You're fucking banned, summerfag. I can be anywhere, anytime, and I can ban you in over seven hundred ways, and that's just with my keyboard. Not only am I extensively trained in manual moderation, but I have access to the entire arsenal of open-source moderation bots and I will use it to its full extent to wipe your miserable ass off the face of leftypol, you little shit. If only you could have known what unholy retribution your little "clever" post was about to bring down upon you, maybe you would have held your fucking tongue. But you couldn't, you didn't, and now you're paying the price, you goddamn idiot. I will shit fury all over you and you will drown in it. You're fucking banned, newfag.
R: 5 / I: 0
There isn't a bug report thread so

>Incorrect string value: '\xEF\xBDuygh' for column `lainchan`.`posts_b`.`body_nomarkup` at row 1

I tried posting this picture on /b/ with full-width text as the body.
R: 13 / I: 1

Post Quality Control

While there is another thread dealing with this topic, it was very verbally abusive.

But is indeed obvious that there has been a rapid increase in bait threads, bog down topics, low quality posts, etc.

Is there some systematic way this can be dealt with going forward? Besides bans for outright terrible behaviour I mean.

I don't have suggestions myself. The only thing that comes to mind is perhaps low quality threads could be dumped on the b board if a majority of moderators agree.

Any ideas?
R: 3 / I: 0

Why is the quality so shit right now?

What is happening? Absolute retard posts made by crypto-reactionaries and essentially no good posts in the meantime. Jannies doing absolutely nothing all day. Fuck you D00lars, you need to be assaulted with a baseballbat.
For real though, why not clean up all this mess, especially when its reported? Vidrel, but replace Biden with Jannies
R: 4 / I: 0
how the fuck do I appeal bans after I get banned? I can't post in the meta threads over this issue and the mods here are pretty ban happy for the stupidest shit sometimes (even though I kind of get it in a way)
R: 7 / I: 0

Learn how to count, retard jannie

>banned for evasion

Do you not know how to count? I was banned 12 hours ago, my ban already ended

Stop being fucking retarded
R: 4 / I: 0

How does leftypol finances itself?

Every website needs some money right?

Let's be real, every video we upload takes quite a bit of storage. This storage ain't free. And I never saw any add on this website (good), but I don't see any obvious way to donate either (bad?)

So how do we pay for it? Do we have some good Samaritan? Do you know where the data is stored or do you allocate this to some amazon server or whatever?

How does this thing work?
Vid somehow related.
R: 8 / I: 1
Can anyone clean up /anime/ please?
And yes, I use the report function.
R: 3 / I: 0

Blatant IdPol spilling

The Israeli-Palestinian conflict general gas resulted in an increase of IdPol retards, when are you retards going to adress it?
Here's an example:
>Oh sorry we were too busy eating hotpockets to notice it
Some retard janny already banned a poster there, but apparenlty he forgot that ALL FORMS of IdPol are banned, including retarded liberal IdPol

Do your fucking job correctly and give a handslap to the retarded janny that didn't do his job correctly
R: 16 / I: 8
Warning jannies, upcoming raid.
New threads must have a minimum of 200 characters.

Adding junk to increase your character count will result in deletion and a possible ban.
R: 6 / I: 1
can I use the cytube to watch cartoons with comrades?
R: 3 / I: 0
So I got banned for "Zionism" for posting this in the /USA/pol thread. I thought it was funny. Also an actual NYPost tweet.

Side note: How are you supposed to dispute a ban if you can't even post in this thread on a banned ip?
R: 6 / I: 0
Why are you so fucking useless at the one job you have to do? Fucking stop being mods if you can't do that one thing you do right >>>/leftypol/237011
R: 6 / I: 0
R: 8 / I: 0

The Burger Question

There should be a 🍔 at the top of every post coming from the US.

R: 11 / I: 2
>ban posts with less than 200 characters
>people must now write a fucking essay to bitch about simple problems they have living under capitalism
>board slowly slides into tankies having arcane arguments about their respective ideologies and divorced from material reality
Who saw that coming? I didn't.
R: 24 / I: 4

Porn on /b/

I hereby respectfully request that porn should be banned from /b/. Porn has no place in a leftist forum. It is ridiculous that I might be subject to porn every time I click on /overboard/. I have filtered /b/, but it still shows up in the /overboard/ catalog. That said, even if I could filter /b/ from the catalog, it would still be unacceptable. New users looking for serious leftist discussion will be turned away when they open /overboard/ and it's full of porn from /b/ (and low quality shitposts for that matter, but I digress). Ever since /b/'s inception, there has regularly been a porn thread on /overboard/. Think of what impression this makes on new users. Imagine visiting this website for the first time and then seeing this thread on the top of /overboard/: https://leftypol.org/b/res/9485.html.

On another note, I respectfully request that /b/ should be completely deleted. /b/ promotes and only promotes low level discourse, and it has quickly become a cesspit that shits up /overboard/ ever since its inception. I see no point for the existence of /b/ except that it's a remnant of other general chans. However, this is /leftypol/, not a 4chan/8chan clone. This website should be focused on leftist discussion. The side boards (e.g., hobby, tech, edu, etc.) are fine since the thread in there are high quality discussions that are at the very least tangentially related to leftism. I cannot say the same about /b/.international_brigadeInternational Brigade
R: 2 / I: 1
How do I change the awful default theme/color scheme? Shit hurts to read.
R: 8 / I: 2
When are you faggot admins going to address the wojak spam? It is unbearable to lurk a thread that has over 30 shitposts of greentext and shitty .jpg images

It should be a bannable offense to post more than three on the same day, if your only contribution to a thread is spamming it with shitpost because you can't form a coherent reply, you shouldn't post, just look at the Albanian faggot and the anfem currently spamming the main board.
R: 0 / I: 0
Geniouse idea: add a timelimit to Delete All Posts By IP so when mass deleting raids older posts made by proxies aren't caugh in the crossfire.
R: 12 / I: 6
No suggestions here, really, but still /meta/. I Google image searched "leftypol" and found that out of the first 14 results I OC'd 5 (indicated in red), which is to say 35.7% as an single fucking oldfag.

Stop banning me you faggots. A single oldfag can be worth 20 newfags.


R: 6 / I: 0
Why does Bunkerchan redirect to Leftypol.org? Did Leftypol win?
R: 16 / I: 2
I wonder how many users have left thanks to the /pol/tard raids.
R: 7 / I: 1

IP counts correct?

There are about 600 total ips but only 400 on leftypol. Are there really 200 people who use boards other than leftypol and never post on leftypol? I feel like thats unbelievable and the devs wrote the queries to count unique IPs wrong
R: 5 / I: 0
>/leftypol/ is a complete ocean of piss right now
Reminds me of the 8gag days.
And I hate it.
R: 8 / I: 0
I'm just asking this to see your opinions but what do you think about turning IDs on on /leftypol/?
R: 6 / I: 0
>Bunkerchan merges with .org
<Board quality instantly falls into the fucking shitter
Why did you people want this?
Didn’t you know Bunkerchan was genuinely just full of nazbols and other assorted faggots?
Bunkerchan was a fucking containment site and now all the rats are flooding in
R: 0 / I: 0


>disable javascript for security reasons
>post in a thread
>redirected here
>have to go back and reload the thread to see my post
R: 36 / I: 4

The Nazi Question

So what do we do about Nazis making their AMA/debate threads? Personally I am not interested in giving attention whores a spotlight, especially because these people always say the same thing and are rarely convinced anyways. I'd permit Nazis browsing the board, giving their opinion here and there, but I'm in favor of banning any Nazi who makes one these AMA/debate threads.
R: 7 / I: 2


Bunker getting deleted was a fucking mistake, there were like 12 people using it in its end days tops. We need a containment site to front as the real /leftypol/ so all the chinlets dont shit this place up, how do we keep them away from here? That retarded article from bourg inc is gonna start a massive tidal wave of autism to slam into the site. What do bros?
R: 3 / I: 0
One thing i always hated about this software is the redirect back to main page when you delete a post, can we change it o it instead just reloads the thread you are deleting your post from?
R: 8 / I: 2

Who greenlighted this shit?!

Also, where is the repo so I can submit this issue?
R: 6 / I: 0

Leftist Argument Copypasta central

Many rightoids come to visit this site and argue/converse with us, however most of them regurgitate old talking points and memes. So some of us write detailed responses to their oft repeated points and simply use that copy pasta to counter them.However in posting these pastas we spoil good threads. So could the mods create some sort of permanent thread on /Edu/ or some other board which we could store arguments in and link to them when in contention. We could have sections of detailed response for each rightoid argument and If we got good enough counter arguments we could even have an official Leftypol FAQ.
R: 3 / I: 0
Please add .intro, .file { padding-right: 50px; } to all stylesheets.
R: 9 / I: 0

We need a purge, old-BO style

I keep seeing pro-imperialist posts, obvious glowing and idpol hysteria.
We should ban all the posters advocating for imperialist aggression, pro-US posters and the fascist scum posting on this board. It's obvious these scumbags won't be converted and are here to spam.tankieTankie
R: 9 / I: 3
Just found out today that caballo is a socdem. Explain yourselves. How many socdems are there in the mod team?
R: 194 / I: 45

DEBRIEFING: The Man Who Sold the World

TL;DR: bunkerchan is no more, any obligations newsanon or other anons had to consider for both sites are lifted.

DISCLAIMER – for the purposes of internal security, pseudonyms will be used to protect the identities of those involved.

Recommended listening: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=IU2wBKoDOzg

<Early April>

>Through communications within bunkerchan’s matrix chat, it is revealed that Apollyon is enacting a plot to revive bunkerchan through means unknown. The moderation team and userbase speculates on possibilities.
>The mod team begins to look at contingencies for certain possible plans of action and begins the work of forming a unified position on the matter of bunkerchan.
<April 17>
>Moderator Cybersyn is bantering with the general chat in the leftypol matrix about the possibilities of what Apollyon is up to.
>During the conversation, Spartacus comes forwards to Cybersyn about information relating to the plan.
>Spartacus reveals that Apollyon is looking to use an article published by Foreign Policy as leverage to negotiate with the leftypol.org moderation team for his entry back into the leftypol.org moderation team.
>Cybersyn takes this information to the rest of the mod team. Knowing in advance what Apollyon’s plans are, the mod team drops all other contingencies and begins planning around the now-revealed plot.
<April 18>
>Cybersyn confirms several facts about Spartacus, including his position on the bunkerchan mod team and his loyalties to the community above all else.
>Spartacus continues to give out details as they come as to Apollyon’s plot.
>It is revealed that internally the remainders of the bunkerchan mod team (at this point, about 3 continually active members) were splintering over the decision.
>Vagin-x, one of those last mods, announces his decision to no longer moderate in light of Apollyon’s decision. He will accept no reconciliation with leftypol.org.
<April 19>
>After confirming Spartacus’ intel, the mod team decides to look into recruiting them as a leftypol.org mod.
>Spartacus is brought forwards for an interview.
>Spartacus reveals an early draft of Apollyon’s demands. They were basically unchanged when they were publicly brought forwards.
<April 20>
>Spartacus is put forwards to a vote to become a moderator on leftypol.org.
>Cybersyn and another mod Sappho edit down all information gathered thus far into a more easily digestible packet of information for distribution within the mod team.
> Vagin-x urges Apollyon to go public with the negotiations when they occur.
<April 21>
>Spartacus is accepted into the mod team with an instant-pass majority (at this time, 5 votes).
>Apollyon opens negotiations with the leftypol.org mod team.
>The leftypol.org mod team had reached an internal consensus to hold their cards close to their chest and pretended not to know Apollyon’s complete plans.
>The negotiations on the first day largely go nowhere. No side wins any concessions and negotiations break down into arguing.
<April 22>
>Negotiations reopen, the leftypol.org mod team delegates Cybersyn and Koba as the lead negotiators with Apollyon.
>Cybersyn and Koba get Apollyon to agree to a precondition for all further negotiations – the transfer of the bunkerchan.net domain to one of Apollyon’s other active mods to keep the domain in neutral hands.
>The mod selected is Spartacus.
>Negotiations end on a high note, and Cybersyn and Spartacus consult privately on how to handle proceedings.
>Spartacus agrees with a plot – either force Apollyon to fully concede and step down from moderation and be absolved of his wrongdoing, or Spartacus will redirect the domain of bunkerchan.net to leftypol.org and thus destroy Apollyon’s position and bargaining chip.
>The plot is brought forwards to the rest of the mod team, and it is agreed to keep it as a course of action should favorable negotiations not be reached.
<April 23> - <April 27>
>Little action happens, the leftypol.org mod team waits for the domain transfer to complete between Apollyon to Spartacus.
>Vagin-x begins publicly leaking details of negotiations to bunkerchan, and advertises his own board as an alternative to bunkerchan and leftypol.
<April 28>
>The domain transfer is confirmed as completed by Spartacus.
>The mod team enters the final stages of the plot and begins to push the issue of Apollyon in the negotiations.
>Several demands for Apollyon’s removal are made, for the sake of the site and to satiate public desires for his removal from power. Apollyon rejects all demands and holds that he will remain a moderator or the merger will not happen.
>Seeing Apollyon will not concede, several late-night proposals are made for how to proceed with negotiations.
<April 29>
>Several of the proposals are approved and forwarded as votes, primarily dealing with how quickly the plot should be executed and how much information should be revealed to the public after the fact.
>Apollyon is further pushed to concede by the mod team, and refuses all attempts.
<April 30>
>Several of the votes pass, including one to execute the plot and a vote to create this debriefing to begin with.
>One final ultimatum is made to Apollyon to step down in the face of a public consensus against him. Apollyon refuses, and all negotiations break down.
>The mod team enacts the plot, Spartacus is contacted.
>Spartacus redirects the bunkerchan.net domain to leftypol.org.
R: 29 / I: 4
Just testing memeflags, ignore thisfedFed
R: 8 / I: 0

Very Serious Bugs

Will the highlight text > click reply > highlighted text is quoted feature be fixed at some point? Whether it works or not seems to be down to pure chance.
Also please move the text in a bit on the reply box, I can't see where the | thingy is at the start of the line and it makes greentexting things a nuisance
R: 9 / I: 1
>effortposts are buried under dozens of generic memey one-liners
i hate having to dig through shit to strike gold
R: 2 / I: 0
Can we get https://tv.leftypol.org/ on the top bar? We have like 5-10 times a month legit interesting streams on there.

Moreover, if the above could be done, could we have a LIVE logo pop up next to it when there's actual "habbenning" is going on on the cytube stream (e.g. Biden stream, protests, live debate between RDW and Destiny, etc.)

Thanks. I think it would be a really useful feature if we had a dancing red gif next to the /TV/ topbar if ongoing shit were being broadcast by us.
R: 9 / I: 0
Why is using the email field invisible? Do you zoomers treat it like a downvote?
R: 6 / I: 1

Add Etherpad service

We should add an Etherpad service to the site and shill it constantly, so that we can work collaboratively on documents that are persistent and are stored in a single place. If used properly, this could enable some fun and useful projects.

There is an Etherpad widget on the Matrix chat, but it only allows for one persistent document and it's not easily accessible to people on the board.
R: 10 / I: 2
Suggestion -allow more shitpost-y and /b/ like threads in /leftypol/ (things like hate threads, humor threads and more). This will atleast double statistics overall and give us a massive boost in posts and IPs. Please.
R: 7 / I: 0
Are the sites going to merge now or not? Is the article even out? Someone explain the situation
R: 4 / I: 0
Generals are boring and artificial. Cyclical threads are the cherry on top.
Organic threads about a concise topic that last however long they must are the way to go.
R: 1 / I: 0

Are you actually this fucking retarded for letting this exist?

R: 10 / I: 0
Hi. leftypol.org currently does not strip EXIF data which is an absoloutely huge oversight. Is there anyone on the staff currently able to fix this ASAP or at least post a link to your git with a sticky so others can fix this ASAP?
Thanks jannies.
R: 0 / I: 0


>Leftypol.org is not currently under investigation by any Federal, State, or Local Authorities.
don't warrant canaries have to be dated for them to be useful?
R: 7 / I: 2
Train a neural network to detect wojaks and make it autoban anyone who posts one.
R: 30 / I: 6
Surprised no one's made a thread about this until now: https://bunkerchan.net/leftypol/res/1335277.html
R: 786 / I: 179 (full)
Hello everyone, we have indeed received an offer from d0llars about ending the split, in accordance with what he has laid out on Bunkerchan. Some of us mods are taking the offer seriously and think there is potential merit in it, however others are staunchly opposed to the idea of a reconciliation that would bring d0llars onto the team (along with a few Bunkermods). They have agreed to follow our constitution and to abstain from all voting for two months if they were to join, in return they would redirect Bunkerchan.net and Bunkerchan.xyz to leftypol.org.

We have been given more details about the event which d0llars believes will give Bunkerchan more exposure and we believe his account to be credible. We do not want to give too many details but essentially he has found a way to get a decent amount of exposure for the site, that will launch in a few days. If a deal is to be done it would seem best to get it agreed before this event occurs. However as I said, others reject the idea of any deal and there is no clear consensus on what to do as of yet.

Ultimately, this board belongs to all of you, so we would value your opinions on what we should do.

Original Post

Surprised no one's made a thread about this until now:

R: 1 / I: 0
Default name in the anime board should've been 名無し if you ask me.
R: 2 / I: 0
Reporting from the overboard doesn't work.
R: 4 / I: 2
Ban social democrats and electoralists, anti-revisionist revolutionary communists only
R: 1 / I: 0
The matrix is down
R: 14 / I: 2

Permanent Rightoid Containment thread

Could we have a permanent cycling thread for rightoids to debate us. In this manner we could keep than contained to one thread and prevent right-wingers from making new thread's or spreading their shit on other threads.
R: 84 / I: 26


>be mods
>claim everything is solved since we left the bunker
>check secret club board for jannies
>mods fighting behind closed doors
>one janny wants another janny gone
>jannies are now fighting over it
>one janny is very pro idpol

if any of you guys have had any issues with the moderation staff and it being inconsistent as fuck in the past while then this may shine a light on that reason, because they're fighting over how to manage the site

R: 15 / I: 2

What exactly counts as IDpol?

What exactly counts as idpol? (or stupIDpol).
R: 1 / I: 0
Next time some big right wing figure dies (Think Kissinger or Gorbachev) can mods activate some sort of festive theme with lights and dancing gifs?
R: 46 / I: 4

Vote in progress: On creation of a public mod chat

As an experiment in user involvement/accountability, we will try to run a public mod chat on matrix alongside our normal closed matrix mod chat. We agree to give an honest attempt to use the public chat for administrative matters that do not need to be kept secret for security or privacy reasons. However, if the experiment turns out not to work (as informally agreed by the majority of mods) we will reserve the right to return mod discussion exclusively to our existing closed chat.

Regular users will be allowed to post in the public mod discussion, however their posts must strictly remain on the subject of moderation matters, and the chat should not be used as a 'general purpose' discussion, so that mod matters are not lost in a flood of irrelevant posts. Users who become too disruptive (as defined by the moderators) may be warned or kicked/banned from the chat.

Vote ends 21/04/12 10am UTC

(Note, only mods can vote on proposals/votes, this topic is for users to discuss the vote and give their opinions)
R: 8 / I: 1

Search function

Is there a search function for the entire site? I think it'd be useful to have one. There are some posts I'm looking for and I don't remember the exact threads they were in, but I remember some of the words.
R: 3 / I: 0
Idea: add a random flag to posters that didn't choose one (only on /leftypol/ and /b/).
R: 6 / I: 0

Learning resources and blogs

How about expanding the section "Learning resources and blogs" on the first page? It is very good and impoertant, that there is the Marxist Internet Archive listed. But shouldn't we also add the Anarchist Library? https://theanarchistlibrary.org
I'm not an anarchist, but listing the anarchist library would be a signal to anarchists, that they are welcome here.
R: 29 / I: 4
Can anyone explain to me why literal bigot and sexist shitposting about idpol is allowed despite clearly being against the rules? Or is misandry not idpol?


Doesn't really seems fair that said poster is allowed to shitpost idpol and some others get bannes for similar conducts
R: 13 / I: 0
Thoughts on an idpol struggle session thread?

Clearly we haven't spoken about idpol in the past 2(?) years since the site-wide ban.

Maybe we need to revisit it and engage in a struggle session about idpol, not about specific idpol topics. Newfriends probably don't know what anti-idpol means, and people still repeat vulgar marxist takes on idpol.
R: 6 / I: 0

WSWS spam(?)

Does the guy relentlessly posting WSWS articles, like a bot, count as spam at this point? Should I start reporting it? Should we leave it alone until it triggers a massive backlash?

WoosWoos reporting, while covering subjects mainstream won't touch, is mired in clichés (ghost of Stalinism, sectarianism, autistic self-promotion) that can get grating very fast, and a lot of articles are lacking in analysis in favour of whining (usually about capitalism functioning as intended). So will there be an intervention to reduce user exposure to Trot autism, or will we just give them enough rope to hang themselves with? Because after their review of Judas and Black Messiah, I don't see how they'll stop themselves from saying something that will piss even more people off.
R: 44 / I: 7

Request: wordfilter

Please bring back wordfilters.

Some suggestions

bring back Vaush -> Agent Kochinski

and filter breadtuber to fedtube
R: 6 / I: 0

overzealous modship.

This isn't even about me, it's about bantz being banned. Cull your fucking modteam right the fuck now assholes.
R: 7 / I: 2
YO why the adms are not adding new banners? the banner thread is getting new banners for some time now without any being added

What is happening? did we reach the maximum number of banners? if we have already reached the maximum number of banners it's time to expand it
R: 4 / I: 1

AA/SJIS tags

Requesting support for Japanese ASCII art / Shift_JIS artwork.

    , -.―――--.、
  .i;}'       "ミ;;;;:}
  |} ,,..、_、  , _,,,..、  |;;;:|
  |} ,_tュ,〈  ヒ''tュ_  i;;;;|  
  |  ー' | ` -     ト'{   
 .「|   イ_i _ &gt;、     }〉}   
 `{| _.ノ;;/;;/,ゞ;ヽ、  .!-' 
   |    ='"     |    
    i゙ 、_  ゙,,,  ,, ' {
  丿\  ̄ ̄  _,,-"ヽ
''"~ヽ  \、_;;,..-" _ ,i`ー-
   ヽ、oヽ/ \  /o/  |
R: 3 / I: 0

Kiss my ass

The only understanding I have is that you are pro-censorship; you don't like what I said, but censorship is evil, and you know it, but you, like every fucking leftist tard is enjoying your fucking life while the right of us suffer. How do you come back from this? Fucking GOD, not Christ, just GOD, OK?

You take you fucking fake analysis and fuck off, you fucking kike.
R: 3 / I: 0
Why does this unrelated pic, posted as part of an OP, trigger jannies so much? are you grooming him to be your next janny or something?
R: 100 / I: 8

Reunification Now! Stop the Split!


I know this is going to anger people who already have taken a side, but I’m just saying what the majority of the people think about this shit.
Both sides need to realize they have made some errors and are BOTH contributing to the decay of the community by continuing the split. Until the splits end, NONE of the two websites will EVER recover the PPH and user number that bunkerchan.xyz had before the split.
You know why the number of users dropped? BECAUSE THEY DON’T HAVE THE TIME TO CARE ABOUT YOUR PETTY SHIT.
The sooner the split ends, the sooner we can grow back the user base and be back on track to build a big and influential leftist imageboard.

Mods and Admins of both websites need to reestablish contact with the other side and begin collaborating in concrete terms to make this realization possible. With honesty, good will and as well as reasonable amount of open-mindedness I believe we can reunify in less than one month.

I am therefore highlighting my proposal to heal both site and make them into one big site again:
<the mods teams of bunkerchan and leftypol will merge into one, both sides will wield equal power
<the tech-teams of both websites will merge into one and collaborate to make the website better
<total transparency of admin and mods activity, ask the users for feedback and use their choices to take a decision when tension arise between mods
<no more suicide-nuking of the boards, issues must be resolved with the community directly, no matter his position, if someone is hindering the progress of the site, remove him
<which final site we will go on depends on what the users prefers
<the url of the old website will redirect to the one the users chosen
<the threads created on the old website will be transferred to the one that the users chosen
<optionally, GETchan will be reintegrated directly into the website

What do you guys think? Do you have any idea on what kind of terms should the reunification happen?

>i’d rather stay divided because the other side is bad!!1!1!
(petty sectarianism)
>the other side is full of trannies!!!1!!1!11
>the other site is now filled with nazbols1!!1!111
>the other site only cares about shitposting!!11!!1
(rationalization of your emotional pettiness)
>our website is now better than the other side’s!!!111!1
(false sense of superiority to justify your emotional attachment to a specific website)
>the other side was bad in the past, therefore we can’t trust them now!!!11!1!11
(the nefarious factor, space_, was eliminated, there is no reasons to expect further conflicts of interest)
>their website’s technology is shit!!!!1111!11!1!
(you don’t have any proof that it’s actually shit, if it works it works and it’s currently the case for both websites, that’s still a rationalization of your emotional pettiness)tankieTankie
R: 8 / I: 0
What happened with the Bunkerchan split? I tried asking there but clearly that site is totally dead/co-opted.
R: 4 / I: 0

spoiler OP test

spoiler OP test case for catalog

generic file OP test case for catalog, will be fixed
Kickstarter workers unionize

deleted OP test case for catalog, works
Posting doesn't work for me
R: 120 / I: 15

Infrared bullshit

Posting this in /meta/ as to not shit up the /leftypol/ catalog

There's been a huge drop in post quality after the split, and while I tried writing a few effortposts they mostly seemed to go nowhere. At least in the earlier days of /leftypol/ there was at a very least prolific production of funny memes despite sectarian shitflinging, but now, both new memes and effortposts are dwindling.

This "infrared" bullshit is the last straw, I create a thread about podcast suggestions and it was INSTANTLY shitted up by hazbros shilling their youtuber. Despite my efforts to debate in good faith they mostly just responded with the same sort of posturing bullshit that Vaush fans would do. I tried hiding the infrared post and just ignoring it but unfortunately those guys don't seem content to stay in their containment thread and spill out into literally everything. I have also requested the jannies to give the ability to at least hide single replies in threads (in tech feedback thread) but that doesn't seem to be on the menu either anytime soon.

I think I'm (unironically) going to reddit. The whole point of choosing leftypol over reddit was to escape the bullshit tone policing, but unfortunately we have gotten to the schizo saturation point where the weirdos outnumber the actual good people. Frankly, I'd rather deal with IDPOL and tone policing bullshit than whatever the fuck this has become. It would be one thing for a clique of autists to stan whatever eceleb there is (happens from time to time) but now you have literal jannies posting with their mod tags in threads supporting them and retweeting their shit from official accounts.

At least something like /r/communism has effortposts, blogs, and links to actually good resources from a ML perspective (and there are other sites/subreddits for other tendencies). I'd rather engage with thoughtful and edifying content thats slightly too identity centric than deal with this nonsense.

I don't want to debate or frankly even listen to debates. I'm tired. And old. My time is limited outside work and I don't have time to be watching some unhinged posturing sociopath stream for 6 hours, I would rather sleep or at least listen to/watch something funny, if not educational for 30 minutes to an hour.

leftypol was the best thing that ever happened to the internet left and I'll miss the mid 2010s "golden era" of leftypol with its memes and actually funny shitposts, but at least leftist reddit has theoryposts, so that will at least half compensate for it.

I wish everyone here the best of luck in rebuilding an actual good content base, and if that ever happens I may come back.

R: 8 / I: 1

TOR analspam guy

If this guy posts this one more time, jannies should ban TOR permanently.

Let people just use normal TOR exit nodes if they wanna post here, instead of allowing direct access. Otherwise we will keep reading analspam for the next 3 years
R: 146 / I: 18

The /leftypol/ constitutional convention

Hello everyone, now that we've settled in here a bit more, it's time to address the burning questions of constitutional reform! Until now we have been playing it fast and loose, lets say, with the old Bunkerchan rules, but they are clearly no longer apropos.

The key issue we would like to discuss is the internal administrative structure. As of now, we have been attempting to use mostly horizontal democratic organisation (among mods), however this has had some notable lapses and issues, and some would like to use a more 'traditional' hierarchical structure with admins at the top, moderators in the middle, and janitors on the bottom, or just admins and moderators. The advantage of having admins with executive power is primarily to cut through deadlock, which has been a real problem since our migration. That said, perhaps there are other ways to deal with that.

Another proposal is the question of user democracy and more involvement of users without volunteer status in decisionmaking. This is a good idea in theory but in practice it is difficult to agree on how to move forward with it. Should users have direct voting power? If so, how will this be implemented and to what extent? Can the moderators override the users and if so in what circumstances? Should users be vetted (ie through Matrix) in order to ensure that the vote is not totally skewed by sockpuppets? If so doesn't that privilege people who use off-site communication unfairly? As you can see, it is a difficult subject, but interesting nonetheless.

One more issue is over who is and isn't allowed to post on leftypol, ideologically speaking. Mostly everyone can agree that this board should be for 'the left' but what does that mean exactly? Who is included and who is not in that definition? While I'm sure everyone will agree that 'orthodox leftism' should be allowed, there is ambiguity over what that means at the boundaries. Are anprims allowed? Post-colonialists? Anarcho-nihilists? Juche proponents, or Pol-potists? How about social democrats? And so on. To what extent are non-leftists allowed? Do they have the same 'rights' as leftist posters or are they treated harsher?

I have attached the most up to date version of the old constitution, which some of us think should be simply adapted to the new circumstances. On the other hand, some vols have proposed a new constitution altogether which I will attach below. There is also the option of throwing all of these out and working on something else, so please let your opinion be known. Per the vote on this topic internally, some moderators will be posting with their names displayed, and others may choose to post 'anonymously' (ie. still visible as a moderator but with no name attached).


The Bunkerchan manifesto: attached as PDF.


The 'new proposal' constitution:


/leftypol/ is a collective of people dedicated to non-sectarian discussion of politics and current events from a politically incorrect left-wing perspective. To facilitate this mission, both technical and moderation staff are needed, in order to create the website, maintain the software, the server, etc., and moderate content by deleting spam.

These staff members are required to have privileged positions above normal users in order to perform their duties. However this also comes with a responsibility to not abuse their powers and act in good faith to push forward the mission of leftypol by:

• Attracting users to the website – continuously growing the userbase while also maintaining a suitable board culture.

• Recruiting staff – adequately recruiting technical and moderation staff to perform functions necessary to the mission at hand. This includes removing staff members who abuse their power or are otherwise harmful to the mission.

• Miscellaneous functions – Carrying out any other tasks related to the mission of /leftypol/ while respecting feedback from the user base.

Proposals – In order to vote on an idea for a technical or political change to leftypol, it must be first proposed. A proposal must get at least two upvotes from people other than the proposer to proceed to the voting stage.

Voting – All decisions are made by direct vote of the current moderation staff. The voting period will be 72 hours, or, 3 days. Votes pass instantly with 50% of the vote or greater (except where downvotes are equal to votes). Nonvoting is counted as an ‘abstain’. At the end of the voting period those votes with more upvotes than downvotes are considered to have passed, even with a plurality.

Special Voting Categories – Certain types of votes are exempted from normal guidelines. Votes to create a thread to facilitate user feedback on certain issues are exempted from the proposal phase and can be voted on directly. The voting period for feedback threads is 12 hours instead of 72. Optionally, other categories of proposals can be designated as exempted by the modocracy through the standard process.


Technology Team – also known as the tech team, those responsible for running/maintaining the website and all things technical. The tech team reserves the right to grant themselves special administrative powers on the website in order to perform their technical duties. The tech team also has the right to receive and act on technical feedback directly from the users with regards to bugs and minor feature requests. The leader of the technology team has the right to hire and fire members of the tech team without direct feedback from the modocracy. The leader of the tech team is the member who owns, pays for, and thereby assumes the legal risk of running the web server(s) for the website. The leader(s) of the tech team and corresponding stewardship of tech resources can be transferred via the normal political/voting process. Members of the tech team do not have the right to vote unless they are also moderators. Major technical changes and scheduled downtime are still subject to the standard political process.

Executive Committee – Upon an optional direct vote, for purposes of convenience, the modocracy may choose to appoint a temporary committee of administrators. There must be exactly 3 administrators. During the period of administrative rule, all voting and decision powers are given to the administrators (except hiring/firing staff which still requires a direct vote of the modocracy). Administrators govern by a direct internal vote. Administrators do not have to abide by any waiting periods for voting and also may vote on issues directly, bypassing the proposal phase. Normal moderators continue their duties in spam cleaning. The modocracy defines the start and end date of the period of administrative rule, and chooses which 3 staff members will act as administrator using the normal political process. This period may not exceed 90 days.


Content moderation policy defines clearly what types of content should be deleted, edited, and under what circumstances users should be banned, and for how long. Moderators should only moderate content in accordance with this policy and moderating outside the parameters of this policy should be considered an abuse. A detailed content moderation policy should be created and updated from time to time, taking into account feedback from the users. The moderation policy is created by the modocracy (or administrators).


Any outreach to the userbase by the staff must first be approved by the normal political process. Outreach includes posting of internal mod drama, or any revealing of information that would have an impact on the optics of leftypol. Violating this policy is grounds for disciplinary action upon direct vote of the modocracy."
R: 4 / I: 2

autorefresh / refresh button

pls add autorefresh
like on bunkerchan, 4chan, 8ch, etc.
good feature
R: 38 / I: 8

How to salvage this site

Instead of having the same fucking boards as bunkerchan, divide the site according to the different variants of left-wing political economy and group the ones that are similar in the same board. For example, all Anarchos on one board, M-Ls, Hoxhaists and Leninists on another one, Leftcoms and Ultras, Liberals and Sucdems, etc. Hell you can create one for Nazis and Lolberts where they can get reeducated after getting banned on the rest of the site, an actual gulag of sorts.

I guarantee you you will surpass the bunker in PPH and users because it is something neat and original. You can even create weekly activities like debates or vydia tournaments between boards while discussing theory. There is a fandom of political balls that can both be used as a guide to make the new boards and new flags, which will be a representation of each political ball. Similar to Krautchan. I can help you making these balls, I used to make pixel art.

Unless you stop being thet copy from bunkerchan no one will come here.
R: 27 / I: 2


Ok, there's a few wordfilter I really miss :

IQ->autism level

also if you got new propositions :
navalny->new yeltsin
do11ars->Blaise "do11ars" Compaoré
R: 2 / I: 0


why are /IG/ threads on leftypol and not on /b/ where they belong?
R: 3 / I: 1
Every thread appears as if they had only 5 hidden replies on the overboard.
R: 3 / I: 1
>Can't even start new threads from the catalog
What a shitty website
R: 541 / I: 192

Bunkerchan General

This thread will be dedicated to hosting and advertising anti-bunkerchan agitprop. This thread will also be for discussing the current state of affairs at bunkerchan and discussing methods for convincing the people still trapped on flunker.
R: 6 / I: 0
does anyone like this night jungle css idea? all thats done is editing the images to be darker.
R: 1 / I: 0


For fuck's sake, you morons, the small percentage inside the vol team who are actual /tech/ies are working their butts off every day, yet as a typical end-user, I receive NONE of their glorious achievements as INFO.

As it currently stands leftypol.org is basically split between two specialized groups: /techies/ (who do most of this shit) and non-/techies/ inside the vol group. "Interestingly" the latter group has a rather lax daily work schedule when compared to /techies/ proper.

Is this normal? Moreover, is this how a leftist group, let alone vol-team should function? That 3 bugs a day are being eradicated by the /techies/ and 1 new feature is being added every day, for the non-techie vol is merely something to acknowledge.

For God's sake, lazy ass non-techie vol, START DOING YOU JOB FOR ONCE!!

We are literally in a war with bunkerc.xyz!!!!!

Where is your contribution and how does it mirror the contribution of our techies??

Answer: NOWHERE. You are being useless, lazy, and boring, merely making sure that "every day challenges" are being taken care of.

This attitude of yours is COMPLETELY AND VISIBLY pathetic. We wan't none of it, you understand?

We want you, fucking non-techie vol to do your job:
- advocate and propagate the /tech/ teams accomplishments;
- fight against he bunk.xyz threat (while your fellow techie vols are programming);
- understand your position inside the posteriat, moreover, understand your position inside the production process;
- we literally had enough with your shit. ALL OF YOUR EXCUSES ARE JUST RIDICULOUS.


Shame on you, for letting this to fester.

Shame on you, for not realizing that techies work 10x more than you do, and not realizing that this would require from you at least 10x of more input.

Get yourself together. Pull yourself out from your "le comfy cultural marxist/vol team" position to become the PIONEERS of the actual current vanguard (techies), and actively communicate their successes.

fuck, dude.

Just stahp, okay?

Start organizing your currently LAZY forces so that they may serve our vanguard (techies).

R: 6 / I: 0
You need some space on the header, that place is crowded
R: 3 / I: 0

hey idiot leftards

Your shitty navigation bar fucks with the position of backlinked posts. You need to account for this so when a backlink is clicked, the top of the post isn't hidden under the navigation bar. Bunkerchan does this just fine, so copy their CSS.
On another note, you don't seem to have a public repository for this stuff which makes me think y'all are authoritarian as fuck and don't want to democratize this site. CRINGE!!
R: 7 / I: 2
hello can we use iso8601 for the dates
R: 2 / I: 0

Please fucking fix the mobile support

Fucking improve this bloody bullshit site, the retarded mobile support glitches alot, I fucking know you guys are newly set, but fucking hell, fix mobile problems.
>pic unrelated
Also fucking disable the "pic requirement" for this board, you end up having more data in your ass that way
Otherwise cool site
Fuck you, Im out.
R: 3 / I: 0
Can't report shit:
> Undefined index: id in /srv/http/lainchan.leftypol.org/inc/functions.php at line 2753
R: 751 / I: 154 (full)
Bunkerchan containment thread. Keep all tranny posts and things to be noticed in here.
R: 4 / I: 0
"Yo, so I don't know who's News Anon, but I see again and again the same problems he's having when posting. Regular issues are: forgetting one "=" -> title doesn't redtext, punctuation problems (see for example the second TL;DR of his latest OP/ED section). Wouldn't a techie be able to help him out? I'm thinking about surface where he could add in the link, the software would try to grab a title (editable, like with Reddit), offers him spellcheck, and finally, generates a copy-pastable output text he just needs to copy… and paste… into OP or into his usual sections.

Also, (again, dunno if he's a vol or not) leftypol.org could offer sub-vol privileges to a select few "news anons", providing access to this feature, and also a kind of on-site calendar where each day could be covered by said official news-anons on a daily basis."
R: 6 / I: 0
Are the /GET/ and /ref/ posts all really gone, or is it possible to get them back so we could save some of the threads on there? Just curious
R: 8 / I: 0

My demands for the website

I want an update thread button at the bottom of the page and being able to toggle it to be automatic
I want to be able to add my own CSS (I made a custom one for bunkerchan)
I want to be able to post 5 files in one post
I want to be able to have 4chanX style customization, filters and threads watcher
I want an onion link

What do you think?
R: 164 / I: 17

New Site Proposals

We are today asking you about the idea of growing our webring (which should already include GETchan and possibly bunkerchan) with other candidates. The potential ideas right now are 7chan (which Comatoast moderates on) and 420chan. Both of these have relatively left wing communities but we are not sure yet.

In addition, we are collecting feedback on the idea of setting up onion access for Tor which comes with its own advantages and disadvantages.

Furthermore, we think that the majority of users support the idea of getting rid of the sidebar and replacing it with a generic homepage/splash landing page, but please let us know your feedback on that too. Prior proposals about dark red theme and comrade naming are attached also.
R: 662 / I: 80 (full)

Old /leftypol/ Welcome Thread


This thread is for feedback related to administration and management. For technical issues use >>>/tech/6724
If you cannot dispute your ban here due to being banned, Use >>>/meta/
Search the catalog before starting a new thread to avoid duplicates https://www.leftypol.org/leftypol/catalog.html

Please Read This First:
If this is your first visit please lurk for a while before posting. /leftypol/ is an imageboard for non-sectarian leftist political discussion. The staff aims to allow everything within these bounds. To that end there are some explicit rules
* No Spam
* No Explicit Images including Porn without spoiler warning
* No Reactionary or Identity Politics
Low quality threads are subject to be anchored or locked at volunteers discretion.
More detailed rules can be found in the /leftypol/ Manifesto PDF (attached)
The rules governing moderators and administrative decisions can be found in the /leftypol/ Constitution PDF (attached)
You may dispute actions taken by the staff or offer suggestions in this thread. Alternatively use >>>/meta/

Useful Links:
Leftypol Twitter - Follow us on Twitter for status updates

Android app for leftypol.org

Onion Link - Connect anonymously via Onion!

Board Logs - Global and /leftypol/ logs

Matrix Congress - Public Moderation Room

Matrix Chat - Leftypol General Chat

Leftybooru - To upload, tag, and organize images

Leftypedia - A wiki project

New Multitude - Notes, theory and shitposts from the worldwide left via leftypol and elsewhere
Website: https://newmultitude.org/
Twitter: https://twitter.com/newmultitude
R: 680 / I: 95 (full)

Background to the split, what happened, what is coming next

This board is a successor to https://bunkerchan.xyz/ which will continue to operate under the management of Space and their remaining/new moderators. We wish them the best of luck for the future despite our differences.


In short, /leftypol/ has split due to drama which essentially boils down to a dispute over server access on Bunkerchan. We, the /leftypol/ moderation team, have been forced to leave by Space, who removed our moderator rights due to our decision to stand together in solidarity rather than allow Space to demand the removal of certain mods who he viewed as primarily responsible for behind the scenes efforts to try to force him to give us the power to keep the site running and to improve it beyond its current state. Therefore, we have decided to activate our own clone of /leftypol/ which we have been preparing in case of this eventuality. We do not welcome this split or take it lightly but from our perspective it has been forced upon us. We are now working to make this site feature complete and to progress ever further.

A full outline of the history of the dispute and current events (as well as our next steps) is below if you would like to do the extra reading.


To briefly outline the problems that we have been having, they most importantly concern access to the server side of the side. At present, nobody other than Space has ultimate control over the site and Space is still required to approve any serious code changes (IE ones other than those that can be made by site staff). This is a relatively normal state of affairs of course, but the problem is that Space is not always available when we need him and has intermittent periods of what I can only call disinterest in the site.

Often, it has been difficult to get him to approve simple fixes to the site which are urgently needed to keep it running or else bring it back when it does break. Many of the technical issues (not all, but some) that we have had to deal with since the migration of /leftypol/ to Bunkerchan have been due to Space not taking the time to implement fixes which have been suggested by our tech team. When the changes do not directly affect the stability of the site, it is often even harder to get Space’s attention.

For example, Space’s approval was needed to make changes to the board headers to add new boards which has led to long delays in adding new boards to the topbar, and other changes. Often, when we the mod team have seemed to dally in adding new features it is because of the difficulty with getting approval for changes. This can often take weeks, which sadly makes us look unreliable and hampers our flexibility as a board.

The clear solution to this issue was for Space to share his server access with the highest members of our technical staff so that they could push through changes themselves. For months, Space promised to do so but would never deliver, or would add on unreasonable demands to his original agreement. For example, when Comrade King, former admin of /GETchan/, agreed to merge his site with Bunkerchan, it was agreed that Space would give him server access, but this was never done. Later on Space demanded that King share a scan of his driver’s licence as ‘verification’ which he found unacceptable. The tension between /GET/’s staff and Space has contributed to their decision to try to once again leave the site, unfortunately.

In addition, Space agreed to give server access to Comrade_Rat who has been the main technical contributor on our staff and is someone Space knows personally. Rat was part of the Bunkerchan staff before /leftypol/ moved to the site in the wake of 8chan’s demise. Due to Rat’s presence and willingness to work with us since the migration we would have been happy with this, but as stated, Space stonewalled this and promised it would be done while never doing so. I (Caballo) eventually personally pressed Space on this matter as can be seen in the attached screenshots but he refused to back down.

One of the key issues regarding server access was our dissatisfaction with our board’s software, Lynxchan. This software is difficult in many ways and our technical staff ultimately decided that it would be better to switch to new board software rather than try to fix something they felt was fundamentally an inferior option. Many of the peculiar issues of the site which we have been asked to fix have been caused by Lynxchan’s deficiencies. To that end, our technical staff have been working on custom software, Gochan, but in the interim, we wanted to switch to the more established Lainchan software. However, this process would be realistically impossible to complete without server access.

As a side issue, Space used his status as site owner to override our decisions about the site, telling us what we could and could not do and ignoring our own voting when he disagreed. Of particular concern was the question of funding the site and of monetisation. We of course recognised that Space was bearing the financial burden of hosting the site, and we are still grateful for him doing so, but our suggestions for collecting donations in an organised manner to make the ownership of the site more ‘community based’ or democratic were brushed off.


Eventually, we decided that we had no other option than to create a backup plan as trust in Space had dropped so low. We felt that we could not continue to put in so much work when our efforts were undone by Space’s inaction. At the time we embarked on this plan, it was common to not be able to talk to Space for weeks at a time. We knew that ultimately Space could not be forced to hand over control of the site to anyone, so we endeavoured to make our own site which we had control over, both as a contingency plan in case we were removed from moderating /leftypol/ by Space, and as a bargaining chip to show Space that we were serious about our demands.

This site will be hosted at leftypol.org , a domain which was given to us by the former owner of the /leftypol/ splinter site at that address. Our technical staff have worked hard to enable us to import the content of bunkerchan.xyz to that site at the moment of our potential departure, so that our board’s topics and discussions are not lost as was the case when 8chan closed. In effect, we have set up a contingency so that our tenure as the mod team of /leftypol/, and the experience of the users of /leftypol/ and related boards, can continue without much disruption. We have also changed the board software to Lainchan to enable a smoother experience for the users.

It took us months to set up this site, during which time we hid it from Space, as we feared his potential reaction. We knew that Space could, if he so chose, remove us as moderators of /leftypol/ and install others, which we felt would be potentially ruinous. That sounds a bit egocentric, I admit, but the drama involving the rogue admin Pyongyang, who Space initially supported over all of us, convinced us that if we were removed, /leftypol/ would likely be taken in an ideological direction we would find unacceptable.

To emphasise, Pyongyang was not merely part of a different leftist sect, as our mod team comprises a wide range of tendencies, but was arguably a full blown reactionary that reverted our actions in secret while creating a /troon/ board that was set to become a haven for idpol and stupidpol-esque rhetoric. Pyongyang eventually stepped down on his own when it became clear that he was not enjoying the support of the users, with Space refusing to take action to remove him.

During these last months we have run the site as usual and attempted to hide the tension between us and Space (though it has been noticed occasionally by some users). In the past month or so, Space has become more involved with the site for personal reasons, which we viewed as a welcome development. We always hoped that we would eventually we able to reason with Space and convince him to hand over access to the site to us, and it made solving routine issues much easier for him to be involved. That said, we continued work on the backup site.


Recently, Space was approached by a person on Twitter who asked if he could be given ownership over the hidden board, /dead/. Space agreed to this without consulting us, which we viewed as an overreach. While it is true that /dead/ was on the site before /leftypol/ was, we the /leftypol/ mods have taken over 95% of the day to day running of the site in the time since migration. The vast majority of activity on Bunkerchan has taken place in the relatively short time since we have moved here.

To make a long story short, our opposition made Space suspicious and led to him discovering the existence of our conspiracy. Space had arranged a closed meeting between the admins of the site, and was stonewalling communications with us. This led to a group of the moderators deciding to make the split public with the original version of this post. We originally predicted that following this meeting there was a possibility that the board could be taken out of our hands and given to outside actors, which turned out to be the case. Space was not interested in negotiation and demanded the removal of four mods who had been involved in the conspiracy including an admin. In addition, he would only give server access to a ‘loyalist’ admin who was rarely involved with /leftypol/ since the migration.

We, the moderators of /leftypol/, decided we would not be divided and conquered by Space and stood together in solidarity. Therefore, Space removed around 20 moderators who were members of the conspiracy, along with a few new mods who were not aware of it. Therefore, we have decided to continue our tenure at leftypol.org and we hope that you will join us on this journey, though it will ultimately be up to you. This was not the outcome that anyone wanted and it is not the one that we wanted. This site is not ready for use in many ways and we are aware of its current limitations, but our hand was forced by an infiltrator revealing the full extent of our planning to Space. Perhaps there will be some reconciliation in future but at present we have to assume that will not happen.


Our first priority will be to bring this site up to feature parity with bunkerchan and to make the user experience similar. We still have a long way to go in this respect and we are aware of the many missing features and conveniences that have not been carried over. The technical team is working hard to improve the site as quickly as they can while the other mods work on non-coding tasks. Eventually we will try to surpass bunkerchan by adding features which have been requested for many months.

Secondly, we will determine the status of /GET/ and /ref/. Their administration is currently convening to decide whether they will remain on Bunkerchan, move to this board, or move to their own bunker at GETchan.net. They have unfortunately been suffering their own split which is partly attributable to the situation on Bunkerchan, and we hope it will come to an amicable conclusion for everyone. We wish the /GET/ community success wherever they choose to reside.

Thirdly, we want to create a more open and community-centred style of moderation and decision making. We will host a public monthly discussion with each other and the userbase where we discuss the running of the board, what is working well and what might not be, changes we wish to see, new priorities and plans, and so on. The first of these should happen soon so that we can gather feedback about the current situation.

Fourth, we need to consider our current situation and what we could do differently in the future. As I outlined above, this outcome was not what anyone wanted and we need to try to make more harmonious decisions in future. We should never allow ourselves to be put into the situation which occurred on Bunkerchan again, where we are at the mercy of one person. To that end, we are going to explore the best ways to share power and responsibility among the administration/moderation team and perhaps even the users as we experiment with direct democracy.

Fifth, we will try to explore ways to end the current split. We know it is not a positive development and we understand that it hurts our community. To this end, we will attempt to retain positive relations with Bunkerchan as part of a unified webring, and examine possible diplomatic solutions to the split. We are open to a reconciliation but of course there are terms that we would expect to be met and of course Space and the new administration of Bunkerchan is likely to have their own conditions. For now, we have both agreed to leave a sticky advertising each other’s boards in our respective /leftypol/s.

Finally, we will update our manifesto and rules to reflect the new situation. This will be a relatively simple but time consuming effort and is not a priority. For now we would ask users to simply use their common sense, rules that refer to ‘bunkerchan’ should be read as applying to ‘leftypol.org’, and so on.

I would like to once again thank you all for your patience in the current times. We will try to modify this topic to keep updated with current events.

With love, the moderation team