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Moderation thread

Come dispute bans, complain, and other such things related to /leftypol/ here. Please try not to spam this thread or make multiple posts on the same issue, as this makes it harder for us to respond to issues.


last one reached max replies
R: 147 / I: 137


There are some new banners at >>212019

Can you guys please add?
R: 117 / I: 5
it's been up for over 20 min on /siberia/
R: 15 / I: 4


uh, why the fuck is MISATO deleting pictures from my posts? Is picrel officially banned on /leftypol/ or something?
R: 24 / I: 4
I hate reactionaries, man. I fucking hate them.
I hate the way they slither around everywhere trying to "JQ" everyone. It's so fucking cynical and evil.
I thought as I grew older I'd simmer down about wanting to kill every Nazi on earth, but I didn't. In fact with years of life experience my hatred has grown stronger, my contempt more profound. If I found out one of my neighbors was a Nazi smearing his propaganda all over the internet I'd kill him (in minecraft). I'd go to prison just to know one less Nazi walked the earth (in Sim City 2).

I mean, just look at the posts in picrelated. Take a moment to think about how slimy this is, to try and bait-and-switch people into your fucked up cult of jew hate by appealing to the proletarian revolution. The cowardice of it all. God. Fuck.
R: 43 / I: 3

Mod Meetings Summary

I forgotten where I kept the June meeting notes, so I decided to just post all meeting notes from here on out.

Derail this thread at your own peril. I will not play nice like the other mods.

Meeting Report 03/07/22

New Moderation Drive to be determined soon. To ease burden on active members

-Make mod posts in LATAM and Africa threads to encourage applicants from these regions as their NA and EU counterparts are most active
-Must be done before American Midterms really begins to counter the flood of new users in NA region

Finalization of Ban Lengths.

-Have a range of timings for different bans to give some leeway
-Create a catergory based on severity
-If ban is made outside the range, the rest of the mod team must be informed and justified.
-High Pirority, to be finished before new mods come in
-Another Video Call Meeting?

Mods Present
Krates Comet Sindikat Caballo мμμ
R: 16 / I: 1
Why is there no thread on /leftypol/ about the United Auto Workers strike
R: 23 / I: 5
What happened to this site? it is barely populated compared the user count a few years ago, or compared to bunkerchan/8chan
R: 0 / I: 0

petition to filter lickspittle to basedspittle

R: 19 / I: 1 (sage)

china stance mod team

Just looking for clarification here, this has happened on multiple occasions from the multipolarism thread to the taiwan thread, is it the official stance of the mod team that we can't criticize China? any even vaguely anti china comments are deleted almost immediately for no reason.
R: 17 / I: 4
The anti-sectarian rule on this board is problematic. There are too many libs calling themselves "socialists" and yet they reject Marxism-Leninism outright in favour of liberal theory. You can see this most in the multipolarity threads. There needs to be a board, or even leftypol needs to undo the anti-sectarianism rule, in order for us to get to the root of how these anti-Marxist libshits think. Otherwise they have free reign to smear every anti-imperialist force as fascist and imperialist based on "muh capitalism" which spits in the face of the continuation of Marxist-Leninist theory which cemented imperialism as a definite phenomenon in the contemporary age.
R: 2 / I: 0
So, what's the official stance on the two competing PRC threads on /leftypol/? Is one going to be locked or are they both going to continue to co-exist?
R: 9 / I: 2
Can the mods please implement a minimum word requirement on all boards (including /siberia/)
It will greatly improve the quality of discussions
R: 26 / I: 0
Filter "lumpen" to "-oomer" pls
R: 16 / I: 0

Zigger vs Both Sider Arguement Containment Thread

I understand that mods like encouraging theoretical debates, and I understand that the war is slow and that "happenings" don't happening often, but over the past few threads Zigger vs both siders bickering seem to be reaching about 85 to 90% of the /ukraine/ thread content.
See following threads for examples:
It seems pretty ridiculous considering most of this "content" is just rephrasing of the same few talking points that have been talked to death over the course of a year. Maybe early on exposure to these talking points may sway people to ziggerism or both-sidism, but after a year no one is going to be changing sides anymore and this debate is largely redundant imo.

Obviously I don't want to ban debate about multi-polarity vs socialism, but having to shift through 80 paragraphs just to find information about developing events about the war is annoying to say the least. I propose a separate thread to this debate so that the /Ukraine/ thread can be more orientated to the actual war and a seperate containment thread for those who want to waste there time writing 30000 word essays that will not change anyone's opinion

<but anon that will make the actual /ukraine/ thread really slow

imo thats desirable, less shifting through essays so you can find what you want

pic unrelated
R: 19 / I: 5

Promotion Opportunity?

To to mod who runs the Twitter (misato I believe). Here’s a chance for promotion lol. Qrt or reply should suffice. I would probably put something dumb like “We remember 😉”. Also a May Day tweet should be made today maybe
R: 7 / I: 0
Can I ask, what's the rationale for having different boards, when most are barely used? /akm/ and /tech/ for example?

As for /siberia/, what's the point?
R: 14 / I: 1
Anyone know what happened to Leftypedia? Just checked in just now and all I got is this:
R: 9 / I: 1
what is it about leftypol that makes it the best imageboard BY FAR????? is it the genitally gifted mods??????? is it the lovely schizo-autistic posters?????????
R: 13 / I: 5
it should be renamed to /incel/ or /relationshipwhining/
R: 3 / I: 1 (sage)


really mods? You fucking delete every single post in the multipolarism thread?

Is it the official stance of /leftypol/ now to support multipolarism? is H*z still banned?

What the fuck. Mods nuked like half the posts just because im not sucking putins dick
R: 9 / I: 0
proposal to create a /wave/ board for handpicked "general" thread's, geopolitical generals, and news anon threads.
proposal to create a second /leftypol/ board and a second /edu/ board.
proposal to extend the max page number the /leftypol/ and /edu/ board we currently have.
proposal to create a archive.moe but for leftypol.
proposal to create some special archiving for threads like the wikiglow thread.
R: 3 / I: 0



why is my anti third worldist thread saged? is this officially a third worldist/multipolarista site now?
R: 5 / I: 1

Bar Placement of /siberia/

Make /siberia/ the last of all clickable boards on the bar, preferably the last clickable thing
Because its name is siberia, therefore it should be the furthest away point in terms of boards if you think about it
>but thats stupid and would be pointless
It'd be funny and maybe when someone decides to go there, they might see the rest of the boards and be tempted. Also it would be funny
That is all, thank you. I hope you take it into consideration
R: 18 / I: 6

IRC bridge

>Matrix jannies banned the IRC bridge again
what gives?
R: 0 / I: 0
hello, I'm the maker of the thread about my WORLD-CHANGING game, Demolish or Die, on /games/. Thanks for sticking it ❤❤❤❤❤, but I just wanted to say that i won't be sad if you unstick it, since it's taking a lot of space and all.
R: 71 / I: 7

Link eRegime's new /marx/ on the top navigation + "Our Friends" on the home page

I'm seeking to get this done so Ismail's reference desk board/forum is more visible and connected to this site.
I got his consent for it: http://eregime.org/index.php?showtopic=17379&st=2130&#entry300560
This is the link to the overall subforum: http://eregime.org/index.php?showforum=719

I raised this in the /leftypol/ Congress matrix room and nobody took issue with it.
In case somebody doesn't know who Ismail is and why this change would be helpful: on 8chan he was the board owner for an associated board called /marx/ where he would answer questions random anons would ask him about Marxism. He also posted books that he uploads scans of to the Internet Archive.
Here's a sample of threads from 8chan's /marx/: https://web.archive.org/web/*/https://8ch.net/marx/res/*
/marx/ was also previously linked on the old BO administration's list of associated boards.
R: 3 / I: 1


What the literal fuck is up with jannies nowdays? I've had half a dozen threads deleted out of nowhere in a week. If you have to do this at least lock it with a warning message explaining why the fuck shit gets deleted for no reason. at this point /siberia/ is becoming better than /leftypol/
R: 15 / I: 0

Should we have a /lit/ board?

I want an internet community to discuss literature on but I hate Reddit and 4/lit/ is like staring directly at the Elephant's Foot for your brain unless you just stick to the wiki recommendations. Would anyone else want a lefty /lit/ for book discussions or are >>>/hobby/ or >>>/edu/ good enough?
R: 381 / I: 349

/leftypol/ flags

ITT retrieve old and currently-missing /leftypol/ flags that would be good to add back.
I found the Technocrat and snibetti snab flags. I know the Anarcho-Transhumanism flag is missing and I want to find it and have it added back if possible (t. anarcho transhumanist anon). Pics related

P.S. the "Athiesm" flag is misspelled, it's spelled Atheism.
R: 52 / I: 2
Ban incels on sight. They have literally everywhere else on the internet to tap out their white noise screeds.
R: 4 / I: 0
>Created a new -15287 seconds ban on /leftypol/ for xxxx (#20328) with reason: Excessively low-quality posting. You will never post here again
Noticed this in the mod logs yesterday. How is a negative time ban even possible? Wouldn't it be pointless because negative time is time that happened before the event? It's some 4D Interstellar shit.
R: 1 / I: 0

Jannies explain yourselves

>someone makes a thread below the minimum character limit for /leftypol/ >>427214
>it gets moved the /leftypol/ even though it's low effort because it's too serious
R: 0 / I: 0
Can we have a serious discussion about the me on the left right up down threads? We've been over this 10 thousand times but you refuse to contain him to one thread.
R: 7 / I: 0



why did you bastard jannies delete my thread asking about the classics? what rule did that violate?
R: 23 / I: 4  
we should have a /vt/ board. /vt/ board in 4chan and other 4chlike are filled with generic weaboo chinabad ppl you found in non western country and their more normie like kinds. we should make a alternatives site for discussing vtubing and its culture without the chinabad vibes
R: 392 / I: 76


I am resigning as a developer, sysop and moderator of Leftypol.

I'll keep the OP short, blog post inside. There are a few reasons, the main one is I am completely demotivated to prolong the decline of this site. There is a major contradiction between much of the mod team and /leftypol/. My time is better spent elsewhere.

I have no interest in returning until these contradictions are resolved. Resolving them would require harsh and uncomfortable decisions by people unlikely to make them, so I have no confidence it will happen.

Sorry to all the users who had no real power to prevent this. It's not your fault.1
R: 20 / I: 4
Why is thingnoticer getting banned every single post even on absolutely innocuous posts like this? No actual reason except "im triggered 🤡"
This mod team is ridiculous, fragile beyond belief. As soon as they see its his IP he would probably be banned even for posting "hello" or something.
R: 4 / I: 0
What did they mean by this?
R: 3 / I: 1
do something abot radlibs and everyone who use the word denier/apologia/etc and everyone who did not like clearing stalin's name.

also etc things like this. i want to make a thread
R: 14 / I: 6

literally 1984

Edited posts should have that little disclaimer at the bottom that they have been edited, like on every other imageboard. Mods should stop making their edits look like it is the original post, it's disgusting.
R: 11 / I: 2 (sage)

Banning from all boards is stupid #2

The original thread got saged for some reason. >>25574

It happened again, for the third time now, that I was banned from all boards based on a falsehood.
The first time was for alledged ban-evasion, the second supposed "low-effort" posting and the third for "spam IP".
The first case was luckily reversed. The second one's appeal was denied, where I had to wait, till it expired (24 hours) and the third would have meant a ban for 22 weeks!!!

This is insanely excessive! I would have had no means to communicate to the staff that this ban was wrong, since I'd be banned from /meta/ too.
I have to ask again, why such severe bans are thrown around utterly recklessly. WTF?!?
Banning from all boards is shitbrained. At least keep the option for people to file a complaint in /meta/ for the high possibility of getting unfairly banned!

Could the mods get a grip please? I was banned after just the first post today.

This is absurd. HOLY SHIT!
R: 5 / I: 0
Should we make an embassy thread on /leftypol/ for reddiphile refugees
R: 36 / I: 4
I just want to draw everyone's attention to how absurdly based leftypol's developers are for making the site completely functional without running Javascript.

A site that's usable without JS is the absolute gold standard for knowing that the devs actually like and respect the users.

Thank you based devs
R: 1 / I: 0
please let us delete our own threads if the thread isnt older than a few minutes and doesnt have over 3 replies
R: 15 / I: 2
R: 1 / I: 0
The mods NEED to intervene.
R: 8 / I: 0
can we have a /test/ board? i wanna try out some formatting stuff and see what works.
it can be text-only i guess.

(im not sure if the formatting shown in the pic still works or not)
R: 996 / I: 123 (full)

Site Moderation Thread

Come dispute bans, complain, and other such things related to /leftypol/ here. Please try not to spam this thread or make multiple posts on the same issue, as this makes it harder for us to respond to issues.

R: 2 / I: 0
I just looked, out of the first 100 (or more) of the non-general threads on /leftypol/, my thread has the 2nd most posts (after the Wolff one that has been up for longer.

You got fooled into killing one of the most active threads. 🤡
R: 3 / I: 1
>banned from all boards
>for being a Nazi
holy shit if it's either pasquale or wvobbly who banned me, this will be the 6th time I've been banned for nonsense by those two.
What is the rationale? What's the point of posting here if you can get banned for so little reason?
What did I do that qualifies me as a nazi? Please, can caballo or someone else explain this to me? Pasq and Wvobly is just gonna say some vague ass shit like "ban evading" or "spam" and be done with it.
R: 5 / I: 0
Just got a ban as a hazite on all boards which 1 isn't a rule and 2 you're only supposed to ban me from the board in question for something like this so I can appeal in /meta/ theme the tools iirc

for posting → >>>/leftypol/1457651
and saying haz posted something not embarrassing for once

This is utterly hilarious given earlier I'd decided to tone down the lumpen bashing after seeing a has tweet slamming lumpens because haz's opinions are in general embarrassing and wrong as a rule of thumb

So which one of you is powertripping?
R: 29 / I: 5
Can we bring back the soyjak general thread on /siberia/ so people will stop complaining about the no-frog/soy rule?
R: 105 / I: 4

Forced anonymity

Let's talk about forced anon.

Why force anon?
Anonymity provides many benefits that other leftist communities don't provide.
>drama reduction
>removal of prejudice in responses, removing many potential causes of fallacious arguments (conscious or otherwise)
Users taking on identities encourages negative behaviors.

There are some potential cases where an identity might be appropriate within a single thread, but users taking board-wide identities are antithetical to the strengths of this site. Their identity serves no purpose but to satisfy the ego.

<b-but muh leftytrash community!

Take it to GETchan, Matrix or just have namefaggotry on /siberia/ only. There are many, many communities purpose-built for those values. This should not be one of them.
R: 7 / I: 1

Filter by flag

I think that the devs should implement filtering a user by flags on the board. Is that possible?
R: 7 / I: 2

Can we get a summary of the factions within the mod team?

For the sake of transparency and entertainment.
R: 26 / I: 3
Some nights leftypol is so shit that I just pretend to be a clueless retard (no, not a fascist) just for shits and giggles.
Does anyone else do this?
R: 21 / I: 1
All the retards are crawling out! I officially declare 07:00 AM GMT as the hour where posts have the worst quality and also the hour when all mods are asleep.
R: 8 / I: 0
Word Filter Proposals: Marketing Terms Edition

(Post(ing/ed) (on/to) Social Media > Post(ing/ed)) Online
((Browse/Scroll)(ing/ed) (on/to) Social Media > Surf(ing/ed)) The Web
Influencer(s) > Sales(person/people)
Tweet(ing/ed) > Post(ing/ed)
Re(tweet/blog)(ing/ed) > Boost(ing/ed)
Content > Post
Content Creator > Poster
YouTuber/TikToker > Videographer
The Algorithm > Search Engine Optimization

Any more suggestions?
R: 49 / I: 8

Leftypol is objectively the best website in the world

Leftypol is objectively the best website in the world

It is easily demonstrable by a negative definition, follow this, what are the other websites? 4chan, Reddit, Facebook, Instagram, Tiktok, whatever. Internet is mostly three American arms dealer in a trench coat anyway. Give me just one website that is better than leftypol. I’m waiting.

I was surprised too when I came to this conclusion, but I accepted it and so will you. Leftypol is the best website in the world (objectively).
R: 7 / I: 0

On self-moderation

This is a discussion thread about the concepts of community self-moderation and self-curation, how they can apply to this site, and its interaction with the extent of staff-enforced 'quality control' (deleting reactionaries, idpol, derails, etc.)
There's pages of other threads for other topics so don't derail it with 'jannies should/nt ban [x]'.

I believe a discussion community should ideally be capable of self-moderating. There are some obstacles to this, and I want to ask what they are, which can be solved, and how it can be achieved.

1) Why curate?
In a sentence, so that the catalogs aren't filled with or endorsing 'the same thread every week', reactionary shitposts, idpol bait topics and other generally-unwanted or quality-degrading topics.
Most of the community consider this a detraction from insightful threads getting attention, a welcome sign to unwelcome users, or simply a bad experience. Too much of this, and the users leave and the site essentially dies.

1) b. Why self-curate?
In a list:
>so that the site isn't reliant on random volunteer jannies to stop the above from happening
>so that jannies can be told with confidence to not curate topics that currently would just sit at the top of the site all day if they didn't
>so that a raid when jannies aren't online isn't paralyzing for hours

2) Tools of self-moderation
Online forums have different methods of self-moderation. Some sites like reddit are famous for a straight-forward, direct curation method of user-voting: a thread must be pushed up less than it is pushed down to continue being promoted. This is moderation based on approval.
Imageboards and forums use a 'bump' system: unless explicitly instructed otherwise, a post will rise all the way to the top whenever a reply is made. This is moderation based on attention.
Both styles have their pros and cons. With the bump system, for example, any approval raises threads to the top equally, which promotes attention to unpopular/slow yet positive threads. On the other hand, disapproval tends to promote threads. This is evident when a 'bait' thread stays at the top despite most posters considering it a bad thread, leading people to request moderator intervention as a drizzle of users disputing to the thread or two autists arguing keep it stuck to the top of the site.

On an imageboard, the bump system is the core method of user-controlled curation. There are also some malicious tactics such as Papiezposting (essentially flooding a thread with spam to prevent discussion) which is an easy way to get banned on any forum with a semblance of quality control. Others are social (such as memetic) rather than mechanical, which generally has little potency in an anonymous forum until there's a higher participation rate.
There are also personal moderation tools like filters and hiding, although this doesn't have a direct effect on what the site overall gives attention to.

3) Obstacles to self-moderation
>lack of awareness and participation
Due to the asymmetry of the bump system, if you don't bump but five other mad people do every minute, it's invalidated.
>>>new users
See above.
Impulsive users see something they disagree with and think they have to respond. In you're not helping and your not having fun, why reply?
>believing sage helps
Saging is a false god when used in disagreement: it still prompts a response that almost certainly will be a bump. Saging is useful when you think your post doesn't warrant the thread being raised, when your post doesn't prompt a reply, or when the site is fast enough to handle counter-bumping.
>malicious self-bumping
This is largely invalidated by this site's rule against samefagging.

4) Methods of self-moderating a bump system
The most effective thing you can do to promote a better board is to bump existing threads with good posts the prompt positive discussion. Make good threads worth posting in. Create original content or effortposts if you can. Just saying 'bump' is a shitpost that doesn't really help beyond a few seconds. There's 36 pages of threads, surely there are ten good ones you can contribute to.
Secondly, raise awareness. Drive-by thread-shitters and impulsive bait-bitters caught in a thread don't realize they're keeping what they hate at the top of the site so that it will stay there longer. You don't need to get caught up in a conversation and contribute to the bumping, just notify and leave.
Thirdly, don't be part of the problem. Don't reply to obvious shitposts that anyone with a brain-stem can see the issues with. Simple enough.
If you must express disapproval, then don't even give them something to reply to and start a fight. Post your favorite laughing reaction image and ignore.

But we can't do that! We need jannies to delete bait because 10 people will take it!
I've seen sites self-moderate. I've seen places where a /pol/ flame won't get more than one reply and sink off the bottom. It's usually in slow places distant from 4chan IHM culture who have dealt with enough shit-and-run baiters to have to have learnt how to deal with them if they don't want to go to shit
There are reasons why we don't have that culture right now: people used to other sites who never considered this, a mutual pessimism that resistance is futile due to other bait-takers, a lack of awareness and any community culture, narrow-sightedness, all kinds of things.

But the great thing about a community is that culture can and will change if the people in it want it to.

this post dedicated to the lazloposter, i hope they're still here
R: 37 / I: 3

/hangout/ thread on main board

I know half of you will freak out because its me saying it, but could we have a thread on the main board that is just for people to hang out in, post random shit, generally talk about things, not necessarily politics related but obviously there will be a lot of crossover. Like Matrix/fbi.gov but you don't have to sign in an all that junk. Just a thread for banter and shitposting. Yes technically there is a whole board for that on /b/ but i feel a fast hangout thread would be better. Also whatever happening thread is happening and ITG end up defacto being this anyways, so it might free those threads up a bit.
R: 1 / I: 0
thanks for making my animal election fred sticky mods (more like gods) xoxoxoxoooxooxo ❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤
R: 27 / I: 4

New reforms for /meta/

Hello everyone, we have decided to take some measures to try to make /meta/ more productive - first of all, all posts by mods wil now be identified by mod tag (preferably) or by putting mod in the name field if needed. This will also apply on all other site management threads. Individual mod names will be optional. We hear the criticisms that have been levelled on this issue and we apologise that it has taken some time to take this action.

In addition we would like /meta/ to be a more productive space in general, so please try to post suggestions for improvement rather than blanket criticisms. We may move ban appeals into a dedicated thread in order to reduce the amount of new topic clutter. I hope that we will be able to introduce more reforms soon but this is an important first step. In addition, recruitment of new moderators to give some new blood is continuing apace currently. Please bear with us for more improvements!
R: 48 / I: 6
Filter please. Seems to be the same person too spamming it


Tulcel > Trotskyite
R: 0 / I: 0
Off topic is a lame incel hangout spot now, and offtopic boards in general are just a bad idea
R: 4 / I: 0
R: 0 / I: 0

Matrix chat

Why does the matrix chat don’t work when I open it on element? When I click “join” it says “you were not invited to this room”
R: 5 / I: 1
So are you making any attempts to ban "tulcel" spammer or are you just letting them be? Is Tulcel spammer, a thing noticer equivalent, or are you just letting them spam for shits and giggles?
R: 7 / I: 0

Why are mods like this?

>overmoderate because the rules are so subjective that something just has to bad for discourse to be removed, and even then 'mods are always right'
>smugly bitch at a user saying you don't curate and they should go to reddit
Why are you smug redditoid glowholes like this? To any mods who aren't like this, why do you support this? Stockholm syndrome?

BTW where did the thread on NPA's attack on AFP go to? This site is radioactive
R: 52 / I: 3
So shilling the site on Reddit does work…
Now we have to keep shilling and bring Russian communists from VK.
R: 18 / I: 0 (sage)
When did the mods on this site become the same stick-in-the-butt-leftism-is-a-secret-treehouse types as the reddit mods?

Like, wasn't one of the key moments in leftypol history the Catgirl meme war, where we established that pictures aren't inherently reactionary?

Weren't the original principles of this forum of ours that unlike every other "leftist" space on the internet, we don't take the bad faith "everyone is a reactionary unless they prove they aren't" path to community building. Don't we believe that "open discourse and shitposting is a superior pedagogy to strictly moderating and banning potential comrades for not towing an increasingly strict line of things that will lead to instant bans?

I've been in the meta room on Matrix, and it essentially functions exactly how you'd expect it to: Mods and their sycophants acting like they are above everything and not wanting to dissent, because the logic of these spaces is always:

>If you disagree that we should ban someone for X, then that must mean you support/defend X.

And no one wants to be that person who criticises the process for fear of being labelled a reactionary themselves.

Clearly something has gone wrong in the process. I propose a "Poster's Union Thread" where only non-mods and janitors may post. Would the moderators agree to that?
R: 6 / I: 0
why was i banned and my post deleted, but my ban isn't in the logs.
R: 7 / I: 0
I've been banned twice now for no discernible reason. all it tells me is that I was banned the exact moment I tried to post something and that I cannot post for another week, I could understand if I did something against the rules but I haven't even been told why that is so I don't know what to correct or stop doing.
R: 49 / I: 17

Leftybooru Feedback Thread

This thread is for feedback, suggestions, complaints, questions etc. regarding leftybooru, the main image repository used by /leftypol/


Leftybooru FAQ and Rules:
R: 22 / I: 2


Why was my anti natalism thread deleted?

is anti natalism banned on leftypol now?
R: 4 / I: 0
Four pages of this is fucking absurd, and only some are related to Alunya. I think its time we put of foot down and tell Grace Anon that the booru is not a storage area for them and we will delete anything grace related not related to Alunya/leftypol. It floods the booru and makes it so that you have to go through several pages to browse it for leftypol OC
R: 4 / I: 0
This website needs a travel board
R: 10 / I: 0

A proposal on Tor Posting.

I think that the Tor posting should be allowed again but Tor user cannot post images or create threads and must complete a CAPTCHA before posting.
R: 107 / I: 9  
What actually prompted the soyjak ban? Was it really just the "bussiness proposal" thread? Popular demand? The soy machine from 2020? Or was it just mods powertripping?
R: 4 / I: 1

subvert.io - a great place to work.

"Hi I'm a team leader at subvert.io private intelligence agency. It's a great place to work. I have unlimited access to the latest and greatest GPT bots, 30 analysts and 100 junior shitposters….I mean posting colleagues. We contract to the government agencies, the other government agencies, psycho right wing billionaires, university research departments, gulf monarchs and overseas governments too. We like to say there's no forum too obscure to penetrate, control, embrace and neuter!"

What structures are in place to make sure that I'm not wasting my time posting on some kind of controlled truman show illusion?

Like, wouldn't it be best practice for the weblord or whatever to post daily stats and analysis of site data and posting patterns? What would be best practice for a anonymous left imageboard in 2022 to make sure important customers like me aren't wasting their time?

Need some reassurance before I can love again.
R: 1 / I: 0
quick question yall can delete this if theres a way to directly ask the mods this kind of thing but what happend to that one bread about the white working class? in not upset or anything im jusst curious I was gone for like 2 hours max n that shit was gone. did some crazy shit happen?

R: 9 / I: 1
>Options field is a dropdown menu with a single option
Do the devs know there's checkboxes for that?
R: 9 / I: 3
The eternal internal debate of whether to tell some retard to fuck off and risk derailing the thread with a pointless "discussion" or just ignoring, hiding and reporting at the risk of newcomers seeing those posts and thinking they're acceptable behavior on leftypol.
R: 8 / I: 0
Why is the Matrix server not end to end encrypted?

Whoever has rights to this room should enable end to end encryption.

I understand that because there are around 300 users in the room at current count you might think that this doesn't give much security but actually it gives more than you think.

First of all if the users are using the public matrix .org server, and then that server is a counterparty and can read all of the messages. Why let them? And the same is true of any other public or semi public server.

And even in the case where it's a law enforcement who for whatever stupid reason wants to see, having them end to end encrypted makes the investigation more costly because they have to find somebody with the key who is willing to share it. That's not hard to do when you got 300 people to go through but it is definitely work and won't get done in an hour, probably has a turn around time around 6 for the feds.

Finally there is the point that ISPs can read all the messages. It's just not smart to leave it off
R: 5 / I: 1


>"Leftism" is a bad descriptor that reinforces the "left-right" garbage.
>"Anti-capitalism" is a more accurate, direct, and less vague descriptor.
petition to rename /leftypol/ to /nocappol/ frfr ong /shitpost
R: 2 / I: 0

I2P Address

This site needs an I2P address (eepsite)

It already has a .onion, now we need a .i2p

R: 21 / I: 9
wvoobly you utter fascist
why did you delete the laser posts in /usapol/
R: 3 / I: 3
peepees aren't even a right wing thing anymore, we fought long and hard and veiny to claim them for ourselves. why can i post peepees in my parasocial leftist streamers' chat but can't post them in here? this is literally george foreman's 1984

can we at least unban peepos? They're so cute :C
R: 28 / I: 3 (sage)

Banning from all boards is stupid

It happened for the second time, that I was banned from all boards based on a falsehood.
The first time was for alledged ban-evasion and the second supposed "low-effort" posting.
The first case was luckily reversed. The second one's appeal was denied, which is a first. I had to wait till my unfair ban expired to even post here (24 hours).
I find this all boards ban dangerous, extremely excessive in my cases and impractical. Especially the first one would have meant a 6 week ban if it weren't withdrawn. I would have had no means to communicate to the staff that this ban was wrong, since I'd be also banned from /meta/.
This wasn't the case in past bans for me, so I have to ask, why such severe punishment is being made for minor offenses now. In my cases, they weren't even justified. The appeal box only lets in very few characters to explain oneself, which I also find bad.

Apart from this, some mods seem to have a grudge against me, since pretty much 90% of my past bans were completely unjustified, and were always quickly reversed after my appeals.
I'd suggest you to look into this issue, because it seems some mods are abusing their power here. I've also seen this happen to other posters like IronFelix. His views in the Ukraine general aren't bad or rule-breaking by any means (from what I've seen, since mods delete posts without leaving any red texts like they used to), but only unpopular among Zisters, which leads to him getting banned all the time, while actual trolls remain for hours shitting up the thread. Sometimes, they even get a warning before banning for repeated rule violation.

This is ridiculous.
R: 1 / I: 0
Mainline KurobaEx support now please.
R: 2 / I: 0
a) When a new thread is made, do not delete the thread in the last position, and delete the least active thread (basically whichever thread has the oldest last reply)
b) Permasage cyclicals so they stop clogging the first page (they won't get deleted for being at the bottom thanks to A)
c) Automatically prune threads when they go X days without a reply, saged or not
d) Now channers will stop whining whenever sage is used too
e) Maybe increase reply limit to 1000 posts?
R: 4 / I: 0
Seriously a ban to the 25th just for that?
R: 3 / I: 0
can you guys start banning people who are clearly arguing in bad faith and shit up a thread for several posts
if you cant because that means more work for you then i understand
R: 8 / I: 3
why is the default css a boring generic "dark theme"
cant we have something distinctive as the main style
R: 4 / I: 2 (sage)
why are there so many pedophiles on this website
R: 6 / I: 1
should the war on soyjaks and poljaks go on? Poll: https://strawpoll.com/polls/kogjkk5dPZ6

I just want to see how popular this policy is
R: 0 / I: 0
Why are imageboard posters who only know about 4chin so scared of post IDs
R: 21 / I: 2

Why do the mods sage all remotely interesting threads on this board?

This is supposed to be a borderline anarchical place for anons to meaninglessly shitpost in their spare time. But it feels like if a thread goes 'off-script' and becomes too volatile it gets nuked or saged instantly and any potential for interesting conversation dies with it.

Where's the fun in that?
R: 611 / I: 107 (full)
>Leftypol can barely maintain an average IP count above 300 now.
R: 9 / I: 0
Why did me thread get deleted? I spent 9001 hours making the image :C
R: 4 / I: 0
is SEX a leftypol meme? how did it happen
R: 33 / I: 1
what happened to /gulag/?
R: 257 / I: 62 (sage)

On the protection of native board culture

In order to further the production of native OC or other under-utilised memes, it is proposed to ban the following types of meme templates from /siberia/ (this may be extended to the entire board if the experiment is successful):

- Soyjak (excluding poljak)
- Pepe
- Wojak
- Chadface
- Stacy (etc)

The ban would only apply to content posted after the rule comes into effect. The punishment would be a simple deletion or short ban for repeat/egregious offenders. The rationale for the change is that these memes are incredibly tired and many of them are outright reactionary, and they allow /pol/ to have rent free real estate in all of our heads. They are derivative and dull and they stifle the production of any new material or effort posting and the like. This change is only a proposal at this point so please make your thoughts known (PS: posting these memes in response to this post is expected and will only prove the point so have fun).
R: 3 / I: 1
Please devs, do this
R: 4 / I: 0 (sage)
Can mods acknowledge this instead of banning me? I don't want to make a thread talking about this if you're going to ban and delete me immediately, so I want to know genuinely why whoever banned me thinks talking about the left-ride divide being obsolete is a /pol/ position. Before any unnecessary confusion arises, left-right divide being obsolete does not mean
>Communsts and anti-communists don't exist
>Imperialists and anti-imperialists don't exist
>Fascism doesn't exist
So if you genuinely still believe that this topic is "/pol/", at the very least explain why and justify your ban. That way I don't waste my time making a thread talking about whatever I wanted to talk about if you're just going to ban and delete in the end.
R: 3 / I: 0
Are you guys ever setting up a dedicated matrix server that doesn't depend on matrix.org? I could let you use my home server if you want. The main matrix server is kinda sus.
R: 2 / I: 0
tfw no lefty /fa/ board
R: 5 / I: 0
Post on alt or I will kill myself
R: 2 / I: 0
the word "russian saboteur" should get filtered to "kicycle."
R: 24 / I: 2
Bring back the degenera(tes?|cy) => fun wordfilter.
R: 4 / I: 0
why did my thread get deleted? :C
R: 1 / I: 0
We seem to be getting flooded with surveys. Any idea who's behind it?
So it's
>>>/siberia/357481 (highjacked)

Are these connected, and what can we do to cost them money?
R: 4 / I: 1
disabling tor killed the side boards lmao
R: 11 / I: 1


R: 3 / I: 0
what up!!!!!!!!!!!!
I was banned because of the following scribbles: (i'm not ban evading, i have a dynamic IP)

>>349722 VERY COOL!!!!!!!!!!!! i done it, i groomed someone into becoming a furry!!!!!

>>349724 what are you going to stuff it with
>>349727 these are rly impressive, but it's not my thing, i think they look spooky. it'd be fun to use them to scare ppl though
>buy/steal a murrsuit
>groom someone into becoming a furry
>do the SÉX
>>349737 ver
yc ool

i used the word "grooming" as a hyperbole in bad taste, which made it look like I'm a reactionary or something. I said something along those lines as a ban appeal, but I don't know if I got unbanned with my appeal, because of my dynamic IP. Anyway, i just wanted to know if we good. we good, mods!?!?!?!?!?
R: 5 / I: 0

May I suggest adding a little ID next to users in threads?

Just like on the original /pol/ (gross I know) (pic related) the ID is a random short string of letters and numbers used in one thread and then never again.

If the mods/admins could implement such a feature, that would be very cool.

Thank you very much for all the work that ya'll do.
R: 2 / I: 0
Can I get the dark red theme css so I can use it on other altchans?
R: 3 / I: 1
most of leftypol disagrees with liberalsim this is shown in the mods need to delete entire threads
R: 10 / I: 2
Party chinlets planning raid or something
R: 1 / I: 0

i found this is my email lol

R: 9 / I: 0

Nice UI

Why is the email box now a dropdown menu with a SINGLE option? Either make it a checkbox or add a noko and noko+sage option, please.
R: 0 / I: 0
Delete /akm/ it's barbaric
R: 1 / I: 0

why dis


why is this thread saged, its a legitimate topic of discussion. The NU-jannies are really banhappy.
R: 0 / I: 0

wordfilter "woke" to "bourgeois"

wordfilter "SJW" and "woke" and "wokeoid" and "wokeist" to "bourgeois"

similar buzzwords too
R: 12 / I: 0

Why do people cite marx like the bible

People will source to marx, not to agree with him but to say "marx agreed with me so Im right" like tell why was marx/Lenin/etc right? (Don't tell me rn I know y) like the fact the term revisionism even exists as accusation is dumb (not to endorse things that are called revisionist). Marx isnt infallible
R: 5 / I: 0

Fed Astroturfing

I noticed a recent interaction that got me in the mood for a little rambling.

In the /prc/ China general there was someone who posted this link, https://twitter.com/CindyXiaodanYu/status/1597247427781984257?cxt=HHwWgoDQ9dWEyKosAAAA, to a video of protesters in China arguing with someone in a way that could be construed as coming from a pro-communist but anti-CPC tendency. The anonymous arguer says that the protests are sponsored by foreign agents and is replied to saying "what foreign agents?? Marx? Engels? Did foreign agents allow the fire to occur in the tower block? We can't even access the western internet we have no rights!"

Really, it's inconsequential. A group of random men with a megaphone, it's worthless to argue about. What is more important here is the behavior of the person who posted it. The post read "MAOIST WRECKERS BEHIND CHINA PROTESTS," and has the ban message from an admin saying "(astroturf IP) (potentially sussy amogus IP)," and in the replies are these messages which have also been linked to similar sussy IPs and banned -

It's unbelievable that in le West we need to remind "our comrades" that Marx literally advocated for building productive forces. It's in the fucking Communist Manifesto, btw.(I can see you ban evading buddy)

Glory to Mao. Glory to Mao Zedong thought. Glory to the Maoists of China and May they take over once more. Glory to the communes, glory to the red brigade. Down with the revisionists.(ban evading astroturf)

Notice the switching between differing tenancies wrapped in absurd flavored, cultish rhetoric. There are only two possibilities for what this person is; either a "glowie" or an anonymous hobbyist troll, and in that second possibility we could consider it a piece of art that draws to attention a potent astroturfing tactic that we've seen used before - the creating of cultist fringe tendencies within the communist movement that from a new reader gives off an air of insanity, of cultish frothing, spewing terms from marxist theory six per sentence whilst creating internal divisions within the communist community to generate internal battles between groups of people who, even though having differing opinions on what is "good or bad," still agree on the materialist analysis of what is going on in the real world.

If this actually was a glowie astroturfer (and an inexperienced new hire), then the implication that we are worthy enough to troll is quite flattering. This video is quite a good example of fringe-group infighting https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=HtubShygZUs. I am also sure than anyone on here who has been obsessed with the communist users on twitter at any point will remember maoists and their public talk of attacking infrastructure and other LARP plans that would dismay the sorts of people we advocate for.

Everything you have ever said has been generated from everything you've ever heard. When you are around people you begin to have their style of speech and ideas slowly encroach into your own via human instinct. You are not immune from these people. Look what happened with the turncoats who ran off to LARP with Haz.
R: 16 / I: 3
>mods quietly deleted the dugin fascist thread
R: 5 / I: 0
Can you prune every thread on the slower boards that hasn't been bumped for a month? They're like graveyards
R: 1 / I: 0
I know someone on staff I believe is the New Multitude editor. To any passing mod/staff, are they active? I DM'd on Twitter about something but they haven't responded. Which fair they haven't been active on twitter for a few months? Is matrix the only way to contact them? Not familiar on how to get into the matrix, so I hadn't used it.
R: 259 / I: 41

New Roulette Topics

Hello everyone, we have discussed the possibility of restarting /roulette/ in our latest meeting, we have come up with some idea for your consideration:

/grass/ - Board for everything non internet/screen/media related, eg cooking, sports, fitness, making friends, drugs, whatever. Cause we could all use a bit less internet.

/life/ - Pretty much the same as above but about only 'lifestyle' topics like cooking etc.

/tv/ - Television board since there are multiple active TV topics on /hobby/ and the general has gone to 500.

/antianglo/ - Board where no English language is allowed


/antianglo/ - Board where nobody from the anglosphere is allowed (CANZUK+US) but English is allowed


/antianglo/ - Board where everyone is allowed but discussion of Anglosphere-related things is not allowed. Learn a bit about other cultures and so on.

Any other ideas also welcomed. Please let us know any feedback on these ideas or your suggestions.

As for /x/ we have decided not to create it as a board due to the lack of popularity during the original 30 day run. But maybe we can try some old board ideas again in the future.
R: 17 / I: 2
twitter.com should word filter to nitter.net so all /leftypol/ers can be directed to that front end instead of the main site whenever a twitter link gets posted to reduce potential data collection. It wont break any links just make them viewed by the front end. Using the url it also wont add an annoying needless confusing conversion of Twitter to Nitter. Twitter links get posted often. What this will do is help protect us from more invasive datamining from Twitter.
R: 0 / I: 0
We need more theory threads, less geopol threads.

What are you interested in learning?

What have you learned recently that perhaps you could answer some question about or talk generally about?
R: 17 / I: 7

Filter Ukkrainian city names

The Ukrainian spelling of cities, e.g. Kyiv, should be wordfiltered to the Russian spellings, e.g. Kiev.
R: 75 / I: 7

Tor service is broken

Also why are Tor clearnet exit nodes blocked anyway?
R: 2 / I: 0
there are too many fucking frogs in /siberia/
R: 12 / I: 4
I got banned for a week by the mod wvobbly without clear reason or explanation. All his message stated was 'pol', so I can't even know what actually caused the ban. I'm obviously not pol and have been here since the 8chan days, but if you really thought I was you could have simply checked my post history. Last thing I did before the ban was argue with an ancap on a very poor quality thread and I didn't break the rules
I was banned from /meta/ as well, and my appeal was denied. So I had no way to defend myself.

I'd like an explanation because from my perspective the ban and its length don't make sense, and this wvobbly is just handing out arbitrary bans.
R: 5 / I: 0

Ad Anon

Is there any way to advertise on this website? I’d like to advertise here
R: 4 / I: 1
How come some bans don't show up in the log? Are some mods using loopholes to sidestep transparency?

picrels: most recent example
R: 34 / I: 6

New flags added, new banners soon.

We hope you like them :)

Please continue to put flag requests in the thread on /meta/ and banners in the banner thread, we will try to be more active on adding these.
R: 5 / I: 0



why was i banned for this post… jannies are turning retarded just because you disagree with the premise doesn't mean i should be banned for it.

Is leftypol adopting some official ideological line i should be aware of?
R: 7 / I: 1

Iron Felix

See pic related. Putin retaliated with a massive missile strike on Ukrainian infrastructure. How long does Iron Felix have to deliver until he gets permabanned?
R: 6 / I: 1
This website used to be at least remotely interesting before the moderators scared anyone that wasn't a sadsack right wing incel away with their hardline pro-Russia position
Now that the war is coming to an impasse (or whatever, not keeping up with it), the place is basically dead
Even the big generals on /leftypol/ barely get regular bumps
For shame
Mods fucked over their own website
R: 36 / I: 7
Got banned on /leftypol/ for the reason "hysterics". I appealed it and it got denied. Please explain to me what was so hysterical about my post.
R: 7 / I: 1

Un-cycle Cuckraine General!

Mods asked a few days ago if that thread should be turned cyclic again. Despite the terrible results it caused in the past and the vast majority of anons expressing their opposition to it, the thread was made cyclic again anyway.
Now, the same issues have reappeared. The oldest posts now are only about 12 hours old. Many have expressed their dissatisfaction to this.
Considering the generally terrible moderation job in this thread regarding raiders and this completely moronic decision, it may be a good idea to investigate if moderation has been infiltrated with glowies. This development correlates with the recent recruitment for more mods.
Obviously un-cycle the /Ukraine/ General ASAP!
R: 29 / I: 3

West Virgin Rightoid

I was told that if I wanted to make a thread discussing the West Virgin(ia) rightoid, I had to do it here. This guy >>>/leftypol/972024 Basically, what the fuck is his deal? He comes here, supposedly for years, to get in the same old arguments. And he's obviously not here to troll because he writes paragraph after paragraph per thread, which is way to much effort for simple trolling. Common topics of his include:
>White fertility rates and the role Socialism DOESN'T have in maintaining them.
>Jewish Conspiracy/Question
>Supposedly being against capitalism and Socialism (muh third position bullshit)
>A fixation with trying to "disprove" Marxism
Common characteristics of his are:
>the odd as fuck spacing of his paragraphs
>cycling between the same pictures
Why the fuck does he do this, anyone know? What else does anyone know about him? This is not a doxx thread.
R: 9 / I: 1

Filter "AI" to "ML"

to explain the joke, ML stands for Machine Learning in this context
R: 1 / I: 0
Could you please make some disciplinary measures for the mod "wvobbly" or demote them? They are constantly abusing their power. You are apparently even aware of this behaviour (picrel). They unfairly banned me recently, which got revoked by a different mod, only to be banned again in the same manner by wvobbly a day later.
This is unacceptable.
R: 1 / I: 0

He who has the best dashboard wins.

If I'm gonna waste my life on this bored gimme some data on what influence campaigns are currently targeting it.

Each thread should have a dashboard with the number of current browsers, IPs of posters, posts per hour, all that shit.

At the very least there should be a daily activity report by mods on who they think is targeting the site that day and in what way. If you're not gonna protect our time and attention from glows and ops then what's the point?
R: 16 / I: 1


Hello. Im the BO of 8chan.moe/hispol

I want to ask if is possible to become partners, our community is rebuilding since our home (hispachan.org) was killed by AW admin.
R: 3 / I: 0

/meta/ full

>(one can very well have a discussion without reactionary garbage people, in fact it enhances the discussion)
Gimme the bounds of non-reactionary garbage discussion so I can know what not to say once I switch to the next VPN. What are opposing viewpoints that are not ban-worthy?

Are we discussing whether or not to give hormones and trans surgery to toddlers? What is an acceptable point of discussion?

Lol at getting banned in a thread talking about how the minority of 2SLGBTQIA+ sisters wrecking the orgs they're apart of. Doesn't seem so far removed from /leftypol/.
R: 171 / I: 57

Posting doesn't work for me

Or perhaps posting does, but I can't see the new posts.
R: 3 / I: 1
this has been deleted twice from /isg/
i thought it was a mistake the first time
R: 1000 / I: 93 (full)

Site Moderation Thread

Come dispute bans, complain, and other such things related to /leftypol/ here. Please try not to spam this thread or make multiple posts on the same issue, as this makes it harder for us to respond to issues.


Old Moderation Thread:
R: 7 / I: 1
Recommend removing (you) functionality to further disorientate and confuse the incoming kf rapefugees

This will make them more open to suggestion
R: 15 / I: 1
Wordfilter 4chan to: "Loserchan" or "Noobchan." Are they both sound good?
R: 3 / I: 0
Can you fucking ban the socdem asshole who keeps spamming the latinamerican thread with anticommunist rhetoric already?
R: 4 / I: 1

Mod appreciation thread

<Reject ultraleftism. Embrace the middle path. Ensure quality cadre.

Mods get a ton of shit. But I think we should show a bit of gratitude.

What they're doing is a thankless job, and they're the only thing stopping Leftypol from turning into a literal glow op like some other chans.

>Follow the comfy posting. Long live the mods

R: 6 / I: 0 (sage)

Itt we discuss the need for cultural revolution

Bombard the headquarters.

Expose and defeat people in positions of power (i.e., mods) taking the capitalist road.

Keep in mind, mods and gatekeepers taking the capitalist road are always metaphorical compradors. They hold no real power themselves. Instead, they slavishly toe the line of the international monopoly capitalists. Their role is always to work within revolutionary movements to stifle the people's resistance to monopoly capitalism. Discuss.
R: 6 / I: 0

Make sage the default

since anons don't seem to know how to sage, I propose that sage should be the default and bump be put in the email (and/or name) field to bump a thread
R: 3 / I: 0

Pizza Theme

Keep Gorbachev (pizza) theme as a permanent theme for the site even after today. This theme is so comfy that it will cure my depression
R: 273 / I: 40

/roulette/ topic suggestions thread

Here we suggest themes for next month's /roulette/ board topic.

/roulette/ topic for the month of December is:
/spoox/ - Paranormal, horror and the occult

/AK-47/ was made into its own board: >>>/AKM/

Proposals for January:

1 - /long/
OP's must be over 300 characters long and replays must be over 150 character long, maybe do not allow images.

2 - /lifestyle/
basically taking stuff like cooking, fitness, being outdoors, ect and make it into its own distinct thing, which would free up /hobby/ to be mostly about tv, movies, comics, ect

3 - guns and weapons board

4 - transport & city planning

5 - paranormal

6 - roleplay (don't know what the person who proposed it meant by this)

7 - research & philosophy

8 - /NSFW/

9 - /film/ - Movies and TV

10 - /media/ - Movies, TV, comics, etc, and broadly visual enterteinment outside of weeb shit

11 - /civ/ - Civil discussion.
R: 2 / I: 0  
Why does /leftypol/ have the tagline Leftist Politically Incorrect when we are in fact correct? I propose Always Correct
R: 74 / I: 11
I propose word filtering anglo to jew or jewish just to show retarded chauvinists how close their arguments are to literal racism, and also to expand their vocabulary when complaining about muh western imperialists.
R: 0 / I: 0

Please allow .tex files

see >>>/leftypol/1126029
R: 12 / I: 4
Posting "kek" should net you an autoban.
R: 2 / I: 0
Mods, why did you delete my thread? I didn't even get a chance to see the replies.
R: 101 / I: 16

What happened to leftypol?

Oldfag here, it's been a while since I've used leftypol but it genuinely seems like the site has improved. Whatever happened to bunkerchan anyway? Maybe my memory of the 8gag days are fuzzy but the current leftypol seems like less of a neckbeard echochamber. Don't get me wrong, it's still an anonymous imageboard and with that comes a certain amount of toxicity, but now idpol threads seem rarer or at least there is definitely a certain amount of pushback when people use being "anti-idpol" as cover for being reactionary. I'm also glad users seem to have outgrown Muke and co.

Btw, I still remember that one time leftypol had a massive hardon for Jeremy Corbyn, there were so many memes and they're all saved on my phone.
R: 2 / I: 0
been seeing a lot of picrel since july. Is this one guy or is this some new annoying strain of anti-"""totalitarian""" liberalism that has infected the board? The constant accusations of having not read any theory are particularly rich, and the vague gesturing towards a perfect revolution that need not be carried out violently nor defended with violence is laughable. The inability to distinguish between "critical" support and "uncritical" support is also common in posts of this vintage, as is a very glowing tendency to get frustrated at Anti-American sentiment. "Why do you hate America? Just get mad at capitalism! Ignore that America is the current unipolar capitalist hegemon doing all the coups and IMF loans and privatization! Sh-shut up!!"
R: 5 / I: 0

/leftypol/ - antifeminist or not?

So, a few days ago I posted in >>>/siberia/287571.
Reacting upon the OP lumping together feminists with "loudmouth conservative boomers" and "alt right manchildren", I wrote a friendly remainder that you can't really be a socialist without being a feminist as well. I later noticed that my post was silently removed. The OP remains.
That this can be an inflammatory issue on this site does not elude me, but here's the rub: on any other socialist space that I know of, my statement would have been uncontroversial to the point of being meaningless. Feminism is literally the stance that genders should be equal, and that some amount of struggle towards that goal is warranted. Now, far be it from me to demand that leftypol conform to the standards of other socialist forums! However, I think that clear and articulated rules and policies are always serviceable – if nothing else than to elucidate what audience is welcome, or not – so with that in mind I kindly ask our mods to clarify the following: is leftypol an anti-feminist site, or is it not?
Thank you for your time.
R: 320 / I: 31

Proposal Agenda Thread

Hello everyone. This is the thread to make proposals. Feel free to have your say whether user or mod. We have these proposals did not pass last week, but may be worthy of further discussion:

Proposal: Moderator votes remain the counted votes in admin decisions, but users should let vote using strawpolls (or perhaps polling systems built into the site?) per topic to display general user attitude to a proposal. If the majority User opinion directly opposes moderator majority vote then the proposals should be discussed and votes called on again after a break of 1-2 weeks to let people rethink positions on a topic.

Proposal: Make this the ‘official’ Leftypol channel >>>/leftypol/534666

Proposal: I think that we should also keep the current userbase engaged, making things like weekly game tournaments, actual organized debates, movie nights followed by discussion and so on. I've been thinking that a weekly leftypol podcast could be a good idea, just a couple of anons talking about what happened in the board and the world during the past week and inviting people to talk if they so desire, we could have debates there, and interviews and other things, and share it on spotify for others to see.

Once again, I must clarify that ONLY MODS CAN ACTUALLY VOTE ON PROPOSALS OR VOTES. Anons are free to have their say and offer suggestions and feedback to improve proposals/votes but these are only advisory and user votes are not counted for official decisionmaking. But who knows, a persuasive enough argument might sway the mod team to your cause?

Please reply to this post to post proposals for consideration next week. If a user proposal seems like a good idea, we may adopt it and make it official. Thanks everyone. Feel free to post your opinions but try not to spam or needlessly bicker back and forth in order to keep the thread clear and legible. Any off-topic posts may be removed without warning.
R: 9 / I: 2
Is the overboard worth for le higher PPH when most of those posts come from retards who aren't actually interested in whatever topic at hand?
R: 0 / I: 0
>he responded to the bait
>spam 30 posts of off topic sakism
>the anon is getting frustrated
>lower the PPH
R: 41 / I: 2

The Jannguard needs your help!


Join the volunteer team and help out the moderation of the site!

What you do:
- Keep the site clean from spam
- Ban rightoids
- Help decide things
- Communicate with the usertariat
- Keep the reports page empty
- Dev work if you're a dev

- Be leftist/communist/anarchist
- Not be a lib, right winger, nazbol, etc
- Be less radioactive than a banana
- Have the ability and time to coordinate via matrix
- Have time and willingness to contribute and moderate

Send an email or hit us up on matrix with answers to the following prompts. Please keep your answers to less than 800 characters (it's not strict, just don't write a bible). Post a word on this thread and send us the word you posted as the first prompt.

1. What word did you post in the volunteer recruitment thread?

2. What do you think is going well regarding the site, community, or moderation?

3. What would you like to change or in what ways are you particularly interested in contributing as a volunteer?

4. Are you a leftist/communist/anarchist/etc?

5. Any other comments?

Please send an email to (leftypol_dot_org [the at symbol} protonmail {the dot symbol] com) or contact one of the volunteers in the matrix with your answers.

We will slowly be holding interviews on matrix. The interviews are very slow due to the asynchronous nature of moderation, so please be patient.
R: 2 / I: 0
/leftypol/ was spawned by a /pol/ user
R: 9 / I: 2
Feels like the (dis)proportion of honest posts to baits gets higher and higher every day.
R: 12 / I: 1

First Post Bait Post

somebody the other day was posting about how very often the first post in a thread is extremely inflammatory.

I want to say it is happening also. Look at the Uzbek thread, or the dutch thread for examples
R: 16 / I: 10

Reminder to ignore nu-pepe posters

They are always 4chan tourists and severe newfags who only contribute extremely low quality posts.
R: 5 / I: 0
can you make posting youtube essays and youtubers in general a bannable offense please, i dont understand why this crap doesnt fall under the spam or e-celeb rule
R: 22 / I: 6


Since I made a thread about WV anon I thought it was only appropriate to make another thread about our other resident right-winger, TheThingNoticer. Basically, does anyone know anything about him, I know he's shown a interest in cartoons. Anyone got those pics to that website he once linked. Also is it me or does he not post here anymore?
R: 9 / I: 0
why did you make the abe thread cyclical you fucking retards, many posts with relevant info got deleted immediately so now were just left with le funny memes and happening tards that contribute nothing to the thread
R: 11 / I: 0

Word Filter Florida

Word filter "Florida" to "Greater Cuba Co-Prosperity Sphere"
R: 1 / I: 3

Word Filter [x] to doubt

filter it to "fuck my bussy"
R: 3 / I: 1
All gore media should be deleted, spoiler or not, since it adds to the mystifying atrocity news cycle
R: 48 / I: 0

On the censorship of communist truths on /leftypol/

I started a thread recently on the main board that proved that neither Marx, Engels, Lenin, Stalin, nor Kropotkin or Bakunin ever called themselves "Left".

A mod than proceeded to do the following:
1. He rewrote the OP to contain literal nonsense.
2. He stickied his own rewritten OP.
3.After I pointed out all of this in said thread, he deleted the entire thread.

A) why do we tolerate mods that hinder genuine discussion?
B) how was the above mentioned not an abuse of power? The fucker LITERALLY deleted after modifying & stickying that post pertaining to communist discourse, for whatever reason.
C) I literally stated facts pertaining to Marx, Engels, Lenin, Stalin, Kropotkin, and Bakunin. How am I the bad guy here?
Thread {404} in question: https://leftypol.org/leftypol/res/1033333.html

Bonus question: will there be a punishment for said mod or can he go on censuring commie diacussion forever?

Thx for your honest answers.

Pic unrel.
R: 6 / I: 0

Why do mods throw the idpol ban out the window when it comes to religion?

I've always noticed that people trying to shoehorn their religious beliefs into socialism get a free pass when a thread doing the same with a skin color or a gender would've been thrown into the dustbin. So why the double standards?
R: 64 / I: 8

A single request

For the love of God, Lenin, Bakunin, and all that is holy!


Example: pic

I was just falsely banned for ridiculing a reactionary position (gays=pedos). I even fucking REPORTED the mother fucker and he was banned in the same thread. Then I get banned after the context is [deleted], and I have like what… 100-200 characters to appeal the ban?


For the love of God, give us at lest 1k character limit on appeals. Actual communists will write a small essay to explain why you mods shouldn't have banned him/her, while reactionary assholes will just write "lol, fuk u jew" in the appeal field.

TL;DR: Give comrades the space to explain the context and themselves. Otherwise we are losing valuable ppl.
R: 40 / I: 5 (sage)

Checks & balances

I was just banned with the """reason"""":

Can we admit how fucked up this is? Sure, ban the fuck out of me, but WITH A LEGIT REASON, based on our FUCKING RULES. Otherwise what's the fucking point of all of this?

What processes do the posteriat have to control those who control us? You impose rules upon us, but there isn't a framework by witch we could hold mods to said rules. At the very least adopt a list of ethical guideline by which mods could be held accountable by.

"-.-" my ass.

This fucker literally deleted one of my acerbic posts, for no reason other than "-.-".
R: 225 / I: 29 (sage)

Vote: To Change Predetermined Ban Lengths

Vote to change the predefined ban lengths to:

Predefined Reasons:
Length - Reason
10m - Responding to obvious bait
30m - Flaming, overly disruptive/hostile posting
1h - Spamming threads with unrelated discussion, spamming the same topic repeatedly
2h - Disruptive identity politics, reactionary thought, et cetera
12h - Samefagging, building false consensus, enflaming arguments by taking both sides
1d - Hysterical, gratituitously offensive, hateful posting, edgelordism etc.
10d - Bait topic, false flag topic, /pol/ spam topic (not machine spam)
30d - Machine spam, advertising spam, gorespam, etc (not off-topic discussion)
(double original ban length) - Ban evasion
Permaban - Illegal content

Second offenses: double time
Third offenses: triple time
Fourth offenses: quadruple time (and so on)

If a user incurs a ban length of over 90 days (through repeat offenses) they may be permabanned at moderator discretion.

NOTE: Mods can still use bans/reasons outside this template whenever they want, this is just a guideline.

Vote will end 03/06/22 5pm.

I vote aye.
R: 10 / I: 0

How do I use secure tripcodes?

How do I use secure tripcodes? Pic unrelated.
R: 2 / I: 0
How the fuck do I join the matrix server, it keeps spitting out an error that I wasn't invited
I'm a tech brain let help
R: 4 / I: 0
Is there anyone that's not infected with the generation idpol that is "le Zoomer/boomer/millennial"?

It seems that all leftypol does is whine about Gen Z or Boomers.
And anyone whom disagree with them is an "Incel" or "Flashy".
Or a "libtard."
I thought leftypol was better than that l
R: 2 / I: 0
why is the anime board filled with shitposters
R: 15 / I: 9

The entire concept of L v R is keeping us back.

Need I say more?
Ok, I think it's authoritarianism corporatism.
See: R.A.W.'s "Non-Euclidean Perspective on Polotics, Beyond Left v Right".
In fact, if anything, 1% enjoys l v r bullshit dividing up the masses. Etc etc.
I'm sure this is not a new thought….

How everyone has a pleasant rest of their wake cycle.
R: 6 / I: 0
Fix mobile you dickheads
R: 50 / I: 5


>A statement of historical truth is "L-le Glowing"
Do Jannies really?

>In November 2004, the chairman of Chechnya's pro-Moscow State Council, Taus Djabrailov, said over 200,000 people have been killed in the Chechen Republic since 1994, including over 20,000 children.[20] In August 2005, Djabrailov gave a conflicting figure of 160,000 killed, of which between 30,000 and 40,000 were ethnic Chechens.[21]
>In June 2005, Dukvakha Abdurakhmanov, a deputy prime minister in the Kremlin-controlled Chechen administration, said about 300,000 people have been killed during two wars in Chechnya over the past decade; he also said that more than 200,000 people have gone missing. Every resident of Chechnya has scores of relatives who have been killed or gone missing, he said.[22][23]
R: 107 / I: 9

On the standardisation of ban lengths

Hello everyone, we have recently had a new feature implemented where the ban interface has a standardised list attached to it which automatically populates ban reasons and lengths. Here is the current list (purely a placeholder).

Predefined Reasons:
Length Reason
1d Low-quality posting
1d Off-topic
10d /pol/
30d Spam
30d Ban evasion
forever Illegal content

Obviously there's a lot of stuff missing from that list and it needs to be decided upon what length these bans on the list even should be. Some people favour bans of a few hours whereas others favour bans of weeks. Obviously this inconsistency leads to possible arbitrary judgement, therefore we would like to consider how ban lengths should be standardised. This thread is for users and mods to express their ideas on this topic. Please let us know what you think should be pre-defined reasons and how long they should be banned for.
R: 0 / I: 0
why cant i delete my own threads

if youre gonna prevent us from doing so at least make it so we still can do it if the thread has under 3 replies or whatever
R: 3 / I: 0


You gonna tell us what happened to the images?
R: 7 / I: 2

Archive discussion

What are your guys thoughts on archiving threads ppl like and wanna save and how it is done so far? How could it be improved? What is working well atm?

Also what do we think about an /alt_archive/ board to store threads from /alt/ such as hobby, games, or music? We have one for siberia >>>/siberia_archive/ and one for leftypol >>>/leftypol_archive/ already that you may wanna check out.

Are there any alternative archiving methods or past archives of leftypol projects that you would like to discuss?
R: 8 / I: 1
do we have a big ol image of all our flags like this? I think that would be pretty cool x3
R: 32 / I: 4
thoughts on generals?
R: 58 / I: 6

Far-right zionist idpol and genocide denial going unchallenged by mods

Evidence of a junko denying the genocide of Palestinians by the imperialist Israeli government, repeating talking points made by hardline Zionists in the Israeli and US governments, as well as spouting schizo religious sectarianism that doesn't belong anywhere near leftist spaces.

Over the last few months we have seen countless anons banned for being "glowies" after making much more moderate and less sus posts abut Ukraine. Junko's posts break both the site idpol rules and past precedent set by mods. I can only assume that she is permitted to post stuff that regular anons would get banned on sight for simply because she is a tripfag and friends with the mods. I sincerely hope this is not the case and would like to be proven wrong.
R: 92 / I: 10

The GLOWIE problem

Recent events (particularly the Ukraine threads) have revealed just how many bad faith actors relentlessly shilling and promoting Western talking points have joined up on this board. This is a phenomenon that will only become increasingly difficult to deal with if we continue current population growth trends and become more and more "mainstream" (as is already evident by multiple people coming over from Reddit).

To bring up just two of our most notable examples, namefags such as King Lear and Grillpilled Schizo have made posts bragging about
A) How America will handily defeat Russia in a real war and how it would be good, and
B) Critical Support for Azov Battalion.

And that's just the namefags. The anonymous posters are also full of people quoting out of context, trying their best to regurgitate demoralization /pol/ memes but without the racism ("OH NO NO NO RUSSIAN BROS HOW COULD THIS HAPPEN?", "Putin is FINISHED", etc.), and even just re-posting stuff straight from Ukrainian or Western MSM without even bothering to first re-package it in an ultra-"left" critique.

How do we stop the glowies? Simply range banning American IPs won't fix this; they'd just fire up their VPNs and be back the next day. There must be a systemic and concentrated effort to puzzle out how to fix this, preferably BEFORE we become a popular forum and not AFTER.
R: 6 / I: 0
There is a Brazilian forum organizing raids against the lefty since the beginning of this month. Despite being Brazilian, I suggest you block Brazilian IPs to avoid these attacks.
R: 5 / I: 0
why is siberia indistinguishable from r9gay lately
R: 1 / I: 0
The Ukraine thread should be cycled again and the geopolitics general thread should be deleted.
R: 8 / I: 0
Hello comrades. It's been a while. Bunkerchan appears to be down so I came here. Has the decoy actually become the board or am I missing something?
R: 20 / I: 2
What are some things that make you immediately discredit anything a poster says? For me it's when I see specific words only subhumans use like "halfchan"
R: 18 / I: 2

Vote: On thread autodeletion

Vote: Introduce an autodelete function on /siberia/ and /leftypol/ which will delete threads which have less than 10 posts, once they reach page 10. This will reduce the number of dead threads, moved threads, or locked threads in the catalog and thereby give more space for more popular threads to last longer.

Vote ends in 72 hours.
R: 6 / I: 0
What is this? Stop this.
R: 4 / I: 1
How to get rid of these?

t. phoneposter
R: 1 / I: 0
Why in the name of fuck did I get banned for this topic? I thought this was a fucking leftist politically incorrect board? That's some real woke ass reddit tier moderation right there. Explain yourselvs mods.
R: 71 / I: 8 (sage)

> be me

> be in 30s
> been around since 8chan days
> i've read marx
> i've read lenin
> i've helped organize unions
> i've attended protests
> i've done direct action

< i also think saying slurs and being reactionary in on so called "culture war issues" is cringe

< every day on this website early 20s /pol/ converts tell me i'm a "rainbow fascist" or a "redditor" or a "radlib idpolista" and "not a real communist" because i find their "sense of humor" consisting entirely of alienating and reactionary tropes, whether it's antisemitic, or misogynistic, or pro-rape, or racist, or LGBTphobic, tiresome and counterproductive.

There is a serious contingent on this website of nazbols and strasserites on this board. They say they want the working class to own the means of production. They say they want to overthrow the bourgeoisie. Good.

They also think all bourgeoisie are blue-haired black Jewish transwomen for some reason. They will accuse you of "idpol" unprovoked, while constantly spamming the maxim gorky quote about fascists being homosexual. They find a kindly worded request to stop discriminating comrades based on their identity more problematic than anything. They will call you a n*gger, a f*ggot, a r*tard, a k*ke, and a wrecker with almost zero provocation. They will judge you even more harshly if you respond to them in a level-headed way without using slurs

It's all so tiresome. It's not comradely behavior and I frankly think these people would embrace fascists at the drop of a hat if the fascists merely promised them redistribution. Doesn't even matter if they deliver. Simply the rhetoric of class is enough.
R: 5 / I: 0


Make it a board
R: 1 / I: 0
Why do threads related to: reproduction, birth rates,abortion, sexual matters, etc. generate so much drama? Everytime you see one of these they're filled with hysterical people having the biggest fights and shitflinging contests. I really don't get it.
R: 2 / I: 0
>New threads are being created too quickly.
Why am I punished for trying to make a thread on the side boards because siberia and leftypol are "too active"
R: 10 / I: 0
Does the staff have a contingency plan if 4chan ever gets shut down?
R: 42 / I: 0

/pol/ dicksucking

why do so many on leftypol try to dicksuck /pol/ so hard. Most of the arbitrary contrarian takes, the stupidpol/tuckercel bullshit, here comes from people wanting to distance themselves from neoliberals/radlibs so bad that they actually end up becoming retarded in the process.

Stop trying to suck /pol/'s dick. I don't give a fuck what some 15 year old kid with a nasal voice in fbi.gov likes say muh uyghur nonstop anyway. /pol/ is made up of low autism score spergs and the fact you have to try and impress them is pathetic.

Way too much "haha i say uyghur too lul im not like those pink haired sjws! I'm edgy! don't you think i'm cool now? please approve senpai!" bullshit
R: 7 / I: 0
Is there an easy way to see every single epub file that is currently up on leftypol? A library view of sorts.
R: 4 / I: 0
>(Query too broad.)
why are you limiting searches FUCK
R: 2 / I: 2
i think the only time mods should actually intervene in threads is whenever a wojak gets posted and absolutely nothing else
R: 15 / I: 2
why do tripfaggots get a free pass for shitposting
R: 151 / I: 3

Janny appreciation thread

I think our mods are pretty good actually
R: 0 / I: 0
Bumplocked threads should get moved one page. It would satisfy both people complaining that mods are too delete-happy and want a "marketplace of ideas" leftypol and those who want right-wingers and general pseudery to fuck off.
R: 36 / I: 2

Not being a Russian cocksucker pro-war psyhcopath is not against the rules

So it's just fact now that Mods/Jannies are just straight up banning anyone who is against this war, or has taken a pro-war position or is even slightly critical of Russia for "Glowing". It should be noted that there is no rule for being against the war, hell even rightoids are allowed to post here, but being critical of fucking Russian imperialist chauvnism and murdering children is a step too far for our fucking dumbass mods and Jannies.
This sort of shit lead to the death of last Leftypol when the psycho BO banned anyone critical of Assad or siding with the SDF/YPG/PYD/PKK. Again, nowhere in the rules does it say you have to be a pro-oligarch capitalist cocksucking asshole, yet the mods seem to think this is a rule if that Oligarch is non-western.

Calling on the admins to bring the mods in line. This is fucking bullshit and this sort of thin-skinned two campism bullshit is what killed our last board. This is even more retarded as RUSSIA IS NOT SOCIALIST AND THE WAR WAS LAUNCHED ON A MISSION OF "DECOMMUNISATION".
R: 3 / I: 0
This place is a fucking bizarro imageboard where post quality goes down when Americans ARE sleeping, what's going on? I swear every time I pull an all nighter I notice a sharp increase in shitty posts.
And no I'm from the global south before you ask.
R: 33 / I: 1

Ban porn/sex dumps and split them into a separate board from /siberia/

Assuming I'm not the only non-zoomer remaining, if you remember /b/ from 2005-2009, it was not a porn-dumping board during that era, it actually had active admins and moderators like wtsnacks and moot who moderated the board and did "lulzy" things like banning OP's of threads who they thought weren't "funny." The problem with pornography-focused threads in unmoderated "general"/"off-topic" boards like /siberia/ is they spread quickly like fungal infections taking up all the focus away from other threads.

To save /siberia/ from this fate I suggest making a new board called /smut/, /lewd/ or /trash/ and moving all porn threads in /siberia/ to this new board. I'd also limit this new board to no more than 10 pages.

I also noticed you STILL haven't blocked images in https://leftypol.org/robots.txt , you will inevitably get hit with google-image-bot-scouring copyright troll DMCA complaints from people making these porn dumps, and your web host OVH is known for eventually banning customers from their services after they get tired of receiving a high amount of DMCA complaints from their customers. You can block for just one board if you want, it's not rocket science, e.g.:
User-agent: *
Disallow: /boardname/src/
Disallow: /boardname/thumb/
R: 18 / I: 7
This place is awesome! Finally a place out of all the gazillion internet left places where you don't get immediately banned just for speaking things. Nice place, love it.
R: 3 / I: 0
At least thrice a day the whole tor node gets banned because someone triggered a mod on the ukraine-russia thread. There's so many generals it would be useful to implement thread-specific bans.
R: 0 / I: 0

plz fix the default theme plz

Text colors are made for the dark theme but when you hover over tiles in the catalog, they turn light blue. Greentext and links in particular become unreadable.
This is the case for Dark, Dark Red (the default theme), Dark Solarized, and Dark Spooky.
Pictured: Dark Red vs LainchanJP (likely the intended behavior)
R: 3 / I: 2
Stop overmoderating, especially on the side boards. Thanks!
R: 7 / I: 0

How is the site's server paid for?

Before the split is was well known that Zer0 paid the server costs out of his own pocket, however I don't recall the mods ever stating who has been paying for the servers since August.

Do all the mods contribute a small amount or does one mod cover the whole cost? Whatever the answer, I think the users have a right to know this information.
R: 5 / I: 0
Why can't I edit my post if I made a grammatical mistake. Nothing is worse then writing a effort post rereading it and seeing a grammatical mistake that undermines your argument. I understand that the individual is responsible for upkeeping their grammar but some of us are challenged in these aspects, even if it's just a typos not seen. So basically what stops this site from letting anons to edit their post?
R: 4 / I: 0

attached .jfif makes my browser automatically download it

This is insanity. Why are we allowing meme extensions on our site? Especially if they are a capitalist scheme??!?!?!?!

Legit pic extensions are:
>png, jpg, jpeg, gif, bmp
and p. much that's it.

Mind you, this site is not yet compatible (to my knowledge) with
which is the open-source alternative to .gif.

So yeah, whenever I click on a fucking .jfif file my browser (chrome) automatically downloads it instead of enlarging that shit like a regular pic.

R: 6 / I: 0
R: 26 / I: 1
Just because Siberia is a random board doesn't mean right-wingers and liberals in general shouldn't get banned for whatever bullshit they post there.
R: 8 / I: 1

It has come...

The user that pulls the best prank today will recieve a prize of 0.002190 BTC
R: 6 / I: 0

Can we make bans universally last 3 days

4chan has a system where unofficially all bans last 3 days. I have only posted one shit post and my most recent ban was like 3 weeks. I'm concerned I will get banned for a shot ton of time and not be able to use the site when I accidentally do something mods don't like. 3 days should be enough if it is enough for 4chan and mods here are liberal with bans.
R: 124 / I: 4

Janitorial power abuse and lack of feedback

>Inb4 go to >>>/meta/
I already did for the last month. However for one, basically no one uses /meta/ unless they also get complaints about moderation. And secondly, the administration has completely dropped the ball when it comes to feedback, thus /meta/ is practically useless at this point.

And as dumb as it is knowing the contents of the thread, I also appeal to the janitors to not forcibly migrate the thread, or just to delete it entirely.

Ever since the start of the Russian invasion of Ukraine, the janitor staff has went berserk with its moderation policy towards the discourse surrounding this topic. Any opinion veering towards supporting Ukraine, calling out Russian crimes, doubting certain enforced naratives that originate from Russian state media or daring to commit the ultimate sin of suggesting that perhaps this time NATO is the lesser evil, is subject to bannings.

First of all, not one of the positions I described above violate any leftypol rules (which so ironically get linked every time you see the ban notification). Not only rules are not linked, the ban "reasons" half the time state non-reasons that just boil down to "I don't like what you said", or vague "glow" responses. If, say, the rules were updated, like with the Covid denial rule, then at least it would be understandable - "alright, guess we aren't a non-sectarian leftist board for all denominations anymore", I'd say, "but at least the staff has the curtesy to say it out loud that we are all now expected to be putinbots".

Secondly, not once have I received proper feedback in /meta/, the board for giving moderation feedback, over the nature of these bans. And not just me, but other anons who got similar treatment over the pro-Russia frenzy of the administration. In other words - janitors literally aren't doing their job, refusing to elaborate their bans on posts that don't violate any rules and are intent to keep silent pretending like Brezhnev just died and we all are now supposed to listen to Swan Lake on loop.

And finally, out of the five or four bans I have received over the past month, all of which were for posts that are practically identical, at least 2 of them were overturned on appeal. No explanation was given once I asked why these were overturned but not others, or why is nothing being done about powerabuse. So we can only guess that the moderation team doesn't it self know what is supposed to be done about the Ukraine moderation policy, they also are completely fine with bogus bans remaining half the time.

I realize I might be quite unpopular for my anti-Russian position now, however this problem is wider than Ukraine war question. I am not even debating what should be the correct position on it, actually I even encourage the moderation team to openly endorse Putin so that some clarity about moderation could be found. No, the problem here is that janitors have openly shown how little they care about their own rules, how they don't care about their duty to give feedback and to be open to the users. Its only a matter of time until some other issue, one where perhaps I'll even be on the same side as the moderation team, arises, and they will decide to keep the same sort of arbitrary moderation style as now to police away wrongthink from "THEIR" board.

Thus I openly propose these ideas:
1) Mandate moderators to state in every ban which rule was broken
2) Update the rules accordingly whenever a new ban-worthy position that is not accounted for by the current rules is found
3) Temporarily revoke moderation privilages on repeated successful appeals to their issued
R: 0 / I: 0
add an rss feed for all the boards
R: 998 / I: 83 (full)  

Moderation thread

Come dispute bans, complain, and other such things related to /leftypol/ here.

R: 3 / I: 0

Is there an archive of old threads?

I want to find old Muscular women threads from /siberia/ :(
R: 20 / I: 2

The static noise of mod communication

So has the moderation theme decided to completely abandon /meta/? Is another war in Olympus that is the hotpocket-smelling Matrix server brewing? Why the fuck do jannies refuse to offer any and all feedback on the board DESIGNED to give communication to the users? Why has there not been a single official mod response to the bans regarding Ukraine special non-violent localized entirely within Seymore's kitchen military operation? I know you are here and you are reading, you fucked up by replying to that shitty "Ban all non-ML's thread" yesterday, which is beyond ridiculous, because despite still (supposedly) being a tolerant to all leftist spectrum board, every anti-Russia poster gets jannied faster than a tankie on r/anarchism or a mentioner of Kronstadt on r/communism. I believe the moderation team owes at least some sort of official explenation.
R: 7 / I: 0

Perpetually banned

I seem to be perpetually banned, my ban has an expiration date but afterwards it renews itself. It's been fucking ages, maybe since last year even, cannot even remember exactly.
R: 9 / I: 2

Where to post about religion

Newfag here. Where to post about religion? There not a single thread in this whole website that discusses religion. Is it because religion is considered idpol? Even theology? Should i post on edu? Or leftypol? If i cant post it on leftypol because its idpol, can i discuss (for example) the sociological aspects of christianity (for example, how did it influence african education during the first years of european colonizzation of africa) and not it's spiritual aspects (for example, i cant post a thread on leftypol where its discussed the "turning the other cheek" christian concept and its correlation with the cleansing of the Temple)?
If i can discuss it on edu, how far can i go? Do i need to correlate it somehow to politics (for example, lavey's individualism and how it influenced the concept of capitalistic individualism) or I can completely detach myself from politics (for example, can I discuss the influence of geometry on Aquinas understanding of God)?
R: 5 / I: 0 (sage)
This boars is a leftist board, which is a problem. /leftypol/ should be a Marxist-only board. Unscientific socialists (i.e. LeftComs, Anarchists, Trotskyists, MLMs, etc—basically those that denounce AES) should not be allowed.
R: 0 / I: 0

IRC <--> Matrix bridge broken

what's up with the bridge?
R: 2 / I: 0
This happened.

R: 15 / I: 1
R: 11 / I: 3

What is Siberia?

I woke up this morning to find that my thread (the e-girl facial abuse one) had been deleted.
That was a good thread, we had done praxis and exposed some Wall Street banker's whore daughter. There was good banter about junko and her chicken farm. It wasn't a bad thread by /siberia/ standards.

However, my main concern isn't about my thread in particular. I want to know what the mods want /siberia/ to be. 3-6 months ago my type of thread getting deleted would've been unthinkable. Posting porn in /siberia/ was the norm. Being 'edgy' was the norm.
Now it seems that porn threads have a 50% chance of getting nuked and the mods are still unclear as to whether porn has to be spoilered.

My two questions for the mods are:
What do you want /siberia/ to be?
Are all of the mods in agreement over what /Siberia/ should be; have you all reached an understanding on how it should be moderated compared to the other boards?
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Reporting is broken

When I try to report someone I get an error:

Undefined index: id in /var/www/leftypol_lainchan/inc/functions.php at line 2818

Fix it so I can keep reporting the extremely obvious anti russia bot posts that are appearing in threads such as this: https://leftypol.org/leftypol/res/833967.html
R: 14 / I: 2

Random names

Mods, what purpose serve automatic substitution of Anonymous with various names? I genuinely want to know
R: 13 / I: 2 (sage)


you banned TOR jannies
R: 56 / I: 10
Moralism should be a bannable offense.
R: 2 / I: 0
Staff shouldn't post outside of /meta/. If users can't bother to make a meta thread/post on the right board, they do not deserve a response. It also avoids potential derailings.
R: 64 / I: 6
ban at least commercial pornography
R: 1 / I: 1
Posting Pepes or Wojaks should be an autoban.
R: 4 / I: 0
Why is there not a recycling thread for the Ukraine conflict? We're on like thread 36
R: 5 / I: 0
>Almost 800 daily IP's
>342 PPH

HOOOREY SHIEEET I wish we could get monthly wars and happenings to keep those high numbers.
R: 22 / I: 0
there should be a single containment thread of discussion of right wing politics on /leftypol
it's fun taking the piss out of them and all but it's not too important
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Why is /siberia/ completely locked?

I want post monke
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i can't change the theme

i can't change the theme. i go to options, hit general, and don't see anything. please help
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Let me post pictures on Siberia (and delete the thread when you do).
R: 55 / I: 2

Vote on roulette related topics

Hello, we forgot to properly schedule a vote on what to do with /roulette/ this month so I will make those votes here;

Vote: Create /lounge/ as a board now that its tenure as a /roulette/ has ended.
R: 112 / I: 6 (sage)
This is a thread to discuss the moderation of this website. Jannies can move it to /meta/, if it belongs there.

what do we do to curb behaviour in pic related?
R: 17 / I: 1 (sage)

Why was this thread anchored?


It's discussing immigration from an actual left wing standpoint not any stupidpol reactionary bullshit.
R: 7 / I: 1
leftypol feels like it's being moderated by a single guy, when are you going to choose some random from the matrix server to turn into a janny?
R: 60 / I: 6
this website's imageboard software honestly sucks ass
>terrible design overall
>loading a new page takes a considerable amount of time to adjust while loading different elements and stuff
>lots of little bugs here and there
>bunch of random dumb features probably kept in through the constant forking that it's built on
it should either be comprehensively fixed somehow or replaced entirely
pic unrelated
R: 5 / I: 0
Every day I ask myself why I keep wasting my time coming to this place. My will must not be very strong.
R: 36 / I: 4

Voting Agenda 27/09/21 - 01/10/21

These are the votes for this week. Please vote on the posts below, not this OP itself. Once again, please note that anons cannot actually vote, and their opinions are simply advisory. Thank you to all users and mods for their participation.

In addition, please keep this topic on-topic. All extraneous posts may be removed without warning. With that, here are this week's votes;
R: 2 / I: 0
We should have our own board for memes and communist aesthetics. Chans offer little in terms of political discussion but memetic warfare is powerful propaganda.
R: 3 / I: 0
How much would post quality improve if posting garbage from youtube/reddit/twitter/4chan outside of itg was met with deletion and a ban?
R: 4 / I: 0
Can you ban the lesswrong libertarian retard from ruining any more threads with disingenuous and superfluous "arguing"? Thank you.
R: 2 / I: 0
Why do mods allow shills for the fossil fuel industry to post here and derail every thread regarding climate change when every other type of reactionary basically gets banned on sight?
They literally add nothing to the conversation, dismantle any meaningful conversation that fan be had on the topic, and their argument half way centers around shilling dengism anyway
Why the fuck are they allowed to endlessly destroy threads for fucking nothing?
R: 1 / I: 0
thanks mods i like this place a lot
R: 31 / I: 3
Why do anons keep derailing threads when they see
>Le tripfag
>Le namefag
Post and then complain about the thread derailment they themselves started?
R: 16 / I: 2 (sage)



everybody now


R: 1 / I: 0
>/pol/tards get completely btfo
>janny deletes thread instead of anchor
R: 5 / I: 1
what if we let a dumb thread die?
R: 59 / I: 7

Request: wordfilter

Please bring back wordfilters.

Some suggestions

bring back Vaush -> Agent Kochinski

and filter breadtuber to fedtube
R: 6 / I: 0
Can we open a mental health board? Some of us has deep problems but won't go to neo-nazi filled imageboards. We might discuss our past traumas, lives, mental health there.
R: 3 / I: 0
hello, i am new here. does this site have any notifications, if so how do i look at them?
R: 72 / I: 9
tripfags and namefags latley are out of control. It's ok to have a couple but now they are shitposting everythread with their faggotry.
This is what happens when you let boards like /siberia/ run free
R: 1 / I: 0
Would it be possible to implement a niconico-style streaming section using BaI's software?
R: 2 / I: 0
Why not host the matrix instance on leftypol so we can all have a cool @leftypol.org username?
R: 3 / I: 0
What if we made a therapy thread for anons to give mental health advice/listen to each other, with an emphasis on class consciousness and overcoming capitalism related problems?
R: 7 / I: 0

Expanding influence

I found 2 chans which are for most part dormant. That means we can seize the opportunity to encourage /ourguys/ to post there and make them both pro-/leftypol/!
These 2 boards are:
Agree with such idea?
R: 4 / I: 0

The "own_posts" bug

Add this so that anons can opt out of leftypol JS history which is currently obfuscated through the contemporaneous 'Options' user-frontend; which lacks any mention of this functionality tracking a user, potentially across sessions, for years.
R: 38 / I: 4

Nuke /siberia/

It had its run but there is literally none to be gained by not just merging this back into /leftypol/ and the other boards. This board is splitting the site's userbase. Way back we would have shitposting threads on the main board sometimes. That was better.

Sorry, what are we losing exactly? Another twelve soyjak/poljak threads? The "BBC Kino" thread? Another four hundred incel threads? More idfag threads? Spam threads? All the good threads on /siberia/ could just as well be on other boards. >>>/gulag/ can be used for a lot of the purpose /siberia/ did anyway.

Additionally, /siberia/ has often served as a beachhead for at least two groups that are actively raiding this website:
A. leftcels
e.g. https://archive.today/IMSpZ
B. split-wrecker central
e.g. https://archive.today/kDpTj
R: 13 / I: 0
Can we get a debate board or something so we can have some kino debates without mods getting butthurt and ruining the fun for the rest of us?
R: 15 / I: 0

Operation Jupiter: Or why we should make a leftypol.com as a shield against raids

Remember our times at 8chan about 3 years ago?
Holy fuck it feels like yesterday bros
Well, on those days we had what was called 8ch.pl . Well, not really tbh, dunno who had that website. The thing is that, when you searched for /leftypol/ on google (as many /pol/tards would) they would end up in 8ch.pl/leftypol instead of 8ch.org/leftypol and thus, their raid would fall on a literal desert, instead of our board.
Thus, I shall propose to all of you Operation Jupiter, as a tradition of socialists, we name our operations with the name of planets, and this makes sense since Jupiter protects the earth from asteroids.
In the .com version of leftypol, we should still have some moderation so they don't post cp or some shit, and that's about it. Maybe mirror the threads made on actual leftypol but the posts made on the .com version aren't seen so they fall flat on their message and so on. Also, their threads would be put into the .com version, instead of into the .org version, of course.
Hell, make it obligatory for them to do a "user" to give us their email so it makes it even fucking funnier seeing them give their emails to us, making them sign some contract so they can't protest against us for giving us their email and possibly passwords cause they're jackasses. But this maybe is out of the focus of what Operation Jupiter really is about.
R: 12 / I: 1 (sage)
"retard" is an awful slur that does nothing but reveal how much of a chauvinist bourgeois pig an anon is and how they need to be completely ignored
R: 4 / I: 0

Get the new /leftypol/ site linked on the /leftypol/ VK page in Russian language

Currently, it links to our previous 8chan version (!?). This won't bring many people.
If a Russian with VK could, may you contact this page with a link to the main /leftypol/ board link: https://leftypol.org/leftypol/index.html or the home page at https://leftypol.org/ (?)
I asked in the Russian general on /leftypol/, and it seemed like nobody did it.
The VK page is active enough, it last posted a few days ago.
R: 10 / I: 0

/siberia/ thread quality control

To the mod team: didn't you say you would ban all incel shit?
OK, some of the threads are just about being lonely as a man, so they're only covert incel threads, but what the fuck is?
And not only that but you allow the BPD schizo to make the same thread almost every day. Seriously, why are you allowing all that cancer to spread?
Pic not that related but it's also another thread that gets made every now and then with the exact same OP, it's idpol bait. >>>/siberia/173405
That's not even mentioning all the disgusting crap that's posted in other /siberia/ threads all the time.
R: 4 / I: 1

question for mods?

I think I saw a LGBT general thread but I now can't find it.

Can you please make a LGBT general thread I assume only mods can make the general threads like the twitter one and the China one.

I need advice from other LGBT people on something.
R: 5 / I: 0
How difficult it would be to implement a real time IP counter? as it stands now the current IP counter is useless, there's no point in knowing that the thread has been visited x times during it's lifetime.
R: 2 / I: 0  

Proletarian Internationalization initiative

ITT: brainstorm how to bring more comrades from nationalities that do not commonly post here!
Some Russian users came to /leftypol/ from /ussr/. That was a somewhat successful attempt at internationalization of /leftypol/, and served as a proof of concept.

If you're reading this and outside of the parts of the traditional Anglosphere (US, UK, Canada, NZ, Aus) then consider letting us know where leftists in your country or language congregate online, how likely it would be for us to be able to bring any aboard, and how that may be done.
Consider even taking such an initiative yourself independently.
My personal countries of interest for this purpose:
>Latin America in general, but particularly those with a budding left-wing movement such as Mexico, Bolivia, Venezuela, etc.

A note about connecting with users from countries with state censors:
Keep in mind that we do have a Tor website ( 76i2c3hn55fcj5nut3tqlboqqbbh23zvphv7lefk3vftpx6wketlanyd.onion ). This should assist in evading state censors (which may not currently be necessary for accessing /leftypol/ but you can predict that anticommunist states would be interested the moment they notice it exists), but be wary of course, especially of instructing someone how to access Tor on a potentially insecure platform.
In the case of Iran, I'm aware that an estimated 50 million people there use Telegram, which can be encrypted, albeit not by default ( see https://privacyinternational.org/telegram-guides for some best practices ). It is also reportedly a popular program in Russia.
R: 9 / I: 1
crack down on vulgar crypto-reactionary distortions of marxism
R: 6 / I: 1

Please fucking fix the mobile support

Fucking improve this bloody bullshit site, the retarded mobile support glitches alot, I fucking know you guys are newly set, but fucking hell, fix mobile problems.
>pic unrelated
Also fucking disable the "pic requirement" for this board, you end up having more data in your ass that way
Otherwise cool site
Fuck you, Im out.
R: 7 / I: 0

MLM general

Can we make an MLM general to contain all the Maoist/Gonzaloist spam threads?
R: 13 / I: 1

Snow effect is eurocentric and probably racist too

I want the jannies to check their northern hemisphere privilege and fuck off with this snow shit while I (innocent global south prole) sweat myself to dehydration in the heat of summer.

If you disagree you're a first-worlder PMC and probably wh*te too.
R: 50 / I: 8 (sage)
>a picture of a namefag showing his butthole is a banner
This is a new low, even for youleft_communismLeft Communism
R: 994 / I: 118 (sage) (full)

Moderation thread

Come dispute bans, complain, and other such things related to /leftypol/ here.

R: 223 / I: 34 (sage)

The events.

TL;DR : The "modocracy" is restored, we have a new server, adults are back at the helm, we want to do our best to avoid drama in the future, we are tired of this shit and have better things to do both IRL and on /leftypol/ (like actually moderating), coupers and wreckers are no longer in the leftypol.org modteam. We are working in getting the cytube instance back up.

You'll find here the accounts of the events by the current members of the leftypol.org administration, the drama will be contained here as we are all tired of it and want to move on (while making the necessary changes for this not happen again).

To the /leftypol/ community,

You most likely don't know who I am as I have rarely posted with my moniker and modtag on the site, I never enjoyed the spotlights. I have been mod since Che (aka Old B.O.) stepped-down, admin in Bunkerchan and both admin and the domain owner (with regards to bourgeois law) of leftypol.org and presently on top of this the owner of the server hosting the leftypol.org domain and most importantly an user since 2015, having come to /leftypol/ from the "Marx Vs Stirner" threads in 4chan /lit/. If I am not mistaken I am the second oldest mod after our current sysadmin Antinous who has been in duty as mod for the past 5 years.

I want first to sincerely apologise to the whole community for this pathetic display of drama and immaturity synthesizing the worst of the terminally online left.
After all the event of the past years, especially since the infamous "Rojava" split, this community deserved a modicum of stability and it has been the opposite of

Prior to the events that occurred a few days ago, last april of this year, I had stepped-down from my position of admin, at that time because of the behaviour of people in the modteam back then, some of which being now among the coupers, that had made for me moderating impossible. This behaviour includes secretly plotting to purge mods they didn't like, creating completely false and unsubstantiated accusations, an endless thirst for internal drama and the prioritisation of thereof over basic janitorial duties and finally their recurring protection of the worst schizoposters, thread deraillers and spammers of the site and their opposition against any harsh measure taken against them under the sake of some idealistic and liberal conception of "freedom of speech" (probably inherited from m00t's 4chan with the success to which we have all been witness). I, thus, in that context preferred to step down rather than leverage my position as Admin to get the wreckers out, this lack of ruthlessness to preserve /leftypol/ might have been an monumental mistake but what is done is done.
Fast forward to 4 months later and one morning before going to work at 6am (local time) I discovered while browsing as a regular anon (being no longer in the administration nor being in contact with any of the mods since I resigned) that now the site was controlled by a junta of the very people because of which I had left, and the internal de facto abolished. I immediately checked the registrar account (which was still under my real name and real email) and changed the password, a last ditch effort to prevent the situation from descending into total chaos. I was therefore in exclusive control of the domain, once again. I, then contacted the people whom I fully trusted from the modteam, like antinous. They informed me of the abruptness and chaos of the whole situation and the complicity of the then sysadmin zer0-, who entrusted arbitrarily and unilaterally full power the worst wreckers. After a short exchange by email with zer0- after he asked me if I was in control of the domain (I will post my email response to him below) and seeing their lack of any goodwill to find any compromise, that every techie besides zer0- had left and the only mod left were mentally unstable, drama seeking, terminally online wreckers, we had decided me along the non-coupers mods (the actual majority of the modteam) to get a new server to which we would point the leftypol.org domain.

I, once again sincerely apologise for this pathetic drama and sad series of event and the great disruption caused to a community that helped me forge my political consciousness and made me discover many authors and perspectives. We, the old-guard of mods, bear responsibility, as the wreckers were all mods recruited relatively recently (none of them are were mods in the 8chan era) and brought in by us, we will have to change our recruiting and our vetting process to select against any immature, unstable, power seeking profile.

Finally, I am a card carrying member of my local Marxist-Leninist Party in which I’m fully invested and have new job prospects that will occupy most of my time, the last thing I want or need is more drama. We will work towards that as a priority along actually moderating this site that descended into a worrying and sorry state quality wise.
Hopefully, in the near future I will be able to entrust the domain and the server to people of trust within a structured, stable and democratic administration and go back being a regular anon. Until then I will fully assume the responsibility of owner of the domain and server (which are fully paid for, for the foreseeable future).



Combien de nos chairs se repaissent !
Mais si les corbeaux, les vautours,
Un de ces matins disparaissent,
Le soleil brillera toujours !
R: 3 / I: 0

make a literature request general sticky on /edu/

A general thread for requesting literature on a certain topic.
R: 63 / I: 5 (sage)
Leftychan keeps deleting my posts when I post this pic. Guess they feel quite inadequate. So might as well post it here
R: 8 / I: 1

/sci/ board?

4chan's /sci/ is filled with /pol/ users and I'm tired of seeing chinlets trying to push their ,,science" as fact. No clue where I can find a non chinlet-infested /sci/ board so I figured I'd suggest its addition to my go-to imageboard
R: 0 / I: 0
Brezhnev it's flag
R: 3 / I: 0
PSA you can turn off the snowing effect by pressing the "Options" button and then switching off the "Snow! (requires refresh)" setting.

>inb4 why it's fun

it fucked up my typing on mobile for some reason.
R: 30 / I: 5 (sage)

Nazbolism as a strategy to increase Leftypol's userbase

By reading the headline already you have knew that the main topic of this thread revolves around several reasons on the question of "why is Nazbolism good (and sometimes a solution) for Leftypol"

1) It's a hearts-and-minds strategy. This is the main reason. By being Nazbol, we can win the support of other channers (including 16chan, Endchan, etc., even /pol/). Just like how South Korea won its support by exporting K-pop and dramas (including Squid Game) globally and how Japan achieves the same thing by internationalizing anime, so can this site achieve popularity by going full Nazbol and winning their (other channers') support. This is part of basic diplomacy, known to analysts as soft power. Soft power is a strategy all countries use to achieve their support through non-forcible means, such as exporting its values into a target demographic/country. This is true for the two aforementioned countries, which have garnered massive support through the spread of their cultural aspects in a global scale. It is different from hard power, in which a country forces its target country to accept and support their values (often through economic, political, and military means); the same analogy for us is when we coerce a site into supporting (or becoming like) us by raiding them in a set basis (like what /pol/ does). So, with that in mind, being Nazbol means a lot for us, for we can attract more people into leftism by aligning our values to theirs while keeping core socialist values (of Marx and Lenin) within us. This can win more hearts and minds from those other channers, which are mostly (in normie vocabulary) "right-wing".
2) National Bolshevism is a form of red-brownism, which combines fascist thought and communist ideals. So, we can LARP as fashoids to win their support only, while remaining true as communists. Therefore we can win their support without overtly going full fascist like them.
3) Lastly, their values are similar to us (such as anti-elitism and populism). So, by being Nazbol, we can therefore synthesize their rhetoric with communist thought. One example would be the anti-vaccine rhetoric. By portraying that the vaccines are made by the Jewish 1% and should firmly be rejected by the common people, we can bring them closer into communism by pushing left populist rhetoric onto them.
R: 4 / I: 1

R: 12 / I: 1

General Statement regarding spammer troll

I am a Maoist from Australia and wish to post articles here every week or so.

There is a anti Maoist troll who makes fake posts pretending to be a Maoist to make us look bad and shit up this site.

If a Maoist post is not a copy of an article or is not well written assume its the spammer troll. Most recently he pretended to be a student giving a speech on Stalin and pretended to be a Indian lying about the situation in India. (The situation in India is actually significant and improving but we are not on the brink of victory like the spammer claimed.)
R: 22 / I: 3
What is the modteam's gender ratio?
R: 89 / I: 17


/leftypol/ is a target of a PsyOp campaign
>/leftypol/ is a target of a PsyOp campaign

There seems to be an unusual number of capitalist apologists on this website as of late. Cheerleaders of capital are trying to convince anons of certain things (from what I've noticed):
>stocks are worthwhile and you should invest in the stock market
>crypto is good and you should buy crypto
>managers are the allies of labour (as opposed to being allies of owners/capital)
>cops are proles
Any more you've noticed?
R: 28 / I: 7
Continuing the discussion we started in >>>/leftypol/598121

[mod edit:] This thread is discussing the idea of using post reactions (such as up/down reactions, "based/cringe" reactions) to reduce the amount of low-effort shitposts like "this", "based", "cringe" filling threads.
R: 7 / I: 2

Fediverse/fedichan/FChannel diplomatic mission

So I've noticed a lot of posts advertising leftypol at https://0x00000000.xyz which is part of a network of chans running a software called FChannel that federate with each other, I.e. share posts. They do this by boards following each other.
Have you considered joining us, i.e. implementing ActivityPub on your site and making it federate with the rest of the network?
It would give you a new opportunity to explain communism to people, as well as boost the numbers of both you and the rest of Fchannel.
Information on FChannel and ActivityPub
https://activitypub.rocks/ (primer on ActivityPub)
https://www.w3.org/TR/activitypub/ (spec for ActivityPub)
https://github.com/FChannel0/FChannel-Server/issues/9 (tentitative spec for extensions FChannnel makes to ActivityPub)
Alternatively, if the site owner does not feel like coding, they can simply make a leftypol themed Fchannel instance. This would be a poor substitute for properly federating though.
R: 8 / I: 1 (sage)
Why did this fucking retard delete my effort post???

I made a post commenting on the rittenhouse veredict FROM A COMMUNIST PERSPECTIVE, didn't even celebrated the fact, but rather pointed out that liberalism lost another battle yet again and the retarded deleted it

Are we not allowed to discuss politics or what? Is this retard too fucking triggered to moderate properly?

Here is my post, I am not breaking any rules

>Rioting is not communist revolution.

>Protecting criminals is not communist revolution.
>Damage to public property is not communist revolution.
>Abolishing police is not communist revolution.

>Communism is the condition of liberation of the proletariat, the proletariat is liberated by the abolition of market dynamics, it might include abolishing the police, rioting and violence, but that doesn't mean every riot is the real movement that abolishes the present state of things.

>Today we have witnessed yet again another massive failure of the decentralized left, of anarchism, of liberalism. Only communism can solve the contradictions of capitalism. Only an organized communist party, that goes beyond identity politics can abolish capitalism

>This is not a post supporting Kyle, but rather a post to remind you that taking part in the liberal-conservative spectacle is fruitless, if you believe otherwise, if you spend hours every day taking part in the spectacle you are a foolish liberal and an obstacle to communism
R: 12 / I: 2 (sage)

Pasquale deleting my posts, mod logs showing different???

I just got randomly banned by paquale for "schizo spam", with no explanation. When I appealed it paquale deleted my posts, but under the mods logs it shows that he deleted his own?

This is very weird. Can another janny please come and sort this out. I just want to be unbanned. Do I need to appeal this in the matrix congress?
R: 7 / I: 1

Interview thread for mod applicants

Hey guys, we are starting up another moderation drive.

So this is the interview thread where applicants give a short introduction and answer any questions you want to ask them. Ask them about their politics or their takes or positions on things. We are either already doing it or have done it.

You can voice your approval and disapproval and we would factor it in our decision making process.
R: 9 / I: 1 (sage)


First of all I'd like to learn you about the fact that 70% of our janitors are anglos (UK+USA+AUS+CAN) or saxons (GER+UK+USA+AUS+CAN) themselves. Would you think that this fact is representative of this community's cultural makeup? I would say: "nope."

Isn't it interesting that when it comes to online communities these faggots take over? Like, god damn, give me a single fucking African (of which there are NONE in the vol team) or give me a fucking Eastern-European (of which there are NONE in the vol team) or give me a single Asian (by which I don't mean second-gen immigrant on the vol team)…

For real, you comrades NEED to understand that we are 70%+ moderated by fucking anglos, and should ask the question: what does that even imply for "us?"

>inb4 pretending to "move" this thread to another board nobody visits… I would rather be banned by you, you fucking anglo-saxon Janny. The rest of the world will remember.
R: 9 / I: 3 (sage)


Why does its existence cause so much anger among the staff?
R: 21 / I: 2

Mergers Bad

Thread mergers are dumb, most of the generals end up turning into cyclical arguments about stuff that isn't related to the general. New threads have the best discussion, merging threads does nothing but make discussion worst.
R: 1 / I: 0

What happened?

Unable to open a Matrix server for some reason. Tried logging in and logging out, even reinstalling, but it still doesn't do anything. All it does however is to display a loading screen that doesn't even move on to the chat interface? Can someone explain this and give me the new leftypol chat?
R: 127 / I: 10

Official Leftypol Embassy Thread

Hello comrades, this thread is about discussing and coordinating outreach programs to other online communities and/or IRL to get them to come visit us. Personally, I think we should incorporate the QR code more into our outreach efforts. I came across one anon who suggested making posters about the website in their university and thought it would be dope to include. Signal boosting New Multitude and OC memes is good too. Feel free to discuss among yourself, the mods will take a backseat in this thread.

However fair warning, pivoting to other bullshit like
>Um actually, if everyone does what I want, we will have more members
>REEEE Jannies are ruining this board with XYZ

will be banned for topic dilution. Especially the usual suspects. Please believe that.

Don't worry about how the new users will dilute the community ala Eternal September. Board culture or the moderation team will sort them out.
R: 7 / I: 1

/leftypol/'s own dialect

Proposing some words to be added to the filter. They include:
kike → Tibetan
faggot → falun gong
jewish nigger → Tibetan Uyghur
white → #FFFFFF
transhumanistoid(s) → transhumanist(s)
jannoid(s) → force(s) of order
chinlet → falun gong
troon → transhumanist
Israel → Fictional country
white ethnostate → Free Tibet
nazi, national socialism/t, natsoc, → Pseudo Socialism/t
New World Order → New World schizoism
POC → Colored
chink, jap, ching chong, etc. → Asian
spic → Hispanic/Latino (pick one)
brenton tarrant, patrick crusius, anders breivik, john earnest (and its initials) → Vile person
subhuman(s) → fascist(s)
twitter → Lib central
instagram → libagram
facebook → boomerbook
USA, US, usa, united states, united states of america → burgeristan/burgerstan (pick one)

Any other anons may freely add words below. Also any of you agree with this?
R: 4 / I: 0
remove (you)s
Flood detected; Post discarded.
thank you have a nice night
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Help me plz. newb here looking to contribute

read the FAQ and i still have no idea how to reply to comments and create a account.. if someone replies to my thread.. how will i see the reply? help if you can.. thanks
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Was this post made by an actual mod? If so why did you delete it?
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please mods add a /soc/ board, it would be very nice to be able to meet up with like minded leftists irl, obviously any fed shit should be banned, but having everyone be very disconnected is just as bad.
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leftypol gone fascist

I do not know the history of Leftypol however it is clear that it is now a liberal fascist board that bans all Maoist posts and bans any post that isn't revisionist.
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It's horrible.
R: 36 / I: 3
Legitimately is this board running out of new topics to make threads out of?
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delete /itg/, /USApol/, crypto-idpol, /siberia/ and /anime/ and ban shitposters, greentexter schizos and pseud effurtpoosters on sight.
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Can we please ban the weird sex website (WSWS)
They do nothing but spam themselves in /leftypol/
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Where do all these guys come from?
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Nice banner, faggots
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Proposal Agenda 27/09/21 - 01/10/21

Hello everyone. This is the thread to make this week's proposals. We have these proposals which failed previously, that perhaps we should discuss again this week (I won't put these on the docket, unless someone actually brings them up with amendments so they might pass this time):

Proposal: Reorganization of modocracy to groups based on siloed focus (ex: tech/mods/outreach)

Proposal: Elect an executive. Instead of voting on every issue, simply elect an executive, either a single individual or small group (individual is better), who is recallable by vote. The executive makes all decisions except electing themselves and kicking or adding any member from/to the modocracy. This will free up the modocracy to get back to the core tasks of tech, modding, outreach/growth, and other activities associated with maintaining and growing leftypol.

Proposal: - same as above except by sortition.

Once again, I must clarify that ONLY MODS CAN ACTUALLY VOTE ON PROPOSALS OR VOTES. Anons are free to have their say and offer suggestions and feedback to improve proposals/votes but these are only advisory and user votes are not counted for official decisionmaking. But who knows, a persuasive enough argument might sway the mod team to your cause?

Please reply to this post to post proposals for consideration next week. If a user proposal seems like a good idea, we may adopt it and make it official. Thanks everyone. Feel free to post your opinions but try not to spam or needlessly bicker back and forth in order to keep the thread clear and legible. Any off-topic posts may be removed without warning.
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site growing

is the site growing? we're at 385 IPs. OR is it just bots/etc.

are these actually newfags coming?
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Why? How long until we need a leftypol pass?
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What happened with 8chan /leftypol/? Do exist other left boards or only this site?
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Thread Removal

Why was my thread about workers going on strike to protest mandates removed? This is a VERY important story about labor issues.
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Why is this allowed?
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Apparent text rules please

People should be capable to write what they want from the get go, keeping information on how to do it is counterproductive. Rules that make text bold italic or whatever should immediately be apparent to the writer
At the very least you could make a little expanding box that explains all this shit somewhere uo.
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There Need Only Be Two Main Boards

There is not enough traffic on any of the boards other than /leftypol/ and /siberia/ to justify their existence. /hobby/, /tech/, /edu/, /games/, /anime/, and /music/ should all become generals in /siberia/. If this was implemented, these topics would actually have decent activity and pph because of crossover from /siberia/ posters, and that board would increase in activity as well. I know that, for instance, I would regularly check out a music general, but I rarely go on /music/ because it's so slow.
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This site and teenagers

Why is this board not open for teenagers (people aged 13-17), instead users must be 18 or up to use this site? Considering that most teenagers right now are tech-savvy and that teenagers are usually open to new information, especially ideologies?
If we keep doing this then:
- we will not have a good userbase,
- this won't be trendy,
- more and more teens subscribe themselves to lib ideas,
- a surplus of degenerate young people will (surely) be created, and
- revolution is rather hard to achieve due to the previous two reasons.
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This is a general thread for discussion of the split, to stop other threads from getting shitted up.

Please keep it civil and contain all split/drama discourse to this thread and stop shitting up every other unrelated meta thread.
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Designing Transparency by Default

This is a long post, but it's important we do this properly in order to prevent the same bullshit happening again. All constructive feedback is helpful. Feedback from people who don't use Matrix or /meta/ often is especially useful.

It's clear the previous site was screwed up in many ways. While there are obvious surface issues such as moderation tensions, there were underlying design flaws in the moderation system that both compounded these issues and made the user experience worse than it should have been. Some results of this flawed system is how many policy changes were a surprise to most users despite being discussed for days or over week, even users who regularly visited the /meta/ board had no visibility over these discussions.

It is the view of the entire moderation team that this is unacceptable.

From what I know, the previous leftypol.org's (supposed) transparency effort was as follows:
>general moderation discussion takes place in the Matrix Congress chat
(in reality, it became normalized for many mods to default to the private Matrix Staff Room, even for non-sensitive matters)
>mod voting on changes takes place on a locked, unlisted, public board, /assembly/
(this is the same board that was made public and open by leftychan, previous weeks' votes were moved to the archive board every Monday. it was extremely badly advertised)
>votes would be declared in the /meta/ voting thread, along with their outcomes
(as evident, this almost never happened in practice, with no-one doing this after the first month except for a short-lived revival attempt by Discomrade)

While technically the design was public, none of it was easily noticable to most users and became effectively (by both design and then culture) private-by-default. When a crisis happens and priorites take over, all the extra tasks can easily get forgotten. That's why open-by-default is a design quality we should aim for in the new moderation framework. We should have to go out of our way to talk about site changes in private (for special cases concerning things like IP bans or server technical details, since it is inappropriate to show that sensitive information publicly).

Here are some possible solution we've proposed so far, please tell us what you like, what you don't like, what you would like, or any other suggestions you have.
>Announcing all site/policy decisions in the red Global Announcements section when discussion begins, with a link to a /meta/ thread for that issue.
>Announcing discussion of major changes to a board with a new sticky thread on that board.
>Renaming the staff room to make it clear it should be used for confidential matters.
>Removing shitposting and off-topic tangents from the Congress Matrix room that should be in the regular /leftypol/ Chat room, so it can appropriately be more easily used to openly discuss minor, temporary, time-critical site matters like potential deletions, sages, bans and appeals
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How to get more people into the site?

Reposting here because no one ever reads meta and because sage ruined the thread, sorry mods

I think that we can all agree that we need more people, more posters spanning from all the left positions, let's go past the "much PPH" meaningless debate, we barely have any effortposters now, much less drawfags and other kind of talented people, the split was a catastrophe in terms of users and we have not recovered yet.

A small imageboard may be good for very niche hobbies and things like that, but for leftism it's the absolute opposite,our ideology is supposed to appeal to the vast majority of people that composes the working class, we should strive to be an Imageboard for the masses, the more people the better (leftists ofc),we used to have a very large potential userbase on 8chan but that's gone.

I think we should start promoting the board, in youtube, discockrd, hell even on reddit Twitter and Facebook, there's literal thousands of people that are members of communist and socialist parties around the world, hundreds of unions and workers organizations etc, and their input could be very valuable, hell maybe we can get some Chinese people in here, or people from the Japanese communist party etc.

I think that everyone should do their part in your social circles and social media you frequent the most, casually mention leftypol if you have leftist friends, mention leftypol in breadtube videos, if you follow communist or socialist party accounts on twittee or Facebook invite them to come etc, if you speak more than one language the better, if you have the means to get in touch with people from China or Japan or you know someone who knows the language maybe we can try to get some people from those countries here, along with people from Arab countries, Africa etc, that would be awesome.

Leftypol should stop appealing to its own userbase and reach out for people, just like the bolsheviks went out to the factories to garner support for the revolution and just how the CCP talked with the peasants to fight against the nationalists, we should do the same.

We have a world to win!
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Caching is fucked

I have to force a refresh to get new posts to appear. In threads the last posts are often missing and only appear through the autoupdate but with board pages only the refresh helps.
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Is the catalog broken sitewide for anyone else? Threads refuse to update for some reason.
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Proposal Agenda 20/09/21 - 24/09/21

Hello everyone. This is the thread to make this week's proposals. There were no successful proposals last week, so there is no voting topic. We have these proposals which failed previously, that perhaps we should discuss again this week (I won't put these on the docket, unless someone actually brings them up with amendments so they might pass this time):

proposal: filter "socially conservative" to "actually reactionary" (this proposal has now not been accepted for 2 weeks and is STALE, it will be removed next week)

proposal: filter "socially conservative" to "socially inept" (this proposal has now not been accepted for 2 weeks and is STALE, it will be removed next week)

proposal: filter "stupid pol" to "stupid polyps" and "stupidpol" to "stupid polyps" (this proposal has now not been accepted for 2 weeks and is STALE, it will be removed next week)

Once again, I must clarify that ONLY MODS CAN ACTUALLY VOTE ON PROPOSALS OR VOTES. Anons are free to have their say and offer suggestions and feedback to improve proposals/votes but these are only advisory and user votes are not counted for official decisionmaking. But who knows, a persuasive enough argument might sway the mod team to your cause?

Please reply to this post to post proposals for consideration next week. If a user proposal seems like a good idea, we may adopt it and make it official. Thanks everyone. Feel free to post your opinions but try not to spam or needlessly bicker back and forth in order to keep the thread clear and legible. Any off-topic posts may be removed without warning.
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Cyclification of /nordpol/

Now that /nordpol/ on the main board is rather swiftly approaching 500 posts, can we make it cyclic please? Thänks!
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Unping the Reading General

Despite being the most crucial thread for a healthy leftist imageboard, being stuck besides modshit threads no one cares about makes it slide by unnoticed by most users especially ones who primarily browse the catalogue like me. This is one of the major issues that have contributed to the illiteracy problem that has plagued our board since time immemorial.

Unpin the reading general and make it a cyclical thread like /ITG/ and the others.
R: 74 / I: 4

Voting Agenda 13/09/21 - 17/09/21

These are the votes for this week. Please vote on the posts below, not this OP itself. Once again, please note that anons cannot actually vote, and their opinions are simply advisory. Thank you to all users and mods for their participation.

In addition, please keep this topic on-topic. All extraneous posts may be removed without warning. With that, here are this week's votes;
R: 4 / I: 4

/GEG/ - growth engineering general

Following up on >>>/leftypol/503609

leftypol.org needs a permanent team of staff growth hackers to full time think of ways to drive users to the site.

TLDR: A lot of the strategies in the book are more in line with for profit companies and don’t translate well to a anonymous not for profit imageboard, however, some ideas can be translated.

The takeaway:

- Recruit a specific team of non moderator staff to handle social media outreach, and growth strategies, i.e. their full time “job” is to think of ways to drive more users to the site and then do that with or without the users help. At a minimum the team should have a designated “growth lead”, plus any willing people with UX, UI, SEO, Marketing, and social media management experience you can find and who would be useful.

- Create a Growth room in matrix. Call it MAUism (monthly active users) or leftypol.org growth engineering or whatever. Invite all members of the tech team + the growth team + any other relevant parties.

- try different ideas.
R: 36 / I: 1

Proposal Agenda 13/09/20 - 17/09/20

Hello everyone. This is the thread to make this week's proposals. To see last week's successful proposals, please go to the voting topic for this week. We have these proposals which failed previously, that perhaps we should discuss again this week (I won't put these on the docket, unless someone actually brings them up with amendments so they might pass this time):

Proposal: Equip each board with a sticky detailing its purpose and rules. This should ideally include any and all of the various and more or less obscure bylaws, such as covid denialism being allowed in the covid-19 general but nowhere else. (this proposal has now not been accepted for 2 weeks and is STALE, it will be removed next week)

proposal: filter "socially conservative" to "actually reactionary"

proposal: filter "socially conservative" to "socially inept"

proposal: filter "stupid pol" to "stupid polyps" and "stupidpol" to "stupid polyps"

Once again, I must clarify that ONLY MODS CAN ACTUALLY VOTE ON PROPOSALS OR VOTES. Anons are free to have their say and offer suggestions and feedback to improve proposals/votes but these are only advisory and user votes are not counted for official decisionmaking. But who knows, a persuasive enough argument might sway the mod team to your cause?

Please reply to this post to post proposals for consideration next week. If a user proposal seems like a good idea, we may adopt it and make it official. Thanks everyone. Feel free to post your opinions but try not to spam or needlessly bicker back and forth in order to keep the thread clear and legible. Any off-topic posts may be removed without warning.
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what hthe fuck is this faggot ass larp introduction
this isnt some subreddit

stop taking yourselves so seriously, please

you're better off saying something like "They are… an interesting group of people - Senpai Wolff" or something like that
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Make the Hungarian thread cyclic

Please make the /vörös/ thread cyclic again like it was back on Bunkerchan: >>>/leftypol/1
R: 1 / I: 0
Can we have a board specifically for just general threads?
General threads are cool and all, but i do like to be able to click into leftypol and see new threads than i did yesterday. I know i can use the catalog but like, i kinda like not having to slog through the generals.