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I'm seeking to get this done so Ismail's reference desk board/forum is more visible and connected to this site.
I got his consent for it: http://eregime.org/index.php?showtopic=17379&st=2130&#entry300560
This is the link to the overall subforum: http://eregime.org/index.php?showforum=719

I raised this in the /leftypol/ Congress matrix room and nobody took issue with it.
In case somebody doesn't know who Ismail is and why this change would be helpful: on 8chan he was the board owner for an associated board called /marx/ where he would answer questions random anons would ask him about Marxism. He also posted books that he uploads scans of to the Internet Archive.
Here's a sample of threads from 8chan's /marx/: https://web.archive.org/web/*/https://8ch.net/marx/res/*
/marx/ was also previously linked on the old BO administration's list of associated boards.


Also, I should note that you CAN in fact post without a display name or registration on the site. You can post as a 'Guest'.


This random anon supports
Make it so admins plox


Sounds cool. If I don't hear a reason against then we should do it.


I support this too


support. if anything it will give us an appearance of reading and caring about history. we're all here to meme but visitors don't need to know that. adding that to the top bar might really help with our image. do it jannies


Anon you brilliant motherfucker, i was just thinking about this today. eRegime and Ismail are a goldmine with an immense potential.

Also, why can't i post .rar in here


Just unrar and re-zip (.zip)


File: 1640581770770.png (142.74 KB, 365x266, ClipboardImage.png)

>we're all here to meme but visitors don't need to know that
How DARE you accuse me of something I do!


.tar.gz ftw


I never understood what you people mean by this and what's so revolting about it.

Also, is there a way to post all the .zips i extracted as a single file?


yeah put them in a zip lmao.
You can often make a setting to not compress it, just store as is.


eRegime's /marx/ is now linked the homepage. I'm up for discussion on linking on the top bar next to [GET/ref] as the top bar can get cluttered easily, but I personally hink they're worth it.

As an aside, is there a meta thread where you can you ask them to get a non-expired HTTPS certificate?


>As an aside, is there a meta thread where you can you ask them to get a non-expired HTTPS certificate?
You can just ask Ismail in the thread that I asked him if he'd be fine with /leftypol/ linking to there at.
It's a 'questions about anything' thread, so.


File: 1640847993398.jpg (40.14 KB, 508x409, basado.jpg)

It finally got added
1 year late, but that's still okay


good principle


File: 1640906565500.png (43.2 KB, 460x272, ClipboardImage.png)



> click /marx/
< Warning: Potential Security Risk Ahead
Why is /leftypol/ linking to malware sites?


Of course your fedware would say that.

But seriously it's just because they don't have a certificate, it's meaningless


Nah, actually lacking TLS on your extremist website in late 2021 is ripe for justified mockery. It's not 2014 anymore, there is no justification for shit like this.


File: 1640975113730.png (402.51 KB, 1919x1875, analysis.png)

learning about marx and capitalism


This guy was once a big meme on fedcord


>SSL is useless


Is this the King of GETchan fame?


Discomrade was talking about asking Ismail about getting a proper HTTPS certification. The main concern is passwords. Don't register to the site with a password you have ever used anywhere before. You can, as I said, post pseudo-anonymously (similar to a chan) as a guest, in which you can also put in a name if you desire. But for various reasons some may prefer to register instead.



Don't know why Ismail still hasn't banned this schizo.


I do have the idea of creating another forum area called /Ленин/ for Comrade King and another Russian guy to post in, and moving their threads over to it to remove the clutter from /marx/.


I can't post anonymously (tick isn't showing up) so could you forward our concern on to them?


Oh whoops, I didn't see Ismail was already here. Great to have you over.


File: 1641025590075.jpg (64.41 KB, 1901x204, behold.jpg)

So yeah I created a new area called /Ленин/ and moved threads by Comrade King and others to it: http://eregime.org/index.php?showforum=975

I figure it's the responsible thing to do if /marx/ is going to be used for educational purposes.


Lacking TLS has been a mark of shame since it was first published, really.


Also pls delete GETchan from the top, they're not our friends anymore and linking them when they don't link us back is extremely cucked.



Wow, an actual fedpost on leftypol.


Also they are fucking pedophiles and bring a really bad image to us by association


t. wrecker pushing a smear


EVERY SINGLE TIME I go on their fucking website there's in-depth discussion about loli and people sharing loli (japanese sexualized depiction of 4 year olds) porn in the most active thread, /"lefty"trash/. Fuck you for calling me a wrecker and fuck you again for implying that this isn't truthful. IT IS LITERALLY THE INTEREST OF THEIR GROUP. MORESO THAN "LEFTISM", WHATEVER THEY DEFINE IT AS. Second-most discussed topic is not political, but about "small-talk", meandering chitchat about drinking coffee, waking up / going to bed and being horny (which always leads straight into loli porn).



And I say that as someone that loves the GETchan youtube channel that uploads incredible communist music from all around the world with millions of views. It disturbs me deeply the thought of any of these potentially interested / curious normies that happen to come about those anthems and compilations then google "GETchan", gets to their website and then sees a bunch of (surely) autistic shutin closet-pedos simultaneously talking about preggo, furry and loli porn for dozens about dozens of posts while /ref/ (/int/ spinoff) and just about every other thing on the site is dead (even the youtube channel thread) by comparison to the filth in that main general.
It's a terrible situation.


>normies that happen to come about those anthems and compilations then google "GETchan"
this never happens


The odds are very much in favor of it happening.


what's the last random music-hosting channel name you googled?


anyway, make your own thread if you wanna sperg about this. this one's about /leftypol/-eRegime and there are plenty of dead /meta/ threads that could be superseded by a /leftypol/-GETchan slapfight


Yes that's something I do in cases such as these, but irrelevant to why you're defending their disgusting and uncommunsist behavior. Who the fuck are those people and why do you normalize it? Do they pay you to simp like this for them? Criticize where criticism is due.


It has a certificate that is self issued, so even though that is not as secure as the proper TLS certificates there is that option if the connection must be more encrypted. By use of browser extensions, a person probably can force HTTPS connections for the website.

Go on /ref/ then or hide the mature threads? It's not as if this place is that much better.


>Go on /ref/ then or hide the mature threads?
>It's not as if this place is that much better.
For all the bad things about leftypol, at least 99% of the traffic isn't circlejerking about the most degenerate of deviant sexual fetishes.


this? https://getchan.net/GET/res/2.html
there's no loli anywhere
or are you one of those conservatives who want to make your prudishness seem justified by accusing pedophilia


You have to enable "mature content" in the settings to see all threads: https://getchan.net/GET/res/1011.html


oh huh
also, it has google and doubleclick trackers on its site, i noticed


no it's a Youtuber who coincidentally picked the same name

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