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Moralism should be a bannable offense.


true, it’s always thinly veiled petty bourgeois sentiments


cry more.


seconded and thirded


File: 1645319146596.jpg (894 KB, 1111x1600, trap pride.jpg)

It's so weird that leftypol managed to both become more moralist and more edgy (but in the lame way) at the same time.


It often derails discussion. Ethics should be alright in their own proper threads but just harping with NPC non arguments should be bannable.


Ban anti-fun posters and soyjack posters. They ruin any site and community. Probably at least some are glowies and others false flagging /pol/yps.


What would compel someone to draw this?


mental illness


creative desire, same reason cock vore exist.



it's cool and cute


>Yiffnigqer talking about bannable offenses


I miss when imageboards weren't filled with newfags getting angry at stuff like this.


Apologies, I forget this site is part ran by furry weirdos. I just expect more when I see the /leftypol/ name I guess.


no worries, its what i expect from 2016 tourists


File: 1645409045129.mp4 (330.92 KB, 726x720, cringe.mp4)

>2016 tourists


Have you ever been on 4chan? We arguably have less furries than they do now.


We shouldn't end the purge until we have 0 furries, comrade.


You forgot your wojaks.


Yes it's pathetic and obnoxious. If anyone wants that sort of interaction just walk outside and talk to the first person seen.


But why's the yiff smoking meth?


File: 1645411345514-0.jpg (32.74 KB, 613x699, normie mode 1.jpg)

File: 1645411345514-1.jpg (23.36 KB, 680x310, normie mode2.jpg)

File: 1645411345514-2.jpg (28.07 KB, 779x397, normie mode 3.jpg)

File: 1645411345514-3.jpg (160.57 KB, 1804x2048, normie mode 4.jpg)

omfg this is so cursed X-D i bet they were on drugs when making this!


imageboards have been full of normies for years


Doesn't make it any less annoying, especially on a niche leftist imageboard.




yeah, i agree


Grow up faggots


File: 1645553955473.png (10.99 KB, 320x288, wojakspam.png)

saying "coom" or any variations thereof should be a bannable offense


File: 1645756418497.webm (5.75 MB, 711x400, scream.webm)

tfw no wolf gf to smoke meth with


How DARE you not respect this terminally virtualized loser's otherkin identity?
Are you, like, a normie???
You should be an idealistic radlib individualist like Caballo, you fucking socially adjusted communist piece of shit!


Seething zoofucker


Go back.


you WILL lose no matter how many tantrums you throw and whats socially acceptable will be ever broader


This site has been moving in a more libertarian direction recently and I love to see it!


i don't think the internet moralist losing heat and their spergs becoming less common is a sign of libertarianism anon.


(third file) this you?


More like it's going back to its roots when moralizing was universally mocked.


Not while furfags keep doing mentally ill things like grooming kids and spreading HIV on purpose


american neocon mom moment


"Yiff in hell furfag"
Who you think you foolin'?


Furfaggotry is literally idealism.


building your identity on petty contrarianism against minor groups who live in your head rent free will always be both more shameful and more dangerous than something trivially silly like wanting your avatar to be a dog with more fur colours than chromosomes.

"wouldn't that joke work better if they had les–"
no. yes. but no. you're thinking of down syndrome, and that's one angle the joke could take, but what makes my joke really clever is that when god was giving all the species chromosomes the lid fell off the chromosome shaker and they just poured into dogs until the jar was empty, those guys have 78 compared to our 46, so you're already thinking double-digit colours when i say chromosomes but it's actually almost twice as many as you were thinking of. unless you had no idea how many chromosomes we have. but now you do. (well, how many most of us have anyway.)


If you wanna go that far back I can mention that Futaba has no issues with kemono and the anti-furfaggotry is SA luggage that got imported along with stickies and public bans. Let's not get into the fedfest that was ED either.


reminder the mastermind behind all that petty internet sectarianism (besides the fbi half a decade later) was lowtax who was such a massive fucking loser he ended up killing himself rather than pay alimony, uygha spent all his life making fun of furries and weeaboos to make his own life a little less miserable lmfao


Maybe there is justice in the world after all


Lowtax actually managed to have a relationship with someone? Little wonder this board hates him.


File: 1646290541490.png (363.15 KB, 347x547, lowtax.png)

Yeah and as you might expect from the creator of SA he beat her wife, made her pump out a child and then dumped her and refused to give her a single cent while she and his daughter spent their lives in a women's shelter. Years later when a judge decided he had to give her some of his money he blew his brains out with a shotgun. Rofl.

Another fun fact, Kyanka was always asking for donations, saying the server was in the red and refusing to pay the artists he hired any money, but when a mod took over after the suicide it turned out the site was more than financially stable and paid multiple people that were owed money by lowtax.


lmao fuck somethingawful, it was easily a worse influence on the internet than 4chan could ever be


good riddance



Imagine being such a horror you have to dress up in a costume to get laid.


Respect to my Polish comrades struggle.


Lmao this is cringe gold
It gets funnier every time I watch it


its a heckin unwholesome cringerinoo??


noooooo you can't just break social norms and express yourself nooo it's cringe1!1


Yes, but without the funny words.

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