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File: 1648144552590.jpg (147.67 KB, 787x768, 435.jpg)


So has the moderation theme decided to completely abandon /meta/? Is another war in Olympus that is the hotpocket-smelling Matrix server brewing? Why the fuck do jannies refuse to offer any and all feedback on the board DESIGNED to give communication to the users? Why has there not been a single official mod response to the bans regarding Ukraine special non-violent localized entirely within Seymore's kitchen military operation? I know you are here and you are reading, you fucked up by replying to that shitty "Ban all non-ML's thread" yesterday, which is beyond ridiculous, because despite still (supposedly) being a tolerant to all leftist spectrum board, every anti-Russia poster gets jannied faster than a tankie on r/anarchism or a mentioner of Kronstadt on r/communism. I believe the moderation team owes at least some sort of official explenation.


Cope and zeethe, fascist scum. Your pathetic excuse of a home nation is going to meet its end soon, and its criminal leaders brought to justice just like in Malorussia and that terrifies you. If the mods are banning you for glowie spam then the mods are based as hell and I hope you and Sage and all the other useful idiots for American imperialism get booted off entirely



You're sharing a site with uyghaz who think everything is da CIA!!!1 conspiracy and that innocent civilians should die because neonazi LARPers exist.

Why am I resorting to such blatant moralfaggotry?
'cause thats what they do homie.

No material analysis, nah, just some vague idealist "anti imperialism/have not's" excuse dat the nazis used to start WW2 'n shit, or "productive forces!!1" when you point out that the aesthetical communists, the ones who just want to wear color without being blood, have no intent to implement socialism in the most industrialized region of Ukraine. You know how insane dat shit is? Pwn NATO? Form da multipolar block of "moral eastern capitalism", I repeat uygha, "moral eastern capitalism"? What the fuck is this bullshit? Hope y'all wh*te crackas die killing and banning each other for hurting your pussy fag ass feelings while us real G's blast champagne on da crib listenin to sum fiddy while discussing how Russia collapsing means its prone to a 2nd revolution…im out…


File: 1648222217513.jpg (195.31 KB, 800x957, bvll.jpg)



The ebonics schizo is back!
I had a wonderful conversation with you the other day. You were completely incapable of following a conversation. It was like talking with a markov chain trained in ebonics fed through nasty YouTube comments. Completely unhinged 10/10. No medicine needed.


Ay cuh you thinkin of someone else, that aint me


Unfathomably B A S E D


>putin shills
>unprovoked racism
name a better duo


Obviously I am not speaking for anyone else but let me be frank.
I will never reply to you in a serious capacity, unless you have actual real life hostages.


And the reason for that is…? I mean, sure fuck me, I can bet that I can be annoying, at least that's what I gather from the totally-not-ethnonationalist Ruskie meltdowns I get directed at me, but how about you reply to all the other people who get banned over Ukraine because of your triggerhappy jannies?

But do pray tell, did I enter your naughty list over my Ukraine positions, or because of evsrything before it?


NTA but I hate you because you attack our mods.


I try to handle a lot of bans.
I honestly don't remember you from before.
That's good, buddy.


I <3 OP


come over here, so I can beat you.


File: 1648333736545.png (31.44 KB, 248x240, 823180-small.png)

>Attack our mods
You realize the hostilty began over time, and only because mods refused to offer pretty much any feedback on their mod policy for Ukraine? Also as I said in the past, my bans get randomly overturned and re-overturned on a whim, which, because the mods you deffend are silent as a rock, can only lead me to believe they are either incompetant or completely eclectic in their policy. Literally all could be solved if they either openly pulled an Old BO and said we are now a pro-Russia board, or if they properly explained why these bans are justified. As of now, we got dead fucking silence, a vapid pretense of mod neutrality and a material reality of people getting banned for being anti-Russia. If you feel I am a retard, please try and explain why, I'd be thankful.



No bans are overturned (there are, not in your "case"), you don't know how IPs work, or pretend not to.


Your complaints only add workload to our volunteer mod staff. Why do you care so much about rules and consistency?(:^))


daddy no! D:


I mean, for one, yes there were. Before this 7 day ban I got a 3 day one for the same sort of anti-Russia posts that was overturned as soon as I complained. And a few days ago I successfully posted a few times, but then got the same ban as before. I have no clue how I could have connected to a different IP address, as I only over ban evade once using TOR version, and that wasn't it.

Unique IPs: 7

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