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4chan has a system where unofficially all bans last 3 days. I have only posted one shit post and my most recent ban was like 3 weeks. I'm concerned I will get banned for a shot ton of time and not be able to use the site when I accidentally do something mods don't like. 3 days should be enough if it is enough for 4chan and mods here are liberal with bans.


Of course if someone does something like post cp you can ban them for life plus contact police or whatever.


Bans that last over three days are pointless anyway while posting with proxies and tor is enabled. Nobody is going to abide by a six week ban when literally 10 seconds of effort can avoid said ban. On 4chan it's different because you have to reset your router each time, which is an inconvenience as we all know. Also I have no idea why the mods even bother with permabans, most other chans with a tor node don't issue permabans at all because of the futility of it all.

By now, personally, I must have accumulated a few years worth of bans on VPNs, but it doesn't matter to me because I only use each IP once anyway. Unless you're an idfag like Bee and leninhat, it's impossible for the mods to enforce a ban and tbh it's kinda funny to watch them try to do it.
OP I agree with your point in principle, but I don't think bans are that big of a deal at all. If the mods really wanted to discourage rule breaking posts they could either hire more janitors or block posting with proxies and tor.


Yeah, my main IP is perpetually banned it seems, the ban seems to renew itself automatically unless I pissed off a Jannie that hard that they do it manually each time, but now I'm relegated to phone posting to be able to post on this site.


how do you expect jannies to maintain a stiffy with such low ban durations? it's already getting hard to rub one out since users stopped complaining so much.


Moderation time permitting I think even lower ban durations might sometimes be worthwhile. A ban of an hour or two isn't even worth the effort of resetting your router on a board as slow as /leftypol/, but still serves as a bit of an annoyance if you've already got a message typed up and ready to post. If you've been banned for moderate idiocy and just need to be gently reminded to be less of an idiot in the future, that's about the right level to target.

But of course it depends on the reason for the ban in question.


You are right in the sense that if anything the small number of people responsible for 90% of disruption, bait, flooding the place with shit, etc. are not banned hard enough. Improvement would not necessarily require more organic robots (there could be technical solutions) but it could help.

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