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I know half of you will freak out because its me saying it, but could we have a thread on the main board that is just for people to hang out in, post random shit, generally talk about things, not necessarily politics related but obviously there will be a lot of crossover. Like Matrix/fbi.gov but you don't have to sign in an all that junk. Just a thread for banter and shitposting. Yes technically there is a whole board for that on /b/ but i feel a fast hangout thread would be better. Also whatever happening thread is happening and ITG end up defacto being this anyways, so it might free those threads up a bit.


fully support this provided it doesn't become an insulated social circle of people who know each other and talk about their days like /leftytrash/ turned into. i'm not sure how you'd prevent it with an actual rule or anything, but there's a certain posting style that's desirable - where the topic takes prominence and any anon can jump in - and a certain style that's less desirable, where individuals and their lives take prominence and where people tend to converse with those that they know, tending to overlook anons, and tending to have more "how was your day?" style conversations where it's more difficult to run off in a madcap direction with something someone's said.
(it's not just a function of tripcodes or flags either. obviously they help identifying people, but you can know someone as - say - "swiss anon" even when there's forced anonymity based on the topics they talk about. meanwhile others use tripflags or tripcodes, but still basically post like anons do, without a "personal relationship" developing.)

ideally ITG would be less streamer-focused and defacto serve this role with a slightly internet-bent, but that doesn't seem to happen in practice.


File: 1650670919840.jpg (412.14 KB, 1551x1868, 1620009738709.jpg)

So what you guys are saying is; bring back /leftytrash/?


could we have a thread that functions exactly like Siberia but restricted to a single thread on the main board for some fucking reason? ideally no


id rather siberia got reestructured to serve as this tbh


The format of Siberia makes it different to this. Lots of different fractured thoughts and topics, porn dumps etc.

Not like a general chat thread for various topics, with the ability to go in various directions in the one thread, like, a normal conversation tends to do.

Also siberia half around half the IP count of the main board, so it would be good for these people to have a place to talk casually, rather than having to jump to siberia, where there is a certain culture.

You'd see it bumped, you'd know people were hanging out etc. Would probably encourage more posting in other threads also, because people would stick around to hang out


>I know half of you will freak out because its me saying it,
Take off your trip you vain motherfucker. You're not funny, you're not interesting, you're not smart. You add nothing to this board.


yeah that is pretty cringe lol


You might find >>>/tech/13118 useful.


So you guys forgot about /leftytrash/ already? It turned so bad it had to be banished and they fucked off to GETchan

>provided it doesn't become an insulated social circle of people who know each other and talk about their days like /leftytrash/ turned into.
Yeah, this is exactly what would happen. It'd be a cancer full of coomers and junko's orbiters RPing and circlejerking, just like /leftytrash/ became (and /siberia/ is already full of those types)


TBH it was d0llars who decided to do that and now he's excommunicado


It wasn't lol
you are talking nonsense


Ah shit, okay, I got mixed up, it was Stalin420, but still, he did it without consultation with the rest of the mods or any kind of vote or whatever


Actually, somebody said on Friday that
>sage don’t miss
In response to a joke I said.

And actually, I regularly bring original research and also talk about organising.

And… actually, the longest running thread, with the most effort posts, was created by me, and many of the posts are mine.

U stupid and jelly :)


>it would be cancer blah blah
/b/ is only like that because half the board doesn’t go there only the coomers do


tripfags are so annoying man


Nobody cares. you think you're the only one who brings "original research", only one who makes effort posts or talks about organising? get over yourself. many people have contributed more than you, except we're happy to do it anonymously because we genuinely want to contribute, and not build "social capital" on an imageboard of all places.

You're a fucking loser and despite you always bragging about your life, it's obvious you're lying and it's shit, otherwise you wouldn't need an identity on an imageboard. You wouldn't need to bring up your "accomplishments" all the time. You lack the self awareness to realise how pathetic that is. You made a thread… congratulations? You posted some links and mentioned some organising books… do you want a medal?

You're so fucking deranged that you can't even see how insignificant your "contribution" is, but you fucking brag about it. I don't even know how to explain to you how stupid you look. You're a fucking joke and a lolcow.

And yes, I am 100% certain I do more than you IRL. How do I know? Because you keep us fucking updated on your life. Your gf, where you organise, what your job is. Like jesus fuck dude… do you not have any friends IRL? Is /leftypol/ the only place you socialise?

It's getting sad that after YEARS of being here, you still don't get what imageboards are about, but you treat it like Facebook or reddit, attaching your name to everything you write.

I mean this in the most sincere way possible: get a life.


i feel like there's got to be a way to banish /leftytrash/ style posting to /leftytrash/ while retaining a general chat-shit thread, though i can't think of how you'd formulate it into a sufficiently open-ended rule, or guarantee that mods would enforce it even against people who they like. after all, /leftytrash/ itself was alright for a while.
"no avatars" and "no talking about yourself" come to mind as the sort of thing you'd need. "no circlejerking" would be carte blanche, but i'm not sure how reliably you could report it. put the entire thread on notice with an OP that says "if this turns into a circlejerk we'll delete it?"


I like your idea and I would argue for just making the thread and seeing how it works out


Lol cope and seethe


As a general rule poc (people of competence) are not braggarts. But everyone over the age of 18 will already know this.


This post brings me satisfaction.


It’s not bragging if you say I don’t do something and then I provide examples of me doing it you eeediot it’s just me defending myself from paragraphs of seething and coping.

Also to an extent, many of you do need to be told repeatedly that complaining about woke people and posting ‘z’ on your Twitter is literally retarded and you should properly organise instead.

This makes some of you real mad tho.


>says I don’t do things
>I provide examples
>noooo it’s not true and nobody cares noooo
If it wasn’t, and they didn’t, you simply would not have asked and made the claim in the first place lmao


>you should properly organise instead.


at least they're touching grass


sage got destroyed yet again. he thinks he can run with the bulls, but he's nothing more than a cuck. can't take what he dishes out. a real bitchboy.




cry more, sage


Still obsessed


how's your PMC manager job of a yuppie coffee shop going? got to fire any proles lately?


Definitely coming across not obsessed here


better to be obsessed than an anglo PMC that fires proles. and don't make me send that email. go cry to the mods about "doxxing" yiu little bitch. go ahead, call me obsessed again. I dare you.


Smells like stupidpolyp in here


File: 1651819815581.jpeg (78.43 KB, 1024x682, duuuuude.jpeg)

hear me out guys…. what if we made a thread that's an imageboard, it'd be like nesting imageboards and free up infinite space, just put all the conversation in one thread and make it about whatever topics, but curate it so it doesnt turn into fbi.gov, think of the possibilities


Very cool

it should be more anon than the matrix since it's public


Who is this physco path?


The post that started it all. Should have followed the advice (it's not my post but almost as good as mine).

Unique IPs: 24

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