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File: 1653247282803.png (251.83 KB, 341x278, ClipboardImage.png)


Evidence of a junko denying the genocide of Palestinians by the imperialist Israeli government, repeating talking points made by hardline Zionists in the Israeli and US governments, as well as spouting schizo religious sectarianism that doesn't belong anywhere near leftist spaces.

Over the last few months we have seen countless anons banned for being "glowies" after making much more moderate and less sus posts abut Ukraine. Junko's posts break both the site idpol rules and past precedent set by mods. I can only assume that she is permitted to post stuff that regular anons would get banned on sight for simply because she is a tripfag and friends with the mods. I sincerely hope this is not the case and would like to be proven wrong.


Ohh, did somebody get angry because I'm not catching bans for calling out your support for genociding Jews because they live in Israel, and for myself being a religious Jew?
That must have been so hard for you.


are you american?


I don't understand how anarchists are frowned but literal Zionists are tolerated. Sad stuff


I humbly ask the vols to be consistent with how they dish out bans/deletions. Last year, when Zionists came to the Intifada thread during the May conflict, they were all banned/deleted. /leftypol/ has always had a history of anti-zionism, and all zionists have been promptly treated like the fascists they're and have been banned and had their posts deleted. So I ask the vols to also apply this to junko.


Check out this post >>>/siberia/250343 where I evidently have to inform /pol/-tier idiots such as >>>/siberia/250329 that culture isn't a product of your genes.


The only genocide happening right now is that of jews slaughtering dirt poor palestinians in their homes. Fuck you junko.


culture isnt an excuse for creating a fucking ethnostate you mentally ill american psycho


I'm not gonna recycle the whole argument(s) we were having in this thread.


I posted that graph because you were claiming that the Arabs have no historical link to Palestine, while the Jews somehow do. I don't agree with ethno-nationalism, I'm just stooping to your level to try and prove to you why it's so fucking retarded.


It's a legit grievance with many of the anons, from what I've seen. It could be taken further to the mods more seriously in both /meta/ and the matrix Congress. It's a sound argument to advance (opposing the reactionary Zionism being spread by the narcissist "junko").


You can post whatever you want if you're a namefag, we are living under namefag apartheid


>Are you as a Jew seriously trying to “correct” us Gentiles on what your religion stands for
Yes, you fucking idiot.


>your own books and religious heads say that any Jew has an obligation to lie to outsiders about their religion, and that any Jew who violates this rule deserves death?
This is straight-up bait.


Go ahead and read it, I encourage people to. I have explicitly told Christians that reading the Talmud among other Jewish religious literature would assist their understanding of their own bible.
But read it in good faith and understand what the Talmud actually is (not every sentence in it is a strict dictation you must follow).


>>>/tech/13118 Might be of interest to anons who are so inclined.


File: 1653250531267.jpeg (1.29 MB, 1500x1990, israelman.jpeg)

Honestly, I'm against all the bullshit ways that the mods swing the banhammer here.
I should have never, ever been banned for "glowing" for pointing out the invasion was likely to strengthen NATO and was launched on retarded Russian Revanchism that did not adhere to any logical geopolitical realism, and shock horror, I was right. I also don't think Zionists should be banned, Why? Because it's fun as shit to fucking dunk on their asses. They're stupid narcissistic retards and throw childish shitfits when you point out Zionism is just a crypto ultra-nationalism scam and itself is hilariously antisemitic (pic related).
Chans have never been pro-censorship. I have no idea why people on leftypol and the mods, seem to want to repeat all the same fucking mistakes as places like r/Communism, r/Socialism, Revleft and even 8chanLeftypol etc where you just get this annoying clique of thin skinned mental ill retards at the top banning anyone who disagrees with their most fringe views.
Look at how my thread about Cluster B wreckers in the left, something that literally has research evidence backing, and has long been a topic among the "dirtbag left" (Exiting the Vampire's Castle) got autosaged by assmad mods. Reality hit a little too close to home and it's a pretty big redflag that we're seeing the same mistakes play out here like what happened on 8chan leftypol when BO decided to nuke anyone not a Maoist third worldist.


File: 1653251327867.png (1.53 MB, 1078x906, powerful photo A.png)

>mods simp for cluster B tripfag
>cluster B threads get saged


OK look I think mods should maybe just do something like apply a topic ban to me on Israel/Zionism or something. Like just ban me if I'm posting substantially in threads about it or whatever, I don't know, is that feasible? We're clearly not gonna get along on this topic and if you all had something to say that I would find persuasive I would have been amiable already.
Topic bans are applied on Wikipedia when a user would make constructive edits outside of that topic, I think I can do so for /leftypol/ outside of this topic. I apologize if this is an unreasonable thing to ask.
Besides I'm probably more likely to come around on this topic to some extent if I'm not engaged with anonymous shitflinging directed at me about it. I really don't want to be in contradiction to what I've considered for years as my ideological kin, but I am just not going to significantly deviate from expressing what I see as truthful at any given time.


It's already banned, they're playing favorites and you know it which is why you continue to do it


I just posted a solution that could make both sides happy and your response is to keep complaining. Really mature stuff


File: 1653251873860.jpg (128.7 KB, 1029x1280, IMG_20210607_234527_132.jpg)

EDIT: We are discussing this issue currently, we will let you know what we decide.

That poster was banned for other reasons.


Your solution acknowledges the favoritism since everyone else just gets banned for it


Pathetic. You gave 12 week bans for arbitrary shit in the Ukraine thread but genocide denial, religious fundamentalism and zionism get "a short-ish ban in the future if you happen mention the genocide you don't believe is happening hehe".
You have no consistency or principles, and I sincerely hope you never hold any power in an irl org.


Different mods have different ideas about moderation, that's the best I can tell you. I agree that in my opinion some of the bans in the Ukraine thread have been a bit excessive.

We have discussed standardising ban lengths but it is very difficult to arrive at any set conclusion on that when context will always be a factor.


Different mod. I disagree with any of the ukraine bans that weren't against literal astroturf or posters derailing the thread but anyways that's another topic.


>EDIT: We are discussing this issue currently, we will let you know what we decide.
jfc guys, how hard is it to apply the rules from the constitution and moderate in accordance to historical ban lengths. What is there to discuss??


>Chans have never been pro-censorship
stopped reading

>and moderate in accordance to historical ban lengths
appealing to tradition as usual, I see?


>appealing to tradition as usual, I see?

I'm just suggesting that when deciding junko's ban length, mods simply search 'zionism', 'israel' etc. into the ban logs and see how long anons have been banned for similar infractions in the past.
I can't tell if I worded my post badly or you're just being deliberately retarded lmao


From the looks of it, ban lengths are pretty arbitrary and in my opinion purposely long. I think this is a good opportunity to instead have a thought out decision on how long a default ban is (e.g. non-malicious idpol first offense = 2 hours, repeat offense = 3 days)


*purposelessly long


Hello, we have decided that Junko should be treated the same as everyone else and will be banned in future for overly disruptive/etc Zionism, but we will also go forward and try to standardise ban lengths/reasons a bit more. Please bear with us.






>in future
Bullshit. No rules have changed, she should be banned for the posts she made in that thread. The kid gloves are well and truly on for junko it seems…

Regardless, considering how easy it is to bait junko into saying absolutely psychotic shit about the palestinians, I have no doubt you'll be having to ban your egirl friend soon enough. I'm sure that's going to make for an awkward time in your group chats.


You're not really helping your case.




File: 1653256222293.jpg (1.11 MB, 3024x4032, jewish kitty.jpg)

I am a nonbinary jewish womxn from the bronx that writes critical opinion pieces in haaretz. Attached is a photo of my beautiful cat Norman Finklestein. Shalom.


The truth is that she's only going to get more extreme regarding the zionism shit, and you'll end up permabanning her for it eventually. Imagine what junks will be posting by the time the next intifada comes along. Hence why you probably want to nip this in the bud.



I don't understand how this hasn't been mentioned yet. They have been banned for zionism before more than once just not in the most recent thread you linked for whatever reason. This is by all appearances an oversight. However also note, I've never got a report on this shit. If there had been, it would not have gone like this at all.
I will refrain from trying to do anything about whatever is going on right now since we seem to have moved on (and you don't seem to be interested in the issue itself but in talking about other grievances), however in general of course zionism needs to be rooted out.


To summarize: Fuck Israel, fuck namefags
Send reports instead of being a twat about it after the fact


Again, the ziocunt should be allowed to do this if we want a proper discussion.


80% of the content on 100% of political imageboards is genocide denial of one form or another. Genocides are obvious unless it's your side that did it, in which case it's fabricated propaganda. (In the minds of morons who use political imageboards, and possibly most humans in general.)

Zionism, Nazism, and revolutionary Marxism are very different ideologies that stem from very similar psychologies and generate very similar outcomes, only varying in degree based on happenstance and environmental circumstances. In a just world the people defending Israeli genocide would be banned and the people defending communist genocide would be banned, but that's never how things work.

(And this isn't a concern troll or something. I genuinely hate Zionists, Nazis, and most Marxists with about equal intensity. I also hate imperialists and their genocides, but it's mostly just those threes' genocides that are regularly unironically defended and/or denied online.)


>I also hate imperialists and their genocides, but it's mostly just those threes' genocides that are regularly unironically defended and/or denied online.)

Are you kidding? The imperialist genocides aren't even brought up let alone denied


“revolutionary Marxism” is a silly made up term, and you’re describing die-hard tankies anyways who haven’t read Marx and have no interest in a revolution


But regardless, the point is that the moderation of this website is inconsistent. The rules - those both officially stated and otherwise - are not applied in a fair manner. There can be no fruitful discussion in such an environment.


>if we want a proper discussion
i dont want proper discussion


File: 1653720538642.jpg (43.86 KB, 570x484, junko in a nutshell.jpg)

>Made a joke about Junko being IDF like a year ago
>Randomly come back to visit today
>First thread in meta is discussing Junko wanting to exterminate Palestinians


TBF she ran away from Erusea and joined the pacifist movement


what the fuck do you want then


trolled softly


I never would have thought junko would be so into idpol, going on about muh world jewry and how people she's never met and has no relation to are her "family", even admitting jewish porkies are "brothers". Literally the same kind of discourse as white supremacists, nazis and ethnonationalists.

Idpol is a hell of a drug


Reports do nothing lmao, mods are aschleep


File: 1654056970068.gif (505.81 KB, 155x201, 1626332033291.gif)

I did. I mean she confessed that her ex boyfriend was a /pol/tard and she used to watch Agent Kochinski of all people. Junko has never been particularly smart regarding politics anyways it makes sense she'd become some liberal basic bitch zionist especially with all the lead the Americans keep putting in the water and all the mainstream media she keeps consooming. She's probably already suffering from early onset brain damage from the lead.

Btw Junko if you go to visit Israel one of the tricks they use is to staff their tours with the hottest people they can find to psyop jews into thinking it's going to be great when they immigrate over. Sadly I can already tell you're going to fall for it even after I've given you this heads up.

t. knew a Jew who got out of Israel and escaped the brainwashing through sheer willpower


Yes they do you twat
If you'd send reports instead of impotently whine you'd actually effect something


you know nothing and are lying your ass off
reflect on the life choices that brought you to this place


so you know nothing and are lying

first, one does not follow from the other
second this exactly implies that while whoever does not care about whatever original incident we have now gone beyond that, so exactly the opposite of your claim
what has twisted you into this?


Just came out of an Israel thread with tons of deleted posts from Junko; anyone know what she said? (besides zionist shilling ofc). I want some laughs.

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