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I forgotten where I kept the June meeting notes, so I decided to just post all meeting notes from here on out.

Derail this thread at your own peril. I will not play nice like the other mods.

Meeting Report 03/07/22

New Moderation Drive to be determined soon. To ease burden on active members

-Make mod posts in LATAM and Africa threads to encourage applicants from these regions as their NA and EU counterparts are most active
-Must be done before American Midterms really begins to counter the flood of new users in NA region

Finalization of Ban Lengths.

-Have a range of timings for different bans to give some leeway
-Create a catergory based on severity
-If ban is made outside the range, the rest of the mod team must be informed and justified.
-High Pirority, to be finished before new mods come in
-Another Video Call Meeting?

Mods Present
Krates Comet Sindikat Caballo мμμ


Meeting Report 07/08/22

Ban Lengths

-Finalize it in the discussion within chat.

-Building a bureaucracy within the mod team?

-Used as a guide or outline for recommended ban.

-Make more categories with less time in the punishment to increase flexibility and nuance

-Much more spam categories to make it less vague

-Create or form a common ban lexicon in the reasons

-Ban range from previous meeting is upheld. Have a range within categories and justify bans outside of it to the mod team.

Recruitment/Community Events

-Movie Nights? Documentaries? Easier than reading groups.

-Merging with GETchan's movie night

-Plans to acquire a new Twitter account.

-Ask users that have Twitter accounts to join the twitter chat to coordinate Twitter postings

-Advertise for the Cytube admins when they do stuff and ask them what they need

Meeting at the First Sunday.

Mods Present

Antinous Discomrade Comet Sindikat Caballo Wobbly Krates


Also happy one year anniversary of the coup!


*attempted coup




Meeting Report 21/11/22

>Tor nodes are password protected. Fustrating some users.

-Anti has a solution- Accounts for users. Verified on matrix. Easier to ban certain accounts while others can still use TOR

-Focusing on recuiting on tech developers.

-Ask Anti and Discomrade to create the account system. If not just revert back to normal and turn the TOR back on.


-Status is okay. A lot of frogposting.

-Create a thread asking Siberia users what they want or NOT want Siberia to be?

-No 'soft' rules.

-Deputize some users?

-Get users and the official twitter account to post on Twitter asking people to join us before Twitter sinks

>Archive the Ukraine general.

Use archive.org to archive the thread

-Works for archiving threads

>Roulette- Six months since we activated it.

-Anti-Anglosphere (No English allowed)

-Cooking? Lifestyle?

Touch grass/making friends board

Ask people which one they want

Recycle old ideas to give a sense of rotation.

Mods Present
Caballo SindiKat Wobbly Pask ClassistComposer Comet Krates


December meeting is cancelled due to holidays.


Meeting Report 09/01/23

Make an effort to make the ban reasons at the ban users. Instead use actual reasons to avoid feeding the trolls and gives them attention. Makes for better logs for the other mods to see and access.

-Spam changed to commercial or bot spam. Rest is pol

-Reference to rule as the reasons of the ban.

-Merge rules of the manifesto and the rule list to increase the consistency.

-Mod actions needs to be more visible so that users can be aware of what is happening. Warnings and bans are only visible when the page is refreshed.

-Modify ban reasons in the ban page. Low effort and/or pol instead of spam. Make a list of reasons to copy and paste.

-Discomrade will gather feedback from users and other mods. Will streamline mod reasons

-KGBeast has entered the mod chat. The mystery of his status is solved.

- Give people a warning instead of deleting their posts

-Saged thread must come with reasons.

-Negotiation with the collective of Brazilians interested in occupying internet space

-Message them that we can get in touch with them for a possible collaboration

-Pitch for a similar idea of occupying imageboard like other internet spaces.

-Anti will contact them

-Increase traffic- encourage culture of taking screencaps and making memes

-Twitter account has to share them stuff as a means to highlight it within the community

-List of technical issues to be complied before the tech team can address them

-Creation of /babel/ to happen soon.

-Against/ban the soyjack and pepe. Archive the gets. Test trial in siberia. Hold an internal vote

-Simplify and revamp the voting process in manifesto

Mods Present
Krates Comet Sindikat Caballo Wobbly Discomrade Beruit Misato Pask KGBeast


>Negotiation with the collective of Brazilians interested in occupying internet space
That's crazy. What did they reply?


Meeting Report 20/02/23

-Recruitment to be done in March

-Timezone based. Away from typical American and European ones and more to South American and Asian/Oceania ones.

-Someone from the actual Southern Hemisphere?

-Separate dev drive. Get current devs to consider someone particular to join one of them.

-Roulette is not going that well this month but we will see the numbers. Still have new ideas for the next few months.

-Minetest server. Need to set up a server on Minecraft for community and exposure

-Revive New Multitude in a way or reformated a newslettler? like featured posts or something? Like new multitude as a leftypol newsprint of sorts and embed that in social media, especially for longer posts. Or a zine/newsprint style or a feed style

-Still need an editor though. And quality in the beginning will be bad.

Mods Present
Comet Comrade Misato Sindikat ClassistComposer мμμ


is there a sexual aspect to these meetings at all?


Typically no. But I don't attend every meeting.


leftypol meeting notes for 19/03/23

-voted to let Jae into the moderation team. Need to let Anti to give her credentials soon.

-Still need more Devs

-Brazilian collective declined their own board.

-Long term plans on the site's structure were suggested: split off generals into their own board, we could have a leftypol overboard (/leftypol/ and /general/), a social overboard (/siberia/ and /babel/), and a hobby overboard (all the various hobby threads). /edu/ could also be a part of it, so you have theory (edu) politics (leftypol), social, hobby and happenings (interpol) all in one overboard.

-/leftypol/ Minetest server plan and its infastructure

Mods Present
Comet WVobbly Sindikat мμμ Caballo


no minecraft :(


Good luck with your tests and appointments мμμ!


Did you consider changing gender? Cause that's such a saccharine way to try and attack someone.


File: 1685042981631.jpg (56.04 KB, 736x736, 1680937365492215.jpg)

Why no meeting for April or May?


There's been a few Minecraft servers over the years, and minetest was suggested last Minecraft server thread.


Everybody is busy.

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