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I got banned for a week by the mod wvobbly without clear reason or explanation. All his message stated was 'pol', so I can't even know what actually caused the ban. I'm obviously not pol and have been here since the 8chan days, but if you really thought I was you could have simply checked my post history. Last thing I did before the ban was argue with an ancap on a very poor quality thread and I didn't break the rules
I was banned from /meta/ as well, and my appeal was denied. So I had no way to defend myself.

I'd like an explanation because from my perspective the ban and its length don't make sense, and this wvobbly is just handing out arbitrary bans.


scream into the void, you fucking schizo


File: 1667172289478.png (282.63 KB, 837x595, suu ranting on mods.png)

Don't bother, wvobbly is the one and only mod that does this inane shit - banning on a whim and emplacing inane bans, inane ban reasons and violating the moderation by banning site-wide for board-specific violations. As a senior mod nothing ever gets done to counter their schizo-modding, and everyone universally hates him for it. It gets funnier because I have seen him ban literal nazis for 1 hour and 1 day bans and only after they shit up a thread ad nauseum… as long as they're not criticizing liberal idpol that is. In the meantime, shitposts or opinion posts get massive bans, as you are yet another demonstration of.


mod team is all libs and socdems. not a single anarchist, socialist or communist among them. worse, they have gays and a furry who think their mere existence is revolutionary because they suck dick and get fucked in the ass.


wouldn't be surprised if they're pædos too


File: 1667876860307.png (2.79 KB, 1067x25, hmmm.png)


File: 1668064173313.png (Spoiler Image, 136.96 KB, 804x58, this isn't polshit and sho….png)

OP wasn't incorrect. These are ridiculous and unjustified bans. Mods should follow official rules and cite the rules when bans are done,and should be required to post always with modtags on so abuse of mod privileges over disagreements of politics cannot be as easily concealed from people.


IPs aren't even hashed.


Brining wobbly onto the mod team was my biggest mistake. Sorry leftypol. I tried getting him removed but failed. I failed you all.


You are a failure
That's not the reason why you are a failure


True, I should've done more to get you your anti-psychotic meds, pasq. I'm sorry.


You remain as pathetic, spiteful and slanderous as ever



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