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what happened to /gulag/?


I liked /gulag/. Might be a good idea to remove some images when threads are moved there.




Never existed
also it was never for popular consumption, it's where we put regular spam and other things to identify (theoretically it was also to put threads temporarily before finally deciding on them but that function seems to have dropped)


Why hide it though?


Not to get into too many details, I don't think that's really meant to be public knowledge
The whole point is that it isn't seen, that it was accessible was merely an oversight


What about transparency? I'm sure you can see how it looks to us that you have a secret board we can't access where you do who knows what.
I don't see the harm in making it accessible to users but keeping it locked.


What does it look like? Mods have private rooms where they coordinate that is no secret
Gulag is a sea of spam


>What does it look like?
It looks like how hidden boards similar to this always look an imageboards. Very sus.
>Mods have private rooms where they coordinate that is no secret
Sure, but those rooms have to be private because you discuss user IPs and so on right? Whereas gulag has always been public so the sudden 404 paired with what's happening on the site right now isn't a good look.

If it's all so innocent then why not make it visible to users?


I told you the requested information


Okay lol but you realize your answer has basically been: "there is nothing noteworthy or sinister happening on /gulag/ all totally normal and fine which is why you're NOT allowed to see it now please look away and focus your attention elsewhere".


There is public matters, there is internal matters.
Such is the way of the world.


Why wasn't /gulag/ an internal matter until two weeks ago?


It was, just an administrative oversight
It's a weird issue to go looking for, that's all


I'm just trying to understand the logic behind this. The board is for "ruthless criticism" after all.

It's best for everyone that we have as few 'internal matters' as possible right? It means we can all trust eachother better and the site runs more smoothly. So if the gulag board has been operating fine as a public matter for all of its existence, what's the point in closing it off to the mods now?
If it's really as broing as you say it is people will just click on the board, see it's all innocent and click back off it.


The threads were paid salaries and had a maximum duration of 10 years.


A public space by definition is not one where "everyone trusts eachother" and we're all friends.
This is not a hard concept to grasp. Baffling.


Ok, let me rephrase that slightly. When it comes to governance on any scale it's best that the people in charge have to justify why their secret internal matters are kept secret and closed off from the masses. Even our governments have to do this to some degree when under pressure from the media.

Following this, what reasoning is there for /gulag/ to be an internal matter which you cannot risk people who aren't mods seeing?



Not as much risk but hassle (yes, not everyone here is a friend)
You don't understand the value of either information or time. I don't think we are talking on the same level here.


>Not as much risk but hassle
Could you expand on this please. From where I'm sitting it seems that it's more hassle to hide the board, (I'm guessing you need a coder to do that), and then answer people's inevitable questions about why the board is hidden.



You're not very good at this whole ruthless criticism thing are you? In Maoist China you would've been dead half an hour ago lol.


I'm sure your fantasies are an indication for your special agent/executor/operator skills


Sidebar: Western maoists are a plague



Do you want to carry on discussing /gulag/ or are you done? I still have some unanswered questions and more of that ruthless criticism, but if you can't handle it that's fine.


We are done


I guess /gulag/ will forever remain a mystery…


It was just a place where they moved all spam or deleted threads, it was interesting to see because sometimes it was generated posts or really shit posts, and if they didn't move fast enough, you'd be able to read some of the discussion before it got moved or even continue it there.

I'm sad it's gone, it was fun to see some of the deranged shit that gets posted and people's reaction to it.


>it was fun to see some of the deranged shit that gets posted and people's reaction to it.
Well now we have 1 reason to keep it as a public matter and 0 to keep it as an internal one!


/gulag/ was made private since in some threads it contained links to illegal material or posts by spammers that are best not indexed by any search engine. /gulag/ was not intended for "public inspection", or put another way, the purpose of /gulag/ was not for auditing purposes. It was originally visible since there wasn't any reason for it not to. It was originally intended for threads to be "soft deleted". Usually from /pol/ or other reactionaries. Later on we started using it to collect spam and other stuff like that, and then we realized it was not a good idea to host spam, so the devs decided to make it inaccessible to the public.


There we go! Finally, a proper answer. Now if only you had just said that earlier instead of all the condescending bratty responses.


File: 1674916599466.png (84.06 KB, 946x512, image.png)

Don't forget to take your morning pills Janny.


That was unnecessarily rude. I was trying to put on the mod capcode, so you knew I was speaking as a mod. I did this for your benefit. Do better next time.

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