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I want an internet community to discuss literature on but I hate Reddit and 4/lit/ is like staring directly at the Elephant's Foot for your brain unless you just stick to the wiki recommendations. Would anyone else want a lefty /lit/ for book discussions or are >>>/hobby/ or >>>/edu/ good enough?


a /lit/ board would be nice
id like to see it as a symbolic act of solidarity to the 4/lit/fugees that sought home in leftypol in the past as well


How is /edu/ not /lit/?


I basically treat /edu/ as /lit/ since that’s where I used to spend most of my internet time. It’s been painful to watch it get worse and worse year after year. I made a thread in /hobby/ of all my pictures of dfw.


Due to a lot of issues personally as it relates to income and residence I have little time for big projects on here anymore but I will take this time to say to you comrade that right now the community is split sideways across different platforms and realistically it needs a new, less hedonist, less immature, less distracted, less unprincipled "leadership" for this to manifest in a more gathered and focused direction (centered on Marxist literary education and not passive, pseudo-cognizant YouTube consoomption)
In the short term definitely use the leftypol matrix (specifically the /read/ room(s)), create a mastodon and especially lemmy account. Also netfilter /siberia/, /leftytard/ and other Twitter-brainrot extensions and see qualitative leaps in the lived experience of you and your associates, orgs, party.
Many things are changing and a new stability has yet to be realized, from what I can tell of this new period of 2023 communist groups on ARPANET under multipolarity (great chaos, instability). All I can say is reapply Maoism to your social and material conditions and good luck.


The actual truth as to why we don’t have /lit/ is exactly the result of us being across different platforms. Lemmygrad’s UI is too wonky and dog shit for me to use it properly and I don’t use the matrix because I don’t see the need in confining ourselves to very niche and fringe platforms I know a lot of it is related to opsec for people but a lot of anons overestimate our need for it in an era where glowies know who we are anyway.


I think a /lit/ board would be perfect for a slow image board. One of the main problems with the downward quality of /lit/ over the past decade has been the fact that more and more people post on 4chan. The influx of people don't let threads stay dangling for weeks and weeks. Here I got to reply to an /edu/ post I had written years before I had completely forgotten about. When it comes to reading books, be it literature or theory, the problem comes form how long it takes to process and consume the information. I can shitpost about TV and movies because it just takes a few hours to consume. Books take days or weeks or months to get through, with the same kind of time allocation as things on screens. A literature board here would work well. /edu/ is always fun to necro post in because sometimes I'll have come across a thing or what have you since the time I read the thread months before.


Sounds like a good idea. I posted on /lit/ a lot back in the day but have no desire to engage with reactionaries now.
Cause no one posts on it. And fiction is excluded.


What if they remove the rule about literature on /edu/? Or make it the /roulette/ board for a month?


Sure, mite b kewl. I think there's a space for "/lit/ that isn't full of Nazis" though, generally. Might get disaffected people from the broader internet.


80% of /lit/ wants /lit/ without nazis.


We could just rename /edu/ to /lit/. It's basically the same.


I like the aesthetic of /edu/, maybe make the subtitle "Education & Literature" or maybe /books/? But I feel like that leaves out lectures and other forms of education. Having it be /edu/ gives an ethos of everyone wanting to better themselves.


Leftypol is full of "Nazis" though
I'm not sure how that problem would be solved here
Also it's an overtly political website and full of people that constantly have an axe to grind


I think it's more the issue of low quality posting on /lit/ that makes for 'nazi' posting
>books for x feel?
>about to read x, what am I in for?
>any books about my political ideology, x?
And every reply being some variation of sneed or what-the-fuck-ever is the popular one word KYS insult these days.

I bet 6 out of the 10 posters here would post quality content. Or at least something more than pictures of frogs.


Man, people here will drag out hundred+ post count arguments about how they don't wanna read Capital as opposed to the thousands of pages of channer drivel they read everyday
Every reading group on here fucking dies
All of this not least because of the majority of the established userbase who are very ignorant types typical of the rest of the shitty internet

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