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The anti-sectarian rule on this board is problematic. There are too many libs calling themselves "socialists" and yet they reject Marxism-Leninism outright in favour of liberal theory. You can see this most in the multipolarity threads. There needs to be a board, or even leftypol needs to undo the anti-sectarianism rule, in order for us to get to the root of how these anti-Marxist libshits think. Otherwise they have free reign to smear every anti-imperialist force as fascist and imperialist based on "muh capitalism" which spits in the face of the continuation of Marxist-Leninist theory which cemented imperialism as a definite phenomenon in the contemporary age.


falseflagging liberal thread
plenty of anarchists are not "anti-multipolarity", getting rid of the no sectarianism rule would just invite liberals to create division like you're doing right now


But there is ALREADY division whether you like it or not. Multipolarity is the latest litmust test on who's an authentic marxist-leninist and who's a liberal. They are already here without invitation whether you like it or not. Look at all of the anarchists that oppose multipolarity, and ask them which are the theorists that influenced them the most? Then you realise those are either some flavour of liberal, or those were too influenced by liberals and pass down the same ideology. Those people then call themselves "leftists", they can fuck off


>But there is ALREADY division whether you like it or not
this is not an argument to have MORE division


You don't even have to go that far. There are people saying the same thing about Marx and Communism that they say about ML and "tankies".


We will not be making multipolarism the official board ideology.


>NOOOOO I can't handle a differing analysis and I cannot defend my own against criticism!
>MOOOOOODS please help me by censoring everyone who disagrees with me!
crybaby thread


It is a bit on the nose to have to put up with Nazi collaborators yes, but we will survive.


File: 1694227045390.jpg (322.91 KB, 872x791, ql08tvy4giu51.jpg)

It's a bit on the nose to accuse anybody with a slightly different political line of being the worst political tendency you can think of, as a pretext for quashing dissent.


Second worst.


This is a communist board. Multipolarism is something to prepare for, not accelerate / cheer on, that doesn't do anything. You are a nationalist.


File: 1694228513623.jpeg (112.12 KB, 640x947, 1653338287884.jpeg)

Don't really have a dog in this, since I usually stick to alt-boards and only ventured onto /leftypol/ for a little this past few days.

I'm not Tankanon, but in the past week alone I've seen blatant Nazi posts stay up for hours while other posters agree with the rhetoric, and muddy the waters with shit about ᴉuᴉlossnW liking Marx or some nonsense like that. Funniest thing is that the most pushback against these outright Nazis has been from the Multipolaristas and Tankies that outright reject their populist rhetoric, (funny given that these are the people that radlibs like to compare to the Nazis to begin with).

Then on the other hand I've seen plenty of blatant radlibs attempt to use every fallacy in the book to bait people with horrendously awful takes while concern trolling about people rejecting identity politics as reactionary or counter-revolutionary, regardless of political leaning, being "le bigots" and red-browns and what have you. Being critically supportive of Russia and understanding the geopolitical benefits to people and the socialist movement that their actions bring through realpolitik? Red-fash! Not being uncritically supportive of some identarian group in a First World country shilling ideology of CIA COINTEL PRO stooges like Gloria Steinem and Marcuse (among many others)? Hurr Conspiritard!

And the problem is you can't even ignore either the Nazis or the radlibs because of pic rel. Having to shovel through mountains of idpol isn't worth it, I'd rather just stay on /siberia/ then, at least there the schizo-takes aren't out of place and the idpol stays mostly contained to the thread dedicated to it (which is the reason I continue to think an idpol containment thread is much better than an amorphous idpol ban; What is or isn't idpol is left up to the interpretation of mods, and so people genuinely criticizing and debunking bad faith liberal or nazi takes end up getting bans for "responding to bait" or in some cases being mistaken for the idpolers themselves.
A containment thread solves that - people have a piranha bowl to shit into and discuss if they want to, and posting idpol outside the thread out of the blue would result in removal, thus people would be forced to either post in the idpol thread or shut up and leave it alone. It would also make the mods job regarding idpol easier, as they'd only have to monitor a single thread and not have to respond to a ton of reports from a bunch of random threads.


>You are a nationalist
<encouraging multipolarism, which is specifically about breaking up a singular world hegemon (a hegemon that would crush communism and communists without a second thought the moment it gained full control over the globe).
The fuck are you on about you gay furry schizo?
>inb4 mad
Not OP, just saw the post on Overboard.


Multipolarity is inevitable. Multipolarity under capitalism is war and a rewind in the falling rate of profit. Only socialism can survive a multipolar world. You can't promote the inevitable. Become a socialist



>I've seen blatant Nazi posts stay up for hours
Which means they were taken down, so this is just complaining about moderation being slow.


Only after people report the shit out of them and post in /meta/ about it, and the libshit stuff stays up regardless, which is blatant favoritism, given the official "idpol neutral" stance of leftypol demanding that if bad faith nazi bait ought to be removed, so should liberal bait.


ITT: butthurt "MLs" can't handle different opinions proceed to shit up the board and cry(many such cases)

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