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uh, why the fuck is MISATO deleting pictures from my posts? Is picrel officially banned on /leftypol/ or something?


i can attest for a few other people here who reported you before under different IPs that you tend to use this same reaction image over and over, it comes across as insidious spam at this point

get better material i guess


If anyone should be banned from posting images it should be that ancom flag guy who feels compelled to constantly post images from his dilapidated reaction image folder from le /b/ era.


Yeah I kinda agree with this. It feels like people who use the same reaction image every post are just trying to shit up the board like that guy who was spamming that Thom Yorke image over and over again awhile ago.


File: 1695149347523.gif (1.39 MB, 500x334, Misato static.gif)

To be fair Misato, you can save an image with the word-by-word name by just clicking the filename. Thus I can click on OP's Screenshot image and post the same file. In fact it's done pretty often here, since I've seen people reposting images I've posted here with the same filename as my own, often anime girls or reaction images and shit like that.

Also using the same reaction images over and over isn't really worth deleting the pic, by that metric you should do the same for the gachimuchi ancom, since I've seen threads where he posts the exact same reaction pic of the guy smoking like 3 times in a row in the same thread (one of the Ukraine threads I think).

No dog in this fight atm just expressing an opinion.


And I bet that guy is OP of this thread btw.


regarding the ukraine threads, there was this issue with this one anon who spammed the same glowie memes over and over, like the same 3 ones. we tried to deter that.

i would rather spoiler or delete the file to give the user a hint instead of banning them first, i think im being somewhat generous here



If you want to give a warning just give a short ban and a message.


File: 1695150091765.jpg (210.84 KB, 666x997, concern.jpg)

lmao, leftypol is so silly


sure, fair enough.
i should probably consider doing more shorter bans as warnings. the separate warning function we have is kinda pointless (i also dont like the color of warning messages when they get attached to the post themselves personally)


File: 1695153270050.gif (492.21 KB, 440x202, cheers.gif)

Ok, thanks Misato.


sorry this isn't good enough - unless there is an official policy banning this image (like the wojak script) there is no good reason to delete only one specific reaction image, because presumably it annoys you. Are we living under the rules which are merely enforced by mods, or does every post have to cater to individual mods specific "tastes".


it's spammy and somehow worse than users that post with an avatar.
You deserve it for being obnoxious.
rare mod w


anyone who posts pics of lena denham should be banned


t. crypto mod


File: 1695321508312.jpg (408.89 KB, 1011x994, concern2.jpg)

just watch GIRLS and relax anon

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