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File: 1705176308229.gif (3.81 MB, 600x450, 1702808055150956.gif)


>active new IPs last hour 21
So leftypol is dying. Where did everyone go if not reddit or 4chan?


The pornhub would be my guess




getting drained as we speak


we could do worse tbdesu. i'm kinda lonely with that little discussion though


im here for you lil bro




they went to christ-chan

just kidding


Recently I started visiting /lgbt/ again, and the experience made me appreciate leftypols slower posting. Imageboards are just not made for large userbase, it turns into a cacophony. For all the reddits faults, upvote system or some other way of ordering and managing posts is needed when the site is being flooded by thousands.
Still, would appreciate if we could up our average active IP count to around 100.


most boards on 4chan are pretty much a cesspool of the same 5 retards arguing on generals. no thread survives for more than 10 minutes due to the constant bumping & recreating of generals


We need to go to communities where we generally like the people and invite them to post here. Disc*rd has primarily but also other media have sucked entirely the discourse online. Many have never used an imageboard in their lives. We need to grow constantly or we'll die. Further, we can't depend on anyone. It needs to be decentralized and we need to encourage others here to shill leftypol in other spaces.




This website has been bleeding numbers since like 2022. I quit last year because I grew really tired of the moderation, having received several arbitrary bans. I don't come here a lot anymore but I still enjoy reading effortposts and making them as well from time to time, because I know at least a couple people will appreciate them.


what kind of arbitrary bans


fediverse but real and without feds


Not that anon but I have been unfairly banned multiple times for posting videos of Alice Cappelle.


Shit like banned for being /pol/ or for "spam", typically with no context or explanation of what exactly I had done wrong. And being banned from /meta/ was really annoying too, had no way to defend myself.


NTA, but outside of numerous IP range bans I got caught at, I was banned at separate occasions for incelposting, racism and homophobia, but for stuff far milder than shit that gets posted on this site on daily basis, its just what mood is the mod at the time.
On the other hand, misogyny and sexual harassment is given a free pass (except occasionally it isnt when mods are in ban-happy mood).


>Where did everyone go if not reddit or 4chan?
lol that reddit or 4chan are your first choices. everyone obviously left for fedcord and twittard


Jannies were banning people for not being pro-Russia in 2022
Guessing a lot of people left when leftypol not only went from being aggressively pro-tank/anti-anarchist to also embracing right wing capitalist militarism while still rejecting anything to the left of Stalin

Really put it all in perspective, at least for me, to see that the only difference many anons here have compared to /pol/ is purely aesthetic and rhetorical


Most people crosspost between /leftypol/ and twitter mostly because a good portion of the userbase here are pseudes who feel the need to type out angry eight paragraph responses to people with names like “cunnylord1488”


it's joever


Go and stay go, samefag 4chinlet.


This has been happening to all imageboards for the last decade, it is like it is.


Doing things IRL
>We need to go to communities where we generally like the people and invite them to post here. Disc*rd has primarily but also other media


>Doing things IRL
An unlikely scenario


The activity is about what you'd expect. Lowering over the holidays and has been picking up again.
Longer term it's a downward trend but not too dramatic. I'm too lazy to look the numbers up right now (it's very easy).


The site's user count, (if I remember correctly), only displayed ip count of the day and week.
Obviously still down, just that you're looking at the wrong measurements to compare the old site's success.

>I grew really tired of the moderation, having received several arbitrary bans.

Yeah that's annoying.
Got banned multiple times for range ban stuff, and had to either do a weird reset of my router so the mods see the ban as the false positive it was, or ask on the element.io chat.

Both posting on /meta/ no matter than ban; and bans being done through inconvenient amount of time, (long enough to stop raids but short enough for regular users who're not interested in going through the process of getting unbanned) – should both be adopted.

Maybe they should try a system of being given a random id for when you enter a thread, that way you can filter out annoying posts, (with tor being 00000000).
Because otherwise mods have to be more active to do proper moderation, since otherwise they let stuff slip depending on how motivated they are to do what is volunteer work, (something that can be done by more mods I guess).

I'd suggest technical ideas, but I'm supposed to develop that stuff, and I'm still struggling to find a job so I have no time ¯⁠\⁠_⁠(⁠ツ⁠)⁠_⁠/⁠¯


less active users on any imageboard is a good thing. one day there will be no active imageboards left, and finally there will be peace.


I have a 30 year plan set in motion 2020
No more posts by 2050

Trust the plan


You know, maybe we could do something to attract non-traditional imageboard demographics to this site. For example making it more appealing to women by DELETING THE RAPE THREAD FROM SIBERIA.


>leftypol overtaken by right-deviationists and edgelord weirdos who are indistinguishable from rightoid class-collaborationists who defend their arguments through either bad-faith tu quoque statements or just making words meaningless
>siberia is incel central that gets spammed with truly disgusting shit
>half the site userbase is too online to talk sense or have a coherent thought

They're going away from here, anywhere.


>go to /siberia/ after not posting there for a while
>front page is like 4 incest threads and 3 porn threads
>close it and don't go back


File: 1705718366037.png (167.5 KB, 400x400, ClipboardImage.png)

can't have any active users if everyone's in a gulag


>imageboard associated with left politics
>front page is like 4 incest threads and 3 porn threads
change this shit. Make it harder to access or whatever the fuck, it doesn't have to be banned and it should not be anywhere near a newbie. I had to fucking print out edited threads for friends because didn't want to give them the link to a political site with extreme porn on the front page, or any easily accessible page.


>wanting to remove threads that cater to women to attract women
you have it backwards


It's /siberia/ and there's a /sfw/ overboard. Fuck off.
>non-traditional imageboard demographics
Qeq, he fell for the memes.


Look, I am not against NSFW threads (am regular contributor to one), and fuck it, even if you want to post non-consensual hentai or whatever, thats fine, but fetishising actual real world sexual violence doesnt belong here or anywhere else.


what thread do you mean?



>It's /siberia/
lmao so what? /siberia/ was never supposed to be a pornography board or a playground for some poor guy's porn addiction.


It's meant to have low & lax standards of moderation, which includes being able to pornpost and yes, make a name for themselves as a giga-coomer. Why should it be asymmetrical with regards to porn?


I usually get my news on hexbear and lemmygrad plus rss feeds nowadays.


Somebody is posting sexualized images of infant-coded anime characters getting raped rn. That's CP.


>>active new IPs last hour 21
I probably was at least half of those. I think leftypol is probably just the mods and me.


No it's not


Why not just delete that shit from a leftist political forum. It's CP.


It's a leftist imageboard, lolishota is part of our culture


Ummm akshually it’s Pokemon porn!


Lol is he seriously saying the bulbasaur pic is cp?


Would you defend images of infant-coded characters getting raped IRL?


Probably not, because society is reactionary, and so what?


In cases of anything associated with infant rape society's reaction is correct. Why do you defend images like this?


Because I believe in freedom of expression, and it's harmless anyway


Where do you draw the line?


Nowhere except the usual 'hate speech' stuff, I mean maybe if I was commisar I would just ban most right wing advocating media but that's a separate issue


>Nowhere except the usual 'hate speech' stuff
You wouldn't draw the line before CP?


File: 1705883891807.jpg (567.09 KB, 680x672, chad-patrick-bateman.jpg)

we trust


Well that's not something that's drawn, I mean yeah I don't really think actual pictures of child rape should be allowed, I don't think the current system is right either though where nudes of anyone under 18 = go directly to jail, it's just evangelical spooks that nobody can possibly be a sexual being under 18


That thread has guro in it, how the hell is the bulbasaur pic the one you object to?


Infant rape. This is beyond child anything or under-18 anything. ofc children or teens can be sexual with each other. this is beyond everything.
It was on the overboard. I didn't click on anything else. Anything infant adjacent, like pictures of infant-coded figures getting raped is a problem. I can't believe you can't/don't/won't see that.


I didnt think of the pic as either child-coded nor depicting non-consent. It definitelly should be spoiled though.
I feel like it would be for the best to have different spoiler options for different kinds of contend, vasically trigger warnings so that user knows whether there is something violenr or sexual or repulsive behind spoiler.


File: 1705885191472.gif (2.93 MB, 498x280, lol.gif)

>Bulbasaur rule 34 is literally child porn
LMFAO where do these retards even fucking come from??


I really think you're overreacting to say it's 'infant coded' though.

Also people use your kind of logic to get their foot in the door, plenty of porn sites and banned art of any characters that are canonically under the age of 18 even if they're clearly beyond the age of sexual maturity. I believe in sexual freedom and I will continue to do so


>Also people use your kind of logic to get their foot in the door
indeed, moralists need to get the fuck out. quit getting mad at cartoons


>I didnt think of the pic as either child-coded
What is the body shape of the character? What age of human is it suggestive of?
>nor depicting non-consent.
What is the expression on the face of the character?
>I really think you're overreacting to say it's 'infant coded' though.
Again, What age of human is it suggestive of?
>foot in the door, age of sexual maturity
These are medieval lolbert talking points. You've prevaricated on infant rape imagery. We're not talking about under 18, this is infant images.
>I believe in sexual freedom and I will continue to do so
This isn't a sexual freedom issue. You seem to think depravity doesn't exist when it comes to sexuality.
>quit getting mad at cartoons
I shouldn't get mad at cartoons depicting infant rape? You're wrong. I've done wild bold shit in highly sexualized environments. Defending anything near images of infant rape is wrong.


It's not a human. Who cares what it's 'suggestive of.' Even if it was a human I wouldn't care (morally speaking, I'm apathetic on whether it should be removed from the board in that situation), it's a piece of fictional artwork. Yes some people are attracted to infants or at least fictionalised ones, so what. It doesn't mean they're out there raping people


Also, bulbasaurs can literally have children in Pokémon, they're hardly inherently underage


Wider proliferation of images like this will result in more infant rape. Whatever, I'm finished.


>this cartoon of a fantasy anthopomorphic animal made me think of sex with children
Not the own you think it is.


Where's the proofs


>What is the body shape of the character? What age of human is it suggestive of?
Why would a pokemon be suggestive of any kind of human, let alone specifically an age of human?
>>nor depicting non-consent.
>What is the expression on the face of the character?
Do you think that lolicon/shotacon would be more ok if it depicted "consent"? Because that would just be implying that children can consent (they can't). A depiction of sex with children is a depiction of rape regardless.

idk why you are calling this CP when you could just say it's zoophilia or something (which is illegal to depict in some places)


>why are these blots showing child rape
>you are the pedophiles for not seeing what im seeing
wild Rorschach moment


Unironically ban all schizoposters who think national stereotypes are real and that hot takes on the internet are theory


Nice. I've actually got more respect for the anon who basically said
>idgaf really, it's sexual freedom


This. Also having sex with little people or women with small breasts should be illegal.


Would be funny or a possible good take if it wasn't for the massive centralization of the web.
Yeah (American) imageboards have problems – except that one kpop imageboard, from what I've seen it's all about kpop, and that's rad – but the other alternatives in communication is:
<Very rough in many areas you probably already understand
<Alof of misinformation, constantly dealing with children, and constant sensitivity that you get overloaded (unironic pain) – all of this with a annoying algorithm.
<Have fun with dealing with your family members
<Filled with fascists, and liberals who will throw slander like >>30084 (should be a bannable offense. Literally defending pedophilia by calling those drawings cp).
>The rest is low user places
<Mix bag, alot of just fascist enabling, and a few that're nice
<Frustrating to push people into using.

I never understand how people say that women are hornier than men, and then post stuff like this.

Still, a flair to hide porn threads would be nice.
I love my porn – you WILL post in my femboydom – but some people just don't want to see it.

The sfw is a really underwhelming tool.
It's because of it that you have to spoil the images of the porn thread.

Surprisingly, getchan, which alot of people here hate since of their allowance of loli and stuff, hide the threads behind a mature toggle.
Of course it leads to the site using javascript, but still would be nice to have a feature like that here.

If I wasn't still struggle in getting a job, I'd learn the stuff and contribute to this site for once in my self (ignoring the shitposts and porn thread.


I mostly stick to lurking here because while I'm interested in reading political discussions, I'm too unintelligent and uninteresting to contribute anything myself.
I use 4chan when i want to post about nerd shit because while the rightwing tards can be obnoxious this site is too full of westfags who don't come from a imageboard otaku culture.


>I'm too unintelligent and uninteresting to contribute anything myself.
Oh, dont feel bad, so are the most people who do contribute.


I, for one, am hiding in the ruins of /siberia/


The death of imageboards in indisputably a good thing for the internet and broader society, anyone who disagrees is simply blinded by their love of this medium or a crypto-reactionary


Obviously most imageboards are filled with reactionaries but is it really better for there to be basically no places for discussion online that aren't corporate walled gardens?


>is it really better for there to be basically no places for discussion online that aren't corporate walled gardens
That's a much bigger problem that goes beyond the scope of the question of imageboards, closest thing to a solution there would be the fediverse


i love anonymity but this format fucking sucks in current year and its no wonder its only filled with retards because most people with a brain arent masochists and leave for better places asap


I used the fediverse for a bit but it just seems to lack SOVL


>why is this site dying


the centralization of the web will eventually result in its death. a system cannot survive in isolation. one day every centralized platform will eat itself alive like twitter as it becomes increasingly less feasible to offer these services for free (remember, capital demands infinite growth) and when this happens there will be nowhere left to go. the internet will be dead once and for all, and it will be a good thing, because it was a massive failure of an experiment.

dialectically speaking it is necessary for the web to actually become even *more* centralized. every single person in the world *will* have a Facebook account.


Such as reddit and d*scord? Hardly better :/




>This website has been bleeding numbers since like 2022.


ill take any better chances of NOT getting an aneurysm, though reddit is also barren and braindead just like imageboards. i meant more like twatter and fedcord


File: 1706802425535.jpg (31.09 KB, 622x464, 1581277568881.jpg)

ive been checking the moderation thread from time to time and from the kind of people that post there desperately asking for mod action its obvious to me only the biggest schizo autists are left on leftypol lol

Unique IPs: 38

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