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File: 1711358264092.png (321.84 KB, 1080x1390, corruption.png)


This mod has been consistently banning people unfairly, excessively, while only providing vague reasons for it.
For me, I always get bans only from him on bogus nonesense, which gets immediately revoked, when other mods look at it. Seeing picrel, I'm not the only one, who has complained about this.
It's aggravating getting all my posts in a thread, including the effort ones, deleted. Even after unbanning, they remain gone.

This guy is clearly unqualified for moderation, since he abuses his power constantly to silence people he doesn't personally like.
Please, PLEASE do something finally! 🙏


Good luck buddy
Let's cause some friction, let's fire someone


I thought, this issue was solved, since I didn't get banned for months. But nope, wvobbly is back at it again, pissing on everyone.
It's time to stop!


File: 1711358841149.jpg (105.09 KB, 1078x946, 1709371274365.jpg)

Wvobbly is harmless, m8.
I suggest you listen to me and calm down.


wvobbly bans people from all boards, including /meta/! This is not harmless, when you can't even elaborate on unfair bans anymore! The disbute thing only allows for a very limited amount of words to explain oneself. It's made worse that wvobbly bans for months and even years for at best minor things. And as I said, deleted effort posts, which are meant to educate board tourists. wvobbly deletes everything, not just regular shitflinging.

Get this under control NOW! This is unacceptable!


File: 1711359445783.png (85.24 KB, 400x484, 1710522107272.png)

I do not get anything under control. I do the opposite I sow chaos. Burn down the whole forest to make way for something better. Make a wasteland and call it peace.


What the fuck is wrong with you? Seriously?
It's not fucking funny, to come on /leftypol/ and see that you're banned from everything for a gorillion years, based on nothing concrete.


Well from my perspective it is funny


If this is your attitude towards major issues, it's no wonder this board is dying.
I've been here since the 8chan days. Sad…


mods are practically redditors, checking post histories and banning anyone they don't like. if you disagree with a mod's pet topic you'll be banned forever. there's like 6-7 of them so that's a lot of topics. posting here is basically walking on eggshells all day.

they also love to "delete by IP" so whole threads get ruined and you're basically removed from the site in a fit of childish rage.

they're ESJs: emotionally stunted jannies


It's not a major issue


Come and see the violence inherent in the system, etc. etc.


You’re wasting your breath, Pasquale is legitimately mentally challenged and completely incapable of any introspection and the other jannies don’t even bother restraining him anymore. This is leftypol: a site where you can’t post 90% of the day because some schizophrenic redditoid has decided to make his issues everyone else’s issues


more like instability inherent in watching childish cartoons all day. anime is not real life and you can't be properly socialised by watching it. if anything, it stunts emotional growth and keeps people perpetually childish.


They are also very sneaky about this.
Some libanon complains in a thread about how this site has alledgedly become bad because people celebrate x-thing, they don't like. Obviously, many reply with trolling and some with actual elaborate explanations for why x-thing is celebrated. Conveniently, only the good-faith posts get deleted, while the trolling remains, giving the impression that the thread has truly gone to shit.
The bannings are very clearly motivated by liberal politics on the part of wvobbly and possibly others too.

Instance number 5841801000466151# of communist orgs failing to prevent liberal infiltration into their spaces, letting them become mods and even leadership to sabotage the whole project.


You are stunted lol


I think it is, when multiple people have complained about it over a long period of time.


If you want a major issue I will give you a major fucking issue!
Let's problematize this ok
>over a long time period
Ok, put things in perspective. There are 3 threads. 3 threads over the span of several years, one of them seemingly your own.
Motherfucker. Are you serious? Are you trying to be funny? Do you not have the littlest bit of awareness?
You have any idea what goes on here day to day, week to week? Rhetorical question, no you haven't. Don't reply to it.


Are you trying to be funny? Are you trying to provoke me?
Because if not, boy howdy. Then you are truly special.


Those are just the threads, which specifically name wvobbly. Additionally, since he tends to essentially permaban from all boards regularly, it's safe to assume there is a large number of unreported cases, because they literally can't post on /meta/ to mention this. Who knows how many this may affect. Maybe that's one of the reasons why the activity on this board has been declining; locking people out for bullshit reasons.

I've made multiple threads explaining why it's stupid to ban from all boards immediately. You should at the very least ensure that wvobbly doesn't do that anymore and leaves at least /meta/ open. Then, this allows you to better observe how big this issue actually is.


I'm not their mom or yours. But I already see everything, don't worry about it.


I'm trying to explain to you that you are sabotaging yourself by ridding yourself of the ability to properly analyse the status of this board. Is this so hard to understand?
It's a small common sense demand. This has nothing to do babysitting. This is basic quality control! For fuck's sake…


meant to say "this has nothing to do with babysitting"


File: 1711362597127.jpg (54.88 KB, 500x501, 1442609133411.jpg)

Oh my god. You are trying to communicate.
Ok, I am trying to communicate to you a couple things:
1) You are overreacting, you are emotional
2) Wvobbly is not out of control. I am out of control. I don't give a single fuck
3) Fuck common sense I didn't study philosophy for seven fucking years, etc.
4) Fuck you


>Then, this allows you to better observe how big this issue actually is.
you're assuming good faith from the mods, as if they give a fuck. they're content with this being a private club for them and their antisocial acolytes on matrix chat. look how they celebrate twitter followers, as if that means anything to anyone.


>You are overreacting, you are emotional
Okay, tell me what I should do, when I get a ban from wvobbly for 5 years from all boards for a vague reason like "pol, schizophrenia" what have you, while not even a post is cited, which alledgedly caused the ban?
What am I supposed to do, when I disbute the ban, but wvobbly is still on shift and denies the appeal, effectively locking me out of /leftypol/ permanently?
Do you get what I mean now? I hope this puts into perspective, why I am "emotional" about this.
>I am out of control.
What does that even mean???
>I don't give a single fuck
That's bad, because it's your literal job to 'gives fucks' as a mod.
>Fuck common sense I didn't study philosophy for seven fucking years, etc.
Elaborate, why you attitute is superior in ensuring the quality of this site then. Why is ignoring a problem a philosophically sound decision? Especially when the board is in decline.


The issue is that you think Pasquale is actually acting in good faith. You’re attempting to reason with a manchild who sits on his computer 20 hours a day and babbles like a 12 year old’s idea of a cool anime villain whenever he’s confronted about anything. The terrible truth is that he’s very much aware how much his bullshit is running the site and very much sees that as the point. Why exactly he’s deliberately doing this is a matter of debate, either he’s on CIA payroll, he’s having an epic chimpout because people won’t silently go along with every arbitrary ruling he makes and is willing to take the site down with him out of spite, or he’s genuinely retarded


I don't care what you do. But what you do is not effective. So maybe change tactic? That would be the rational course of action.


Me? I'll just keep winning. It's the only thing I know how to do. You could say I was born for it.


Just keep doing you


>change tactics
To what? As a regular user this is the only way to address the issue. I have no power, you mods have all the power.
Ban evading is not a good idea, because then it would give a justified reason to permaban, even though the initial ban was unfair.
Look, just leave /meta/ open when banning people, and then you may see for yourself whether or not wvobbly is abusing his power. That's all I want.

Most /pol/ raiders don't bother reading the rules, let alone going to the trouble of appealing a ban through /meta/


>just leave /meta/ open
Ok I will see about doing that.


But I will regularly check if you're actually enforcing this. If I see wvobbly arbitrarily banning people from all boards in the logs again, I'll be here.


I'll be doing your mom lol


Very mature


Well, yes actually.
Your mom is mature. Walked right into that one.


zinger after zinger
hour after hour
what's one man gonna do
with all that power


DDG doesn't spit out anything.


>Come and see the violence inherent in the system, etc. etc.


Me? I'll just keep losing. It's the only thing I know how to do. You could say I was born for it.


> Banned from everything for a gorillion years
> Creates a thread and contributes to half of the whole convo


Lol if that was our policy we would have nuked a third of the site years ago



Read the thread. Luckily, I was unbanned.


File: 1711399182529.png (33.17 KB, 1080x383, aaaaaah i'm booooning.png)

This was my ban by the way.

I've had worse ones in the past that were meant for years on bogus BS always by wvobly, but were revoked too, when a more sensible mod came online.


Yep, I think this thread sums up most of my experience with the mod team in recent times. Get banned unfairly, look for an answer on /meta/ only to have some condescending janny show up and mock you for it (that's if anyone even responds to your concern). It's no wonder this website has lost much of its userbase in the last couple years.


>Unique IPs: 6


Holy shit why are there so many new /pol/tards on here now? I remember there being a raid years ago but not anything recently.
Leftypol used to be WAY more strict and would ban people for ideological reasons all the time. And it was a better place. There's too many retarded Nazis on here nowadays.


>look for an answer on /meta/ only to have some condescending janny show up and mock you for it (that's if anyone even responds to your concern).
Yeah, what the fuck is their problem? Allergic to constructive criticism? Why even bother with /meta/ then?
I even tried to be polite in this thread (at least for my standards) to not provoke a hostile response, yet I get this shit.

Mods, small advice: If you continue to run this site badly, decreasing the userbase, the less people are going to be here that you can live out your power fantasy over. Eventually, there will be no one left and you'll have nothing to gain a quick dopamine kick out of. Just a thought…


Don't make Santa put you on the naughty list


Don't kill the messenger.


Stop crying and start fighting back, you fucking pussy. Post scat porn and gore when they ban you unjustly. That's what I do. Imagine if you spent this time and effort fighting instead of whining. You only fuel their oppression with your whining.


>scat porn and gore
Sorry, but I am not insane enough to save such shit on my devices.


Copy-pasted images aren't saved


die mad about it
master blaster runs barter town


Ah yes sounds like something I'd say



Unique IPs: 10

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