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Ok, so here is my rant about the "information culture" on leftypol:
You know what's funny? People on this site who want to strengthen their arguments by sharing links to Youtube videos. No, I will not watch your "educational" video. If you want to convince me, post a link to an article! Yes, text is superior to video. We should actually ostracise people who post here links to Youtube videos. Video is the medium of emotional manipulation, while acquiring information via text is much more analytic and distraction free. Text is pure information, video is a huge neon pile of shit which contains nearly no informational value. In short: Fuck video posters.


Ok can you sum this up into a tiktok video thanks.


videos aren't that bad, though I rarely watch them it's true


File: 1712207675609.mp4 (9.06 MB, 480x480, Silverside.mp4)

Videoposting is actually completely fine as long as you're sharing a file and not relying on embeds. You can share 5 videos at once using files but only a single one using embeds. Furthermore those files are typically of a file size denoting the length of video that most people can afford to watch without having to devote too much time to watching them.


text can be emotional and can manipulate info, too


hell yeah


Embeds are good so you don't needlessly waste this website's storage space and bandwidth on your 70 mb mp4s.


Speaking of, can the devs expand the embed system? Is it possible to get Twitter embedded as well? I saw on crystal.cafe they have tik tok embeds.


File: 1712321817834.jpg (227.24 KB, 1536x2048, GKXnJm5WEAAXQAO.jpg)

As someone who occasionally links to video to back up my points, I strongly agree that text is preferable.
I guess I have the itch to link to my first source I got the information from, since that is my source in a strict sense. The little bit of effort needed to find something in text that conveys that same point would absolutely be worth it though; from an accessability standpoint, and just having multiple sources is a good practice regardless of medium. If I don't have the energy to do that, I probably shouldn't be having discussions that require linking to sources when I should be resting.

I suppose a comprimize would be to link to an article AND the video you originally got your point from, so the other party can take their pick. Do this enough and you may get most of your opinions originally from text sources, and thus no longer have this issue.

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