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"You may say I'm a larper but I'm not the only one. I hope some day you'll join us and the proletariat will be as one"
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I fucking love Blind Guardian, I've been neglecting all their albums other than the first 2 for the past 5 or so years, only recently did I begin to appreciate Tales from the Twilight World and Somewhere Far Beyond, they're such wonderful and epic albums
I regret not giving this song a listen years ago. This one, and Lost in the Twilight Hall.

So what's your favorite band? Favorite album?


I grew up listening to Rhapsody of Fire, they are my favourite. Dawn of Victory occupies an especially sweet spot in my heart.


You should give Powerwolf a look, here have a sample.


I used to listen to their first four albums a lot, but then did not follow any of their new releases and last time I checked the Internet was convinced they were some Deus Vult retards because they made a song with it in the title, even though they are pretty clearly making fun of Christians in every other song?


>I grew up listening to Rhapsody of Fire
When I first got into metal they were one of my 3 favorite PM bands, but without the of Fire. I like Dawn of Victory as well, probably my second favorite album after Legendary Tales. I swear I have never listened to any of the albums after the Emerald Sword Saga in full. Too busy right now listening to Blind Guardian's entire discography to give those a chance right now.

Yeah I already know that song, lmao
That one and some others I've listened to are pretty good, so I'm definitely going to give one of their albums a listen.


Yeah your assertion is accurate, chincels get baited by their more LARPy songs when Powerwolf, despite having a Christian lead singer, still makes light of Christianity and uses sexualized pagan themes in their songs, like Venom of Venus to give a recent example.


I did not really keep up with them either, I lost track around the time they split up. But just recently I listened to Acending to Infinity by Luca Turilli's Rhapsody and it is amazing. Turilli had some really good solo albums too, I especially like Prophet of the Last Eclipse, it's also scifi themed which is not that common.

For Powerwolf my favourite is Lupus Dei, I recommend you give that a listen.

What was the other two bands?


Ah yes, I also plan on giving Luca Turilli's solo projects a listen. I'm sure he has some great stuff.

>What was the other two bands?

Blind Guardian and Sabaton
Been a while since I listened to the latter though, I'm more into Twilight Force, Dream Evil and Majestica these days as a possible third favorite


I like The Art of War but they can be a bit boring. Some of their members split out and formed Civil War which is kind of the same but with much-much better vocals.


I found out about Blind Guardian by playing a flash game about metal unicorns


Was it a special version of Robot Unicorn Attack?



Oh yeah, Battlefield from the album A Night at the Opera, which appeared in Robot Unicorn Attack: Heavy Metal.
For me, it was the other way around, I was already into BG when I found out about the flash game, but I hadn't listened to that song yet.

I tried giving Civil War a listen, didn't like it sadly. Rikard Sundén turned out to be a pedo :(
After Carolus Rex (which was the last album with the original lineup IIRC) Sabaton released Heroes. It's a solid album IMO, I bought it (as well as Carolus Rex). Night Witches might be one of my favorite songs by them.


Sonata Arctica



Nice, speaking of spooky shit, here's Halloween


Also, do you guys like Dark Moor and/or their Halloween cover?


I like this better only because it actually has sound engineering


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