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I recently discovered that i like techno music but between all the different genres im kinda lost rn
So post your favorite techno music and tell me which genre it is (maybe a short definition of the genre if you would be so kind)
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Punk Rock

Post some Street Punk, Oi!, Hardcore, Crust, D-Beat, etc.
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This thread is for discussing what can only be described as "stoner" music
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What is the most autistic genre?
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Catchy folk/ propaganda music.

No boring ass woody Guthrie singing about how sad it to be from Oklahoma while strumming his guitar. I want synthesisers, fast rhythms, weird ass instruments you’ve never heard before. I want shit that would make you want to get up and dance in your local town square with other third world peasants.

Is its leftist? cool. Is its advocating for the genocide of some ethnic minority or the establishment of a global caliphate? I don’t give shit as long as the music is fire.
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Does anyone else into Breakcore and Jungle? Do you like to free-rave and teknival, anons?
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/gg/ - Gusic General

Discuss Gusic and the latest gusic releases of gusic in the gusic
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Noise General.

Check this 1.

>Pulse Demon
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hip hop 2000s vs now

I know this may sound like a boomer take but is it weird that I prefer sample based hiphop beats of the 90s and 2000s over the generic trap beats and soulless generated EDM style beats created by an executive at Atlantic records or something? Producers like Dre, J Dilla, Nujabes had 100% more rememberable beats than whatever lil <whoever> raps over today.

Why did sample based hiphop/rnb fall out of style? is the licensing just too expensive? Maybe this is why mixtapes are better than actual albums because they don't worry about profits.
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What do you guys think of GrOb and Letov in general? Theres probably a lot thats been lost to me with the language barrier but he still seems like a very intresting musician, very emblematic of a lot of phenomena that happened immediately before and after the fall of the USSR
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name your favourite metal band for me its fear factory
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Currently listening

Post what you're currently listening to
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Adorno appreciation thread

also minimalism, atonality etc.
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DPRK General

Thread for music from People's Korea
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https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=q801yAFdBPA "A retrospective".
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Folk/Prole Music

Anybody here play an instrument or have musical talent of some kind?
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Music plagarism should not be thing

Disregarding the idea of owning music and muh intellectual properly from a leftist

I don't understand how the fuck people who whine about these things expect millions of songs made throughout history in every part of the world won't inevitably end up sounding similar

I fucking hate this mindset. And 99% I can't even notice the similarity.

The only valid perspective about it I accept and understand is from the worker perspective where an indie artist can get their music stolen and profited off by somebody more famous and powerful since we live in capitalism and music can be capitalized on.

The ultimate purpose of music is supposed to make each other feel. I hate its commodification and the problems that has caused to it.

Also can anybody post me that apu staja picture where he's singing with headphones?
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This Is Serious Mum

Based TISM poster coming through.
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If you had the opportunity to choose a song to play at your time of death, what might you pick?
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/mu/ - Music

Discuss and share songs, albums artists you like. You can talk about making music as well.
Usually not my genre but I enjoyed this https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=zMaRguzy2gU
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Ancient and Traditional music

>Ancient Roman Music (118 Minutes)

authentic-sounding instruments that ancient peoples would've played. no orchestras, electronics or other modern "twists"

no christian, celtic/irish or "european medieval" music. they're too structured to be grouped together with ancient or other traditional music and they are so numerous they belong in different thread

if you embed a youtube link plz post the song title / description or no one will click your contextless link
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Post bangers from various JRPGs
>Bonus points for music that don't sound like video game music
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Vaporwave is ultimately a celebration, not a satire, of capitalism

Yes, yes, it's ANOTHER thread about hauntological shit. But isn't vaporwave, by the process of aestheticization inherent in it, ultimately a celebration of all the soulless corporate trash it purports to poke fun at? I realize I'm generalizing somewhat and not all vaporwave necessarily has anything, positive or negative, to do with capitalism. But if you listen to something like Ferraro's Far Side Virtual, or Luxury Elite's TV Party, doesn't it conjure an image that seems genuinely desirable, even if it's empty? Even at its most uncanny (like a lot of the "broken transmission" subgenre) doesn't it aestheticize its subject matter and thus make it more bearable if not outright enjoyable? Isn't that why the aesthetic has taken off to begin with?

Is there any way to really pull off this "ironic" approach to music without ultimately producing either a celebration of what you're trying to attack or something that nobody actually wants to listen to? If we wanted to turn this method against capitalism could we instead create nostalgia not for the ultracapitalist 80s but for times of greater cooperation and a genuinely functioning society? Would there even be any point to doing so?
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Batcave General

Dark sounds. Post Gothic rock, Deathrock, Coldwave, Postpunk
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Kanye General

Just Kanye
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Yugoslav War Music

Serb, Bosniak, Croat, Kosovar etc.
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Post 2000s or late 90s music
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Post Disco bros
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Post calming, gentle, music ITT. Currently, I’m really into this song called “Bleecker Street,” by Simon and Garfunkel.
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Jazz General

Time to share some of that most sophisticated music, you know what it is.

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Blasphemy stanning thread

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/mu/sic thread

>No music thread
Step it up lads

>Boards of canda - 5.9.78


>Blackmores night - Journeyman

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Underated artists

This guy is my new favorite thing
He seems like a leftist ,many songs criticizing the system etc
Some of his best
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What is this song about? They keep singing about capital
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Musician General

Hey /leftypol/

I thought I'd make a general for any amateur or professional /leftypol/ musicians if there are any here. We can discuss your experiences, ask for or give advice, create resources, or just chat.

As for me, I am a hobbyist guitarist that's only been playing for about a year and a half; not even sure if I'm intermediate level yet lol. However, I can give tips or provide resources for anybody just starting out.
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Red Metal

As an avid listener of metal, something that frustrates me is the prevalence of chuds and reactionaries in metal (especially black metal). The visibility of guys like Varg and Famine of Peste Noire infamy has colored the public perception of extreme metal as being the domain of edgelord fascists. What are some metal groups that could be said to be socialist, anarchist, or leftist in some manner?

To start things off, I'd highly recommend the Panopticon album "Kentucky," which is a BM album about the state's history with labor organizing among coal miners, as well as the coal industry's destruction of the state's natural beauty. It's not a perfect album by any means but the way it mixes BM with bluegrass is cool, plus it has an incredibly redpilled message.

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/BMG/ Black Metal General

First try edition

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Niche Internet Genres

Name and discuss niche genres on the internet.

Utopian Virtual

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What kind of file formats do we have available to us here?
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Post Doom/sludge slow shit only

Warning - watching from a distance
Great album
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Music that isn't commie but make you feel commie?

What are musics that are not commie but capture the essence of being commie?
I think the OG Terminator theme counts
Really all the T1 music is hardcore futuristic cyberpunk apoca-punk commie bass themes based
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chill hip hop thread

fellow zoomers get ITT. I'm making this thread for myself, since it's all I listen to these days. don't hesitate to recommend shit you like. it does not necessarily have to contain rap. anything in the area of trip hop, downtempo, lo-fi, chopped and screwed, gorillaz. you get the idea

some artists:
Knxwledge is a former soundcloud producer. he's the founder of the sound that YouTube calls "lo-fi hip hop" these days.
Mach Hommy, my current favorite rapper. possibly the greatest rapper of all time. just released a great album called Fete Des Morts.
MIKE. rapper and producer. makes a LOT of music which is mostly him rapping over his own beats.

some songs:

blessings. many many blessings.
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PunaTerrori Finbol's black metal project

Literally had no idea that Finbol made black metal.
And his music slaps hard.
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Turn Up Music Thread

Going to dump some turn up songs from my youth here. Feel free to drop some as well.
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Leftist rock thread

Just wanna listen to some communism while doing exercise.
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Bunker musicians: the thread

This thread is dedicated to the people on this site who play instruments for fun or dollars. Talk about your setup, songs you like playing, techniques, performance. Today I'm with my Fender Player Precision tryna figure out some Geddy Lee bass lines.
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Music Theory

I want to understand how you're supposed to play songs on piano. From what I've seen so far, you play the melody with one hand and with the other hand you play the chords, either as full chords or arpeggios. But how do you know which chords you have to play to fit a certain melody?

I already know a bit of music theory so I tried figuring it out on my own. I looked up Katyusha on piano to see which chords are played.


The song is in D minor, and they play the chords in this order:
Dmin x3
Amaj 2nd inversion x4 (Db E A)
Dmin x 2
Fmaj 1st inv. (C F A)
Gmin 1st inv. (D G Bb)
Dmin, Gmin 1st inv. , Dmin, Amaj inv. , Dmin.

I assume that some chords are inverted so that the transition between them is smoother.

They play the same melody on the right hand side throughout the video, but in the beginning they only play the root notes of the chords with their left hand, after that they play the chords in different ways, and then they play the complete triads. And this is my question, how do you know which chord progression fits over a melody?

I tried to see if the chord degrees had anything to do with it. The chords in the key of D minor should be: Dmin (i), Edim (ii dim), Fmaj (III), Gmin (IV), Amin (v), Bbmaj (VI), Cmaj (VII). I imagined in simpler songs like this one you only needed to play chords from the key, but here they use an Amaj (A Db E) instead of an Amin (A C E), and I listened to the song with both an Amin and an Amaj, and I think it sounds better with the Amaj. I guess because when a G is played in the melody over the Amaj it forms an Amaj7 which creates more tension.

I also tried writing the chord progression:
i - i - i - V
V - V - V - i
i - III - iv - i
iv - i - V - i
but I can't really tell if this has anything to do with the melody.

So if I take another simple melody like Bella Ciao for example, can I figure out what chords to play from just that?
Or do I just try to see which chords sound good over it?

I guess what I want to know is in which way the notes in the melody relate to the notes in the chord progression?

>tldr: how does music work
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/black metal/

Share your favorite Black Metal albums? Here are mine:


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cringe anti communist songs.

i'll start with
Johnny Wright - Hello Vietnam


"We must stop communism in that land
Or freedom will start slipping through our hands"
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What are you listening to atm, /hobby/?

Currently listening to the album Matriarch by Veil of Maya. It's one of those albums thats shit on the first couple of listens but then it starts to grow on you and all of a sudden you're headbanging to the breakdowns.
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New tool album

New tool album is out.Thoughts? Sounds good to me.But, it feels like their swan song. They seem to agree. Anyone else listening?In some respects it really sounds like they are pushing their boundaries in other it sounds very cookie cutter (not a bad thing for tool)Thoughts?