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Can I wear band T-shirt or is it too consumerism?


Of course. What band?


we live in a society you stupud ass uygha


Who cares OP
It's like wearing a T-shirt with your country's flag or with your favorite animal on it or whatever


>It's like wearing a T-shirt with your country's flag
So it is extremely cringe and borderline fascist?


If that's the liberal take you get from that…


As long as it isn't some nazi shit, wear it if you like it.


You're welcome to see the fashion thread >>>/hobby/2221


nobody really cares and anybody who does is not worrying about things that matter. But if you really want to be pedantic, I think it's a little cooler to wear shirts from bands with DIY ethics - usually smaller bands that play smaller shows, but I really like feeling like a part of that scene.


omg who the fuck cares


Not that it matters that much, but depends what band. Generally avoid corpo record label bands. Some record labels are owned by the band or a collective of bands /musicians. Also can't go wrong with a good ol cassette tape making punk band.
Like there's a difference between consoom and just boosting stuff from artists you like. It can get messy depending how the shirt got made, but again it doesn't matter that much.


I pretty much only wear band t-shirts.


only if they're worn and faded, sorry I dont make the rules


Lol wear whatever you want


>consumerism is when I wear a T-shirt with a music band I like
Read Debord, don't be like Christian conservatives.


policing what people wear based on le values is more consumerism than almost anything you would be wearing

but stay away from ridiculous overly expensive brands where all the cost is just markup. mostly because it makes you look like a giant idiot who got scammed tho.


^this anon is based


Centuries of theory and nobody has an objective metric of consumption/consumerism yet.


The issue here is not a lack of objective metrics but conformity and peer pressure. You see, OP doesn't want to be less consumerist because they want to achieve something (like artistic expression, life enjoyment, spending time and money on something they actually care about or revolutionary action) but rather because they're trying to fit in. They do not understand that "fitting in" fundamentally doesn't matter and is kind of against the whole point of pragmatic anti-consumerism. If they're not doing it for their own benefit then why? Just to get approval from some straingers on the Internet?


Only if it is counterfeit as in all the resources went into actually making the T-shirt rather than paying "rights of use".


damn i wonder why that might be


Lenin's therapist: "The Unique and Its Property doesn't exist, it can't hurt you."


That's because consumerism is a meaningless, vulgar concept


It's not meaningless, just overused by conservatives who only complain about new media like games and animu. When you point out that watching TV is consumerist too they become very fucking defensive. They only complain about things which are associated with NEETs. In the case of vidya games this has some grounding in reality unfortunately.


It's a meaningless vulgar concept. How can you bring up conservatives using it as a rebuttal instead of just proving my point lmao.


Just because you don't understand the concept it does not make it meaningless. Read Debord.


Lmfao read Marx. Fucking idiot


Marx has nothing to do with that. We're arguing over the meaning of a fricking word. It's just a word.


Yeah, he doesn't, because he deals with actual stuff, not whatever some channer waste obsesses over because their life is a dead end


Did I ever say I disagree with Marx? What was the point of this sentence you've just said?


It means we should leave obsessing with consumption and other meaningless endeavors to right-wingers while the big boys worry about production. :)


>Read Debord.
The situationists had completely impotent politics informed by focusing on consumption. Caring about "consumerism" at all is a mistake. Society needs a complete restructuring.


Marxism doesn't believe in a "substrate" for capitalist society aside from maybe the ecosystem and land
Production is subordinated to consumption, just as consumption is subordinated to production
Most people don't even work industrial or agricultural jobs anymore, because capitalism invests more and more into service and consumption


>Production is subordinated to consumption
holy fucking liberal


>Production is subordinated to consumption
More like consumption reinforces production. There can be no overconsumption without overproduction. It is important for porkies to convince people that overconsumption is very important. Add some addictive chemicals to food, make certain things valuable because of the social status associated with them, etc.


As long as you don’t wear the band tee of the band you are going to see, it’s okay.


What's wrong with that? Is it OK if you buy the shirt at the concert, from the artist?


The only issues with that are that buying T-shirts all the time isn't cost-effective and that everyone will know that you went to see the band.


> everyone will know that you went to see the band.
Why is that bad lol?


The more info you leave, the easier it is to track you. Simple as that. There are already cameras pretty much fucking everywhere.

The less you tell the better you sleep at night.

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