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Why the fuck did Bowie’s music after the 70s descend into complete and utter shit? Dude went from being the GOATest of GOATs to senility almost overnight. This is what becoming rich and heterosexual does to you


Everything after the 70s descended into complete and utter shit


reaganism/thatcherism nuked culture in general


You mean AIDS did.


How can you say that? Blackstar is easily his magnum opus.


Came here to praise Blackstar too.


blackstar is an exception


but also it’s still nothing like anything he did in the 70s


He said it once himself, in the 80s he was just out to make money.


The 80s were rough on a lot of musicians. Bob Dylan put out a long of garbage after the 70s too.


The 68 kids did


are the 68 kids in the room with us now


Descend into shit? uygha its been shit the whole time!



Literally about to type this. Computers killed music. Every artist I like were in peak form in the 70s. 80s the music becomes computer quantized mess for most of them. By the 90s they are pure trash.


Should add even if they still did live songs. I can't really describe it, but starting with the 80s the mixing became horrendous. Everything started sounding so thin and tinny. Then 90s they start overmixing in bass but it still lacks the full warm sound music in the 70s.


>Computers killed music
nah the fairlight cmi was a fucking revolution on par with the electric guitar, computers didn't do shit, it was the industry


Let's Dance is a guilty pleasure of mine, nice New Wave album.


holy shit i hate boomers and "i was born in le wrong generation" fags


wasn't this guy a fascist


>In late 1976, following a suggestion by writer Christopher Isherwood, Bowie moved to West Berlin, with his friend Iggy Pop. For a time the retreat only relocated Bowie's troubles. He became a heavy drinker. He threw up in alleys at night. He reportedly called out to people, "Please help me." He also did worse: He became intrigued by Third Reich history and Nazi mythology. He had said years earlier in an interview, "I believe very strongly in fascism." In 1974 he told Playboy, "Adolf Hitler was one of the first rock stars. Look at some of the films and see how he moved. I think he was quite as good as Jagger." In Strange Fascination, Buckley reports that customs officers detained Bowie at the Russian-Polish border in April 1976, and seized a collection of Nazi memorabilia. When an assistant later criticized him for his interest, Bowie grew infuriated. "Fuck you," he said. "I changed the world! Kiss my arse" – then broke down and cried. The worst moment came in 1976, when Bowie arrived in an open-top Mercedes-Benz convertible at London's Victoria Station and was photographed giving what some people wrongly thought was a Nazi salute. The reaction in England was furious. Bowie was sickened when he saw the photo. "I'm NOT a fascist…," he told Melody Maker in October 1977. "That didn't happen… I just WAVED… On the life of my child, I waved." The longer Bowie stayed in Berlin, the more he came to understand the ruin that fascism had done to Germany and Europe. He was repelled by nationalists and racists, and was horrified to see his name made into a swastika in graffiti. He later called his interests "ghastly," and said he had been coming out of a year of terrible duress. "I was out of my mind, totally, completely crazed."


musicians arent very bright and he was addicted to cocaine at the time (more proof that coke is a fascist drug)


I like China Girl myself. Let's Dance I just never got into, hated his singing on it.

Love me some Young Americans era content


I wonder if this is literally what he meant and he overheard a New Left Althusserian Maoist rambling in some café.


>hating on Outside


it's bad and doesn't come close to his 70s stuff at all
bowie was nothing without his early collaborators like mick ronson or tony visconti or iggy pop or the soul/r&b influence of the time, in all honesty


I mean I assume you're not counting scary monsters since that is 88, but I have a soft spot for earthling. Drum and Bowie is a weird little experiment



Me too, anon. Me too.

The answer to OP's question is simple: Bowie got old. Popular music is a young person's game. Bowie was innovative elsewhere tho- the was the first big artist to really make use of the internet, and foresaw music being sold online.


bowie was nearing 30 when he first got started
has nothing to do with age


listen, it's hard to cope, but I'm an old person too… and I love laughing gnome era Bowie. I even love Davie Jones and the lower third.


im probably the youngest person on this site


you are also wrong re: Bowie's age when he started.

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