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I fucking hate spotify
i fucking hate youtube
i fucking hate not having all my music files on my own hardrive that i can use whenever. i don't wanna hear ads. i dont wanna have songs i love get taken off youtube by the copyright ghouls. reee
I'm gonna learn how to create torrents
i wanna make playlists, put said playlists weith all the tracks in a zip file and make a torrent that my friends can download.

What is the best open source media player? I remember really liking making playlists on windows media player back in the day because i could just set the program to search a folder for audio files and they would appear within the program. Then i could very easily make playlists out said music.
Making playlists using VLC seems janky.
Anyone got any ideas?


Audacious is the best open-source graphic music player there is and it supports making playlist files, though it sounds like you want to better interact with the filesystem (e.g. ordered directory hierarchies, fuzzy file paths and bulk copying). While switching to linux/unix for this reason might appear illogical, windows makes these tasks very inconvenient. You can probably also access your filesystem over wsl, mysys or cygwin.

If there was an artist being on other peoples albums a lot and you wanted to compile every one of their songs, you could write a script like the following
if [ $# != 3 ]; then
    echo Usage: $0 name src dest >&2
    exit 1

find $2 -type f -exec sh -c 'exiftool "{}" | grep "^Artist *: '$1'" | sed "s/.*: *//" | xargs -Ixyzzy printf "%s\t%s\n" xyzzy "{}" | cut -f 2' ';' | xargs -I '{}' cp '{}' $3


thanks for the reply. i've been meaning to change to linux mint but i've been dragging my feet because of fear of the unknown.


>Best Media player for making playlists?
…? Any player works.
I use ncmpcpp lol


quod libet has a decent tagging system (regex just to go the extra mile for autism) and about as customizable of a UI as you can get


foobar and soulseek. never has failed me and is super customisable


Can't you just make a folder and play that


it's been the answer from the start


Quod Libet
It lets you make playlists with regex


Cmus is pretty comfy if you're used to a keyboard driven workflow.


Any Video Converter


you should try collecting cd's, and ripping them to your desired format. excellent audio quality, and your songs will not get taken down, because now you own the music.


or just get the flac or wav files from soulseek


File: 1684606486957.jpg (25.79 KB, 1252x1098, toxless.jpg)

The last time i went on soulseek it had barely any flacs. Filesharing also doesn't mesh well with my enforced naming scheme. You could create elaborate symlinking or bind scripts to support multiple concurrent file hierarchies, but i never had the motivation to.

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