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get in loser we're circlejerking about one of the most niche subgenres in existence https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=PQXhOctGad4


I miss Wuorinen so much, without him the twelve tone technique is extinct now. Plebs and cowards can't handle it.
Also a new recording of Hexadactyl got uploaded to youtube since the last one got erased time ago.


Never got into Wuorinen, any other recs?


Recently I been into piano and strings ensembles so here is this trio




You just mean contemporary orchestral music? I guess I just have basic tastes. Joe Hisaishi, John Williams, also liked some of Johnny Greenwood's stuff. I've heard some non-soundtrack stuff on the classical station that were contemporary that sounded pretty cool but I haven't written any names to look up.

This album was amazing too.


>Johnny Greenwood



who feldman gang around here





I know Wim Winters is generally regarded to be a crackpot and double beat theory is bunk yet I can't help but enjoy a lot of his interpretations. At the very least it's a fresh perspective



>contemporary classical
this is an oxymoron
do you mean orchestral art music in general after the 19th century?


oh, someone beat me to wondering this >>5967


Michael Gordon's stuff is great, highly recommend the entire piece


Still enjoying Haas' pieces. Hauntingly beautiful stuff. First time I listened to embed I had to stop it multiple times throughout because it was giving me anxiety and making my heart race lol


>this is an oxymoron

Not really, no. "Classical" is just its own genre now. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Contemporary_classical_music



Haas is great, I heard In Vain for the first time about a year ago


Decasia gave me a panic attack 10/10








I cannot get over this piece, mustve listened to it 100 times in the past few weeks.


it's hardly that niche, it's in literally 100s of popular shows/movies/games but ok i'll contribute


Shostakovich is based, I remember hearing this piece for the first time when I was about 19 and being blown away by it

Here's some Grisey


Very nice, never heard of him. I had to lean back in my chair and close my eyes to enjoy it, particularly during that 10 minute descent from 13:00 on, only to burst out laughing at 23:39.



















Just getting into this, because literally all other music is boring to me now. Thanks for the thread op




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