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"You may say I'm a larper but I'm not the only one. I hope some day you'll join us and the proletariat will be as one"
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Post and discuss conscious/political hip hop



>no clppng



i enjoy how he puts the details behind the video and lyrics in the description




I used to listen to Stim's Burning Cop Car, it was pretty nice.





Billie Eilish is cringe, but this song overall is quite good.anarchismAnarchism


>Vince Staples
>Conscious rap
Literally raps about gangbanging. Doing it with some self-awareness doesn't make it conscious. I like Staples though. His new song is hot.


Jeru - Ya Playin Yaself.
His first two albums with DJ Premier are both masterpieces. Only positive message. Knowledge god.


Gangstarr - Robin Hood Theory
Also all positive conscious rap. Many amazing songs but this is my favorite.

Guru: Peace Brother Elijah
Elijah Shabazz: Hey peace Guru, how you doing?
Guru: I'm maintaining, just been thinking though man
About the situation for today's youth man, the seeds man
What's your opinion on that?
Elijah Shabazz: Mmm that's strange I was thinkin the same thing
Something I read in the holy Qur'an how it says
"Has thou seen him who belies religion?
That is one who is rough, to the orphan."
And no matter what we say our religion is
Whether it's Islam, Christianity, Juddaism, Buddha-ism, Old School-ism or New School-ism
If we're not schooling the youth WITH wisdom
Then the sins of the father will visit the children
And that's not keepin it real…
That's keeping it - *WRONG*

Now that we're getting somewhere, you know we got to give back
For the youth is the future no doubt that's right and exact
Squeeze the juice out, of all the suckers with power
And pour some back out, so as to water the flowers
This world is ours, that's why the demons are leery
It's our inheritance; this is my Robin Hood Theory… Robin Hood Theory

[Verse 1:]
I seek Sun, deceive none, for each one must teach one
At least one must flow and show the structure, of freedom
It's me Dunn, cause petty things we don't need 'em
Let's focus to create somethin great, for all that sees them
They innocent, they know not what they face
While politicians save face genius minds lay to waste
If I wasn't kickin rhymes I'd be kickin down doors
Creatin social change and defendin the poor
The God's always been militant, and ready for war
We're gonna snatch up the ringleaders send em home in they drawers
But first where's the safe at? Let's make em show us
And tell em hurry up, give up the loot that they owe us
We bringin it back, around the way to our peeps
Cause times are way too deep, we know the Code of the Streets
Meet your defeat; this is my Robin Hood Theory… my Robin Hood Theory
[Verse 2:]
I floss my rhymes like dentals, my mental's presidential
From the wild ghetto districts to the plush residential
Essential, would be the message that I send you
I meant to, elevate at every venue
Pops told me to pursue what is true, and nothing other
And nowadays I pave the way for troops of my young brothers
Necessary by all means, sort of like Malcolm
Before it's too late; I create, the best outcome
So I take this opportunity, yes to ruin the
Devilish forces fucking up my black community
And we ain't doing no more interviews
Til we get paid out the frame, like motherfucking Donahue
We're taking over radio, and wack media
Cause systematically they getting greedier and greedier
Conquering turfs with my ill organization
Takin out the man while we scan the information
You wanna rhyme you best await son
You can't even come near, if you ain't got our share
You front on us this year, consider yourself blown out of here
Yeah… by my Robin Hood Theory

Squeeze the juice out, of all the suckers with power
And pour some back out, so as to water the flowers
This world is ours, that's why the demons are leery
It's our inheritance; this is my Robin Hood Theory
[Verse 3:]
God is Universal, he is the Ruler Universal
For those who can't follow that spells GURU when in my circle
I see all sides of my culture…
Design my thoughts like a sculpture
And chumps they wanna get with me cause I'm another entity
I'm sent to be, leadin the army of the century
Mention me, and snakes will retreat, eventually…
… due to my Robin Hood Theory

Now that we're getting somewhere, you know we got to give back
For the youth is the future no doubt that's right and exact
Squeeze the juice out, of all the suckers with power
And pour some back out, so as to water the flowers
This world is ours, that's why the demons are leery
It's our inheritance; this is my Robin Hood Theory


Prodigy - Real Power is People

I wouldn't really call most of Mobb Deep or Prodigy's work conscious but this song is pretty conscious and revolution-pilled.

Money's worthless, real power is people
Real strength is in the streets where everybody's equal
Fuck jewelry, fuck rims; let's spend on our protection
Get armor, get cameras, get with' it lil uygha this man's shit
Real power is people
Real strength is in the streets where everybody's equal


Lol just realized you had this song in your OP. Good collection OP.

Here's more Prodigy with an anti-idpol anti-Black porky message:
Prodigy - Black Devil

[Verse 1:Prodigy]
Evil bastard
Cut throat warmonger
Backstabber, betray your own mother
You double tongued, double talk cause you two face-ed
You triple 6 with a hiss like satan
No good snake you only speak lies
Slime bucket scum of the universe
Your eyes reveal that you have no soul
And expose your true colors I see you
From three million miles away
That you's a sneaky motherfucker but you can't fool me
You not my bro, you not my sis
The devil doesn't have a skin color or a complexion
So you not my brother you not my sister
Your skin might be brown
But I know that you down with about two billion demons
Listen just stay the fuck away from me or get killed for treason
Against The Most High
You might got these other people scared of you
But that shit don't fly
Over here we laugh at you but it's not a joke
Because people need to know about the black devil

[Verse 2: Prodigy]
Yeah, the real outcast your time is up
It's not the end of the world, it's the age of aquarius
You's a deceiver
You got the whole world confused in a daze like some rats in a maze
You's a shape-shifter
I don't care if you the pope, the president, or prime minister
King queen, prince or princess
You just fronting for the public and you fronting for the press
But behind closed doors
What really goes on is
Ritualistic, cannibalistic, sadistic, masochistic
Some real sick shit
The most wicked there is that ever lived
Under the sun the infamous day walker
The movie Blade is just metaphorical
Yes, the greatest trick that the devil ever pulled
Is convincing the world that the devil don't exist
People have no clue
They looking for a red man with a pitchfork but that's just not true
Some say that it's the white man
But yo I'm here to let you know if you ain't know about the black devil


[Verse 3:Prodigy]
Knowledge of equality of all people
Even though physically we not all equal
Erase the racism
The only thing I see when I look at a person is good or evil
But the 'black man is god'
Yeah that shit sound good
But that shit don't apply when you try and get a job
This is real world music, reality rap
We spent too many years on that fantasy crap
It's time we deal with the facts
And the fact is you ain't better than somebody because the color of your skin
I did three years in prison
And the white boys showed me more love than any of my so-called uyghas
So you can go and ? your doctrine
The only thing that matters is you negative or positive
And you can go to hell even where I'm sure you'll be fine with the rest of your kind
People are so blind, so deaf, so dumb
Which proves you want to battle with the war not done
You might got these other people fooled
But you can't fool we because we know that you a black devil


Leave it to Curry to have three good bars in a verse me destroyed by one shitty/corny verse.


File: 1626829924685.mp4 (7.93 MB, 1080x1080, Going No Place - Milo.mp4)

Good idea pasting the lyrics

<[Verse 1: Milo]
They filthy fucks (what else?)
Mad clumsy, saw them muttering in the corner about something
Yes, capital-S blessed, then grapple with stress
The vest was chartreuse, bet he's part sleuth
A dark art artist in the booth
Partition the loop
Disperse to veteran crews then reinstate the old rules
Warn the cynical sky-scanner
The black man's Bruce Banner is an iCamera


This is the way it was while I was waiting for your eyes to find me
I was drifting, going no place. Hypnotized by sunshine maybe

<[Verse 2: Milo]

Going no place because I remember yesterday
Once wore his hair with a part like the renegade
A little darker, but less handsome than Bobby Sixkiller
Came with two hands and smacks for Mac Millers
I shot John Wayne like Praswell
Scared straight, bet them shit stains in your Carhartts was heart-felt
On the perfect day I tap my crew before seppuku
On any kind of list my name is nowhere next to you
Bet in group photos I wear the turtleneck
Coyly smile with two lung fulls of purple cess
We could hit a joog or a lick
Turn your man into food with my fists
If a MAWG fuck with me he's in a dune or a ditch
Best believe


I'm much too wise for sandcastles

<[Verse 3: Milo]

That's not boasting
You were used to me rapping my book list
Indeed a uygha might look bookish
You can be next in line to catch a hooked fist
But nah, right?
And my little sister's out front playing hopscotch
She's like, she's like


Dap Dunlap don't
Why I oughtta
I'm the fly Don Dada
I'm the fly Don Dada [x4]

<[Verse 4: Elucid]

(Shout out to milo for holding me down here)
I wear my pants how I wear my pants
Throw up my hands, but I might not dance
I don't really have a problem, that's just my face
You're in my way
When the roof ran dry had to float on faith
Fathers in the hood never got much praise
Baby blue for lawsuits in a dark arcade
Half moon fade, unlaced kicks
Fuck running from 'ops
One way out please don't make haste
In the pocket bringing foil to the tapas spot
My name clears when the docket drops
Hoppin' John on the first of the year
Accomplishing the trip that was me switching gears
Non-linear delirium, uyghardly idioms
Dreadlocked Jesus take the wheel before I plow civilians
I want you to feel, tap into brilliance
Hudson River the city I'm in
I'm chilly chill, what's really real?
Blood spray on the glass ceiling
All my uyghas need hugs for daily trauma dealings
Highways kinda bub can't explain it away
Day-to-day came in waves
Wash over second nature, all grown up
Get right 'fore I'm older, stuck
Newport shorts and two bucks worth of cold cuts
That's low, cus
No love, no love


I'm much too wise for sandcastles
My castles are across the sea
Still within my mind


File: 1626832005453-0.mp4 (10.54 MB, 1080x1080, Deep Fried Frenz.mp4)



Wasn't this guy a conservacuck? I still liked his music but yeah.


>Wasn't this guy a conservacuck?
sounds like you're just retarded


>donald trump, donald duck


Avain - Punainen tiili


File: 1627421763883-0.webm (14.42 MB, 1080x1080, Rainforest.webm)

File: 1627421763883-1.png (816.14 KB, 750x1085, ClipboardImage.png)

thoughts on noname? what's her real power level?


I've heard she's a communist.

I didn't see any Bambu de Pistola or Menteroja, it's time to fix that.


[Introduction: Killer Mike]
Talk that shit, Bam
Talk that shit homie
Talk that shit for black people, brown people, yellow people, beige people
Talk that shit for poor people
Talk that shit for the working class, man

You a true thug homie
We got your motherfucking back
You can say whatever you want to say about whatever you want to say
Tell the truth, and shame the motherfucking devil

[Verse 1: Bambu]
The target of poverty by the white devil
Because I wasn't testing at my reading level
I was testing any of these busters
Yo, where you from?

Pare?! Lola’s like, “Bakit ka nag tatambay dun sa calle parate?!”


While kids were playing Autobots and Decepticons
We was really Megatron, we always turned to firearms
That's why when I die, like when we talked about in smart class
The hood gonna guarantee at least an R.I.P. hashtag
Post-Reagan, Bush and Clinton raps to get a third strike
Beat a neo-Nazi's stupid ass back to the Third Reich
Peel off in a dirt bike
Wheelies off the 101
The devil lies so you could drive your auto on petroleum

The devil bet on real estate to fail in '08
Invested every cent in water commodities so they fluctuate
Lucifer moving your school budget into policing
And telling all these polices "it's black and brown hunting season"

Rally around a family with a pocket full of shells
Got a pocket full of stories that might land me in jail
And if you feel it turn me up and let me talk my shit
Well then let me talk my shit
Go ahead and talk that shit
Yeah imma talk that shit

Rally around a family with a pocket full of shells
Got a pocket full of stories that might land me in jail
And if you feel it turn me up and let me talk my shit
Well then let me talk my shit
Go ahead and talk that shit
Yeah imma talk that shit
Go ahead and talk that shit
Ooh Imma talk my shit
Come on and talk that shit
Yeah imma talk my shit
[Verse 2: Bambu]
The devil wasn't listed in a bible page
She was choking Eric Garner
Took that brothers life away

He put bullet holes inside of Trayvon
He shot Oscar Grant, right in his back, with his cuffs on
He shot Michael Brown and left him dying in the street
He beat Rodney King trying to get back on his feet
He took Sandra Bland and faked her suicide in the jail
He murdered Alton Sterling over DVD sales

He took Freddie Gray
Then he took Freddie Gray
He jumped out of his car and shot Tamir while he played
He murdered Earl Hayes
Shot Philando is a car
Same devil's in the desert stealing oil in the war

Same devil got you blinded so you front in your raps
That shit is wack, you're the "All Lives Matter" of rap

Yo shut the freeways down
I gives a fuck if you are stuck in traffic right now

[Outro: Killer Mike]
That's my motherfucking brother, man
We dont' give a fuck if you are stuck in traffic
You're gonna hear us, or you're gonna mother fucking fear us
But the system coming down if everybody don't get their fair share, mother fuckers
Talk that shit, Bam
Talk that shit on the behalf of the people
No color!
All these people my brothers, working class motherfucker
Villains - VLNS
Ya fucking bastards
Prey for the Devil!

Featuring Killer Mike
Produced By DJ Phatrick & OJTHEPRODUCER
Written By Bambu
Release Date September 11, 2016



Escaping From The Artificial
Ho Chi Minh Style
Sorry, couldn't find lyrics for this one.




Well the coup is in the OP, so I got mostly french rappers

Iam, Little Brother
Iam, Tomorrow is far away

Assassin, Murderer State

Oh and a spanish one too I discovered when he got jailed for shitting on the king
Pablo Hasél, All the power to the soviets !
Pablo Hasél, Not a step back

Zippo, Now I've got an axe

Zippo, I-world (cant translate the joke, in french 'i-monde'->'immonde' = vile/filthy


>Zippo, I-world
Tyrants and kings, tyrants and kings, tyrants and kings
Tyrants and kings we've been stuffed with for ten centuries
Now they have artificial intelligence
Busy in holding companies
They all dream of accessing the mind uploading
You, you're here watching your rights fly away
Desperate to see people who don't give a damn
But the guys comfort you and fill your bowl
Their control techniques would make Machiavelli blush
It's amazing what you can do with cameras
It doesn't prevent drama but it calms people down
Formal decor where mortal bodies
Evolve like in a book by George Orwell
You don't know what world your grandparents lived in
You live between walls that become transparent
You have memory gaps that Wikipedia fills
But you have no idea what a tomato is
And you can't regret what you never knew
You're not gonna go up the wrong way
So you're looking for your part in this big show
And you'll have to convince yourself that you're respectable
Before you learn to think people dive into the normality
Of a torrent of lies where life only serves to provide ideas
To feed the window of a news feed
No more little alleys, it's a fast lane, a tunnel
It's going fast, it's going to live in the virtual
You can't stop progress, that's the slogan
In his new car daddy lets go of the wheel
But don't panic, new robots are coming
Mankind is on automatic pilot
And everyone thinks it's cool from the US to China
The crowd kneels at the foot of the machine
You're just a variable trapped in the i-world
Where supercomputers play ping-pong
With billions of dollars, thieves in delirium
Have a blast even if it means dealing pain
One day, it'll all go boom
And in their bunkers they'll eat batavia
But if you don't have the money you'll just have to
You've got to get used to the idea that you're not welcome in Gataca
And you stare at the horizon stupidly
Holding your losing Euromillion ticket
You see yourself in three-four years in the country
But you have no money, no advantage
Before you there are so many guys waiting at the bank
Knowing that don't expect less attacks now
Alarming to see France at the forefront
Going down the slope flat on its back, "paf".
So, let's live our leguminous lives
Lit by streetlights and without bright ideas
Let's go and join these crowds in badtrip
Who picnic on Saturdays on the plastic lawn
But let's keep smiling, let's not look suspicious
If you play the game you might get a great salary
Then you'll say goodbye to hitchhiking
And to you will be the world in low cost (hop-hop)
Get on the plane and head north
Elsewhere the heat is not up to standard
I'd rather go to Sweden than Mexico
As long as there are still anorexic snowmen
If you had any sense you'd have smelled the prime of life
You should have been a fan salesman, it will be
For another life
Or for another potential dystopia that will be devoid of rainwater
Too much ultraviolet, you need to buy an air conditioner
You're already being raped by fine particles
And even if you work there you don't get the factory price
So to fill your basket at Darty you have to work hard
The next part of the movie won't be like in the movies
Dude, maybe your six boards are already cut
It's on a fabric of lies that's unraveling
You're asked to die on Sunday
You're asking questions, but to answer them
There's only the sound of a collapsing civilization
And the fiery speeches of techno-prophets
With no one to stop the clock
It's quite tragic
There's no debate because we won't save the world with mathematics
But the die was cast when our parents chose
To teach us to count before we learn to read
And people prefer the hope dealers
Who let them think they're writing their history
You'll never be free so love your chains
And go dance under those windmills
The new growth is beautiful, it's green
Perpetrating crimes, collecting bounties
Solar panels aren't too expensive
It'll only cost a couple of polar ice caps
But nobody wants to go back to the candle
Even though it's been almost three hundred thousand years
That there were human beings playing spinning tops
On a planet where things were going smoothly
But now people are trapped in cities
They've traded their land for the shelves
Of these stupid supermarkets
Where they sell death in pretty packages
And back to summer, shit this year it sucks
You didn't even have time to unfold your sweaters
That'll save you from having to read the little texts
Of calls for help embroidered on the label
Violence can be relocated too
But you're peaceful, you shout it from the rooftops
To do humanitarian work you pack your bags
Made by kids who damage their fingers
You want children but it's discouraging
All the names are already taken by hurricanes
Problems come in alphabetical order
It's going like a paraplegic's wheel
I don't want to spit on the backs of those who are busy
Waving peace around like mentally challenged people
I think it turns out they can smell the shit
Instead of lying to ghosts, we've gotten ourselves into
You're almost Fanny under the baby
Your life is a selfie taken in front of a tsunami
But everything's fine say the people who profit
From a world where bees are on antibiotics
I'm not sure what to do, but I'm not sure what to do.
Your eyes sting even if it's none of your business
You can't ask to think about change
To those who just want to change the band-aid
These people are convinced that they'll beat us
You shouldn't have taken Ted Kaczynski for a fool
When you fall asleep, there are robots that move
In the laboratories of Boston Dynamics
It's gonna get tough on the streets man, there's gonna be
Soon there will be super cops and supersoldiers
Yeah, tomorrow's men will have shrimp bones
But they'll be playing it smart in exoskeletons
So you'll be sorry you didn't fight earlier
You'll have privileges only if you're lucky
Otherwise you'll be tracked even for ideas
You'll try to get your RFID chip out
But you'll turn on the iPhone and say it's over
And then you'll have a little chat with Siri
And you'll ask her how human beings
Stopped being free to become whores

Translated with www.DeepL.com/Translator (free version)


Avain - What Goes Around Comes Around 2001

Syster's ex-boyfriend, Mikko from Hertsika
Vallila trade school became a car mechanic
Learn how to paint, dope car paintings
Pictures of painted cars remind me now
Mother always talks to the syster Mikos always shit
We hacked it Nintendo's 8-bit
He showed what graffiti art is
I was a small toy, my mind only on subway tracks
Aza and Kaide, we were wack writers
Mikko say you will be become tighter wraitters
It was sad car job wasn't working
With syster it was over and he started smoking the bong
Gambled money, Myllypuros shopping (free homeless food)
We made trips every night
Now you don't recognize me when you bum a cigarette
Friend sniffs the amphetamine in the bar toilet




Extremely poor. The medical facilities are poor. We operate a predatory, neocolonial capitalist system, which is founded on fraud and exploitation, and therefore, you are bound to have corruption. Many criminal cases are settled in police stations

>[Verse 1]

Eh eh eh eh eh eh eh eh e-ewo
Eh eh eh eh eh eh eh eh e-ewo
Eh eh eh eh eh eh eh eh e-ewo


This is Nigeria
Look how I'm living now
Look how I'm living now
Everybody be criminal
This is Nigeria
Look how we living now
Look what we eating now
Everybody be criminal

>[Verse 2]

This is Nigeria
Just because I'm on TV now
Person wey no get work
Is checking to see
If my watch is original
This is Nigeria
Wey da Madam Philomena
Money vanish from your office
36 milli you talk say na animal
This is Nigeria
Never ending recession o
When looter and killers and stealers are still contesting election o
Politicians wey thief some billion and billion e no dey go prison o
Police station dey close by 6
Security reason o
(Babaa, ese o, babaa, ese o babaa)
My brothers and sisters, I want you to put your hands up right now, because your miracle is coming this week. If you believe, let me hear you say Amen!

>[Verse 3]

This is Nigeria
Praise and worship we singing now
Pastor put his hands on the breast of his members
He's pulling the demons out
This is Nigeria
No electricity daily o
Your people are still working multiple jobs
And they talk say we lazy o
This is Nigeria
There is plenty Wahala sha
Fulani Herdsmen still they slaughter
Carry people they massacre
This is Nigeria
Works in my area
This is democracy
Political hysteria
Yahoo Yahoo don tear everywhere now
And we act like it's so cool
Casting the P, I'm being castigated just for trying to be noble
This Nigeria
Look at my nation o
SARS stop me for road any explanation you go talk am for station o
(Sir am, Sir look I'm sorry, I'm a student, am just a student of the University of Lagos. We are just coming from the club. Ok so my friend and I. No sir I have my I.D. to prove.)

Eh eh eh eh eh eh eh eh e-ewo
Eh eh eh eh eh eh eh eh e-ewo
Eh eh eh eh eh eh eh eh e-ewo


This is Nigeria
Look how I'm living now
Look how I'm living now
Everybody be criminal
This is Nigeria
Look how we living now
Look what we eating now
Everybody be criminal

(This is breaking, transmission of ah, transmission eh, transmission.)


But what happens everyday is that, the system has allowed it. For instance there is no law that allows you to take money from the church, invest in business, and privatize it. No. It is only in Nigeria were you can take money from the church, money contributed by poor congregation members. You go and set up a university that the members cannot attend. Cannot send their children to. It's against the rule and the law of God. It's against the constitution


File: 1633479814306-0.mp4 (14.51 MB, 854x480, 1630093249585.mp4)

File: 1633479814306-1.mp4 (10.29 MB, 854x480, 1630093732281.mp4)


any rap that's honest about life in the hood is "conscious"



that being said, norf norf sucks
vince staples cannot rap and the beat is terrible
dude is a massive industry plant too


Residente dizzed Maluma in his last record and is the talk in latam (idk if in gringoland too)
the Logan Paul of reggaeton lmao
The last one although it had lyrics the "channel ending" was shit, vanal showcasing of women


Saying woke about this fella is getting short.
I don't know if he is still in jail for insuting the spanish crown

There is no doubt that without freedom of expression and information there is no democracy.
Special dedication to the so-called progressive government
That has perpetuated repression
And that when the streets have filled up for freedom of expression
Getting nervous, they have promised to do something again
Going up in smoke again
They try to stop the mobilization
But only with this one will we win the pulse

Hey, tyrant, there is not only for your father
Let the republican cry, your eardrum drills
To the oppressed master, I hate the oppressor's reign
Let your family eat from the container
There's a better life, that you prevent violence
May you enjoy your Rolex, the end of these times is at hand
The Civil Guard, what I feel, it examines
I'm going to say like Corinna: guillotine!
Your murderous policy, we fight
It is you who exalt terrorisms
With terror you want that others do not say the same thing
Justice unsettles you like Botox unsettles Leticia
As stones against Vox will sound this rap
Fuck you, even Joan Manel Serrat asks for my freedom
Let twelve thousand be wasted in every night of the countryman (the father of the king)
In the name of every ruined person we declare war on you

No one can take this away from me, not even Felipe VI
I show the truth in my text's remittance
Sons of Franco condemning for being truthfull
Will grow the seed of freedom that I plant
No one can take this away from me, nor Felipe VI
I show the truth in the reference of my text
Sons of Franco condemning for being truthfull
Will grow the seed of freedom that I plant

See how your decadent kingdom agonizes
Throw wood on the fire that turns you to ashes
Our crown of thorns cuts the bandages
Without which the Zarzuela would be a school where they learn
The barbarity of power, of the cruel oligarchy
That condemns to make it known, because it would raise awareness
Abandoned old people cry to the end
Pensions cheaper than a royal family hour
Go talk about equality in the queues of hunger
Without escorts, they'll give you more than this soft song
When your domination is over, history will absolve us
And Leonor will know the sweat of real toil
Repudiations, don't control the whole mass
It's not insults, it's telling what's going on
Fascist, we are not the domesticated Iglesias
We are the anger that to the revolution aspires and not anesthetics

Chorus, then V3:
Imprison my solidarity, there will be more fuck you up
The police brutality will not have complicity in my rapping
It multiplies in the streets, the rejection to the rancid throne
When fear will fail you, it will come to the palace
This message is destined to be free
Because this state is of no use to most of us
You will suffer whether you like it or not
And my microphone will remain uncomfortable
Goodbye control, he already told it

Death to the regime, that leaves us in the bones
To justice by keeping us prisoners
But outside you also have bars
That exploit you distracted so that you don't explode
May your inquisition take me to the stake
The flames are waiting for you igniting the workers' rage
I will never be in the prison of fear
We are able to stop what they do, believe it


I couldn't find the complete lyrics to tranlate it for the anglospeakers
Tal vez otro dia la transcribo, it is a big one


You know that being conscious is just being awake, it's not much of an accomplishment.


File: 1648268029903.png (159.81 KB, 330x362, for real?.png)

>Public Enemy - Countdown to Armageddon
>>"Alright let's make some fucking noise!"
>>"Come on, let's crank this shit up and get busy!"
>fades out to silence











finnishbolshevik intro music



Marcel Cartier


Oh boy have I got a lot, I will post some later.



this goes hard, thanks


droppin a classic


I have a lot of conscious hip-hop. I wish a whole lot more of it was "angry" though…


File: 1673839569556.png (309.23 KB, 500x382, ChoosyMothers.png)

good shit


all conscious hip hop is class conscious to one extent or another anon


to an extent, yes, but most choose to focus more directly on racism, colonialism, or imperialism than class. These are all parts of class oppression to be sure, and not to be dismissed.


sounds like autism on your part to me



File: 1674099434352.mp4 (26.76 MB, 640x480, 1673674064848.mp4)










Flood Detected; Post Discarded



Flood Detected; Post Discarded





















That's about all I've got for now, look into the artists' discographies because they are all pretty good. I will post more as I find it.


One more







File: 1700337412559.webm (18.32 MB, 540x540, alunya_rises.webm)


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