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Hip hop of any genre


Lil' Keke - We From Texas (Official Music Video) ft. Sauce Walka, Slim Thug, & Z-Ro


Levels - BigXthaPlug



Call Me If You Get Lost rereleased with bonus tracks




Jazz Spastiks & Mellosoulblack - Midnight Method

Jazz Spastiks & Junclassic - Mode 7

Jazz Spastiks truly is underrated. They're absolutely incredible, check em out :)


The Pharcyde & J Dilla - Runnin'

J Dilla - Runnin' Instrumental

Incredible song with or without vocals. The Pharcyde and Dilla are fucking fantastic.




<uygha, R.I.P. 64

I was the one that kick in yo door
Off-White's cost us some dough
When I run in, get on the floor
I ain't no candy, I don't sugarcoat
And I'm posted in the DMV, they say moe
WWE dope, punching my soul



File: 1680516453235.png (137.54 KB, 750x350, ClipboardImage.png)


T-T genuinely tragic how many up and coming rappers die

RIP BTB savage he died 3 days ago


>T-T genuinely tragic how many up and coming rappers die
I'm still hoping for the day they come together and realize who their real enemy is, a lot of them know it I think but are just so trapped.


Lupe Fiasco - Untitled (Communism Freestyle)


slow version - reminds me of 2000s "chopped and screwed" shit


love how texas rappers just sample western country now. good ass track anon hopefully BigX makes it to this years XXL freshman list





BigXthaPlug - Levels (Official Video)


more big x


more big x


shit just depressing and in a way they are (especially with scummy music industry practices) and a hunch of mine is that the class mobility afforded by a rap career could also be the reason so many of them die young. they're basically in a situation where they have the fame and notoriety of the boug they aspire to be while still being actively involved in lumpenprole political-economy its like the perfect storm to get the attention of law enforcement and rivals on the streets.




BigXthaPlug - Badu Flow (Official Audio)




First track made me so emotional


Why did it cut off though


Sounds like RTJ


I have a soft spot for slick rick


didnt realize this was a different version, I much prefer this one.


chopped and screwed remix needed



I haven't met a single person into hip hop that wasn't a d3generate chauvinist loser
Hedge fund bro music




Hip hop isn't working class resistance music, it's the music of insecure middle-class schoolboys and upper-middle class frat guys that go to shitty music festivals to date rape girls


Insert any genre of music into your post


lmao bet ur fun at parties at the least /pol/acks just say there racists unlike like yo cowardly ass rope now


Maybe a few others, sure
Doesn't change anything
>listening to hip hop makes you not racist


>t. only listens to the internationale and wears an ushanka while pretending to read theory on leftypol
Why are you such an insecure spoilsport?


I don't listen to the internationale
Also this almost made me fall asleep


>only complains about consumerism in one genre



Killer Mike - Don't Let The Devil ft. EI-P, thankugoodsir (Official Music Video)


… it was invented by lower class blacks and hispanics in the inner city….



Punk is more closer to what you describe. But to be honest, hip hop and punk are just two sides of the same coin.

And the fact that hip hop is still stuck in gangster themes and that rock music is till punk tells me that Gen X culture needs an overhaul or replacement.


It was created at first by unemployed post-deindustrialization proles in the Bronx, but starting in the mid-80s it began to transfer over to the anguished, idle petit-bourgeoisie and represent their aspirations and fantasies in an ultra-commodified form


if you genuinely think only suburboids listen to rap ur out of touch and prolly only interact with ur fellow burboids in the first place lol


post more rap or fuck off





DJ sacred





fuckin love doomshop still upset they took this tape down


Excuse me, it was brought to Queens by Jamaican immigrants.


>jamaican dub/dancehall being the root of most popular music now (again)


Dub > Hip Hop
Fuck putting words over music, I don't wanna hear any of that


But dub comes from putting words over music…


dont tell him what overdubbing is


do you know what dub music is


It evolved out of dubplates didn't it



oldie but goodie
Pimp C - Get Throwed ft. Jeezy Z-Ro & Bun B


I listened to this non-stop for an entire week once



Symba - Top G



What's your opinion on trap rap, /leftypol/?


I say, ok.


theres more diversity and originality in trap music now than there is in the indie/alt scene both are good tho



>theres more diversity and originality in trap music now than there is in the indie/alt scene
Isn't the triplet flow the norm in trap?



>hip hop is still stuck in gangster themes
try listening to something that didn't get shit out of a major record label's asshole


That's just Konnakol


















I've noticed all the top male hip hop in the mainstream is whiny autotune emo trap and then all the female rap is the stuff with attitude. I'm feeling the female rap tho.


This male rap song is banging tho. Nice flip of the original beat.




its cuz your listening to mainstream billboard 100 shit, the truly edgy male rap artists are in the drill scene and are just actual criminals who get imprisoned or killed right before they blow up.


never got into hip-hop but i really like this song for some reason


Thats because neolib feminism promoting the "bad bitch". Alot of those female rappers never had to gangbang ar all.

Ans iys nice to take a break away from alk the gangbanging shit. I dont mind a bit of wmo trap music.

this. Trap is just third wave gamgster rap.


>Trap is just third wave gamgster rap.
that is an interesting way to analyze it, lyrically speaking it def is however many of instrumentals used are crazy different and even have regional variations(NY drill beats vs. chicago drill beats, west coast vs. michigan type beats,etc). I've always thought of it as sort seen the relationship between trap,gangsta rap,drill or whatever people call it as a very similar dynamic between metal and rest of rock music. Plugg kinda breaks this metaphor since it uses trap beats and lyrics but is super laid back and ethereal and more similar to shoegaze and dreampop(expect dark plugg in some cases)


Drill music is unlistenable for me as well. No soul at all.


Lol I just decided to look that up after I just thought up that statement and found this.

Pete Rock Calls Drill Music ‘Doo-Doo’ and Says It Disrupts the Soul


lmao I love drill for the same reason fuck muh sovl, even my normie friends call my music taste robotic




get ya head bust, get ya head bust, fuck around dawg, get ya head bust






- BigXthaPlug, "Feeling Like Dennis"







MF DOOM - Lofi Villain (Lofi Remix Full Album)


the lyrics are 14-year-old-boy type cringe
but the beat sounds really nice, very bouncy



The girls running the lemonade stand are sooooo hot I can't stop watching the music video bc of them lol


no way that woman on the cover sounds like this



theres p good case to be made that travis peaked in the Days before Rodeo-Rodeo era, the other albums aren't bad but I wouldn't call them as influential or creative as his earlier work.


Freddie Gibbs & The Alchemist - Frank Lucas (feat. Benny the Butcher)


BigXthaPlug - Back On My BS




Pegz - What Would Happen


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