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What do music festivals in a future socialist society look like?

The first of the modern music festivals, Woodstock, was held the year after the '68 uprisings in Chicago. Hippies and socialist activists protested the Democratic Party's national convention, and were brutally suppressed by police. The next year, Woodstock takes place, and the whole of mainstream society seems to have completely erased the violence in Chicago. How many people who are interested in festivals understand this historical context? Is it relevant to music festivals moving forward?

But regardless, 21st century music festivals are much different than the original Woodstock. For one, Woodstock as an institution was basically killed in 1999. Y2k is basically post-Woodstock. But most music festivals have been criticized as being highly consumerist. Ultra Music Fest, Tomorrowland, EDC, Coachella, etc.

How would a socialist music festival work? If currency is involved, how would that work?


I feel like the raving to communism pipeline should be built


only problem is that there were some antifa activists at a festival in Georgia around the cop city protests and i think they got charged with terrorism


I find the idea that it wasn't for woodstock, society would have somehow been overturned by the '68 protests to be a bit silly, but interesting question overall


File: 1684949250237.jpg (779.93 KB, 1000x1000, 10.jpg)

i didn't mean to imply that woodstock was counterrevolutionary, just an observation. the kind of average hippies who marched in '68 probably packed up camp and went to Woodstock, is what i meant to imply. but moreso that there is a sociological connection between the cultural revolution and music festivals.
even the architecture of the tomorrowland mainstage is similar to the palace of ceremonies and rituals


also, one might argue, due to how much many people hated the hippies, that woodstock did "overturn" mainstream culture (although that's not all of society, per se



These massive venues are only necessary because of celebrity worship and urban planning that deprioritizes the arts and entertainment. I don't want to be herded into massive crowds to see famous people.. I want to be able to see art everywhere I go, preformed and enjoyed by the locals


to answer the question, festivals in future socialist society society will look like block parties but its on every block and its 24/7


idk guys i like the grand theatrics. they dont need to be celebrities performing but i do think there's marvel in big stage festivals. and some artists become celebrities because of their raw talent it's not JUST commercial interests (although those would presumably be abolished). call me an accelerationist but i wanna go to big festivals and pay in bitcoin or whatever


socialist have built amazing things


Music and giant dance championships.
Honestly there are so many ways a "music festival" aka a lot of musicians happening at the same time can be done.

And I can guess that in the good old times of the International Youth Socialist festivals there were some. And if the culture of capitalist music festivals influenced there a bit.


We are bringing back the acid tests.


File: 1685126659585.jpg (9.41 KB, 182x277, Untitledfdsa.jpg)

there's only two ways that could go. either this


File: 1685126909265.png (50.82 KB, 566x731, ac.png)

oder dis



rec me a smart 3 day rave in western europe anons. I will hitch there and provide daily updates in return. decent beats plz no working class gabba.


Tormorrowland, Defected Croatia, are the only two off the top of my head


Hi, I don't post on .org much anymore, but here I am.

My opinion on this is as follows:
First, the whole setup for live music needs change, serious change. Ordinary shows need to be cheaper, cities need proper transit, and regular folks need to be able to take time off. All of this stuff is currently structured around rentseeking, and it's murdering cities' live music.

This is the first thing, fix this, and festivals would be cheaper, too.

Second? Some of the proper communes are the closest I've been to a real festival. Well, one. There was this propensity to just shows up in the woods when the time was right, and that's something I think is most enviable - these major festivals have their thing, but the idea of festivals which utilize a space both for that sort of performance and for more freeform performance seems much more intriguing to me. I like the idea of something like a permanent festival, or at least something which lasts a long time - never stopping, somewhere artists can organize, cut their teeth, and arrange whatever it is they do into a massive setup, a total synthesis of human artistic spirit from its roots to its peaks. I like that idea a lot.


Already exists, tbh the problem isn't a lack of leftism in raves, it's that raves (in the US at least) aren't what they used to be, and what exists is often very expensive.


>There was this propensity to just *do* shows up in the woods
Where is my mind?


I think a lot of artists are talented but under socialism there'd be a different dynamic because of the withering away of the division of labour. Everyone would have equal access to becoming very talented in whatever they wish, barring physical limitations, so the novelty of celebrities would fade away. There are only so many hobbies and if your neighborhood has incredible artists of every stripe who needs celebrities.
As for liking the big venue vibe sure thats fine. I suppose its more efficient but my main concern is that all of the arts should be a part of our daily lives as opposed to relegated to these otherwise useless structures on the edge of town. So rather than having a otherwise useless stadium, Have big plazas and pedestrian streets and throw festivals in there.
idk thats my uneducated 2 cents.


just go to free parties lol


The last 3 I've been to were raided by the authorities and the sound systems taken. II's easy to set an alert that's triggered if 200 phones congregate in an isolated area after 11pm. It didn't used to be like this. Cops party in their clubs until dawn.



Eh. Growing up there weren't that many, seemed like. I don't know. And for proper live music, it's still slim pickings, even for house shows - I think most of the free stuff I attended in the city with live music going was stuff I was personally also playing & so didn't have to pay for. Tbf now I couldn't go anyhow - like I don't have the energy to walk 14 miles downtown and back to see free drum'n'bass anymore, and the transit here doesn't run late… actually, it doesn't even run on my street anymore, and when it did it was still too expensive. So to catch the bus, now, I'd have to walk about a half an hour, pay $2.50 for one way, and then walk 4 hours back once the event was over. It's doable, I can tell you it's doable, but that's about it.


why do cops dedicate energy to stop young people from having fun lol


>Already exists, tbh the problem isn't a lack of leftism in raves, it's that raves (in the US at least) aren't what they used to be, and what exists is often very expensive.
how to mark fisher post-capitalism big room commercial festivals




In the future socialist society, there will only be THUNDERDOME.


I was hoping for more of a tomorrowland kinda thing


WHAT!? Tomorrowland is CRINGE!

Tomorrowland kids GET OFF MY LAWN!


Sorry grandpa the future was 15 years ago



Uplifting trance, big room house and hardstyle are boring AF. All those stupid fanfare synths and arpeggios with cheesy female vocals. And hardstyle' drumbeats are just a 4/4 lung cancer kick with no proper percussion. The edgiest music ever played on Tomorrowland is either some cringe brostep with farting noises and the same 4/4 drum pattern in every bloody song or the cringe nu-style gabber like that of Angerfist or whatever: boring, samey, generic edgelord music instead of an exciting, memorable, experimental edge master music.

It's not the future. It's peak capitalist commercialized music. If there is something to carry on into the future it is modernized music from the late 80s to early 00s. Like, some riddim dubstep sounds like classic dubstep with trap beats and that cool distorted sub-bass, I like it.


>>8530 (cont.)
My point is, underground electronic music > mainstream electronic music. I mean, underground music is the kind of music that is more likely to disseminate leftist ideas anyway. Makes you think.


Porter is decent I guess. He's an exception though. The main reason why he's here is because he also uses hyper-polished modern Ableton synths, he's just able to not overfeed people with too much sugar. It's like with the bitpop artists like Anamanaguchi or Sabrepulse.


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