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So what strain of communists were Mccarthy and Stereolab respectively?


Idk but I'm interested in this thread. Stereolab rules.


i think they were (are?) situationists


stereolab i mean


Post Stereolab songs.


post your favorite stereolab song, anon



I listened to this band all the time when I lived in France.


Any proof they’re actual commies?




besides the lyrics of ping pong, multiple interviews with sadier stating she's been strongly influenced by the situationist movement, christgau refering to stereolab songs as "cute marxist ditties", or like is this some sort of "have they done any praxis" question, which not to my knowledge


Song for those wondering.



Any other tracks with openly communist lyrics?


TBH I always find it funny when rappers sample commies given the parasitical nature American communists had to New Afrikans. CPUSA had to fight for civil rights because that was the only way they could win the Black community over from other, more radical Black-led rival organizations.


Post their openly communist lyrics.


They're into Cornelius Castoriadis I believe.


Exactly, Cornelius Castoriadis and the Situationists basically. Castoriadis was a huge influence on Guy Debord's political thought, along with György Lukács and Henri Lefebvre.

Laetitia Sadier was asked once:
>If you were going on a cross country road trip and could bring a long any three people in the world, who would they be and why?
and answered:
>I would bring Cornelius Castoriadis because we could talk about politics, economics, philosophy, psychology, planet earth, the universe, Greek poetry, languages amongst any other subject we could tackle together, and think of ways of placing them into our everyday reality. Buckminster Fuller, and how we could think of revolutionary ways to bring about wellbeing for every one living on our planet. And my friend Marie for spontaneous laughs on the way.

Castoriadis had many takes that would make virtually all /leftypol/ users seethe very hard, I have in mind one article making fun of Khrushchev so much it would make an anti-revisionist blush, he could be extremely critical of Marxism (and psychoanalysis), but he was a good reader of Marx and I think he was right to passionately defend the idea of direct democracy as it existed in Ancient Greece.
A very singular thinker, who perhaps was wrong about a few things — notably saying the tendency of the rate of profit to fall was disproven, might have seemed that way during the post-WWII boom, but in 2024, capitalism isn't the same and it seems like Marx was right in the end — but certainly worth studying, was knowledgeable about many subjects and had a good sense of humor.

On the top of my head, look at the lyrics of Ping Pong (boom and bust cycles), Slow Fast Hazel (historical materialism) or French Disko (they don't say "french disco" during the chorus but something else).

Here is an often overlooked collaboration between Stereolab and Brigitte Fontaine, who was also a big inspiration for Laetitia Sadier. They made a B-side dedicated to her called "Brigitte" a few years prior, and finally got to collaborate in 1999 during the Cobra era. If you can understand French, the lyrics are pretty funny.
Stereolab is one of my favorite 90s band, thanks for this thread.


Besides Ping Pong, Slow Fast Hazel and French Disko, there is also L'enfer des formes (political apathy), and Strobo Acceleration (feminism) in French, and Op Hop Detonation to a certain extent.
I must admit I don't pay much attention to lyrics in general, but Stereolab weren't a uni-dimensional band, they also sang about love of course (Pack Yr Romantic Mind, seems inspired by George Bataille), life (The Extension Trip) and other artists who inspired them (International Colouring Contest).
The best thing about Stereolab is their sound, their unique mix of influences of motorik rhythms, noise rock, bossa nova, lounge, space age music, among many other things, and how they were able to reinvent themselves during the 1990s.
Here is another rare track for people who already listened to their main albums, a remix of the Pastels.

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