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"Technology reveals the active relation of man to nature" - Karl Marx
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Why does /tech/ never talk about MIDDLEWARE and integration, despite it being such a huge part of enterprise stuff?

I mean JMS/Kafka/Camel/Artemis/ActiveMQ/RabbitMQ, ESBs, etc.

Ques, distributed streaming, event sourcing brokers (kafka), etc. not to mention cloud pubsub systems.


i personally work for a small company where i've never had to touch of any that shit. sounds like hell. can serve millions of web visitors on a single ec2 instance.


I work at a company that depends on Kafka. It's pretty good but you need a kafka administrator expert to babysit it who you probably have to pay 2-3x more than a normal sysadmin. If you can get Kafka on your resume its a huge boost, even as a dev.


I'm going to microooooservice. Sighs…. Where I work everything is simultaneously over and under engineered. We use top of the line tools like these, on some highly scalable and available K8 infrastructure, but the entire architecture is just wrong. We were using Kafka events to publish complete datasets per event, for example… Why….. just why….
Hmmmm It's dawning on me that I need to specialize soon if I want to make more money.


I wouldn't really even call middleware specializing since i see it on TON of job listings. if you're a dev make some projects. Theres a cert for sysadmins


kafka books / pdf dump


Programming a group of 5 C++ files: Easy enough
Programming middleware: Hard?
Programming HTML that uses GraphQL, eays.


Middleware is an overloaded term but in the sense that OP is using it, you do not program middleware. You use them. TBH most programming is basically configuration and connecting shit. The hardest part is modelling data and organizing your files so you don't make a mess. Maybe testing can be hard too. There are also clients for connecting to middleware that are well tested, so it's not particularly hard to use it.


>you do not program middleware. You use them.
yeah but knowing how and more importantly why to use them is also something that requires knowledge since you have to (or should) learn about integration patterns which a lot of people don't know.


There's so much shit to learn I don't know what to do


depends where you are. These things are important for senior software devs. You can get away with not knowing absolutely anything about this as a junior and mid level.


junior yes, mid level no. Even after 3-5 YOE they will start asking about at least some of this stuff. Luckily we can learn all this shit for free online now (or 98% of it).

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