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"Technology reveals the active relation of man to nature" - Karl Marx
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this is something we've always known was going to happen at some point. Now of course the Internet and big sites will still exist(YouTube, Facebook, and Twitter) but it will become like television was, a lot more sanitized. There won't really be any real speakers on those sites, just spectators, most rebel sites will be removed other than the enforced squeaky clean ones and I've made peace with that.


Nothing of value will be lost.


The internet deserves to die. Fuck SA, reddit, tumblr, 4chan, and twitter for making it into the shithole it is now.


You forgot ebaumsworld


I think we will run out of free YouTube in like 5 years.
>Videos are longer
>Bigger resolution
>More being pumped out
>More users
>More New users
<Longer and more annoying ads
Face it guys, youtube will either have a free upload limit of like 500MB or an expiration date for uploaded content (maybe stuff made before 2015 will be grandfathered idk)


>zoomers are too young to remember 10 minute max video duration


>Zoomers too young to remember 360p max rez
>Recorded in Hypercam


>Recorded in Hypercam
I meant Unregistered Hypercam kek


There's already a couple different "internets" available for you to login to right now. Everyone just needs motivation to start using them more


Agreed, the only time accelerationism memes are valid is related solely to Stallmanoid autism. The normies can be corralled by fear. We'll never truly compete with the main internet monopolies. But that's why people need to find new ways to fight them. Not pure idealism.


Does anyone you know complain about AI in their Google and stuff? Well explain this is the product of surveillance. No point waiting for your country to be renamed Airstrip One to start giving a fuck about surveillance, like they're trained to.


Dumb loophole, long videos were just split up into parts.


Real heads remember jumping into a part 14 just because it was recommended and trying to figure out what's going on just because


those too will disappear.


I have to agree here, I think it's been corrupted beyond words and I'm write it being scrubbed away, no more grooming fbi.govs or soyjak forums, burn it all down.


What people need to understand is that the Internet was always enemy territory - from the very beginning.
>…most rebel sites will be removed other than the enforced squeaky clean ones and I've made peace with that.
Fed-run honeypots like 8kun, 4chan and Gab will still be around, if only because there needs to be an enemy to justify the repressive measures that will be taken and /pol/ fits the bill.
I remember when people could make response videos that would appear under the original video.



>The internet will be establisment santized crap in five/ten years.

yeah i certainly do think the feds are going to try and push in that direction, but A. its going to be a hell of a lot harder to actually accomplish then what you may imagine as even the mainstream sites (e.g. Youtube, Facebook, ect.) rely a lot on independant content creators and this makes it incredibly fucking hard to corpotise them and turn them into fed shills, of course you certainly do have a few creators who did become shills but that was largely beacuse of the fact that there ideological convictions already where alligned with the feds not beacuse of the fact that the feds bribed them with enough money, and even then we know that this has mostly failed beacuse of the fact that (ideologically compatible) channels to mainstream america political discourse (like TYT for instance) have gradually lost views as its mostly left wing has gradually moved further to the politcal left wing spetrum (aka going from socdem to demsoc,and then to either anarcho-communisim or Marxist leninisim beacuse as we all know democratic socialisim is simply the halfway point in someones journey from social democracy, centrisim, or the right to marxist leninisim or anarchisim)

This has also occured to the right wing as well, with certain mainstream right wing outlets like fox news gradually moving further right wing in order to appease its main audiance base while other channels, like CNN for instance, have mostly remained within the center right camp and have experiance massive loses in viewership as a result.

B. there is also another problem that the feds will suffer in trying to "Santize" the internet, and that is the fact that the internet isn't just used by americans, its used by both humans on planet earth with most of said humans living in countries outside of America and the imperial core itself, now i could see the American goverment inplementing something like the great firewall of china, though granted that is unlikely as A. it would significantly inpact american buisness interests and as we all know american politatians are basically paid for mouthpieces of the porkies within Murica, and B. bcz its too expensive (from there pov) to implement.

Now do i think they'll try to ban social media platforms which are percivied to be "Divisionist", yes almost certainly or they'll at least try to santize said platforms, again we see this in action with american politians attempting to ban ticktok (again, they've been trying to do this since 2020 but keep getting stonewalled by the senate bcz of the consituion as well and inter party infighting so its questionable if they'll manage to pass the bill this time, especially considering you can bet your ass bytedance is going to be lobbying hard against the bill in the senate and most america mega corps, especially of the social media variety, aren't exactly flush for cash atm.) now do i think it will suceed, maybe, but again as said before most AMERICAN social media conglomerates aren't exactly flush for cash, like hell twitter is basically bankrupt, meta and instagram aren't doing much better and pretty much the only social media giants that aren't squeezed for cash are ticktok and youtube (again we see this beacuse of the massive layoffs in many social media platforms) so the amount of lobbying funds that these corporations have is fairly low in comparison to ticktok (bytedance) for instance.

And even if they do manage to ban all major sources that the left and right uses to spread there respective messages (which again is ridiculously unlikely) at this point i honestly think the damage is way to dramtic to be simply "fixed" through said censorship meassures, a ungodly amount of people within the western world have quite literally had the front row seat to witness a american backed genocide live on camera, of course as you can imagine this has caused quite a bit of, what the libtards would call "radiclization" within the western world, there trust completely destroyed in a system which quite literally perpetuated a genocide right infront of there eyes.

Basically what i'm trying to say is that banning these outlets will only slow down the growth of both the far right and far left within the western world not stop it, and i think this is why the establishment is terrified, there backed up against the wall and like any animal cornered they'll likely lash out with mcarthyisim 2.0 redscare boogaloo and also actions against the far right (again i doubt even a 2nd red scare will stop this tide considering that the main reason why the first red scare was so successful was beacuse of the fact that the porkies absolutely dominated the media platforms (aka radio, tv, and newspaper at the time), but to put it bluntly the porkies no longer enjoy said uncontensted dominance over the media landscape and they'll have to deal with large scale resistance from both the far right and far left media sources (again liberals and those within the western political establishments overton window aren't exatcly the biggest fans of both the far right and the far left and will likely try to go after both at the same time if you have to ask me as both are massive threats to there power base and will have to be dealt with at the same time less they risk one side filling in the void of the other and becoming even more of a threat than before) now this is not to say that a "radical scare" won't have any impacts, i'm fairly certain that the scare will impact older generations the most as they tend to still watch and give a shit about establishment news pieces while younger generations give about as much of a shit about CNN, MSM, and FOX as they do the crap they push out into the toilet (which again could actually be somewhat benifical for the far left as it'll stimy the far right by a bit as again most right wingers are Generation X+ who, as discussed before are more likely to care about the mainstream media than younger generations) only furthering the polarisation and divide between younger and older generations while also serving to effectively radicalise those who where "still on the fence" if you may.


bro the global economy shits the bed when houthis add 4% to the cost of shipping. they can't afford to lock down the web.


>Fed-run honeypots like 8kun, 4chan and Gab will still be around, if only because there needs to be an enemy to justify the repressive measures that will be taken and /pol/ fits the bill.

Why would those websites be used to justify anything? They don't do anything


>Why would those websites be used to justify anything? They don't do anything
shootings, they already have shooters pip up there once in a while to post their streams/manifestos right before the shooting
now imagine if the fbi pulled off a few shootings in quick succession and managed to pin it on those websites, people would gladly rally behind a ban


People have been saying this shit since at least 2008.

> There won't really be any real speakers on those sites, just spectators, most rebel sites will be removed other than the enforced squeaky clean ones and I've made peace with that.

The sad truth is that there is no rebellion in our society anymore. Youth rebellion basically means endorsing one of the many corpo and government sanctioned lifestyles and identities. Youth rebellion is dead.


you can create a new corporate web or repurpose our existing infrastructure for that, you can’t create “more sea” to move ships through


File: 1711472051929.png (3.62 KB, 130x375, epic.PNG)

Are we gonna become leik anonymus darkwebsters super secret chatroom or something???
As in totally all youre base belong to us irl web google so we cat video Osama Bin Laden jokez in secret illuminati circle??




But has anyone considered, that Mr. Musk is currently in the process of creating a separate internet!!? Starlink is pretty cheap and I think, a separate space internet will come in the near future.


that's not what I'm saying, I'm talking about a mix of well meaning people in the west(mostly feminist's aided by Christians and Muslims) as well the rise of authoritarianism, in the name of "protect the children from porn addiction/groomers/gore) will basically everyone's ability to see them, without making it actually public.


I wouldn't call anybody trying to push censorship "well meaning"


Wtf does it have to do with feminists, Muslims, and Christians? If you look at the whole "protect teh childrens" thing its something that runs across the political spectrum. Its just mainstream people pushing mainstream bullshit. But if your upset that you can't fap to your cumwalk videos or russian dudes getting their heads split with an axe, then I'd say your concept of freedom and what makes the internet valuable is pretty fucking retarded anon.


Because historically Feminists have had an alliance with evaganical bible-thumpers back during the satanic panic. Much of both feminists and religious conservative's rhetoric is very similar when it comes to censorship.


All feminists? your telling me all feminists are pro censorship and anti-porn? So what about all the evil feminists pushing porn and sex work on little girls that rightoids are constantly screaming about? Its not the fault of feminists even if some feminists are pushing it and its not all bible thumpers either. Like I said. the "protect the children from the internets" cuts across the political spectrum. Its just normalfag behavior.

Giving people the protected right to post porn is one of the main reasons the internet is so retarded now.


>Giving people the protected right to post porn is one of the main reasons the internet is so retarded now.

No, it's the kids who should fuck off. The internet was at its best when it was a wild west and when half the links you saw online had goatse. The internet and world is more "kid friendly" than EVER before, and it's gone to complete shit because now nothing can have any friction. Everything has to pander to children or kidults who never grew up and don't like hard or challenging things in their lives.

Society should not pander and bend over backwards to the first 25% of your life, most of which you don't spend conscious and aware of.
The internet should be for adults. Most of society should be for adults. Kids should fuck off and stay in school until they're 16-18 and then start to integrate into society by taking on more and more responsibilities.

Death to youth worship.


>rebel sites
omg you actually believe this


They are being raised to be retarded though. The offspring of amerimutts and the kind of content they grow up with assures that they will become "kidults". They won't see violence or blood in their cartoons anymore and the language they use will become progressively more sluggish with the content algorithms push to create trends. It is part of making them docile and assuring that rebellious thought is under control. When their peers can't comprehend the past any kid which does will become alienated. Any interest in studying is to be blocked out by anti-intellectual cynicism through pop-culture & memes. Too long, didin't read is the new hip.

They're being shielded away from the horrors of reality while being fed a false-narrative, peak indoctornation. Not to mention that while all of it is happening, through the push for political correctness they are also pushing in neoliberal agenda in the likes of rainbow capitalism to assure that they grow up with an identity crisis later on. An identity crisis which can only remain addicted to consumerist culture in order to survive.


Maoist Rebel News (on Youtube)


>An identity crisis which can only remain addicted to consumerist culture in order to survive.

It is necessary to develop the productive forces.


>it's another retarded "cultural criticism" thread
Yay 'marxism'…


>Extremely sick how you think the only options are being a Disney adult or watching gore because it makes you cool.
This is your own projection, adhering to the lack of attention paid in the degradation of animation. The FCC of America had a great time erasing away the action, the struggle, the loss, the tragedies, the harm that comes with an adventure and replacing it with a cleansed replica of a redundant Mary Sue narrative. Even pointing it out is banal and mocked as untrue, since the observers have become tired with being reminded of its degradation morphed into toilet humor.


You stupid idiots, you have totally derailed this thread. Let's get back to the topic. Post interesting articles etc. related to the death of the internet.


t. 30 yr old divorced man


Ok so here is the deal, when the internet dies: Alternative internets will arise and bypass the dead, sanitized internet. One possible scenario is the upcoming space internet. Remember, when Arpanet was the beginning of our contemporary cable internet? Today, Starlink is the Arpanet of the space age.
Anonther scenario: Sneakernet will come back and thrive. Disseminating content via physical storage devices will make a great comeback. Dead internet-bros, it's not over yet.


For sure for sure, you should invest in flashdrives and hoard them. The end of the internet is a very real thing and not just an excuse for tech journalists to write articles with gumption


>But has anyone considered, that Muh Mr. Musk
>Muh Starlink is the Arpanet of the space age.
The same forces that would restrict the internet also control starlink, retards. If an "end" happens a realistic substitute would be an encrypted low-bandwidth radio net.


File: 1711520974778.png (73.17 KB, 259x194, ClipboardImage.png)

/pol/jak told me that shortwave radio is the fallback


>The same forces that would restrict the internet also control starlink, retards.

By that logic, the internet was never free and will never be free


>The end of capitalism is a very real thing and not just an excuse for Karl Marx to write books with gumption


the article seems a bit naive in the end.


True, but it is still a very inormative read.




Maybe you should read about the origin of the internet with counterintelligence and missile targeting and other communication networks then anon. because it gets worse after that with retards like stewart brand and their invite only sites for journalists


I have no clue what you are talking about, but it sounds very interesting. Give me please some texts, especially about this stewart guy and his site. I would like to learn more.


https://archive.org/details/THEPHOENIXPROGRAMValentine_201707 (doug is on twitter (unfortunately the most based he gets these days is ripping Kushner or other GOP ghouls) he is the og also check out cia as organized crime (where he talks abt how his kind of investigative journalism is no longer possible and ppl like daniel ellsberg and hersh water it down, and now that shit is like mass produced by Wired and Vice, i digress tho))

Stewart Brand also loves to post about how much he hates anti fossil fuel activists on ycombinator and post anonymously on his own wikipedia talk page and shit
he used to have an organization where he LARPed as a native american with his wife or some shit before people got mad
all the ppl around the beginning of the internet are quite sketchy to me


If you mean social media, it was always "sanitized" through Skinner box'ing. You're probably just a polchinlet angry that you cant openly incite a pogrom anymore (except for maybe on Musk's Twitter now).


it's not that they will outright ban the internet, it's that AI shit will make services we take for granted so fundamentally useless, so polluted with auto-generated crap, that drawing profit will become increasingly harder which will in turn accelarate these services becoming shittier, in turn losing more users and more advertisers, fueling the down spiral into non-existence.


>>23902 (me)
the penny drop moment where people will realize we've witnessing the death throes is when facebook dies. it's already living on borrowed time. their entire economic model is based around bots showing ads to other bots, there's no future for it, it's like the coyote in the roadrunner, sprinting atop thin air, not realizing that he left the floor a few seconds ago, when advertisers realize there's no ground below facebook, shit will start to collapse.


File: 1711584171667.png (122 KB, 466x334, 1710855163509.png)

I'm not actually that concerned about AI generations being used to fake stuff, because we already had the exact same discourse back when Photoshop first came out.
Perhaps many forgot or are not old enough to have remembered, but it was widely discussed in the media the way our perceptions of reality were being torn to shreds by photo editing. This article came out in 2014:


this is missing the point so badly it's insane lol, it's not that "our perception of reality will be warped" but that AI, especially but not limited to LLMs, are an ouroboros that will eventually consume itself and pollute the entire internet with obviously useless information. WE will be able to discern the useless auto-generated fluff from the rest, computers WILL NOT. ESPECIALLY because there's an incentive to NOT be detected as automated spam, so it's a continuous issue with no exit, an infinite labyrinth only made possible by profit warping incentives


Ive been saying this for months now.
Also remember the complaints about CGI?

Movie studios were mainly using green screen and motion capture suits to render car chasing scenes, skyscraper jumps, or even dead actors.


The Internet has always been flooded with "useless information".

What is spam?


we've always struggled with spam but we've literally handed a way to defeat pretty much all spam-detecting heuristics, is the point that it's not registering, i think.


>AI will do this, AI will do that




>AI is going to eventually kill facebook, twitter and make search engines useless, thus compromising the internet as we know it
<lmao you'rfe dumb if you think AI will replace jobs
do u have disability, freind?


Yo thanks for the resources, I will check it out!



Yeah AI is nothing marketing hype BS. Normies see a bunch of glorified Markov Chain Autocompletes and start to overreact, completely oblivious to how tech companies are in fact screwing them over.


>Guys, AI is just a fad! Just like cars and the internet! It's just a fad!!


>now imagine if the fbi pulled off a few shootings in quick succession and managed to pin it on those websites, people would gladly rally behind a ban
They have already done this several times, people don't care anymore


These people will never ever die or go away, they dominate every era, it's halfway normalfaggotry mixed with not wanting to feel like the normalfag you truly are.

These people have claimed throughout history that vehicular transport is a fad, films are a fad, television is a fad, fucking electricity is a fad, computers are a fad, the internet is a fad, cellphones are a fad, smartphones are a fad, social media is a fad

These people are genuinely retarded enough that they think that when new technologies are invented they just sort of go away if other normalfags don't glomp to them immediately, and when normies do embrace the tech it's now a fad because normies embraced it.

The latest version of this is to say that AI and robotics are just a fad, the whole "le LLMs are just language crunchers that's all they can do BUCKO" is hard cope considering they've already been retooled to automate tasks and have already been integrated with robotics to create humanoid robots capable of following general commands and responding to inquiries including about their actions from natural speech questions and commands from a human in natural speech responses from the machine.

But yea, that's also just a fad because the robots aren't autonomous or self-conscious. And if they were it still wouldn't matter until the robots are shitting out other robots from robo-vaginas instead of being constructed. And if they were it still wouldn't matter until the robots have god-like capabilities. That's how these people are.


>>23917 (me)
Vidrel for the midwit pretending he isn't a normalfag


We jumping on I2P right?


>Implying I2P can't be blocked


Sure, but we'll be a leap ahead. First they will censor the easy stuff, like on the big tech platforms. "Independent" clearnet domains next. At least I2P is an anonymized overlay network with strong encyption and commie file sharing built in.
From there it would be easier to then have a vantage point onto where the next logical step is (hypothetically obviously some sort of end-to-end / underground meshnet solution, or something of the sort).


File: 1711668107190.jpg (34.46 KB, 500x370, 3525b431caa3d25c.jpg)

correction: Preparing for the end of the Core Web*
You'll lose your tiktoks, twitters, chatgpts and search engines, sure, but the internet will thrive without those.

>There won't really be any real speakers on those sites, just spectators, most rebel sites will be removed other than the enforced squeaky clean ones and I've made peace with that.

Holy andrew tate batman. Just follow some blogs on your RSS reader already and stop being a performative cynic.



>We’re entering a stage of history where, like the underground resistance in Bradbury’s book, we’ll have to build some consciousness as a movement to save the human mind. Because thinking for oneself has already been denounced as a forbidden or transgressive activity in so many different places (from campuses to newsrooms and beyond), it’s probably already true that membership in certain heterodox online communities is enough to put a person on lists of undesirables. And look, I’m not going to lie, Substack is probably one of those places. But whether it’s here or in some more extreme retreat in the future (I keep thinking of Russian WWII movies in which partisans were forced to live in forest hideouts in Belarus), we’ll eventually want to get to know each other a little more, be a little more interactive. I’ve noticed this site is building readerships for fiction and other complex media products, so hopefully this is more of a haven from the brain-eating virus than its opposite. Who knows, but I hope.


Anyone else notice that literally every single Invidious instance can't play video anymore?


Yep, same here. Alright bois, sneakernet, here I come!!


I don't know if this has been the case for a while, but I just noticed DuckDuckGo censors Maoist authors, while Startpage does not
test search string: dongping han mobo gao


Lmfao with the image.

Communication finds a way. You can't block people communicating certain things without also blocking out everything. Companies that are more flexible in their censorship will then flourish and kill the censored ones. Unless the west does a little fascism and just makes us all consumer-slaves of mega monopolies. Which I guess is already kind of the case.


Any news about invidious? What is happening?


Which authors were you unable find?


Dongping Han & Mobo Gao
But now it works. I think DDG just momentarily range-banned tor, or a range of exit nodes. Now when I search it returns requests. Previously it "returned 0 results".


<POV: You're watching Edward Snowden being sentenced to death by firing squad after the CIA and other feds have caught him in Europe during his underground resistance against Articles 13 & 17 and have framed him as a pedo druglord

How can we ever hope to outlive the internet?


>There's already a couple different "internets" available for you to login to right now. Everyone just needs motivation to start using them more
You motivate them by offering what the legacy Internet wants to sanitize. At the bare minimum that means flouting the law. I'm talking about small things like in the early days of youtube: I remember some jailbait teenager mooned the camera as a "fuck you" to some other youtuber, and the video actually stayed up. The point was no one gave a fuck. Or do what the pirate bay used to do and openly mock the cease & desist emails they got. We need to go back to that mentality.
But we really need to build organized criminal networks of individuals who talk directly to each other and can't get taken out by the seizure of a particular platform. They have to be "honest" criminals like a drug dealer is "honest": you pay him money, he gives you drugs. No scammers like hitmen-for-hire, they just drive people away.


>The EU is getting ready for total control of the digital space



So it seems Youtube is increasing it's pressure against Invidious and third party apps. What do you think, is this the end of adfree Youtube? What will you do?


Invidious isn't particularly threatened by this round but you should still donate.
>Is it over?
It's Youtube. It never began.


it won't happen, at least not by force. that's an outmoded means of social control
you're already living after the internet in the era of the big, centralised tech company. 4chan is a rounding error (not to mention probably a honeypot) and /leftypol/ is even less important than that.
the only major things that're going to change over the coming years is that search will get worse and AI generated gibberish pages will push down the signal-noise ratio when you're looking for actual information.

the fear of the jackbooted facist coming to take your 4chan away is a fundamentally outdated understanding of social control. no "rebel" sites pose an actual threat to the state and most "rebel" content is stuff the state is perfectly content with like people saying the n-word and pornography. even for stuff that the state doesn't like: piracy, cp, leaks, etc, the optimum level of those undesirable sites is not zero: if online piracy were impossible then offline piracy, which is harder to track, would explode. you want it to be inconvenient so people give up and buy the thing, but not so difficult they buy it out of the back of a truck on a microSD card. you want just enough CP that you can keep up a steady process of arresting those involved in creating, distributing, and posessing it. again: much easier when they're using an FBI server than when they're buying polaroids from a truck. even leaks: you want there to be a central place for leaks, even if every so often someone leaks your government's documents, because people will also leak other government's documents. furthermore they can be used for disinfo - "this site is trustworthy, it leaked US-document-X, therefore it must not have an agenda when leaking Iranian-document-Y."

"free to consume in your personal life but impotent when it comes to changing social conditions" is the condition of the average person today. we no longer live in an age where a capitalist regime needs to ban Marx for fear people will believe in him - forget that: now you can securely sell Marx to what is, more often than not, the mere Communist fandom.


Stop thinking in terms of websites. If you want to start some revolutionary / illegal shit, build a brand around yourself using digital signatures. Establish your presence across a basket of onion forums, chans, encrypted pastebins, etc. There's someone on the Ableonion chat who does that. He's a smut peddler, but my point still stands.


>Nothing of value will be lost.
wrong, everything of value will be lost and only the shit i.e.
>YouTube, Facebook, and Twitter
will remain

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