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"Technology reveals the active relation of man to nature" - Karl Marx
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so why did it flop?


A lot of it just didn't work as well as it should, but fundamentally products like these may be a dead end because they don't really make your life much more convenient (if at all) relative to their price. The main appeal is "cool sci-fi thing"


There is a big thread about it already:


Beans? Nah people still eat those sometimes.


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Ar always flops. Google glass, hololens, this. Vr too with metaverse and the samsung shit and etc.


TBH it was probably more of a marketing gimmick than something they actually expected to sell numbers


like why would this succeed. who was this for? like what would the average fucking person do with this




supposedly it was for productivity but yeah it was obviously just to consoom gadget




the supposed benefit was you could have 'infinite monitors' and monitors of infinite size but yeah it was pointless


It's cheaper to buy multiple monitors than this uncanny valley trash.


Yes I know, I'm just saying that was the alleged use-case.


File: 1717938911477.jpg (81.52 KB, 1422x797, tilt-brush.jpg)

There is the use-case of making 3D art in 3D space but conventional VR has that covered, you can even have a web cam window popped up if you want to still see the real world.


it's funny
like a decade ago you were told these companies were staffed and controlled by geniuses


consumer use case is a problem
apple is usually good at tailoring better technology towards consumers
but in this case, consumers just could not figure out what to do with the technology (there wasn't much use-value)


because you can't use it to goon to porn


It really doesn't seem like a VR desktop would need that expensive equipment. The only important bits are a high res, small screen and 2 lenses. But people want gyroscopes for some reason when gamepads and mouses do the some thing but less wiggly.
Like we could have cheap home VR if it abandoned it's Nintendonian obsession with hand / body tracking and accepted the potential of VR as purely a steryoscopic, private, non-deskspace-occupying monitor.


The point is to avoid motion sickness when you move your head and the screen doesn't move. Along with moving your head being a good way to scroll your view.


it got everyone talking about apple again, I honestly don't think they expected to sell that many


Oh right… what about a clamp of some sort? Like if the head moving causes the motion sickness then maybe just using it in bed or in a chair that keeps the head pointed forward would fix that.


This is solving a problem that doesn't exist though, it's more comfortable to look at monitors than keep something clamped to your face for hours on end.

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