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This Thread Has Been Re-appropriated for leftypol.org Usage.

General thread meant for the discussion of the mobile app for browsing leftypol.org, known as clover.

Releases can be found here:
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Checking in, I use the app daily.


Alright I might have to try and get in touch with Pietro and see if they are willing to do a quick patch to make sure the new version is supported.
The basic stuff should be the same or easy to adapt to since it's a vichan base. Too bad the apps hardcode boards instead of letting you pick the hundreds of vichan-based boards.


Have there been any issues that just happened in the past month?
Turns out the bit I was concerned would take effort to handle (status.php) is just plain broken on the current site anyway.

Things that might be affected are
- the board list
- overboards
- /dead/
- user flags
- captcha (when occasionally enabled)


I use it, although good monile browser usage is fine for me


Whatever changes were made to the site have broken at least some functionality of the app. I can't select boards from /leftypol/, so my catalog is empty. /leftychan/ still works, though.
The site is mostly fine on mobile, it's just replies that are a little annoying.


I've made a change, is this now fixed?


It is fixed, thank you very much!


I use it daily.


You're welcome. Thank you for raising the issue, I kind of brushed it off subconsciously as I didn't realize the effect it had.


I still use it.


Hi comrades, someone who knows Kotlin or Java can contribute to add support also on Kuroba-ex Github?


Is this updated for the last version of kuroba?


Nothing burger comrade

On a side note, I honestly hate using the clover fork because sometimes it crashes when opening other threads and it's really annoying. I wish I could just use Kuroba-Ex instead of using more space (On my phone) than needed.


All media seems to be broken now with vids unable to play and deep zooming on images failing on my end. You can still download some images but video is a complete bust. Haven't tried opening a pdf yet. Maybe it's something to do with there now being two periods before file extensions now?


Yeah we need a full update.


completely broken on kuroba now with it verifying the browser then just opening it outside the app instead of how it's behaved in the past: where it would verify then open the app back up


guess the app is fucked, oh well


We on a sinking ship now boy, stand proud



videos work on the roulette board for some reason


Can confirm works for me as well, too bad nothing else does


I saw a dream last night where the app worked, just letting ya'll know this prophecy


I've been looking into what's needed for both leftychan and leftypol sites to be converted into the latest kurobas. It looks like it just needs to be imported more than anything with the correct type of chan engine.

I'm not a coder but I'm not too dumb in understanding what might be required for conversion. I've found the original source code and two potential forks we can use.

I'll make an update on this next weekend.

If you know how to do java, please let me know. We might can get this fixed way easier and probably even leave directions when shit hits the fan again.


Life is whipping my ass. Gotta put this on hold now too.


God speed code anon


any updates?


dev said he's not adding it because he doesn't use it

necrobump btw


Looks like the app is now entirely broken. All threads and boards 403, and the board selection now looks like pic rel. Tried reinstalling but now I can't even re-add the boards.
Guessing this is related to Cloudflare? Dunno if our devs changed something or if this will go away on its own. I'm probably one of the only people still using the app, but it's a shame given that it still mostly worked.


Uhhh nevermind, seems to have been an issue with Cloudflare not liking my mobile data. The app is still mostly functional, only really videos that don't work.


Dead app. No work.


I'd suggest KurobaEX to see if it works/can be added - its the most feature heavy and still updated fork of Clover/Kuroba and it has a maintainer that hasn't vanished off the face of the earth. Its one of the few open source imageboard clients for mobile that continues to work well in many cases.



There's two major apps that we could use moving forward.
Blue Clover: https://nnuudev.github.io/BlueClover/
Kuroba-Ex: https://github.com/K1rakishou/Kuroba-Experimental

We were very close with Kuroba-Ex but the developer is a bit of a dick and asshole. Thus why I moved to Blue Clover.

Sauce: https://github.com/K1rakishou/Kuroba-Experimental/issues/780

Let me know if anyone wants to see what they can do.

I'm considering putting up a money bounty next year.


Are the apps distributed via binaries? Maybe I could take a shot at it if there's any real interest….


>Opened up a case asking for leftypol to be added to Clover on Github
>Think nothing of it
>It was added
D-did I do this?




Which fork


b8? i see nothing




File: 1707522957655.png (130.01 KB, 374x731, 1707522930134.png)

It's out


Do video embeds not work?






We're so back


That ancient kuroba-dev fork gave me cancer
How do I use flags though?


You can't, it's not implemented


I am thrilled to report I can now phonepost to my heart's content.


Videos aren't working. 403 errors. Bumner


Anyone else having issues with Cloudflare on KurobaEx still? Raised an issue with the dev and I can at least browse on the beta branch, can't post though.


Never had a cloudflare challenge on leftypol

Unique IPs: 40

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