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"Technology reveals the active relation of man to nature" - Karl Marx
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We're on a new board, so why not a new desktop thread? Let's keep this board active. Hopefully a fresh thread will draw some activity.

You know the drill: post your desktops, talk rice, etc etc.gentooGentoo
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not long at all. Literally just take the screenshot (super easy to access with dmenu (no rofi i think… some ppl rice tf out of qubes but u have to bundle shit with the ISO, also if u want high quality bg images…)
then 'qvm-copy-to-vm [vmname] ~/Pictures/screenshotname' then the pic is in /home/user/QubesIncoming/dom0/ and you can use it

it takes seconds
what's harder is getting the background, because you have to open the picture in a viewer, and and then screenshot it, to get it into dom0


File: 1661561778902.png (4.49 MB, 3840x2160, Untitled.png)

>Are you going to play that games through linux or're you going to do gpu passthrough?
So i built the new PC and installed Mint and then downloaded some games and none of them work, wine didn't work or wineGE, it worked on my laptop fine but not on my Desktop, i don't know what happened, so i installed Windows 10 Ameliorated edition and then the games worked. I tried to use linux but it didn't work for me.


another rube that fell for the mint meme instead of just installing a normal vanilla distro


Linux Mint sucks for gaming. You should've unironically gone for Arch or something like Pop.


Honest question: Why do you guys use tiling window managers? You have to change windows to different tags/workspaces constantly which will end up causing rsi right? A lot of programmers have this issue.

Are there tiling window managers where you have to click less keybinds to use? I've only tried dwm and i3 and on both of them, I've had to constantly change windows from one tag to another.


tiling WMs are a meme, mostly propagated by /g/ and reddit. They have no ergonomic or efficiency benefits.


I don't use tiling WMs but I make heavy use of multiple workspaces and I don't really see how it would lead to RSI. I never heard anyone complain about this either.


instead of clicking and dragging, shit's just where it goes by default
move shit around quickly and easily
move from one windows to another with keyboard or mouse
instead of searching for like 5 pixel spot to click to resize, its a keybind
10 workspaces to put shit, extremely easy navigation
easy af to quit out of everything. Tbh this is the biggest thing. Not being able to super-shift-q windows, i realize how much random shit won't let you easily close it.

Also u can put shit in the unseen realm with super-shift-minus by default i think (idk, maybe u gotta set it urself idr). That shit's nice. Keep pavu a click away. Faster and nicer than gui. All clean. No moving windows around to try to get smth in the back.

Also no big borders around everything, looking like shit, taking up space. Not trying to say click based DEs are unusable or anything, but mouse is just slow, its just a subjective mental kind of thing but when you can do stuff faster it just makes everything less painful.




What about alt-tab + default maximize keybinds in des. Every de has some key combination to close, maximize/minimize and change workspaces too.


As the windows occupy the whole screen in tiling window managers, one has to constantly move windows to other workspaces to make it usable. You can't use a program properly unless it occupies at least half the screen. This isn't an issue in normal WMs.


anything remotely useful in the post can also be done under floating wms, and more efficiently at that. It's a cope post and nothing more.


can someone convince me to install dwm or why suckless stuff in general is good


I just like my WM being fast and tiling. I think most tiling WMs are small, not just suckless'.


The same can be said about tiling WMs. The only difference is the default state. Fucking /g/tards and their football teams, man.


it isn't


just try it out and decide for yourself?


Their software is light on storage, memory and processing power. It generally has a clean, portable and trivial to compile codebase, with dwm in particular spawning many patches.
Floating/stacking wms mirror a physical "desktop", where the user places windows on top of each other, leaving each at a fixed, memorable location. In contrast the regular and often dynamic window placement on tiling desktops makes them less memorable.
IMO tiling works best when you actually need to see things side by side and unrelated views are managed by another mechanism (think emacs buffers).
Icons could support a more efficient workflow, if they were able to cope with many windows of the same program. (I usually leave >10 terminals with a shell open).


No. They are not the same. Tiling WM are objectively less efficient, less ergonomic, and just plain ugly.
Previous posters have already commented about how keybindings in Tiling WMs are overly complex and unnatural. This is made worse by the fact that you have to constantly fiddle with the windows to make them usable. You can remap things, but in order to avoid clashes, you are forced to rely to awkward combos with the super key.
Windows are meant to take the shape of their contents, not that of the available space on the screen. Tiling WMs are downright Procrustean with respect to how they treat windows and even dialog boxes. The result is ugly.
Yes, you can float/resize windows in tiling WMs but it's rarely implemented well. Even simple things like move/resize in made worse. Dragging them by the title bar is better than using Super+drag, since you're using the mouse anyway.
Speaking of, mouse use isn't always slow. Modern innovations like context-sensitive drag and drop, gestures, etc can be really efficient when used well. Same with gamer mice with multiple buttons that you can repurpose for things like cut/copy/paste, switch app, etc.
I don't buy the space-saving argument when the typical tiling WM user wastes >20 pixels on window spacing just for the sake of earning upvotes at r/unixporn. And not everything has to be visible at the same time.
If you want a "cyberpunk" aesthetic, go with a TWM. But if you want to grow up and get work done, use a standard DE or (better yet) buy a Mac.


stopped reading there
go back to /g/ already


now that we got some dork riled up over wms we need to have a shitstorm over mechanical keyboards next


I don't use /g/. Everything /g/ encourages is stupid. Like it or not, certain things are objective.


Tiling WMs can always give you floating windows. That's how Tor Browser works in tiling WMs, since the browser needs to be the same size as all the other Tor browsers.


>Speaking of, mouse use isn't always slow.
The mouse is objectively faster for selection and resizing. This is what rio, the plan9 wm, is designed around >>10458. For some people, especially those with RSI, the mouse is a pain to use though.
Floating WMs (with the exception of calmwm and some guys sxhkd/xdotool setup) don't have efficient keybindings. This is where dynamic tiling with liberal use of virtual desktops has an edge.


> The mouse is objectively faster for selection
I'd like to propose emacs with avy as a serious contender: https://karthinks.com/software/avy-can-do-anything/


File: 1662071294652.webm (2.01 MB, 640x360, acme.webm)

Rob Pike refers to https://www.asktog.com/TOI/toi06KeyboardVMouse1.html
Typical acme navigation as shown in vidrel consists of following a link to a location in a file, searching within a file (both with right-click selection) and searching in a directory (with a mouse chord if the command is set up). It operates on a different level than text search in an emacs buffer, because grep lists all locations of a pattern and searches are rarely typed.
That said I abandoned acme for programming because of the pain.


>Mac mini
The absolute state of communists


Under communism, everyone will have a Mac so that the people don't have to suffer the Janky UIs of lesser systems.


First you will need to solve resource scarcity or dodge & work around cia sanctions and embargos.



>Under communism, everyone will have a Mac
what speaks against this is that macs are hard to upgrade and a pain to repair and not everybody likes macs.
>people don't have to suffer the Janky UIs of lesser systems
The macos ui isn't that great to begin with and it's better to go the Linux way and let people have what ever UI they want.


>The macos ui isn't that great to begin with
better than any Linux UI you can point to
>let people have what ever UI they want.
A thousand flavors of shit is… still shit


I'm having fun trying to figure out which photos are shia lebouf and which are alan resnick


Isn't GNOME basically MacOS-esque GUI for GNU/Linux
I'm probably getting a MacBook Pro when I can afford it though


>Isn't GNOME basically MacOS-esque GUI for GNU/Linux
The Linux Desktop environment that is the most comparable to MAC is Pantheon from elementaryOS


dead links





>Modern innovations
>But if you want to grow up and get work done
I don't even like tiling WMs that much but man this is some pure unadulterated ideology. Who are you even trying to appeal to, middle managers?


this bullshit post is unadulterated ideology, as is your insistence that anyone who doesn't like the Unix way of doing things is "a middle manager"


You're delirious


you're charmingly bad at the insults game


No, I literally can't get how else you would misinterpret my post so badly


How is sharing some fairly well-known criticism of tiling WMs ideological? How is wanting a functional desktop only of interest to middle managers? You were just concern trolling



back to twitter


god the mlp on windows 7 took 10 years off my life. I can truly taste 2012 in that image


Did you try turning steam play on? It's what allows you to use valves compatibility layer.
There's also some tutorials you could look up with dealing with wine and programs to keep track of the specific wine setups.
Honestly, the best thing you should've done is look up an introduction on linux gaming since figuring out everything on your own is cryptic.

What a dumb comment. What would you consider a "normal" "vanilla" (wtf does that mean) distro?

Why? What problems does it uniquely bring compared to others?


>What a dumb comment. What would you consider a "normal" "vanilla" (wtf does that mean) distro?
its a shitpost


>What a dumb comment. What would you consider a "normal" "vanilla" (wtf does that mean) distro?
one that doesn’t drastically configure a DE for you

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