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"War can only be abolished through war, and in order to get rid of the gun it is necessary to take up the gun." - Chairman Mao
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Thought we should have a caliber discussion since we keep having it in different threads.


5.45x39 is the overall best standard infantry cartridge in use by a country's military CMV


File: 1653137238241.png (456.51 KB, 1333x933, fury-2.png)

The US armed force will allegedly adopt the .277 Fury or 6.8×51mm for their new m5 rifle and m250 machine gun though.


I'd cum bricks for a .338 lapua semiautomatic rifle


Does this shit actually matter for individuals? Only armies with millions of small arms planning to fight against other armies need to worry about terminal ballistic performance against body armor.


It isn't that hard to manufacture or reload bullets. If there is only one calibre available and no manufacturing ability then use that one, otherwise it's worth considering what bullet you or your squad are gonna carry.


I don't know anything about this but just looks like something inbetween a 5.56 and 7.62x51 NATO.


>24 round standard mags
Yup looks like a heavier and more bulky cartridge with the associated problems. Probably more recoil than 5.56 too which is already much worse than 5.45x39


>Gen. Mark Milley, then Army chief of staff, told Congress in May 2017 that body armor as cheap as $250 could stop the 5.56 mm rounds fired by the M4 and M249.
More like 100 dollars homebrewed not to mention the thousands the army pays for a set of plates


I think the idea is to gear up for a war against China and Russia who use body armor against which 5.56 is non ideal


The story of .277 Fury is such a funny one to me

>US military industrial complex has been trying to replace the M16/M4 for decades

>Eventually someone says enough is enough and the military HAS to replace the gun now
>Russia has been demonstrating advanced body armor, and there are rumors they might sell it to China and Iran
>And hey, China is where everyone buys cheap NIJ IV anyway
>So the new round has to be able to punch through NIJ IV at 100yds

>three years pass

>the winning rifle is selected, it's high recoil but accurate as hell and the new scope basically turns infantry into aimbots
>Russia invades Ukraine
>Everyone starts noticing some issues
>not only did that advanced body armor never get made, but their troops are often sent into battle with FUCKING CARDBOARD shoved in their plate carriers

It's literally the same shit as with the MiG-25. Russia spends their money on demonstrating a plane that goes really fast and does nothing else, the US freaks out and develops a next generation fighter jet that obliterates any chance of competition for the next twenty years, and then it's revealed that the US overreacted and developed futuristic weapons to counter a military that literally steals washing machines for spare cash.




>he thinks they were preparing for Russia.

Chinese Army To Procure 1.4 Million Units Of Body Armor



Officially it was for "near-peer threats," so Russia/China/Iran. The program started in 2017, back when Russia was showing off Ratnik (which never existed) and personal armor that could stop .50 BMG dead in its tracks (which also didn't exist). The US was preparing Ukraine for an invasion that they knew was coming, which is why they originally wanted the winner chosen by October of last year, but further testing was required and it got delayed another 6 months.

The PLA didn't even mention the need for body armor until a year later in their 2018 roadmap, and didn't order any until two years after that. I find it kind of strange that the Chinese waited so long, because Americans had been buying cheap Chinese ceramic plates on Wish.com for years prior (though only about 5% were as strong as advertised, most were just hard plastic or incredibly shitty quality, a few were good).

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