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"War can only be abolished through war, and in order to get rid of the gun it is necessary to take up the gun." - Chairman Mao
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Thread for hating on the F-35 "Lightning II" stealth turkey a.k.a the most expensive military project in history to date.

The USAF declared it ready for service in 2016
As of that date the following problems I can list just off the top of my head
- Vulnerable to lightning; it's practically a lightning rod https://archive.is/QSIii
- 0 redundancies in the cyber or mechanical aggregates; any malfunction
- RADAR glitches means it literally ahs to be turned off and on again https://archive.ph/EEd9y
- Ejection seat is banned for anyone 136 pounds or below and anyone not above 150 pounds has significant injury risk, it literally can break your neck.
- F-35 helmets glow too brightly for air-to-air refueling https://archive.is/pKE0Y
- F-35 helmets are so heavy at nearly 5 kilograms so that maneuvers cause them to bang their heads on the inside of the cockpit https://archive.ph/WsRxA https://archive.ph/dE1gP
(keep in mind these helmets are 400,000 dollars each).
- The oxygen system is unreliable (something that the F-22 shares) https://archive.ph/kGGKq

The Plane was supposed to be ready by 2010-12 having been projected in the early 2000s
the list of problems in its past and that are remaining in various levels of urgency number over 800.
Such as but not limited to
- Current aircraft software is inadequate for even basic pilot training.
- Ejection seat may fail, causing pilot fatality. Lacking safety measures for automatic pilot release.
- Several pilot-vehicle interface issues, including lack of feedback on touchscreen controls.
- The radar performs poorly, or not at all.
- Engine replacement takes an average of 52 hours, instead of the two hours specified.
- Maintenance tools do not work.
- It has inferior maneuverability and aerodynamics to the planes it is meant to succeed the F-16 and the F-18


I hate the f35 despite it's defects. the real problem is that it is good enough to protect american interests. I'm not even talking about stealth (the math and physics involved are hard and/or classified), the now 14 years old engine is still one generation above the ws-15, if we were to trust the official figures


File: 1685152078987.png (281.93 KB, 900x892, ClipboardImage.png)

>it is good enough to protect american interests
So are any other fighter aircraft currently fielded by NATO that aren't big fuck ups like the F-35. The stealth is trash and useless because they got tracked by S-400s back in fucking Syria years ago. Stealth is meaningless against any opponent of sufficient technological parity. Using a stealth vehicle as a bomb truck against non-parity opponents is a massive waste of resources.
>still one generation above the ws-15, if we were to trust the official figures
LMAO I don't believe that shit for a hot minute. The P&W F135 is unable to let the F-35 supercruise, the WS-15 provides the J-20 this capability. Meantime the STOVL and VTOL shit that it's "so advanced in" is literally based off of patents bought from Yakovlev in the 90s involving the Yak-141*. I'm not even talking about the constant reoccurring problems in the engines over the past 14 years that ought to have been solved years ago.
The F135 is literally just the F-22's engine but with a new fan blade and supposedly upgraded turbine. The fact is the plane is an okayish fighter plane in the vein of the F-16 but with better BVR capability, but that's it. It lacks the redundancy of 2 engines a sea-borne F-18 is known for, it lacks the load-capacity to match the F-18 as well, it can't even carry close to the F-18s load without using external hardpoints that immediately compromise all stealth.
It has absolutely NO businessas a ground-attack or fighter-bomber aircraft as it lacks loiter capability necessary for this. So it can't replace or even supplement the aging A-10. It's literally being shoved into more roles than it can handle. At least a multirole fighter like the Su-57 has the size necessary to carry out various missions. The Russian Navy is still not going to use it in some retarded VTOL variant that eats fuel like nothing else. The F-22 has multirole capability too, but again the US Air Force in the time of the F-22's introduction wasn't retarded enough to use it on carriers or some shit.


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