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/AKM/ - Guns, weapons and the art of war.

"War can only be abolished through war, and in order to get rid of the gun it is necessary to take up the gun." - Chairman Mao
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File: 1694481018565.png (1.84 MB, 1800x950, laserschizo.png)

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Was this the guy who was posting infrared laser pictures on the main board two months ago talking about how he’s going to blind people


I wonder what the feds are going to with all the polymer80 shit going on. never thought i'd see multiple ghost guns in person but here we are


Probably, he has been around here for years. Pretty cool guy actually.


For the uninitiated, laserschizo's crimes:
>Blinding Alaskan police forces
>Allegedly going to Portland during BLM riots to blind federal officers
>Kidnapping an anon from /pol/
>Double homicide


>Kidnapping an anon from /pol/


It's in the archives, but the video isn't immediately available. Maybe there is a copy.
Turns out going to the house of the schizo living in the backwaters of Alaska who has recently been relieved of all charges for using energy weapons on police officers is… not le good idea!


here's a video of him showing off his glock
Laseranon definitely did it. I can't wait to send smug aluyna's in his prison mail


He was actually very chill too, you could ask him questions and he would give you lots of answers about energy weapons. He was very easy going rather than your typical schizo spammer and would explain in detail how to make lasers and energy weapons. He would constantly post court documents from butthurt police officers about how he destroyed their vision. It wouldn't surprise me if the /pol/ schizos were right and he was set up after the amount of problems he caused to the feds and local police.
He was ideologically neutral and friendly, there's no reason to bully him.


>He was ideologically neutral and friendly, there's no reason to bully him.
He said he wanted to slaughter leftists, but felt that as an "Aryan crusader", it was his duty to slaughter the ZOG first.
He was a Nazi through and through.


Well when he was here he constantly affirmed that he only attacked the US government


Shame they didn't share more about how to defend against energy/sonic weapons instead of just making them.


He keeps saying he won't be caught, that he'd just fight back and die. But he did get caught alive. What the hell?


imagine having parasocial relationships with nazi channers


Holy shit roleplayers are all talk?????!!!?!?!?


But did he really kidnap the /pol/ guy then? If this is to be taken at face value, he really got away with a lot before being caught.


didnt even use lasers to kill them, guns win again


read the OP
the uygha called the cops himself


>imagine having an opinion on a frequent poster!
>couldn't be me!
>everything on the internet is parasocial because i'm a big boy who learnt the word after ending my own parasocial relations with hasan and Agent Kochinski!!
>i'm a big boy!!!




lots of funneh arrows to say "i treat a 4chan psychopath as an e-celeb"


That's a very interesting post you just made. You're a bit of a contrarian, aren't you? I bet every girl gets dripping wet when you open your mouth. You're a very interesting and funny poster, in fact, you're the star of the thread. Can I be your parasocial friend, funny and interesting poster? You've made such a good contribution, you're probably one of the smartest people on the site.


common occurrence with murders, reality sinks in for the murderer and they realize they don't know what to do now so they just give up


File: 1694488487559.jpeg (411.47 KB, 1200x675, trfcover.jpeg)


Getting butthurt at this thread is like getting butthurt at a thread announcing Shay has done a suicide bombing, it's relevant to the board.


and then he went a killed some randos
crazy how that works out, eh?


Well he is laserschizo


We should take note.

Maybe we should buy a microwave gun from Cuba or China, and use it by: shooting it at police officers to make them feel mysteriously depressed after they execute a jay walking minority.


good riddance Nazi scum, time to get coloured in prison nygha




Should have offed himself instead tbh. If the police there know of his cop-blinding antics in Portland they definitely ain't gonna go easy on him.


>Shay has done a suicide bombing
For the glory of Dixie, inshallah


Who would Shay suibomb? A dam or something?


A republican politician from the deep south who didn't agree to the demands of new Afrika for a state of its own


Holy shit. I remember he posted some detailed laser guides on AKM in a thread I made last year. It's still up. Shame. Can someone give a tl;dr on why he did it?


Probably because he was fucking mental, I'm surprised he didn't do it sooner


can u link it


every single time


dude was a literal neonazi are you fucking retarded lmao


bruh. The only shame is that these people are created by our society and they cause tremendous amount of pain and suffering to people, fortunately, as far we know, only two people were murdered. I say fortunately because these people are known to go on killing sprees particularly calculated to cause the most amount of terror and pain. It's not a shame he was caught and stopped.


My man you're the one crying that you're mocked for being sad a right-wing psychopath is in jail LOL.


well even if you think this guy is a POS it's still a shame he killed two people


duuuuuuuude le glowies got him O___o this is a setup!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1



Im autistic and don't know how to link threads.


File: 1694525616854.mp4 (391.89 KB, 480x480, Experiments Scooby .MP4)

> Kidnapping an anon from /pol/
Holy shit! I thought this guy was nuts but he’s on another level.
I remember a thread where he mentioned he was semi-ambivalent towards leftists but I could be wrong. Then again, it’s not surprising that an unstable individual has an ideology that shifts around like sand being blown by the wind. Fascists can be like that.


>go around blinding and killing people like a lunatic because you believe youre fighting da jooz
<leftypol : wtf this guy is based!!


Yes, of course. The only positive thing of this whole thing is that he was caught so that he didn't kill more people. Everything else is horrific.


Yeah, eulogizing him is pretty dumb.


blinding feds is ok in lefty lore.


he was a reactionary nihilist and a parasite, and so are you for admiring him


Random acts of violence, including on police, are not helpful nor revolutionary nor anything. It's just terror for terror's sake.


during a leftist protest, maybe


which he did…


>He finally went off the deep end
Every time


File: 1694542799216.jpg (234.08 KB, 528x529, Maximum Concern.jpg)

Jesus Christ, how has he not been put away earlier?


You just realise now that cops don't give a shit about online radicalisation?


File: 1694543547524.png (18.36 KB, 400x400, ClipboardImage.png)

Free my uygha Laseranon. The cops are pinning this murder on him because he kept blinding them with his laser shine.


Cause police dont randomly terrorize people or anything


>He was ideologically neutral and friendly, there's no reason to bully him.
Even if this was true, why would you trust this man? Some "politically neutral" guy keeps spamming your thread with posts about lasers and bragging about blinding people, and you don't find that offputting?


>Randomly rounding up people and burning them alive in their homes isn't revolutionary or helpful just terror for terror's sake
<LOL as if the Nazis don't randomly terrorize people or anything
This is the logic of the argument. Read literally any revolutionaries books, Che, Castro, Mao - NONE of them considered such eye-for-an-eye violence as useful. Laseranon's knowledge in lasers is useful on a technical level, but their actions are loose-canon psycho-shit. I'm not saying that spooks don't deserve it, but this ain't it chief.


Apparently this is a video of him threatening Mike Chitwood


Someone needs to download all of these videos & shorts and upload them here before youtube removes them.


being politically neutral is bad, especially if the guy is unpredictable, means he will just operate of his feefees


File: 1694559931811.jpg (62.42 KB, 854x480, pew!.jpg)

>anchorage alaska
shit, that's them

after all their ranting about feds, I would have hoped that if they went out blazing then at least they would be lighting up glowfags. turns out it was live-action roleplay…


File: 1694560041956.jpg (129.22 KB, 593x647, literally stalin.jpg)

>>4264 (NTC)
>why would you trust this man?
who needs to trust them? You can just, like, you know, read their posts with interest and enjoy them.


I say we need to revoke his leftypol membership in light of the recent allegations.


File: 1694560178577.png (278.34 KB, 589x534, western maoism.png)

imagine being using a chan and calling people channers. peak delusion.


yt-dlp https://www.youtube.com/@ideliveredit/shorts is trivially easy to execute


imageboards are chans, anon. chan is just a name for an imageboard. leftypol is descended from 8chan, anon.


is that fluhkunxhkos? never thought I'd see RSG posting here but im all for it


It seems like a miscommunication of pedantry. When most people use the term "channer" they're relating the person in question to a 4chan user. Sure, you can say all imageboards are inhabited by channers, but all imageboards have their own culture. It would be unwise to say all channers have something in common when the only thing they have in common is the type of forum they use.

That being said, Laserschizo is from 4chan, specifically /k/ and /pol/.



so funny that theres a type of man who makes being a channer his personality




archiving his youtube like someone ITT requested.
that was a big video so I had to do that one by itself


archiving his youtube continued







File: 1694571284254.png (Spoiler Image, 461.91 KB, 2048x1365, 36953 - SoyBooru.png)

Crazy how one cop said "maybe you shouldn't go around saying 'KILL ALL JEWS' in public" and that was enough to cause /pol/cels a massive anti-police SEETHE spree that would make even the most diehard ACAB anarchists blush


File: 1694571715019.jpg (352.57 KB, 1920x1080, Unicron laser eye.jpg)


they got too used to cops covering their asses that this slap on the wrist mindbroke them


>>4288 comreight?


>It seems like a miscommunication of pedantry. When most people use the term "channer" they're relating the person in question to a 4chan user
Well shit, they should just say 4channer next time. Using 'channer' as an insult here is as deranged as using 'pinko' as a slur in a socialist party. It's like screaming out that they joined a place they despise and expect to be taken seriously.
Why y'all booing, they're right. People like you two saying 'retard' casually and doing a sexism are prime examples.


it's not just ignorant, it's settler-tier bullshit that proudly boasts about how they're in a community they don't care to understand.
eother that or they just have brainworms they got from other sites and can't resolve the dissonance of being a chan poster. instead of making a simple vocabulary and worldview adjustment, they deny and double down. like the people who throw a fit when they see a non-binary person.


I ain't a channer because this site ain't called -chan anything nor it derives most of its culture from 4chan-8chan. There's no weird metaphysical essentialism that glues all image boards together via virtue of using similar code nor being edgy or using foul language exclusive to IBs.

>not identifying with or calling everyone a channer when it's not appropriate is like settler-colonialism
lol and I'm the one with the brainworms.


>youre doing a heckin colonialism for making fun of my shitty online culture
white burgers will not only make being a channer tard their personality, they will turn it into a replacement for their whole identity?!


thank christ we're having the "channer" discussion again for the umpteenth time


old-fag slang for comrade here.


There's a dedicated autist who always shows up whenever someone says "channer" derogatorily.


the horsejak is cracking me up


i don't really make it my personality, just pointing out that this place is an imageboard and therefore a chan.


Luckily not every imageboard out there tries to be a "chan".


FBI setup?


not the guy but what are these non-chan imageboards. sounds comfy tbh


File: 1694661587408.jpg (195.67 KB, 1920x1080, red girl.jpg)

>nor it derives most of its culture from 4chan-8chan
no way can someone sincerely be this deep in denial
>pretending the site named after /leftypol/, the direct descendant of 8ch.net/leftypol/ and bunkerchan, doesn't derive most of its culture from 8chan
>and the /pol/ part of the name just came from nowhere
>if one person registered a domain name that says pol instead of chan, then it's not a chan site! titles preceed existence. '>implying 'national socialism' is socialism

There's no weird metaphysical essentialism about it. This board:
- historically
- culturally
- formally
- and nominally
derive from an 8chan board and 4chan's cultural norms.
We have the same name, the same anonymous chan imageboard format, the same codebase and therefore social structure, the same memes, the same board-tan mascot created by 8chan users, and a large proportion of the same users, especially the staff.

We are absolutely extremely derivative, in name, in form and in culture. If you insist on nonsense identity terms like channer, you are irrefutably one by posting on this chan imageboard.

>someone said dumb hypocritical crap and people always show up to argue!
The solution is for outsiders to stop coming to this chan board and whining about channers like a hypocrite. It's very easy to stop using the wrong word.
Booru imageboards. Many of them are dedicated to porn, or hosted on booru.org which has porn ads, so just like chan boards you have to pick carefully if you want anything comfy.
If they're referring to chan imageboards which are disconnected from 4chan culture, those are very far and few between. Someone coming from here would probably mislabel them as 'dead'.


File: 1694664624133.gif (1.73 MB, 350x196, 50cent-laughing.gif)

Great it's the ban-evading redditard again, did one of your IPs get unbanned finally?

>this site ain't called -chan
This is literally a reworked bunkerCHAN you ignoramus
>nor it derives most of its culture from 4chan-8chan
leftyPOL is a derivative of /pol/ that rejected the stormfags that invaded the board and made any political debate or theory that wasn't just screeching impossible, roughly a decade ago. This remains an anonymous forum where people are less inhibited and open to conversation, this includes not being mindful of language and expressing oneself freely.
>muh edginess
Mofo, the entire formation of anonymous imageboard subcultures has been edgy shit. And imagine preaching this bullshit on si/b/eria of all places.

>a dedicated autist who always shows up whenever someone says "channer" derogatorily.
<No I'm not the autist using a made up term, you're just mad
You come here every month or so and shit yourself over nothing and screech "channer" like it means something. Get a life FR FR LMAO.


>Fly free, skyking.webm
I need to know that song, pure cheese!


File: 1694685593931.png (34.21 KB, 733x378, screenshot.png)


Why does the last video's thumbnail look like Scout from TF2?



That's not even how the meme works.


leftypol comes from /lit/ XD


Remember him from the sizzledays and nights
Damn. Thanks for archiving


File: 1694834169836.jpg (13.18 KB, 510x369, no u.jpg)

>No argument
Concession accepted


is there a single instance of a /pol/tard actually going after feds or even cops? all they seem to do is shoot up grocery stores or churches.
makes me wonder if there are attempts on actual glowies that 1. are not successful because lol the feds have training+equipment and the /pol/tard does not, and 2. are buried stories so as no to martyr anyone among other /pol/tards or inspire copycats


I never saw that and thought he only posted on 4chan but that really does sound like him


someone needs to drop a piano on a CIA agent, looney tunes style. Or hand them a stick of dynamite disguised as a cigar.


He explicitly said he went and blinded random people for being anteefuhs too


TL;DR: He's a violent psycho with chaotic urges and laser skills, period.


He was not chill, he very badly wanted to blind people with his lasers and threaten people reading


He only blinded fascist pig cops. Why do you have a problem with that?


*According to you and him. You didn't read the posts I did where he made other suggestions. Can't imagine defending this schizo.


>Can't imagine defending this schizo
People love random violence and turn a blind eye to the other transgressions as long as the violence also impacts people they don't like.


duuuuude he hated le glowies he was /our guy/ XDDDDDDD (pls ignore that he was a literal neonazi)


File: 1695148868164.jpg (49.21 KB, 408x491, Mokou puff.jpg)

>turn a blind eye


File: 1695258098144.png (1.04 MB, 1464x1500, hahahaha blind people.png)

LMAO I didn't even intend that pun


Speaking of lasers >>>/AKM/1076


So any updates on his arrest?



File: 1695942224532.mp4 (603.06 KB, 468x352, newcomers lurk.mp4)

>The solution is for outsiders to stop coming to this chan board and whining about channers like a hypocrite. It's very easy to stop using the wrong word.
TL;DR: vid rel.


imageboards that didnt suck up to 4chan shat on channers before 2010. stop trying to fit in so badly


i.e. saovq, 4-ch, 7chan, bienvenidoainternet. youre just a revisionist 8faggot


File: 1695944084067.jpg (34.13 KB, 640x478, reddit 4chan reversal.jpg)

>imageboards that didnt suck up to 4chan
Literally half the imageboards created were made as breakaways or alternatives to 4chan, given that 4chan and 2ch were the 2 relatively mainstream imageboards of the time, and remain so.
<If I use this made-up twitterspeak enough, people will believe in it!
No faggot, Lurk Moar or go back to your Musk'd social media site.


File: 1696074580844.jpg (6.21 KB, 223x226, ggs.jpg)

kill channers, behead channers, abuse channers with rusty metal rods, torture channers, throw acid on channers, become a fed and mental break channers, arrest channers and give them lifetime sentence, beat them until they vomit blood


On the topic of lasers being used in such illegal actions as laser schizo claims, I recall reading somewhere that lasers were used to blind people during the 1993 riots in Russia.


The only one of those listed that was a splinter from 4chan is 7chan. 2ch isn't even an imageboard.


>I used the copy-pasta with my retarded "terms" I'm totally one of you guys

>only one of those listed that was a splinter from 4chan is 7chan
<What is 8chan
<what are literally half a dozen different imageboards based on 4chan norms
>2ch isn't even an imageboard.
LMAO, newfag, get better training from your langley owners


>those listed
Reading is too hard I guess.

>>2ch isn't even an imageboard.

>LMAO, newfag
…Am I getting trolled? It's literally a textboard.


File: 1696115689082.png (265.67 KB, 735x1000, 1647865649938.png)

post-2016 tourist trying to lecture others to fit in by spamming as many buzzwords as he can into his posts, how cute


Uh oh buddy, if you don't like the culture and behavior of the average 4channer you're a literal federal agent according to some obsessed dumbass who turned browsing imageboards into his sole personality.


File: 1696116489364.jpg (26.16 KB, 718x400, KYS fag.jpg)

>Posting an overly long "No U"
What is this, 2008 4/b/?
>post-2016 tourist
LMAO I've been on leftypol since way before the leftpol split back on 8ch, and I left 4chan after the storm-uyghurs took over, over a decade ago, eat shit.
>spamming as many buzzwords
What buzzwords you derailing retard?

>Reading is too hard
<proceeds to not read
>It's literally a textboard.
That's the first Japanese one, I'm referring to the one from 2001, also known as Futaba. They all have the same general style of posting and formatting, hell /a/ and /pol/ once collaborated in translating Japanese posts and found the posts to be the same exact shit as their own, just in a different language.


File: 1696117132728.jpeg (112.12 KB, 640x947, 1653338287884.jpeg)

>if you don't like the culture and behavior of the average 4channer
1) Literal COINTEL PRO shit to come here, on si/b/eria, start stirring shit up with your condescendingly liberal narrative of "muh evul 4channers" while contributing NOTHING of worth and just being a VPN-abusing samefag
2) It's hyperbole, you utter n00b. To call someone a glowie at the hint of a fed narrative has been a part of leftypol since forever, both because glowies have posted here, and because its funny.

>some obsessed dumbass who turned browsing imageboards into his sole personality.

Anon, the mods can confirm that I haven't posted since last night, because unlike some retard bleating ill-read pseudo-moralistic tripe on an obscure chinese pottery-breaking forum, I don't waste most of my life online, I actually work for a living and I spend most of my time outside; repairing my car, reading a book, taking care of my family etc. I post here for fun and casual, unfettered anonymous chats because 4chan has been too retarded since the stormies took over and 8ch is all but dead.

And the stupidest part is you post your idiotic takes for free. Go outside, touch grass and re-assess whether your priorities should include "wannabe Janny". Now quit derailing the thread while doing glow-ops work for free; Goodbye.


what level of deranged do you have to be to 1) turn browsing 4chan into your single personality trait, 2) believe anyone who mocks you is from the fucking FBI lol


calling futaba 2ch and then having the gall to call others newfags. futaba also believes 2ch, niconico and 4chan are full of retards


>what level of deranged do you have to be to 1) turn browsing 4chan into your single personality trait
You tell me, you've clearly reached that level of deranged.
>believe anyone who mocks you is from the fucking FBI
t.zero reading comprehension
>Muh Futaba isn't 2ch
2ch refers to several sites which all have numerous names Futaba and Dvach being the 2 primary ones that are imageboards, and the former being older, from 2001. Both are referred to as 2ch, 2chan etc. because that is their designation and the former is directly referencing the earlier textboard - Hiromoot's creation from 1999, which later split into 2 different textboards, with one of them being 5ch. Basic fucking knowledge, as is 4chan's influence on imageboards in general.
>futaba also believes 2ch, niconico and 4chan are full of retards
LMAO, all the different imageboard communities think the communities of other imageboards are trash, this does not exclude the fact that, from their racism, to their schizo-ramblings, Futaba posting is little different to 4chan, 8chan etc. because they all originated from the same, loose group of niche early-internet subculture.

So yes, you are a newfag and a retard for using such blatant bad faith posts.


File: 1696134360454.png (56.62 KB, 973x300, ClipboardImage.png)

To end this retarded derail I'm going to bring the thread back on topic
We will never know his whole story but I wouldn't be surprised if the people he killed were either glowies, or he thought they were glowies or some other "valid target" in his schizo mind.


File: 1696134814947-0.png (2.05 MB, 1125x1505, ClipboardImage.png)

File: 1696134814947-1.png (456.98 KB, 1125x693, ClipboardImage.png)

File: 1696134814947-2.png (57.02 KB, 1125x222, ClipboardImage.png)

Also on the subject of lasers and idiots, more than one /pol/fag was influenced by laserschizo's psychotic behaviour which also included torturing cats by blinding them as "test subjects".

"cape girardeau anon" for example was shining lasers at the Chinese Weather Balloon and ended up flashing a chopper. There was an arrest for such a crime in the area he claimed to be in.


Anyone have his DIY instruction and safety manuals


File: 1696187973185.png (4.06 MB, 2498x1776, 1696165652131.png)

tell that to my hammer filthy 4cucker


File: 1696311427291.png (171.38 KB, 742x560, silence bait b3f.png)



Thinking about it, this dude looks like an obscure actor the name of whom I can't remember for the life of me.


Did anyone save the video?


Freshest news I could find
>Man accused of killing 2 in Dillingham faces federal charges over antisemitic threats


Kinda funny how he hated /pol/ yet believed the same shit they did.


>Double-murder suspect accused of targeting Volusia sheriff with 'lasers that could blind for life': indictment
Congrats you faggot, now lasers are going to be a criminal offense with this.


They already are.


Prior to this Laser schizo managed to argue in court and avoid criminal charges on the uses of his lasers, now that will not be the case.


Found an archive of a /pol/ thread on his murder https://archive.ph/Eie1W


Haven't posted on leftypol in ages, but wow

I'm glad this dude is behind bars, he was clearly fucking nuts and extremely dangerous. I remember talking to him a few times here and knew there was something seriously off with him, far beyond regular imageboard insanity


Same, I recall his posts here and his posts always gave me the "nervous laughter" reaction


Who knows what actually happened with his previous cases. This is all second hand information from a schizo. Blinding people with lasers was always a criminal offense.

They aren't going to ban lasers because there are too many legitimate applications. Maybe they'll start regulating and monitoring them eventually like they do bomb making materials and etc.


>Who knows what actually happened with his previous cases. This is all second hand information from a schizo.
Actually no, he posted the legal papers and arrests and whatnot, and when he won a case he posted the paperwork for it too.


Knowing how slow as fuck criminal proceedings can be in the states there's not going to be more news until later, possibly next year.


>“I already have a card written out for him that says I hope he has a long, slow, rotting death in that jail cell,” Volusia County Sheriff Mike Chitwood told The Daily Beast.


FUCKING LMAO. This is why petty-bourgeois loons should be banned for their own protections and reported to law enforcement.


>Wahl told him in an email that he was prepared to kill him, and that he had a cache of lasers and explosives at the ready
starting to believe this neonazi isnt as smart as he claims he is


File: 1698524599911.png (1.64 MB, 976x1039, ClipboardImage.png)

>this neonazi isnt as smart as he claims he is
Now what makes you say that 'non? Obviously a neo-nazi isn't likely to be very intelligent, even if they know engineering and science.

>This is why petty-bourgeois loons should be banned for their own protections and reported to law enforcement.
Yep, prevent the FBI from recruiting them into being their useful idiots.


They added cyberstalking to his charges






>An indictment filed in federal court and unsealed Monday charged Wahl with cyberstalking and transmitting threats in interstate commerce. Wahl remained in custody at the Anchorage Correctional Center on Tuesday afternoon on a $200,000 bail in the state case.


couldn't agree more.


Thanks m8


Vice news mentioned him being called laseranon and a 4chan user lol (months back but still)


Didn't laserschizo also admit to testing on animals? Or am I thinking of another 4chan asshole?


How many people used lazeranons DIY posts? I'm honestly surprised more people on 4chan didn't start using lasers like he did.


Probably someone else.

At least a few others, some people have been lasering fighter jets and helicopters and UFOs and shit and posting it on 4chan. Some got arrested for it.


>At least a few others, some people have been lasering fighter jets and helicopters and UFOs and shit and posting it on 4chan. Some got arrested for it.
Yeah, looked it up and there's been quite a few of these retards.


Killdozer one is epic


I think Alaska is just different, trying to do a check up as a police officer in Alaska might just leave you full of holes from some schizo firing on your position from his attic with an M60.

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