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PV for the adaptation is finally out.
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Read 20th Century Boys. It's basically about a moonie/scientology like cult taking over Japan.


read first few chapters will try to read again. Didn’t he also write monster? Do you have any other recommendations?



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Very good chapter.


I really like this. Fujimoto is cooking some good shit. I didn’t like how rushed the first half felt, so i’m really happy that fujimoto is taking his time with these chapters while still progressing the story. Kind of sad that these days mangaka seemingly have to progress the story quickly or they risk losing the attention.


Billy Bat by the same Mangaka is also good. If you want some other serious business mangas. I like Strain manga. Also check out Jiro Matsumoto, and Minoru Furuya. You won't be disappointed.


>I didn’t like how rushed the first half felt
really? a lot of people were crying that it was a drag and nothing happened


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I just binge-read all the chapters.
So how do you guys feel about the direction of manga after setting shift into high school? I surprisingly love it, manga because much more weird and interesting afterwards. Like I lost the plot thread with who and why wants stop the chainsaw man, or bring him back, but the turn from edgy shonen to basically a black comedy in tone and general bizardness of everything going on, and the new characters, Asa, Yoru and small Makima in particular I adore. The only old one I really miss is Power.


idk, I was binging so that likely effects how I feel about the pacing. But as I said everything felt rushed, once you get rid of the weekly release schedule. Characters just didn’t have proper time to really grow on the audience and as characters. Same case with JJk in my opinion, I believe there is a recent trend of kind of rushing things. I prefer my stories slower, with atmostphere, characters, world etc and you can’t have those without proper pacing and the weekly release schedule doesn’t really let mangaka do that.


I need to catch up on it, stopped around the falling devil. I like it a bit more than the first part mainly for the slower pacing and Asa.


Actually from there manga turns into kind of a mess, I would consider it the lowers point of the series. The focus goes away from Asa to Denji, and Denji isnt really doing anything, so nothing important plot wise is happening, but also whole bunch of irrelevant shit so it gets hard to follow. The last couple chapters do pick up though.


I enjoy how Denji and Power are two halves of a whole idiot.


File: 1701728396509.jpg (91.51 KB, 736x736, 1695137811516963.jpg)

2nd part is mid but Asa is best gril




He's a single dad now bro he's got a full plate already.


She's co cool!


File: 1701794620073.jpeg (41.74 KB, 750x719, IMG_5172.jpeg)

fucking hell fujimoto kille dmeowy


Looking forward to her going off the deep end.


Question, when Makima and Denji went on a movie date, and she cried during it, do you think that were her genuine emotions, or was she just mirroring Denji to manipulate him further? I am leaning towards latter.


at first i thought she was faking it but ive been convinced by my peers that she was genuine. she does desire intimacy, its just ironically the way she forms all relationships through domination and power serves to only alienate herself even further and thus lead to when she actually is alone with Pochita, she has no idea who Pochita is and how to actually relationship


Thinking about it from storytelling perspective, its not shown what they are crying over. If it did, that would communicate to reader something about Makimas character, but thats not the focus here, what is is both of them expressing the same emotion. So considering that it was made explicitly clear at the end of part 1 Makima never cared about Denji in the slightest, I am concluding that those were also just fake emotions.


I've seen this a mile away.


Gendo or Makima? Who's a better uncaring boss for their emotionally unstable teenage monster fighter?


Denji isnt unstable though, if anything he is extremely resilient.


True he would have gotten in the robot no problem.


it actually depends on the situation, he probably wouldn’t if not given a “good” reason.


He'd do it for that Makimussy.


He would jump into a robot just so that Rei wouldn’t have to suffer any longer


He would do it just because fighting aliens with a giant robot is fun.


the real question is would denji fuck kaworu


Denji is a misandrist, the only man he ever loved was Aki. He refuses to even befriend other men. But he did fantasize about angel devil once.


Chainsaw man part 2 is RANCID. Insane how a series went from a 9/10 by manga standards to outright a 2/10. Literally everything is orders of magnitude worse to the point that it feels like bad fanfiction.


Fire Punch is the best thing Fujimoto ever wrote.
Chainsaw man covers similar themes but has more mass market appeal, and is worse for it.
Reading CSM 2 feels like an editor has a gun to his head.
All of his assistants' manga capture only the wackiness and none of the substance.


PV for the Reze movie just dropped. Looks like no more Nakayama, which is great. Even if his "cinematic live action style" was valid it doesn't excuse the fact that his directing would still be subpar for a live action movie lmao. The guy thought he was Tarantino or the Coen brothers or some shit when he was dropping something closer to a Paul W. S. Anderson style turd.


could you tell what was wrong with the way that guy directed?


hmm imo the action cut scenes werent that bad, its just the lighting and framing decisions were questionable. with the newly added scenes like the drunk himeko scene, it seemed to have a good grasp of both, but in the Makima train scene, all of that seemed to go straight out the fucking window. like it seemed inconsistent


By his own words he tried to make Chainsaw Man look cinematic while having an incredibly narrow sense of what "cinematic" means so he failed to capture the appeal of the manga, despite some scenes here and there being very good. The manga has a lot of expressiveness in characters and the volume covers as well as any colored art Fujimoto put out had very striking and stylized colors, the anime had limited expressions to be more "realistic" and had very mono colors because only action movies are cinema, duh.

It's funny to see all the "Of course Chainsaw Man flopped in Japan, the japanese only like pedo pandering shit!" posts about the anime sales since the Manga was (and still is) very popular in Japan. Its almost as if the way they adapted the series just didn't resonate over there!


Very much doubt that they'll just walk back the sort of aesthetic S1 had, after all Mappa clearly believed in it too and you can't just have entries that are totally different visually. If nothing else maybe they'll give it a bit of flair for the fights. If it sucks I'll stop bothering with Chainsaw Man adaptations.


Didn’t Mappa animate attack on titan’s last seasons? The artstyle shift was pretty noticeable in that one. Same thing with jjk s2, which sometimes even had some stylistic shifts during fights. It probably all depends on the team and director, wether or not s2 will be too different from s1.


I just realized something. CSM is basically Scott Pilgrim with demons and the protagonist not getting laid. If it was more like Scott Pilgrim Denji would be getting laid no problem.


>CSM is basically Scott Pilgrim with demons
How so


also the main guy is not a pedophile! small difference tho


Socially awkward guy meets emotionally cold girl and tries to win her heart throughout the entire run.
A "pedophile" as in "dating one girl who's a year a year before the age of majority for a short time without even as much as kissing her while otherwise having relationships with adult women."


>>22771 (me)
Also a reminder that Scott was basically friendzoning Knives the entire time while she tried to force herself upon him without his consent TWICE out of jealousy for Ramona. But if that counts…


>Socially awkward guy meets emotionally cold girl and tries to win her heart throughout the entire run.
So nothing at all alike.


I said it reminded me of that. Specifically the romance part and how it connects to all the action. But otherwise you're right.


my dude denji has hit another low will they recover


our son was born to suffer


I have feeling it will go the way firepunch did. Maybe a bit more wholesome and less edgy.

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