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PV for the adaptation is finally out.


makima is pure fucking evil but idk why i still like her


Bad girls are hot


File: 1653271863483.png (54.13 KB, 259x315, 1610310168294.png)

The lesbian is cooler.



I wasn't sure about a second part but this is so ridiculous I like it.


also btw this doesn’t mean 98 chapters have been released for “chainsaw man part 2”, this is the “starting chapter” for chainsaw man part 2.


I like Fukumoto but it feels like he can only write one kind of female character.


Why do so many phonk fans swarm around CSM like moths swarming a lamp



its actually wild that they publish this in jump


Nah, there is diversity in Fire Punch.


File: 1658255360101.png (195.83 KB, 350x508, ClipboardImage.png)

They literally have 3 of the same character


Judah was such a waste of a character. Firepunch itself didn't seem like it knew where it wanted to go to plotwise. But I still find it an interesting manga.


Chapter 99 released! guy with ear piercings hot!!


hes really hot


mental illness


File: 1658350358901.jpg (68.78 KB, 600x1065, 1658281581861231.jpg)



apparently the hot dude was the tentacle dude from an earlier chapter and I didn’t recognize him


Trailer 2. For me the last halfof the manga is the best so i hope this season doesn't end to soon into the story.


File: 1659809287905.jpg (2.98 MB, 7680x4320, 1659801190580556.jpg)

Hope it consistently looks this good.


I want to see what they do with hell. I kinda want it like a peaceful garden at first with the doors in the sky rattling or something.


There’s a cat too dude



I fucking hate this manga so much, the characters are lame loser college students, and they all are fucking degenerates. There's little to no actual direction and the characters are shit.


> the characters are lame loser college students, and they all are fucking degenerates.
So like us (fr)(fr) eh, mister hitler trips.


>chinese lucky number is now 'hitler trips' because of muh 88
come on now, comrade


>the characters are lame loser college students, and they all are fucking degenerates
Sounds excellent, I'm so tired of goody shoes school students in manga.





>unironically using the word "degenerates"


File: 1662668661139.gif (1014.1 KB, 498x333, bosnian-mode-bosnian.gif)

Good character writing exists in shit like Baki or Bezerk where the characters aren't these frail faggot retarded worms kys like in Chainsaw man, but that they actually have a fucking combat potential and immediately outclass the strongest person from X shonen anime/manga.
Although I don't know if CSM is a manga since nobody let alone school children actually read it.
And there's nothing wrong with calling other people (especially noodle armed retarded worms like Denji) degenerates, it's stating the obvious.
Look at the gif I posted right now, it may not be anime (idfk if spongebob is an anime or not) but usually, anime characters that are written with the related gif in mind tend to have writing that excels and rapes denji's character writing to death every day.
You can't see it because you probably never watched Baki or any other anime or manga like it.
And I never defended shit like highschool student nerds with lame attitude.
You suck at watching anime


Get a life, or a boner, just kidding! You can't do either


this is what the power scaling community brings to us.


And there's still nothing wrong with that.


Go back to social media.


I would if twitter stopped banning me for harassing zionists


my man here thinking baki or berserk are niche


you are half-based at the very least


File: 1662675644490.png (961.78 KB, 930x709, lilfloat.png)

you are […]based at the very least [2]
didn't say that they were niche, just said that they were good.


>good character writing
power scalers are retarded and ruined all the discussions about One Punch Man.


it is, powerlevel, and powerscaling faggotry is the most retarded thing in every media ever and brings the tought of flashing lights and jerkoff discutions about how a character is oh so strong as a way to make dogshit tension, but because every show that has this shit in their narrative we know that the big strong guy is gonna lose, thus negating said tension.
in the end is just good for teenagers engage in autistic discussions of my favorite beats your favorite, and Any one that defend this trash writing as being good need to get their power leveled into the pavement.


Now I understand why /a/ hates the average 4channer.


as if /a/ isn't filld with the dregs of /dbs/ and /snk/


/a/ is older than 2016.


literally explain how it isnt
>it is
no it isn't
>powerlevel, and powerscaling faggotry is the most retarded thing in every media ever and brings the tought of flashing lights and jerkoff discutions about how a character is oh so strong as a way to make dogshit tension
then go watch an anime where all of the characters are too weak to hold a can of beans but still have muh good writing according to you
but because every show that has this shit in their narrative we know that the big strong guy is gonna lose, thus negating said tension
>but because every show that has this shit in their narrative we know that the big strong guy is gonna lose, thus negating said tension.
this rule is circumvented in Baki.
also, it isn't the fault of supposed powerscalers that this always happens
>in the end is just good for teenagers engage in autistic discussions of my favorite beats your favorite, and Any one that defend this trash writing as being good need to get their power leveled into the pavement.
powerscaling literally inspires good writing, the only reason why powerscaling anime is bad because they literally have to call in shitty writers who ruin everything and make the anime about muh feels > realz and ignore actual fighting tactics and strength and whatnot.
Powerscalers are good yet they just get ignored by the anime developers due to the fact that it's easier to make shitty norp magnet faggotry than actual fight anime


Hunter x Hunter doesn't need gaybaby powerlevels to be good


explain how it's good


There's no explaining to a contrarian faggot


I accept your concession of defeat.


whatever crowder




>media is only good if the characters are really fucking fragile



i still can't believe chainsaw man is real, like it's not just the name but there's actually some guy who is a chainsaw

why do i rarely see the main protag memed?
i have not seen the show but there's that "he's literally me fr" meme and waitress girl dances for monster meme
but never any of the titular character "Chainsaw Man"

is it a form then?


explain this then


File: 1664220982183.mp4 (586.14 KB, 736x720, video.MP4)


Can someone explain to me what the hell this manga was about? I have read it but still don't know what the fuck the author wanted to tell.


Pretty much and edgy makes fantasy about domination fetishes and gore

That’s it and it’s beautiful


It's about a dude who wants to fuck.


alienation from social life,and themes about depression and life being shit that can always slap you with something worse at every turn


It's a criticism of US foreign affairs.


damn the justice devil isa. piece of shit


Commentary of our pre-WW3 world


All of you are fucking useless.


just read it stupid :c


I already did. Read, uygha, read. >>17189


i dont read >.<


kawaii-ne desu, illiterate-chan

i-i don't know what this means
when is the anime coming out


why does he turn into a chainsaw, is he a cyborg?


he's dark comedy devilman


Childhood abuse. Not joking.


Taking control


Really? I can kinda see it, tho


I noticed a lot of dystopian capitalist hellscape themes, is all anime like this now because of japan's current situation?

Owe money wagie, sell us your literal soul
Also he becomes a literal fed?

What's next state mandated gf


All media is filled with those themes now. It's inevitable given our current world.


Koreanification of media,it's what happened when capitalism commodify everything including its late stage aestethic.


Anyone know any free streaming platforms so I can watch this?


Try 9anime.me






mentally ill female pedophile abuses and manipulates illiterate 16 year old who wants to have sex with children his age


I see it,but how does the reincarnation into a teenager fits into it ?


I forgot when that happened if it even happened at all


that's the start of part two/end of part one.


oh yeah that
I think then it becomes the flipside of the equation


File: 1667036320973-0.png (3.55 MB, 2511x1513, ClipboardImage.png)

File: 1667036320973-1.png (5.82 MB, 3840x2160, ClipboardImage.png)

do you think there was a nefarious reason they excluded the union stuff?


Is it a japanese union song? Or a localization?


japanese slang referring to a union was used in the original




Maybe the slang was considered too obscure.


he literally just says "union"


Chainsawman isn't real. It's American propaganda.




>Bad girls are hot


Shut up, Power is pure and good


>Shut up, Power is pure and good
That is the Power of nude, enough with your prudism




She's based on Eric Cartman, Fujimoto said it himself on an interview lmao


Eric cartman aesthetic


i agreep


kobeni just like me fr


What does this mean?


Girls the '''poop'


her boobs are not that big, she even uses pads, so sorry but i cant get aroused from the drawing because its unrealistic


she used her blood to inflate her mammaries


that means she can do the same for her clit

futa power confirmed


the futa devil


The sales…..


Best girl


File: 1670186068107.jpg (168.97 KB, 960x1200, FizYgukaMAEZYR0.jpg)

Intriguing image


God I wish that were me


Cursed image


Fuck chapter 2 keeps getting better and better.



Coomer sensory video


Who even watches these videos


I'm loving the anime so far. Makima is so pretty! I can't wait until Denji gets to kiss her. He deserves a really nice reward for all the shit he's been through ; w;


File: 1671313474809.mp4 (Spoiler Image, 6.26 MB, 786x720, redditsave.com__-74mp0i8j2….MP4)


>>17929 ok but for real the thumbnail source


So everyone agrees CSM is AOTY right. It's fucking flawless.


The RWBY anime was better.


leave Weissfag.


File: 1671968706661.jpg (243.59 KB, 1920x1080, w.jpg)

Make me.


the problem with the rwby anime is that it's about rwby


denji rocking that rizz


File: 1672223385597.png (255.77 KB, 680x976, firepunch.png)




>second season 2025



so what is it cool to like chainsawman again? I thought people hated it now on /a/


i killed the chainsaw man hater devil


>caring about /pol/-lite
people unironically do that ? twitter has better takes than /a/


they hate it and they're right
all memes aside, the adaptation has:
>a kingpoid director changing the mood of the manga from a fun punchy story into a slow bore
>omnipresent cgi despite the nigh-infinite budget mappa had, it could have been absolute sakugakino the series deserved
>time-wasting angles and scenes that look weird compared to the manga
they converted a good manga into a mid anime and i hate it


I still liked it


damn,I honestly felt I was alone on those thoughts,I dropped the anime after two episodes of random music placements (there is either extreme silence,or small ambience that stays for 30 seconds),extremely slow pace,absolutely awful lighting and shaders (realist but making every scene look drab and uninteresting)
I didn't mind the CGI tho,it's very competently made,maybe it got worse later.


my only problem with those criticisms is that they boil down to "why isn't it like every other anime"

>>a kingpoid director changing the mood of the manga from a fun punchy story into a slow bore

>Why isn't it a shallow mess with ultra fast pace like every third anime out there

>>omnipresent cgi despite the nigh-infinite budget mappa had, it could have been absolute sakugakino the series deserved

>why doesn't it contain the same amount of CGI as every other anime

>>time-wasting angles and scenes that look weird compared to the manga

>Why do the shots look different than every other anime

If you keep complaining every time they make something different, you will get the same slop, harem, loli, isekai, echi shit every single time.

Also, like weird angles? are you upset that they did, you know … directing? how are the angles in any way inapropiate. Also it adapts like 30 fucking chapters, if anything that is ultra fast paced compared to most manga adaptations


no, they boil down to the anime disrespecting the source material and changing it for no reason other than fueling the career of the kingpoid director who thought he could make it better and get famous. it's just bad, and criticizing it doesn't mean i want another isekai anime, it means i want good sakuga and direction, which mappa has already proven it can do with the idaten anime last year. fuck this adaptation


Agreed. It was pretty good and a breath of fresh air.


There's nothing wrong with disrespecting the source material.
If you want a unchanged version of the Manga read the Manga fucking cultist


>extremely slow pace






yeah,sorry,I was being hyperbolic,I meant more that I felt there were ankward moments of silence in the way dialogue were adapted,especially present in the first fight between Hayakawa and Denji.


Wonderful that so many people have adopted this pathetic beast


> people like cute girl
very surprising


makima or xi?


the only thing that irritates me is the director bc theyre the pretentious snob that thinks animation is underneath cinema or whatever. couldve phrased it that they were interested in re-creating movie strengths in animation but nah. said something along the lines of "animation does not have the strengths of movies so i decided to push the bounds of animation to reach the quality of movies". similar to the last of us live action director, who funnily enough was a writer of the actual game the last of us. said something along the same lines that "video games cannot capture the feeling of live action because its just pixels and can be reloaded". motherfucker, we can rewind the tv show too?

not here to debate if movies or animation or any media commodity is "art" but it irritates me when the director is just a pick me who is frustrated they couldnt get into the media form they like, so they just bash the media theyre stuck in so they can build their resume. unfortunately this seems to work as the backlash always draws attention to them.


it's about more than just being cute


I took it to mean not wanting a generic consumer product a lot of anime is going for cliche after cliche.


truly a certified /siberia/ moment



The adaptation is pretty artsy and good anyway, who cares about some interview


File: 1682398475613.jpg (153.84 KB, 784x1145, 127.jpg)

Sometimes you see people get very defensive seeing people react negatively to Denji wanting to touch boobs and have sex as a main motivation. And yeah there's clearly more to it than that but it's probably a good thing they wont get into Chainsaw Man. I promise you, things will be better off if you just let the annoying guy think Chainsaw Man is "weeb pandering incel shit" or whatever. Everyone is better off that he doesn't see what Chainsaw Man is actually like.


He's not an incel, he's a simp lol.


Seeing the same sort of thing happening to people being dismissive of Nier Automatas success because of 2b's design. If a game being critically acclaimed even with more mainstream outlets won't convince them then you're just gonna be wasting your breath.

Trying to say that 2b's design is immature and childish is like being one of those Japanese soldiers who never got the memo that WWII ended.

Nier automata is critically acclaimed, is one of platinums best performing titles, and women generally love 2b. You already lost!


A while back some 2B cosplayer got yoko taro to sign her thigh, and some games press dude whose entire thing was hating nier tried to imply that yoko taro was abusing power dynamics to get this "young girl" to let him sign her body. It was her idea and she was like 30 lol while yoko taro was the one that looked visibly awkward.


Not me lol. She reminds me too much of that crazy table-raping bitch from Code Geass whose name I can't remember rn


I know the character you are talking about the one that was obsessed with Euphia and was fucking maturbating to pictures of the Princess. The later joined the Science team in R2 and really fucking hated Suzuku for failing to protect Euphia.


>He's not an incel, he's a simp lol
Technically he is involuntarily celibate, he's simply not "redpilled" as the zoomer reactionaries say.

Many of us are actually incels here. I'm a NEETcel, for example, I desperately need to touch grass and get a fucking job. *bashes head against the wall*


Yeah, I simp for people who have a job. It is my fetish, my kink. Step on me, bourgeois scum.


Wait, the amount of people talking about this anime might have just eclipsed JoJo. They killed Jotaro. I cry.

I feel like such an out-of-touch boomer nowadays…


Netflix release pattern really fucked JoJo part 6 over. Csm is popular but the popularity will probably die out because unlike JoJo it’s not as mainstream and influencer.



Watch it on Crunchy at least, uyghas, please.


>but the popularity will probably die out because unlike JoJo it’s not as mainstream and influencer
I dunno, I keep hearing echos of NGE till this day. JoJo is more influential in Japan it seems, it wasn't that well-known in the West until the anime series dropped. And even when it comes to Japan I'm not particularly sure how deep its influence goes. Apparently it exists but I haven't seen it referenced anywhere other than… No Game No Life, oddly enough.

Do tell me about some other anime series that was influenced by JoJo.


person who has only watched ngnl: only ngnl references jojo and jojo doesnt seem that popular in japan


S2 when???????


File: 1689102997118.png (538.65 KB, 960x811, 1688938517871.png)


File: 1689103166638.png (54.85 KB, 1192x825, F0jr-KFXwAI-VES.png)

why do fanartists keep giving denji the buckley face


True, true. But I wasn't making any truth claims though. It's just that I haven't seen any other references.


File: 1689209034415.jpg (146.88 KB, 1052x1048, EnTjlkbXEAIbv-k.jpg)


long as they dont bring back that "realism" movie industry bootlicking director. his crimes against the makima train scene have me worried for the darkness devil adaptation. bright lighting? seriously? no wonder he cant hack it into the film industry. props to the animators though. they did the best they could.


thats your complaint about the director? feels like repeating something you saw on /a/ tbh. the real issue is that the director tried to be "cinematic" to honor fujimotos passion for film but he forgets not all movies are action shit


I wanna nibble on her earlobe


Today I will remind them that Fujimoto approved the end product and was satisfied with the director's work and fans are just doing the normal fan narcissism thing where the end product isn't a reflection of what they wanted from it

Stop being consumer-brained and stop acting like you're the main character of art


Fine. I'll watch this damn anime.

Why did it get popular anyway?


Slightly darker and grungier than the stereotypical image of shonen that people generally have, interesting and human characters, dark absurdist humor, cool fights that are more on the brutal side than "dumb kid shoots a kamehameha"


Uh, Evangelion? Attack on Titan? Death Note? People are acting like it wasn't like that before. And why does it matter if it's shounen? It's just an age group, some seinen shows like JoJo and KLK have similar structure and fight scene density as DBZ or MHA.


It's got a very different atmosphere than the listed examples, although it certainly has points in common with some of them (It would be interesting to do a deeper comparison with evangelion, if only just for fun). if I were to think of one word to describe the manga's tone, I might call it "punk-ish." (and the anime's more subdued tone if you wanna stretch the metaphor you could half-jokingly compare to post-punk). The tone alternates between absurdist irreverence and world-weary cynicism towards institutions and Japanese culture (especially in part 2), the main character is something of an askew look at the stereotypical shonen protagonist - the story is very clear that his personality traits that square with the average dumb-guy shonen protag is a product of economic exploitation and class disparity resulting in him being semi-feral and undersocialized, making him naive and easy to manipulate by people who know how to press his buttons, but impossible to control by anyone else. Much of his character arc has consisted of him growing up and getting wise while at the same time grappling with his own desire for validation from a world that basically threw him in the trash, and for some kind of life that he can strive towards.

The artwork in the manga alternates between deliberately scratchy character artwork that's somewhat more naturalistic than what you'd expect from shonen jump title (imagine a slightly more subdued take on JJK's character art and you're kind of there), and action panels and background art that are basically Otomo-levels of detailed and hyperkinetic. The anime's aesthetic preserves the dour grunginess of the manga, but gives the absurdity a more deadpan, subdued edge, at times almost feeling like a zanier kon or earlier oshii on mood stabilizers. Both approaches work well for the story and characters.

The way it depicts the supernatural is openly surreal and absurd in ways that are alternately played for horror and comedy, with a lot of bizarre and memorable imagery including bisected astronauts laid out in a ritual column, an eternal inception hotel that functions as a death trap, somebody getting manslaughtered by lupin the third's car in the funniest way possible by a demon without a driver's license, the worst date to ever happen to anybody, a literal assault weapon kaiju blowing up half the world, etc

TL;DR its been described by one relatively well-known shitpost as "attack on titan for people who read lenin," and while I don't think that's entirely right, it's not wholly wrong, either.


pretty anime women


>>20423 (me)
TL;DR it’s like if Sam Raimi read theory and reimagined Devilman


So it became popular between people who like to overanalyze Evangelion, got it.


>pretty anime women
Is this how people choose anime nowadays? Because of booba?


There are places where people ask for anime recommendations and like half of the post on those places is people asking for power fantasy trash full of fan service. Most anime fans are simply hopeless and seem to consume anime simply because it’s anime, they don’t care about quality or style, literally nothing matters except for basic stimuli.


People post images of pretty anime women on the internet, others like the images and ask for sauce, the sauce is given and the others watch the anime, having seen the anime now they too post images of the pretty anime women on internet, and so on and so on, the circuit of hot anime women capital.




why is fanservice bad


There is fanservice in CSM?

>why is fanservice bad
It isn't. I think that if the anime as a whole is trash then why even bother? It's just like playing a broken game solely for the cutscenes. And what if you're gay or ace or a straight female or have a different taste in women? Now you have just a trashy anime, great. HotD has cool action and memorable characters at least, something that other fanservic-ey anime series often lack. Same with, say, I dunno, Konosuba. You can stare at Aqua's ass all day, be my guest. But her and Kazuma are simply fun characters who are entertaining to watch at least, regardless of your sexual preferences. Otherwise might as well watch porn, it doesn't freaking matter.

And that's why hentai is peak anime. Fight me.


I never stated that there was fenservice in csm(there might be some kind of misunderstanding) , but it is pretty horny in a way that is not annoying or obnoxious.


I don’t like it, annoying, obnoxious and repulsive. Makes media less enjoyable for me, I have also noticed the fact that a lot of media that has it tends to be below average in quality and execution and fan service is a way of increasing the profitability and getting attention.


You sound like a prude.




File: 1689452391545.png (203.1 KB, 518x421, ClipboardImage.png)

>attack on titan for people who read lenin


hey man, I didn't come up with it, but it's a description that seems to have stuck with some people


"Chainsaw man deconstructs the shounen genre by not adhering to my decade old preconceptions of what shounen manga are" coming soon to a medium article near you.


new thread theme new chapter released wtf fujimoto


I dislike Chainsaw Man on a number of levels, in some regards it's like a rip-off JJK. However it does have some aesthetically pleasing aspects and I liked vid rel which is based on the main concept of the manga.
ChainChomp Man


File: 1692590085454.jpg (21.28 KB, 474x247, boss baby vibes.jpg)

>in some regards it's like a rip-off JJK


File: 1692590582989.jpg (170.58 KB, 1080x936, ATF Donut shop.jpg)

>Hurr you've only seen x-thing
Anon I've been watching anime since Neon Genesis Evangelion aired and Naruto One Piece was just a glimmer in Oda's ballsack, I've seen trends come and go, anime popularity rise and fall. If I make a casual reference to a current anime, it's because I see similarities with it, not that it is the only one that has such similarities. Implying that I've said otherwise is a strawman.


who are you quoting


Spamming "who are you quoting" doesn't work when it's a direct response to a post that anyone can look at, sage-posting retard.


File: 1693095315359.png (182.94 KB, 794x436, zigga.png)

>Villains of CSM part 2 are ziggas
What did Fujimoto mean by this?


Well actually it's the soviet union, which survives in the timeline CSM exists. So zigga timeline averted.


Chainsaw man saved ussr by eating the nazies, what did Fujigod mean by that?


I dunno since it seems like the Soviet Union isn't much better than China or the US in the universe of CSM


We don’t really know anything about the economics of these countries at all. We never really got to see anything. But it seems like sino soviet split is a thing or at least there is no collaboration between China and ussr, while at the same time same is the case between ussr, us and China, they all seem to be working independently from each other and even against each other, which could in theory imply that Gorby and other liberals never came to power in Soviets. It also seems like Germany isn’t split and is working independently from us, which could imply that disappearance of nazies made unification of Germany after the world war a possibility and might even mean that Germany is a neutral and independent actor like it was supposed to be in soviet plans. I wish the author would tell us more about the world and the way countries, especially poor and small ones function while having devils running around and eating people.


He's not. He's actually mocking how a lot of cults in Japan tend to engage in schizo shit re: politics. It's apparently a common thing over there.


Yeah, like, if there were no Nazis, does that mean that WW2 never happened? Or for the intents and purposes of CSM are fascism and nazism different? What's the state of Eastern Europe? If WW2 didn't happen then is the emperor still an important figure in Japan? How did the conflict between Japanese and American colonialism in the pacific get resolved? Did the space race happen? Have people gone to the moon in this timeline? If Chainsawman can eat the Nazism devil then what about the capitalism devil?


File: 1693321387219-0.png (291.25 KB, 560x1320, IMG_3974.png)

File: 1693321387219-1.jpeg (52.64 KB, 839x472, IMG_3975.jpeg)

church of chainsaw man says have sexô

thank u abe !!


its more like the nazis were king crimson'd. it happened a la makima knowing about them but no one remembers it.


I like the new direction and ideas author is exploring. my only issue is that he seemingly chose to or didn’t know that US actually supports/collaborates with these kind of cults, mostly to oppose any form leftists and progressive political movement. But to be honest it’s not surprising that author wouldn’t start suddenly criticising capitalism in a comic book about an incel and his found family of demons.


i wonder if the /r/animemes fags who literally only know Abe from the unfunny "have sex" memes are aware he wasn't even in power years before the meme started


in the og text, apparently fujimoto referenced shinzo abe's slogan for procreating or something used for students(not criticizing just adding to ur point :>)




File: 1695318890634.png (68.06 KB, 474x679, ClipboardImage.png)

Read 20th Century Boys. It's basically about a moonie/scientology like cult taking over Japan.


read first few chapters will try to read again. Didn’t he also write monster? Do you have any other recommendations?



File: 1696996563999.jpg (172.32 KB, 784x1145, 0.jpg)

Very good chapter.


I really like this. Fujimoto is cooking some good shit. I didn’t like how rushed the first half felt, so i’m really happy that fujimoto is taking his time with these chapters while still progressing the story. Kind of sad that these days mangaka seemingly have to progress the story quickly or they risk losing the attention.


Billy Bat by the same Mangaka is also good. If you want some other serious business mangas. I like Strain manga. Also check out Jiro Matsumoto, and Minoru Furuya. You won't be disappointed.


>I didn’t like how rushed the first half felt
really? a lot of people were crying that it was a drag and nothing happened


File: 1701568169226.png (716.51 KB, 824x1200, FpgoB8HWAAAQZHG.png)

I just binge-read all the chapters.
So how do you guys feel about the direction of manga after setting shift into high school? I surprisingly love it, manga because much more weird and interesting afterwards. Like I lost the plot thread with who and why wants stop the chainsaw man, or bring him back, but the turn from edgy shonen to basically a black comedy in tone and general bizardness of everything going on, and the new characters, Asa, Yoru and small Makima in particular I adore. The only old one I really miss is Power.


idk, I was binging so that likely effects how I feel about the pacing. But as I said everything felt rushed, once you get rid of the weekly release schedule. Characters just didn’t have proper time to really grow on the audience and as characters. Same case with JJk in my opinion, I believe there is a recent trend of kind of rushing things. I prefer my stories slower, with atmostphere, characters, world etc and you can’t have those without proper pacing and the weekly release schedule doesn’t really let mangaka do that.


I need to catch up on it, stopped around the falling devil. I like it a bit more than the first part mainly for the slower pacing and Asa.


Actually from there manga turns into kind of a mess, I would consider it the lowers point of the series. The focus goes away from Asa to Denji, and Denji isnt really doing anything, so nothing important plot wise is happening, but also whole bunch of irrelevant shit so it gets hard to follow. The last couple chapters do pick up though.


I enjoy how Denji and Power are two halves of a whole idiot.


File: 1701728396509.jpg (91.51 KB, 736x736, 1695137811516963.jpg)

2nd part is mid but Asa is best gril




He's a single dad now bro he's got a full plate already.


She's co cool!


File: 1701794620073.jpeg (41.74 KB, 750x719, IMG_5172.jpeg)

fucking hell fujimoto kille dmeowy


Looking forward to her going off the deep end.


Question, when Makima and Denji went on a movie date, and she cried during it, do you think that were her genuine emotions, or was she just mirroring Denji to manipulate him further? I am leaning towards latter.


at first i thought she was faking it but ive been convinced by my peers that she was genuine. she does desire intimacy, its just ironically the way she forms all relationships through domination and power serves to only alienate herself even further and thus lead to when she actually is alone with Pochita, she has no idea who Pochita is and how to actually relationship


Thinking about it from storytelling perspective, its not shown what they are crying over. If it did, that would communicate to reader something about Makimas character, but thats not the focus here, what is is both of them expressing the same emotion. So considering that it was made explicitly clear at the end of part 1 Makima never cared about Denji in the slightest, I am concluding that those were also just fake emotions.


I've seen this a mile away.


Gendo or Makima? Who's a better uncaring boss for their emotionally unstable teenage monster fighter?


Denji isnt unstable though, if anything he is extremely resilient.


True he would have gotten in the robot no problem.


it actually depends on the situation, he probably wouldn’t if not given a “good” reason.


He'd do it for that Makimussy.


He would jump into a robot just so that Rei wouldn’t have to suffer any longer


He would do it just because fighting aliens with a giant robot is fun.


the real question is would denji fuck kaworu


Denji is a misandrist, the only man he ever loved was Aki. He refuses to even befriend other men. But he did fantasize about angel devil once.


Chainsaw man part 2 is RANCID. Insane how a series went from a 9/10 by manga standards to outright a 2/10. Literally everything is orders of magnitude worse to the point that it feels like bad fanfiction.


Fire Punch is the best thing Fujimoto ever wrote.
Chainsaw man covers similar themes but has more mass market appeal, and is worse for it.
Reading CSM 2 feels like an editor has a gun to his head.
All of his assistants' manga capture only the wackiness and none of the substance.


PV for the Reze movie just dropped. Looks like no more Nakayama, which is great. Even if his "cinematic live action style" was valid it doesn't excuse the fact that his directing would still be subpar for a live action movie lmao. The guy thought he was Tarantino or the Coen brothers or some shit when he was dropping something closer to a Paul W. S. Anderson style turd.


could you tell what was wrong with the way that guy directed?


hmm imo the action cut scenes werent that bad, its just the lighting and framing decisions were questionable. with the newly added scenes like the drunk himeko scene, it seemed to have a good grasp of both, but in the Makima train scene, all of that seemed to go straight out the fucking window. like it seemed inconsistent


By his own words he tried to make Chainsaw Man look cinematic while having an incredibly narrow sense of what "cinematic" means so he failed to capture the appeal of the manga, despite some scenes here and there being very good. The manga has a lot of expressiveness in characters and the volume covers as well as any colored art Fujimoto put out had very striking and stylized colors, the anime had limited expressions to be more "realistic" and had very mono colors because only action movies are cinema, duh.

It's funny to see all the "Of course Chainsaw Man flopped in Japan, the japanese only like pedo pandering shit!" posts about the anime sales since the Manga was (and still is) very popular in Japan. Its almost as if the way they adapted the series just didn't resonate over there!


Very much doubt that they'll just walk back the sort of aesthetic S1 had, after all Mappa clearly believed in it too and you can't just have entries that are totally different visually. If nothing else maybe they'll give it a bit of flair for the fights. If it sucks I'll stop bothering with Chainsaw Man adaptations.


Didn’t Mappa animate attack on titan’s last seasons? The artstyle shift was pretty noticeable in that one. Same thing with jjk s2, which sometimes even had some stylistic shifts during fights. It probably all depends on the team and director, wether or not s2 will be too different from s1.


I just realized something. CSM is basically Scott Pilgrim with demons and the protagonist not getting laid. If it was more like Scott Pilgrim Denji would be getting laid no problem.


>CSM is basically Scott Pilgrim with demons
How so


also the main guy is not a pedophile! small difference tho


Socially awkward guy meets emotionally cold girl and tries to win her heart throughout the entire run.
A "pedophile" as in "dating one girl who's a year a year before the age of majority for a short time without even as much as kissing her while otherwise having relationships with adult women."


>>22771 (me)
Also a reminder that Scott was basically friendzoning Knives the entire time while she tried to force herself upon him without his consent TWICE out of jealousy for Ramona. But if that counts…


>Socially awkward guy meets emotionally cold girl and tries to win her heart throughout the entire run.
So nothing at all alike.


I said it reminded me of that. Specifically the romance part and how it connects to all the action. But otherwise you're right.


my dude denji has hit another low will they recover


our son was born to suffer


I have feeling it will go the way firepunch did. Maybe a bit more wholesome and less edgy.


< Fujimoto needs to write something like Fire Punch again as a sort of “rent lowering gunshots” for his fandom


I think the plot of Chainsaw Man is ass and the characters are too… BUT the fight scenes are metal as fuck NGL.


The fight scenes are incredibly short each time (that's what makes them good).


Yeah, basically this


File: 1713955506592.jpg (312.56 KB, 784x1145, 1713884823414.jpg)

pretty good chapter this week


I like how Fujimoto made sure to display how even in an apocalyptic scenario the capitalist system still tries to keep on going and that people are so alienated that they care more about some dumbass celebrity rather then the fact that there is a zombie apocalypse going on.


File: 1714538847696.jpg (197.42 KB, 784x1145, 1714489765158.jpg)

Lovin the new chapters.


What the fuck is even going on here?


>I love how Fujimoto made sure to display what I want to see in his work, amazing how this man can read my mind and 100% agree with my interpretation of his work at the same time.


File: 1714563360976-0.jpeg (132.61 KB, 640x465, IMG_1284.jpeg)

File: 1714563360976-1.jpeg (292.68 KB, 828x1188, IMG_1283.jpeg)

File: 1714563360976-2.jpeg (355.4 KB, 788x814, IMG_1277.jpeg)

>People walking over corpses of humans that were turned into chainsaw zombies, taking part in the day to fay life, buying produce and working.
>News are reporting an adultery scandal rather then on the chainsaw zombies or the break in into the special devil containment facility.
>It’s mentioned that some people are stuck in their houses pranoid beliveing all kinds of conspiracies, but rather then reporting on that the news are more interested in discussing the conspiracy theory about a celebrity not actually taking part in an adultery.
>One of the side characters who directly participated in all of the events cares more about the adultery scandal reported on tv rather then the things he went trough.

I’m not saying csm is communist or whatever, but like the text is right there. Or is csm about epic chainsaw dude killing demons and touching bazonkas!


Honestly I'm kind of getting a similar vibe from it too. CSM's world is an openly cynical one full of utterly brain-broken people


The media and public at large are like this is because devils get stronger with fear. It might also be intended as le social critik but the main reason is that. Honestly I'm glad the comic is seemingly back to being unhinged.


In other news I just found out they're adapting Look Back and it honestly feels like they're capturing Fujimoto's style and vision better than the Chainsaw Man anime did.


I really want to write a Chainsaw Man fanficiton in which the rules are changed a little bit regarding the function of devils to not just be representations of fears but also more like physical manifestations of various parts of the social superstructure. A such, the increase of devil violence is literally a mirror for capitalist crisis and the sharpening of class struggle in this alternate history where the USSR continued to exist.

The Commodity Devil profanes all things holy, melting everything that appears solid into air.
The Collectivisation Devil is a capitalist's worst fear, making people around it unable to identify the abstract exchange value in commodities.
The Ghost of Lenin is a literal spectre haunting the world, a shadow of generations of martyrs past.

Silly little things like that.


I am fairly sure I remember it was at some point explicitly stated that the authorities are censoring Devil incidents in order to keep their power in check.


Communism that doesn't include devils is revisionist and counterrevolutionary.


Communism that doesn't include devils is revisionist and counterrevolutionary.


I think Fujimoto is trying to comment on the tendency of people ignoring their problems. It doesn’t exactly seem like the whole censorship thing is actually helping, 7 out of 20 people die due to devil attacks. Ignoring shit doesn’t actually help, people are just keeping their emotions and true feeling hidden. And the death devils seems to be coming whether or not the censorship stays.


Somehow of all the deranged things the past few chapters have thrown at me, the panels of Famine just clamly gorging herself on any food she can find with her bare hands is somehow the most deviant thing in there. Real David Lynch shit


File: 1717560334002.jpg (157.9 KB, 738x1080, 1717513936273.jpg)

Holy FUCK. Thanks Fujimoto for the wild ride. This chapter is the best thing to happen in a while because it finally filters the Jump clowns.


File: 1717601182189.png (112.4 KB, 1296x730, ClipboardImage.png)

>me reading this chapter


God, they're both so stupid. They're perfect for each other.


The best part is they're both traumatized, denji freezes up when he's being abused, and Yoru has stated that she can't control Asa when Asa is terrified, which is why the scene ends with Asa back in control.

Nobody's having fun, sasuga Fujimoto sensei


What's so special about that chapter? I was hoping they would cut Denji's dick off to force him to have more interesting motivations. People are tripping thinking Chainsaw Man 2 is getting good.


It's not for you then.


I personally think that this is an ok chapter that can become “better” If fujimoto does something interesting with what happened in it.


I like the new chapter, the choice of clothing on denji seems to be intentional referencing the moment in csm 1 with makima in which she asked denji wether or not he deserved happiness. I hope my goat manages to get himself a happy life away from all the abuse.


Asa-chan entering her slut era.


>force him to have more interesting motivations
The way I read it, Denji doesn't actually think with only his dick but rather it's a very base constant motivation he can fall back on as an excuse instead of doing the hard work of introspection and understanding himself. It's a cop out basically. None of the women have filled the gap in his soul with sex and I think that the lesson is that sex simply cannot.


He's an impoverished teenage boy with no good role models, no real support network, and that has been basically lurching from one deeply traumatic disaster to the next, while also now having to deal with high school and being a single father. At this point I don't think he's capable of introspection even if he tried since he was willing to give up his free will to Makima.

I think you could say that it's a manifestation of how badly he's been hurt that he's regressed to the point of wanting to do anything but think, and so he's taken refuge in thoughtless activities and his creature impulses.


>At this point I don't think he's capable of introspection even if he tried
>he's taken refuge in thoughtless activities and his creature impulses
Yeah solid agree. If it wasn't getting laid, it's be something equally mundane. I'm hoping that the direction the series goes is having Dennis coming to self actualization in a stupid roundabout way that he is not exactly consciously aware of.




File: 1718520317099.jpg (393.4 KB, 784x1145, 1718118389164.jpg)


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