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Got any hopes for CDPR and Trigger's joint project?


They will never be able to live up to the standards of Inferno Cop.


it's trigger so i will consoom it
can anyone who played cyberpunk tell me if it's anti-capitalist or if trigger can make the anime so?


The most anticapitalist message in CP77 is its release. Also Trigger will only work on direction and animation afaik.


I mean Cyberpunk 2077 is pretty indistinct (by design) in terms of setting and plot so I'm just thinking of it as another Trigger anime. Meaning it will be either "overall pretty good but with some noticeable lulls" or "completely unremarkable"


so it will just be a Darling in the franxx where it's probably written like shit but there is cool animation.


pretty good so far. pigs are pigs. corps are corps. havent played the actual game tho. classic mid life crisis of following other people's dreams. cyberpsychosis just seems like an allegory for PTSD and something else(delusion of grandeur) rather than the actual cybernetics doing jank to a person's mind


File: 1663667862754.jpg (268.64 KB, 1280x1811, 1663648588737.jpg)

God damn that was good. Guy who wrote the script for this really needs to do more cyberpunk anime.


was pretty good, expected a cashgrab got a good story in a cool cyberpunk setting


Same here, I expected nothing and instead I got the anime of the year.


Is it a series? When does it air?


It already ended. You can find rips on nyaa.


Thanks. I was confused because MAL says it's ten episodes but only gives a single date for airing.


It is, if you do the cyberpsycho quests they basically all have a reveal that the psycho was going/had gone through rough shit like war or homelessnes (which is multiplied by the affected knowing they are capable of massive destruction) and then snapping


damn the cyberpunk lore droppers from youtube really wanted their audiences to know that it was only the implants causing cyberpsychosis. maybe ill play through it myself


but interesting nonetheless i appreciate u telling me about the quest


Np man, also I'm not sure but a friend told me once that the same is also stated in the original tabletop lore too: the whole cyberpsychosis thing started with the central american war vets getting back home and the goverment just blaming the implants as a scapegoat instead of paying for therapy or lower enlistment rates.


They must be dumb as shit then, if implants were the sole reason for cyberpsychosis, then 90% of the people would develop it, instead it's just a minority.


File: 1663741803458.jpg (297.63 KB, 1448x2048, 1663740214539206.jpg)

What an enjoyable cast of characters.


I wish we got a well-funded Shadowrun anime but fucking Microsoft owns the rights to the series.


It's ok.


Instead of "based", say "preem" or "nova".
Instead of "cringe", say "gonk" or "gonked".
Instead of "redpilled", say "chromed".
Instead of "bro" or "senpai", say "choom", "choomba" or "chombatta".
Instead of "Chad" or "sigma", say "Solo"
Instead of "sneed", say "sneed."


>cyberpsychosis just seems like an allegory for PTSD and something else
Wouldn't the obvious allegory be for mass shooters? That's basically what they end up doing.


In Shadowrun there's also humanity loss for getting too chromed but afaik sociopaths don't suffer from it.


File: 1663911710005.gif (2.09 MB, 498x280, 1663891689688105.gif)

I wish anime girls smoking showed up more often.


The domestic anime market is stagnant. All the best studios are courting international investment now.


Smoking is gross


File: 1663955460321.png (863.05 KB, 1476x2048, index.png)

Take that back.


Feel like the whole cyberpunk genre has become doomer porn tbh.


It's just a warning of what would happen if capitalism isn't destroyed.


I wonder if this means a recline from fantasy anime and sci fi will once again be in the for front to some degree. I can see how a lot of boilerplae isekai can turn people off or at least make them check out. For every Sci-Fi story nowadays there is 20 fantasy comics, most of which are power fantasy.


I just hope it means more interesting anime will be made again instead of run-of-the-mill isekai and romcoms. There's no more GitSes being made anymore.


i was watching this video essay on the horror game industry and how horror games turn into entirely different genre games the more iterations you make of the series, see Dead Space and Resident Evil turning from Horror into a more action based third person shooter type of game. off topic, but the third person based shooter was first seen in horror games, and was the inspiration for future iconic third person perspective shooters like Gears of War or the warhammer 40k video games. part of the philosophy were the game devs themselves trying to instill new thrills to an assumed desensitized player audience, but the real deep dive away from horror was basically the financial hierarchs deciding that they want to lean into this action element and ordering the devs to re-scrap entire projects to fit their vision.

i imagine it's similar if not the same for the anime industry. isekai/fantasy and shit pushed bc its popular. probably golden years for creators who have always wanted to do isekai/fantasy and nightmare for anyone who wants something different. we'll have the old golden year to bloated cycle(not necessarily occurring one after the other, possibly can occur at the same time)again if sci fi gets pushed


although unlike games, anime cant be scrapped and rebuilt, so i imagine whatever financial board or marketing department goes hard with pressure at the beginning(does it even work that way? not sure)


Anime and LN adaptations are mostly faithful.


As a libertarian, I find it strange people call Cyberpunk a Dystopian genre. I see a completely destroyed world as a Dystopia not a thriving and technologically advanced world where people live longer and have access to far better tech.

Not just that, it also has far greater opportunities for people to actually achieve greatness and thrive. Equality does not equal greatness; the greater the inequality the greater opportunities you would have. I literally enjoy Cyberpunk 2077 world so much solely for how technologically advanced it was and how huge the wealth gap was. A successful corpo (not even a CEO type) wield far more power over the rest of the people than they would today, it makes me so jealous. I am a software engineer for a top 3 tech company and I would be the equivalent of a successful corpo in that world. In this world, after taxes, I barely make 2x what a regular household income would be (cause my gf doesn't work); in Cyberpunk 2077, I would be able to enjoy far greater things (from existence of wealth gap). Don't people see that? Wealth gap literally means you have a higher ceiling to reach and could achieve more. How boring would it be if a conqueror or genius type lived in the cavemen times where everyone is virtually equal no matter how hard you try (maybe you get a few more piece of meat and live slightly longer and enjoy slight better mates).


File: 1663962183753.png (634.91 KB, 716x945, ClipboardImage.png)

Mike Pondsmith (creator of the original TTRPG) posted an explanation of cyberpsychosis on some reddit thread.


>I expected nothing and instead I got the anime of the year.
I expected bad, and got ok. Anime of the year? I don't watch much anime so hard to compare, but it was pretty meh. I didn't dislike it, but wouldn't recommend it to anyone.


>wouldn't recommend it to anyone.
seems harsh, I definitely recommended it to a bunch of ppl.

>as a delusional sociopathic retard […] can't wait to be a even more of a tool of capital run amok that get sent to the trash as soon as he fail / get backstabbed in a power struggle / die a stupid death to a rival corp or random cyberpunks because I'd get a nice suit and cool cars and could call gangs on people I dislike !
I know it must be bait, but it's funny to me how these morons somehow think they wouldnt get shafted hard in the ass just cause they think they're "worthy" or some stupid shit like that, as if that would prevent them to get crushed by the capitalist machine


I guess it fits in with what this guy >>17081 was saying, psychological factors play a big deal


It's been 3 days since I finished the show and today I broke down a little bit and cried.
I'm of the opinion that the ending is hopeless and there's no silver lining, the moon will become just like night city with capital flowing through every inch of it and lucy's hell will just repeat itself.

I just can't get over it, is there something wrong with me? Probably doesn't help that I've got nothing else going on and this show took me by storm.


Not gonna lie a lot of anime fans have low standards when it comes to good writing and story telling
Which is why everyone keeps repeating "anime of the year" all the fucking time
They get hooked on the sakuga or some good ideas and just assume the show is good just by that


is there anything even worth mining on the moon? anyways they already got a tourism spot there


Helium 3


Pointless and stupid. What's actually worth mining on the moon is materials to produce ultra simple solar panels and machinery to beam the power back to Earth in the form of microwaves.


Didn't think we'd get a happy ending given the themes of cyberpunk and all but I was pleasantly surprised!


The moon makes more sense as a launch platform for further space exploration. It has its own gravity which solves certain structural problems with large scale complexes and enough mass to serve as a launch point for ships traveling farther form Earth. A moon base would make sense for transportation reasons since the lower gravity means less energy is required for takeoff. The fact that it's tidally locked would actually make a space elevator a fairly sensible solution, too.


I feel better now



oh boy! time to beat the shit out of Adam with a dildo again.


Falco best boy


haha why is he shirtless on the moon 😃😃😃😃


good :D i might watch it again tbh


I haven't broken down but it's not something to watch if you're in a bad mood.

Personally, it was just another show in a line of shows that are well-loved but I don't vibe with much. I thought the main relationship was well done, and they hit something with the cast, but the story got muddled by the end, imo.

If it makes you feel better, just look up all the coping on Twitter and stuff.


hope u feel better! if thats possible…


It should've had the standard of 12 episodes.


damn cant believe we missed out on the dorio maine sex scene in the deleted scenes :P


I really enjoyed it. I liked the characters, and the animation is vibrant and stylish. I'm glad she survived because in the end I loved her too


I think the game implies at some point that the moon base is actually some sort of corpo experiment or honeypot and the people that inhabit it are doomed somehow, so best girl might have gone from frying pan to frier.


I'm literally Rebecca


rebecca femcel confirmed


post arm prosthetics


apparently this person in the MV was the netrunner before Kiwi and Lucy

also does anyone have an interpretation of the desert scene w young maine running in the desert? is it basically saying his life has no visible finish line in sight, meaning his goals are always beyond the horizon and the desert, being the heat of his actual life in the city and its traumas, is slowly wearing him down?i think its also saying maine was a runner in his youth


I thought the oppossite about the desert scene. It wasn't young Maine. It was the 100% organic form of Maine. Representing his humanity and life. And he runs out of road to run. He can't run anymore. But David can still run. He is good at it.
Damn the anime was so good. It truly felt like cyberpunk, and not these neon aesthetic movies, series and games releasing lately. The animation could be better but whatever.


First half was great, second half was trash.


The second half was just a sandevistan enhanced brain dance fever dream. David is still being tortured by Kurosaki.


Damn, my opinion is the complete opposite


did you cry at the end

I did, just a little



I was pretty annoyed with how they explained cyberpsychosis in the show and never got over it. That might be partially why I hated the second half. The whole “some people just be built different” wasn’t really sufficient for me. Obviously if you’re a full blown psychopath without humanity you can handle it like Adam Smasher.


I deadass thought she was gonna take off her helmet on the moon


same. I couldn't help but hold my breath


Fucking weebs




Kek no

Imagine crying over cybernetic cartoon characters ahahahahahahaha


i think in the second half they were trying to go against the "built different" idea. david was never "different" just had higher tolerances. although i guess that higher tolerance is sort of being built different. although i think maybe the argument was that even if david was built different doesnt make him any less likely to go into cyberpsychosis or even be grinded into the dust by the "city". now that i think about it i kind of see the how the execution of said argument was a bit shallow and rushed. honestly a justifiable reason for a lore dump where david just got lucky or some shit but ehhhh


ok i see your point now


o wait oops put the (me) on the wrong one FUCKK




>rudimentary implants david


Is cyberpsychosis just caused by getting implants? I thought there was some sort of social component involved. Like it's less about the percentage of body parts you replace with awesome rocket launchers, but the strength of your personal relationships and and cyberpsychosis stemming from isolation/alienation.


You are more or less correct. Read >>17155


i think another component as it pertains to David is the gradual loss of relationships and thus alienation as they go further with their implants. while he only lost lucy(temporarily but nonetheless the height of his mania before going off into the deep end), the rest of his crew grew to gradually mistrust him more visibly, besides rebecca. add that with even more dangerous missions, and thus technically needing more powerful implants a cycle is sort of started. doing more powerful missions, needing more powerful implants, losing comrades before or after said mission, repeat. while we never saw david reach that complete alienation, i imagine thats what would have happened to him had he survived, especially as he lost everyone but Lucy and maybe Falco. that alienation could definitely allow any type of thinking to go unchecked, although his crew didnt necessarily affect that thinking despite trying to check him.


although lucy did bring him back right before he died


i didnt see the part about alienation and just started ranting whoops. but yeah


File: 1665251283803.jpg (693.42 KB, 1200x750, 1665250939868253.jpg)




File: 1665324166971.jpg (453.07 KB, 2366x3000, yo.jpg)

Not gonna lie. The anime almost made me buy the game. But then I realised my shitty laptop wouldn't be capable of running that monstruosity.


I tried it at a friends house who has a decent graphics card.
It’s actually really fun since they patched it.


I'm hoping trigger does another season in this setting.


The genius of cyberpunk (the genre) as a literary form is that the Big Bad is no one person, it's the whole system. It doesn't matter if a suit gets killed, the system just keeps on trucking. The punks meanwhile are rebels without a cause, lifestylists. Their rebellion is integrated into the very system, as we see in the anime being used as pawns. It really is some heavy blackpill shit when you stop to analyze it.


>anti capitalist game has theme critiquing capitalism
Who could’ve thought


Side note read all three volumes of capital


<(the genre)


I don’t get the hype around this show
Like I understand why anime fans would like this shit considering it’s a breath of originality among the sea of isekais, harems, and power fantasy shit, but nothing about the plot, setup or even character writing is unique that isn’t the same shit you’d see in much better written underdog stories. Fucking megalobox had more to say about poverty in a few minutes than this shit had in its entire runtime


It's a Netflix show, meaning it has a reach of millions worldwide. And it's an actual good Netflix show. It's like asking "how come Squid Game is so popular I've read this exact plot in manga from ages ago???" (question marks added for I'm-pretending-to-be-retarded emphasis). Those manga weren't Netflix shows, duh. But there's something else too. It's not just the writing - it's stuff like say in the case of Edgerunners the masterful use of an expensive soundtrack or in the case of Squid Game the enchanting set and costume design. These shows aren't just riding the wave, they contributed something to art of their own.


I’m watching some asshole named Dave’s whose mom died right in front of him go around fucking around with some skimpy lady
This mf wasn’t even that upset by her death or even tried to process wtf happened to him he just took some implant and mutilated himself with it then got shot. I wanna care man but unrealistic shit like that gets so common it starts to hurt like I don’t think the writers realize this but poor people he’ll just people in general are no where near as openly mean or animalistic as they’re portrayed in the show at all.


There are only ten episodes and him precessing his trauma is a thread that runs throughout them.


File: 1665939170963.png (131.81 KB, 1600x900, ClipboardImage.png)

It's fine not to like it, and it's fine not to "get it" either.


But I don’t understand what’s there to get out of this show man
Like I understand that he show was meant to advertise the game but it feels to me like there’s no meaning to the show outside of criticisms of capitalism you’d already see in shows like megalobox but with less depth as to how those criticisms are explored


Not everything has to be unique, and people watch shows for reasons other than the ideas and themes. It's an animated show, so the animation and the designs are a big part of what appeals to people. I mean just casually looking at discussions it's full of people cumming buckets over Rebecca as a character. The way they portray the chrome and everything else has the same kind of style that Trigger is known for that made them so popular in the first place.


What does depth mean to you? I've never watched Megalobox so I can't talk about it. But Edgerunners is a perfect example of "show, don't tell". It's the total opposite of preachy. We don't need a character telling us how bad Night City is because we literally see it. Nothing more and nothing less.


This has to be the most sheltered post ever made lmao. The closest real world example of NC is just Brazil and even the average Brazilian is no where near as cartoonishly retarded as the average edge runners side character ahahahahaha

You will never live to see anything interesting happen in your life


fuck off /pol/tard



people shit on this post but i agree


>Even the average Brazilian is no where near as cartoonishly retarded as the average edge runners side character
Objectively false


good post


Found the Argentinian


it's edging time


And then David edged all over Lucy


There's a lot of communal coping going on in regards to the ending.


Escapism was a mistake.


File: 1666896286199.png (339.61 KB, 499x624, 1666660969763235.png)

I like how Twitter thinks Pilar deserved to die for sexually harassing Lucy. I'm pretty sure the crew has been involved in worse things than sexual harassment. Is it "problematic" that anime thinks sexual harassment is funny? I don't know, but one thing I've realized from this ordeal is how poisonous ideology is.


Twitter is full of extremely puritanical tumblr refugees.


it's neo-puritanism mate.


It's not a tumblr problem.


New wave puritanism going mad at anything not wholesome or out of standard.


> where people live longer and have access to far better tech
This is just false.
Even in game its brought up that it’s rare that people who aren’t corpos die of old age in Night City. The technology is just lipgloss.


Yeah, the anime was cool, but Rebecca is overrated


I honestly think Rebecca was the worst part about it. Her only purpose is to have a crush on the protagonist and die.


I didn't get the hype about her…She's too old to be a Loli, she's not precisely hot, and her character looks like a Cyborg version of Harley Quinn


File: 1667535197625.png (402.59 KB, 1000x415, ClipboardImage.png)

Nooo the ending was too sad. I guess it didn't bother me as much in Cowboy Bebop because they had more time to fill out the threads and give the characters their own stories. Wish they still did 26 episode OVAs.


Oh and him not even putting a scratch on Adam, don't think I've ever seen that trope lol. Usually the good guy manages to take out the bad guy through self sacrifice like Bebop or The Professional. He just died for absolutely nothing. They could've even stopped the shuttle with Lucy from getting to Arisaka. Weird staging in that regard.


One aspect that didn't make a whole lot of sense to me was that the reason that Arasaka wanted David in the first place was to get test data information on this cyber skeleton, and that it was intended for Adam, right? Yet when Smasher goes up against David with the skeleton, he treats the skeleton with disdain and it basically seems inferior to Smasher's current setup anyway.

Aside from that, I think David might have had a very slim chance if he wasn't in the grip of multiple cyber psychosis incidents at once. The deck was really stacked against him though, not just because of CP, but because he's also like a 17-18 year old kid, and Smasher has decades of experience and lots more top of the line corptech at his fingertips.


Yeah I'm not saying it didn't make sense Smasher would win. Just saying it was a strange ending I can't recall ever seeing before.

>Final showdown

>Good guy gets killed immediately

What really didn't make sense to me is like I said:
>He managed to get to the ship lucy was on before it got to Arisaka HQ, so he could've avoided even going there.
They should've just had Lucy and fixer man get there first
>Why was Arisaka mad at fixer man and saying he fucked up?
Didn't get it at all. Seems like he did everything right. The problem was their extraction crew never made it to the battlefield. Also I didn't understand why the Arisaka units didn't make it there.

Then on a lesser note, the 3D CGI car physics were all fucked up and their car seemed insanely OP for no explainable reason. Especially after they showed us the Miltech vehicles being so powerful. Also didn't understand what the point of clotheslining the truck headed for the canyon. It ended up crashing into the canyon anyways, what was the point of that? Also Lucy waking up in the car ride with fixer man and then she kills the two henchmen, and doesn't kill fixer man. Typical "gotta let the bad guy live, because we need him for later in the story" trope. Could've staged it better.


File: 1667615250807.png (229.18 KB, 257x377, ClipboardImage.png)

I recommend anyone who liked the show check out this book.

I started reading it after reading the wikipedia article for Cyberpunk the boardgame and saw this:
>Cyberpunk was designed by Mike Pondsmith as an attempt to replicate the gritty realism of 1980s cyberpunk science fiction. In particular, Walter Jon Williams' novel Hardwired was an inspiration, and Williams helped playtest the game

Tho say inspired is a severe understatement. Even has Sandevistans but it's spelled Santistevan but it exactly the same thing. No cyber psychosis but overall a bit more mature and dark than Edgerunners. Probably the most mature Cyberpunk I've read/watched before.


>No cyber psychosis
Actually I take that back. There is but it's not as straight forward as in edgerunners. They say that you only really lose touch with reality if you're using your neural upgrades for purely mental tasks all the time. That you become trapped in your own head.


Thanks for the rec anon


>Then on a lesser note, the 3D CGI car physics were all fucked up and their car seemed insanely OP for no explainable reason
Falco whole job is to be a getway driver for cyberpunks (and a highly sought one), Im not surprised his car is a tank and he is a god of driving, even if it was over the top, everything is anyway

>The problem was their extraction crew never made it to the battlefield

>Seems like he did everything right
sending david to arasaka tower in rampage mode was what they had issues with, which is why arasaka had to chase him through the city rather than just pick him up after the battle

nice gonna add it to the pile


Here you go, enjoy.


It was pretty mediocre, I should have just watched Dead Leaves again.


File: 1671840916808-0.jpg (212.14 KB, 946x2047, 46i45cis7ro91.jpg)

File: 1671840916808-1.jpg (165.84 KB, 1210x681, cyberpunk-edgerunners.jpg)

File: 1671840916808-2.jpg (101.51 KB, 850x560, ie_91739-850x560.jpg)

bros I think I may have found my type


great taste


> sm*king


You’re type is the kind that’s not real?


Now that the gamers are gone, can we admit that this anime sucked?




the anime is a lot better than the game tho


it was good


It wasn’t necessarily bad especially not in comparison to the average anime today but I wouldn’t cal it good. Just meh tier


it was good actually


nice /v/ template post faggot


Edgerunners had me hoping for a good cyberpunk anime but I was frankly disappointed in all aspects. It's not that it's bad, it's just mediocre in terms of characters, plot direction and themes. All in all boring/10 for me. If (you) liked it, I guess you found something to enjoy in it that I did not


It’s the most “just ok” anime I’ve seen in a while, but I haven’t liked Studio Trigger since Gurren Lagann


>Now that the gamers are gone
<posts like a /v/ermin


File: 1693669531851.png (319.42 KB, 526x482, ClipboardImage.png)

NTA but
>muh /v/ermin
Have you been unbanned again? Please go and stay go.


what the fuck are you talking about schizo


File: 1693882164735.png (475.17 KB, 765x430, ClipboardImage.png)

>sage posting
<muh /v/
<Ur a schizo!
1-800-C'mon Now


Anyone know what the videos were?


Glad I didn’t watch Edgepoop financed by fascist Poopland.


>can we admit that this anime sucked?
Yes. Boring story with an annoying protagonist; like the actual game, it failed to deliver its hype.

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