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Just give me your anime hot takes. I don't care if they're retarded.
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Why are a bunch of balding old men watching shows about little girls? Who is the target demo for these shows? Naturally I would assume little girls but I wouldn't put anything past Japan. Is it just a MLP type deal or is it catering to the pedos?


What's the "hot take" here?


File: 1682657771280-0.png (114.23 KB, 300x168, ClipboardImage.png)

File: 1682657771280-1.png (9.49 MB, 2676x2007, ClipboardImage.png)

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>Oreimo,[Jp. 1] short for Ore no Imōto ga Konna ni Kawaii Wake ga Nai,[Jp. 2][2][3][a] is a Japanese light novel series written by Tsukasa Fushimi, with illustrations provided by Hiro Kanzaki. The story depicts high school student Kyosuke Kosaka who discovers that his standoffish younger sister Kirino is actually an otaku with an extensive collection of moe anime and younger sister-themed eroge(porn games) she has been collecting in secret.


Huh? I don't get the question?



Yeah pretty good. How about you?


my hot take is that leftypol sucks for talking about anime and even places that get called "sjw" like hexbear have more and better discussions about anime and manga that dont devolve 99% of the time into performative fights about "pedophilia" or whatever conservatards love parading about


My bad, I guess my hot take is I agree with what the poster above is saying >>2154 that a lot of "moe" just seems to be softcore pedophillic porn like this:


File: 1682658265961.jpg (723.5 KB, 3264x2448, 1682612934231.jpg)

Hell yeah.


Good I wish you all would leave.


>performative fights about "pedophilia"
My bad said cartoon when the correct term is anime. I meant lolicon.


File: 1682659800399.jpg (86.95 KB, 532x800, junk0.jpg)

Itasha wraps are cool, and people who drive Itashas are often dripping with chad energy


so you can have an echo-chamber about how moral you and your neurothic typed are by opposing the degenerate arts ?.
you already have twitter for that and heaps of idiots there wanting all art to be wholesome to join in the choir, why Leftypol should be the same ?.


> haha old guy with gladder problems, let's make fun of them
Why are you like this


Hatred of moe is because people have been spoiled by violence fests that maks up most of shonen anime, especially the big five: Naruto, Attack On Titan, Dragonball, and Boku No Hero Academia.


Did you typo o say Five or did you Miss an Anime by some Chance.


Oh yea, youre right I did miss an anime.

What would be the fifth most popular shonen anime in terms of endless violence?


You mean Naruto, Attack On Titan, Dragon Ball, Bleach and Hunter x Hunter. I wouldn't call BnHA a "violence fest", same with Kimetsu no Yaiba.


regardless, shounen doesn't get nearly enough shit as it deserves


Pretty much any weeaboo ends up disliking shounen eventually, or at least being critical of it if they spend enough time engaging with the medium.


why else do weeaboos sometimes get into moe and slice of life?

As for me, when it comes to anime, I read the manga. Its way better.

Even as a kid, I sometimes couldnt handle anime because of the social cues being so awkward.

The plot was ok amd the characters were good lookimg amd had virtues though.

But, I think the anti-moe stance from "hardcore" anime fams is because again, people are fomd of shonen/isekai violence.

Id rathermuch read the fanfiction of shonen than watch the animes.


Its not just shonen. Western action/adventure movies are also guilty.

Look at Michael Bays' Transformers series, or Fast & Furious.

I do like me some action adventure movies on occasion, but not on a frequemt basis.


File: 1683261424819.jpg (288.65 KB, 1920x802, mpv-shot0001.jpg)

Actually I liked the live action movie more than the both manga and the anime


most japanese kids dont even have a fullfilled life either. Besides, why is it so wrong to have entertainment with main characyers as kids?

Vast majority of entertainment has adult characters doing more or less the same thing.


Now this is a hot take.


>I think this is more of a modern generation thing, because back in the day the most daring and 'gross' thing for a guy to be into was some BDSM stuff and even that was mostly just leather and whips.

You are so naive. Men of previous generations were way more degenerate its just that it wasmt talked about. Modern generations have wayy less sex so most fetishes are just fictional.

Also, you underestimate the prudishness of women.


GitS isn't Oshii's best movie. it's good, but Angel's Egg, Patlabor 2 and The Sky Crawlers are better. Innocence is more ambitious but the mansion sequence kills the pacing

Miyazaki's a great director who makes wonderful movies but I think he's overhyped in the west simply due to how much his work jives more with western sensibilities re: animation.

Lupin as an animation franchise peaked early with Mamo and Cagliostro. We had the two basic extremes of what the character can be (bugs bunny psychopath vs. lovable scruffy eccentric) done as well as they could be early on and 90% of everything else has just been trying to re-capture that high, apart from a couple of interesting one-offs like The Woman Called Fujiko Mine and Koike's spinoff OVAs

I like the DBZ movies more than the show. Some people give DBZ flack compared to DB for being "too dark," but IMO the problem isn't that it was "dark", it was that it insisted upon its own pathos while dragging on and on. The movies, while aesthetically even darker than the show, have a much more anarchic sense of anything-can-happen which brings a sense of fun back, and the fact that they're not tied to anything let the creative staff go buckwild with weird concepts in some of them. Also some of the fight animation is really nice, like god damn

I like Hosoda, don't love him. I saw Summer Wars and Girl Who Leapt Through Time, I liked them, didn't feel any need to see more of his work. I feel the same way about Makoto Shinkai

End of Evangelion is a great movie but honestly the TV ending said all that needed to be said - and as I get older, the more I like the TV ending. The Rebuilds were poorly planned and Studio Khara needed to have a full story outline down cold before they even thought about making them.

0083 is an underrated Gundam show. Yes, Kou sucks but that's the point. He's the George Costanza of Gundam pilots by design. He's a mediocre pawn of history who fails upward. His dynamic with Gato is meant to be a microcosm of the differences in perspective between the federation and zeon. He's the anti-Amuro and Gato is the anti-Char, they're both losers who at best accomplish nothing and at worst do things that backfire catastrophically, and they spend the entire show being manipulated by political forces outside their control.

Kawajiri's been kind of unjustly forgotten next to other big-name directors. Sure, his stuff doesn't have the thematic weight of a Kon or an Oshii, but his best movies are well-crafted slices of pulpy fun that have a lot of eyecandy, and there's something to be said about a craftsman that can reliably deliver that.

Someone needs to drag Katsuhiro Otomo out of whatever cave he's living him and have him make more anime

Liz and the Blue Bird is a masterpiece and Naoko Yamada has the potential to be the next Takahata


0083 is actually very good. The animation is spectacular and the story is fun and engaging, taking you to some great locations like Australia in the shadow of colony wreckage to von Braun City on the moon, all while showcasing some incredible mecha designs in a lead up to a tense and satisfying conclusion. The only thing that doesn't really work for me is the relationship stuff at the end, but that's a pretty minor complaint. I can also get complaints about Kou and Gato which are more or less valid, but they work for the story. IMO if the series was longer and they had more room to breath as characters the problems might not have been as bad.

At least they aren't as bad as Quess.


I agree. they needed just a few more episodes to flesh some things out, but as it stands, it's good. And yeah, the animation and art are absolutely killer, absolutely vintage old-school 90s sunrise


File: 1688770129642.png (2.14 MB, 2048x2177, 1688714517763867.png)


My gundam rankings:
1. 0080 War in the pocket
2. 08th MS Team and 0083 tied

Original series, I need to finish. Kinda too cheesy for me and not really good animation. 08th was cheesy but had the best ground battles in the franchise. Still need to watch any Zeta.


>08th MS Team


I absolutely hate audience surrogates. I just don't understand people who collect panties, simp for a girl that is out of their fucking league and let tsundere girls walk all over them. Issei is an exception and Kasuma has earned my respect after he fucking died of a heart attack.

Seems to be a primarily shounen trend but I can be wrong, it seems to bleed into seinen as well.


Oh, and BTW, women beating men up as an attempt at humor is not funny, it makes me want to fucking die.


I do wonder why it's always the ancaps that get stereotyped as coomers who jerk off to lolicon. Like, specifically them.


If you have to ask, you need to read some of MIses' and Rothbard's quotes on children

>Issei is an exception and Kasuma has earned my respect after he fucking died of a heart attack.
This, some of the only characters I can accept as being such, almost any other character doing that is a fag.


It's the instrumentalization of everything in the context of the market. Even to an "authright" there's an inherent value to children as the future of muh nation. To the ancaps the child has to provide exchange value (as a source of labor) or use value (as something to be consumed).


Well, only if we talk about Freedman. Rothbard and Konkin are voluntaryists, prioritizing the NAP and the natural rights over capitalism. Freedmanites tho… Yeah, I see where you're coming from.

Hoppe seems to be too conservative to tolerate child prostitution (unless he utilizes some mental gymnastics to justify this position) but he would def be someone who'd advocate for child slavery. Unironically. Like, he would unironically say that the children are their parents' property and should know their fucking place. He's a patriarchy shill and a neo-feudalist. He admitted that himself.


I'm still a bit shocked at how much the Nazi cancer has infected 4chan. How could this happen? Is it because their attempts at being edgy have backfired? Are they essentially forced into this vicious cycle of ironic racism, fueling real racism and creating an atmosphere of ressentment and dishonesty? Can they even admit that they're wrong despite their entire online persona being built around being offensive and nothing more? Are 4channers simply peer-pressured into being (or pretending to be) Nazis?


Well, dark places like prisons, hoods, and even an imageboard like 4chan always reflect the hidden neuroses of our society, and in this case it is racism and class hatred against people poorer than you. This is why moralfags whinging about /pol/,anime, rap music, or whatever are stupid; the problem is not this specific cultural niche but the society we lives in


There is nothing wrong with lolicon art.


But what about the class hatred against the bourgeoisie? Is that better than class hatred against the poor?


I don't even know what's overhyped anymore because everyone who hypes something up says that they're not overhyping it. It's like infowars, you can't even know who's right or wrong. People get very defensive about their favorite anime so I hide in the corner until they leave me alone.


But what if… What if everyone else is right and I understand nothing? But isn't that an appeal to authority? Isn't the so-called "objective quality" just a form of mass brainwashing by the critics so we agree with their opinions all the time? What if the main reason we think of something as good is because others told us it is good so we constantly force ourselves to enjoy things we otherwise wouldn't? Think about how many times our opinions are shaped by those around us.

What if quality is a spook? What if Sword Art Online is actually an underappreciated masterpiece? What if Neo-Yokio is a timeless classic?


File: 1692425472718.webm (1002.25 KB, 720x544, manic laugh.webm)

>What if Sword Art Online is actually an underappreciated masterpiece? What if Neo-Yokio is a timeless classic?


Live Action anime adaptations aren't that bad.


They only work, in my opinion, in low-fantasy/sci-fi settings, or realistic settings, because live action has trouble executing complicated stuff without utilizing tons of CGI.


>>17256 (me)
>browsing this thread
>find my old post

I have seen the light. Mystery of Mamo is the best Lupin thing and Porco Rosso is Miyazaki's best


>right after the cut to black
>misato shambles out of the LCL sea like the It's Man from Monty Python

<misato's theme.mp3



1. Fairy Tail isn't that bad if the seasons are plodded through slowly or by themselves, at least some of them more precisely that is to say.

2. (not technically super anime related) Utagoe, both as social activity and as musical trend, is pretty based, and maybe anime conventions should have Utagoe Kissa someday.

3. Sailor Moon "Stars" (S5) was done quite well, and the quasi-romantic sideplot inside was lightly-subtly exquisitely sentimental even if the premise might've been slightly sketchy.

4. Haz and Rafiq (and their sort arguably were partially correct in their criticism of anime, insofar as to mix anime, with its heavy postmodern undertone, and serious politics unreservedly or unmoderatedly can easily lead to perversion and as they have claimed the super "moeblob" elements are sus, not always obviously, but there's some shit off about those.

5. (not anime but still relevant) (‌‬⁣‌‌⁢‌⁣⁢‌‌⁢⁢‌‍⁢⁢‬‬‬‌⁣‌‬⁣‬‌‬⁣⁢‌⁢‌‍⁢⁢‍⁢‍redacted‌‍⁢⁢⁢‬⁢‌‍⁢⁢⁢‌⁣‌‍⁢⁢⁢‍‌‌⁢‌⁢‍‌⁣⁢‌‌⁢⁢‌‍⁢⁢‬‬‬‌⁣‌‬⁣‬‌‬⁣⁢‌⁢‌‍⁢⁢‍⁢‍‌‍⁢⁢⁢‬⁢‌‍⁢‬‬‬‌‬⁣‌‌⁢‌⁣⁢‌‌⁢⁢‌‍⁢⁢‬‬‬‌⁢‬‌⁣⁣‍‌‬⁢‬‌‌‬⁣‌‌⁢‌‍⁢⁢‍⁣‍‌‍⁢⁢⁢‬⁢‌‍⁢⁢⁢‌⁣‌‍⁢⁢⁢‍‌‌⁢‌⁢‍‌⁣⁢‌‌⁢⁢‌‍⁢⁢‬‬‬‌⁢‬‌⁣⁣‍‌‬⁢‬‌‌‬⁣‌‌⁢‌‍⁢⁢‍⁣‍‌‍⁢⁢⁢‬⁢‌‍⁢‬‬‬‌‍⁢⁢‬‍‍‌‍⁢⁢‍⁣⁢‌‍⁢⁢⁢‌⁢‌‍⁢⁢‍‍⁣‍‬‬‬‬‍‍‌‍⁢‬‬‌‍‍‌⁣‍⁣‬‍‍‍⁣‍‌⁢‌‍‌‍⁢‌‍‍⁢‬‌‌‍‬‬‍‌⁢‍‍‌⁣‍⁣‍‍‍‍‍⁢‍‍‌⁣‍⁣‍‍‍‍‬‌⁢‍‍‌⁣‍⁣‍‍‍‍‍‍⁣‍‍‌⁣‍⁣‍‍‍‍‌⁣‍‍‌⁣‍⁣‍‍‍‍‌⁣‍‍‌⁣‍⁣‍‍‍‍‬‍‍‍‌⁣‍⁣‍‍‍‍‬‍‍‍‌⁣‍⁣‍‍‍‍‬‍)

6.New AI/ML technology can really be of benefit/help for the animation industry and workers, and expand the capability to produce anime or the similar sort of media more easily to the less sponsored masses.

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